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AGeneral Works
AS22.E5bookEncyclopedia of associations.
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B187.H3L4613 2015bookHappiness : a philosopher's guide
B2430.F724C36 2007bookThe Cambridge companion to Foucault
B2798.G612 2011bookImmanuel Kant
BF575.A85A43 2008bookYour perfect right : assertiveness and equality in your life and relationships
BF575.N35L86 2014bookThe Americanization of narcissism
BF713.G463 2014bookGender and development
BF1548.D48 2013bookThe Devil's party : Satanism in modernity
BF1548.L38 2014bookThe Satanic Bible & Satanic Rituals
BJ51.N56 2014bookThe quest for community : a study in the ethics of order and freedom
BJ1589.M85 2013bookEverything I need to know I learned from a Little golden book
BL640.L45 2013bookWhy tolerate religion?
BL1112.26.C46 2011bookThe Vedas
BL1920.Z58 2010bookThe inner chapters : the classic Taoist text : a new translation of the Chuang Tzu with commentary
BL2525.N6 2012bookNo establishment of religion : America's original contribution to religious liberty
BP75.S25 2013bookMuhammad : his character and conduct
BP189.C527 2013bookDivine love : Islamic literature and the path to God
BP190.5.H44A535 2014bookWhat is veiling?
BP194.2.D755 2014bookPartners of Zaynab : a gendered perspective of Shia Muslim faith
BP362.A3 2014bookGleanings from the writings of Bahá'u'lláh
BP362.K5713 1993bookThe Kitáb-i-aqdas : the Most Holy Book
BP362.L4613 1988bookEpistle to the Son of the Wolf
BP392.M66 2007bookBaha'u'llah : a short biography
BR162.3.O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of medieval Christianity
BR516.S43 2011bookThe myth of American religious freedom
BS445.N48 2013bookThe text of the Bible : its path through history and to the people
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CD5610.H545 2006bookFounding fathers, secret societies : Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, and the decoding of the Great Seal
CT275.R7948A3 2012bookFortune in my eyes : a memoir of Broadway glamour, social justice, and political passion
CT275.S5229K78 2011bookAddie Slaughter : the girl who met Geronimo
CT3202.A4 2003bookArizona Federation of Business and Professional Women : women who made a difference, 1921-2003, Volume III.
DHistory: General
D5.M55 2010bookMilestone documents in world history : exploring the primary sources that shaped the world
D125.T73 2015bookArtifacts From Medieval Europe
D644.S58 2010bookThe Treaty of Versailles
D764.C86 2011xbookCataclysm : the war on the Eastern Front, 1941-45
DA533.G557 2014bookHow to be a Victorian : a dawn-to-dusk guide to Victorian life
DAW1046.B47 2013bookCentral Europe in the high Middle Ages : Bohemia, Hungary and Poland c.900- c.1300
DG467.B27 2009bookA history of Italy
DK502.35.E87 2014bookEstonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland
DK4400.P73 2013bookPoland : a modern history
DK4442.G37 2002bookThe Polish revolution : Solidarity
DL21.E88x 2013bookThe story of the drinking horn : drinking culture in Scandinavia during the Middle Ages
DL41.B66 2015bookThe almost nearly perfect people : behind the myth of the Scandinavian utopia
DL109.D434 2014bookDenmark, Finland, and Sweden
DL743.P8E5513 2003bookThe battle that shook Europe : Poltava and the birth of the Russian Empire
DL1032.K53 2006bookA concise history of Finland
DL1032.M4513 2011bookA history of Finland
DS134.26.M46 2011bookShattered spaces : encountering Jewish ruins in postwar Germany and Poland
DS318.8.W34 2010bookThe Iranian Revolution
DS318.K49 2008bookAll the Shah's men : an American coup and the roots of Middle East terror
DS357.6.P18U53 2012bookUnder the drones : modern lives in the Afghanistan-Pakistan borderlands
DS463.M224 2015bookThe history of India
DS660.R634 2013bookCulture shock! : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
