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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B312.E5T74 1990bookConversations of Socrates
B358.T7 2010bookThe last days of Socrates
B407.A2713 2001bookThe basic works of Aristotle
B430.A5C75 2014bookNicomachean ethics
B512.E66 2015bookEpicurus and the Epicurean tradition
B803.O9483 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of theology and modern European thought
B3376.W563P53 2009bookPhilosophische Untersuchungen = Philosophical investigations
B3376.W563T7313 2014bookTractatus logico-philosophicus
B3973.E5C8 1996bookEthics
BF173.C79 2014bookAbnormal psychology
BF575.E55L56 2015bookIntellectual empathy : critical thinking for social justice
BF575.F14F567 2016bookFailure : why science is so successful
BF636.6.H63 2012book101 careers in counseling
BF698.9.O3T54 2014bookDo what you are : discover the perfect career for you through the secrets of personality type
BF723.B5S25 2012bookThe secret power of middle children : how middleborns can harness their unexpected and remarkable abilities
BF1141.T42 2004bookComplete idiot's guide to hypnosis
BL795.W65C66 2010bookPortrait of a priestess : women and ritual in ancient Greece
BL1225.L32R46 2010bookInvoking Lakshmi : the goddess of wealth in song and ceremony
BL2220.L58 2011bookUnderstanding Shinto : origins, beliefs, practices, festivals, spirits, sacred places
BL2747.3.R835 2015bookAtheism : what everyone needs to know
BM526.K33 2014dvdKabbalah me
BM695.S8S855 2014dvdSukkah City
BP75.M16 2015bookThe expeditions : an early biography of Muḥammad
BR115.P7S2735 2013bookAn age of infidels : the politics of religious controversy in the early United States
BR325.H37 2015bookMartin Luther : visionary reformer
BR516.P67 2015bookConceived in doubt : religion and politics in the new american nation.
BS185 2015 .N48bookThe Holy Bible : containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues.
BT707.6.A24 2014bookThe Bible's yes to same-sex marriage : an evangelical's change of heart
BV4501.3.H47 2015bookLean into grace : power up for a fierce & fearless life
BV4909.H375 2014bookThe way back from loss : reassembling the pieces of a broken life
BX7260.E3B49 2014bookJonathan Edwards and the church
BX7260.E3M34 2012bookThe theology of Jonathan Edwards
BX9418.P344 2006bookJohn Calvin : a biography
BX9418.S3513 2009bookJohn Calvin : a pilgrim's life
BX9454.T74 2013bookThe Huguenots
BX86232008bbookThe Book of Mormon
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CB425.W38 2015bookThe fate of man : an unemotional statement of the things that are happening to him now, and of the immediate possibilities confronting him.
CT274.M31M32 2014bookThe wild truth
CT788.R534B79 2014bookThe right word : Roget and his thesaurus
DHistory: General
D52.A42 2015bookThe ancient world : (2700 B.C.E. - c.500 C.E.)
D113.M53 2015bookThe Middle Ages (476-1500)
D228.G73 2005bookGreat events from history.
