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AGeneral Works
AM7. L48 2015bookArtifacts and allegiances : how museums put the nation and the world on display
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B741.B56 2015bookThe biographical encyclopedia of Islamic philosophy
B741.J29 2014bookWhat is Islamic philosophy?
BF176.5.R83 2014bookDataclysm : love, sex, race, and identity-- what our online lives tell us about our offline selves
BF575.F2J444 2007bbookFeel the fear-- and do it anyway
BF637.S8C37 2009bookHow to win friends and influence people
BF723.C8E54 2015bookThe hungry mind : the origins of curiosity in childhood
BF1548.A46 2014bookThe Devil : a new biography
BL65.V57G47 2014bookVirtually sacred : myth and meaning in world of warcraft and second life
BL80.3.L43 2014bookThe anthropology of Western religions : ideas, organizations, and constituencies
BL98.E24 2015bookCulture and the death of God
BL625.9.G39H37 2014bookSlouching towards gaytheism : Christianity and queer survival in America
BL1171.G87 2014bookGurus of modern yoga
BL1575.E94 2013bookThe everlasting flame : Zoroastrianism in history and imagination
BL2441.3.S53 2014bookThe Egyptian myths : a guide to the ancient gods and legends
BL2525.C68 2014bookPolitics and religion in the United States
BL2747.6.K58 2014bookLife after faith : the case for secular humanism
BP75.3.A454 2014bookThe Lives of Muhammad
BP130.45.B57 2014bookQur'an in conversation
BP134.J37S27 2015bookIslam's Jesus
BP161.3.L368 2014bookControversies in contemporary Islam
BP193.5.H25 2014bookShi'i Islam : an introduction
BQ7935.B774B85 2014bookBuddhism : one teacher, many traditions
BR127.H36 2014bookHandbook of religion : a Christian engagement with traditions, teachings, and practices
BR162.3.M33 2015bookMedieval Christianity : a new history
BR165.F77 2014bookThe Jesus movement and its expansion : meaning and mission
BR305.3.O94 2015bookThe Oxford illustrated history of the Reformation
BR515.C69 2014bookAmerican Christianity : the continuing revolution
BR516.L96 2015bookGod and government : twenty-five years of fighting for equality, secularism, and freedom of conscience
BR517.G37 2014bookProgressive evangelicals and the pursuit of social justice
BR563.N4C47 2014bookBreaking bread, breaking beats : churches and hip-hop : a basic guide to key issues
BR1640.S88 2014bookAmerican apocalypse : a history of modern evangelicalism
BR1642.U5G47 2011bookSeeking the straight and narrow : weight loss and sexual reorientation in evangelical America
BR1725.K335A3 2010bookEvery other Monday : twenty years of life, lunch, faith, and friendship
BS580.D3W65 2014bookDavid : the divided heart
BS1285.52.C66 2014bookThe ten commandments : a short history of an ancient text
BS2545.T45J47 2014bookJesus and Temple : textual and archaeological explorations
BS2840.B87 2013bookSecret scriptures revealed : a new introduction to the Christian Apocrypha
BT771.3.Y33 2013bookAgainst dogmatism : dwelling in faith and doubt
BV652.23.T85 2007bookShopping for God : how Christianity went from in your heart to in your face
BX1070.B37 2015bookThe clergy in the medieval world : secular clerics, their families and careers in north-western Europe, c. 800-c. 1200
BX1754.M295 2015bookCatholicism today : an introduction to the contemporary Catholic Church
BX4827.K53B87 2015bookMartin Luther King, Jr., and the theology of resistance
BX5195.D9D87 2015bookDurham Cathedral : history, fabric and culture
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CB245.T88 2014bookEuropean intellectual history from Rousseau to Nietzsche
CR113.5.P75 2004bookRally 'round the flag, boys! : South Carolina and the confederate flag
DHistory: General
DA650.W535 2015bookGreat Britain
DS33.1.W45 2015bookLife along the Silk Road
DS70.5.U7C73 2015bookUr : the city of the moon god
DS108.5.D37 1994bookA day in the life of Israel
DS247.Q35K36 2015bookQatar : small state, big politics : with a new preface
DS705.H368 2015bookChina
DS786.M384 2015bookTibet.
DT2.A27 2013bookAfrica.
