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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF431.J596 2016bookHive mind : how your nation's IQ matters so much more than your own
BJ1589.S8737 2016bookLife on purpose : how living for what matters most changes everything
BL624.D94 2001bookThere's a spiritual solution to every problem
BL2490.V656 2015bookThe Voodoo encyclopedia : magic, ritual, and religion
BP80.G8Y39 2013bookToward an Islamic enlightenment : the Gülen movement
BP130.1.C3613 2016bookThe Qurʼan : the basics
BP130.4.G84813 2012bookReflections on the Qur'ān : commentaries on selected verses
BP165.5.G8513 2010bookThe essentials of the Islamic faith
BP167.3.C48 2016bookOpen letter : on blasphemy, Islamophobia, and the true enemies of free expression
BR333.3.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of Martin Luther's theology
BV4527.Y68 2016bookFeisty and feminine : a rallying cry for conservative women
BX4700.F6C55 2013bookSaint Francis of Assisi
DHistory: General
D5.M55 2015bookEvidence explained : citing history sources from artifacts to cyberspace
D16.9.R54 2016bookIn praise of forgetting : historical memory and its ironies
DD247.H5L84 1997bookThe Hitler of history
DS33.M87 2014bookA history of Asia
DS805.2.B85 2016bookFodor's Japan
DT60.R94 2016bookAncient Egypt : the basics
DT352.8.O46 2014bookThe bright continent : breaking rules and making change in modern Africa
EHistory: America
E27.5.C86 2013bookThe longest road : an Irish pan-American cycling adventure
E98.P99L39 2006bookPublic Native America : tribal self-representations in casinos, museums, and powwows
E99.H7L5 2015bookA Hopi flute clan migration story : a Hopi elder interprets rock art through clan tradition
E184.M88M84 2014bookMuslims and American popular culture
E332.S57 2016bookThomas Jefferson : the failures and greatness of an ordinary man
E405.1.L49 2016bookTrailing clouds of glory : Zachary Taylor's Mexican War campaign and his emerging Civil War leaders
E741.G56 2015bookThese United States : a nation in the making, 1890 to the present
E901.1 .T78K73 2016bookTrump Revealed : an American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power
FHistory: America
F1386.4.T597F55 2016bookHotel Mexico : dwelling on the '68 Movement
F1526.W175 2017bookNicaragua : emerging from the shadow of the eagle
F1528.C575 2016bookNicaragua : navigating the politics of democracy
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GB5014.L46 2016bookGlobal pandemic threats : a reference handbook
GR166.G54313 2014bookThe original folk and fairy tales of the brothers Grimm : the complete first edition
GR337.T34 2001bookTales of Tibet : sky burials, prayer wheels, and wind horses
GV200.5.S8462 2016bookSurvival hacks : over 200 ways to use everyday items for wilderness survival
GV709.18.I74H76 2015bookWomen's sport as politics in Muslim contexts
GV1201.37.S37 2016bookKnowledge games : how playing games can solve problems, create insight, and make change
HSocial Sciences
HB615.K653 2016bookPeace through entrepreneurship : investing in a startup culture for security and development
HB3583.A3P43 2016bookThe life project : the extraordinary story of our ordinary lives
HC60.H279 2015bookHandbook on the economics of foreign aid
HC79.P6.R3798 2016bookThe economics of poverty : history, measurement, and policy
HD60.C6936 2015bookCorporate social responsibility? : human rights in the new global economy
HD61.B769 2016bookFinancial risk management for dummies
HD69.P75Y47 2014bookPrinciples of project finance
HD8073.V37A3 2016bookHillbilly elegy : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
HF1001.D53 2016bookA dictionary of business and management.