D769.2.K54 2013bookA call to arms : mobilizing America for World War II
D804.3.M34 2013bookFDR and the Holocaust : a breach of faith
D810.W7B49 2015bookBeyond Rosie : a documentary history of women and World War II
DA27.5.E83 2008bookEngland
DA28.35.W54W56 2011dvdThe Windsors : from George to Kate
DA906.V53 2008bookIreland
DA910.H44 2012bookThe story of Ireland : a history of the Irish people
DF802.K35 2015bookModern Greece : what everyone needs to know
DG203.H35 2002bookWho's who in the Roman world
DG231.B43 2015bookSPQR : a history of ancient Rome
DK508.848.Y45 2015bookThe conflict in Ukraine : what everyone needs to know
DS135.G5B333 1999bookAn underground life : memoirs of a gay Jew in Nazi Berlin
DS135.P63S68 1997bookMaus : a survivor's tale
DS371.4123.S56W45 2012bookNo way out : a story of valor in the mountains of Afghanistan
DS557.5.L37 2015dvdThe last season
DT236.L537 2015bookThe Libyan Revolution and its aftermath
DT507.A54 1996bookKofi and his magic
DT1970.O85 2014dvdThe other man : F.W. de Klerk and the end of apartheid
DU96.L56A8 2008bookAustralia and New Zealand
DU222.K4L56 2008bookNed Kelly : a true story
EHistory: America
E78.8.F58 2013bookIndian resilience and rebuilding : indigenous nations in the modern American west
E98.F7B48 2009bookThe new Native American cuisine : five-star recipes from the chefs of Arizona's Kai Restaurant
E99.P25R3 1997bookRainhouse & ocean : speeches for the Papago year
E183.8.C9H84 2014bookEconomic normalization with Cuba : a roadmap for US policymakers
E183.8.I55O9763 2014dvdOur man in Tehran
E183.G68 1993bookGreat American speeches
E184.A1F739 2015bookDiversity explosion : how new racial demographics are remaking America
E184.S75G665 2014bookA race for the future : how conservatives can break the liberal monopoly on Hispanic Americans
E184.S75M663 2014bookMaking Hispanics : how activists, bureaucrats, and media constructed a new American
E185.97.C27J63 2014bookStokely : a life
E185.97.K5M35 2008bookMartin Luther King
E337.5.T57 1987bookProslavery : a history of the defense of slavery in America, 1701-1840
E458.8.B83 2014bookWith malice toward some : treason and loyalty in the Civil War era
E464.C4384 2014bookThe Civil War, 1860-1865
E661.R576 1999bookAmerican history : the modern era since 1865
E668.R436 2014bookReconstruction era : (1865-1877)
E748.T58C74 2013bookStrom Thurmond's America
E842.Z9C653 2014bookJohn F. Kennedy
E882.M43 2015bookDestiny and power : the American odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush
FHistory: America
F157.D4T45 2013bookThe contest for the Delaware Valley : allegiance, identity, and empire in the seventeenth century
F159.B73B73 2015dvdBraddock America
F214.B56 2013bookConfederate visions : nationalism, symbolism, and the imagined South in the Civil War
F591.A547 2015bookAmerican West (1836-1900)
F869.S34H37 2012bookSan Francisco
F1230.V53 2000bookVictors and vanquished : Spanish and Nahua views of the Conquest of Mexico
F1436.C68 2015bookCountries, peoples & cultures
F1787.A64 2016dvdAmerican commandante.
F1788.G755 2012bookVisions of power in Cuba : revolution, redemption, and resistance, 1959-1971
F2321.T56 2015bookVenezuela : what everyone needs to know
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G154.5.G55A3 2014bookEat, pray, love : one woman's search for everything
G850 1910.S48V43 2008bookThe coldest place on earth
GC1085.W45 2015bookMarine pollution : what everyone needs to know
GR257.M526 2008bookRomanian fairy tales and legends
GR295.I7L35 2008bookA fistful of pearls and other stories from Iraq
GR313.T655 2015bookVietnamese children's favorite stories
GR340.O75 2002bookJapanese fairy tales
GT2690.M65 2013bookMarriage customs of the world : an encyclopedia of dating customs and wedding traditions
GT2853.U5T87 2014bookHow the other half ate : a history of working class meals at the turn of the century
GT4803.C48bookChase's ... calendar of events.
GV199.44.P18K2 2014dvdK2 : siren of the Himalayas
GV200.2.B43 2011bookBouldering : movement, tactics, and problem solving
GV706.5.W655 2016bookSocial issues in sport
GV709.G454 2013bookGender and sport : changes and challenges
GV796.G55 2015bookCourse correction : a story of rowing and resilience in the wake of Title IX
GV855.3.V64 2007bookBackcountry skiing : skills for ski touring and ski mountaineering
GV884.C88G46 2015bookStephen Curry : the incredible story of one of basketball's sharpest shooters
GV994.K56W37 2011bookGame, set, match : Billie Jean King and the revolution in women's sports
GV1132.A44T57 2016bookMuhammad Ali : a man of many voices
GV1469.3.B56 2015bookThe history of video games
GV1469.3.E44 2016bookUnderstanding video games : the essential introduction
GV1469.3.V5225 2016bookThe video game debate : unravelling the physical, social, and psychological effects of digital games
GV1469.62.D84W57 2015bookEmpire of imagination : Gary Gygax and the birth of Dungeons & Dragons
GV1785.A79D363 2015dvdThe dance goodbye
GV1785.H54M58 2014dvdMiss Hill : making dance matter
GV1787.5.B355 2014dvdBallet boys
GV1799.P7 2015dvdPS dance! : dance education in public schools.
