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AGeneral Works
AY81.R6O87 2016bookOur Sunday Visitor Catholic almanac 2016
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B105.P4F69 2014bookUnderstanding peace : a comprehensive introduction
B111.A33 2014bookClassical philosophy : a history of philosophy without any gaps. Volume 1
B128.C8S38 2015bookConfucius : and the world he created
B132.Y6C638 2014bookA student's guide to the history and philosophy of yoga
B162.C37 2014bookIndian Buddhist philosophy
B162.G37 2015bookEngaging Buddhism : why it matters to philosophy
B505.A33 2015bookPhilosophy in the Hellenistic and Roman worlds
B805.S76 2016bookThe Stone reader : modern philosophy in 133 arguments
B808.9.T456 2015bookWaking, dreaming, being : self and consciousness in neuroscience, meditation, and philosophy
B5305.C66 2006bookA companion to African philosophy
BF76.4.K46 2016bookEthics in psychology and the mental health professions : standards and cases
BF76.5.A7263 2014bookAPA dictionary of statistics and research methods
BF376.L48 2015bookTrauma and memory : brain and body in a search for the living past : a practical guide for understanding and working with traumatic memory
BF575.G7W6285 2015bookHealing your grieving heart after miscarriage : 100 practical ideas for parents and families
BF1576.S35 2015bookThe witches : Salem, 1692
BH108.K66 2014bookBeauty : the fortunes of an ancient Greek idea
BL51.S6145 2014bookSobering wisdom : philosophical explorations of twelve step spirituality
BL2747.3.S41924 2015bookFighting God : an atheist manifesto for a religious world
BL2747.6.R425 2015bookReligion and transhumanism : the unknown future of human enhancement
BP65.A1O94 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of European Islam
BP166.2.L38 2015bookWho is Allah?
BQ9800.T5392N4547 2015bookSilence : the power of quiet in a world full of noise
BR516.D25 2015bookThe relevance of religion : how faithful people can change politics
BR1720.A9L37 2015bookAugustine : conversions to confessions
BT712.S56 2011bookGod vs. Darwin : the war between evolution and creationism in the classroom
BX955.3.C67 2014bookThe Papacy in the modern world : a political history
BX1378.7.W55 2015bookThe future of the Catholic Church with Pope Francis
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CB351.B48 2001bookThe Middle Ages
DHistory: General
D110.S55 2013bookMiddle Ages : everyday life in Medieval Europe
D117.F8513 2015bookThe Middle Ages
D118.H23 2009bookThe complete idiot's guide to the Middle Ages
D523.W82 2013bookWorld War I companion
D804.3.S69 2015bookBlack earth : the holocaust as history and warning
DA86.22.R2A76 2000bookSir Walter Ralegh and the quest for El Dorado
DA233.O737 2013bookEdward III
DA256.L49 2013bookKingship and masculinity in late Medieval England
DA350.V65 2010bookVoices of Shakespeare's England : contemporary accounts of Elizabethan daily life
DD247.H5G49 2015bookThe life and death of Adolf Hitler
DS208.B35 2015bookA woman in Arabia : the writings of the Queen of the Desert
DS371.43.G85R62 2015bookThe Lion of Sabray : the Afghani warrior who defied the Taliban and saved the life of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell
DS495.6.T485 2013bookThe lives we have lost : essays and opinions on Napal
DS527.9.M39 2015bookMyanmar (Burma)
DS727.V57 2014bookVisualizing modern China : image, history, and memory, 1750-present
DS901.95.R53 2016bookKorea
DT1717.S686 2015bookSouth Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland
EHistory: America
E78.S7M136 1999bookCoyote : a trickster tale from the American Southwest
E99.C6V597 2012bookThe White Earth nation : ratification of a Native democratic constitution
E183.8.S65G385 2015bookSoviet leaders and intelligence : assessing the American adversary during the Cold War
E184.A1J86 2015bookBeneath the surface of white supremacy : denaturalizing U.S. racisms past and present
E184.M45Y655 2003bookFixing tradition : Joseph W. Yoder, Amish American
E185.61.C633 2014bookThis nonviolent stuff'll get you killed : how guns made the civil rights movement possible
E185.61.J695 2014bookNegroes and the gun : the Black tradition of arms
E185.615.B545 2016dvdThe Black Panthers : vanguard of the revolution
E185.615.D9449 2016bookThe Black presidency : Barack Obama and the politics of race in America
E185.86.E39 2016bookBlack lives matter
E185.97.H24N68 2015bookAlex Haley and the books that changed a nation
E185.97.H35W43 2015bookVoice of freedom : Fannie Lou Hamer, spirit of the civil rights movement
E332.2.H664 2014bookThomas Jefferson : uncovering his unique philosophy and vision
E901.1.J25A3 2015bookHow to catch a Russian spy : the true story of an American civilian turned double agent
FHistory: America
F809.3.A45285bookArizona & the Grand Canyon.
