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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B358.R6 2015bookGreat dialogues of Plato : complete text of The republic, The apology, Crito, Phaedo, Ion, Meno, Symposium
B560.E5E75 2014bookDiscourses, fragments, handbook
B809.2.B69 2015bookCritical thinking : a concise guide
B819.S272 1992bookBeing and nothingness : a phenomenological essay on ontology
B2778.E5W45 2007bookCritique of pure reason
B3108.S35 2010bookThe essential Schopenhauer : key selections from The world as will and representation and other works
B3376.W561A4 2009bookMajor works : selected philosophical writings
BF449.5.I78 2015bookAha! : the moments of insight that shape our world
BF575.L7R65 2013bookLoneliness, love and all that's between : a psychological look at what makes us lonely and what keeps us in love
BF637.H4P49 2015bookThe altruistic brain : how we are naturally good
BF698.W66 2014bookExploring the essentials of healthy personality : what is normal?
BL477.F38 2015bookAngels : the definitive guide to angels from around the world
BL515.T775 2015bookReturn to life : extraordinary cases of children who remember past lives
BL2350.I7B6713 2001bookReligion in ancient Mesopotamia
BM501.F744 2014bookThe Talmud : a biography : banned, censored and burned : the book they couldn't suppress
BR115.E45J35 2015bookChristians, free expression, and the common good : getting beyond the censorship impulse
BS185 2006L65bookThe Bible : King James version with the Apocrypha
BS2850.A3A66 2011bookThe Apocryphal Gospels : texts and translations
BS2850.A3A66 2014bookThe other Gospels : accounts of Jesus from outside the New Testament
BX1378.7.W65 2015bookPope Francis : Catholic spiritual leader
BX86232003bookThe Book of Mormon : a reader's edition
DHistory: General
D157.M33 2014bookThe concise history of the Crusades
D566.R64 2015bookThe fall of the Ottomans : the Great War in the Middle East
D769.8.A6L35 2006bookImpounded : Dorothea Lange and the censored images of Japanese American internment
D769.8.A6R43 2015bookInfamy : the shocking story of the Japanese American internment in World War II
D805.J3Z364 2014bookUnbroken : a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption
DK510.766.P87S95 2015bookVladimir Putin : Russian leader
DL65.W655 2013bookViking Age : everyday life during the extraordinary era of the Norsemen
DS69.5.S65 2010bookEmpires of ancient Mesopotamia
DS481.G3R366 2014bookWho was Gandhi?
DS918.A553M36 2015bookDevotion : an epic story of heroism, friendship, and sacrifice
DT1974.W65 2015bookNelson Mandela : South African president and civil rights activist
EHistory: America
E169.12.A187 2015bookThe 50s : the story of a decade
E184.R3A4 2015dvdAmerican native
E184.S75B367 2014bookLatino America : how America's most dynamic population is poised to transform the politics of the nation
E184.S75M363 2015bookLatino stats : American Hispanics by the numbers
E185.86.N395 2015bookNew Black man
E185.86.U52G74 2015bookBlaming the poor : the long shadow of the Moynihan report on cruel images about poverty
E185.97.K5M555 2010dvdMLK : a call to conscience
E909.O24D63 2014bookMichelle Obama
FHistory: America
F436.C95H47 2013bookWho was Davy Crockett?
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GE195.W377 2015bookDemystifying sustainability : towards real solutions
GE199.N35W437 2012dvdWe are in the field : adventures of a third world environmental activist
GN360.R525 2015bookThe evolution of everything : how new ideas emerge
GV706.5.N593 2016bookSport in a changing world
GV943.49.D86 2015bookEncyclopedia of the FIFA World Cup
GV1469.3.H45 2015bookThinking about video games : interviews with the experts
GV1469.3.S83 2015bookA brief history of video games
GV1469.34.S52N47 2015bookHow do video games affect society?
