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Endurance sports nutrition
by Eberle, Suzanne Girard

9781450432153Suzanne Girard EberleEndurance Sports Nutrition Endurance Sports Nutrition will guide you in selecting the optimal foods, drinks, and supplements so you can train longer, recover more quickly, avoid injuries, and achieve your performance goals in any endurance endeavor. Sports dietitian and former elite runner Suzanne Girard Eberle presents a fueling program that addresses the unique concerns of endurance athletes: * Road and trail running, from 5K to 100+ miles * Cycling and mountain biking, from time trials to multiday rides * Duathlon and triathlon, from sprint to Ironman * Winter sports, from Nordic ski races to mountain ascents * Water sports, including rowing and open-water swimming * Environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and high altitude The third edition includes meal planning recommendations for vegetarian athletes and those with food allergies and intolerances as well as profiles, advice from elite endurance athletes, and strategies for avoiding the most common pitfalls of training. Endurance Sports Nutrition will fuel your best performance. - Description from Syndetics

NASM essentials of personal fitness training
by McGill, Erin A., editor. Montel, Ian, editor. National Academy of Sports Medicine

9781284113099National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) StaffNASM Essentials of Personal Fitness TrainingThis text is a recommended resource for the NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification. The NASM CPT certification is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).Since 1987, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has been a global leader in providing evidence-based certifications and advanced credentials to health and fitness professionals. NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training, Fifth Edition, continues to lead the way by providing the most comprehensive resource for aspiring personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals.Based on NASM's proprietary Optimum Performance Training(tm) (OPT(tm)) model, you will learn a systematic approach to program design with exercise program guidelines and variables; protocols for building stabilization, strength, and power programs; guidance on how to build a clientele through professional development; and more! By following the techniques in this book, you will gain the information, insight, and inspiration you need to change the world as a health and fitness professional.This edition of Essentials of Personal Fitness Training employs strategic learning features that not only make the content more digestible, but also turn theory into practice. Chapter progression threads science throughout the entire text, rather than all at once in order to enhance learning and contextual understanding. The new feature area as follows:- Memory Tips: Tips and tricks for trainers to easily remember complex terms without the extended effort of rote memorization- Trainer Tips: Inside-the-industry application tips from experts with years of experience- Check It Out: Quick tips and/or facts that have an apparent application and real-world usability.- Caution: Distinct things trainers should be aware of as they relate to scope of practice and potential pitfalls- Case Scenarios: Chapter openings and closings that present a relevant situation a personal trainer might come across, along with recommendations for how a fitness professional should address the situation - Description from Syndetics

The everything guide to macrobiotics : a practical introduction to the macrobiotic lifestyle - and how it can work for you
by Ong,Julie S. Bull, Lorena Novak

9781440503719045079503717Julie S. Ong; Lorena Novak BullThe Everything Guide to Macrobiotics: A Practical Introduction to the Macrobiotic Lifestyle - And How It Can Work for YouHeal yourself naturally with balanced and nourishing foods. Lose weight and boost energy levels Prevent and treat disease Enhance psychological health You can gain all this and more by following a macrobiotic diet! Macrobiotics is based on the benefits of eating seasonal, locally grown, and energetically balanced foods. In this guide, you'll discover how to adapt this lifestyle to fit your own needs. Create 150 delectable recipes to achieve inner and outer healing, including: Forbidden Rice with Edamame and Orange Zest Mochi Waffles with Berry Lemon Sauce Kale, Green Beans, and Carrots with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Garbanzo Beans in Mushroom Gravy Roasted Squash and Sweet Potato Sauce Poached Pears in Apple Cider This guide also features tips on incorporating changes into your lifestyle that reduce stress while enhancing balance and harmony. The benefits of a macrobiotic lifestyle are only a few delicious recipes away! - Description from Syndetics

The complete guide to nutrients : an A-Z of superfoods, herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements
by Sharon, Michael