HF1017.A524 2013bookBusiness statistics for dummies
HF5384.W465 2016bookOperation job search : a guide for military veterans transitioning to civilian careers
HM851.H43 2016bookMagic and loss : the Internet as art
HN90.R3B79 2015bookDays of rage : America's radical underground, the FBI, and the forgotten age of revolutionary violence
HN90.R3R395 2005bookThe art of protest : culture and activism from the civil rights movement to the streets of Seattle
HN110.5.A8S5526 2016bookMeaningful resistance : market reforms and the roots of social protest in Latin America
HN120.Z9P635 2009bookMexico unconquered : chronicles of power and revolt
HQ12.F6813bookThe history of sexuality
HQ18.I74S49 2012bookSexuality in Muslim contexts : restrictions and resistance
HQ75.15.F54 2009book50 gay and lesbian books everybody must read
HQ77.7.H467 2014bookI am Jazz
HQ77.9.B67 1995bookGender outlaw : on men, women, and the rest of us
HQ519.E386 2015bookThe economics of the family : how the household affects markets and economic growth
HQ1031.S557 2015bookIntermarriage, relationships and parenting : promoting mental health and wellbeing
HQ1059.4.H324 2016bookLife reimagined : the science, art, and opportunity of midlife
HQ1170.S49 2014bookSexualities, culture and society in Muslim contexts
HQ1412.C68 1997bookCourage of conviction : women's words, women's wisdom
HV4999.Y68N49 2016bookYouth substance abuse : a reference handbook
HV6431.R686 2015bookThe Routledge history of terrorism
HV6594.B74 2008bookIn his sights : a true story of love and obsession
HV7936.A8H65 2015bookHigh-priority information technology needs for law enforcement / John S. Hollywood, John E. Boon, Jr., Richard Silberglitt, Brian G. Chow, Brian A. Jackson.
HV7936.T38L39 2014bookVisions of law enforcement technology in the period 2024-2034 : report of the Law Enforcement Futuring Workshop
HV9865.5.S37A3 2012bookA month and a day & letters
HV9950.S545 2016bookExploring and understanding careers in criminal justice : a comprehensive guide
JPolitical Science
JK275.G654 2016bookDemocracy now! : twenty years covering the movements changing America
JN5.L45 2015bookThe politics of the European Union
JN15.A5955 2014bookOpting out of the European Union : diplomacy, sovereignty and European integration
JN30.C663 2014bookThe European Union : an introduction
JN30.M33 2014bookUnderstanding the European Union : a concise introduction
JN30.M375 2015bookEuropean Union politics
JQ3583.A58B56 2011bookBiopolitics, militarism, and development : Eritrea in the twenty-first century
JV6033.G55 2015bookGlobal migration : old assumptions, new dynamics
JV6543.W45 2015bookWelcome to the United States : a guide for new immigrants.
JV6543.W45 2015BbookBienvenido a los Estados Unidos de América: guía para inmigrantes nuevos
JZ1318.D536 2017bookGlobalization and migration : a world in motion
JZ5578.W6694 2015bookWomen's leadership in peace building : conflict, community and care
JZ6369.W448 2016bookHumanitarian intervention
KF228.L47W55 2016bookJohn Lennon vs. the U.S.A. : the inside story of the most bitterly contested and influential deportation case in United States history
KF5753.Z9U5 2012bookA citizen's guide on using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act : report
KF8745.M34H394 2015bookShowdown : Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court nomination that changed America
L11.D48bookDigest of education statistics.
LB15.D55 2015bookA dictionary of education
LB1576.B49385 2016bookAssessing writing : a guide for teachers, school leaders, and evaluators
LB1631W335 2014bookTeaching writing grades 7-12 in an era of assessment : passion and practice
LB1743.S65 2016bookIntroducing teachers' writing groups : exploring the theory and practice
LB2353.57.G742 2016bookBarron's new SAT
LB2353.57A156 2015bookThe official SAT study guide.
