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Suggestion: - Jun 28, 1905  

looking for resources needed to become an auto technician are not accessible, such as online repair manuals. Alldata and Mitchell

Library Response - Sep 05, 2017


Thank you for your question.  

The library now subscribes to the online database that you might find helpful.

Here is a description:

Provides car repair information including: maintenance and specification tables; step-by-step service and repair procedures; vacuum diagrams; wiring diagrams; photographs and images for visual support, and A.S.E. test prep quizzes. The most complete coverage is from 1987-on, although there is some information for older models.

We also have books related to automotive repair in our physical collection.  If you'd like to stop by a librarian would be happy to give you a hand locating these and other resources that meet your needs.  



Complaint: Building - Study Rooms - Nov 16, 2011  

Hello my name is Alicia [lastname]. Today I was studying in one of the study rooms provided by the library, when a staff came in and told me that

Library Response - Apr 30, 2012

Hi Alicia - 

I'm sorry to hear that you had a problem at the library today. 

Unfortunately, it looks like the complaint that you submitted got cut off.  I will try to address what I think may be your concern.  However, I encourage you to re-submit your complaint if I do not answer your concern completely.

Library group study rooms are designed for group study.  Therefore, groups of 2 or more have priority over individuals studying alone.  Our policy is to ask individual students to move to another location when groups are waiting and there are no other rooms.

See the following webpage for group study room policies.  Policy details are also posted on the outside of each study room door.

If you have concerns about this policy or think it should be changed, let us know that.  The library tries to create policy to best serve GCC students.  It is important that we are aware of student concerns.

If I have not addressed your complaint or you have a follow-up concern, feel free to use the suggestion box again or reply to this email.

Compliment: Building and Services - Aug 28, 2008  

I am just so thrilled with how well the LMC is used by GCC students, as well as by students from other Maricopa Community Colleges (PV & PC in particular). Way to go toward One Maricopa!

Library Response - Aug 29, 2008

Thank you for the positive response. It is good to hear new faculty members talk positively about the campus and the library in particular.

It is true that we try to make the LMC a welcoming place for all students, faculty, staff, and community members. Perhaps that is what contributes to its high use. If there is more that we can do to help that process, please let us know.

Compliment: Campus - Nov 22, 2009  

Since my time at GCC i have had many great experiences, from the teachers to the learning in my classes.

As well as good times i have also had some bad, over the time being here i have noticed a disturbing amount of people who smoke! i cannot walk through the campus with out getting caught in a cloud of smoke. I do not smoke and never wish to my suggestion to you is for there to be places where people can smoke and not smoke.

I don't think walking around and smoking is a good idea, for one second hand smoke has been proven to actually be worse then smoking its self,and i do not want to have to pay for other peoples mistakes. i would greatly appreciate for you to stop the smoking outside the smoking areas. thank you for you time.

- Brittany

Library Response - Nov 25, 2009

Hello Brittany -

Thank you for taking the time to use our the Library Suggestion Box and for the recognition of the positive experiences that you have enjoyed at GCC. 

As the campus smoking policy is not an issue administered by the Library, I have forwarded your concern to college officials who may have jurisdiction in this area including the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Administrative Services and Planning, and the Office of the President. 

The current GCC smoking policy is available online. 

More information on the implementation of the smoke-free policy is available on page two of the August 13, 2007 GCC Administrative Services & Planning newsletter. 

Suggestion: Catalog - Apr 18, 2012  

[Regarding the Library Catalog (at GCC North)]

Way too many words. Very confusing. Hard to explain to students. They don't want a big explanation, they just want something friendly.

Library Response - Apr 30, 2012

Thanks for taking the time to offer feedback. 

Interestingly, the resource that you refer to is intended to simplify the old search interface (and current advanced search).  Unlike the old interface, the newer resource features a single search box, doesn't require knowledge of Boolean search logic, and produces a results list where users can limit by various attributes (such as format or subject). 

The library recognizes, though, that usability problems remain with this interface.  If you can point to specific problems, it would help the library configure a system which responds to basic user needs as well as advanced search requirements.