DS757.5.A24 2011bookThe Treaty of Nanking
DS778.7.S682 2010bookThe Chinese Cultural Revolution
DT61.V65 2014bookVoices of ancient Egypt : contemporary accounts of daily life
DT779.8.B48W55 2012bookSteve Biko
DT797.N57S53 2000bookNisa, the life and words of a!Kung woman
DT1058 .K86N577 2000bookReturn to Nisa
EHistory: America
E99.N3K749 2015bookThe hero twins : a Navajo-English story of the monster slayers
E99.N3K75 2011bookNavajos wear Nikes : a reservation life
E99.P6W55 2014bookPeoples of the middle Gila : a documentary history of the Pimas and Maricopas 1500s-1945
E125.N9G66 2014bookEarly visions and representations of America : Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca's Naufragios and William Bradford's of Plymouth Plantation
E178.Z75 2010bookA people's history of the United States
E183.8.I55M829 2014bookIran and the United States : an insider's view on the failed past and the road to peace
E183.8.M6P874 2015dvdPurgatorio : a journey into the heart of the border
E184.36.S65M87 2011bookMuslims and Jews in America : commonalities, contentions, and complexities
E184.S75H486 2014bookPortraits of Hispanic American heroes
E185.6.M95 1996bookAn American dilemma : the Negro problem and modern democracy
E221.A475 2014bookOur Declaration : a reading of the Declaration of Independence in defense of equality
E386.C68 2014bookA Companion to the Antebellum Presidents, 1837-1861
E457.2.K37 2015bookLincoln's political thought
E668.C696 2014bookA companion to the Reconstruction Presidents, 1865-1881
E711.95.A57 2013bookIda McKinley : the turn-of-the-century first lady through war, assassination, and secret disability
E743.5.K4 2004bookPart of our time : some ruins and monuments of the thirties
E811.M58 2013bookRoosevelt's second act : the election of 1940 and the politics of war
E902.Z49 2012bookWelcome to the desert of the real : five essays on September 11 and related dates
FHistory: America
F73.9.A1L85 1986bookCommon ground : a turbulent decade in the lives of three American families
F592.42008bookHistory of the expedition under the command of Captains Lewis and Clark (Illustrated edition)
F869.S36H355 2014bookThe Haight : love, rock, and revolution : the photography of Jim Marshall
F1221.N3S524 2011bookThe flower and the scorpion : sexuality and ritual in early Nahua culture
F1234.S628 2011bookThe Mexican Revolution
F2831.L69 2015bookThe history of Argentina
F2846.S247213 2003bookFacundo : civilization and barbarism : the first complete English translation
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G440.B67136G66 2014bookEighty days : Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland's history-making race around the world
G1030.T4 1st ed. 2014bookThe Times history of the world in maps : the rise and fall of empires, countries and cities.
G1046.E44S58 2014bookAtlas of Islamic history
G5701.E27A85 2012bookAtlas of migration in Europe : a critical geography of immigration policy
GF71.M35 2014bookClimate and human migration : past experiences, future challenges
GN470.7.L43 2014bookThe anthropology of eastern religions : ideas, organizations, and constituencies
GN803.G55 2007bookThe goddesses and gods of Old Europe, 6500-3500 B.C. : myths and cult images
GR470.F68 2010bookFrom girl to goddess : the heroine's journey through myth and legend
GV200.18.T73 2013bookAvalanche essentials : a step-by-step system for safety and survival
GV706.P44 2013bookThe challenges of modern sport to ethics : from doping to cyborgs
GV853.C65 2014bookA companion to American sport history
GV855.3.M42 2012bookBasic illustrated cross-country skiing
GV884.J36N67 2014bookI am Lebron James
GV1243.P315 2004bookThe A-Z of card games
GV1469.17.S63B35 2013bookeGods : faith versus fantasy in computer gaming
GV1469.17.S63S53 2014bookGaming at the edge : sexuality and gender at the margins of gamer culture