HSocial Sciences
HB850.P67 2015dvdPopulation boom
HC102.5.M87V36 2015bookElon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a fantastic future
HD4918.L4473 2016bookThe minimum wage : a reference handbook
HD6331.F58 2015bookRise of the robots : technology and the threat of a jobless future
HD6508.G374 2014bookOnly one thing can save us : why America needs a new kind of labor movement
HD8039.T42T939 2009bookWaiting for the owl's call
HD9565.H83 2013bookLifeblood : oil, freedom, and the forces of capital
HD9577.G42B54 2015dvdBig men
HF1118.O32 2015bookThe official guide for GMAT quantitative review, 2016
HF1118.O36 2015bookThe official guide for GMAT verbal review, 2016
HF5381.P757 2015bookCompassionate careers : making a living by making a difference
HF5382.7.D35 2012bookThe 2-hour job search : using technology to get the right job faster
HF5679.B53256 2016bookQuickBooks 2016 : the missing manual
HG173.B3363 2016bookFinance : the basics
HM646.D84 2013bookUnderstanding fandom : an introduction to the study of media fan culture
HM646.F34 2014bookFan CULTure : essays on participatory fandom in the 21st century
HM646.F36 2012bookFan culture : theory - practice
HM646.J45 2013bookTextual poachers : television fans and participatory culture
HQ12.B47 2012bookSex and punishment : four thousand years of judging desire
HQ21.B547 2015bookThe boundaries of desire : a century of bad laws, good sex, and changing identities
HQ56.S49 2015dvdSex (ed), the movie : how did you learn about sex?
HQ76.3.U33G633 2014dvdGod loves Uganda
HQ77.9.R568 2011dvdRiot acts : flaunting gender deviance in music performance
HQ77.9.T45 2012bookTransgender 101 : a simple guide to a complex issue
HQ281.S76 2015dvdThe storm makers
HQ471.P46 2014bookThe philosophy of pornography : contemporary perspectives
HQ759.64.P72 2012bookPregnancy information for teens : health tips about teen pregnancy and teen parenting including facts about prenatal care, pregnancy complications, labor and delivery, postpartum care, pregnancy-related lifestyle concerns, the emotional and legal issues of teen parenting, and more
HQ759.913.W54 1997dvdWhen parents can't fix it : living with a child's disability
HQ801.82.S58 2013bookLove in the time of algorithms : what technology does to meeting and mating
HQ1001.F73 2015bookWedlocked : the perils of marriage equality : how African Americans and gays mistakenly thought the right to marry would set them free
HQ1033.R53 2015bookJustifying same-sex marriage : a philosophical investigation
HQ1061.H576 2015bookWomen in late life : critical perspectives on gender and age
HQ1061.S767 2015bookPerson-centered communication with older adults : the professional provider's guide
HQ1413.S675A3 2015bookMy life on the road
HQ1665.45.I175 2015dvdI am FEMEN
HV10.5.C375 2015bookCareers in human services
HV1461.P66 2015bookThe age of dignity : preparing for the elder boom in a changing America
HV3013.C66Y68 2013dvdYou don't need feet to dance
HV4505.A83 2014dvd@home : start the conversation
HV6322.7.R87 1998bookStatistics of democide : genocide and mass murder since 1900
HV6433.I722B46 2015bookUnderstanding ISIS and the new global war on terror : a primer
HV6433.M628B96 2015bookAl Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the global jihadist movement : what everyone needs to know
HV6787.J87 2015bookJustice statistics : an extended look at crime in the United States
