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Newbery Honor
( American Library Association )
Author Title Year Call Number
Alexander, Lloyd Black Cauldron,The 1966 PZ8.A37 BL (Juvenile)
Appelt, Kathia Underneath 2009 PZ7.A6455 UN 2008 (Juvenile)
Armstrong, Alan Whittington 2006 PZ10.3.A8625 WH 2005 (Juvenile)
Atwater, Richard and Florence Mr. Popper's Penguins 1939 PZ7.A892 MR 1988 (Juvenile)
Avi Nothing But the Truth 1992 PZ7.A953 NOT 1991 (Juvenile)
Avi True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle 1991 PZ7.A953 TR 1992 (Juvenile)
Bartoletti, Susan Campbell Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow 2006 DD253.5 .B37 2005
Bauer, Joan Hope Was Here 2001 PZ7.B32615 HO 2000 (Juvenile)
Bauer, Marion Dane On My Honor 1987 PZ7.B3262 ON 1986 (Juvenile)
Bell, Cece El Deafo 2015 HV2534 .B44 A3 2014
Black, Holly Doll bones 2014 PZ7 .B52878 DOL 2013
Blumberg, Rhoda Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun 1986 DS881.8 .B53 1985 (Juvenile)
Bond, Nancy String In the Harp, A 1977 PZ7 .B63684 St3 1976 (Juvenile)
Bontemps, Arna Story of the Negro, The 1949 E29 .N3 B6 (Juvenile)
Bowman, James Cloyd Pecos Bill : the Greatest cowboy of All Time 1938 PZ8.1.B67 PE 2007 (Juvenile)
Brittain, Bill Wish Giver, The 1984 PZ7.B78067 WI 1986 (Juvenile)
Brooks, Bruce Moves Make the Man, The 1985 PZ7.B7913 MO 1984 (Juvenile)
Brooks, Bruce What Hearts 1993 PZ7.B7913 WH 1992 (Juvenile)
Buff, Mary and Conrad Magic Maize 1954 PZ9.B84 M3 1953 (Juvenile)
Cholodenko, Gennifer Al Capone Does My Shirts 2005 PZ7 .C446265 AL 2006 (Juvenile)
Cleary, Beverly Ramona and Her Father 1978 PZ7.C5792 RAI (Juvenile)
Cleary, Beverly Ramona Quimby, Age 8 1982 PZ7.C5792 RAIS (Juvenile)
Colum, Padraic Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles 1922 BL820.A8 C64
Coman, Carolyn What Jamie Saw 1996 PZ7.C729 WH 1995 (Juvenile)
Conly, Jane Leslie Crazy Lady 1994 PZ7.C761846 CR 1995 (Juvenile)
Cooper, Susan Dark is Rising, The 1974 PZ7.C7878 DAR3 (Juvenile)
Couloumbis,Audrey Getting Near to Baby 2000 PZ7.C8305 GG 2001 (Juvenile)
Creech, Sharon Wanderer 2001 PZ7.C8615 WAN 2000 (Juvenile)
Curtis, Christopher Paul Elijah of Buxton 2008 PZ7 .C94137 El 2007 (Juvenile)
Curtis, Christopher Paul Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, The 1996 PZ7 .C94137 WAT (Juvenile)
Cushman, Karen Catherine, Called Birdy 1995 PZ7 .C962 CAT 1994 (Juvenile)
Dalgliesh, Alice Courage of Sarah Nobel, The 1955 PZ7.D153 CO 1991 (Juvenile)
De Paola, Tomie 26 Fairmount Avenue 2000 PS3554 .E11474 Z473 1999 (Juvenile)
DiCamillo, Kate Because of Winn-Dixie 2001 PZ7 .D5455 Be 2000 (Juvenile)
Eaton, Jeantte Gandhi, Fighter Without a Sword [microform] 1951 DS481 .G3 E2 (Juvenile)
Eaton, Jeantte Leader by Destiny 1939 E312.66 .E26 (Juvenile)
Eaton, Jeantte Lone Journey 1945 F82 .W742 (Juvenile)
Eckert, Allan W. Incident at Hawk's Hill 1972 PZ7 .E1978 IN 1995 (Juvenile)
Engdahl, Sylvia Enchantress From the Stars 1971 PZ7 .E6985 EN 2003 (Juvenile)
