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Agriculture Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
Bibliography, Library Science Education
Fine Arts History: America
History: General Language, Literature, Popular Films
Law Medicine
Music Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Political Science Science
Social Sciences Technology

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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B105.A55R33 2013bookAnimal bodies, Renaissance culture
BF637.S8B9 2006bookThe secret
BF637.S8C68 2013bookThe 7 habits of highly effective people : powerful lessons in personal change
BF692.H4475 2016bookHooking up : the psychology of sex and dating
BP172.G738 2015bookHow not to kill a Muslim : a manifesto of hope for Christianity and Islam in North America
BX1751.3.W35 2016bookRoman Catholicism : the basics
DHistory: General
D412.6.W55 2016bookWe the people : the modern-day figures who have reshaped and affirmed the founding fathers' vision of America
DA589.8.J66 2016bookBritain and the European Union
DG70.P7D39 2014bookA day of fire : a novel of Pompeii
DK651.C44G37 2016bookPutin country : a journey into the real Russia
DR441.H69 2016bookThe history of Turkey
DS79.76.F338A3 2016bookConsequence : a memoir
DS98.6.D54 2016bookThe morning they came for us : dispatches from Syria
EHistory: America
E176.1.G824 2016bookRepublic of spin : an inside history of the American presidency
E332.2.G669 2016book"Most blessed of the patriarchs" : Thomas Jefferson and the empire of the imagination
E470.W47 2014bookThe West Point history of the Civil War
E813.C65 2016bookThe Cold War (1945-1991)
FHistory: America
F1234.F685 2014bookBackroads pragmatists : Mexico's melting pot and civil rights in the United States
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GE230.T38 2014bookToxic communities : environmental racism, industrial pollution, and residential mobility
GE230.Z56 2015bookClean and white : a history of environmental racism in the United States
GT2340.E54 2015bookFace paint : the story of makeup
GT2853.U5E43 2016bookDevoured : from chicken wings to kale smoothies-- how what we eat defines who we are
GT2883.U6C54 2015bookDrinking in America : our secret history
GV342.27.K86 2016bookLift : fitness culture, from naked Greeks and acrobats to jazzercise and ninja warriors
GV546.C45 2015bookWeight training for dummies
GV546.S727 2016bookWeight training without injury : over 350 step-by-step pictures including what not to do!
GV1469.34.V56N483 2015bookVideo games, violence, and crime
GV1787.A469 2015bookThe ballet lover's companion
HSocial Sciences
HC240.S654 2014bookThe tragedy of the European Union : disintegration or revival?
HD30.28.S428 2015bookHBR guide to building your business case
HD66.S4844 2015bookHBR guide to leading teams
HD5325.S2572 1968M465 2008bookGoing down Jericho Road : the Memphis strike, Martin Luther King's last campaign
HF1379.D86 2015bbookNeither free trade nor protection : a critical political economy of trade theory and practice
HF1379.O9965 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of the political economy of international trade
HF1746.H873 2015bookNorth American regionalism and global spread
HF5381.S627 2016bookNo fears, no excuses : what you need to do to have a great career
HF5549.5.R58H424 2016bookHBR guide to delivering effective feedback
HF5718.22.N49 2016bookThe big fish experience : create memorable presentations that reel in your audience
HF5718.3.D376 2015bookBusiness writing : what works, what won't
HF5718.3.G37 2012bookHBR guide to better business writing
HG179.K565 2011bookRich dad, poor dad : what the rich teach their kids about money-- that the poor and middle class do not
HG4910.S457 2015bookIrrational exuberance
HN79.C23C684 2016bookAmerica's social arsonist : Fred Ross and grassroots organizing in the twentieth century
HQ27.5.O74 2016bookGirls & sex : navigating the complicated new landscape
HQ75.27.R673 2016bookJourney to same-sex parenthood : firsthand advice, tips, and stories from lesbian and gay couples
HQ734.C4665 2015bookThe 5 love languages : the secret to love that lasts
HQ760.N49 2011bookThe case for the only child : your essential guide
HQ777.3.S26 2013bookOne and only : the freedom of having an only child, and the joy of being one
HQ777.3.S67 2008bookOnly-child experience and adulthood
HT168.P46G36 2016bookThe future of the suburban city : lessons from sustaining Phoenix
HV1568.5.W43 2013bookLife beyond the classroom : transition strategies for young people with disabilities
HV3013.R68A3 2013bookDon't call me inspirational : a disabled feminist talks back
HV4708.P33 2016bookThe humane economy : how innovators and enlightened consumers are transforming the lives of animals
HV6433.I722W37 2015bookBlack flags : the rise of ISIS
HV6773.15.C97K37 2016bookDark territory : the secret history of cyber war
HV8144 F43J646 2015bookFBI and ordinary guy : the private price of public service
JPolitical Science
JC573.2.U6L49 2016bookToo dumb to fail : how the GOP betrayed the Reagan revolution to win elections (and how it can reclaim its conservative roots)
JF1601.O24 2014bookBecoming bureaucrats : socialization at the front lines of government service
JK271.B285 2015bookThe associational state : American governance in the twentieth century
JK1011.A3bookOfficial congressional directory.