F1219.76.P55M35 2015bookAztec philosophy : understanding a world in motion
F1256.M285 2002bookOur word is our weapon : selected writings
F1783.M38L5769 2014bookJosé Martí : a revolutionary life
F1921.M645 2015bookHaiti : a primer on its revolution and diaspora
F1926.S65 2014bookLiberty, fraternity, exile : Haiti and Jamaica after emancipation
F1975.A45D46 2015bookWar against all Puerto Ricans : revolution and terror in America's colony
F2175.G52 2014bookEmpire's crossroads : a history of the Caribbean from Columbus to the present day
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G286.C25G72 1995bookThe voyage of Pedro Alvares Cabral to Brazil and India, from contemporary documents and narratives
G516.B37 2015bookFodor's the complete guide to African safaris
GR275.T35 2016bookFolktales from the Arabian Peninsula : tales of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen
GT3150.L37 2015bookThe work of the dead : a cultural history of mortal remains
GV706.4.S678 2004dvdSports psychology
GV712.F74 2016bookThe 100 most important sporting events in American history
GV854.5.U8H37 2015bookBackcountry ski & snowboard routes : Utah
GV942.7.P42A3 2015bookWhy soccer matters
GV1201.34.M55 2015bookMondo nano : fun and games in the world of digital matter
GV1469.3.A17 2013book1001 video games you must play before you die
HSocial Sciences
H62.Q47 2016bookQuestioning causality : scientific explorations of cause and consequence across social contexts
H97.C624 2015bookPhilosophy, ethics, and public policy : an introduction
HBbookThe Law by Frederic Bastiat.
HB171.N37 2014bookBig picture economics : how to navigate the new global economy
HB501.D428 2014bookCapitalism : should you buy it? an invitation to political economy
HB523.D5 2015bookThe 1% and the rest of us : a political economy of dominant ownership
HC51.P44 2013bookMass flourishing : how grassroots innovation created jobs, challenge, and change
HC59.7.N3325 2013bookCatch up : developing countries in the world economy
HC79.C6S263 2014bookAusterity : the great failure
HC79.E5S2155 2015bookThe age of sustainable development
HC79.I5B7213 2015bookThe globalization of inequality
HC106.84.C53 2014bookHard times : the divisive toll of the economic slump
HC110.P6S465 2008bookScratch beginnings : me, $25, and the search for the American dream
HC427.92.Y84 2013bookChina's growth : the making of an economic superpower
HD30.23.L578 2014bookTrillion dollar economists : how economists and their ideas have transformed business
HD30.28.H67 2012bookThe one page business plan : start with a vision, build a company!
