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Composing While Dancing: An Improviser's Companion
by Buckwalter, Melinda

9780299248130Melinda BuckwalterComposing While Dancing: An Improviser's Companion Composing while Dancing: An Improviser's Companion examines the world of improvisational dance and the varied approaches to this art form. By introducing the improvisational strategies of twenty-six top contemporary artists of movement improvisation, Melinda Buckwalter offers a practical primer to the dance form. Each chapter focuses on an important aspect of improvisation including spatial relations, the eyes, and the dancing image. Included are sample practices from the artists profiled, exercises for further research, and a glossary of terms. Buckwalter gathers history, methods, interviews, and biographies in one book to showcase the many facets of improvisational dance and create an invaluable reference for dancers and dance educators. - Description from Syndetics

Serpent of the Nile: Women and Dance in the Arab World
by Buonaventura, Wendy

9781566567916Wendy BuonaventuraSerpent of the Nile: Women and Dance in the Arab WorldNewly updated and reissued in an appealing new format, this classic book is a lavishly illustrated celebration of female dancers of the Arab world and their impact on the West. "I think it is the most eloquent of female dances, with is haunting lyricism, its fire, its endlessly shifting kaleidoscope of sensual movement." With these words, Wendy Buonaventura explains her own fascination with Arabic dance and gives the reader a thorough understanding of the origins, history and development of this ancient art, which has survived in the face of commercialism, religious disapproval, and changing times. - Description from Syndetics

Latin Dance
by Drake-Boyt, Elizabeth

9780313376085Elizabeth Drake-BoytLatin DanceThis title in the American Dance Floor series provides an overview of the origins, development, and current status of Latin social dancing in the United States. * Provides information from interviews conducted with Latin social dancers in the United States * Contains photographs that illustrate the body alignment, mood, and wide variety of context of Latin social dancers, as well as Latin musicians and musical instruments * A bibliography contains entries useful for further investigation into the topic of Latin dances * Appendices indicate basic online resources for Latin social dancing in the United States and provide a filmography of Latin dances organized according to style - Description from Syndetics

Dancing Lives: Five Female Dancers from the Ballet d'Action to Merce Cunningham
by Eliot, Karen

9780252032509Karen EliotDancing Lives: Five Female Dancers from the Ballet D'Action to Merce CunninghamWorking from the premise that dance history can be studied as it has been created in and through the bodies of dancers, Karen Eliot closely examines the lives and careers of five popular female dancers: Giovanna Baccelli, Ad#65533;le Dumil#65533;tre, Tamara Karsavina, Moira Shearer, and Catherine Kerr. Notable dancers in European and Russian ballet and American modern dance genres, these women represent a historical cross section of performance, training, and technique. By elegantly guiding the reader through the Russian Revolution, stage fright and illness, liaisons with aristocracy, movie stardom, and dancing rivalries, Dancing Lives provides valuable insight into the culture in which each woman performed. Readers are introduced to each dancer's social and economic status, her education and training, and changing debates about dance and choreography. The resulting stories are packed with intimate personal details, keen descriptions of dance pedagogy and performance, and behind-the-curtain glimpses of popular dance trends. - Description from Syndetics

Astaire & Rogers
by Gallafent, Edward

9780231126267Edward GallafentAstaire and RogersFred Astaire and Ginger Rogers endure in the American imagination. The charm and grace of their dancing in the ten films they made together, including Top Hat and Swing Time, elicit nostalgia today. Most books about the Astaire-Rogers films focus exclusively on the music and dance scenes, but this book shows that the films are much more than the sum of those scenes, which after all only account for approximately one-third of their films' running times. Gallafent argues that, contrary to received opinion, the musical numbers are not discrete, generic moments dropped in to enliven the films. Instead, the music and dance routines advance the movies' themes. Gallafent shows how dialogue, plotting, and the audience's perception of this striking professional couple affect the context, and thus meaning, for the song and dance routines. The book examines how the Astaire-Rogers musicals, which were produced and originally viewed as a series, relate to one another and to other musicals of their day. Gallafent also provides an illuminating account of the films Astaire and Rogers made separately during the 1940s before their final reunion in The Barkleys of Broadway. Astaire and Rogers concludes by tracing the development of their star personas both together and apart, and shows how the films were designed around those personas. - Description from Syndetics