DT45.E376 2015bookEgypt
EHistory: America
E98.E85K45 2014bookTradition, performance, and religion in native America : ancestral ways, modern selves
E161.P66 2013bookPopular culture in American history
E169.12.S73 2015bookThe state of the American mind : [16 leading critics on the new anti-intellectualism]
E444.S55 2014bookSlave culture : a documentary collection of the slave narratives from the Federal Writers' Project
E457.25.L55M385 2015bookMary Lincoln : southern girl, northern woman
E470.C594 2015bookThe Civil War guerrilla : unfolding the black flag in history, memory, and myth
E855.P468 2015bookThe invisible bridge : the fall of Nixon and the rise of Reagan
E876.R676 2015bookThe Reagan Era : a History of the 1980s
E901.1.R83R65 2015bookThe rise of Marco Rubio
FHistory: America
F316.23.B87C74 2010bookJeb Bush : aggressive conservatism in Florida
F379.N59N437 2015bookDefying Jim Crow : African American community development and the struggle for racial equality in New Orleans, 1900-1960
F548.9.N4C438 2015bookSouth side girls : growing up in the great migration
F799.H46 2015bookJuan Bautista de Anza : the King's Governor in New Mexico
F1621.H55 2011bookA concise history of the Caribbean
F1621.M38 2010bookMosquito empires : ecology and war in the Greater Caribbean, 1620-1914
F1789.N3B533 2015dvdBlack and Cuba
F2175.C325 2011bookThe Caribbean : a history of the region and its peoples
F2211.S78 2013bookSouth America on a shoestring
F2299.B55M35 2014bookThe work of recognition : Caribbean Colombia and the postemancipation struggle for citizenship
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GT2949.W36 2015bookChopsticks : a cultural and culinary history
GV1201.34.P87 2015bookFrom playgrounds to PlayStation : the interaction of technology and play
GV1631.M35 2010bookMaking Caribbean dance : continuity and creativity in island cultures
HSocial Sciences
H61.S4435 2015bookThe SAGE dictionary of qualitative inquiry
HA35.C66 2014bookDeveloping quantitative literacy skills in history and the social sciences : a web-based common core standards approach
HB74.P65H34 2014bookThe ABCs of political economy : a modern approach
HB172.A94 2005bookMicroeconomics : explore & apply
HB501.S8922 2015bookEconomics for everyone : a short guide to the economics of capitalism
HD30.3.C658 2015bookOrganizational discourse : communication and constitution
HD53.K37 2010bookIntellectual capital : forty years of the Nobel Prize in Economics
HD9114.W47P37 2012bookThe sugar barons : family, corruption, empire, and war in the West Indies.
HD9144.C92C67 2015bookThe golden leaf : how tobacco shaped Cuba and the Atlantic world
HF5415.153.C62 2015bookPrototype to product
HF5718.22.G353 2014bookTalk like TED : the 9 public-speaking secrets of the world's top minds
HM851.D63 2011bookContext
HN90.M6K37 2007bookStand for something : the battle for America's soul
HQ75.16.U6U53 2014bookUnderstanding and teaching U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history
HV4046.B35F47 2015bookThe hero's fight : African Americans in West Baltimore and the shadow of the state
HV6295.S29B3313 2015book1000 lashes : because I say what I think
HV6322.7.M63 2015bookModern genocide : the definitive resource and document collection
HV6489.C2T48 1996bookHell's angels : a strange and terrible saga
HV8059.S6247 2015bookArms : the culture and credo of the gun
JPolitical Science
JK1899.S8M36 2015bookLucy Stone : an unapologetic life
JQ1758.A91C63 2013bookDemocracy in the Middle East : the impact of religion and education
JV151.T56 2015bookCrises of empire : decolonization and Europe's imperial states
KF352.W478 2014bookAmerican legal history : a very short introduction
KF2750.S34 2015bookThe SAGE guide to key issues in mass media ethics and law
KF4770.D47 2015bookThe challenges of mandating school uniforms in the public schools : free speech, research, and policy
L901.P58 2012bookColleges that change lives : 40 schools that will change the way you think about colleges
LA217.2.M366 2014bookDeeper learning : how eight innovative public schools are transforming education in the twenty-first century
LA229.B24 2012bookWhat the best college students do
LA229.C43 2014bookHow college works
LB15.I565 2013bookInternational education : an encyclopedia of contemporary issues and systems
LB1027.23.M24 2014bookMaking space for active learning : the art and practice of teaching
LB1028.3.B427 2014bookUnderstanding and creating digital texts : an activity-based approach
LB1028.3.B69 2012bookTeaching naked : how moving technology out of your college classroom will improve student learning