HD61.G643 2014bookThe butterfly defect : how globalization creates systemic risks, and what to do about it
HD1691.P486 2014bookThe price of thirst : global water inequality and the coming chaos
HD2365.U779 2014bookOffshoring
HD5708.46.J36 2014bookThe causes of structural unemployment : four factors that keep people from the jobs they deserve
HD7105.45.U6R87 2014bookSocial insecurity : 401(k)s and the retirement crisis
HD7293.Z9W35 2015bookHidden in plain sight : what really caused the world's worst financial crisis and why it could happen again
HD8072.5.H35 2015bookIt's not like I'm poor : how working families make ends meet in a post-welfare world
HD9144.P82L49 2015bookPuerto Ricans in the empire : tobacco growers and U.S. colonialism
HD9710.A2T55 2015bookThe great race : the global quest for the car of the future
HF5548.4.M525W48456 2016bookOffice 2016 all-in-one for dummies
HG179.H247 2014bookBad paper : chasing debt from Wall Street to the underworld
HG4521.T97 2014bookInvesting for dummies
HG4661.S53 2014bookStocks for the long run : the definitive guide to financial market returns & long-term investment strategies
HG4751.A67 2014bookPrivate equity at work : when Wall Street manages Main Street
HG4910.M55 2013bookStock investing for dummies
HG4930.5.M36 2013bookWhat happened to Goldman Sachs? : an insider's story of organizational drift and its unintended consequences
HJ257.3.H83 2014bookA citizen's guide to deficits and debt : the politics of taxing, spending and borrowing
HJ4653.T38R67 2014bookConfidence games : lawyers, accountants, and the tax shelter industry
HM1281.M395 2015bookNonviolent resistance : a philosophical introduction
HQ27.H367 2015bookSexting panic : rethinking criminalization, privacy, and consent
HQ76.5.M49 2015bookThe moral defense of homosexuality : why every argument against gay rights fails
HQ281.C3313 2014bookSlavery Inc. : the untold story of international sex trafficking
HQ728.F454 2016bookAnatomy of love : a natural history of mating, marriage, and why we stray
HQ755.8.S298 2016bookThe collapse of parenting : how we hurt our kids when we treat them like grown-ups : the three things you must do to help your child or teen become a fulfilled adult
HQ756.F38323 2015bookFathers across cultures : the importance, roles, and diverse practices of dads
HQ759.913.B58 2015bookRaising generation Rx : mothering kids with invisible disabilities in an age of inequality
HQ799.2.V56E26 2013bookEconomics and youth violence : crime, disadvantage, and community
HQ1073.5.U6N48 2016bookThe good death : an exploration of dying in America
HQ1181.U5J86 2015bookLactivism : how feminists and fundamentalists, hippies and yuppies, and physicians and politicians made breastfeeding big business and bad policy
HQ1236.5.U6W49 2016bookWhy Congress needs women : bringing sanity to the House and Senate
HQ1381.E89 2014bookWhy gender matters in economics
HT114.C58 2014bookCities that shaped the ancient world
HT1099.M48D86 2014bookA tale of two plantations : slave life and labor in Jamaica and Virginia
HT1521.O33 2015bookThe economics of race in the United States
HV1568.D56946 2015bookDisability research today : international perspectives
HV2474.S96298 2015bookSign language archaeology : understanding the historical roots of American sign language
HV2475.S522 2015bookA historical and etymological dictionary of American Sign Language : the origin and evolution of more than 500 signs
HV2476.4.G85 2015bookLearn American sign language : everything you need to start signing now
HV5825.L436 2016bookLegalizing marijuana : a shift in policies across America
HV5840.M4C67 2013bookMidnight in Mexico : a reporter's journey through a country's descent into darkness
HV6053.A66 2015bookTrials of passion : crimes committed in the name of love and madness
HV6248.A735H64 2013bookPicture perfect : the Jodi Arias story : a beautiful photographer, her Mormon lover, and a brutal murder
HV6248.R675E55 2015bookThe man in the monster : an intimate portrait of a serial killer
HV6433.I722.M37 2016bookISIS
HV6433.N6S45413 2015bookOne of us : the story of Anders Breivik and the massacre in Norway
HV6529.D68 1996bookMind hunter : inside the FBI's elite serial crime unit
HV6529.F685 2015bookExtreme killing : understanding serial and mass murder
