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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF161.H29 2014bbook10% happier : how I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works--a true story
BF161.S63613 2013bookSitting still like a frog : mindfulness exercises for kids (and their parents)
BF637.M4T65 2012abcdMeditation : practicing presence in every moment of your life
BF723.E6J64 2014bookThe children's bill of emotional rights : a guide to the needs of children
BF723.S43W65 2015dvdThe wolfpack
BL65.M4N37 2015bookMultifaith care for sick and dying children and their families : a multi-disciplinary guide
BL65.V55S24 2015bookNot in God's name : confronting religious violence
BL80.3.M66 2014bookWorld religions demystified
BM565.S216 2012bookFuture tense : Jews, Judaism, and Israel in the twenty-first century
BP80.P69P695 2015bookIf the oceans were ink : an unlikely friendship and a journey to the heart of the Qur'an
BP605.S2G65 2015dvdGoing clear : Scientology & the prison of belief
BQ2.B73 2015bookBrill's encyclopedia of Buddhism
BR516.P38 2015bookOur presidents & their prayers : proclamations of faith by America's leaders
BT303.2.A542 2014bookThe historical character of Jesus : canonical insights from outside the Gospels
BT695.5.J63 2014bookAsk the beasts : Darwin and the God of love
BX4406.5.Z8G5424 2015bookWho was Mother Teresa?
BX5199.L53A25 2002bookThe complete C.S. Lewis Signature classics
BX7260.E3M415 2008bookA short life of Jonathan Edwards
BX8526.H65 2002bookJehovah's Witnesses : portrait of a contemporary religious movement
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CB311.M34 2011bookCities of the classical world : an atlas and gazetteer of 120 centres of ancient civilization
DHistory: General
DD203W45 2013bookThe unification and consolidation of Germany and Italy 1815-90
DS134.72.L49A3 2013bookThe boy on the wooden box : how the impossible became possible... on Schindler's list
DS146.E85J56 2015bookEuropean Muslim antisemitism : why young urban males say they don't like Jews
DS558.L37 2015dvdLast days in Vietnam
DT61.B685 2008bookDaily life of the ancient Egyptians
DT107.83.G68 1997bookThe Suez crisis
EHistory: America
E76.6.W49 2015bookWhy you can't teach United States history without American Indians
E98.P76B49 2015bookBeyond germs : Native depopulation in North America
E99.D1S61815 2014bookWho was Sitting Bull?
E99.H6N45 2012bookBuffalo Bird Girl : a Hidatsa story
E99.P9C8446 2012bookCrucible of pueblos : the early Pueblo period in the northern Southwest
E99.P9W34 2014bookA Pueblo social history : kinship, sodality, and community in the northern southwest
E111.B13 2013bookWho was Christopher Columbus?
E169.1.J55 2015bookAmerican will : the forgotten choices that changed our republic
E185.615.C6335 2015bookBetween the world and me
E185.97.K5B325 2008bookWho was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
E185.97.K5W329 2011bookMy Uncle Martin's words for America : Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece tells how he made a difference
E203.A5787 2015bookThe American Revolution : writings from the pamphlet debate
E312.66.R63 2009bookBig George : how a shy boy became President Washington
E451.M352 2014bookA volcano beneath the snow : John Brown's war against slavery
E467.1.C99S76 2015bookCuster's trials : a life on the frontier of a new America
E743.S598 2015dvdThe sixties
E840.8.S26A3 2015bookBernie Sanders : in his own words : 250 quotes from America's political revolutionary
E840.8.S26A3 2015bookOutsider in the White House
E901.1.S27T37 2015bookThe essential Bernie Sanders and his vision for America
E909.O24S75 2013bookWho is Michelle Obama?
FHistory: America
F799.K56 2001bookKino's Historical memoir of Pimería Alta : an account of the beginnings of California, Sonora, and Arizona
F1230.L3413 1993bookThe Mexican dream, or, The interrupted thought of Amerindian civilizations
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GN370.C38 2014bookCauses and consequences of human migration : an evolutionary perspective
GT2060.F64 2014bookThe dress : 100 ideas that changed fashion fore
GV199.4.B46 2014bookAmerica's great hiking trails
GV199.5.S26 2010bookFifty places to hike before you die : outdoor experts share the world's greatest destinations
GV697.O9B83 2015bookWho was Jesse Owens?
GV713.W55 2016bookSport management : the basics
GV885.5.S67 2014bookSports Illustrated.
