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Celebrate Diversity Month

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Culture and customs of Japan
by Kamachi, Noriko

9780313301971Noriko Kamachi; Hanchao Lu (Editor)Culture and Customs of Japan"Japanese society has been changing rapidly in modern times, yet for most Japanese, cultural traditions retain their importance in daily life. This volume highlights those traditional Japanese elements in modern society, providing an engaging examination of religious rituals, classic and modern literature, performing arts, fine arts and handicrafts, housing, clothing, women's roles and family life, holidays and festivals, and social customs. The book gives students a deeper understanding of Japan beyond popular stereotypes of an Asian economic powerhouse."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved - Description from Syndetics

Culture and customs of South Africa
by AfÍlayan, Funso S.

9780313320187Funso S. AfolayanCulture and Customs of South AfricaSouth Africa can be considered the newest of African nations, with the ending of Apartheid in 1994. It is one of the most ethnically, culturally, and linguistically varied countries on the continent and the economic powerhouse of southern Africa. This inclusive overview is a must-have for all readers wanting a meaty introduction to South Africa today, in an historical context that pulls the strands of all South Africans, from Zulu to Afrikaner to Indian, together. Some highlights from the myriad of topics covered include oral history, multireligious traditions, wood sculpture, communal ties, cone-on-cylinder housing, changing roles of women, conjugal arrangements, and British and Boer influences.This timely work expands our knowledge of South Africa beyond the headlines. The European angle with the story behind the Boers, the Afrikaners, and Apartheid is made clear. The African angle is the strongest, with balanced insights into various traditions and ways of life. A chronology, glossary, photos, and map complement the narrative. - Description from Syndetics

Culture and customs of Germany
by Bernstein, Eckhard

9780313322037Eckhard BernsteinCulture and Customs of GermanyAfter more than a decade of reunification, it is time for a fresh update on the ever-important nation of Germany. Bernstein, a German native, judiciously surveys the German way of life in an historical context. The information on the former East Germany brings their integration and struggles into a well-rounded portrait. Highlights of the narrative chapters also include discussion of the immigrant population and its effects on the national image, little-known customs for students, the shifting roles of women, and, of course, the magnificent cultural achievements of Germans past and present.Students studying German and European History, as well as tourists and Europhiles, will find this the best one-stop resource to understand the new Germany. Photos, a chronology, and a glossary complement the narrative. - Description from Syndetics

Multicultural manners: essential rules of etiquette for the 21st century
by Dresser, Norine

9780471684282Norine DresserMulticultural Manners: Essential Rules of Etiquette for the 21st CenturyBoth highly informative and entertaining, Multicultural Manners gives readers the understanding they need, the perfect words to say, and the correct behavior to use in a wide range of cross-cultural situations. This incisive and award-winning guide to etiquette features completely updated etiquette guidelines with special emphasis on post?September 11 culture clashes as well as a brand-new section that demystifies unfamiliar cultures in the news. Norine Dresser identifies key cross-cultural hot spots and suggests methods that foster respect for diversity. Readers will discover the dos and don?ts of successful business and social interaction, detailed tips on avoiding embarrassment in a variety of social settings, amusing firsthand accounts of cultural gaffes, a breakdown of customs, religions, languages, and ethnicities for seventy different countries, and appropriate etiquette for innumerable settings. - Description from Syndetics

Culture and customs of Afghanistan
by Emadi, Hafizullah

9780313330896Hafizullah EmadiCulture and Customs of AfghanistanAfghanistan has been at the crossroads of many cultures and civilizations, occupying a unique place in the cultural geography of Central Asia. Invading tribes and armies passed through ancient Afghanistan and left their imprint on the culture, customs, and way of life there. In recent history, Afghanistan has been the focus of international attention since the Soviet invasion and occupation of 1979-1989, the brutal civil war that ensued, and the subsequent U.S. invasion to topple the Taliban regime. As the country struggles to stabilize and rebuild, this volume is the first to reveal the people and ways of life that have been in flux for so long.Emadi brings an insider's knowledge and authority to the accessible narrative. Students and general readers will find a clear explanation of the land, people, economy, social stratification, and history as context for the chapters that follow. In the chapter on Religion and Religious Thought, the predominant Islamic religion is largely intertwined with political events that have brought Afghanistan such attention. The lesser-known literature and the arts are brought to light next. A strong Architecture, Housing, and Settlements chapter highlights many styles unfamiliar to most Westerners. Coverage of Afghan cooking and cuisine brings a more intimate understanding of the culture. The chapter on Family, Women, and Gender will draw readers in with its survey of how the family works, what is expected of women, and what courtship, marriage, childrearing, and education are like today. A standout of the Festivals and Leisure Activities chapter is the vivid rendering of the sport called Buzkashi, where men on horseback vie to move an animal carcass across a field to a goal. A final chapter on Lifestyles, Media, and Education describes the urban vs. rural lifestyles, the state of communications, and the prospects for schooling post Taliban. A country map, glossary, resource guide, and photos complement the text. - Description from Syndetics

Culture and customs of Nigeria
by Falola, Toyin

9780313361098Toyin FalolaCulture and Customs of NigeriaNigeria, one of the largest and most important countries in Africa, is rich in traditions and customs, both indigenous and modern. Culture and Customs of Nigeria is the only concise, authoritative, and up-to-date discussion of Nigerian culture that introduces to a Western audience the complexity of its society and the emerging lifestyles among its various peoples. Students and other interested readers will learn about all major aspects of Nigerian culture and customs, including the land, peoples, and brief historical overview; religion and worldview; literature and media; art and architecture/housing; cuisine and traditional dress; gender, marriage, and family; social customs and lifestyles; and music and dance.Nigerians are proud of their diverse culture comprising more than 250 ethnic groups. Important changes in their economy and political system are helping them cope with challenges in the modern world. Culture and Customs of Nigeria illuminates a dynamic society--how Nigerians today live, work, worship, interact, relax, and express themselves. Numerous photos, a chronology, and a glossary complement the text. - Description from Syndetics

Culture and customs of Bolivia
by Galván, Javier A.

9780313383632Javier A. GalvánCulture and Customs of BoliviaIn this book, contemporary representations of Bolivian art, music, religion, literature, festivals, theater, and cinema document how history and geography have shaped Bolivia's modern culture. * Presents a chronology of historical, political, and cultural events from pre-Colombian times to the present * Includes photographs that illustrate the country's richness of people, festivals, architectural treasures, artwork, and regional cultural celebrations as well as geographical and historic maps * Contains a comprehensive bibliography for further reading * Provides a glossary of regional expressions and key terms to understanding the cultural mosaic of Bolivia - Description from Syndetics

Culture and customs of Italy
by Killinger, Charles L.

9780313324895Charles L. KillingerCulture and Customs of ItalyAmericans have a voracious appetite for Italy. It remains a primary destination for travel, art history, cuisine, and more. Like no other source, Culture and Customs of Italy engagingly explains the scope of Italy and Italians today to students and general readers in one volume. As well, this book provides the needed context to understand the enormous contributions of Italian Americans in shaping the cultural heritage and current popular culture of the United States.It clearly summarizes the land, people, and history and relates the highlights of a culture that has excelled in so many areas, such as food, sports, literature, the arts, architecture and design, and cinema. The powerful roles of religion and thought, family and gender, holidays, leisure, and media in Italian life are treated in-depth in individual chapters as well. Crucial regional aspects and historical framing of all topics add to the authoritativeness. A chronology, glossary, photos, and maps round out the coverage. - Description from Syndetics

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