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AGeneral Works
AE5.W55 2015bookThe World Book encyclopedia.
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B395.G55 2012bookPhilosophos : Plato's missing dialogue
B485.S44 2014bookAristotle
B945.R233I67 1990bookIntroduction to objectivist epistemology
B2798.K36 2014bookKant's lectures on anthropology : a critical guide
B4377.P35 2007bookKierkegaard for beginners
BD444.B36 1997bookThe denial of death
BF80.7.U6D49 2014bookHistory of psychology 101
BF109.F74C665 2012bookFreud's world : an encyclopedia of his life and times
BF109.F74P485 2014bookBecoming Freud : the making of a psychoanalyst
BF121.B88 2014bookPsychology : a very short introduction
BF121.W657 2002bookThe world of psychology
BF151.S43 2014bookMindfulness : living through challenges and enriching your life in this moment
BF201.R67 2014bookIt's a jungle in there : how competition and cooperation in the brain shape the mind
BF204.6.H67 2014bookOne simple idea : how positive thinking reshaped modern life
BF408.L625 2014bookThe rise : creativity, the gift of failure, and the search for mastery
BF408.T845 2014bookThe origin of ideas : blending, creativity, and the human spark
BF575.C88T75 2012bookWhy humans like to cry : tragedy, evolution, and the brain
BF575.E55E75 2014bookMindwise : how we understand what others think, believe, feel, and want
BF575.L3C37 2014bookHumour : a very short introduction
BF637.B4C35 1997bookDon't sweat the small stuff-- and it's all small stuff : simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life
BF720.C65B55 2013bookThe baby signing book : includes 450 ASL signs for babies & toddlers
BF1028.5.U6B34 2010bookParanormal America : ghost encounters, UFO sightings, Bigfoot hunts, and other curiosities in religion and culture
BF1714.A86R63 2007bookThe heavenly writing : divination, horoscopy, and astronomy in Mesopotamian culture
BF1773.C87 2007bookSeeing with different eyes : essays in astrology and divination
BL74.N67 2014bookThe Norton anthology of world religions
BL1033.V44 2014bookThe modern spirit of Asia : the spiritual and the secular in China and India
BL1595.A25 2014bookThe Yezidis : the history of a community, culture and religion
BP40.G42 2013bookThe new encyclopedia of Islam
BP64.N49M34 2013bookSharia or Shura : contending approaches to Muslim politics in Nigeria and Senegal
BP605.H36Z45 2014bookHeaven's gate : America's UFO religion
BV3625.K4S54 2013bookWhat's so blessed about being poor? : seeking the Gospel in the slums of Kenya
BX1406.3.A44 2013bookAmerican Catholics in transition
BX4700.H5A2513 2001bookSelected writings
BX8611.C63 2014bookThe Columbia sourcebook of Mormons in the United States
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CD782.4264 BcdBig Bad Voodoo Daddy
CS16.M686 2014bookAdvanced genealogy research techniques
CS2377.B653 2013bookThe complete book of baby names : the most names, most lists, most help to find the best name
DHistory: General
D11.5.D53 2011bookThe lost millennium : history's timetables under siege
D11.N37 2013bookNational Geographic concise history of the world : an illustrated time line
D13.C589 2014bookHistory and popular memory : the power of story in moments of crisis
D25.A2D53 2007bookDictionary of wars
D25.J33 2007bookDictionary of battles and sieges : a guide to 8,500 battles from antiquity through the twenty-first century
D115.G66 2008book
D119.G74 2005bookGreat events from history.