HV6534.C44D34 2015bookThe rising : murder, heartbreak, and the power of human resilience in an American town
HV6534.P5G76 2016bookHannah Mary Tabbs and the disembodied torso : a tale of race, sex, and violence in America
HV6534.S43S26 2016bookWhile the city slept : a love lost to violence and a young man's descent into madness
HV6535.G6L65735 2015bookThey all love Jack : busting the Ripper
HV6545.H372 2013bookStay : a history of suicide and the arguments against it
HV6561.A695 2015bookControlled : the worst night of my life and its aftermath
HV6762.U5P57 2015bookHe killed them all : Robert Durst and my quest for justice
HV7435.S68 2014bookGun crime in global contexts
HV8599.U6G67 2014bookMainstreaming torture : ethical approaches in the post-9/11 United States
HV8699.U5D337 2015bookDeath and other penalties : philosophy in a time of mass incarceration
HV8886.U5W35 2014bookChildren of the prison boom : mass incarceration and the future of American inequality
HV9471.G84 2013bookSolitary confinement : social death and its afterlives
JPolitical Science
JC591.T85 2011bookFigures of speech : first amendment heroes and villains
JC596.2.U5P77 2015bookPrivacy in the modern age : the search for solutions
JC599.U5C58 2015bookCivil rights : (1954-2015)
JK1846.B47 2015bookGive us the ballot : the modern struggle for voting rights in America
KF224.M54B87 2007bookMiranda v. Arizona : the rights of the accused
KF224.M54M66 2015bookMirandized Nation : the inside story of Ernesto Miranda and the Phoenix Police Department
KF228.B76B764 2004bookBrown v. Board : the landmark oral argument before the Supreme Court
KF228.G53P74 2007bookGideon v. Wainwright : the right to free legal counsel
KF228.O74E67 2001bookTo an unknown God : religious freedom on trial
KF228.O74E67 2009bookPeyote vs. the state : religious freedom on trial
KF228.O74L66 2000bookReligious freedom and Indian rights : the case of Oregon v. Smith
KF228.R59G647 2005bookRoe v. Wade : a women's choice
KF228.T56J64 1997bookThe struggle for student rights : Tinker v. Des Moines and the 1960s
KF228.Y63P48 2003bookThe Yoder case : religious freedom, education, and parental rights
KF336.H68 2013bookChasing Gideon : the elusive quest for poor people's justice
KF479.S43 2013bookSearch and seizure
KF3455.Z9R47 2014bookYour rights in the workplace
KF4155.C68 2003bookBrown v. Board of Education : caste, culture, and the constitution
KF4155.K55 2004bbookSimple justice : the history of Brown v. Board of Education and Black America's struggle for equality
KF4155.P87 2015bookThe pursuit of racial and ethnic equality in American public schools : Mendez, Brown, and beyond
KF4549.C656 2009bookConstitutional law stories
KF4558 1st.F57 2012bookFirst amendment stories
KF4757.5.L38A52 2006bookLatinos and American law : landmark Supreme Court cases
KF4772.H83 2011bookLet the students speak! : a history of the fight for free expression in American schools
KF4772.S53 2015bookFreedom of speech : mightier than the sword
KF8745.G56C37 2015bookNotorious RBG : the life and times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
KF9640.J288 2016bookThe power of the prosecutor : gatekeepers of the criminal justice system
KF9666.5.M87 2015bookInside the cell : the dark side of forensic DNA
KJ752.K4713 2013bookKingship and law in the Middle Ages : studies
KJC5132.D87 2015bookThe age of dignity : human rights and constitutionalism in Europe
L901.F675 2015bookThe best 380 colleges
LA627.C57bookThe medieval universities : their development and organization
LB2350.5.S94 2015bookThe other college guide : a roadmap to the right school for you
LB2353.67.A34 2015bbookAccuplacer secrets study guide : your key to exam success : practice questions and test review for the Accuplacer exam
LB3051.A238 2015bookAccuplacer mathematics exam secrets workbook secrets study guide : your key to exam success
LB3060.33.G45K37 2016bookGED test 2016 : strategies, practice, & review
LB3060.33.G45M3285 2016bookMcGraw Hill Education preparación para el examen de GED
LB3060.33.G45S437 2015bookLos secretos del examen GED guia del estudio : su llave al éxito del examen
LC45.3.B54 2015bookThe big trip : your ultimate guide to gap years and overseas adventures.