GV1132.A4.B83 2014bookWho is Muhammad Ali?
HSocial Sciences
H61.15.P477 2014bookPhilosophy of social science : a new introduction
H61.R567 2014bookPhilosophy of social science : a contemporary introduction
HB171.R676 2015bookWho gets what--and why : the new economics of matchmaking and market design
HB501.C627 2016bookCapitalism : the basics
HC79.I5D43 2013bookThe great escape : health, wealth, and the origins of inequality
HC 102.5 .T78A3 2015bbookCrippled America : how to make America great again
HC102.5.T78D36 2015bookNever enough : Donald Trump and the pursuit of success
HD61.I62 2015bookFoolproof : why safety can be dangerous and how danger makes us safe
HD1286.O77 2012bookFuture of the commons : beyond market failure and government regulation
HD9696.2.U62G3745 2013bookWho is Bill Gates?
HF5383.D425 2015bookResumes for dummies
HF5384.M547 2006bookMilitary transition to civilian success : the complete guide for veterans and their families
HF5549.5.E42E936 2014bookPowerful phrases for dealing with difficult people : over 325 ready-to-use words and phrases for working with challenging personalities
HF5636.E672 2015bookBookkeeping all-in-one for dummies
HG1573.D49 2010bookBalancing the banks : global lessons from the financial crisis
HN90.R3R355 2003bookThe radical reader : a documentary history of the American radical tradition
HQ77.95.U6N87 2015bookBecoming Nicole : the transformation of an American family
HQ471.L225 2014bookUnclean lips : obscenity, Jews, and American culture
HQ755.8.S53123 2011bookThe whole-brain child : 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child's developing mind
HQ1413.S675F33 2014bookWho is Gloria Steinem?
HV6433.I722M35 2015bookThe ISIS apocalypse : the history, strategy, and doomsday vision of the Islamic State
HV6570.3.S73H373 2015dvdHappy Valley
HV8059.C37 2015bookCitizen-protectors : the everyday politics of guns in an age of decline
HX39.5.A523C36 2015bookThe Cambridge companion to the Communist manifesto
ISSN RECORDbookNANDA nursing diagnoses : definitions and classification.
JPolitical Science
JA61.C35 2010bookHyperpolitics : an interactive dictionary of political science concepts
JA61.S37 2007bookThe Palgrave Macmillan dictionary of political thought
JV6035.H86 2014bookHumanitarian crises and migration : causes, consequences and responses
JV6035.R68 2014bookThe Routledge international handbook of migration studies
JV6217.M56 2012bookMigration, work and citizenship in the new global order
JV7412.B47 2010dvdLa bestia= The beast
K3238.31948.R63 2015bookThe contentious history of the International Bill of Human Rights
KD2968.N8N87 2014bookNursing law and ethics
KD3946.J65 2015bookMagna Carta : the birth of liberty
KF750.Z9C586 2014bookPlan your estate
KF4558 14th.G55 2013bookCongress and the Fourteenth Amendment : enforcing liberty and equality in the states
KF4558 14th.M34 2013bookAmerican founding son : John Bingham and the invention of the Fourteenth Amendment
KF4749.B45 2015bookThe Bill of Rights : the fight to secure America's liberties
KF4749.C32 2015bookA more perfect union : what we the people can do to protect our constitutional liberties
KF4749.G37 2012bookLimited government and the Bill of Rights
KF4749.G65 2015bookMisreading the bill of rights : top ten myths concerning your rights and liberties
KF9795.M37 2012bookShould juveniles be tried as adults?
KFC129.C374 2015dvdThe case against 8
LA217.2.M398 2015bookRace to the bottom : corporate school reform and the future of public education
LA222.S545 2013bookThe new American high school
LA226.G395 2015bookThe history of American higher education : learning and culture from the founding to World War II
LA226.T43 2014bookEssential documents in the history of American higher education
LA226.T45 2011bookA history of American higher education
LB41.C18 2012bookClassic and contemporary readings in the philosophy of education
LB1025.3.J43 2015bookMindfulness for teachers : simple skills for peace and productivity in the classroom
LB2350.5.F73 2015bookColleges that create futures : 50 schools that launch careers by going beyond the classroom
LC191.2.S632 2016bookSociology of education : a critical reader
LC212.42.W53 2013bookEbony & ivy : race, slavery, and the troubled history of America's universities
LC2330.B76 2015bookWho is Malala Yousafzai?