D749.5.R8M667 2014bookThe devils' alliance : Hitler's pact with Stalin, 1939-1941
D764.3.K8S56 2013bookArmor and blood : the Battle of Kursk, the turning point of World War II
D764.3.L4R45 2012bookLeningrad : the epic siege of World War II, 1941-1944
D764.3.S7C7 2001bookEnemy at the gates : the battle for Stalingrad
D764.B43 2008bookAbsolute war : Soviet Russia in the Second World War
D764.D64 2009bookRed Army infantrymen remember the Great Patriotic War : a collection of interviews with 16 Soviet WW-2 veterans
D764.H35613 2013bookOperation Barbarossa : Nazi Germany's war in the East, 1941-1945
D764.H52 2009bookThe great patriotic war of the Soviet Union, 1941-45 : a documentary reader
D764.K574 2008bookFrom Stalingrad to Pillau : a Red Army artillery officer remembers the Great Patriotic War
D764.M3464 2012bookSoviet women on the frontline in the Second World War
D764.M395 2006bookIvan's war : life and death in the Red Army, 1939-1945
D764.O94 1998bookRussia's war
D769.8.A6O38 2014bookCitizen 13660
D802.F8E54 2014dvdEnemy of the reich : the Noor Inayat Khan story
D804.19.D63 1999bookDocuments on the Holocaust : selected sources on the destruction of the Jews of Germany and Austria, Poland, and the Soviet Union
D804.48.H43 2011bookChildren during the Holocaust
D804.66.W56N535 2013dvdNicky's family
D805.P7L4413 1996bookSurvival in Auschwitz : the Nazi assault on humanity
D809.E85.O98 2012bookOutcast Europe : refugees and relief workers in an era of total war, 1936-48
D810.J4T42 1984bookDry tears : the story of a lost childhood
DA225.J76 2014bookThe Plantagenets : the warrior kings and queens who made England
DD247.H5H68 2000bookHitler : study of a revolutionary?
DD256.5.H69 1997bookResistance and conformity in the Third Reich
DE5.O94 2014bookThe Oxford companion to classical civilization
DF16.E53 2010bookEncyclopedia of Ancient Greece
DG571.P592 1998bookThe Fascist experience in Italy
DJK50.S72 2009bookStalinism revisited : the establishment of communist regimes in East-Central Europe
DK18.R874 2010bookThe Russia reader : history, culture, politics
DK37.B86 2012bookA concise history of Russia
DK40.T48 2013bookRussia and the Soviet Union : a historical introduction from the Kievan State to the present
DK43.F54 2014bookRevolutionary Russia, 1891 - 1991 : a history
DK265.A524885 1997bookThe Russian Revolution : 1917-1921
DK265.K33 2010bookThe dictatorship of the proletariat (1919)
DK265.R3719 2013bookWar and revolution in Russia, 1914-22 : the collapse of tsarism and the establishment of Soviet power
DK266.3.B58 1997bookIconography of power : Soviet political posters under Lenin and Stalin
DK266.3.K554 2012bookRussian revolutionary posters : from civil war to socialist realism, from Bolshevism to the end of Stalin : from the David King Collection at Tate Modern
DK266.H58 1993bookThe first socialist society : a history of the Soviet Union from within
DK266.K43 2006bookA history of the Soviet Union from the beginning to the end
DK266.S28 1999bookThe rise and fall of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991
DK266.S577 2005bookThe Soviet Union : a documentary history
DK266.T94 2011bookTwentieth century Russia reader
DK267.B589 2000bookThe Stalin era
DK267.M39 2008bookStalin and Stalinism
DK267.T698713 2013bookThe Revolution betrayed : What is the Soviet Union and where is it going?