JN30.L46 2016bookThe Routledge guide to the European Union
JV6483.B65 2016bookBorder patrol entrance exam.
KF224.A34H43 2014bookThe great dissent : how Oliver Wendell Holmes changed his mind -- and changed the history of free speech in America
KF3555.W65 2015bookA class by herself : protective laws for women workers, 1890s-1990s
KF4302.B47 2015bookUnderstanding the business of entertainment : the legal and business essentials all filmmakers should know
KF4302.M66 2011bookThe biz : the basic business, legal, and financial aspects of the film industry
KF4545.S5R53 2015bookWho freed the slaves? : the fight over the Thirteenth Amendment
KF4819.P75 2014bookHardship in immigration law : how to prepare winning applications for hardship waivers and cancellation of removal
KF9223.B29 2010bookOrdinary injustice : how America holds court
KZ7145.S57 2011bookThe justice cascade : how human rights prosecutions are changing world politics
LA174.A98 2016bookWisdom's workshop : the rise of the modern university
LB1576.B5365 2014bookA creative approach to teaching writing : the what, why and how of teaching writing in context
LB1631.E27 2012bookReal world writing for secondary students : teaching the college admission essay and other gate-openers for higher education
LB1631.G53 2015bookTeaching grammar, structure and meaning : exploring theory and practice for post 16 English language teachers
LB2353.48.S83 2014bookBarron's ACT
LB2365.L38L63 2015bookInformed choices : a guide for teachers of college writing
ML199.M886 2012bookMusics of Latin America
ML200.R48 2005bookMusic in America : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML345.T8B37 2011bookMusic in Turkey : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML350.B37 2004bookMusic in East Africa : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML355.E3M37 2007bookMusic in Egypt : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML420.T467S66 2014bookBig Mama Thornton : the life and music
ML3475.C86 2013bookCumbia! : scenes of a migrant Latin American music genre
ML3485.S54 2006bookMariachi music in America : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML3486.T7D83 2004bookCarnival music in Trinidad : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML3487.B7M85 2006bookMusic in Brazil : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML3531.B73 2009bookBook of rhymes : the poetics of hip hop
ML3557.P47 2014bookIntertribal Native American music in the United States : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML3790.S44 2015bookRecording secrets for the small studio
ML3798.W33 2013bookThinking musically : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML3916.D48 2015bookNoise uprising : the audiopolitics of a world musical revolution
MT225.F47 2013bookPiano scales, chords & arpeggios lessons : with elements of basic music theory
NFine Arts
N72.G55D46 2013bookThe migrant image : the art and politics of documentary during global crisis
N72.P6M47 2013bookArt and politics : a small history of art for social change since 1945
NC965.9.A78 2013bookThe art of nature coloring book : 60 illustrations inspired by vintage botanical and scientific prints.
NC965.9.H664 2013bookOutside the lines : an artists' coloring book for giant imaginations / curated by Souris Hong-Porretta.
