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Top 100 Sci-Fi Books
( Peter Sykes )
Author Title Year Call Number
Anthology Far Horizons PS648 .S3 F37 1999
Anthology Four Novels of the 1960s PS3554 .I3 A6 2007
Shelley, Mary Frankenstein 1818 PR5397 .F7 2003
Verne, Jules Journey to the Center of the Earth 1864 PQ2469 .V75 E5
Verne, Jules 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1870 PQ2469 .V4 E53
Abbott, Edwin Flatland 1884 QA699 .A13
Twain, Mark Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A 1889 PS1308 .A2 E57 1982
Wells, H. G. Time Machine, The 1895 PR5774 .T5 1984
Wells, H. G. Invisible Man, the 1897 PR5772 .S4 1950
Wells, H. G. War of the Worlds, The 1898 PR5774 .W3 1983
Burroughs, Edgar Rice Princess of Mars, A 1912 PS3503 .U687 P6 1964
Huxley, Aldous Brave New World 1932 PR6105 .U9 B7
Lewis, C.S. Out of the Silent Planet 1938 PR6023 .E926 O54 2003
Orwell, George 1984 1949 PR6029.R8 N49
Asimov, Isaac I, Robot 1950
Bradbury, Ray Martian Chronicles, The 1950 PS3503 .R167 M3 1963
Wyndham, John Day of the Triffids, The 1951
Asimov, Isaac Foundation 1951 PS3551 .S5 F59 2004 / LEISURE FIC ASI
Smith, E.E. "Doc" Grey Lensman 1951
Heinlein, Robert A. Puppet Masters, The 1951 PS3515 .E288 A6 1965
Simak, Clifford City and the Stars, The 1952
Bester, Alfred Demolished Man, The 1953
Sturgeon, Theodore More Than Human 1953
Asimov, Isaac Caves of Steel, The 1954 LEISURE FICTION ASI
Clarke, Arthur C. Childhood's End 1954 PR6005 .L3 C45 1990 / LEISURE FIC CLA
Bradbury, Ray Fahrenheit 451 1954 PS3503 .R167 F3 2012 / LEISURE FIC BRA
Wyndham, John Chrysalids, The 1955
Asimov, Isaac End of Eternity, The 1955 PS3551 .S5 E53 2010 / LEISURE FIC ASI
Clarke, Arthur C. City and the Stars, The 1956
Heinlein, Robert A. Door into Summer, The 1956
Bester, Alfred Stars My Destination, The 1956 PS648.S3 A5142 2012
Heinlein, Robert A. Citizen of the Galaxy 1957 LEISURE FICTION HEI
Heinlein, Robert A. Have Space Suit Will Travel 1958
Miller, Walter M. Canticle for Leibowitz, A 1959 PS3563 .I544 C3 1961
Vonnegut, Kurt Sirens of Titan, The 1959 PS3572 .O5 A6 2012
Heinlein, Robert A. Starship Troopers 1959 LEISURE FICTION HEI
Lem, Stanislaw Solaris 1961 PG7158.L39 S613 1987
Harrison, Harry Stainless Steel Rat, The 1961 LEISURE FICTION HAR
Heinlein, Robert A. Stranger in a Strange Land 1961 PS3515 .E288 S88 2003 / LEISURE FIC HEI
Burgess, Anthony Clockwork Orange, A 1962 PR6052 .U638 C5 1986
Dick Philip K. Man in the High Castle, The 1962 PS3554.I3 A6 2007
L'Engle, Madeleine Wrinkle in Time, A 1962 PZ7 .L5385 Wr 1962 (Juvenile)
Vonnegut, Kurt Cat's Cradle 1963 PS3572 .O5 C3
Simak, Clifford Way Station 1963
Dick Philip K. Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, The 1964 PS3554.I3 A6 2007
Herbert,Frank Dune 1965 PS3558 .E63 D8