DK268.3.J59 2011bookBeing Soviet : identity, rumour, and everyday life under Stalin 1939-1953
DK502.74.P55 2014bookRoosevelt, Churchill, and the Baltic question : allied relations during the Second World War
DK507.46.M37 2014book"Our glorious past" : Lukashenka's Belarus and the Great Patriotic War
DK508.935.Y45 2014bookStalin's citizens : everyday politics in the wake of total war
DK510.28.B55 2011bookA geography of Russia and its neighbors
DL338.G864 2013bookThe history of Iceland
DP269.A5193 2005bookThe Spanish Civil War : a modern tragedy
DS70.9.G47 2013bookHistorical dictionary of Iraq
DS79.76.L67 2014dvdLosing Iraq
DS94.9.C66 2014bookHistorical dictionary of Syria
DS96.2.B79 2014bookAncient Syria : a three thousand year history
DS98.6.S97 2014bookSyria speaks : art and culture from the frontline
DS134.64.B74 2014bookThe ethics of witnessing : the Holocaust in Polish writers' diaries from Warsaw, 1939-1945
DS135.P62J443913 2001bookNeighbors : the destruction of the Jewish community in Jedwabne, Poland
DS135.P62J4458 2004bookThe neighbors respond : the controversy over the Jedwabne Massacre in Poland
DS135.P62K8 2000bookThe Cracow Ghetto pharmacy
DS259.2.B57 2002bookNeither East nor West : one woman's journey through the Islamic Republic of Iran
DS281.W38 2014bookAncient Persia : a concise history of the Achaemenid Empire, 550-330 BCE
DS318.81.F38 2014bookThe lonely war : one woman's account of the struggle for modern Iran
DS371.2.B43 2009bookThe bear went over the mountain : Soviet combat tactics in Afghanistan
DS557.7.F735 2011bookHistorical dictionary of the war in Vietnam
DS589.B2W358 2014bookCulture shock! : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
DS777.533.W65Q58 2014bookChinese comfort women : testimonies from imperial Japan's sex slaves
DS786.P683 2012bookHistorical dictionary of Tibet
DS806.H66 2015bookJapan : the basics
DT20.M47 2014bookThe fortunes of Africa : a 5000-year history of wealth, greed, and endeavour
DT30.5.A247 2009bookAfrica in global politics in the twenty-first century : a pan-African perspective
DT159.916.S84 2013bookSudan divided : continuing conflict in a contested state
EHistory: America
E77.2.G38 2009bookGathering native scholars : UCLA's forty years of American Indian culture and research
E77.T69 2013bookFirst Americans : a history of native peoples
E77.V65 2013bookVoices of the American Indian experience
E78.N5F56 2012bookThe Indian great awakening : religion and the shaping of native cultures in early America
E78.N77N46 2011bookTreaties and treachery : the Northwest Indians' Resistance to Conquest
E78.N78H6 2015bookNorthwest Coast Indian art : an analysis of form
E98.C87A63 2014bookEthnic cleansing and the Indian : the crime that should haunt America
E99.E7R28bookEskimo masks; : art and ceremony.
E99.N3S643 2011book
E99.T87D68 2013bookTulalip, from my heart : an autobiographical account of a reservation community
E159.S696 2014bookCrafting preservation criteria : the National Register of Historic Places and American historic preservation
E183.R433 2005dvdReadings from Voices of a people's history of the United States by Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove
E184.A1G826 2014bookThe great American mosaic : an exploration of diversity in primary documents
E184.A1S954 2014bookGood white people : the problem with middle-class white anti-racism
E185.6.W57 2013bookPeace be still : modern black America from World War II to Barack Obama
E185.615.L82 2014bookSelma to Saigon : the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War
E185.B8127 2012bookAfrican American almanac : 400 years of triumph, courage and excellence
E207.G9T83 2009bookRise and fight again : the life of Nathanael Greene
E453.C375 2011bookAct of justice : Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and the law of war
E457.5.L78 2014bookJohn Wilkes Booth--day-by-day
E743.W354 2014bookAmerica in the Cold War : a reference guide
FHistory: America
F805.S75Z36 2009bookSweet nata : growing up in rural New Mexico
F815.3.B37V36 2014bookBurton Barr : political leadership and the transformation of Arizona
F1435.3.A7M55 2014bookMaya art and architecture
F1466.7.E84H3 1997bookSearching for Everardo : a story of love, war, and the CIA in Guatemala
F3442.M33 2008bookThe last days of the Incas
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G292.B66 2012bookRussian exploration, from Siberia to space : a history
GA933.7.A1S44 2012bookMapping Europe's borderlands : Russian cartography in the age of empire
GB578.55.M66 2013bookThe plough that broke the steppes : agriculture and environment on Russia's grasslands, 1700-1914
GE10.D37 2013bookEnvironmental literacy : from A-Z
GE45.M37W35 2011bookMathematics for the environment
GE60.C375 2014bookCareers in environment & conservation
GE180.S398 2014bookPresidential administration and the environment : executive leadership in the age of gridlock
GN307.M67 2012bookConcise dictionary of social and cultural anthropology
GN407.W37 2013bookWaste matters : new perspectives of food and society
GR98.E56 20132bookEncyclopedia of Jewish folklore and traditions
GR581.E53 2014bookEncyclopedia of the zombie : the walking dead in popular culture and myth
GT498.B55H55 2013bookBlood : the stuff of life
GT605.E35 2015bookEthnic dress in the United States : a cultural encyclopedia
GV361.H35 2014bookResearch methods in kinesiology and the health sciences
GV558.M34 2014bookFaster, higher, stronger : how sports science is creating a new generation of superathletes, and what we can learn from them
GV706.P445 2014bookPhilosophy of sport : core readings
GV956.4.D67 2013bookSaturday millionaires : how winning football builds winning colleges
GV1493.M6135 2011bookThe Monty Hall problem and other puzzles
GV1627.D355 2009bookDancing across borders : danzas y bailes Mexicanos
HSocial Sciences
HA29.S2365 2015 SupplbookStudy guide to accompany Neil J. Salkind's Statistics for people who (think they) hate statistics, 5 edition
HA203.P63bookPlaces, towns and townships.