GV1785.D37A3 2014bookTaking flight : from war orphan to star ballerina
HSocial Sciences
HC102.5.K65S38 2015bookSons of Wichita : how the Koch brothers became America's most powerful and private dynasty
HC110.P6M9396 2016bookEnding extreme inequality : an economic bill of rights to eliminate poverty
HD31.K5982137 2015bookGood profit : how creating value for others built one of the world's most successful companies
HD1286.O87 2015bookGoverning the commons : the evolution of institutions for collective action
HD6072.5.W65 2015bookWomen, work, and the Web : how the Web creates entrepreneurial opportunities
HD9000.5.B58 2015bookThe end of plenty : the race to feed a crowded world
HM743.F33W45 2015bookMark Zuckerberg : creator of Facebook
HQ27.B47 2014bookKids gone wild : from rainbow parties to sexting, understanding the hype over teen sex
HQ777.C544 2016bookSwimming upstream : parenting girls for resilience in a toxic culture
HQ1236.5.U6C667 2014bookA woman in the House (and Senate) : how women came to the United States Congress, broke down barriers, and changed the country
HT123.T73 2015bookThe transformation of American cities
HV569.B3S68 2014bookWho was Clara Barton?
HV1451.L48 2014bookPlanning for long-term care for dummies
HV4757.M39 2015bookThe modern savage : our unthinking decision to eat animals
HV6545.B263 2015bookThe ethics of suicide : historical sources
HX40.D5913 2010bookA dictionary of 20th-century communism
JPolitical Science
JF51.G685 2015bookGovernments around the world : from democracies to theocracies
JF1525.W45C58 2015dvdCitizenfour
JK468.S4U8 2015bookU.S. national debate topic, 2015-2016.
JV6483.T78 2015bookDreamers : an immigrant generation's fight for their American dream
KF3871.F34 2015bookFDA in the twenty-first century : the challenges of regulating drugs and new technologies
KF4749.K365 2010bookTo secure the liberty of the people : James Madison's Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court's interpretation
KF4772.S68 2009dvdShouting fire : stories from the edge of free speech
KFA2961.A29A747bookWest's Arizona criminal and motor vehicle law.
L901.K73 2014bookThe K & W guide to colleges for students with learning differences
LC2330.W36 2015bookMalala Yousafzai : Nobel Peace Prize winner and education activist
M1630.18.H35R45 2009cdRelaxation suite
ML420.L38I543 2005dvdImagine, John Lennon
ML3929.C55 2014bookBenny Goodman & Teddy Wilson : taking the stage as the first black and white jazz band in history
ML3930.B48R83 2015bookMusic was it : young Leonard Bernstein
ML3930.M75W56 2015bookHow Jelly Roll Morton invented jazz
ML3930.P73C47 2015bookElvis : the story of the rock and roll King
MT35.G495 2009bookEssentials of music notation
NFine Arts
N6275.G73 2013bookViking art
N6465.O87D75 2008dvdDriven by vision
NA5551.C5B35 2009bookUniverse of stone : Chartres Cathedral and the invention of the gothic
NB623.B9A64 2014bookStone giant : Michelangelo's David and how he came to be
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PA3054.C66 2016bookA companion to Greek literature
PA4167.B25 2000bookCliffsNotes.
PC4271.K38 2010book501 Spanish verbs : fully conjugated in all the tenses in a new, easy-to-learn format, alphabetically arranged
PE64.W5F47 2012bookNoah Webster and his words
PL537.I93 2016bookThe Routledge intermediate to advanced Japanese reader : a genre-based approach to reading as a social practice
PL3972.W55 2015bookSaffron shadows and salvaged scripts : literary life in Myanmar under censorship and in transition
PN1992.77.M95 2002dvdMy sister's keeper
PN1995.9.F36T8532 2013bdvdBreaking dawn. Part 2
PN1995.9.F67A26 2001dvdAbre los ojos
PN1995.9.M45C75646 2003dvdThe crime of Padre Amaro
PN1995.9.S26S25 2014bookSci-fi chronicles : a visual history of the galaxy's greatest science fiction
PN1997.2.A564 2000dvdÁnimas Trujano
PN1997.2.B6895 2004dvdThe Bourne identity
PN1997.2.B6972 2014dvdThe boy in the striped pajamas
PN1997.2.F47 2000dvdThe firm
PN1997.2.G847 2015dvdGüeros
PN1997.2.I54 2012dvdEl infierno
PN1997.2.J357 1999dvdJane Eyre
PN1997.2.L435 2003dvdThe league of extraordinary gentlemen
PN1997.2.M35 2005dvdLa mala educación = Bad education
PN1997.2.M57 2011dvdMiss Bala
PN1997.2.O857 2008dvdThe other Boleyn girl
PN1997.2.T435 2006dvdTemporada de patos
PN1997.2.T85 2013dvdTwilight saga. part 1
PN1997.2.W355 2007dvdA walk to remember
PN1997.5.C537 2007dvdCharlotte's web
PN1997.B5736 2011dvdBiutiful
PN1997.C7535 2010dvdCronos
PN1997.E35 2001dvd8 1/2
PN1997.H6353 2003dvdHoles
PN1997.L5852 2003dvdLittle women
PN1997.L5875 2013dvdThe little mermaid
PN1997.P6156 2004dvdThe Polar Express
PN1997.P667 2013dvdPost tenebras lux
PN1997.S55 2007dvdThe shining
PN1997.T657 2007dvdThe Films of Alejandro Jodorwsky.
