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From crib to kindergarten : the essential child safety guide
by Drago, Dorothy A.

9780801885693Dorothy A. DragoFrom Crib to Kindergarten: The Essential Child Safety GuideIn childhood, the occasional bump or scrape comes with the territory. But serious injury is another matter, creating anxiety for even the most experienced parent. Fortunately, unintentional injury can be prevented. In this essential guide, an eminent child safety specialist explains how to reduce the risk of childhood injury at home--and beyond. Her tips help protect children from birth to age five--those who are most vulnerable to serious injury. She describes how to provide a safe environment during the daily activities of sleeping, eating, bathing, dressing, playing, and traveling. The major hazards and potential injuries associated with each activity are identified along with the age when the child is at greatest risk. Illustrations, checklists, and summary charts complement the text and put valuable lessons and critical information at parents' fingertips. From Crib to Kindergarten is an indispensable "how to" for parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, and daycare providers. - Description from Syndetics

Fundamentals of fire protection for the safety professional
by Ferguson, Lon H., Janicak, Christopher A.

9781598887112Lon H. Ferguson; Christopher A. JanicakFundamentals of Fire Protection for the Safety ProfessionalFundamentals of Fire Protection for the Safety Professional provides safety managers with a guide for incorporating fire hazard awareness and protection into their safety management plans. Industrial fires pose one of the greatest threats to organizations in terms of financial, human, and property losses. Understanding fire safety basics, the physics of fire, and the properties and classes of common hazards is key to designing fire safety management programs that not only protect an organization's assets but also ensure the safe evacuation of all involved. Fundamentals of Fire Protection for the Safety Professional takes an in-depth look at fire hazards in the workplace--from the substances required to do business to the building construction itself?--and provides practical fire safety principles that can be applied in any work environment. Readers will learn how to develop emergency action plans and fire prevention plans, implement effective alarm and detection systems and fire extinguishment systems, and develop a comprehensive fire program management plan that is in compliance with Federal Emergency Management Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and National Fire Protection Association standards. Each chapter includes a chapter summary and sample problems, making this an ideal training tool in the workplace or the classroom. Answers to chapter questions and a comprehensive glossary and index are provided at the end of the book. - Description from Syndetics

Cyberbullying and e-safety : what educators and other professionals need to know
by Katz, Adrienne

9781849052764Adrienne KatzCyberbullying and E-Safety: What Educators and Professionals Need to Know"I'd die without my Blackberry" - one young person's comment sums up a generation of young people who are increasingly living their daily lives through their phones and the internet. Cyberbullying is rife, affecting one in five 10-19 year olds. It causes anxiety, unhappiness and mental health problems; in extreme cases even leading to suicide. This book provides a compelling and up to date account of the constantly evolving problem of cyberbullying: the different forms it can take, how the impact differs on boys and girls of different ages, and which children are most vulnerable. Drawing on the findings of the author's survey of over 9,000 children and teenagers, Cyberbullying and E-safety provides a revealing account of the direct experiences and views of children. It describes how a new world where emerging technologies such as smartphones have transformed online social behaviour requires a new, more relevant approach to e-safety and the problem of cyberbullying. The author provides this in the form of a youth-led, age- and gender-appropriate model for cyber-education in the modern world; a 3-tier model comprising universal e-safety education accompanied by targeted and intensive support and advice for children at most risk. She also outlines a school-wide model for preventing and responding to cyberbullying in children, young people and teachers, and provides a wealth of guidance and tools for individuals and schools including templates and lesson plans. Cyberbullying and E-safety is required reading for teachers, counsellors, youth workers, social workers, and other professionals working with children and young people. - Description from Syndetics

Poisons on our plates : the real food safety problem in the United States
by Morrone, Michele

9780313349751Michele MorronePoisons on Our Plates: The Real Food Safety Problem in the United StatesThe safety of our food supply is an environmental health issue that affects every American citizen. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that more than 76 million people in the United States suffer from foodborne illnesses every year. Microbiological contamination--bacteria, viruses, and parasites--is the leading cause of foodborne illness. Morrone faults the media for focusing the anxieties of the American public on such issues as irradiated food, genetically modified foods, and mad cow disease, while ignoring the microbial foodborne pathogens that are running amok in our food supply--except when point-source outbreaks of E. coli in spinach and green onions or salmonella in peanut butter sicken thousands of people at once.Many readers will be alarmed to learn from Poisons on Our Plates that there is no federal environmental health policy or agency that controls the bacteria and viruses in our food supply. The FDA Food Code and various voluntary systems overseen by local health departments are woefully inadequate. Drawing on disturbing stories told by food safety professionals as well as on statistical studies, the author paints a grimly fascinating picture of the impact of bacteria and viruses on our food supply and how they can make us sick. Morrone examines the increased risks that come with the rise in food imports from high-contamination countries such as China and Mexico. She advocates major changes to our nation's environmental health policies in order to control the growing dangers that foodborne illness pose to public health. - Description from Syndetics

A consumer's guide to food regulation & safety
by O'Reilly, James T

9780199730216James T. O'ReillyA Consumer's Guide to Food Regulation and SafetyA Consumer's Guide to Food Regulation & Safety is a consumer-friendly guide to understanding the laws and policies relating to the food industry. Learn more about current policies designed to protect consumers and how to challenge them if necessary. Issues of fraudulent promotion, labeling, and advertising by members of the food industry are also examined. Food related issues are regularly making headlines. This almanac provides consumers with the information they need to better understand the laws and policies in place to help protect them from harm. Do you find many food labels confusing and misleading? Do you know what to do if you get sick from contaminated food? As a consumer, can you take legal action if you fall victim to food fraud or illness? All of these issues are addressed in this easy to comprehend legal guide. - Description from Syndetics

Avalanche essentials : a step-by-step system for safety and survival
by Tremper, Bruce

9781594857171Bruce TremperAvalanche Essentials Avalanche safety educator Bruce Tremper's recently published Avalanche Essentials is a terrific little tome that condenses the conventional wisdom into 189 pages. The book is profusely illustrated with numerous diagrams and real-life photos. A thorough index rounds things out, making the book useful for research or as a fulcrum during safety classes and seminars. -- CLICK HERE to download the first chapter on "How Dangerous Is The Brain" fromAvalanche Essentials * Easy-to-understand safety tips and checklists to help anyone stay safer in avalanche terrain * Small, take-along resource to reference in the field and assist decision making * Companion to Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain , the bestselling avalanche text in the U.S. Winter athletes don't necessarily want to be snow scientists, but playing in avalanche country does require basic knowledge of the risks in order to stay safe. This new guide by renowned avalanche expert Bruce Tremper is simple, accessible, and offers just the basics -- an Everyman's guide to avalanche safety that won't overtax your average ski bums, but will keep them safe when they're going for 12 consecutive months of powder. Avalanche Essentials is for everyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of avalanche awareness, focusing on systems and checklists, step-by-step procedures, decision-making aids, visual terrain and weather cues, rescue techniques, gear, and more. Avalanche Essentials is intended for broader use by skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, hikers, climbers, and snowshoers. Because it steers clear of more complex topics (e.g., snow metamorphism), it's perfect for generalists as well as anyone who has studied avalanche safety and likes to keep a pocket reference while in potentially dangerous terrain. - Description from Syndetics

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