History of Dance: An Interactive Arts Approach
by Kassing, Gayle

9780736060356Gayle KassingHistory of Dance: An Interactive Arts Approach History of Dance: An Interactive Arts Approach provides an in-depth look at dance from the dawn of time through the 20th century. Using an investigative approach, this book presents the who, what, when, where, why, and how of dance history in relation to other arts and to historical, political, and social events. In so doing, this text provides a number of ways to create, perceive, and respond to the history of dance through integrated arts and technology. This study of dancers, dances, and dance works within an interactive arts, culture, and technology environment is supported by the National Standards in dance, arts education, social studies, and technology education. History of Dance: An Interactive Arts Approach has four parts. Part I explains the tools used to capture dance from the past. Part II begins a chronological study of dance, beginning with its origins and moving through ancient civilizations and the Middle Ages through the Renaissance. Part III covers dance from the 17th to the 20th century, including dance at court, dance from court to theater, romantic to classical ballet, and dance in the United States. Part IV focuses on 20th-century American dance, highlighting influences on American ballet and modern dance as it emerged, matured, and evolved during that century. History of Dance: An Interactive Arts Approach includes the following features: -Chapter outlines that present topics covered in each chapter -Opening scenarios to set the scene and introduce each time period -Explorations of dancers, choreographers, and other personalities -Explorations of the dances and significant choreography and dance literature of each time period -History Highlight boxes containing unusual facts, events, and details to bring history to life -History Trivia, providing insights into how dance relates to the history, art, and society of the time period -Web sites to encourage further exploration -Developing a Deeper Perspective sections that encourage students to use visual or aesthetic scanning, learn and perform period dances, observe and write performance reports, develop research projects and WebQuests (Internet-based research projects), and participate in other learning activities -Vocabulary terms at the end of each chapter Each chapter in parts II through IV provides an overview of the time period, including a time capsule and a historical and societal overview. Each chapter focuses on major dancers, choreographers, and personalities; dances of the period, including dance forms, dance designs, accompaniment, costuming, and performing spaces; and significant dance works and dance literature. The chapters also feature a series of eight experiential learning activities that help students dig deeper into the history of dance, dancers, and significant dance works and literature. These activities are presented as reproducible templates that include perceiving, creating, performing, writing, and presenting oral activities infused with technology. Teachers can use these activities as optional chapter assignments or as extended projects to help apply the information and to use technology and other integrated arts sources to make the history of dance more meaningful. History of Dance is an indispensable text for dance students who want to learn the history of dance and its relationship to other arts of the times using today's interactive technology. - Description from Syndetics

The Revival of Banned Dances: A Worldwide Study
by Lyons, Reneé Critcher

9780786465941Reneé Critcher LyonsThe Revival of Banned Dances: A Worldwide StudyThroughout history, humans have used dance as a benefit for mind, body, and soul. In some cases, governments or churches have banned certain dances for a variety of reasons. This work provides an exploration of dances banned around the world, then revived by a handful of brave proponents. The sixteen case studies--ranging from Argentina's Tango and Cambodia's Royal Classical Ballet to Brazil's Samba and Ireland's Step Dance--reveal the meaning of the dance to each culture and the importance of the art form to the creation of healthy sociological and political climates. Chapters detail each dance's origins, technical steps and movements, costumes, music, and political history, providing an informative overview of the oppression of dance culture through history. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here . - Description from Syndetics

Dancing Across Borders: Danzas y Bailes Mexicanos
by Nájera-Ramírez, Olga

9780252076091Olga Nájera-Ramírez (Editor); Norma E. Cantu (Editor); Brenda M. Romero (Editor)Dancing Across Borders: Danzas y Bailes MexicanosThis book explores Mexican popular and traditional dance practices on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, addressing questions of authenticity, aesthetics, identity, interpretation, and research methodologies in dance performance. Contributors include not only noted scholars from a variety of disciplines but also several dance practitioners who reflect on their engagement with dance and reveal subtexts of dance culture. Contributors are Norma E. Cantú, Susan Cashion, María Teresa Ceseña, Xóchitl C. Chávez, Adriana Cruz Manjarrez, Renée de la Torre Castellanos, Peter J. García, Rudy F. García, Chris Goertzen, Martha González, Elisa Diana Huerta, Sydney Hutchinson, Marie "Keta" Miranda, Olga Nájera-Ramírez, Shakina Nayfack, Russell Rodríguez, Brenda M. Romero, Nancy Lee Chalfa Ruyter, José Sánchez Jiménez, and Alberto Zárate Rosales. - Description from Syndetics

So You Want to Be a Dancer: Practical Advice and True Stories from a Working Professional
by Shaffer, Matthew

9781630760267Matthew ShafferSo You Want to Be a Dancer: Practical Advice and True Stories from a Working ProfessionalMatthew Shaffer's more than twenty years as a performer, choreographer, director, Broadway collaborator, writer, and producer has allowed him opportunities to work with celebrities like Megan Mullally, Ben Stiller, and the elite competition team of Dance Moms. So You Want to Be a Dancer is the ultimate book for anyone who has to fight the urge to sashay down grocery store aisles or school hallways. Shaffer discusses everything from how to break into the industry to practical advice--from how to audition and book a job to dealing with movie stars on-set. So You Want To Be A Dancer is a must-read for any creative entrepreneur, aspiring artist pursuing a career in today's social media-savvy society, or anyone who savors the heartfelt journey of an artist. - Description from Syndetics

Maria Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina
by Tallchief, Maria; Kaplan, Larry

9780813028460Maria Tallchief; Larry KaplanMaria Tallchief: America's Prima BallerinaThe definitive autobiography in a new paperback edition! "Maria Tallchief and American ballet came of age in the same moment. . . . Her story will always be the story of ballet conquering America. It was and is an American romance."-- The New Yorker "Tallchief's autobiography provides us with many stories, insights, even passing remarks that shed light on both this crucial moment in dance history and Balanchine's elusive personality. Tallchief has now given us her definitive and convincing account of Balanchine as choreographer, teacher, husband, friend."-- New York Times Book Review - Description from Syndetics

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