PN1997.T832 2008dvd12 angry men
PN4888.P6C44 2016bookCensored 2016 : media freedom on the line : the top censored stories and media analysis of 2014-15
PN4916.L35U54 2011dvdUnheralded
PN6122.S645 2014bookSpeeches that changed the world
PN6727.P757T65 2014bookTomboy : a graphic memoir
PQ8098.1.L54A67513 2015bookThe Japanese lover : a novel
PR411.W38 2010bookRenaissance poetry and prose
PR1110.W6E49 2008bookEarly modern women's writing : an anthology, 1560-1700
PS217.R6P57 2010bookRomanticism and transcendentalism : 1800-1860
PS2602.K46 2006bookThe portable Edgar Allan Poe
PS2612.A1 2013bookTales of mystery, imagination, & humour : and Poems
PS3553.H3469P47 2012bookThe perks of being a wallflower
PS3573.O5873K56 1985bookKing Bidgood's in the bathtub
PS3602.A599Z46 2014dvdLove & terror on the howling plains of nowhere
PZ7.D153Co 2000bookThe courage of Sarah Noble
PZ7.E7158Dru 2015bookDrum dream girl : how one girl's courage changed music
PZ7.G1214Mi 2006bookMillions of cats
PZ7.G195Gra 2014bookGrandfather Gandhi
PZ7.L578345El 1997bookElla enchanted
PZ7.M5926To 2001bookTouching Spirit Bear
PZ7.N869Me 2010bookMe, Frida
PZ7.S47957Be 2012bookBetween shades of gray
PZ7.S47Wh 2013bookWhere the wild things are
PZ7.S855625Dre 2013bookThe dream thieves
PZ7.S855625Rav 2012bookThe Raven Boys
PZ7.U274Han 2014bookHana Hashimoto, sixth violin
PZ8.3.S577Sec 2006bookThe secret science project that almost ate the school
PZ8.Q42SL5 2011bookThe sleeping beauty : and other fairy tales
Q182.S368 2015bookScience workbook for the GED test
QA76.9.A25R574 2014dvdRise of the hackers
QC173.59.S65M88 2015bookSpooky action at a distance : the phenomenon that reimagines space and time-- and what it means for black holes, the big bang, and theories of everything
QC773.3.U5.T756 2006dvdTrinity and beyond : the atomic bomb movie
QC773.U5T756 2006bdvdTrinity and beyond : the atomic bomb movie
QH510.5.S68 2010dvdSoundtracker : a portrait of Gordon Hempton
QM551.R67 2016bookHistology : a text and atlas : with correlated cell and molecular biology
QR171.I6C65 2015book10% human : how your body's microbes hold the key to health and happiness
R858.W385 2015bookThe digital doctor : hope, hype, and harm at the dawn of medicine's computer age
RA427.8.F62 2015bookCultural sensibility in healthcare : a personal & professional guidebook
RA427.C44 2015bookClimate change and public health
RA638.H47 2015bookYour baby's best shot : why vaccines are safe and save lives
RA643.8.P55313 2015bookAIDS between science and politics
RA776.75.G55 2015bookSpring chicken : stay young forever (or die trying)
RC266.C45 2014bookChemotherapy and biotherapy guidelines and recommendations for practice
RC280.B8H87 2015bookBald is better with earrings : a survivor's guide to getting through breast cancer
RC280.K5C34 2016book100 questions & answers about kidney cancer
RC280.O8D55 2016book100 questions and answers about ovarian cancer
RC375.F744 2015bookTics and tourette syndrome : key clinical perspectives
RC394.A5F67 2011dvdForgetting Dad
RC435.2.R65 2015bookClassic case studies in psychology
RC437.5.S244 2015bookKaplan & Sadock's synopsis of psychiatry : behavioral sciences/clinical psychiatry
RC440.K38 2014bookPsychiatric and mental health nursing demystified
RC483.5.L9S57 2014bookAcid test : LSD, Ecstasy, and the power to heal
RC489.A72H38 2015bookArt therapy & the neuroscience of relationships, creativity, & resiliency : skills and practices
RC521.D4546 2015bookDementia, culture, and ethnicity : issues for all
RC531.A59 2016bookAnxiety disorders : DSM-5 selections.