LB2395.3.M27 2016bookThe art of critical reading : brushing up on your reading, thinking, and study skills
LB2395.3.M28 2016bookReading and all that jazz : tuning up your reading, thinking, and study skills
LC212.52.H45 2016bookThe school-to-prison pipeline : education, discipline, and racialized double standards
LC4091.P64 2014bookThe poverty and education reader : a call for equity in many voices
ML54.6.C62 2015bookThe complete annotated Grateful Dead lyrics : the collected lyrics of Robert Hunter and John Barlow, lyrics to all original songs, with selected traditional and cover songs
ML102.C7C28 2003bookCountry music : a biographical dictionary
ML102.C7E54 2012bookThe encyclopedia of country music : the ultimate guide to the music
ML340.W22 2005bookMusic in Japan : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML3557.S35 2015bookHopi katsina songs
MT956.H34 2014bookSo you want to sing music theater : a guide for professionals
NFine Arts
N347.C54 2012bookArt college admissions : an insider's guide to art portfolio preparation, selecting the right college and gaining admission with scholarships
N6497.J45 2013bookThis is not art : activism and other 'not-art'
NC1765.P37 2016bookSketching for animation : developing ideas, characters and layouts in your sketchbook
NK2116.A78 2016bookThe brand of you : the ultimate guide for an interior designer's career journey
NX180.H34K87 2014bookStudying disability arts and culture : an introduction
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PA5610.K2A28 2001bookBefore time could change them : the complete poems of Constantine P. Cavafy ; translated with an introduction and notes by Theoharis Constantine Theoharis.
PE1112.L26 2013bookEnglish essentials : what every college student needs to know about grammar, punctuation, and usage
PE1122.M55 2009bookNorthStar Reading and Writing, Level 5.
PE1126.A4P53 2001bookThe chicken smells good : workbook
PE1127.S6T73 1997bookTransitions : lives in America
PE1128.3.C74bookCracking the TOEFL iBT
PE1128.H435463 2006bookAll new very easy true stories : a picture-based first reader
PE1128.P482 1997bookThe chicken smells good : dialogs & stories
PE1369.A2 2013bookEnglish syntax and argumentation
PE1408.H277 2008bookRules for writers
PE1408.K6746 2008bookThe concise Wadsworth handbook
PE1408.L318x 2011bookEnglish skills
PE1408.M3368 2007bookWriting intensive : essentials for college writers
PE1408.R643 2011bookThe McGraw-Hill guide : writing for college, writing for life
PE1413.M583 2007bookThe Cambridge introduction to creative writing
PE1417.C649 2008bookConnections : literature for composition
PE1431.E56x 2014bookEnvision in Depth : reading, writing, and researching arguments
PE1441.L352x 2011bookSentence skills : a workbook for writers
PE1449.M33 1994bookKeys to a powerful vocabulary. Level 1
PE1449.O455 2005bookAcademic vocabulary : academic words
PE1449.O457 2004bookActive vocabulary : general and academic words
PE1628.A623 2016bookThe American Heritage dictionary of the English language.
PE1628.W5629 2014bookWebster's New world college dictionary
PE2835.L6 2014bookLongman dictionary of American English.
PL8011.A35 2010bookAfrican women writing resistance : an anthology of contemporary voices
PN45.D457 2010bookLiterature : craft and voice
PN147.F444 2016bookWriting what you know : how to turn personal experiences into publishable fiction, nonfiction, and poetry
PN218.V36 2007bookArchetypes for writers : using the power of your subconscious
PN1009.5.C444T63 2016bookHuman rights in children's literature : imagination and the narrative of law
PN1551.M46 2016bookDialogue : the art of verbal action for page, stage, screen
PN1995.9.A8Z33 2014bookFlicker : your brain on movies