GV1469.34.S52C66 2015bookPlayers and their pets : gaming communities from Beta to Sunset
GV1783.A44 2006dvdAmelia
GV1785.M36A3 2007bookFrankie Manning : ambassador of Lindy hop
HSocial Sciences
HB61.A423 2011bookALA guide to economics & business reference
HB3505.H635 2012bookCreating a new racial order : how immigration, multiracialism, genomics, and the young can remake race in America
HB3505.I25 2014bookA portrait of America : the demographic perspective
HC110.P63G6593 2012bookPoverty in common : the politics of community action during the American century
HC110.P6K547 2013bookAmerican poverty : presidential failures and a call to action
HC255.A73 2011bookThe British industrial revolution
HD30.28.C878 2014bookBusiness planning essentials for dummies
HD1491.R9B47 2013bookThe history of a Soviet collective farm
HD1525.F66 2015dvdFood chains
HD6509.C48B79 2013bookEncyclopedia of Cesar Chavez : the farm workers' fight for rights and justice
HD7125.B474 2013bookThe other welfare : supplemental security income and U.S. social policy
HD7125.D495 2008bookSocial security : a documentary history
HD7125.E554 2014bookFalling short : the coming retirement crisis and what to do about it
HD7125.K68 2015bookGet what's yours : the secrets to maxing out your social security
HD9000.5.G58284 2014bookThe global food system : issues and solutions
HD9005.G76 2014bookGrowing local : case studies on local food supply chains
HD9410.5.L963 2014bookFarmageddon : The true cost of cheap meat
HD9569.S8T37 2009bookThe history of the Standard Oil Company in two volumes
HD9666.5.D86 2012bookDrugs for life : how pharmaceutical companies define our health
HD9993.E452P74 2014bookGender divide and the computer game industry
HD9999.B442O54 2014bookBusiness modeling for life science and biotech companies : creating value and competitive advantage with the milestone bridge
HE5620.D59R53 2014bookA deadly wandering : a tale of tragedy and redemption in the age of attention
HF1008.B85 2014bookThe business book
HF1456.5.P4W49 2011bookWhy the U.S. needs Saudi Arabia
HF5382.7.Y37 2014bookKnock 'em dead social networking : for job search and professional success
HF5386.H57 2015bookThink and grow rich! : the original version, restored and revised
HF5726.B874 2015bookThe business writer's handbook
HG181.S265 2013bookWall Street values : business ethics and the global financial crisis
HG2040.5.U5A697 2011bookThe American mortgage system : crisis and reform
HG4910.N69 2012bookLow fee socially responsible investing : investing in your worldview on your terms
HM17.B6813 1989bookA critical dictionary of sociology
HM646.H34 2013bookGoths, gamers, and grrrls : deviance and youth subcultures
HN90.S65P88 2015bookOur kids : the American Dream in crisis
HQ57.5.A3K465 2013bookThe sex education debates
HQ76.25.J34 1996bookQueer theory : an introduction
HQ118.M3413 2013bookSex work : rethinking the job, respecting the workers
HQ281.A88 2010dvdAvenue zero : Avenue Zéro
HQ281.A89 2015bookIdeology and the fight against human trafficking
HQ281.C6543 2015bookCombating human trafficking : a multidisciplinary approach
HQ281.G55 2015bookGlobal human trafficking : critical issues and contexts
HQ281.H677 2014bookIn the shadow of the red-light : a multifaceted documentary-novel on global sex trade.
HQ281.H87795 2014bookHuman trafficking reconsidered : rethinking the problem, envisioning new solutions
HQ281.M3244 2014bookFrom trafficking to terror : constructing a global social problem
HQ281.N682 2011dvdNot for sale II : join the fight
HQ281.P75 2011dvdThe price of sex
HQ281.T47 2014bookCriminal investigation of sex trafficking in America
HQ766.S324 2014bookFamily limitation
HQ1034.U5G55 2012bookAn argument for same-sex marriage : religious freedom, sexual freedom, and public expressions of civic equality
HQ1064.U5A63399 2014bookAging in America.