RC547.K79 2015bookKryger's sleep medicine review : a problem-oriented approach
RC670.5.H45H46 2016bookHemodynamic monitoring made incredibly visual
RC683.5.E5E256 2016bookECG interpretation made incredibly easy!
RC806.B69 2015bookThe everything guide to gut health : boost your immune system, eliminate disease, restore digestive health
RE51.A33 2014bookHealthy vision : prevent and reverse eye disease through better nutrition
RJ61.Y66 2015bookYour baby's first year
RJ245.R87 2015bookFast facts for the pediatric nurse : an orientation guide in a nutshell
RJ496.T68C66 2011bookThe Tourette syndrome & OCD checklist : a practical reference for parents and teachers
RJ506.A9W365 2013bookAutism : a social and medical history
RM138.C28 2015bookOff-label prescribing : justifying unapproved medicine
RM666.H33V367 2015bookPhytomedicines, herbal drugs, and poisons
RS122.5.C35 2014bookLetters to a young pharmacist : sage advice on life & career from extraordinary pharmacists
RS122.95.O77 2014bookJump-starting a career in pharmaceuticals
RT86.3.A76 2015bookInterpersonal relationships : professional communication skills for nurses
RT86.54.C83 2014bookCultural competence in caring for Muslim patients
RT87.T45T49 2015bookOxford textbook of palliative nursing
RT108.N87 2015bookNurses and disasters : global, historical case studies
RT120.I5C766 2016bookCritical care nursing made incredibly easy!
SF140.L58F37 2015bookProject animal farm : an accidental journey into the secret world of farming and the truth about our food
TA140.F455D38 2014bookMr. Ferris and his wheel
TJ810.5.N49 2015bookSolar energy : a reference handbook
TK140.T4C47 2001bookTesla : man out of time
TK146.G37 2014bookIntroduction to basic electricity and electronics technology
TK146.M376 2013bookElectricity and basic electronics
TK6655.V5M88 2014bookSingle-camera video production
TK7816.W47 2015dvdBasic electronics : theory and practice
TK7819.G37 2014bookMaking everyday electronics work : a do-it-yourself guide
TK7819.H85 2015bookPractical electronics : components and techniques
TK7867.T6583 2015bookElectronic circuits : fundamentals and applications
TK7881.4.V539 2012bookThe location sound bible : how to record professional dialogue for film and TV
TK9956.G4672 2015bookHam and shortwave radio for the electronics hobbyist
TL540.E3M333 2014bookAmelia Earhart
TR267.G475 2015bookDigital nature photography : the art and the science
TT505.C45H457 2015bookCoco and the little black dress
TX392.W38 2014bookPlant-based diet for dummies
UMilitary Science
UB357.M87 2014bookDown range : a transitioning veteran's career guide to life's next phase
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z731.W734 2015bookPart of our lives : a people's history of the American public library
bookInner peace
cdLove is space
cdThe essence