Engle, Margarita Surrender Tree: Poems of Cuba's Struggle for Freedom, The 2009 PS3555 .N4254 S87 2008 (Juvenile)
Estes, Eleanor Hundred Dresses, The 1945 PZ7.E749 HU (Juvenile)
Farmer, Nancy Ear, The Eye, and the Arm, The 1995 PZ7.F23814 EAR 1995 (Juvenile)
Farmer, Nancy Girl Named Disaster, A 1997 PZ7 .F23814 Gi 1996 (Juvenile)
Farmer, Nancy House of the Scorpion, The 2003 LEISURE READING FICTION FAR (Juvenile)
Fenner, Carol Yolonda's Genius 1996 PZ7.F342 YO 1995 (Juvenile)
Field, Rachel Calico Bush 1932 PZ7 .F475 CAL 1966 (Juvenile)
Fleischman, Paul Graven Images 1983 PZ7.F599233 GR 1982 (Juvenile)
Foster, Genevieve Abraham Lincoln's World 1945 D358.5 F6 (Juvenile)
Fox, Paula One-Eyed Cat, The 1985 PZ7 .F838 On 1984 (Juvenile)
Freedman, Russell Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery 1994 E807.1 .R48 F74 1993 (Juvenile)
Freedman, Russell Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights, The 2005 ML3930 .A5 F73 2004
Freedman, Russell Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane 1992 TL540 .W7 F69 1991 (Juvenile)
Fritz, Jean Homesick: My Own Story 1983 PZ7.F919 HN 1982 (Juvenile)
Gag, Wanda ABC Bunny, the 1934 PE1155 .G121 A2 2004 EB
Gag, Wanda Millions of Cats 1929 PZ10.3.G121 MI (Juvenile)
Gannett, Ruth Stiles My Father's Dragon 1949 PZ7 .G15 MY 2006
Gantos, Jack Joey Pigza Loses Control 2001 PZ7 .G15334 Jl 2000 (Juvenile)
Gates, Doris Blue Willow 1941 PZ7 .G216 Bl (Juvenile)
George, Jean My Side of the Mountain 1960 PZ7.G2933 MY 2004
Giff, Patricia Reilly Lily's Crossing 1998 PZ7.G3626 LI 1997 (Juvenile)
Giff, Patricia Reilly Pictures of Hollis Woods 2003 PZ7.G3626 PK 2002
Gipson, Fred Old Yeller 1957 PS3513.I7 O4 (Juvenile)
Gray, Elizabeth Janet Penn 1939 F152.2 .V78 (Juvenile)
Greene, Bette Philip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe 1975 PZ7 .G8283 PH 1999 (Juvenile)
Hale, Shannon Princess Academy 2006 PZ7 .H13824 Pr 2005 (Juvenile)
Hamilton, Virginia In the Beginning: Creation Stories From Around the World 1989 BL226 .H35 1988 (Juvenile)
Hamilton, Virginia Planet of Junior Brown, The 1972 PZ7.H1828 PL 1986 (Juvenile)
Hamilton, Virginia Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush 1983 PZ7.H1828 SW (Juvenile)
Henkes, Kevin Olive's Ocean 2004 PZ7 .H389 Ol (Juvenile)
Henkes, Kevin The year of Billy Miller 2014 PZ7 .H389 YE 2013
Henry, Marguerite Misty of Chincoteague 1948 PZ10.3 .H43 MG 1991
Hiaasen, Carl Hoot 2003 PZ7 .H52 Ho 2002 (Juvenile)
Highwater, Jamake Anpao: An American Indian Odyssey 1978 E98.F6 H58 (Juvenile)
Holling, Holling C. Minn of the Mississippi 1952 PZ10.3.H72 MI (Juvenile)
Holling, Holling C. Seabird 1949 PZ7.H725 SE (Juvenile)
Holm, Jennifer L Turtle in paradise 2011 PZ7 .H732226 TU 2010
Holm, Jennifer L. Our Only May Amelia 2000 PZ7 .H732226 Ou 1999 (Juvenile)
Holm, Jennifer L. Penny From Heaven 2007 PZ7 .H732226 Pen 2006 (Juvenile)
Hoose, Phillip Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice 2010 F334 .M753 C6554 2009 (Juvenile)