HQ1073.D55 2014bookDigital death : mortality and beyond in the online age
HQ1075.G463 2014bookGendering the recession : media and culture in an age of austerity
HQ1166.W45 2013bookDaughters and granddaughters of farmworkers : emerging from the long shadow of farm labor
HQ1170.Z46 2014bookIslamophobia, victimisation and the veil
HQ1190.S225 2014bookThe SAGE handbook of feminist theory
HQ1206.O38 2013bookWomen in Western political thought
HQ1236.5.U6B868 2014bookGender in campaigns for the U.S. House of Representatives
HQ1236.B237 2014bookDefying convention : US resistance to the U.N. treaty on women's rights
HQ1419.M86 2015bookRelentless reformer : Josephine Roche and progressivism in twentieth-century America
HQ1465.M63B44 2003bookTranslated woman : crossing the border with Esperanza's story
HQ1596.W6W65 2014bookA vindication of the rights of woman
HQ1730.A64 2013bookA most masculine state : gender, politics and religion in Saudi Arabia
HT161.H69 2010bookFoundations in urban planning
HT653.E9N62 2000bookNobles and nobility in medieval Europe : concepts, origins, transformations
HT867.H863 2014bookHuman trafficking : recent empirical research
HT869.E6A3 2013bookThe interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano, or, Gustavus Vassa, the African.
HT985.C25 2008dvdCall + response
HV41.9.U5M373 2014bookThe grantseeker's guide to winning proposals
HV1431.R44 2010bookThe New Deal & American youth : ideas & ideals in a depression decade
HV1451.C323 2013bookCaregiver's handbook.
HV4506.N6H73 2013bookHomeless : poverty and place in urban America
HV5825.H234 2015bookChasing the scream : the first and last days of the war on drugs
HV5840.M6C37 2014bookWomen drug traffickers : mules, bosses, and organized crime
HV6046.B257 2014bookWomen, crime and criminal justice : a global enquiry
HV6250.4.S78F57 2013bookCampus crime : legal, social, and policy perspectives
HV6432.C83 2009bookInside Gitmo : the true story behind the myths of Guantanamo Bay
HV6432.K493 2008bookMy Guantánamo diary : the detainees and the stories they told me
HV6432.L43 2012bookLeaving Guantánamo : policies, pressures, and detainees returning to the fight.
HV6432.M645 2012bookAgainst security : how we go wrong at airports, subways, and other sites of ambiguous danger
HV6433.I722W45 2015bookISIS : inside the army of terror
HV6773.15.C92C57 2014bookHate crimes in cyberspace
HV6773.C646 2014bookHacker, hoaxer, whistleblower, spy : the many faces of Anonymous
HV8579.S58 2014bookThe thirteenth turn : a history of the noose
HV8599.U6M34 2012bookTorture and impunity : the U.S. doctrine of coercive interrogation
HV8699.U5B65 2011bookDeathquest : an introduction to the theory and practice of capital punishment in the United States
HV9468.5.S58A3 2015bookGuantánamo diary
JPolitical Science
JA71.E63 2015bookThe encyclopedia of political thought
JC596.2.U5S24 2015bookThey know everything about you : how data-collecting corporations and snooping government agencies are destroying democracy
JK468.P76S693 2015bookThe sourcebook to public record information : the comprehensive guide to county, state, & federal public records sources
JK1726.C36 2013bookCan we talk? : the rise of rude, nasty, stubborn politics.
JK1726.R39 2012bookCivility and Democracy in America : a reasonable understanding
JK1758.W427 2009bookCitizenship : passing the test : civics & literacy
JK1758.W45 2009bookCitizenship : passing the test.
JK1758.W456 2014bookCitizenship, passing the test : ready for the interview
JK2249.T43 2014bookCorruption in America : from Benjamin Franklin's snuff box to Citizens United
JN6760.P33P313 2003bookThe spring will be ours : Poland and the Poles from occupation to freedom
JV6465.H54 2014bookHidden lives and human rights in the United States : understanding the controversies and tragedies of undocumented immigration
JV6483.G69 2013bookGoverning immigration through crime : a reader
JZ1305.P668 2015bookThe global village myth : distance, war and the limits of power
K639.R36 2013bookTrafficking of children for sexual exploitation : public international law 1864-1950
K3238.31948.M67 1999bookThe Universal Declaration of Human Rights : origins, drafting, and intent
K3240.S23 2006bookHuman rights treaties : considering patterns of participation, 1948-2000
K3251.A96 2014bookFair trial manual
K5103.F47 2014bookInferno : an anatomy of American punishment
K5181.A238 2014bookAbortion law in transnational perspective : cases and controversies
K5297.E43 2015bookThe role of consent in human trafficking
K5437.W34 2014bookTerror detentions and the rule of law : US and UK perspectives
KF3650.W67 2011bookSocial Security Act
KF3771.I5 2014bookIn search of common ground on abortion : from culture war to reproductive justice
KF4162.G74 2012bookThe Bible, the school, and the Constitution : the clash that shaped the modern church-state doctrine
KF4755.C75 2014bookCrimes against humanity in the land of the free : can a truth and reconciliation process heal racial conflict in America?
