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Suggestion: weblinks - Apr 07, 2009  

To Whom it May Concern: I ran across this information the other day and wasn't sure who I should contact. I thought you might be interested for your students. This site has free GRE practice questions and study tips. I thought you might want to link to it: Sincerely, Diane

Library Response - Apr 15, 2009

Thanks for your suggestion regarding the site for GRE practice questions. I have forwarded your message to the reference librarian in charge of creating guides for the library website.

As GCC is a two year community college, students are more likely to be interested in the various occupational tests (such as the NET for nursing), public service exams (such as the ASVAB for the military), or tests related to undergraduate university admission.

Nonetheless, in light of your suggestion the library is looking into creating a guide which provides better access to resources that will assist student who are planning on taking these exams. When the guide is complete, it will be available under the guides link from the library homepage.

Suggestion: Computer Labs - Sep 22, 2008  

The computers in the library should require students to scan their id's to log-in so they would have limited time. this would give other students the opportunity to also use the computer since there arent enough computers for students to use all-day for things outside of school (ie. myspace)

Library Response - Sep 29, 2008

Computer labs in the library are managed and maintained by Information Technology Services. As such, I will forward your suggestion to that office and will inform the library department chair.

However, it is unlikely that a time limit will be placed on student computers anytime in the near future. The reasoning behind this rests primarily on two factors (1) the largest computer lab on campus (High Tech 1) is rarely - if ever - filled to capacity, (2) as students often need extended periods of time to work on assignments and write papers it would be difficult to set a time limit that would not be disruptive to student production. Further, in accord with principles of academic freedom and the library profession's Bill of Rights, the library is unlikely to make judgments about content accessed by a user unless the content is illegal or creates a hostile environment.

That said, during peak periods, some computer labs have enforced a 'no-gaming' policy while others are waiting for computers.

I want to be sure that you know about the various computer labs that are available to students -- especially High Tech 1 which rarely fills to capacity. In total, there are three open computer labs on campus hosting more than 400 stations campuswide. High Tech 1 has more that 250 stations; there are 100 stations in High Tech 2, 43 stations in the Library atrium, and an additional 24 computers available for student use in the Library Classroom (L138) when no class is in session.

See High Tech Fall 08 Hours

Suggestion: News Items - Sep 17, 2008  

Please put your recommended links to sites like on the front page near your other "election stuff"!

Library Response - Sep 29, 2008

Thanks for your suggestion about adding links to other 'election stuff'. Currently, the library is planning a series of information and information literacy related election 'news' items. Thus, there will be a different 'election politics' item each week.

Past election items may be found by clicking on the 'news & features' header on the home page or the same link in the breadcrumb of the news item page.

You may also find all of the 'election politics' news items by clicking on the Elections Category link on each news item.

Thanks for your interest!!

Compliment: Building and Services - Aug 28, 2008  

I am just so thrilled with how well the LMC is used by GCC students, as well as by students from other Maricopa Community Colleges (PV & PC in particular). Way to go toward One Maricopa!

Library Response - Aug 29, 2008

Thank you for the positive response. It is good to hear new faculty members talk positively about the campus and the library in particular.

It is true that we try to make the LMC a welcoming place for all students, faculty, staff, and community members. Perhaps that is what contributes to its high use. If there is more that we can do to help that process, please let us know.

Suggestion: Website - Aug 22, 2008  

Would it be possible to put textbook information in a more prominent location, perhaps in the News & Features area for awhile?.

Library Response - Aug 28, 2008

This is a great idea. As such, the Library has posted information on how to find textbooks in the News and Features area on the homepage. Just click on 'Finding Textbooks' to learn a bit about library policy regarding the purchase of textbooks. You can also use the links there to determine if the library owns a text book and check the bookstore for current availability.

Please keep in mind that this information will only remain on the homepage for a short while. Afterwards, old 'news and features' can be found by clicking on the red header.

Information about textbooks is always available by clicking on the 'for Students' link on the lower left part of the homepage.

Suggestion: collections - Aug 17, 2008  

I have published a book on Ruby on Rails:Ruby on Rails for PHP and Java Developers. The book is the only Ruby on Rails book for PHP and Java developers.


The book is a computer programming/information technology book.I request the library to add the book to the library collection. I did a search on the library catalog. The library does not carry any Ruby on Rails books.

Library Response - Aug 29, 2008

Thanks for your suggestion and pointing out that the GCC library does not own any books specifically on the web application framework known as Ruby on Rails.

In light of the GCC curriculum and an interest in maintaining a basic collection associated with web development, the library has purchased the book that you suggested as well as the standard O'Reilly publication, Ruby on Rails: Up and Running. These publications will arrive in the library shortly.

Compliment: programs - Apr 14, 2008  

nice NLW announcement

Library Response - Apr 16, 2008

Thanks for your comment regarding National Library Week. We encourage you to come by and see what we have to offer.

Suggestion: Website - Feb 10, 2008  

I just realized as I was trying to find our previous web resources page that there isn't a link to it on our home page or the resources page - unless I missed it. I assume others do not use it much or at all, but I use it to direct students to Statistics, Medical, Arizona, Business and government sites.

It's accessible via our site/search index, of course. Is the page going away completely? I don't know where it would be a good fit on the new page or secondary page, but I hope it's not eliminated. Am I just old school - and should just use a search engine or site index?

Library Response - Feb 19, 2008

The web resources page that you are looking for is now included within the "Research Guides" webpage which is available via the GUIDES link on the homepage.

If you are looking for a particular page or a specific topic, you can use the new site index -- which displays as an A-Z bar across the top of the homepage. (For examples, Statistics Site or Arizona Website.)

If you are looking for something via the site index and it doesn't show up where you think it should be, please let us know. We will be trying to improve the site index based on user need.

Suggestion: Website - Feb 01, 2008  

[With the new homepage,] one item that we're having trouble locating by logic is the 'other libraries' link. We use that a lot to direct students to Glendale Public or other colleges.

Is there a way that the search could be programmed to show that page? Searching for Glendale Public Library currently just directs you to information ABOUT GPL. Thanks!!

Library Response - Feb 19, 2008

The 'Other Libraries' link is still available -- but its name has been changed to 'Libraries - Local and National'. The link is located on the GUIDES page (which is linked from the home page) and it is also under the letter 'L' in the new site index (at the top of the home page).

In light of your comment about the site search, I have updated the webpage that describes GPL to include a direct link to the Glendale Public Library website. The results of the search engine are not under our direct control.

Suggestion: - Jun 28, 1905  

looking for resources needed to become an auto technician are not accessible, such as online repair manuals. Alldata and Mitchell

Library Response - Sep 05, 2017


Thank you for your question.  

The library now subscribes to the online database that you might find helpful.

Here is a description:

Provides car repair information including: maintenance and specification tables; step-by-step service and repair procedures; vacuum diagrams; wiring diagrams; photographs and images for visual support, and A.S.E. test prep quizzes. The most complete coverage is from 1987-on, although there is some information for older models.

We also have books related to automotive repair in our physical collection.  If you'd like to stop by a librarian would be happy to give you a hand locating these and other resources that meet your needs.  



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