HB501.M37H4513 2012bookAn introduction to the three volumes of Karl Marx's Capital
HC79.H53M33 2014bookCracking the tech career : insider advice on landing a job at Google, Microsoft, Apple, or any top tech company
HC79.P63E27 2013bookThe tyranny of experts : economists, dictators, and the forgotten rights of the poor
HC103.P38 2015bookPatterns of economic change by state and area : income, employment, & gross domestic product
HD60.B69 2014bookIn the public interest : protecting whistleblowers and those who speak out
HD62.5.M357 2014bookThe young entrepreneur's guide to starting and running a business : turn your ideas into money!
HD62.5.P375 2013bookStart your business week by week : how to plan and launch your successful business--one step at a time
HD62.6.H88 2014bookNonprofit kit for dummies
HD62.7.B764 2014bookThe freaks shall inherit the earth : entrepreneurship for weirdos, misfits, and world dominators
HD62.7.L437 2014bookBuilding your business the right-brain way : sustainable success for the creative entrepreneur
HD62.7.M387 2014bookRoadside MBA : back road lessons for entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners
HD62.7.S74 2013bookThe small business turnaround guide : take your business from troubled to triumphant
HD6250.U3R67 2013bookChild labor in America : a history
HD8072.5.R67 2014bookWhat unions no longer do
HD9015.S652O8813 2001bookOur daily bread : socialist distribution and the art of survival in Stalin's Russia, 1927-1941
HD9696.8.A2K57 2009bookInternet and media
HD9696.8.A2R67 2011bookThe art of immersion : how the digital generation is remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the way we tell stories
HD9715.A2K776 2013bookStart your own construction and contracting business : your step-by-step guide to success
HE1021.Z64 2014bookTrain : riding the rails that created the modern world-from the Trans-Siberian to the Southwest Chief
HE2751.G337 2014bookAmerican railroads : decline and renaissance in the twentieth century
HE3140.2.V45W65 2013bookTo the edge of the world : the story of the Trans-Siberian Express, the world's greatest railroad
HFbook500 Social Media Marketing Tips : Essential Advice, Hints and Strategy for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, and More!
HFbookFrom Uniform to Uniform : Transitioning from the Military to the Civilian Job Market
HF5371.M284 2011bookThe encyclopedia of small business forms and agreements : a complete kit of ready-to-use business checklists, worksheets, forms, contracts, and human resource documents with companion CD-ROM
HF5381.E52 2015bookEncyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance.