KF4920.P67 2014bookCitizens divided : campaign finance reform and the constitution
KF9325.W47 2013bookHow sex became a civil liberty
KFA2779.Z9K67 2015bookThe Arizona gun owner's guide : who can bear arms? where are guns forbidden? when can you shoot?
LA5.U4 1954bookThree thousand years of educational wisdom; : selections from great documents.
LA71.J69 2009bookGreek and Roman education : a sourcebook
LA205.R67 2013bookEducation and social change : contours in the history of American schooling
LA205.S34 2014bookThe school in the United States : a documentary history
LA205.U73 2014bookAmerican education : a history
LA212.G65 2014bookThe teacher wars : a history of America's most embattled profession
LA217.2.B695 2012bookPreserving the public in public schools : visions, values, conflicts, and choices
LA217.2.H66 2012bookThe hope for audacity.
LA227.4.A446 2011bookThe American academic profession : transformation in contemporary higher education
LB14.7.M875 2006bookThe history and philosophy of education : voices of educational pioneers
LB2353.48.C73bookCracking the ACT premium.
LB3060.33.G45M27 2014bookCracking the GED® test
LB3610.B665 2001bookStudent resistance : a history of the unruly subject
LC72.2.W48 2015bookWho's afraid of academic freedom?
LC192.6.C68 2015bookSchool's out : gay and lesbian teachers in the classroom
LC212.22.U83C37 2014bookEducated in whiteness : good intentions and diversity in schools
LC2605.B723 2015bookThe promise of a pencil : how an ordinary person can create extraordinary change
ML419.S4A4 1989bookThe Segovia-Ponce letters
ML420.G746A3 2015bookGirl in a band
ML420.J77C66 2014bookOn the road with Janis Joplin
ML421.C57E43 2015bookThe Clash : the only band that mattered
ML1003.P47 2005bookPerformance on lute, guitar, and vihuela : historical practice and modern interpretation
ML1015.G9T96 2002bookThe guitar and its music : from the Renaissance to the Classical era
ML1711.8.N3D52 2014bookThe complete book of 1950s Broadway musicals
ML1711.8.N3D53 2014bookThe complete book of 1960s Broadway musicals
ML1711.8.N3N62 2012bookBroadway musicals
ML1711.8.N3W62 2013bookHard times : the adult musical in 1970s New York City
ML1731.8.L7P57 2014bookMusic for the melodramatic theatre in nineteenth-century London & New York
ML2054.W64 2011bookChanged for good : a feminist history of the Broadway musical
ML3531.W47 2002bookHip hoptionary : the dictionary of hip hop terminology
ML3710.H69 1994bookThe flamencos of Cádiz Bay
ML3712.W43 2004bookDuende : a journey into the heart of flamenco
MT580.F27 2002dvdFamous rock guitar riffs and solos : a step-by-step breakdown of the techniques of rock's most influential guitarists
MT580.G55 1997bookClassical guitar pedagogy : a handbook for teachers
MT582.S6713 2007bookSor's method for the Spanish guitar
NFine Arts
N72.S6C733 2013book24/7 : late capitalism and the ends of sleep
N7433.85.N45A4 2014bookProject Art 201 : painting by Nelly
NC1499.T54A4 2015bookLe fric c'est capital
NC1764.B78 2011bookCartooning : philosophy and practice
NC1766.J3C53 2015bookThe anime encyclopedia : a century of Japanese animation
NC1766.U5W65 2011bookAnimators of film and television : nineteen artists, writers, producers, and others / Noell K. Wolfgram Evans.
ND237.L29D83 1998bookStory painter : the life of Jacob Lawrence
ND259.K33M66 2014bookViva Frida!