9781780974668Michael SharonThe Complete Guide to Nutrients: An a-Z of Superfoods, Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals and SupplementsWith processed foods and commercially farmed produce offering us less in the way of essential nutrition, these days people are taking a greater interest in their diet as a way to stay healthy and cope with illness and everyday stress. Now in its sixth edition with many new entries and updated information, The Complete Guide to Nutrients is an easy-to-use reference to every food, herb, vitamin, mineral, or supplement you might encounter. Each entry--from bananas, carrots, olive oil, and yogurt, to guarana and St. John's Wort--includes a definition of the nutrient, what it is and where it comes from, the form it takes, how to prepare or enjoy it, its medicinal and health benefits, and recommended daily dose. - Description from Syndetics

The dirt cure : growing healthy kids with food straight from soil
by Shetreat-Klein, Maya, Holtzman, Rachel

9781476796970Maya Shetreat-KleinThe Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids with Food Straight from SoilIn the tradition of Michael Pollan, Mark Hyman, and Andrew Weil, pioneering integrative pediatric neurologist Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD, reveals the shocking contents of children's food, how it's seriously harming their bodies and brains, and what we can do about it. And she presents the first nutritional plan for getting and keeping children healthy--a plan that any family can follow. New alarming studies show the dramatic rise of chronic disease in children--from allergies and ADHD to mental illnesses and obesity. A traditionally trained pediatric neurologist and a parent herself, Dr. Maya encountered the limits of conventional medicine when her son suffered a severe episode of asthma on his first birthday and began a backward slide in his development. Treatments failed to reverse his condition, so Dr. Maya embarked on a scientific investigation, discovering that food was at the root of her son's illness, affecting his digestive system, immune system, and brain. The solution was shockingly simple: Heal the food, heal the gut, heal the brain...and heal the child. Recent changes in growing and processing food harm kids' gut microbiomes, immune systems, and brains, contributing to chronic disease. Dr. Maya's plan started with the soil, using fresh foods and nature to heal her son from the inside out and the outside in. Since then, she's successfully helped chronically ill patients from around the world. Revealing the profound connections between food, nature, and children's health, Dr. Maya explains how food is constantly changing kids' bodies, brains, and even genes--for better or for worse. She also shares success stories from her practice and tips as a working mother of three on stocking healing foods (from veggies to chocolate!), reading labels, and getting even picky eaters into the new menu. This paradigm-shifting book empowers you to transform your child's health through food and ensure the long-term wellbeing of your kids and the entire family. - Description from Syndetics

Cooking allergy-free : simple inspired meals for everyone
by Short, Jenna

9781627103961Jenna ShortCooking Allergy-Free: Simple Inspired Meals for EveryoneBanish boring recipes for the allergy-conscious from your kitchen. Those of us with food allergies often have disappointing dining options. Cooking Allergy-Free is a phenomenal resource for the home cook with 150 delicious recipes for all courses--appetizers, soups and salads, main dishes, sides and vegetables, sweets, dressings and sauces, plus breakfast and breads. Forget those boring same-old, same-old dishes. Instead, dig into these healthy, allergy-free dishes with gourmet flavor: Inspired Starters-Pumpkin Pear Soup with Sunchokes and Herbs Delicious main courses-Orange Balsamic Chicken Heavenly desserts -Flourless Molten Chocolate Cookies Food allergies are on the rise. More than 12 million Americans have food allergies. Did you know, according to Dr. Scott Sicherer at New York's Jaffe Food Allergy Institute, that have one food allergy can put you at a higher risk for reaction to other foods? According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Approximately 1 in 20 children and about 1 in 25 adults have a food allergy Food allergies have increase 50% from 1997 to 2011 The only way to prevent a reaction is to avoid the allergenic food Cooking Allergy-Free is your cure! An entire chapter is devoted to helpful strategies for setting up your kitchen to be allergy-friendly, including information on grocery shopping, stocking the pantry, and preventing cross-contamination. Take the stress, fear, and guesswork out of allergy-free cooking. No more cooking multiple meals to accommodate different dietary needs. Each flavorful recipe is free of at least one of the "big 8" allergens-eggs, soy, nuts, gluten, dairly, shellfish, fish and corn. For easy reference, recipes are identified by colorful icons and include simple substitutions for converting recipes for people with other allergies. Menu suggestions and wine pairings simplify weeknight meal planning and make entertaining easy. - Description from Syndetics

Food in America : the past, present, and future of food, farming, and the family meal
by Smith, Andrew F.