LC72.2.W55 2016bookAcademic freedom in an age of conformity : confronting the fear of knowledge
LC213.2.P46 2009bookWe are Americans : undocumented students pursuing the American dream
LC214.2.T66 2014bookSeparate is never equal : Sylvia Mendez & her family's fight for desegregation
LC5144.2.H35 2012bookEducational experiences of hidden homeless teenagers : living doubled-up
ML102.M68H572 2015bookThe encyclopedia of film composers
ML161.P39 2015bookClassical music : a chronology
ML199.B75 2011bookMusic of Latin America and the Caribbean
ML420.F778R57 2015bookRespect : the life of Aretha Franklin
ML420.S33A3 2015bookDiary of a madman : the Geto Boys, life, death, and the roots of Southern rap
ML3470.J327 2015book1965 : the most revolutionary year in music
ML3930.A53A3 2015bookTrombone Shorty
NFine Arts
N5351.P85 2014bookEgyptian art : the complete plates from "Monuments Égyptiens & Histoire de l'art Égyptien" = Ägyptische Kunst : sämtliche tafeln aus "Monuments Égyptiens & Histoire de l'art Égyptien" = L'Art Égyptien : toutes les planches de "Monuments Égyptiens & Histoire de l'art Égyptien"
N5630.O94 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of Greek and Roman art and architecture
N8600.A75bookArtist's & graphic designer's market.
NC1883.3.W37A4 2015bookAndy Warhol : the complete commissioned record covers, 1949-1987 : catalogue raisonné
NE546.P6T65 2015bookFunny bones : Posada and his Day of the Dead calaveras
NK1484.A1G73 2014bookJapanese design : art, aesthetics & culture
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PC4112.S83 2008bookIntermediate Spanish for dummies
PE1126.A4S76 2011bookStories of survival
PE1127.L6A96 2007bookPride and prejudice
PE1127.M4A44 2010bookCambridge English for nursing : pre-intermediate
PE1128.L6436 2016bookBarron's IELTS : International Language Testing System
PE2841.A53 2013dvdAmerican tongues
PJ1111.A54 2010bookThe writing system of Medu Neter : ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics
PJ6311.S25 2010bookFirst Arabic reader : bilingual for speakers of English
PK2598.Z95E5 1990bookHimalayan voices : an introduction to modern Nepali literature
PL3956.T75 2005bookTrilingual illustrated dictionary : English-Myanmar-Karen
PN147.5.R65 2013bookWriting Children's books for dummies
PN1580.B35 2016bookThe world's your stage : how performing artists can make a living while still doing what they love
PN1995.62.G45 2015bookDirty words & filthy pictures : film and the First Amendment
PN1995.9.C55P5937 2007dvdPixar short films collection. Volume 1
PN1995.9.M25D38 2012bookThe makeup artist handbook : techniques for film, television, photography, and theatre
PN1995.9.S87D385 2006dvdThe Da Vinci Code
PN1995.R6855 2014bookThe Routledge encyclopedia of film theory
PN1997.2.A15 2016dvdThe 33
PN1997.2.B335 2015dvdBack to the future : 30th anniversary trilogy
PN1997.2.B75 2016dvdBridge of spies
PN1997.2.K8662 2011bdvdKung fu panda 2
PN1997.2.S59 2013dvdSkyfall
PN1997.2.S66 2016dvdSpotlight
PN1997.2.T78 2016dvdTrumbo
PN1997.2.W56 2014dvdThe wind rises
PN1997.H38 2006dvdHauru no ugoku shiro= Howl's moving castle
PN1997.T7862 1998dvdThe Truman show
PN2068.C595 2012bookA complete guide to special effects makeup
PN2275.A75C65 2015bookArizona on stage : playhouses, plays, and players in the territory, 1879-1912
PN3433.6.G75 2015bookScience fiction theology : beauty and the transformation of the sublime
PN4788.P38 2013bookInforming the news : the need for knowledge-based journalism
PN4833.B75 2016bookJournalism next : a practical guide to digital reporting and publishing
PN6101.P544 2014bookPoetry of witness : the tradition in English, 1500-2001
PQ1575.A23 1997bookThe selected writings of Christine de Pizan : new translations, criticism
PQ2625.O45V6bookExiling the poets : the production of censorship in Plato's Republic
PQ3946.5.E5P64 2015bookPoetry of Haitian independence
PQ4865.C6N8613 2015bookNumero zero
PQ9698.13.O3546A85 2014bookO Alquimista
PR2894.R438 2003dvdReduced Shakespeare Company : complete works.