ND699.K3R67 2014bookThe noisy paint box : the colors and sounds of Kandinsky's abstract art
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
P96.S5R68 2014bookThe Routledge companion to media and gender
PA3061.C65 2014bookA companion to Greek and Roman Sexualities
PE1119.A1N5 2006bookThe New-England Primer : improved for the more easy attaining the true reading of English : to which is added The Assembly of Divines, and Mr. Cotton's catechism.
PE1119.M246 2010bookMcGuffey's eclectic primer.
PE1128.A2P287 2011bookOvertested : how high-stakes accountability fails English language learners
PE1625.C65 2014bookCollins COBUILD intermediate learner's dictionary
PE1625.C655 2014bookCOBUILD advanced learner's dictionary.
PE1628.C23 2013bbookCambridge advanced learner's dictionary
PG3337.L4G4133 2013bookA hero of our time
PJ7694.E1T35 2014bookTales of the marvellous and news of the strange
PL787.T3A386 2014bookTaketori monogatari : the tale of the bamboo cutter
PL787.T3A5 1998bookThe tale of the bamboo cutter and other fantastic stories
PL2478.D49 2014bookI ching = Yijing : the book of change
PL2690.S3E53 2004bookThree kingdoms : a historical novel, complete and unabridged
PL2947.C59S3613 2014bookThe three-body problem
PM4068.6.R65 2009bookBallads of the lords of New Spain : the codex Romances de los señores de la Nueva España
PN56.P555B37 2015bookSex trafficking in postcolonial literature : transnational narratives from Joyce to Bolaño
PN1992.4.W49J68 2013bookJoss Whedon and religion : essays on an angry atheist's explorations of the sacred
PN1992.77.B354W48 2012bookThe theology of Battlestar Galactica : American Christianity in the 2004-2009 television series
PN1992.77.B74G84 2014bookWanna cook? : the complete, unofficial companion to Breaking Bad
PN1992.77.D28S74 2011bookThe Stewart/Colbert effect : essays on the real impacts of fake news
PN1992.92.A393F55 2014bookAl Jazeera and the global media landscape : the south is talking back
PN1992.924.T47 2014bookInternet horror, science fiction and fantasy television series, 1998-2013
PN1993.5.L3R53 2011bookThemes in Latin American cinema : a critical survey
PN1995.9.H57A663 2007dvdApocalypto
PN1995.9.O28F79 2008bookCinema of the occult : new age, satanism, Wicca, and spiritualism in film
PN1995.9.S26W37 2010bookKeep watching the skies! : American science fiction movies of the fifties
PN1995.9.W6S63 2014bookSmart chicks on screen : representing women's intellect in film and television
PN1997.2.B57 2015bdvdBirdman or, (The unexpected virtue of ignorance)
PN1997.2.I45 2015bdvdThe imitation game
PN1997.2.W6747 2015dvdThe world made straight
PN1997.2.Z476 2014dvdThe zero theorem
PN1997.T843 2004dvd21 grams
PN1997.W2487 1999dvdWaiting to exhale
PN1998.3.B46A74 2000bookAn Argentine passion : María Luisa Bemberg and her films
PN2035.M47 2011bookThe Methuen Drama dictionary of the theatre
PN2061.C33 2015bookThe Cambridge encyclopedia of stage actors and acting
PN2091.S8C28 2004bookTechnical theater for nontechnical people
PN2270.A35P74 2014bookStaging faith : religion and African American theater from the Harlem renaissance to World War II
PN2287.M2695A3 2014bookNo land's man
PN2297.G7C45 2013bookThe Group Theatre : passion, politics, and performance in the Depression era
PN4784.E28W55 2010bookReading, writing and understanding editorials
PN4784.M34K47 2015bookThe entrepreneurial journalist's toolkit : manage your media
PN4784.O62C66 2015bookConvergent journalism : an introduction, writing and producing across media
PN4784.O62R45 2013bookJournalism of ideas : brainstorming, developing, and selling stories in the digital age
PN4867.2.B38 2015bookEngaged journalism : connecting with digitally empowered news audiences
PN4888.E8E45 2015bookHeroes and scoundrels : the image of the journalist in popular culture
