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Complaint: Library Space - Jan 28, 2014  

I have a considerable break between my classes and I would like to be able to study in the library. But everyday there are some annoying people who like to chat and gossip loudly in the library. Can we make a policy to have complete silence in some part or the library of for that matter any place in the campus so that we can focus on studying!

Library Response - Jan 30, 2014

Thanks for your feedback.  I will pass on your complaint to the Library Division Chair for further consideration.  

We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty finding a quiet place to study in the library.  

Although there is no designated quiet study area, the area on the south side of the library near the patio is often the quietest place in the library.  There seems to be a culture of quiet in that area and - on a few occasions when there is a noisy group in the area - librarians have been called upon to remind groups in this area to be respectful of those around them who are seeking quiet study space.  

Likewise, library staff occasionally remind groups that there are study rooms available for group work.  Furthermore, if a study room is available, you may choose to use that room as an individual with the understanding that - in accord with library policy - a group may ask you to relocate if they need the room.

If you find that the information above does not provide an adequate solution, please feel free to let a library staff member know that there is a noisy group near your study space.  We are happy to remind students to be respectful of the library as a study space and of those studying around them.

Finally, as the library considers changes to building policies and space layout it is useful to have student input.  Thank you for taking the time to let us know of your concern.  We hope that the library can be a comfortable place for you to study and that you continue to let us know how we are doing in serving your needs as a student.

Suggestion: Collections - Sep 28, 2012  

... I would suggest you the acquisition of a book superbly interesting about a geopolitical and geostrategic issues. This is the next book (in 5 vols.) ... Thank you in advance for these acquisitions so that teachers, researchers, and students can analyze and compare these books with other researches.

Library Response - Sep 28, 2012

Recommendations for additions to the collection may be made by Glendale Community College students, faculty, and staff using the collection recommendation form

Complaint: Databases - Sep 26, 2012  

I was told to access Lynda thru the library log-in. Where the heck is that? A visible link would be nice

Library Response - Sep 26, 2012

Lynda is not a service subscribed to by the library.  However, the GCC Art department maintains a webpage with information regarding  Lynda access.  

Suggestion: Library hours for finals - May 03, 2012  

Are your library hours be extend for finals? It is really hard to find a place to study, ASU offers extended hours but there finals are a week before ours. So it doesn't' help much. It is very frustrating to find a place to study (especially places for group study on the weekends ), and most public libraries close between 3-5 on the weekends.

Library Response - May 07, 2012

Our Library hours are the same throughout the semester and are not extended during finals week.   This is something we may consider for the future, but at this time, the hours are the same.  Thank you for providing this suggestion.  

Complaint: Website - Apr 29, 2012  

You should post your hours for the summer 2012 terms as well...or at least have a link to them. Your website isn't very helpful without that.

Library Response - Apr 30, 2012

Thank you for your comment regarding the GCC Library Website.  And thank you, too, for pointing out an oversight. 

At the library we strive to be post hours three weeks prior to the start of a new semester.  In fact, we recently built a system that is intended to automate the process.  Apparently, we are still working out the bugs.

Library hours for the Spring Intersession are now posted. 

Thanks again for drawing our attention to the missing information and using the Library Suggestion Box.  Please contact us again if you need further information or have additional comments.

Suggestion: Catalog - Apr 18, 2012  

[Regarding the Library Catalog (at GCC North)]

Way too many words. Very confusing. Hard to explain to students. They don't want a big explanation, they just want something friendly.

Library Response - Apr 30, 2012

Thanks for taking the time to offer feedback. 

Interestingly, the resource that you refer to is intended to simplify the old search interface (and current advanced search).  Unlike the old interface, the newer resource features a single search box, doesn't require knowledge of Boolean search logic, and produces a results list where users can limit by various attributes (such as format or subject). 

The library recognizes, though, that usability problems remain with this interface.  If you can point to specific problems, it would help the library configure a system which responds to basic user needs as well as advanced search requirements.

Compliment: website - Apr 15, 2012  

Nice work on the poetry page and links celebrating National Poetry Month. Kudos to those who prepared it.

Library Response - Apr 23, 2012

Thanks for the compliment!

Frequently, the library commemorates various celebrations day, weeks, and months and holidays as well as campus events and activities.  In doing so, the points users to the many great resources in the collection -- both online and in print.

Thanks again for taking the time to let us know that you enjoyed the news item.

Complaint: Building - Study Rooms - Nov 16, 2011  

Hello my name is Alicia [lastname]. Today I was studying in one of the study rooms provided by the library, when a staff came in and told me that

Library Response - Apr 30, 2012

Hi Alicia - 

I'm sorry to hear that you had a problem at the library today. 

Unfortunately, it looks like the complaint that you submitted got cut off.  I will try to address what I think may be your concern.  However, I encourage you to re-submit your complaint if I do not answer your concern completely.

Library group study rooms are designed for group study.  Therefore, groups of 2 or more have priority over individuals studying alone.  Our policy is to ask individual students to move to another location when groups are waiting and there are no other rooms.

See the following webpage for group study room policies.  Policy details are also posted on the outside of each study room door.

If you have concerns about this policy or think it should be changed, let us know that.  The library tries to create policy to best serve GCC students.  It is important that we are aware of student concerns.

If I have not addressed your complaint or you have a follow-up concern, feel free to use the suggestion box again or reply to this email.

Suggestion: Website - Oct 17, 2011  

Hey would you consider using Google books to provide access to some of the books you have in your reading lists. For example: in your Adventure Reading list you list Clarence King's Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada which is available for free in Google Books -

Library Response - Oct 18, 2011

Thanks for the suggestion.  This is a great idea. 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to make the change immediately, though. 

Currently, our Awards Lists Module points to materials available through the Library Catalog.  The technology that runs the system is set up exclusively to reference the catalog.  In order to include items as you have suggested and link to them on the open web, we will have to make some changes to the behind-the-scenes technology.

That said, the library will look into your suggestion.  If we find that a significant number of full-text titles featured on the Awards Lists are freely available on the web we will consider making the necessary changes to the technology that would allow direct lilnking to these freely available full-text titles.

Thanks again for your suggestion and thinking critically about library services.

Compliment: Website - Aug 31, 2011  

The material that you have on the AZ Memory Project is GREAT! I found great pictures of my parents in the yearbooks. Thanks Victor

Library Response - Oct 18, 2011

Thanks for your comments on the Arizona Memory Project.  It is a great resource for Arizona history. 

Keep in mind that there are many subsections of the Arizona Memory project including the Glendale History Project comprised of several sections including the Glendale Community College Archives.

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