PR2983.S467 2015bookThe year of Lear : Shakespeare in 1606
PR6023.A93Z62319 2002bookD.H. Lawrence : self and sexuality
PR6120.E655A6 2015bookBrand new ancients
PR6120.E655A64 2015bookHold your own
PR9272.9.W3A6 2014bookThe Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013
PR9275.S263P47645 2015bookThe lost child
PR9387.9.S27Z58 2005bookDance the guns to silence : 100 poems for Ken Saro-Wiwa
PS65.C46C45 2002bookCensored books II : critical viewpoints, 1985-2000
PS65.C46C46 2001bookCensored books : critical viewpoints
PS310.N3F45 2009bookCan poetry save the earth? : a field guide to nature poems
PS509.H57S68 2011bookSovereign erotics : a collection of two-spirit literature
PS595.E54P64 2016bookPoetry of resistance : voices for social justice
PS595.F45P64 2009bookPoems from the women's movement / edited by Honor Moore.
PS595.S75L58 2012bookLove rise up : an anthology : poems of social justice, protest & hope
PS3527.A15Z783 2016bookLolita
PS3537.T143A6 2014bookAsk me : 100 essential poems
PS3537.T143W37 1998bookThe way it is : new & selected poems
PS3545.H5187A6 2011bookIn the words of E.B. White : quotations from America's most companionable of writers
PS3545.H5187Z925 2011bookThe story of Charlotte's web : E.B. White's eccentric life in nature and the birth of an American classic
PS3555.N4254Z46 2015bookEnchanted air : two cultures, two wings : a memoir
PS3556.O68C6 1981bbookThe country between us
PS3556.R352Z93 2015bookJonathan Franzen : the comedy of rage
PS3558.E4775F74 2006bookFreddy and Fredericka
PS3561.I483G73 1999bookThe green mile : the complete serial novel
PS3562.O75S5 2007bookSister outsider : essays and speeches
PS3563.A73345E22 2010bookEach and her
PS3565.C57Z62 2016bookShort fiction of Flannery O'connor
PS3565.R77F7 2000bookFrom Sand Creek
PS3568.A572C58 2014bookCitizen : an American lyric
PS3573.R497P64 2015bookThe Poet, the Lion, Talking Pictures, El Farolito, a Wedding in St. Roch, the Big Box Store, the Warp in the Mirror, Spring, Midnights, Fire & All
PS3602.R722355M39 2015bookMaya's blanket
PS3603.H484L66 2013bookLoose change : poems
PS3607.R348P75 2009bbookPride and prejudice and zombies
PS3608.E264S73 2016bookStaked
PS3620.H75C63 2015bookCode of conduct : a thriller
PS3620.H75L56 2011bookThe Lions of Lucerne
PS3620.U763H47 2005bookHere, bullet
PS3623.H57873B66 2009bookBone light : poems
PZ7.1.M38Fin 2015bookFinding Winnie : the true story of the world's most famous bear
PZ7.7.J36Ro 2015bookRoller girl
PZ7.B132185Sh 2010bookShip breaker
PZ7.B7247War 2015bookThe war that saved my life
PZ7.B7386Go 2009bookGoing bovine
PZ7.D3388Day 2013bookThe day the crayons quit
PZ7.H1165Cu 2004bookThe curious incident of the dog in the night-time
PZ7.H389Wai 2015bookWaiting
PZ7.M512765Man 2015bookMango, Abuela, and me
PZ7.P3725Las 2015bookLast stop on Market Street
PZ7.Q438Gab 2014bookGabi, a girl in pieces
PZ7.R83138Bon 2015bookBone Gap
PZ7.R9553Ec 2015bookEcho : a novel
PZ7.S4484Mi 2013bookMidwinter blood
PZ7.W6713Gon 2015bookGone crazy in Alabama
PZ8.P426Fai 2015bookFairy tales of Charles Perrault
PZ76.3.K35 2015bookEl perro con sombrero : a bilingual doggy tale
Q143.H9W85 2015bookThe invention of nature : Alexander von Humboldt's new world
QA76.63.F372 2013bookProgramming logic and design : comprehensive
QA76.73.J38G66 2014bookData structures and algorithms in Java
QA76.73.J38W557 2013bookNode.js the right way : practical, server-side JavaScript that scales
QA76.73.P98M839 2014bookBeginning programming with Python® for dummies®
QA76.76.A54D39 2015bookAngularJS, JavaScript, and jQuery all in one in 24 hours
QA76.76.A63D64 2015bookPro REST API development with Node.js
QA76.9.C64W46 2015bookDigital literacy for dummies
