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READ Poster Guidelines for Student Organizations


  1. Promote Student Organizations
  2. Promote Library
  3. Promote relationship between student organizations (students) and library
  4. Promote reading and library resources
  5. Promote Glendale Community College


  1. Scope
    1. GCC Libraries will manage the production of approximately 4-6 READ posters per year.  At the beginning of each academic year the library will determine how many of these will be allotted to student organizations.  Annual READ poster production will be completed in early March.

  2. Scheduling
    1. Student organizations may request that their club be included in annual READ poster project.
    2. Student organizations will be added to a queue in the order that a formal request is received by the library, up to the maximum number of club READ posters determined for the year.
      • An exception to the queue, above, is that student organizations that have had a READ poster produced during the previous academic year will automatically go to the end of the line for the current academic year.  Thus, while other clubs are waiting, a student organization will not have READ posters created during two sequential academic years.
    3. Two additional club names may be acquired and held in reserve; these clubs will be contacted first in case of a cancellation involving another student organization.
    4. ‘Reserve’ clubs will be contacted first in the subsequent year and given priority for inclusion in the READ poster program.
    5. Any other clubs who have expressed interest in the READ posters but not officially included on the list will need to make a new formal request in the following year and will not be given preference over other requestors.   

  3. Photoshoot
    1. Location and time of the photoshoot will be determined by GCC photographers in consultation with club leadership; deference to normal club meeting time will be given when possible.
    2. Club members are encouraged to select books that relate to the club interest / purpose; the preponderance of books in the photo must relate to the club.
    3. Books should be a featured part of the final photo; most book covers should be visible.
    4. A librarian will be on hand at the beginning of the photoshoot to welcome the students.  The librarian will assist students in finding related materials, if needed, by providing a selection of books, showing students where related materials may be found in the collection, or distributing a related booklist with call numbers.
    5. Groups should not be more than about 8 students; it is recommended that clubs with more than 8 students select a limited number of members to represent their club.

  4. Distribution of Photos
    1. GCC Libraries may use photos for any purpose in accordance with library and college mission and policies – planned use includes, but is not limited to, posters within the library and on campus, distribution of posters to the student life office, inclusion on campus TV, placement of images on the library website, and distribution to club members. Photo release forms must be completed.

  5. The library reserves the right to alter or eliminate the READ poster program at anytime and without notice.
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Student organizations can request that library READ posters be created for their club. A limited number of these posters may be created each academic year.

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