HF5383.C625 2011bookCV handbook : a curriculum vitae owner's manual : the best reference on the market for those with a PhD, MFA, MD, DDS, and a whole lot of brains
HF5415.1265.S393 2013bookThe new rules of marketing & PR : how to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly
HF5548.32.M37785 2014bookStart your own e-business : your step-by-step guide to success
HF5636.S55 2015bookAccounting handbook
HF5681.B2S59 2012bookThe basics of understanding financial statements : learn how to read financial statements by understanding the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement
HG151.D69 2014bookDictionary of finance and investment terms
HG171.K385 2014bookEasy money : evolution of the global financial system to the great bubble burst
HG177.5.U6K37 2014bookThe only grant-writing book you'll ever need
HG4027.6.Y68 2013bookThe everything guide to crowdfunding : learn how to use social media for small-business funding : understand crowd psychology : gain an online presence : create a successful crowdfunding campaign : promote your campaign to reach hidden funding sources
HG4027.65.M345 2013bookThe generosity network : new transformational tools for successful fund-raising
HM425.C66 2011bookThe concise encyclopedia of sociology
HM425.D5735 2014bookA dictionary of sociology
HN90.M6S59 2014bookAbortion, execution, and the consequences of taking life
HQ73.G74 2007bookGreat events from history.
HQ76.2.I75S38 2012bookIsrael/Palestine and the queer international
HQ76.3.E8B67bookChristianity, social tolerance, and homosexuality : gay people in Western Europe from the beginning of the Christian era to the fourteenth century
HQ76.5.T477 2014bookTransnational LGBT activism : working for sexual rights worldwide
HQ76.96.R68 2011bookRoutledge international encyclopedia of queer culture
HQ77.95.U6F45 1998bookTrans liberation : beyond pink or blue
HQ535.S63 2014bookThe social history of the American family : an encyclopedia
HQ755.85.B3347 2014bookSurviving parental alienation : a journey of hope and healing
HQ767.A48 2014dvdAfter Tiller
HQ777.5.B666 2014bookThe co-parents' handbook : rasing well-adjusted, resilient, and resourceful kids in a two-home family from little ones to young adults
HQ799.5.F76 2013bookEnd of the good life : how the financial crisis threatens a lost generation-- and what we can do about it
HQ799.97.U5D85 2014bookLife transitions in America
HQ1018.S433 2013bookThe remarriage blueprint : how remarried couples and their families succeed or fail
HQ1064.U5A63399 2014bookAging in America
HQ1391.U5M352 2014dvdMakers : women in war, space, comedy, business, Hollywood, politics, vol. 2.
HQ1421.G39 2014bookBad feminist : essays
HQ1662.D46 2010bookRural women in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia
HQ1726.5.T35 2013bookHistorical dictionary of women in the Middle East and North Africa
HQ1812.A45 2005bookEngaging modernity : Muslim women and the politics of agency in postcolonial Niger
HS2330.K63N499 2014bookWhite robes and burning crosses : a history of the Ku Klux Klan from 1866
HT352.U6R67 2014bookDead end : suburban sprawl and the rebirth of American urbanism
HT384.G3M39 2001bookThe German urban experience, 1900-1945 : modernity and crisis
HV313.H64 2011bookCultivating the masses : modern state practices and Soviet socialism, 1914-1939
HV1568.D5634 2013bookDisability and passing : blurring the lines of identity
HV5800.W67bookWorld drug report.
HV5831.M4R88 2014bookWith or without you : a memoir
HV5831.M6F74 2004bookA million little pieces
HV6089.Q54 2004bdvdQuiet rage : the Stanford prison study
HV6250.4.W65S79 2014bookOrdinary violence : everyday assaults against women worldwide
HV6322.7.G447 2014bookGenocide : a reader
HV6773.52.R48 2010dvdRevealing hate
HV8141.E947 2004dvdEvery mother's son
HV8699.U6D43 2014dvdDeath by fire : an update
HV9950.C36 2014bookCareers in law, criminal justice & emergency services
JPolitical Science
JC177.A3 1995bookRights of man ; : Common sense ; and other political writings
JC480.B49 2009bookBeyond totalitarianism : Stalinism and Nazism compared
JC571.W3 2014bookWe shall bear witness : life narratives and human rights
JC598.L534 2014bookThe Library Juice Press handbook of intellectual freedom : concepts, cases and theories
JF255.K45 2014bookPresidents and terminal logic behavior : term limits and executive action in the United States, Brazil, and Argentina
JF1525.S4N53 2013bookThe passion of Bradley Manning : [the story behind the Wikileaks whistleblower]
JF1525.S4Q85 2014bookSecrets and democracy : from arcana imperii to WikiLeaks
JF1525.W45A87 2011bookJulian Assange : the unauthorised autobiography
JF1525.W45F68 2013bookThe most dangerous man in the world : the explosive true story of Julian Assange and the lies, cover-ups, and conspiracies he exposed
JF1525.W45G74 2014bookNo place to hide : Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. surveillance state
JF1525.W45W54 2014bookWhistleblowing in a Wikileaks world : a model for responsible disclosure in Homeland Security.