LC5131.F35 2014bookFailing at school : lessons for redesigning urban high schools
ML420.C3944T94 2014dvd20,000 days on earth
ML420.W553A3 1999bookDreamgirl ; : & Supreme faith : my life as a Supreme
ML3930.B39E34 2006bookWho were the Beatles?
ML3930.D97O36 2013bookWho is Bob Dylan?
MT35.P65 2010bookTipbook music on paper : basic theory
MT39.R83 2012bookFinale : an easy guide to music notation
MT73.5.S87 2012bookJazz composition and arranging in the digital age
NFine Arts
N7265.3.B37 1977bookSaudi Arabia : through the eyes of an artist
NA440.S425 2011bookThe Gothic enterprise : a guide to understanding the medieval cathedral
ND259.K33F33 2013bookWho was Frida Kahlo?
ND259.K33R44 2014bookFrida & Diego : art, love, life
ND3125.R48 2007bookThe revival of medieval illumination : nineteenth-century Belgium manuscripts and illuminations from a European perspective = Renaissance de l'enluminure médiévale : manuscrits et enluminures belges du XIXe siècle et leur contexte européen
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
P29.M34 2014bookThe concise Oxford dictionary of linguistics
PB2202.N49 1998bookThe new companion to the literature of Wales
PC4640.C53 2015bookCollins Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionary = Collins Diccionario Español-inglés, inglés-español .
PC5333.L36 2008bookLarousse concise dictionary : Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese
PE1128.L574 2012bookEnglish explained 3, : ESL made easy with the be/have/(do) grammar matrix
PN41.R4 2002bookThe reader's companion to world literature
PN494.B49 2010bookBeyond bars : 50 years of the pen writers in prison committee
PN1021.N39 2012bookThe Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics
PN1995.9.F36E534 2008dvdEnchanted
PN1997.2.C465 2008dvdThe chronicles of Narnia
PN1997.2.D433 2010dvdDear John
PN1997.2.D4345 2015dvdDear white people
PN1997.2.E28 2010dvdEat pray love
PN1997.2.H865 2014dvdThe hunger games.
PN1997.2.H866 2015dvdThe Hunger Games. Part 1
PN1997.2.L68 2015dvdLove & mercy
PN1997.2.M678 2013dvdThe mortal instruments : city of bones.
PN1997.2.S753 2015dvdStill Alice
PN1997.2.T36 2015dvdTangerines
PN1997.2.T56 2010dvdThe time traveler's wife
PN1997.2.T563 2015dvdTimbuktu
PN1997.2.V69 2012dvdThe vow
PN1997.F753 2003dvdFrida
PN1997.O5342 2010cdvdOne flew over the cuckoo's nest
PN1998.3.P4575L44 2015bookTyler Perry's America : inside his films
PN4728.H366 2014bookA dictionary of journalism
PQ4866.O2B5313 2004bookThe Peasants bible ; : and, the story of the tiger
PQ8180.17.A73Z96 1990bookGabriel García Márquez : One hundred years of solitude
PR1134.B74 2008bookBritish literature, 1640-1789 : an anthology
PR1217.P66 2002bookPoetry from 1660 to 1780 : Civil War, restoration, revolution
PR1293.A58 2008bookAn anthology of Elizabethan prose fiction
PR4479.A2F793 1999bookThe rime of the ancient mariner : complete, authoritative texts of the 1798 and 1817 versions with biographical and historical contexts, critical history, and essays from contemporary critical perspectives
PR6023.A93Z634 2015bookThe American Lawrence
PR9265.9.J358B75 2014bookA brief history of seven killings : a novel
PR9387.9.D54U53 2008bookUnbridled : a novel
PS508.N3J55 2015bookThese truly are the brave : an anthology of African American writings on war and citizenship
PS3545.H16A6 2015bookFour novels of the 1920s
PS3545.I342Z626 2013bookWho Was Laura Ingalls Wilder?
PS3552.A45A6 2015bookLater novels
PS3552.E2316A6 2015bookPerchance to dream : selected stories
PS3569.E6Z79 2013bookWho was Maurice Sendak?