PN6120.95.H784F74 2011bookFreedom : stories celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
PN6120.95.S33A64 2009bookThe Apex book of world SF
PN6231.S2C53 2011book"Charlie Hebdo" : les 1000 unes : 1992-2011
PN6727.M2846A6 2012bookThe art of Todd McFarlane : the devil's in the details
PQ1805.L5A72 2013bookThe Princess of Cleves
PQ1957.B29V313 2013bookVathek
PQ1979.A65E5 2008bookJacques the fatalist and his master
PQ2034.A3 1990 vol. 6bookJulie, or, The new Heloise : letters of two lovers who live in a small town at the foot of the Alps
PQ2036.A57 2008bookConfessions
PQ2397.B56 2004bookThe devil's pool and other stories
PQ6275.E2 2003bookAmadis of Gaul : a novel of chivalry of the 14th century presumably first written in Spanish
PQ6327.P5W55 2014bookAllegories of love : Cervantes's Persiles and Sigismunda
PQ8097.N4C1713 2011bookCanto general
PR255.O95 2010bookThe Oxford handbook of medieval literature in English
PR1111.P38O94 2010bookThe Oxford book of parodies
PR1293.S56 1966bookShorter novels, Elizabethan
PR2326.N3U64 2009bookThe unfortunate traveller or, The life of Jack Wilton
PR3316.A4C3 2009bookCamilla, or, A picture of youth :
PR3317.A6 2009bookOroonoko, and other writings
PR3552.B88 1976bookThe portable Milton
PR3588.M5525 2006bookMilton in popular culture
PR3630.M4 2002bookMemoirs of the extraordinary life, works and discoveries of Martinus Scriblerus
PR3712.J27 2008bookA sentimental journey and other writings
PR3722.F326 2009bookA modest proposal and other writings
PR4097.A4 2014bookThomas Lovell Beddoes : an anthology
PR4141.E73 2008bookThe complete poetry and prose of William Blake
PR4142.K3 1976bookThe portable Blake
PR4146.R32 1986bookWilliam Blake
PR4148.P6E7 1991bookBlake : prophet against empire
PR4154.L3 2015bookLavengro : the scholar--the gypsy--the priest
PR4162.T4 2008bookThe tenant of Wildfell Hall
PR4168.G3 2009bookThe life of Charlotte Brontë
PR4172.W7 2014bbookThe annotated Wuthering Heights
PR4202.L59 2007bookRobert Browning's poetry : authoritative texts, criticism
PR4202.W66 2013bookRobert Browning : selected poems
PR4231.W55 1950bookThe immortal lovers: Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, : a biography.
PR4349.B52K3 2009bookThe Kasidah of Haji Abdu el-Yezdi
PR4349.B7Z82bookThe cradle of Erewhon; : Samuel Butler in New Zealand.
PR4887.M7 2008bookThe monk
PR5202.M8 2008bookThe mysteries of Udolpho
PR6023.A93Z587 2003bookBody of truth : D.H. Lawrence, the nomadic years, 1919-1930
PR6023.A93Z62614 2008bookDeath and the author : how D.H. Lawrence died, and was remembered
PR6052.O574 2015bookDon't point that thing at me
PR6052.O574A69 2014bookAfter you with the pistol
PR6103.L375J65 2006bookJonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
PR9619.4.L66C36 2008bookCamera obscura
PR44222014bookThe Classic works of Thomas Carlyle
PS153.I52I56 2013bookIndigenous North American drama : a multivocal history
PS303.C29 2015bookThe Cambridge history of American poetry
PS338.I58S37 2014bookClass divisions on the Broadway stage : the staging and taming of the I.W.W.
PS508.J4J45 2000bookJewish American literature : a Norton anthology
PS1029.A3 2008bookMark, the match boy
PS1305.L48 2015bookHuck Finn's America : Mark Twain and the era that shaped his masterpiece
PS1603.M55 2012bookThe annotated Emerson
PS1744.G57A6 2014bookThe Classic works of Charlotte Perkins Gilman / Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
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UMilitary Science
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ZBibliography, Library Science
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bookFashion Marketing and Merchandising
bookYoung Investigators : the project approach in the early years. 2nd Ed.