Horvath, Polly Everything On a Waffle 2002 PZ7.H79224 EV 2001 (Juvenile)
Hunt, Irene Across five Aprils 1965 PZ7 .H9156 AC (Juvenile)
Jukes, Mavis Like Jake and Me 1985 PZ7.J9294 LI 1987 (Juvenile)
Kelly, Jacqueline Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, The 2010 PZ7 .K296184 Evo 2009 (Juvenile)
Kherdian, David Road from Home: the Story of an American Girl, The 1980 DR435 .A7 K47 (Juvenile)
Lai, Thanhha Inside out & back again 2012 PZ7.5 .L35 IN 2011
Larson, Kirby Hattie Big Sky 2007 PZ7 .L32394 Hat 2006 (Juvenile)
Lasky, Kathryn Sugaring Time 1984 SB239.M3 L37 1983 (Juvenile)
Lauber, Patricia Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens 1986 QE523.S23 L38 1986 (Juvenile)
Law, Ingrid Savvy 2009 PZ7.L41836 SAV 2008
LeGuin, Ursula K. Tombs of Atuan, The 1972 PZ7.L5215 TO 2001
L'Engle, Madeleine Ring of Endless Light, A 1981 PZ7.L5385 RI 1981
Lester, Julius To Be a Slave 1969 E444 .L47
Levine, Gail Carson Ella Enchanted 1998 PZ7 .L578345 El 1997 (Juvenile)
Lin, Grace Where the Mountain Meets the Moon 2010 PZ8 .L6215 Whe 2009 (Juvenile)
Lincoln, James and Christopher Collier My Brother Sam is Dead 1975 PZ7 .C678 My 1985b (Juvenile)
Lise, Janet Taylor Afternoon of the Elves 1990 PZ7 .L6912 Af 1989 (Juvenile)
Lord, Cynthia Rules 2007 PZ7.L87734 Rul 2006 (Juvenile)
Martin, Ann M. Corner of the Universe, A 2003 PZ7 .M3567585 Cq 2002 (Juvenile)
Mathis, Sharon Bell Hundred Penny Box, The 1976 PZ7 .M4284 Hu c.2 (Juvenile)
Mazer, Norma Fox After the Rain 1988 PZ7 .M47398 Af 1987 (Juvenile)
McKinley, Robin Blue Sword, The 1983 PZ7 .M47868 Bl 1983 (Juvenile)
McKissack, Patricia C. Dark-Thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural 1993 PZ7 .M478693 Tah 1992 (Juvenile)
Murphy, Jim American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793, An 2004 RA644 .Y4 M875 2003
Murphy, Jim Great Fire, The 1996 F548.42 .M87 (Juvenile)
Myers, Walter Dean Scorpions 1989 PZ7.M992 SC 1988 (Juvenile)
Myers, Walter Dean Somewhere in the Darkness 1993 PZ7.M992 SO 1992 (Juvenile)
Nelson, Marilyn Carver: A Life in Poems 2002 PS3573.A4795 C37 2001 (Juvenile)
O'Dell, Scott Black Pearl, The 1968 PS3529 .D4 B55 (Juvenile)
O'Dell, Scott King's Fifth, The 1967 PZ7.O237 KI (Juvenile)
O'Dell, Scott Sing Down the Moon 1971 PZ7.O237 SI 1976 (Juvenile)
Paterson, Katherine Great Gilly Hopkins, The 1979 PZ7.P273 GR 1987B (Juvenile)
Paulsen, Gary Dogsong 1986 PZ7.P2843 DO 1985B (Juvenile)
Paulsen, Gary Hatchet 1988 PZ7.P2843 HAT (Juvenile)
Paulsen, Gary Winter Room, The 1990 PZ7.P2843 WH 1989 (Juvenile)
Peck, Richard Long Way from Chicago, A 1999 PZ7.P338 LL 1998 (Juvenile)
Philbrick, Rodman Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg, The 2010 PZ7 .P52112 MO 2009
Preus, Margi Heart of a samurai : based on the true story of Manjiro Nakahama 2011 PZ7 .P92434 HE 2010
Raskin, Ellen Figgs and Phantoms 1975 PZ7.R1817 FI (Juvenile)
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan Secret River, The 1956 PZ7.R196 SE (Juvenile)