LB1028.3.G44 2013bookThe anti-education era : creating smarter students through digital learning
LB1028.3.M415 2014bookLearning online : what research tells us about whether, when and how
LB1028.5.C624 2014bookConstructing the self in a digital world
LB1029.G3N465 2014bookNew traditional games for learning : a case book
LB1044.9.C59B76 2014bookWham! : teaching with graphic novels across the curriculum
LB1050.O46 2014bookThe invisible classroom : relationships, neuroscience & mindfulness in school
LB1065.R387 2014bookThe way of mindful education : cultivating well-being in teachers and students
LB1584.S6373 2014bookThe social studies curriculum : purposes, problems, and possibilities
LB1620.5.N86 2014bookDefining student success : the role of school and culture
LB1707.M27 2014bookPreparing for the classroom : what teachers really think about teacher education
LB1707.S44 2011bookStrong community service learning : philosophical perspectives
LB2157.U5M37 2011bookInto the classroom : a practical guide for starting student teaching
LB2331.72.B684 2015bookLocus of authority : the evolution of faculty roles in the governance of higher education
LB2337.4.T355 2015book501 ways for adult students to pay for college : going back to school without going broke
LB2806.36.K35 2014bookA smarter charter : finding what works for charter schools and public education
LB2826.6.A34M35 2012bookEducation in Sub-Saharan Africa : a comparative analysis
LB3013.B743 2014bookBreaking the mold of classroom management : what educators should know and do to enable student success
LB3013.J46 2012bookEffective classroom turnaround : practice makes permanent
LB3048.A65P65 2012bookThe politics of education reform in the Middle East : self and other in textbooks and curricula
LB3060.83.C36 2012bookPathways to the common core : accelerating achievement
LB3081.S48 2014bookFixing truancy now : inviting students back to class
LB3430.D53 2014bookThe teacher's guide to student mental health
LB3609.M27 2012bookCheating in college : why students do it and what educators can do about it
LC1203.M65G33 2014bookInclusive education in the Middle East
LC2669.U27 2014bookU.S. Latinos and education policy : research-based directions for change
LC3981.K33 2012bookCultural reciprocity in special education : building family-professional relationships
LC5131.S375 2013bookSchooling Hip-Hop : expanding Hip-Hop based education across the curriculum
LC5141.F35 2012bookTeaching matters : stories from inside city schools
ML3477.J667 2015bookReinventing Dixie : Tin Pan Alley's songs and the creation of the mythic South
ML3916.C655 2015bookPop Grenade : from Public Enemy to Pussy Riot : dispatches from musical frontlines / Matthew Collin.
NFine Arts
N5303.D53 2013bookThe handy art history answer book
NC825.F25A44 2014bookThe compendium of fantasy art techniques : the step-by -step guide to creating fantasy worlds, mythical characters, and the creatures of your own worst nightmares
ND1500.J38 2014bookThe complete artist's manual : the definitive guide to painting and drawing
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
P87.5.C66 2015bookThe concise encyclopedia of communication
PC4591.A43 2000bookDiccionario de sinónimos, antónimos e ideas afines
PN171.F56L55 2011bookCite right : a quick guide to citation styles--MLA, APA, Chicago, the sciences, professions, and more
PN605.I8M88 2014bookThe politics of writing Islam : voicing difference
PN1993.5.I8J673 2015bookBollywood's India : a public fantasy
PN1995.9.B795G74 2014bookBuddhism goes to the movies : introduction to Buddhist thought and practice
PN1997.2.F756 2014dvdFrontera
PN1997.2.L53 2015dvdLibertador = The liberator
PN1997.2.M44 2015dvdMcFarland, USA
PN1997.2.U53 2015dvdUnbroken
PN1997.2.U53 2015BdvdUnbroken
PN1997.2.W553 2015dvdRelatos salvajes = Wild tales
PN1997.C35139 2002dvdCamila
PN1997.L668475 2004dvdLorenzo's oil
PN2287.D325A3 2015bookYou're never weird on the Internet (almost) : a memoir
PN4783.K558 2010bookJournalistic writing : building the skills, honing the craft
PN6084.W6M35 2013bookWise women : wit and wisdom from some of the world's most extraordinary women
PN6710.C6675 2014bookComics through time : a history of icons, idols, and ideas
PN6710.M27 2013bookManga : introduction, challenges, and best practices
PN6710.M335 1994bookUnderstanding comics : the invisible art
PN6725.H69 2012bookMarvel Comics : the untold story
PN6728.A1L53 2014bookLiberty
PQ3989.3.D365M4813 2015bookThe Meursault investigation
PQ6352.G65 2015bookCervantes' Don Quixote
