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There are a number of rooms in the Library Media Center that can be used for classes, meetings, and group study.

Classroom, L-138

The Library Media Center's Collaborative Classroom (L-138) is available for instruction sessions, primarily for classes and workshops requiring librarian instruction or supervision.

Classroom equipment:

  • Twenty-four computer workstations
  • Instructor workstation
  • Projection system
  • VCR & DVD player
  • Pad camera
  • Overhead projector

Classes or workshops requiring librarian instruction have priority for using this classroom. Independent research (IR) session(s) - no librarian required - may also be scheduled by faculty.

The first eight (8) weeks of the semester and in the first two weeks of summer I & II sessions, L-138 is reserved for library instruction. However, during this period, faculty may request the use of L-138 for their class(es) provided that (1) the room is available, and (2) that their request is submitted no earlier than 3 days prior to the date and time needed. Faculty may request the use of L-138 for independent research no more than two times per course per section during a semester due to high demand for the room.

Scheduling options are listed on the Instruction page. 

Please do not assume a class has been scheduled until you receive an e-mail or phone confirmation to that effect.  

If your instruction needs can not be met within this policy framework, we recommend contacting your department chair or Curriculum Technician, Mary Ann Estopeyan <>, for other computer classroom options.

Faculty members who schedule a class for independent research in L-138 must be present during the time the class is in session.

Maintenance on the computers will normally be arranged for times when the room is not formally scheduled. In such instances, maintenance operations will have priority over any casual or unscheduled computer uses or informal class sessions.

Conference Room, L-123

The Library Media Center Conference Room is available to faculty and staff for meetings. The seating capacity is ten, and it has a whiteboard, telephone, VCR/television, and data connections.

Contact Library Administration, 845-3101, to schedule the room.

Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms are available in the Library Media Center to enable small and medium sized groups to confer and study together in an enclosed environment so as not to disturb others in the library. They are not be be used for functions such as faculty/staff committee meetings, classes, seminars or lectures, or commercial activities for which other facilities are available.

The rooms are available for use by GCC students, faculty, and staff.

These rooms are primarily to be used for group work. A "Group" is two or more students. Groups have priority over individual student use. Students working alone may be asked to move to other study areas. Group study rooms have priority numbers assigned to them; individual students in these rooms will be asked to leave if a group needs to use the room. Selection of the room will be based on the priority number (e.g., Priority 1 will be will be the first room that library staff will approach to request a single occupant to vacate when a group needs a study room.)

Scheduling of the rooms in advance is not necessary. Availability and usage is on a first-come, first-served basis. Use of the rooms is limited to 2-hour time periods.

These rooms are not sound proof. Users should maintain voice and noise levels at a normal, conversational level.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal property left in a study room.

All other applicable Library policies, including those those regulating conduct, apply to the group study rooms.

Windows may not be obstructed, and doors will be accessible at all times.

All equipment, periodicals, reference books or other library materials should be removed from the study room after use.

The Library reserves the right to inspect study rooms at any time and to remove unauthorized materials or prohibited items.

Media Production Room, L-103

Due to the flexibility required of a Media Production Facility, the security necessary for the media production equipment, and lack of visibility within the facility, the Library Media Production Room (L-103) cannot be scheduled for classes, students, student work groups, etc. The facility may however, be utilized as a massing/seminar room by Library Media Staff on an availability basis.

Requests to schedule the Media Production Room for Library Meetings, etc. should be forwarded to Scott Kozak.

Note: Exceptions to this policy must be cleared by David Rodriguez.

VCN Room, L-139

The VCN Room, L-139 is primarily used for facilitating video conferences in support of distance learning classes and intra-district group meetings. L-139 is also used for down- linking and the hosting of satellite programs. Due to the technological requirements when participating in video conferences or down-linking satellite programs, there is a need to have at least a 30 minute check-in period for the a/v technician.

Due to the necessity of housing and maintaining equipment for stated purposes, the room has to be secured when not in use. Also limitations or control to its usage are required.

The main control of usage is the use of the LMC's calendar for booking purposes. Though all librarians are able to book the room, it is suggested that the Media Services Librarian (ex. 53120) or Media Services Office Coordinator (ex. 53119) be initially contacted in order to avoid conflict.

The secondary usage of L-139 is the availability of classroom video recording services. The instructor of record is required to be in the classroom. At no time will students without an instructor present be allowed usage of the room.

Finally, the room can be booked for small (12 or less persons) administrative meetings. Once the library calendar is checked for availability, the room can be booked.

Please note, beverages in open/spillable containers and food are not allowed in the library, group study rooms, or library classrooms. The library's NO FOOD and NO (open/spill-able) DRINKS policy will be enforced. Drinks will be allowed in the library only if they are in spill proof containers (meaning they are completely sealed if inverted).

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Do not leave your belongings unattended!  Your personal belongings are not to be used to reserve study rooms, computers, or other study spaces. 

Unattended attended backpacks will be reported to College Safety for removal.

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