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ADA Services

ADA-compliant services include workstations for accessing the on-line catalog, the World Wide Web, counters at public service areas, tables and carrels, visual equipment for enlarging print resources, and restrooms.
Students requiring assistance using library resources are encouraged to contact Special Education Services (SPS-30) to arrange for aides to accompany them to the library.


There is now an audio walking tour to add to your enjoyment of the art collection.  To hear the tour, check out a listening wand at the circulation desk.  The tour is self-paced, which allows you to select from the featured pieces of art as you move about the library.  We also have brochures available.  Most of the art was either purchased by the student government association or given to GCC as a gift.  The art curator is Darlene Goto, a faculty member in the art department.  For further information, please contact her at 623-845-3755.

Bulletin Board

There is a bulletin board available for posting announcements located in the southwest corner of the building near the restrooms.

Change (Money)

Change is available at the Media Services counter (east end of the library).


There are two classrooms, L-138 and L-139. L-138 is equipped with workstations, an instructor's podium with a PC, a NEC presentation system, whiteboards, and a printer. L-139 is reserved for distance learning programs.


Public Access

There are five public access workstations near the west entrance of the LMC.  These stations may be used to search the library catalog or conduct internet research.  These stations do not have printing capabilities.

Student / GCC Access

The Library/Media Center houses 45 general access computer work stations for GCC affiliates (students, faculty, staff).  The Library Classroom (L138) houses 24 stations and serves as an overflow resource when not in use for pre-scheduled classroom instruction or research. 


Laptop computers can be checked from the Media Desk (East end)for use IN THE LIBRARY ONLY. Students may use their own laptops in the library also. Most study carrels, tables, and study rooms have electrical outlets; however, dataports are not available in the library. There are wireless hubs in the library for internet access.


There are wireless hubs in the library for internet access. More information on wireless access is available at the GCC website.

Copy Machines / IKON


There are three photocopiers in the Library Media Center. They are located near the Microforms room. The LMC does not have a color photocopier.

Faculty / Staff

IKON is the company contracted by GCC for photocopying services for faculty and staff. Their office is adjacent to the bookstore. They provide a self-service copier for faculty and staff use for convenience or small quantity copying. This copier is located in L-131 (Administrative area). It requires a department account code to use which users must provide.

Fax Services

The Media department provides fax services at no charge for local and toll free numbers. For more information contact 623.845.3119. The Campus Mailroom in the Administration (A) Building will send out-of-town faxes for $2.00 per page.

Microfilm Reader/Printers

Microfilm Reader/Printers are located in the Microforms Room. Copies are free at this time.


Rest Rooms are located in the southwest corner of the building.

Study Rooms

There are twelve group study rooms located throughout the library. They are available on a first-come basis.


Pay telephones are located in the southwest corner near the rest rooms.

Typewriters and Word Processors

The Library Media Center does not have typewriters. The computer workstations (PC and Mac) in the Computer Commons have word processing, spreadsheet software and other productivity tools that are available to GCC affiliates with an MEID. You will need to activate your MEID account to use the workstations/software.

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Related Links Box

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