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Human Rights Day

(Librarian Selected)

Profiles in Humanity
by Cohen, Warren I

9780742567030Warren I. CohenProfiles in Humanity: The Battle for Peace, Freedom, Equality, and Human RightsThis compelling book tells the inspirational stories of men and women who fought for peace, freedom, equality, and human rights throughout the twentieth century. These courageous individuals include leading figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, V clav Havel, and Mikhail Gorbachev, as well as Nobel Prize winners Aung San Suu Kyi, Andrei Sakharov, and Muhammad Yunus. Readers will be reminded why Pope John XXIII, long overshadowed by the charismatic John Paul II, was the greatest pope of contemporary times. A new generation will learn that Margaret Sanger was responsible for the single most important advance toward the liberation of women worldwide. They will also come to know some of the valiant women who fought at great personal risk for equal rights in Muslim communities. Cohen highlights the vital roles of Bram Fischer, Helen Suzman, and Donald Woods in fighting apartheid in South Africa and of Jack Greenberg in the struggle against Jim Crow in America. He traces Liu Binyan's efforts to win freedom of the press and to end the abuse of power by the Chinese Communist Party. Finally, he recounts the remarkable stories of some of the thousands of men and women of many nationalities and walks of life who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. Together, these biographies paint an unforgettable portrait of the famous and unsung people who stepped forward with the moral vision to intervene, often at great personal cost, to alleviate human misery. - Description from Syndetics

Universal Rights Down to Earth
by Ford, Richard T

9780393079005Richard Thompson FordUniversal Rights down to EarthA path-blazing lesson on how to reconcile lofty human rights ambitions with political and cultural realities. The acclaimed author of The Race Card and legal scholar Richard Thompson Ford offers an expert analysis of human rights struggles across the globe, uncovering the complex realities of observing "universal" principles in specific cultures. As he engages thinkers such as Edmund Burke and Karl Marx, Ford sketches divergent views on how we define rights before he offers his critique: on the ground, rights ultimately depend on a dense network of institutions and an underlying civic culture for enforcement. In fact, even well-meaning reforms can lead in practice to increased exploitation of the people they would protect. With a clear, persuasive voice, Ford explores five cases--from distributing food to the poor in India to sex-trafficking in Japan--and drives home a provocative conclusion. We must engage locally--in local laws, institutions, and social relationships--to realize meaningful change. And those who would "speak truth to power" must also acknowledge the potential costs of reform. - Description from Syndetics

Just Trade
by Hernandez-Truyol, Berta Esperanza; Powell, Stephen J

9780814736937Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol; Stephen J. PowellJust Trade: A New Covenant Linking Trade and Human RightsDocuments Annex: It is generally assumed that pro-trade laws are not good for human rights, and legislation that protects human rights hampers vibrant international trade. In a bold departure from this canon, Just Trade makes a case for reaching a middleground between these two fields, acknowledging their coexistence and the significant points at which they overlap. Using actual examples from many of the thirty-five nations of the Western Hemisphere, the authors--one a human rights scholar and the other a trade law expert--carefully combine their knowledge to examine human rights policiesthroughout the world, never overlooking the very real human rights problems that arise from international trade. However, instead of viewing the two kinds of law as isolated, polar, and sometimes hostile opposites, Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol and Stephen J. Powell make powerful suggestions for how these intersections may be navigated to promote an international marketplace that embraces both liberal trade andliberal protection of human rights. - Description from Syndetics

Keepers of the Flame: Understanding Amnesty International
by Hopgood, Stephen

9780801444029Stephen HopgoodKeepers of the Flame: Understanding Amnesty International"If one organization is synonymous with keeping hope alive, even as a faint glimmer in the darkness of a prison, it is Amnesty International. Amnesty has been the light, and that light was truth--bearing witness to suffering hidden from the eyes of the world."--from Keepers of the Flame The first in-depth look at working life inside a major human rights organization, Keepers of the Flame charts the history of Amnesty International and the development of its nerve center, the International Secretariat, over forty-five years. Through interviews with staff members, archival research, and unprecedented access to Amnesty International's internal meetings, Stephen Hopgood provides an engrossing and enlightening account of day-to-day operations within the organization, larger decisions about the nature of its mission, and struggles over the implementation of that mission. An enduring feature of Amnesty's inner life, Hopgood finds, has been a recurrent struggle between the "keepers of the flame" who seek to preserve Amnesty's accumulated store of moral authority and reformers who hope to change, modernize, and use that moral authority in ways that its protectors fear may erode the organization's uniqueness. He also explores how this concept of moral authority affects the working lives of the servants of such an ideal and the ways in which it can undermine an institution's political authority over time. Hopgood argues that human-rights activism is a social practice best understood as a secular religion where internal conflict between sacred and profane--the mission and the practicalities of everyday operations--are both unavoidable and necessary. Keepers of the Flame is vital reading for anyone interested in Amnesty International, its accomplishments, agonies, obligations, fears, opportunities, and challenges--or, more broadly, in how humanitarian organizations accommodate the moral passions that energize volunteers and professional staff alike. - Description from Syndetics

