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Hispanic Heritage Month

(Librarian Selected)

Eva Peron
by Dujovne Ortiz, Alicia; Fields, Shawn

9780312168278Alicia Dujovne Ortiz; Shawn Fields (Translator); Alicia Dujovne OrtizEva Peron: A BiographyThis bestselling biography of Eva Peron reveals the true story behind Madonna's film portrayal of the fascinating woman known as Evita.No other female political leader in the twentieth century is surrounded by more mythology and more romantic lore than Eva Peron. Here, in this in-depth, irresistibly revealing biography, Alicia Dujovne Ortiz leaves no stone unturned as she penetrates the complexities behind Peron's enduring allure. Taking into account every source of information -some never before available to any other biographer -- Ortiz has tapped into dozens of personal testimonies, including the confidences of Father Hernan Benitez, Eva's personal confessor as well as Eva's own memoirs. With access to newly declassified archives of the Peron government, Ortiz is also finally able to tell the truth about rumored connections between Juan Peron and the Nazi Party. Eva Peron is provocative and impressive in its depth and discovery of one of the most fascinating legends of our times.By far the best researched and most balanced (biography)...Ortiz's book is as much about Argentina as it is about Eva Peron. -- Newsday - Description from Syndetics

Pablo Neruda: A Passion for Life
by Feinstein, Adam

9781582344102Adam FeinsteinPablo Neruda: A Passion for LifeThe first comprehensive English-language biography of Pablo Neruda, one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century. Pablo Neruda, the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean writer, was born into a poor family in 1904. His love poems would go on to make him a household name throughout the Spanish-speaking world and win him international acclaim. His remarkable life reads like an adventure story, from his involvement in the Spanish Civil War to his flight as an exile from the security forces of his own country. He was a Communist and a lover of humanity who nevertheless clung to his Stalinist views even after the horrors of the gulag were revealed. He married three times and endured the early death of a daughter; he had countless other love affairs and forged close friendships with some of the greatest writers and artists of his time, notably Garc#65533;a Lorca and Picasso. Adam Feinstein, a journalist and prize-winning translator of Spanish and Latin American poetry, delves into a wealth of published and unpublished accounts of Neruda. Drawing on Neruda's poetic work, on original interviews, and on the extensive writing on Neruda that exists in Spanish, he delivers the first English-language biography to illuminate the personal, political, and artistic life of this beloved writer. - Description from Syndetics

Great Hispanic-Americans
by Kanellos, Nicolás; Rodriguez, Robert; Orr, Tamra

9781412711487Robert Rodriguez (Contribution by); Tamra B. Orr (Contribution by); Nicolas Kanellos (Consultant Editor)Great Hispanic-AmericansFeatures inspiring stories of the leaders who blazed trails, rewrote history, created works of art, and changed the face of America. raquo; Over 50 profiles of great Hispanic Americans are included, and each biography discusses their accomplishments, contributions, and importance. raquo; Includes such figures as Nobel prize winners Luis Walter Alvarez and Mario Molina, civil rights worker Cesar Chavez, authors Isabel Allende and Oscar Hijuelos, and performers Rita Moreno and Tito Puente. raquo; Fully illustrated with portraits and other images of profiled subjects. - Description from Syndetics

Latino in America
by O'Brien, Soledad; Arce, Rose Marie

9780451229465Soledad O'Brien; Rose Marie ArceLatino in AmericaThe definitive tie-in to the CNN documentary series Latino in America , from former top CNN anchor and special correspondent Soledad O'Brien. Following the smash-hit CNN documentary Black in America , Latino in America travels to small towns and big cities to illustrate how distinctly Latino cultures are becoming intricately woven into the broader American identity. As she reports the evolution of Latino America, Soledad O'Brien explores how tens of millions of Americans with roots in 21 different countries form a community called "Latino" and recalls her own upbringing and what she's learned about being a Latino in America. - Description from Syndetics

The Crusades of Cesar Chavez: A Biography
by Pawel, Miriam

9781608197101Miriam PawelThe Crusades of Cesar Chavez: A Biography National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist Winner of the California Book Award A searching portrait of an iconic figure long shrouded in myth by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of an acclaimed history of Chavez's movement. Cesar Chavez founded a labor union, launched a movement, and inspired a generation. He rose from migrant worker to national icon, becoming one of the great charismatic leaders of the 20th century. Two decades after his death, Chavez remains the most significant Latino leader in US history. Yet his life story has been told only in hagiography--until now. In the first comprehensive biography of Chavez, Miriam Pawel offers a searching yet empathetic portrayal. Chavez emerges here as a visionary figure with tragic flaws; a brilliant strategist who sometimes stumbled; and a canny, streetwise organizer whose pragmatism was often at odds with his elusive, soaring dreams. He was an experimental thinker with eclectic passions--an avid, self-educated historian and a disciple of Gandhian non-violent protest. Drawing on thousands of documents and scores of interviews, this superbly written life deepens our understanding of one of Chavez's most salient qualities: his profound humanity. Pawel traces Chavez's remarkable career as he conceived strategies that empowered the poor and vanquished California's powerful agriculture industry, and his later shift from inspirational leadership to a cult of personality, with tragic consequences for the union he had built. The Crusades of Cesar Chavez reveals how this most unlikely American hero ignited one of the great social movements of our time. - Description from Syndetics