Keyes, Daniel Flowers for Algernon 1966 PS3561 .E769 F68 1994
Heinlein, Robert A. Moon is a Harsh Mistress, the 1966 LEISURE FICTION HEI
Zelazny, Roger Lord of Light 1967 PS3576 .E43 L6
Heinlein, Robert A. Past Through Tomorrow, The 1967 PS3515 .E288 P38 c.2
Clarke, Arthur C. 2001: A Space Odyessey 1968 PR6005.L36 A615 1993
Dick Philip K. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 1968 PS3554.I3 A6 2007
Crichton, Michael Andromeda Strain, The 1969 PS3553 .R48 A5
Le Guin, Ursula K. Left hand of Darkness, The 1969 PS3562 .E42 L4 2000 / LEISURE FIC LEG
Vonnegut, Kurt Slaughterhouse Five 1969 PS3572 .O5 S6 1994
Brunner, John Stand on Zanzibar 1969 PR6052.R8 S8
Dick Philip K. UBIK 1969 PS3554.I3 A6 2007
Niven, Larry Ringworld 1970
Le Guin, Ursula K. Lathe of Heaven, The 1971 PS3562.E42 L3 2001
Farmer, Philip Jose To Your Scattered Bodies Go 1971
Asimov, Isaac Gods Themselves, The 1972 PS3551 .S5 G6
Clarke, Arthur C. Rendezvous with Rama 1973 PR6005 .L36 R46 1973 / LEISURE FIC CLA
Heinlein, Robert A. Time Enough for Love 1973
Lem, Stanislaw Cyberiad, The 1974 PG7158 .L39 C9 1974
Le Guin, Ursula K. Dispossessed, The 1974 PS3562 .E42 D5
Haldeman, Joe Forever War, The 1974 PS648.S3 F37 1999
Niven & Pournelle Mote in God's Eye, The 1975 PS3564 .I9 M6
Pohl, Frederik Gateway 1977
Niven & Pournelle Lucifer's Hammer 1977
Dick Philip K. Scanner Darkly, A 1977 PS3554.I3 A6 2008
Clarke, Arthur C. Fountains of Paradise 1979 PR6005 .L36 F6
Adams, Douglas Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy 1979 PS6051 .D3352 H5 2004
Wolfe, Gene Shadow of the Torturer, The 1980
May, Julian Many-Colored Land, The 1981
Dick Philip K. VALIS 1981 PS3554.I3 A6 2009
Hubbard, L. Ron Battlefield Earth 1982
Brin, David Startide Rising 1983
Gibson, William Neuromancer 1984
Bear, Greg Blood Music 1985 PS3552 .E517 B58 1985
Card, Orson Scott Ender's Game 1985
Bear, Greg Eon 1985
Atwood, margaret Handmaid's Tale, The 1985 PR9199.3 .A48 H3 2006
Brin, David Postman, The 1985
Gibson, William Burning Chrome 1986
Card, Orson Scott Speaker for the Dead 1986
Brin, David Uplift War, The 1987 PS648.S3 F37 1999
Banks, Iain M. Player of Games 1988
Simmons, Dan Hyperion 1989
Crichton, Michael Jurassic Park 1990 LEISURE FICTION CRI
Banks, Iain M. Use of Weapons 1990
Vinge, Vernor Fire Upon the Deep, A 1991 LEISURE FICTION VIN
Card, Orson Scott Xenocide 1991 LEISURE FICTION CAR
Willis, Connie Doomsday Book 1992 PS3573.I45652 D66 1994
Robinson, Kim Stanley Red Mars 1992
Stephenson, Neal Snow Crash 1992 LEISURE FICTION STE
Stephenson, Neal Diamond Age, The 1995
Hamilton, Peter F Reality Dysfunction, The 1996
Stephenson, Neal Cryptonomicon 1999
Card, Orson Scott Ender's Shadow 1999
Reynolds, Alastair Revelation Space 2000
Simmons, Dan Illium 2003
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