HV6795.B7M55 2010bookBanned in Boston : the Watch and Ward Society's crusade against books, burlesque, and the social evil
HV7419.R346 2015bookThe Routledge guide to working in criminal justice : employability skills and careers in the criminal justice sector
HV8073.F5776 2015bookForensic science
HV8613.G458 2014bookFlogging others : corporal punishment and cultural identity from antiquity to the present
HV8658.W35H47 2013dvdHerman's house
HV8711.F54 2014dvd15 to life : Kenneth's story
HV9104.J868 2014bookJuvenile justice sourcebook
JPolitical Science
JF515.F73 2010bookDemocratic rules of order : easy-to-use rules for meetings of any size
JF1525.S4S48 2013bookSecrets and leaks : the dilemma of state secrecy
JQ1850.A91G37 2015bookThe Arab uprisings : what everyone needs to know
JV4214.C76 2015bookConquerors : how Portugal forged the first global empire
JV8259.Z6C482 2014bookIllegality, inc. : clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe
K3778.T75 2007bookThe trials of art
KF224.K55N477 2010dvdNeshoba : the price of freedom
KF245.B58 2015bookThe bluebook : a uniform system of citation
KF374.H55A55 2014dvdAnita : speaking truth to power
KF3020.D63 2014bookInformation doesn't want to be free : laws for the Internet age
KF3408.H64 2015bookThe end of American labor unions : the right-to-work movement and the erosion of collective bargaining
KF4155.5.R67 2015bookLessons in censorship : how schools and courts subvert students' First Amendment rights
KF4166.B73 2012bookGetting in the game : title ix and the women's sports revolution.
KF4242.L85 2014bookUnlearning liberty : campus censorship and the end of American debate
KF4300.W58 2008bookThe Miracle case : film censorship and the Supreme Court
KF4772.F56 2007bookFrom the Palmer Raids to the Patriot Act : a history of the fight for free speech in America
KF5053.C578 2014bookBy order of the president : the use and abuse of executive direct action
KF8744.H57 2015bookSisters in law : how Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg went to the Supreme Court and changed the world
KF9756.U57 2014dvdAn unreal dream : the Michael Morton story
KF82022014bookNation to nation : treaties between the United States & American Indian Nations
LA227.4.B59 2015bookAmerican higher education in crisis? : what everyone needs to know
LA1316.F46 2004bookLearning to bow : inside the heart of Japan
LB1590.3.C64 2015bookCritical thinking skills for dummies
LB1775.2.A44 2011dvdAmerican teacher
LB2328.15.U6W95 2014bookWhat excellent community colleges do : preparing all students for success
LB2353.68.B42 2015bookBarron's CLEP
LB2353.7.T43E93 2015book3 TEAS® practice tests : Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) version V
LB2367.3.O34bookThe official guide for GMAT review
LB3012.2.G47 2015bookCorporal punishment in U.S. public schools : legal precedents, current practices, and future policy
LC3986.G7W43 2016bookSpecial educational needs and disability : the basics
ML410.P3135Z36 2015bookPetty : the biography
ML418.H8O73 2012dvdOrchestra of exiles
ML420.K675T37 2015bookBecoming Beyoncé : the untold story
ML420.W57A49 2015dvdAmy
ML431.K45 2015bookCapturing music : the story of notation
ML1092.I2 2015dvdI dream of wires
ML3920.M89776 2015bookMusic therapy handbook
MT35.P495 2015bookHow to-- read music
NFine Arts
N50.A54bookAmerican art directory.
