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Handcrafted Holiday Gifts

(Librarian Selected)

by MacDonald, Nancy

9781401862800Nancy MacDonaldWoodworkingUser-friendly and complete with full-color photos and illustrations, Woodworking offers a comprehensive guide for beginning woodworkers and aspiring cabinetmakers alike. Beginning with a brief introduction to the industry, as well as descriptions of the tools and materials used in the trade, the book then progresses on to illustrate and explain the hands-on skills that are essential to success in project creation. Step-by-step projects are accompanied by engaging photos and illustrations that walk through the process of building wood products, including tables and chairs, chests, cabinet-making, and more! These projects provide learners with a sense of accomplishment as they demonstrate their skills through successful completion of a finished product. - Description from Syndetics

The Simple Art of Chinese Calligraphy
by Qu, Lei Lei

9780823048380Qu Lei; Qu Lei LeiThe Simple Art of Chinese Calligraphy: Create your Own Chinese Characters and Symbols for Good Fortune and ProsperityPracticed for over 5,000 years, Chinese calligraphy is arguably the most revered art form in the East.The Simple Art of Chinese Calligraphyis the complete, step-by-step beginner's guide to creating the sacred characters of Chinese script--the fragile motifs of fruit and flowers that have deep meaning in Eastern philosophy, and the symbols of happiness and fulfillment. In this unique guide, renowned calligraphy artist Qui Lei Lei teaches the philosophy of this ancient art and demonstrates how to create the most important symbols of Chinese folklore--Luck, Love, Happiness, and Long Life. Chinese calligraphy calls for a meditative, relaxing focus on the task of creating unique, time-honored characters. As readers gather and arrange their materials--the four treasures--the author demonstrates how to perform the truly ancient ritual of preparing the mind and body for the practice. When readers create these unique symbols and signs, they will not only create beauty and rhythm on the page but also see how to connect with the spirituality that lies beneath much of the practice. Next, easy-to-follow illustrations explain how to reproduce such popular Chinese imagery as the Three Friends of Winter, plum blossoms for peace and love; bamboo shoots for longevity, and the fronds of the pine tree for vigor and new life. Finally, readers can explore a series of step-by-step calligraphy projects, including greeting cards, place mats, decorative books, and T-shirts. • Calligraphy is a time-honored and beloved art form with devoted fans worldwide • Author has shown his work in exhibits throughout Europe and the Far East • Features a broad range of step-by-step calligraphy projects from greeting cards to fans to T-shirts - Description from Syndetics

Creative Stained Glass: Modern Designs & Simple Techniques
by Stevenson, Christine Kellmann

9781600591327Christine Kellmann StevensonCreative Stained Glass: Modern Designs and Simple TechniquesFrom in-a-weekend pieces to intricate designs that take more time, these 27 stained-glass projects shine with light, color, and texture, thanks to the great new glasses on the market today. More than 70 color photos present the techniques, all worked with easy-to-acquire, modern, and efficient tools. Try two methods of cutting, with or without making a pattern. Use overlays, plating, and patinas to color the finish, creatively combine different techniques, and see how to work with brass and copper came. Beginners can start on small glass panels and build the skills to make a flat fan lamp, a mirror suitable for the wall or in a window, and more. - Description from Syndetics

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