NC965.9.M33 2015bookFantastic Cities : a coloring book of amazing places real and imagined
ND2420.D49 2014bookThe watercolor book : materials and techniques for today's artist
NK3600.C74 2014bookCreative lettering and beyond
NK3620.S48 2001bookLearn calligraphy : the complete book of lettering and design
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
P96.M36Z45 2015bookTransmedia marketing : from film and TV to games and digital media
P106.C46 2016bookWhat kind of creatures are we?
P211B24 2015bookSpellbinding sentences : a writer's guide to achieving excellence & captivating readers
PA4025.A2R53 2014bookThe Iliad
PC2272.C66 2012bookLa conjugaison pour tous
PC4120.M3R53 2015bookComplete medical Spanish
PE1105.J4 2013bookEssentials of English grammar
PE1141.U69 2011bookThe history of English spelling
PE1375.B87 2016bookAnalysing sentences : an introduction to English syntax
PE1404.L36 2015bookLearning and teaching writing online : strategies for success
PE1417.P36 2015bookPatterns for college writing : a rhetorical reader and guide
PE1429.Z5 2006bookOn writing well : the classic guide to writing nonfiction
PE1441.L57 2012bookThe art of styling sentences
PE1450.C39 2014bookThe best punctuation book, period. : a comprehensive guide for every writer, editor, student, and businessperson
PL989.27.K9H613 2016bookThe story of Hong Gildong
PM4526.Z77Y36 1987bookYaqui deer songs, Maso Bwikam : a native American poetry
PN218.S363 2012bookA writer's guide to characterization : archetypes, heroic journeys, and other elements of dynamic character development
PN1059.A9K49 2015bookWriting and understanding poetry for teachers and students : a heart's craft
PN1590.H36K87 2013bookDisability culture and community performance : find a strange and twisted shape
PN1993.7.C63 2014bookWorld cinema through global genres
PN1994.R94 2012bookAn introduction to film analysis : technique and meaning in narrative film
PN1994.T5295 2015bookHow to watch a movie
PN1995.9.M29U45 2014bookThe business of media distribution : monetizing film, tv and video content in an online world
PN1995.9.W6S55 2013bookIn her voice. : women directors talk directing / Volume 1 :
PN1995.P616 2014bookThe film appreciation book : the film course you always wanted to take
PN3355.B3655 2016bookJust write : creating unforgettable fiction and a rewarding writing life
PN3383.D53C73 2016bookCrafting dynamic dialogue : the complete guide to speaking, conversing, arguing, and thinking in fiction
PN6071.H724Q33 2015bookQDA : a queer disability anthology
PQ7298.15.S638C6613 1992bookLike water for chocolate : a novel in monthly installments, with recipes, romances, and home remedies
PR428.S48T73 2016bookThinking sex with the early moderns
PR2807.A2B69 2016bookThe tragical history of Hamlet Prince of Denmark
PR4034.P7 2014bookPride and prejudice
PR4381.A4 2015bookByron's letters and journals : a new selection : from Leslie A. Marchand's twelve-volume edition / edited by Richard Lansdown.