N2460.N49 2015dvdThe new Rijksmuseum
N6923.L33R35 2013bookLeonardo da Vinci
N7475.D42 2013bookArt as therapy
NA5453.S39 2002bookGreat cathedrals
NA5811.B28S24 2015dvdSagrada : the mystery of creation
NB1912.H55P38 2006bookThe little book of Hindu deities : from the Goddess of Wealth to the Sacred Cow
NC1763.M4C96 2015bookGraphic medicine manifesto
NC1766.5.C45C64 1997bookForbidden animation : censored cartoons and blacklisted animators in America
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
P35.5.N7N38 2015bookNative studies keywords
P94.5.A38A55 2015bookAging heroes : growing old in popular culture
P94.5.W65F36 2015bookFan girls and the media : creating characters, consuming culture
PE1117.H68N63 2008bookThe hound of the Baskervilles
PE1117.O83E83 2008bookNew York
PE1117.O868A35 2008bookCry freedom
PE1117.O9437C63 2008bookGive us the money
PE1117.O94443E83 2008bookGreat crimes
PE1119.L56 2008bookSally's phone
PE1119.V53 2008bookRed roses
PE1119.V533 2008bookPolice TV
PE1119B37 2008bookThe murders in the Rue Morgue
PE1121.M435 2008bookDisaster!
PE1126.A4B376 2008bookChanging their skies : stories from Africa
PE1126.A4B3764 2008bookCries from the heart : stories from around the world
PE1126.A4B37687 2008bookSherlock Holmes and the duke's son
PE1126.A4B376925 2012bookShirley Homes and the Lithuanian case
PE1126.A4B54 2013bookJapan
PE1126.A4B57 2008bookDrive into danger
PE1126.A4B74 2008bookMystery in London
PE1126.A4B87 2008bookThe thirty-nine steps
PE1126.A4B872 2008bookLast chance
PE1126.A4D4 2008bookNew York café
PE1126.A4E736 2013bookThe cat
PE1126.A4E83 2008bookThe Scarlet letter
PE1126.A4E8365 2008bookGirl on a motorcycle
PE1126.A4E837 2008bookGoodbye, Mr Hollywood
PE1126.A4H358 2008bbookThe death of Karen Silkwood
PE1126.A4H37 2009bookDeserts
PE1126.A4H398 2008bookThe riddle of the sands
PE1126.A4L49 2008bookThe woman in white
PE1126.A4L53 2008bookDoors to a wider place : stories from Australia
PE1126.A4L55 2013bookWilliam and Kate
PE1126.A4L83 2009bookThe girl with red hair
PE1126.A4M34 2008bookSeasons and celebrations
PE1126.A4M396 2008bookWashington Square
PE1126.A4N38 2008bookTales of mystery and imagination
PE1126.A4N493 2012bookOceans
PE1126.A4R39hu 2014bookThe human body
PE1126.A4S53 2008bookVampire killer
PE1126.A4V44 2008bookDeath in the freezer
PE1126.A4W377 2013bookThe great Gatsby
PE1126.A4W54726 2008bookAnne of Green Gables
PE1126.A4W54728 2008bookDancing with strangers : stories from Africa
PE1126.A4W54729 2008bookDavid Copperfield
PE1126.A4W5474 2010bookLeaving no footprint : stories from Asia
PE1126.A4W5475 2011bookGazing at stars : stories from Asia
PE1126.A4W5478 2008bookTess of the d'Urbervilles
PE1126.A4W5479 2012bookA time of waiting : stories from around the world
PE1126.N43A45 2010bookGandhi
PE1127.A29H37 2010bookMarco Polo and the Silk Road
PE1127.C55N49 2009bookClimate change
PE1127.D47K56 2008bookEthan Frome
PE1127.H5B37 2008bookThe USA
PE1127.L6B76 2008bookJane Eyre
PE1127.N3V53 2009bookTitanic
PE1127.S45B37 2013bookThe kiss : love stories from North America
PE1128.C366 2015bookCambridge English IELTS. : with answers : authentic examination papers from Cambridge English Language Assessment. 10 :
PE1128.C65 2015bookCollins COBUILD IELTS dictionary.
PE1128.C855 2014bookThe official Cambridge guide to IELTS : for academic & general training : student's book with answers
PE1128.E49 2015bookEssential Vocabulary for the TOEFL Test
PE1128.L6437 2014bookEssential words for the IELTS
PE1128.M74 2008bookThis rough magic
PE1128.O34 2013bookOfficial TOEFL iBT tests with audio. [Vol. 1]
PE1128.P73 2015bookPractice tests for IELTS 2.
