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The remodeling project cost approximately $2.9 million and was funded by a bond election. It resulted in a complete overhaul of the interior of the Library Media Center as well as some exterior modifications designed to enhance its appearance and accessibility. The project captured approximately 7,000 square feet in the existing building, including four classrooms, the atrium, foyers and lobbies. The changes included the following:

  • upgraded group and individual study spaces, including 12 group study rooms
  • upgraded natural and artificial lighting
  • expanded telecommunications capability
  • a larger area for electronic research in periodical and subject-specific databases
  • a classroom that is equipped to apply learning/teaching strategies in an electronic environment
  • video production room and studio
  • new shelving and end panels
  • upgraded temperature control systems
  • entrances to the building from both the east and west
  • terrazzo entry areas and borders along curved walls
  • improved signage
  • covering the atrium with a skylight
  • attractive wall and display cases to house and protect the art collection
  • new electronic security system
  • replacement of the carpet
  • new and refurbished furniture: Note - The chairs with Ottomans in the study areas and the west and east lounge areas are called "Eames chairs". They are available from Herman Miller from Goodman's Furniture and Office Systems. In 2000, these particular chairs were priced at about $1,600 each.
Space added/reassigned:
  • Added: East and west entries: 468 sq ft. each
  • Added: South study area: 1,440 sq. ft.
  • Reassigned: Atrium: 1,944 sq. ft.
  • Reassigned: Four classrooms: 702 sq. ft. each.
  • Total reclaimed for library use: 7,120 sq. ft.
  • Total floorspace: Increase from 37,000 sq. ft. to 42,000 sq. ft.

    Total seating capacity: Increase from 341 to 372.

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    May 1999 to August 2000

    Richard & Bauer Architecture, L.L.C.

    General Contractor:
    Pace Pacific Corporation

    Building: Library Media Center (LMC)
    Circulation: (623) 845-3109
    Reference: (623) 845-3112

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