PS3606.L6813T87 2015bookThe Turner house
PS3607.R6344F38 2015bookFates and furies
PS3610.O3A6 2015bookFortune smiles : stories
PS3612.E3353A83 2014bookAncillary justice
PS3619.M5955Z46 2015bookOrdinary light : a memoir
PS3625.A674L58 2015bookA little life : [a novel]
PS26022013bookThe Raven : tales and poems
PS26032015bookThe annotated Poe
PT9876.3.R3A2 2006bookThe great enigma : new collected poems
PZ7.K117443Im 2013bookThe immortal rules
PZ7.S64257Gr 2015bookGrasshopper jungle : a history
PZ7.T214826Dau 2012bookDaughter of smoke & bone
QA5.C53 2014bookThe concise Oxford dictionary of mathematics.
QA76.7.B357 2014bookIntroduction to programming languages
QA76.73.C154H55 2015bookC# 6.0 cookbook
QA155.P75 2015bookThe Princeton companion to applied mathematics
QA273.25.H78 2014bookSchaum's outlines : probability, random variables, and random processes
QA297.S59 2015bookMATLAB for dummies
QC5.O84 2015bookA dictionary of physics
QC16.E5C343 2015bookAn Einstein encyclopedia
QH345.M66 2011bookBiochemistry for dummies
QL430.3.O2M66 2015bookThe soul of an octopus : a surprising exploration into the wonder of consciousness
QL651.T55 2015bookTracks & sign of reptiles & amphibians : a guide to North American species
QL758.W55 2014dvdWild predator invasion
QL807.J8613 2015bookJunqueira's basic histology : text and atlas
QM451.H18 2015bookNeuroanatomy in clinical context : an atlas of structures, sections, systems, and syndromes
QP141.S56 2014bookThe complete guide to nutrients : an A-Z of superfoods, herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements
QP249.K64 2013bookRenal physiology
QR56.S74 2015bookMicrobiology for dummies
R724.N347 2015bookThinking critically.
R726.Y85 2015bookAssisted suicide : the liberal, humanist case against legalization
R733.M37 2015bookThe home reference to holistic health & healing : easy-to-use natural remedies, herbs, flower essences, essential oils, supplements, and therapeutic practices for health, happiness, and well-being
R859.7.S43J64 2016bookCase studies in patient safety : foundations for core competencies
RA645.O23S74 2015bookObesity : a reference handbook
RA645.O23S94 2015dvdSweet revenge : turning the tables on processed food
RC48.8.B47 2014bookRare diseases and orphan drugs : keys to understanding and treating the common diseases
RC86.9.C426 2015bookBarron's EMT : emergency medical technician exam
RC111.W39 2015bookInfectious disease : a very short introduction
RC262.C37 2014bookSurvivorship : living well during and after cancer
RC271.D52L46 2015bookAfter cancer care : the definitive self-care guide to getting and staying well for patients after cancer
RC275.C36 2015dvdCancer : the emperor of all maladies
RC280.P7E44 2015book100 questions & answers about prostate cancer
RC310.F674 2015dvdThe forgotten plague
RC375.F87 2013bookTicked : a medical miracle, a friendship, and the weird world of Tourette syndrome
RC377.M33 2015bookMultiple sclerosis from both sides of the desk : two views of MS through one set of eyes
RC437.D45 2015bookEncyclopedia of asylum therapeutics, 1750-1950s
RC440.P764 2016bookPsychiatric nursing made incredibly easy!
RC440.T69 2015bookPsychiatric nursing : assessment, care plans, and medications
RC440.V374 2015bookManual of psychiatric nursing care planning : assessment guides, diagnoses, psychopharmacology
RC467.F54 2015bookEssential abnormal & clinical psychology / : Matt Field and Sam Cartwright-Hatton.
RC483.P735 2014bookClinical psychopharmacology made ridiculously simple
RC552.E18H36 2016bookHandbook of assessment and treatment of eating disorders
RC552.P67M68 2015bookThe evil hours : a biography of post-traumatic stress disorder
RC564.A525 2015bookThe American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of substance abuse treatment
RC569.5.S48S56 2015bookCutting and self-harm
RC660.4.R83 2015bookDiabetes for dummies
RC961.6.O946 2014bookOxford handbook of tropical medicine
RD93.95.W68 2016bookWound care made incredibly easy!
RD97.I56 2015bookThe IOC manual of emergency sports medicine
RD99.25.C65 2011bookMed-surg success : a Q&A review applying critical thinking to test taking
RM125.N82bookSaunders nursing drug handbook.
RM301.12.G65 2014bookGoodman and Gilman's manual of pharmacology and therapeutics, editors Randa Hilal-Dandan, Laurence L. Brunton.