PE1128.T585 2015bookTOEFL iBT Premier, 2016-2017.
PL248.P34K3513 2015bookA strangeness in my mind : a novel
PL248.P34Z73 2013bookOrhan Pamuk, secularism, and blasphemy : the politics of the Turkish novel
PL528.L36 2014bookWriting Japanese kana
PL528.M38 2004bookKanji fast finder
PL528.M58 2011bookLet's learn hiragana
PL528.S677 2011bookJapanese Hiragana & Katakana for beginners : first steps to mastering the Hapanese writing system : the method that's helped thousands in the U.S. and Japan learn Japanese successfully
PL536.N4701 2014bookAri to kirigirisu
PL536.N4702 2014bookInaka no nezumi to machi no nezumi
PL536.N4703 2014bookYakushima
PL536.N4711 2014bookFune
PL536.N4712 2014bookSanbiki no kobuta : Igirisu minwa yori
PL536.N4713 2014bookDōshite kōmori wa hiru, tobanai? : Isoppu monogatari yori
PL536.N4714 2014bookDōshite umi no mizu wa shiokarai?
PL536.N4715 2014bookManekineko
PL536.N47210 2014book"Futari no koibito" hoka niwa : Isoppu monogatari yori
PL536.N47211 2014bookHenzeru to Gurēteru : Gurimu dōwa yori
PL536.N4721 2014bookSaru to kani
PL536.N47212 2014bookRōjin no machi
PL536.N47213 2014bookHekkoki yome
PL536.N4722 2014bookHadaka no ōsama
PL536.N4723 2014bookAkazukin-chan : Gurimu dōwa yori
PL536.N4724 2014bookKachikachiyama
PL536.N4725 2014bookFutatsu no pan
PL536.N4726 2014bookAkuma no sanpo
PL536.N4727 2014bookJakku to mame no ki : Igirisu minwa yori
PL536.N4728 2014bookShinderera
PL536.N4729 2014bookHanasaka-jīsan
PL537.B68 2013bookJapanese reader collection. Volume 1,
PL539.5.E5H46 2004bookWelcome to Japanese : a beginner's survey of the language
PL539.G34 2015bookMore making out in Japanese
PL539.G43 2014bookMaking out in Japanese
PL585.L26 2010bookJapanese verbs & essentials of grammar
PL676.J365 2011bookJapanese English visual bilingual dictionary
PL679.K569 2013bookThe Kōdansha Kanji learner's dictionary : revised and expanded
PL788.4.G4E5 2003bookThe tale of Genji
PL812.A8W313 2002bbookI am a cat
PM2123.Z5 1998bookDictionary : Tohono O'odham/Pima to English, English to Tohono O'odham/Pima
PN56.B5J66 2016bookThe Bible and literature : the basics
PN56.M24M34 2014bookMagical realism
PN56.S5G56 2014bookGender, sex & sexuality
PN56.V53V56 2014bookViolence in literature
PN212.T445 2015bookNarrative : the basics
PN1992.4.R46A3 2015bookTroublemaker : surviving Hollywood and Scientology
PN1993.5.U6B34 2015bookA hidden history of film style : cinematographers, directors, and the collaborative process
PN1995.9.F34Z57 2011bookThe enchanted screen : the unknown history of fairy-tale films
PN1995.9.J4M38 2012bookScreen Jesus : portrayals of Christ in television and film
PN1995.9.W6C43 2015bookSportswomen in cinema : film and the frailty myth
PN1997.2.E27 2015dvdEastern boys
PN1997.2.F374 2015dvdThe farewell party
PN1997.2.G6937 2008dvdGoya's ghosts
PN1997.2.H456 2015dvdHe love me he loves me not
PN1997.2.I57 2015dvdInside out
PN1997.2.K569 2015dvdKnow how
PN1997.2.M3534 2014dvdMaidentrip
PN1997.2.P364 2015dvdPaper towns
PN1997.2.R83 2009dvdRudo y Cursi
PN1997.2.S6316 2006dvdSólo con tu pareja
PN1997.N54B57 2014dvdBirth of the living dead
PN1997.U6377 2008dvdLa misma luna : Under the same moon
PN1998.3.D576W358 2015dvdWalt Disney : he made believe
PN1998.3.L96L56 2015bookDavid Lynch : the man from another place
PN2061.S56 200dvdSimon Callow on acting in restoration comedy
PN2287.A53E93 2015bookWoody
PN3352.P62P65 2014bookPolitical fiction
PN3352.S48M66 2008bookThe artistic censoring of sexuality : fantasy and judgment in the twentieth-century novel
PN3377.5.F33F38 2014bookThe Fan Fiction Studies Reader
PN3377.5.F33J36 2013bookFic : why fanfiction is taking over the world
PN4305.M6 2013bookShort monologues for auditions
PN4832.M2bookMagazines for libraries.
