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PreMed Club Read Poster Photo

Pre-Med Club - Fall 2012

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Did you know?

READ posters are on display at GCC Libraries.

The format of these posters follows the popular American Library Association READ poster campaign. The campaign features celebrities posing with their favorite books.

Our series features GCC celebrities - teachers, staff, administrators, students, and clubs - with their favorite reading material.

Are you a student club wanting to get in on the READ action? Check out the READ Poster Guidelines Page for Student Organizations and fill out an application.

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Students from Amnesty International Human Rights club holding books.

Amnesty International
Human Rights Club

Spring 2012
Students holding books of their interest.
Students from Pre-Pharmacy club holding books.
Pre-Pharmacy Club - Spring 2012
Students from Behavioral Science Club holding books.
Behavioral Science Club - Spring 2012
Image of Compass club holding books.
Compass: Gay-Straight Alliance - Fall 2011

Photo of STACKZ Literature Club students holding books for READ poster.
Stackz Literature Club Fall 2011

Photo of ACE Plus students holding books for READ poster.
ACE Plus @ GCC
Photo of ACE Plus students holding books for READ poster.
ACE Plus @ GCC


Environmental Club holding books for READ poster.

Environmental Club - Spring 2011

Philosophy Club Photo

Philosophy Student Organization - Fall 2010

Photo of the Arizona Business and Leadership Club at GCC with books for READ poster.

Arizona Business and Leadership Student Organization - Fall 2010

Photo of the Native American Student Association (NASA) with books for READ poster.

Native American Student Association (NASA) - Fall 2009

Student Organization - Amnesty International at GCC

Amnesty International @ GCC
Student Organization (2009)

Doina Mosoianu, Reading Instructor

Doina Mosoianu
GCC English Faculty

Reading Instructor

Einstein: His Life and Universe
By Walter Isaacson

Ace Plus Students


ACE Plus @ GCC
Ace Plus Students

ACE Plus @ GCC

Ruth Callahan

Ruth Callahan
GCC English Faculty

A stack of great and useful books available at the library.

Marie Chandler

Marie Chandler
GCC Employee

Property Receiving Technician

Packaging for the Environment: a Partnership for Progress
By E. Joseph Stilwell

Available at the library:TD195.P26 P33 1991

Erika Henrikson

Erika Hendrickson
GCC Student
United States Naval Recruit

Flags of Our Fathers
By James Bradley

Available at the library: D767.99.I9 B73 2000
Online Access ( MEID login required)

Sophia Harper
GCC Student

The Entrepreneur's Road Map to Business Success
By Lyle R. Maul and Dianne Craig Mayfield
Available at the library: HD62.5 M37 1990

Mothers at Work: Public Policies in the United States, Sweden, and China
By Carolyn Teich Adams
Available at the library: HD6055.A3

Women Entrepreneurs
By Dorothy P. Moore
Available at the library: HD6072.5 .M66 1997
Arturo Garcia

Arturo Garcia
GCC Student

Play Classical Guitar
By David Braid
Available at the library: MT582.B72 2001

Saundra Miller

Saundra Miller
GCC Student

What to Expect when you're Expecting
By Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi Murkoff, and Sandee E. Hathaway
Available at the library: RG525.E36 1991

Tai Avery - Student

Tai Avery
GCC Student

Dizzy : the life and times of John Birks Gillespie
By Donald L. Maggin
Available at the library: ML419.G54 M34 2005

"Improvisation, the instant creation of melody, is the essence of jazz.  Dizzy Gillespie, one of the great improvisors of the twentieth century, fashioned an utterly distinctive style." - Donald L. Maggin

Mario Esquer

Mario Esquer
Program Director / Faculty
Video Production Technology

The Art of Video Production
Available by request through the GCC Library Catalog.

Alberto Sanchez holding book.

Dr. Alberto Sanchez
Student Affairs

Atlas of the World (National Geographic)
Available at the at the map stand in the library reference area.  G1021 .N38 2005

Jean Ann Abel

Jean Ann Abel
Vice President
Academic Affairs

Birds: Their Life, Their Ways, Their World
Available at local public libraries.

Connie Sherman

Connie Sherman
Vice President
Information Technology

Truman by David G. McCullough
Available at the library: E814 .M26 1992

GCC President Velvie Greedn holding the book, Monet.