PR6068.O93F36 2015bookFantastic beasts & where to find them
PR9387.9.D54W35 2005bookWalking with shadows : a novel
PS508.I5H66 1995bookHome places : contemporary Native American writing from sun tracks
PS508.T73T76 2013bookTroubling the line : trans and genderqueer poetry and poetics
PS509.P58D48 1985bookDespite this flesh : the disabled in stories and poems
PS591.D57B43 2011bookBeauty is a verb : the new poetry of disability
PS591.W65Y68 2007bookYou work tomorrow : an anthology of American labor poetry, 1929-41
PS3537.T3234Z616 1990bookJohn Steinbeck, writer : a biography
PS3551.D65S43 2012bookSea and fog
PS3551.N4537H46 1994bookThe hemophiliac's motorcycle : poems
PS3552.A443O97 2015bookOzone journal
PS3553.H4367A94 2016bookAt the edge of the orchard
PS3553.O655U55 2014bookUnions
PS3557.A3519S73 2012bookStardust
PS3558.A67136Z46 2016bookTrue crimes : a family album
PS3565.C65T48 2016bookThomas Jefferson dreams of Sally Hemings : a novel
PS3569.H8645C43 2015bookChallenger deep
PS3569.U3469G66 2015bookGood night, Mr. Wodehouse : a novel
PS3611.U67C75 2008bookCripple poetics : a love story
PS3615.K75C67 2012bookCorpse whale
PS3619.C48758R63 2007bookRoad to nowhere : story of the Pan American highway in WWII
PS3623.O63A6 2016bookWeaving the boundary
PZ7.1.H377Wh 2015bookWhat we saw
PZ7.1.S655Hoo 2015bookHoodoo
PZ7.1.S747Sto 2014bookStorm and stone
PZ7.D78325Su 2015bookStella by starlight
PZ7.L1543Li 2015bookListen, slowly
PZ7.R79835Ta 2008bookThe tales of Beedle the Bard
PZ7.S347145Hi 2015bookThe hired girl
PZ7.W55954Qui 2015bookQuidditch through the ages
Q172.5.E77H45 2016bookA survival guide to the misinformation age : scientific habits of mind
QA28.H65 2016bookRise of the rocket girls : the women who propelled us, from missiles to the moon to Mars
QA157.S725 2014bookCollege algebra
QB401.R66 2015bookMoons : a very short introduction
QC475.J67 2016bookStrange glow : the story of radiation
QK495.S7D478 2016bookThe field guide to peppers
QP187.N35 2016bookHow the endocrine system works
QP363.3.D66 2015bookThe brain's way of healing : remarkable discoveries and recoveries from the frontiers of neuroplasticity
QP572.S6M43 2016bookHeightened expectations : the rise of the human growth hormone industry in America
QP771.P76 2015bookVitamania : our obsessive quest for nutritional perfection
QR181.S65 2016bookHow the immune system works
R121.M89 2017bookMosby's dictionary of medicine, nursing & health professions.
R131.A18 2016bookA short history of medicine
R131.O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of the history of medicine
R729.5.H4M67 2014bookUnderstanding teamwork in health care
RA776.95.C495 2015bookSuper genes : unlock the astonishing power of your DNA for optimum health and well-being
RA975.5.E5V36 2016bookThe world's emergency room : the growing threat to doctors, nurses, and humanitarian workers
RB111.L644 2015bookIntroduction to human disease : pathophysiology for health professionals
RB127.A365 2015bookUnderstanding pain : an introduction for patients and caregivers
RB145.M395 2014bookHaematology at a glance
RC46.N49 2015bookThe New York Times book of medicine : more than 150 years of reporting on the evolution of medicine
RC268.4.R68 2016bookA cancer in the family : take control of your genetic inheritance
RC565.A4493 2015bookAlcoholism sourcebook : basic consumer health information about alcohol use, abuse and alcoholism, psychological factors, family history, other influencing factors, facts and statistics, risk factors, impact on health, prevention strategies, screening and counseling, psychosocial and biomedical issues during detoxification, behavioral couples therapy, recovery and coping with alcoholism : along with facts about treatments, clinical trials and research, a glossary of related terms, and a directory of resources for additional information
RC801.P345 2014bookDigestive disorders
RC806.G37 2016bookGastrointestinal diseases and disorders sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the upper and lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract, including the esophagus, stomach, intestines, rectum, liver, and pancreas, with facts about gastroesophageal reflux disease, gastritis, appendicitis, ulcers, celiac disease, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, gallstones, and other diseases and disorders related to the digestive process ; along cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, food ontolerances, and commonly used diagnostic and surgical procedures, statisics, glossary, and resources for additional help and informatiom.