PN4874.H394S655 2015dvdSmiling through the apocalypse : how my dad, Harold T. P. Hayes, rocked journalism while I was just a kid
PN4874.M86M864 2013dvdMumia, long distance revolutionary : a journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal
PN4874.P367M677 2015bookEye on the struggle : Ethel Payne, the first lady of the Black Press
PN4888.T4C73 2015bookPolls, expectations, and elections : TV news making in U.S. presidential campaigns
PN6122.A33 2012book21 speeches that shaped our world : the people and ideas that changed the way we think
PN6149.J4W44 2013dvdWhen Jews were funny
PN6725.D19967 2015bookDC Comics year by year : a visual chronicle
PN6727.S6Z465 2011dvdMetaMaus
PN6727.W267K56 2012 v.5bookThe walking dead. : a continuing story of survival horror / Book 5 :
PN6727.W267K56 2013bookThe walking dead. : a continuing story of survival horror / Book three :
PN6727.W267K56 2013 V 4bookThe walking dead : a continuing story of survival horror. Book four
PN6727.W75Z46 2015bookThings to do in a retirement home trailer park : *... when you're 29 and unemployed
PN6728.S225V38 2012 v. 3bookSaga. Volume three
PN6728.S225V38 2014 v. 2bookSaga. Volume two
PN6728.S225V38 2014 v.4bookSaga. Volume four
PN6728.S225V38 2015 v. 5bookSaga. Volume five
PN6737.W447B33 2015bookThe bad doctor : the troubled life and times of Dr. Iwan James
PQ4866.O2M513 2006bookMistero Buffo
PQ7082.N7H47 2007bookThe censorship files : Latin American writers and Franco's Spain
PQ9163.E6A15 2015book28 Portuguese poets
PR502.W27 2015bookPoetry : the basics
PR878.C45G55 2013bookBetter left unsaid : Victorian novels, Hays Code films, and the benefits of censorship
PR4034.N7 2014bookNorthanger Abbey
PR4034.P72J4 1963bookPride and prejudice : a sentimental comedy in three acts
PR4167.J33J263 2013bookJane Eyre
PR4484.W67 2010bookThe Cambridge introduction to Samuel Taylor Coleridge
PR4611.T5B37 2008bookThrough the looking-glass and what Alice found there
PR5484 .K5K52 2008bookKidnapped : the adventures of David Balfour in the year 1751
PR5812.R33 2008bookLady Windermere's fan ; : Salome ; A woman of no importance ; An ideal husband ; The importance of being earnest
PR6019.O9U6257 2014bookThe most dangerous book : the battle for James Joyce's Ulysses
PR6023.A93Z68118 2002bookD.H. Lawrence : a biography
PR6045.O72Z89231 2014bookVirginia Woolf and 20th century women writers
PR6072.I315S7 2013cdSpace
PR9387.9.E36E4 2008bookThe bride price
PS153.E95A44 2015bookAmerican writers in exile
PS153.N5H37 2015bookHarlem Renaissance
PS153.S39L43 2015bookLGBTQ literature
PS508.I45C668 2015bookContemporary immigrant short fiction
PS2382.M55 1998bookBilly Budd, sailor and selected tales
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UMilitary Science
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ZBibliography, Library Science
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