Dr. Velvie Green
President, Glendale Community College

Monet by Robert Gordon
Available at the library: ND 553.M7 G67 1989

Will Khoo

Will Khoo
GCC Student

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Available at the library: PS3552.R685434 D3 2003


George Sunil

Sunil S. George
GCC Student

Verse by Verse Explanation of the Book of Revelation by Wimpie Liebenberg


Raquel "Ali" Guerro
GCC Student
ASG Representative / Mecha Co-Chair

Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes
Available at the library: PQ6352 .D67 2001


George Martinez

George A. Martinez
Former Director of Institutional Advancement

Sometimes reading seems like magic!


Carl Croonenberg

Carl Croonenberg

Reading takes all forms - even music. Take time to read in any language.


Dorene Kessler

Dorene Kessler
Manager, Office of Information Technology

When technology is at your fingertips, a virtual world of reading awaits you. Whether it be email, web pages, reports or leisurely reading, having a PDA device gives you the flexibility to read on the go.


Nicola Perry

Nicola Perry
Manager, Fitness & Wellness Department

Are you finding that you do more and more reading
on your computer these days? Nicola Perry does!

Keep your body and your mind fit by keeping up!


Donna White

Donna White
Dean of Student Life

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
PQ2637 .A274 P43713 1982 or PZ8.S14 Li 1971

The Little Prince reminds me to look beyond the the obvious, and to enjoy a childlike sense of wonder in learning and sharing new ideas and experiences.  He is a wonderful piece of children's literature who also speaks to the  hearts of adults.

Peter A. Lovings

Patrick A. Lovings
Senior Network Technician
Office of Information Technology

Pictured as our favorite Gaucho for this month

Go Gauchos! Homecoming Week 2005

Even Gauchos read on the job - especially the news coverage provided by our very own campus newspaper, The Voice!

The Voice is available in the GCC Library archives.

José Mendoza

José Mendoza
Coordinator, Minority Services

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

View a partial list of articles written by José Mendoza, available in the ERIC database.


First of all, I learned while I was enrolled and attending at Peoria High School that reading would help me excel and achieve in school. Therefore, I read a book a day and a book on weekends. The result of that is that my vocabulary increased by the thousands. I read all those books for three and a half years. I was able to excel in my high school studies and learning became very easy for me and I attained the honor roll without effort, because I had developed learning tools that helped me with all my classes. When I took the ACT College Board Exam in 1969, I attained the score of the top 1% of all the students who took that test on that year and time in the nation. As a result, I was awarded 18 college credits 6 in English, 6 in social sciences, and 6 in mathematics.

For me, reading was the "key to everything", and helped make me what I am today. In college, I was able to use my deductive and inductive skills, develop my logic skills, and learned most subjects very rapidly. I was able to write very good research papers and always received recognition by my instructors for the quality of my papers and the depth of my understanding and usage of the English language. This continued on to graduate school as my papers always stood out according to my professors. They also complemented me on my verbal skills in all my classes.

For me, my first major book that got me going was The Call of the Wild by Jack London. From there on, I was hooked on reading and it allowed me to achieve my higher education. To this day, I have published over eight articles through the in ERIC Clearing House for Community Colleges when they were located at UCLA. They, the ERIC researchers keep pestering for me to write more as they state that I have contributed to the "body of knowledge" in higher education.

Therefore, I do whatever I can to get young and older Hispanics and other minorities turned on to reading, knowing that it will be the catalyst for their educational development and success.

That is why reading is so important to me.

Melinda Ornelas

Melinda T. Ornelas
Program Coordinator/Articulation Specialist

The Courage to Teach : Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life, by Parker J. Palmer
LB1775 .P25 1998

I love this book, I re-read it all the time! 

Why do I love this book? Well..., like the author, Parker Palmer, says: "This book is for teachers that have good days and bad." Since I've been known to have a bad a day or two...!

However, on a serious note, I am a teacher with a passion for the profession, and this book revitalizes that passion and heart.  Another great quote from Palmer is:  "To educate is to guide students on an inner journey toward more truthful ways of seeing and being in the world."

I highly recommend this book to veteran teachers, as well as to the new ones entering the profession for the first time.  Happy reading!

Debra Palok

Deb Palok
College Safety Director

I enjoyed Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People because it states, in simple fashion, principles that all of us can follow and live by on a daily basis that will enrich our personal and professional lives.


Phil Randolph, former GCC President

Dr. Phil Randolph, now retired GCC President, is featured on our inaugural GCC Celebrity READ poster.

The LMC appreciates his support of library and media services and wish him well in retirement! Hopefully this change will give him more time to read for fun.

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