RM301.28.B37 2015bookBasic & Clinical Pharmacology
RM301.P457 2016bookLehne's pharmacology for nursing care
RS122.5.I57 2014bookIntroduction to the pharmacy profession
RS122.5.W43 2014bookPharmacy practice today for the pharmacy technician
RS122.95.P83 2013bookPTCB exam practice questions.
RS160.F86 2012bookFundamentals of pharmacognosy and phytotherapy
RT41.E39 2016bookNursing interventions & clinical skills
RT42.F64 2015bookComplementary and alternative therapies for nursing practice
RT42.M44 2015bookEvidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare : a guide to best practice
RT49.M38 2016bookMaternal newborn nursing care plans
RT51.G564 2015bookGlobal Health Nursing in the 21st Century
RT51.H384 2014bookPharmacology success : a Q & A review applying critical thinking to test taking
RT51.N87 2016bookNursing procedures made incredibly easy!
RT55.H32 2016bookWinningham's critical thinking cases in nursing : medical-surgical, pediatric, maternity, and psychiatric
RT55.N77 2016bookTest success : test-taking techniques for beginning nursing students
RT68.B68 2016bookMath for nurses : a pocket guide to dosage calculation and drug preparation
RT84.A24 2016bookNursing assistant : a nursing process approach
RT84.C375 2016bookLippincott textbook for nursing assistants : a humanistic approach to caregiving
TA157.S96 2015bookCareers in engineering
TH9145.D53 2016bookPrinciples of fire prevention
TJ223.P76E93 2013bookArduino in action
TJ808.R434 2015bookReal Goods solar living sourcebook : your complete guide to living beyond the grid with renewable energy technologies and sustainable living
TK140.T4M2 2014bookThe inventions, researches and writings of Nikola Tesla
TK140.T4Y68 2012bookNikola Tesla : harnessing electricity
TK148.H47 2014bookThe electrician's trade demystified
TK5101.D54 2012bookThe essential guide to telecommunications
TK6143.B4B33 2013bookWho was Alexander Graham Bell?
TK6680.5.T45 2015bookDigital video processing
TK7816.G535 2014bookBeginner's guide to reading schematics
TK7816.H335 2014bookElectronics concepts, labs, and projects : for media enthusiasts, students, and professionals
TK7819.S49 2015bookElectronics for dummies
TK7819.V37 2015bookIntegrated electronics
TK7862.B69 2012bookComplete electronics : self-teaching guide with projects
TK7868.D5N52 2015bookDigital electronics : a primer : introductory logic circuit design
TK7870.2.T66 2014bookElectronic troubleshooting
TK7870.P58 2013bookEncyclopedia of electronic components
TK7881.25.S65 2015bookHome automation for dummies
TK7881.4.R67 2015bookProducing great sound for film and video : expert tips from preproduction to final mix
TK9152.M34 2015bookAtomic accidents : a history of nuclear meltdowns and disasters
TK9961.W45 2016bookHow video works : from broadcast to the cloud
TL789.85.R53S75 2013bookWho was Sally Ride?
TR140.M345A3 2015bookHold still : a memoir with photographs
TR891.L36 2014bookLighting for cinematography : a practical guide to the art and craft of lighting for the moving image
TT503.A54 2015bookThe fashion encyclopedia : a visual resource for terms, techniques, and styles
TT507.S995 2015bookCareers in fashion
TT705.S72 2014bookThe sewtionary : an A to Z guide to 101 sewing techniques + definitions
TT713.L44 2015bookSewing essentials serger techniques : sewing secrets for getting the most from your serger
TX349.H5298 2015bookThe deluxe food lover's companion
TX553.A3W55 2009bookA consumer's dictionary of food additives
UMilitary Science
UA853.I7P67 2014bookManufactured crisis : the untold story of the Iran nuclear scare
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z286.S37B467 2013bookWhat editors want : an author's guide to scientific journal publishing
Z711.4.I57 2015bookIntellectual freedom manual
Z1033.P52M36 2015bookWonderfully wordless : the 500 most recommended graphic novels and picture books
bookColloquial Japanese : the complete course for beginners
bookFirefly encyclopedia of reptiles and amphibians
bookGlass Menagerie (Script)
bookNew Perspectives on Microsoft Excel 2013 : Introductory
bookTheatre Production : Dog Sees God (Script)