PR830.T3C73 2015bookGothic fiction and the invention of terrorism : the politics and aesthetics of fear in the age of the reign of terror
PR4185.A2M38 2008bookAurora Leigh
PR4194.A94 2011bookElizabeth Barrett Browning
PR4231.K36 2007bookThe dramatic imagination of Robert Browning : a literary life
PR4331.C73 2009bbookThe bard : Robert Burns, a biography
PR4388.L36 2012bookThe Cambridge introduction to Byron
PR4484.O94 2009bookThe Oxford handbook of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
PR6003.R4Z693 2015bookFatal glamour : the life of Rupert Brooke
PR6015.U9B65 1998bookBrave new world
PR6017.S5S4 2013bookA single man
PS228.V5V54 2015bookThe Vietnam War : topics in contemporary North American literature
PS648.S3B87 2008bookBusted flush : a wild cards mosaic novel
PS3511.I9G7 2008bbookThe great Gatsby
PS3551.N464Z46 2013bookMom & me & mom
PS3557.R5355S86 2002bbookThe summons
PS3560.A44C78 2008bookCruel intent
PS3561.E667O5 2003bookOne flew over the cuckoo's nest
PS3562.E78F35 2015bookThe fall : a novel
PS3563.O8749Z55 2015bookToni Morrison and literary tradition : the invention of an aesthetic
PS3573.O5877P76 1996bookThe prophetess : a novel
PS3608.O832K58 2013bookThe kite runner
PS3614.E44573I45 2014bookI'll give you the sun
PT7511.L3A813 1982bookThe atom station
PT8868.A39 2014bookHedda Gabler
PT9876.23.A49O7613 2011bookThe troubled man
PZ7.M845147Ple 2014bookPlease, Louise
Q1.N23B35 2015bookMaking Nature : the history of a scientific journal
Q181.D369 2013bookDesign, make, play : growing the next generation of STEM innovators
Q181.T35 2012bookEmpowering science and mathematics education in urban schools
QA76.5.L3776 2012bookLearning to change the world : the social impact of one laptop per child
QA76.73.C154G75 2013bookProgramming C# 5.0 : [building Windows 8, Web, and desktop applications for the .NET 4.5 framework]
QA76.73.C154S46 2013bookC# 5.0 all-in-one for dummies
QA76.73.C154S53 2013bookMicrosoft Visual C# 2013 step by step
QA76.76.A65B38 2015bookUsing apps for learning across the curriculum : a literacy-based framework and guide
QA76.9.C659K34 2014bookConnected code : why children need to learn programming
QA135.6.A33 2014bookTeaching math, science, and technology in schools today : guidelines for engaging both eager and reluctant learners
QA135.6.M378 2014bookMathematics for equity : a framework for successful practice
QA273.O46 2015bookProbabilities : the little numbers that rule our lives
QD31.3.Z86 2016bbookChemistry : an atoms first approach
QD31.3Z86 2012bookChemistry : an atoms first approach
QD33.2.G55 2012bookChemistry.
QD453.3.T759 2008bookChemistry : a molecular approach
QE28.3.W53 2013bbookHistorical geology : evolution of earth and life through time
QH442.2.N495 2015bookCloning : a reference handbook
QL615.H37 2014bookFishes : a guide to their diversity
QL638.9.E24 2015bookA pocket guide to sharks of the world
QL651.S783 2003bookA field guide to western reptiles and amphibians
QM23.2.K54 2015bookHuman anatomy : a very short introduction
QP301.R38 2013bookSpark : the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain
QP572.T4H47 2015bookTestosterone : sex, power, and the will to win
RA638.V334 2015bookVaccines and autoimmunity
RA784.B373 2014bookNutrition : a very short introduction
RC81.A2M39 2015bookMayo Clinic A to Z health guide
RC113.5.C67 2015bookHuman diseases from wildlife
RC537.S894 2014bookMy depression
RC552.P67F745 2015bookHealing the traumatized self : consciousness, neuroscience, treatment
RJ506.A9B684 2013bookAsperger's syndrome--that explains everything : strategies for education, life and just about everything else
RM301.12.V35 2015bookDavis's drug guide for nurses
SD131.W38 2014bookTrees, woods and forests : a social and cultural history
SH33.I94 1992bookAquaculture sourcebook : a guide to North American species
TD195.G3S74 2015bookShale gas and fracking : the science behind the controversy
TJ785.G37 2015bookGasoline engine management : systems and components
TX351.M6613 2015bookMedieval tastes : food, cooking, and the table
TX837.D53 2013bookThe China study cookbook : over 120 whole-food, plant-based recipes
bookBusiness and Society : a strategic approach to social responsibility and ethics. 5th Ed.
bookCorporate Financial Accounting. 11th Ed. GCC Custom
bookIRC : international residential code for one and two family dwellings
bookLatino reader : Five Centuries of an American Literary Tradition
bookMarketing : an introduction. 12th Ed.
bookMySQL. 2nd Ed.
bookNursing Made Incredibly Easy : Concussion in teenagers
bookNursing Made Incredibly Easy : Get Ready! Pediatric disaster preparedness