QA76.9.D32O67 2011bookDatabases demystified
QB605.2.V85L48 2015bookThe hunt for Vulcan : ...and how Albert Einstein destroyed a planet, discovered relativity, and deciphered the universe
QC26.D49 2015bookThe science of the perfect swing
QC176.8.N35M355 2014bookToward a new dimension : exploring the nanoscale
QC903.N8545 2013bookThe climate casino : risk, uncertainty, and economics for a warming world
QC945.S4728 2015bookSea of storms : a history of hurricanes in the greater Caribbean from Columbus to Katrina
QH78.R33 2016dvdRacing extinction
QH109.A1R34 2014bookWildlife of the Caribbean
QH314.G57 2015bookPlanning a career in biomedical and life sciences : making informed choices
QH442.6.S74 2015bookCultural politics and the transatlantic divide over GMOs
QK99.A1R48 2014bookThe review of natural products : the most complete source of natural product information.
QL337.S66W58 2011bookWildlife of Southern Africa
QL548.P43 2015bookThe butterflies of North America : Titian Peale's lost manuscript
QL696.P7M79 2010bookKakapo rescue : saving the world's strangest parrot
QL696.P7R68 2013bookParrots over Puerto Rico
QL737.C23P32 2015bookLions in the balance : man-eaters, manes, and men with guns
QL737.C5T896 2015bookThe secret lives of bats : my adventures with the world's most misunderstood mammals
QP360.A48 2015bookThe man who wasn't there : investigations into the strange new science of the self
QP360.G377 2015bookThe biological mind : a philosophical introduction
R121.F47 2015bookIntuitive interpreting : a Spanish medical dictionary mastered for the professional interpreter
R123.J66 2016bookAcquiring medical language
R724.J66 2015bookClinical ethics : a practical approach to ethical decisions in clinical medicine
R726.8.P35 2015bookPalliative care nursing at a glance
R728.H37 2014bookHIPAA plain and simple : after the final rule
R838.5.M3 2015bookMCAT quicksheets.
R838.5.M337 2015bookMCAT biology review
R838.5.M68 2015bookMCAT behavioral sciences review
R838.5.M682 2015bookMCAT biochemistry review
R838.5.M684 2015bookMCAT critical analysis and reasoning skills review
R838.5.M685 2015bookMCAT general chemistry review
R838.5.M686 2015bookMCAT organic chemistry review
R838.5.M687 2015bookMCAT physics and math review
R857.M3S79 2014bookBiomaterials innovation : bundling technologies and life
RA399.A1C87 2014bookThe quality cure : how focusing on health care quality can save your life and lower spending too
RA412.3.B37 2015bookMedicare for dummies
RA413.5.U5K655 2016bookHealth insurance and managed care : what they are and how they work
RA416.5.U6T65 2016bookRemaking the American patient : how Madison Avenue and modern medicine turned patients into consumers
RA441.S56 2016bookGlobal health 101
RA638.R57 2016bookThe vaccination debate
RA971.23.M87 2015bookHealthcare information security and privacy
RA971.K48 2014bookThe HCAHPS handbook 2 : tactics to improve quality and the patient experience
RA981.A2A64 2015bookAHA guide to the health care field 2016.
RA982.C6C67 2014bookThe Cleveland Clinic way : lessons in excellence from one of the world's leading healthcare organizations
RA1141.M85 2014bookThe violence of care : rape victims, forensic nurses, and sexual assault intervention
RA1151.C67 2016bookCore curriculum for forensic nursing
RB113.P675 2014bookPorth's pathophysiology : concepts of altered health states
RB150.F37A45 2015bookUnderstanding chronic fatigue syndrome : an introduction for patients and caregivers
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UMilitary Science
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ZBibliography, Library Science
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