Gabriel García Márquez: A Biography
by Pelayo, Rubén

9780313346309Rubén PelayoGabriel García Márquez: A BiographyMaster of magic realism, distinguished journalist and film critic, friend of world leaders ranging from Fidel Castro to Pres. Bill Clinton, Gabriel García Márquez improbably emerged from obscure beginnings to become an author more beloved of readers worldwide than any other living writer. His plots and protean characters plunge readers into the world of fable, yet their universal appeal, as this biography shows, is deeply rooted in the particularity of García Márquez's own idiosyncratic early life and his later wide travels, all undertaken with the restless curiosity and zest for life that he manages to evoke in his readers. - Description from Syndetics

Capirotada: A Nogales Memoir
by Ríos, Alberto

9780826320940Alberto Alvaro RiosCapirotada: A Nogales MemoirCapirotada, Mexican bread pudding, is a mysterious mixture of prunes, peanuts, white bread, raisins, milk, quesadilla cheese, butter, cinnamon and cloves, Old World sugar--"all this," writes Alberto Rios, "and things people will not tell you." Like its Mexican namesake, this memoir is a rich melange, stirring together Rios's memories of family, neighbors, friends, and secrets from his youth in the two Nogaleses--in Arizona and through the open gate into Mexico. The vignettes in this memoir are not loud or fast. Yet like all of Rios's writing they are singular. Here is the story about a rickety magician, his chicken, and a group of little boys, but who plays a trick on whom? The story about the flying dancers and mortality. About going to the dentist in Mexico because it is cheaper, and maybe dangerous. About a British woman who sets out on a ship for America with the faith her Mexican GI will be waiting for her in Salt Lake City. And about the grown son who looks at his father and understands how he must provide for his own boy. This book's uncommon offering is how it stops to address the quiet, the overlooked, the every day side of growing up. Capirotada is not about prison, or famous heroes. It is instead about the middle, which is often the most interesting place to find news. Capirotada was selected as the 2009 ONEBOOKAZ by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records. - Description from Syndetics

The Theater of Night
by Ríos, Alberto

9781556592300Alberto RíosThe Theater of Night"Ríos writes in a serenely clear manner."-- The New York Times Book Review "Ríos' verse inhabits a country of his own making, sometimes political, often personal, with the familiarity and pungency of an Arizona chili."-- The Christian Science Monitor Following the success of his National Book Award nomination, Alberto Ríos' new book is filled with magic, marvel, and emotional truth. Set along the elusive Mexican-American border, his poems trace the lives and loves of an elderly couple, Clemente and Ventura, through their childhood and courtship to marriage, maturity, old age, and death. From The Chair She Sits In I've heard this thing where, when someone dies, People close up all the holes around the house-- The keyholes, the chimney, the windows, Even the mouths of the animals, the dogs and the pigs. It's so the soul won't be confused, or tempted. It's so when the soul comes out of the body it's been in, But which doesn't work anymore, It won't simply go into another one And try to make itself at home, Pretending as if nothing happened . . . Ríos' narratives are both surreal and hyper-real, creating the hard, sweet weave of two lives becoming one. The National Book Award judges noted that Ríos is a "poet of reverie," and like the best of storytellers he charms his readers, making us care deeply for--even love--these people we read. Alberto Ríos is the poet laureate of Arizona and teaches at Arizona State University. He is the author of eight books of poetry, three collections of short stories, and a memoir. Ríos is the recipient of numerous awards, and his work is included in over 175 national and international literary anthologies. His work is regularly taught and translated and has been adapted to dance and both classical and popular music. - Description from Syndetics

Mexican Muralists: Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros
by Rochfort, Desmond

9780811819282765145019286Desmond RochfortMexican Muralists: Orozco, Rivera, SiqueirosLos tres grandes: Jose Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. Now legendary, these men have emerged as the most prominent figures of the famed Mexican mural movement, which lasted from the '20s through the early '70s and was hailed as the most significant achievement in public art of the 20th century. The dramatic story of the movement is told here in a fascinating history of the artists, accompanied by over 100 spectacular color reproductions of the murals. Showcasing popular as well aslesser-known works from around the US and Mexico, this is the first high-quality paperback to do justice to a subject that will captivate every lover of Mexican art and culture, Rivera fan, and art historian, as well as anyone who appreciates a beautiful, intelligent art book. - Description from Syndetics

The Story of Mexico: Emiliano Zapata and the Mexican Revolution
by Stein, R. Conrad

9781599351636R. Conrad SteinEmiliano Zapata and the Mexican RevolutionThe Mexican Revolution was a brutal civil war fought between 1910 and 1920. The war pitted the rich against the poor and the landless against the landowners. During ten years of fighting some 1 million and perhaps as many as 2 million people were killed. The Revolution left deep scars in the Mexican soul, but it gave the people their greatest hero in modern times: Emiliano Zapata. A peasant leader, Zapata fought for the rights of his people and never sought personal gain. He led the landless farmers of southern Mexico in their struggle against powerful landowners. The battle cry of Zapata's army was simple and forceful "Land and Liberty!" Zapata was killed late in the war. But decades after his death the peasants of the south, who believed Zapata to be immortal, claimed they still saw him. Around their huts the impoverished farmers would gather and talk in hushed tones "Yes, I saw him last night. I saw our Emiliano. He was riding alone." Book jacket. - Description from Syndetics

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