Rylant, Cynthia Fine White Dust, A 1986 PZ7.R982 FI 1986 (Juvenile)
Schlitz, Laura Amy Splendors and Glooms 2013 PZ7 .S347145 SPL 2014
Schmidt, Gary D. Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy 2005 PZ7.S3527 LI (Juvenile)
Schmidt, Gary D. Wednesday Wars, The 2008 PZ7.S3527 WE 2007 (Juvenile)
Seeger, Elizabeth Pageant of Chinese History 1935 DS735 .S45 1962 (Juvenile)
Selden, George Cricket in Times Square, The 1961 PZ10.3 .T3734 CR 2008
Sheinkin, Steve Bomb : the race to build and steal the world's most dangerous weapon 2013 UG1282 .A8 S235 2012
Sidman, Joyce Dark emperor & other poems of the night 2011 PS3569 .I295 D37 2010
Siegal, Aranka Upon the Head of the Goat: A Childhood in Hungary, 1939-1944 1982 DS135 .R95 S547 1981 (Juvenile)
Singer, Isaac Bashevis When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw 1969 PJ5129 .S49 W45 (Juvenile)
Snyder, Zilpha K. Headless Cupid,The 1972 PZ7.S68522 HE 1985 (Juvenile)
Snyder, Zilpha K. Witches of Worm, The 1973 PZ7 .S68522 Wi (Juvenile)
Speare, Elizabeth George Sign of the Beaver, The 1984 PZ7.S7376 SI 1983 (Juvenile)
Staples, Suzanne Fisher Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind 1991 PZ7.S79346 SH 1989 (Juvenile)
Steig, William Abel's Island 1977 PZ7.S8177 AB 1976 (Juvenile)
Steig, William Doctor De Soto 1983 PZ7 .S8177 DO 1982 (Juvenile)
Stolz, Mary Belling the Tiger 1962 PZ10.3 .S87 Be (Juvenile)
Timberlake, Amy One Came Home 2014 PZ7 .T479 ONE 2013
Tolan, Stephanie S. Surviving the Applewhites 2003 PZ7.T5735 SU 2002 (Juvenile)
Turnage, Sheila Three times lucky 2013 PZ7 .T8488 THR 2014
Turner, Megan Whalen Thief,The 1997 PZ7.T85565 TH 1996 (Juvenile)
Ullman, James Ramsey Banner in the Sky 1955 PZ7.U34 BAN (Juvenile)
Vawter, Vince Paperboy 2014 PZ7 .V4734 PAP 2013
Voight, Cynthia Solitary Blue 1984 PZ7.V874 SO 1983 (Juvenile)
Weik, Mary Hays Jazz Man, The 1967 PZ7 .W426 Jaz (Juvenile)
White, E. B. Charlotte's Web 1953 PZ7.W58277 CH 2001 (Juvenile)
White, Ruth Belle Prater's Boy 1997 PZ7 .W58446 Be 1996 (Juvenile)
Wier, Ester Loner, The 1964 PZ7 .W6358 Lo (Juvenile)
Wilder, Laura Ingalls By the Shores of Silver Lake 1940 PS3545 .I342 A6 2012
Wilder, Laura Ingalls Little Town on the Prarie 1942 PZ7.W6461 LIT2
Wilder, Laura Ingalls Long Winter, The 1941 PS3545 .I342 A6 2012
Wilder, Laura Ingalls On the Banks of Plum Creek 1938 PS3545 .I342 A6 2012
Wilder, Laura Ingalls These Happy Golden Years 1944 PS3545 .I342 A6 2012 (Juvenile)
Williams-Garcia, Rita One crazy summer 2011 PZ7.W6713 ON 2010
Woodson, Jacqueline After Tupac & D Foster 2009 PZ7.W84945 AF 2008
Woodson, Jacqueline Brown girl dreaming 2015 PS3573 .O64524 Z46 2014
Woodson, Jacqueline Feathers 2008 PZ7.W868 FE 2007 (Juvenile)
Woodson, Jacqueline Show Way 2006 PZ7 .W868 Sh 2005 (Juvenile)
Yelchin, Eugene Breaking Stalin's nose 2012 PZ7 .Y3766 BR 2011
Yep, Laurence Dragonwings 1976 PZ7.Y44 DR (Juvenile)
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