The Unheard Truth: Poverty and Human Rights
by Khan, Irene; Petrasek, David

9780393337006Irene KhanThe Unheard Truth: Poverty and Human RightsIn our rapidly globalizing age with economic growth occurring in almost every corner of the world, it is easy to forget that more than one billion people still live on less than one dollar a day. Poverty is the worst human-rights crisis in the world today, denying billions of people their most basic rights. In a bracing argument enriched by compelling photographs from across the world, Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Khan makes the case that poverty remains a global epidemic because we continue to define it as an economic problem whose only solution is foreign aid and investment. Khan calls for a reevaluation of this longstanding assumption and turns us toward confronting poverty as a human-rights violation. Empowering the poor with basic rights of security is our only chance for eradicating poverty and giving freedom and dignity to those who have never experienced it. - Description from Syndetics

Linking Human Rights and the Environment
by Picolotti, Romina; Taillant, Jorge Daniel

9780816529346Romina Picolotti (Editor); Jorge Daniel Taillant (Editor)Linking Human Rights and the EnvironmentDespite the evident relationship between environmental degradation andhuman suffering, these issues have been treated by mostorganizations and governments as unrelated. This book brings togethercontributions from human rights and environmental experts whoare unifying these two spheres, particularly in the legal arena.It presents a variety of issues and approaches that address humanrights and environmental links, demonstrating the growinginterrelationship between human rights law and environmental advocacy.Its coverage includes reviews of existing international laws andtreaties that establish the rights to a healthy environment, anoverview of mechanisms that allow both individuals and groups to seekremedy for abuses, and specific cases that document efforts to seekredress for victims of environmental degradation through existing humanrights protection mechanisms. Through examples ranging from waterrights to women's rights, this collection offers practical ways inwhich environmental protection can be approached through human rightsinstruments. - Description from Syndetics

Every Human Has Rights
by Robinson, Mary

9781426305108National Geographic Editors; Mary Robinson (Foreword by); Elderslie Township Historical Society Staff (Introduction by)Every Human Has Rights: What You Need to Know about Your Human RightsThe 30 rights set down in 1948 by the United Nations are incredibly powerful. According to the U.N., every human-just by virtue of being human-is entitled to freedom, a fair government, a decent standard of living, work, play, and education, freedom to come and go as we please and to associate with anyone we please, and the right to express ourselves freely. Every Human Has Rights offers kids an accessibly written list of these rights, commentary-much of it deeply emotional-by other kids, and richly evocative photography illustrating each right. At the end of this deceptively simple book, kids will know-and feel-that regardless of individual differences and circumstances, each person is valuable and worthy of respect - Description from Syndetics

Criminal Justice, Police Powers, and Human Rights
by Starmer, Keir; Strange, Michelle; Whitaker, Quincy

9781841741383Keir Starmer; Michelle Strange; Quincy Whitaker; Anthony Jennings; Tim Owen (Contribution by)Criminal Justice, Police Powers and Human RightsThe Human Rights Act 1998 and R.I.P.A. came into force in October 2000, significantly altering the way in whch police investigations are carried out. Any person working within the fields of criminal law, law enforcement or part of regulatory body must be informed of these expansive newregulations. This text aims to provide an authorative guide to both of these major acts. It offers a comprehensive analysis of Convention case law, covering all aspects of police powers and criminal law from the first stages of a criminal investigation to trial and appeal in the criminal courts. Italso indicates how and when human rights issues will arise in criminal cases. - Description from Syndetics

Human Rights Along US-Mexico Border
by Staudt, Kathleen A; Payan, Tony; Kruszewski, Z. Anthony

9780816528059Kathleen Staudt (Editor); Tony Payan (Editor); Z. Anthony Kruszewski (Editor)Human Rights along the U. S. -Mexico Border: Gendered Violence and InsecurityMuch political oratory has been devoted to safeguarding America's boundary with Mexico, but policies that militarize the border and criminalize immigrants have overshadowed the region's widespread violence against women, the increase in crossing deaths, and the lingering poverty that spurs people to set out on dangerous northward treks. This book addresses those concerns by focusing on gender-based violence, security, and human rights from the perspective of women who live with both violence and poverty. From the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, scholars from both sides of the 2,000-mile border reflect expertise in disciplines ranging from international relations to criminal justice, conveying a more complex picture of the region than that presented in other studies. Initial chapters offer an overview of routine sexual assaults on women migrants, the harassment of Central American immigrants at the hands of authorities and residents, corruption and counterfeiting along the border, and near-death experiences of border crossers. Subsequent chapters then connect analysis with solutions in the form of institutional change, social movement activism, policy reform, and the spread of international norms that respect human rights as well as good governance. These chapters show how all facets of the border situation--globalization, NAFTA, economic inequality, organized crime, political corruption, rampant patriarchy--promote gendered violence and other expressions of hyper-masculinity. They also show that U.S. immigration policy exacerbates the problems of border violence--in marked contrast to the border policies of European countries. By focusing on women's everyday experiences in order to understand human security issues, these contributions offer broad-based alternative approaches and solutions that address everyday violence and inattention to public safety, inequalities, poverty, and human rights. And by presenting a social and democratic international feminist framework to address these issues, they offer the opportunity to transform today's security debate in constructive ways. - Description from Syndetics

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