JK9.P55 2002bookThe American political dictionary
JK511.G62 2012bookPower and constraint : the accountable presidency after 9/11
JK516.G467 2013bookA presidential nation : causes, consequences, and cures
JK585.S64 2012bookThe President's czars : undermining Congress and the Constitution
JK717.C54B63 2010bookBarron's Civil Service clerical examinations
JK717.C54N54 2010bookArco master the clerical exams
JQ3096.U52 2013bookContesting the Nigerian state : civil society and the contradictions of self-organization
JV6477.C37 2013bookThe ethics of immigration
JZ1734.J33 2012bookWhen China rules the world : the end of the western world and the birth of a new global order
JZ4974.G85 2011bookGuiding principles on business and human rights : implementing the United Nations "Protect, Respect and Remedy" framework.
JZ4974.S65 2012bookInsincere commitments : human rights treaties, abusive states, and citizen activism
JZ5538.R534 2014bookPeace : a very short introduction
JZ6368.S76 2012bookCan intervention work?
K3238.C67 2014bookThe core international human rights treaties
K3240.P69 2014bookThe twilight of human rights law
K3260.3.A38 2013bookAdvancing the human right to health
K5132.J44 2014bookAmnesties, accountability, and human rights
KF156.B53 2014bookBlack's law dictionary
KF372.C668 2014bookContemporary biographies in law, criminal justice & emergency services.
KF539.C58 2014bookA legal guide for lesbian and gay couples
KF1355.A65T48 2010bookUltimate book of business forms
KF1659.A65S74 2014bookLegal forms for starting & running a small business
KF4565.F57 2014bookConstitutional conflicts between Congress and the President
KF4772.F5677 2014bookVersions of academic freedom : from professionalism to revolution
KF5051.G47 2013bookThe forgotten presidents : their untold constitutional legacy
KF5053.D63 2013bookTake up your pen : unilateral presidential directives in American politics
KF5060.E34 2013bookEmergency presidential power : from the drafting of the Constitution to the War on Terror
KF5708.I55bookInternational mechanical code.
KF9329.C67 2013bookUp against a wall : rape reform and the failure of success
KFA2929.A193bookArizona rules of court : state and federal, with amendments received to ...
L901.H422bookHigher education directory.
LB1060.F453 2014bookFrom the brain to the classroom : the encyclopedia of learning
LB2342.9.D85 2014bookAdvising student groups and organizations
LB2369.S827 2013bookSuccessful strategies for teaching undergraduate research
LB3024.D744 2014bookDress codes in schools
LB3060.32.N67T33 2011bookTABE practice questions : TABE practice tests & exam review for the Test of Adult Basic Education.
LB3060.33.G45P47 2014bookPeterson's master the GED test 2014.
LC1099.3.D394 2014bookCultural literacy for the common core : six steps to powerful, practical instruction for all learners
M1.3.A758M3 v.1cdThe great summit : the master takes
M1.T47 2007cd
M3.1.F65B65 2006cdBolivian Baroque. : music from the missions and La Plata. Vol. 2
M41.D272F44 2014cdFiddle
M125.V54P53 2014cdPlay
M294.S38C45 2009cdThe Celtic viol : airs and dances
M298.R34K3 2011cdKuniko plays Reich
M1034.R4P48 2010cdChinese recorder concertos
M1045.A334B4 2014bookBecome ocean
M1356.S63 2008cd
M1366.C53W5 1996cdWhims of Chambers
M1366.C65O34 2014cdOffering : live at Temple University
M1366.H53J42 2003cdThe Jeep is jumpin'
M1366.J68F5 2011cdFlight to Jordan
M1366.K46R33 2010cdRaconte-moi--
M1505.M53 2011cdMidnight in Paris : music from the motion picture.