9781610698580Andrew F. Smith; Marion Nestle (Foreword by)Food in America: The Past, Present, and Future of Food, Farming, and the Family MealThis three-volume work examines all facets of the modern U.S. food system, including the nation's most important food and agriculture laws, the political forces that shape modern food policy, and the food production trends that are directly impacting the lives of every American family. * Examines a breadth of contemporary food controversies and offers diverse viewpoints on them, placing these perspectives fairly into a broader historical context * Presents a multidisciplinary approach to the subject of food that highlights related issues in transportation, business, diet and nutrition, public health, the environment, and public policy * Includes primary documents that illuminate important laws, policies, and perspectives on the environmental, public health, and economic impact of food * Provides readers with the latest information about food controversies as well as extensive resources for further study on major food controversies - Description from Syndetics

Gastrophysics : the new science of eating
by Spence, Charles

9780735223462Charles SpenceGastrophysics: The New Science of EatingThe science behind a good meal: all the sounds, sights, and tastes that make us like what we're eating--and want to eat more. Why do we consume 35 percent more food when eating with one other person, and 75 percent more when dining with three? How do we explain the fact that people who like strong coffee drink more of it under bright lighting? And why does green ketchup just not work? The answer is gastrophysics, the new area of sensory science pioneered by Oxford professor Charles Spence. Now he's stepping out of his lab to lift the lid on the entire eating experience -- how the taste, the aroma, and our overall enjoyment of food are influenced by all of our senses, as well as by our mood and expectations. The pleasures of food lie mostly in the mind, not in the mouth. Get that straight and you can start to understand what really makes food enjoyable, stimulating, and, most important, memorable. Spence reveals in amusing detail the importance of all the "off the plate" elements of a meal: the weight of cutlery, the color of the plate, the background music, and much more. Whether we're dining alone or at a dinner party, on a plane or in front of the TV, he reveals how to understand what we're tasting and influence what others experience. This is accessible science at its best, fascinating to anyone in possession of an appetite. Crammed with discoveries about our everyday sensory lives, Gastrophysics is a book guaranteed to make you look at your plate in a whole new way. - Description from Syndetics

The first 1,000 days : a crucial time for mothers and children--and the world
by Thurow, Roger

9781610395854Roger ThurowThe First 1,000 Days: A Crucial Time for Mothers and Children--And the WorldYour child can achieve great things."A few years ago, pregnant women in four corners of the world heard those words and hoped they could be true. Among them were Esther Okwir in rural Uganda, where the infant mortality rate is among the highest in the world Jessica Saldana, a high school student in a violence-scarred Chicago neighbourhood Shyamkali, the mother of four girls in a low-caste village in India and Maria Estella, in Guatemala's western highlands, where most people are riddled with parasites and moms can rarely afford the fresh vegetables they farm.Greatness? It was an audacious thought, given their circumstances. But they had new cause to be hopeful: they were participating in an unprecedented international initiative designed to transform their lives, the lives of their children, and ultimately the world. The 1,000 Days movement, a response to recent, devastating food crises and new research on the economic and social costs of childhood hunger and stunting, is focused on providing proper nutrition during the first 1,000 days of children's lives, beginning with their mother's pregnancy. Proper nutrition during these days can profoundly influence an individual's ability to grow, learn, and work,and determine a society's long-term health and prosperity.In this inspiring, sometimes heartbreaking book, Roger Thurow takes us into the lives of families on the forefront of the movement to illuminate the science, economics, and politics of malnutrition, charting the exciting progress of this global effort and the formidable challenges it still faces: economic injustice, disease, lack of education and sanitation, misogyny, and corruption. - Description from Syndetics

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