Compliment: Circulation - May 05, 2009  

I think this [increased fines on reserve items] is outrageous. I can almost promise you there will be no more reserves. It would be just as easy to say, we are short hand or short of funding and are ceasing to put anything on hold as the cost if not picked up is too high. Please cancel anything I may have on hold and I assure I will not place anything on hold again.

Library Response - May 05, 2009

The comment above is in reference to the May 5 Library News Item, "Fines to Increase on Reserve Material".

It appears that the comment is concerned that there will soon be fines if requested items are not picked up.  This is not the case.  Students will NOT be fined if they fail to pick up requested items.  Fines are increasing on RESERVE items, though.

For clarity, note the description of each service:

RESERVES are items that the library holds behind the circulation counter for in-library use.  These items are held at the request of a faculty member because they are high use items that many students need to have access to.  As such, they circulate to students for a very short period of time (usually 2 hours). 

The fines are increasing on THESE items because some students have taken advantage of the system and kept these items for days or even weeks; thereby, limiting access for other students.


REQUESTS / HOLDS are items that are typically requested by library users because (a) the item is at another campus or (b) the item is currently check-out.  There is no change in the HOLD POLICY at this point.  Items are held for the requesting student for several days.  There are no fines if you fail to pick up an item that is being held for you.

Thanks again for your feedback.  The input of students helps to make the library a better place for everyone.

Suggestion: collections - Aug 17, 2008  

I have published a book on Ruby on Rails:Ruby on Rails for PHP and Java Developers. The book is the only Ruby on Rails book for PHP and Java developers.


The book is a computer programming/information technology book.I request the library to add the book to the library collection. I did a search on the library catalog. The library does not carry any Ruby on Rails books.

Library Response - Aug 29, 2008

Thanks for your suggestion and pointing out that the GCC library does not own any books specifically on the web application framework known as Ruby on Rails.

In light of the GCC curriculum and an interest in maintaining a basic collection associated with web development, the library has purchased the book that you suggested as well as the standard O'Reilly publication, Ruby on Rails: Up and Running. These publications will arrive in the library shortly.

Compliment: Collections - Nov 12, 2009  

I love these articles... it gave me an [A] (grade letter not entered by student.)

Library Response - Nov 19, 2009

Thanks for the compliment.  The library strives to provide high quality resources for student assignments. 

Further, librarians are available to assist students 24/7 via the Ask-a-Librarian online chat service and in person all the hours that the library is open!

Suggestion: Collections - Sep 28, 2012  

... I would suggest you the acquisition of a book superbly interesting about a geopolitical and geostrategic issues. This is the next book (in 5 vols.) ... Thank you in advance for these acquisitions so that teachers, researchers, and students can analyze and compare these books with other researches.

Library Response - Sep 28, 2012

Recommendations for additions to the collection may be made by Glendale Community College students, faculty, and staff using the collection recommendation form

Suggestion: Computer Labs - Sep 22, 2008  

The computers in the library should require students to scan their id's to log-in so they would have limited time. this would give other students the opportunity to also use the computer since there arent enough computers for students to use all-day for things outside of school (ie. myspace)

Library Response - Sep 29, 2008

Computer labs in the library are managed and maintained by Information Technology Services. As such, I will forward your suggestion to that office and will inform the library department chair.

However, it is unlikely that a time limit will be placed on student computers anytime in the near future. The reasoning behind this rests primarily on two factors (1) the largest computer lab on campus (High Tech 1) is rarely - if ever - filled to capacity, (2) as students often need extended periods of time to work on assignments and write papers it would be difficult to set a time limit that would not be disruptive to student production. Further, in accord with principles of academic freedom and the library profession's Bill of Rights, the library is unlikely to make judgments about content accessed by a user unless the content is illegal or creates a hostile environment.

That said, during peak periods, some computer labs have enforced a 'no-gaming' policy while others are waiting for computers.

I want to be sure that you know about the various computer labs that are available to students -- especially High Tech 1 which rarely fills to capacity. In total, there are three open computer labs on campus hosting more than 400 stations campuswide. High Tech 1 has more that 250 stations; there are 100 stations in High Tech 2, 43 stations in the Library atrium, and an additional 24 computers available for student use in the Library Classroom (L138) when no class is in session.

See High Tech Fall 08 Hours

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