M1527.2.T84 2013cd20 feet from stardom : music from the motion picture.
M1629.3.C5N49 S56 2014cdSing thee nowell
M1630.18.B836N6 2014cdThe no-hit wonder
M1630.18.C44 2014cdCheek to cheek
M1630.18.C648L68 1987cdLove is the thing (and more)
M1630.18 .D627 C37 1973cdThe captain and me
M1630.18.D66S68 2014cdSouthbound
M1630.18.D66T35 1988bookTakin' it to the streets
M1630.18.D95B37 2014cdThe basement tapes : complete
M1630.18.F66S33 2014cdSonic highways
M1630.18.F6748 2005cdForever 90s
M1630.18.F73A74 2014cdAretha Franklin sings the great diva classics
M1630.18.I24K56 2014cdKings & queens of the underground
M1630.18.J47G37 2014 v.5cdGarciaLive. : December 31st 1975, Keystone Berkeley / Volume five :
M1630.18.K34I58 2010cdInvitation.
M1630.18.M33N49 2013cdNew
M1630.18.M33V46 2014cdVenus and Mars
M1630.18.M33W56 2014cdWings at the speed of sound
M1630.18.M45P53 2014cdPlain spoken
M1630.18.M52I87 2014cdIt's the girls
M1630.18.O33Y6 2001 Compact disccdYoung Anita
M1630.18.P34H44 2007cdHe?eia
M1630.18.R43 2014cdReal World 25.
M1630.18.S474R53 2014cdRide out
M1630.18.S66T44 2014cdThey want my soul
M1630.18.U89S66 2014cdSongs of innocence
M1630.18.V36A74 2014cdAre we there
M1630.18.W46W46 2014cdThe Who hits 50
M1630.18.W562B47 1989cdThe best of Jesse Winchester
M1630.18.X9X9 2009cdThe XX
M1630.18.Y68S76 2014cdStorytone
M1630.18P87 2006cdPure '80s #1s : [18 number one hits from the decade of excess].
M1741.18.P56 E53 2014bookThe endless river
M1747.18.L46N67 2014cdNostalgia
M1779.S665 2014cdSongs of the Spanish Civil War
M1999.A56S43 2011cdSecret voices : chant & polyphony from the Las Huelgas Codex, c. 1300.
M2198.S68 2014cdThe soul of Designer Records
ML60.T514 2014bookVirgil Thomson : music chronicles, 1940-1954
ML87.L66 2013bookThe southern journey of Alan Lomax : words, photographs, and music
ML398.I85 2009bdvdIt might get loud
ML410.C859S23 2012bookHenry Cowell : a man made of music
ML410.P3135D36 2010dvdDamn the torpedoes
ML420.N736A3 2014bookStand up straight and sing!
ML421.R65S76 2010dvdStones in exile
ML423.B87P37 2010bookNatalie Curtis Burlin : a life in native and African American music
ML800.S326 2012bookThe violin : a social history of the world's most versatile instrument
ML3477.K46 1999bookRecorded music in American life : the phonograph and popular memory, 1890-1945
ML3531.C652 2014bookCheck the technique. Volume 2
NFine Arts
N71.C664 2008bookLearning by heart
N72.P6L37 2013bookA people's art history of the United States : 250 years of activist art and artists working in social justice movements
N6494.I57K89 2013bookAesthetics of interaction in digital art
N6512.A6889 2014bookArt in America, 1945-1970 : writings from the age of abstract expressionism, pop art and minimalism
N6537.K435A4 2013bookSomeday is now : the art of Corita Kent
N6768.G67 2010bookA terrible beauty : British artists in the First World War
N6988.K56 2009bbookRed star over Russia : a visual history of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the death of Stalin : posters, photographs and graphics from the David King Collection
N7432.7.F56 2014bookThe brilliant history of color in art
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PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
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UMilitary Science
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