RC927.3.L57 2016bookThe fibromanual : a complete fibromyalgia treatment guide for you and your doctor
RC954.E23 2016bookEbersole & Hess' toward healthy aging : human needs & nursing response
RD99.25.M488 2014bookStudy guide for medical-surgical nursing : assessment and management of clinical problems
RJ216.M36 2015bookBack to the breast : natural motherhood and breastfeeding in America
RJ216.T48 2016bookThe first 1,000 days : a crucial time for mothers and children--and the world
RS97.B69 2016bookNAPLEX 2016 strategies, practice, & review : with 2 practice tests : online + book
RT34.N87 2016bookNursing's greatest leaders : a history of activism
RT49.B35 2013bookPathophysiology of nursing demystified
RT89.M637 2017bookNursing delegation and management of patient care
SB453.2.W35M33 2016bookAll the presidents' gardens : Madison's cabbages to Kennedy's roses -- how the White House grounds have grown with America
SF395.E65 2015bookPig tales : an omnivore's quest for sustainable meat
T353..P6368 2015bookEngineering graphics essentials with AutoCAD 2016 instruction
T385.S751875 2013bookHarnessing AutoCad : 2013 and beyond
TD195.G3H86 2015bookThe human and environmental impact of fracking : how fracturing shale for gas affects us and our world
TH9157.F525 2016bookFirefighter exam
TJ223.P76L36 2015bookArduino sketches : tools and techniques for programming wizardry
TK5104.2.I75B56 2016bookEccentric orbits : the Iridium story
TK7881.65.S77 2014bookHome recording for musicians for dummies
TL670.T397 2016bookBreaking the chains of gravity : the story of spaceflight before NASA
TL795.4.J35 2014bookSmall satellites and their regulation
TL796.8.S36 2012bookArtificial satellites and how to observe them
TL796.J64 2013bookSky alert! : when satellites fail
TR850.P54 2012bookThe filmmaker's handbook : a comprehensive guide for the digital age
TS533.2.H33 2016bookThe gunning of America : business and the making of American gun culture
TS1963.F58 2015bookAnimals as food : (re)connecting production, processing, consumption, and impacts
TX321.K6613 2014bookThe life-changing magic of tidying up : the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing
TX355.R535 2016bookNutrition for dummies
TX361.A8B43 2015bookSports supplements : which nutritional supplements really work
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z675.J8C78 2013bookHandbook for community college librarians
Z694.15.R47M39 2013bookMaxwell's handbook for RDA : resource description & access : explaining and illustrating RDA: resource description and access using MARC21
Z1035.1.L96 2016bookYou could look it up : the reference shelf, from ancient Babylon to Wikipedia
ZA3075.M43 2015bookThe student's survival guide to research
bookAAOS Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured. 11th ed.
bookAlgebra & Trigonometry. 7th ed.
bookAn Introduction to the Policy Process. 4th ed.
bookArt History. 5th ed.
bookArt History. 5th ed. Vol. 2
bookC # Programming : from problem analysis to program design. 5th Ed.
bookConnect Core Concepts in Health. 14th ed.
bookConstitutional Law Rights, Liberty & Justice. 9th ed.
bookDimensions of Public Speaking
bookEnvision in Depth. 2nd custom ed.
bookFinite Mathematics and Calculus with Applications. 10th Ed.
bookFundamentals of Nursing. 8th ed.
bookGenenrations of Captivity: A History of African-American Slaves
bookGeosystems Core 1e
bookGive Me Liberty! Vol. 1 4th ed.
bookGive Me Liberty! Vol. 2 4th ed.
bookHuman Sexuality in a World of Diversity. 9th ed.
bookLife Span Development. 8th ed.
bookMicroeconomics. 9th ed.
bookMore than Freedom: Fighting for Black Citizenship in a White Republic
bookOedipus El Rey
bookOn Course: Strategies for Creating Successes in College and in Life. 3rd ed.
bookPlazas. 5th Ed.
bookPocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology
bookProblem Solving Approach to Mathematics.12th ed.
bookRELG: World Introduction To World Religions Selected Chapters
bookReading Explorer 5: Student Book. 2nd ed
bookReading and Vocabulary Focus 4
bookReflect & Relate: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication. 4th ed.
bookSociology. 16 ed.
bookSurvey of Mathematics with Applications. 10th Ed.
bookThinking Mathematically. 6th ed.