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GCC Libraries no longer collects audiobooks. However, a few titles remain in the collection. Additionally other MCCCD libraries collect audiobooks.

Browse the Audio Book Collection

You can find a listing of audio book titles available at the library by doing a keyword search on the term “audiobook” in the library catalog. 

Other audio materials can be found by typing “sound recordings” in a keyword search of the library catalog.  Note the “Collection” designation when looking for the item on the shelf. 

Search the Audio Book Collection

The following searches ALL MCCCD libraries.

Note: Currently, the Audio Book collection does not enjoy full cataloging.  As such, no subject headings are assigned; a keyword search in this collection returns results from the author or title field.

Search Tips

Audio books and non-musical sound recordings may be searched for in the library catalog.  Adding the term 'audiobook' to a keyword search is a simple way to limit your search to items from the leisure audio book collection. 

Many other non-musical sound recordings may be browsed or searched for by adding the term 'sound recording' in quotes to a keyword search. 

Users can limit their search of a subject in the library catalog to audio materials by using the advanced search screen and choosing “Nonmusical sound recordings” from the Materials menu. (Currently, a limit to "nonmusical sound recordings" does not return results in the audio book collection.)

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Circulation Policies

Audio book titles circulate as other items in the general collection.  Students may check items out for 3 weeks; items are renewable.


Audio books can be found in the general collection.


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