PN1995.9.H6R35 2007bookGrimm pictures : fairy tale archetypes in eight horror and suspense films
PN1995.9.I48H55 2016bookNative Americans in the movies : portrayals from silent films to the present
PN1995.9.S87L678 2008dvdLost highway
PN1997.2.B38 2016dvdBatman v Superman : dawn of justice
PN1997.2.B54 2015bdvdBig Hero 6
PN1997.2.H6332 2014dvdThe hobbit : the desolation of Smaug
PN1997.2.M95 2010dvdMy neighbor Totoro
PN1997.2.Y685 2010dvdYou don't know Jack
PN1997.2.Z66 2016dvdZootopia
PN1997.O27 2015dvdOcho apellidos : catalanes & vascos
PN1997.P67 2005dvd
PN1997.T69 2010dvdToy story
PN1998.3.E327L54 2015dvdLife itself
PN3437.O94 2015bookThe Oxford companion to fairy tales
PN4751.A87 2016bookAttacks on the press : gender and media freedom worldwide
PN4775.H368 2015bookThe principles of multimedia journalism : packaging digital news
PN6071.L47L58 2003bookThe literature of lesbianism : a historical anthology from Ariosto to Stonewall
PN6084.H8O94 2015bookOxford dictionary of humorous quotations
PN6110.H65F55 2013bookFlicker and spark : a contemporary queer anthology of spoken word and poetry
PN6110.H65G39 1995bookGay and lesbian poetry : an anthology from Sappho to Michelangelo
PN6110.H65L68 2001bookLove speaks its name : gay and lesbian love poems
PN6110.S56R47 2016bookResisting arrest : poems to stretch the sky
PN6725.W46 2016bookThe caped crusade : Batman and the rise of nerd culture
PN6727.T48H33 2011bookHabibi
PN6728.D65T782 2010book40 : a Doonesbury retrospective
PN6728.D65T875 2016bookYuge! : 30 years of Doonesbury on Trump
PN6728.P4S239 2009bookCelebrating Peanuts : 60 years
PN6728.P4S3255 2015bookPeanuts every Sunday, 1961-1965
PQ7296.M86S36 2015bookEl Santo Don Patricio y otros demonios : cuentos y relatos
PR451.E553 2015bookThe encyclopedia of Victorian literature
PR1110.W6L66 2001bookThe Longman anthology of women's literature
PR4034.P7 2003bookPride and prejudice
PR6052.A54P48 2016bookThe pharos gate : Griffin & Sabine's lost correspondence
PR6102.E432R48 2014bookRevenge & retribution
PR6113.O94M4 2016bookMe before you
PR9387.9.S27A67 2013bookSilence would be treason : last writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa
PR9387.9.S27S68 1994bookSozaboy : a novel in rotten English
PR9387.9.S27Z64 2016bookKen Saro-Wiwa
PS310.W67M37 2011bookHog butchers, beggars, and busboys : poverty, labor, and the making of modern American poetry
PS508.T73C655 2012bookThe Collection
PS509.L47T48 2002bookThis bridge we call home : radical visions for transformation
PS509.W6I38 1990bookIf I had a hammer : women's work in poetry, fiction, and photographs
PS591.G38M37 2004bookMasquerade : queer poetry in America to the end of World War II
PS591.G38W67 2000bookThe world in us : lesbian and gay poetry of the next wave : an anthology
PS593.P77B74 2013bookBreaking the jaws of silence : sixty American poets speak to the world
PS615.P669 2013bookPostmodern American poetry : a Norton anthology
PS3535.I65B6 2012bookThe book of Khalid
PS3553.H535A6 2014bookLiving wages : poems
PS3554.I398A6 2016bookThe abundance : narrative essays old and new
PS3556.R568A82 1996bookAnesthesia : poems
PS3556.R568D47 2000bookDesert walking : poems
PS3557.A22E26 2010bookAn echo in the bone : a novel
PS3561.U85O55 2000bookOnly bread, only light : poems
PS3562.E55A6 2016bookFour later novels
PS3562.E8876M25 2006bookMaking peace
PS3562.O82W5 1997bookWild Indians & other creatures
PS3563.A7239C53 2011bookA clash of kings
PS3563.A7239D36 2011bookA dance with dragons
PS3563.A7239G36 2016bookA game of thrones : book one of a song of ice and fire
PS3563.C38366M3 1999bookA map of this world
PS3566.A539L37 2011bookThe last surgeon
PS3566.A822P766 2016bookPrivate India
PS3569.K577A6 2016bookApproaching winter : poems
PS3569.K577M87 1994bookMusic appreciation
PS3569.K577Z47 2004bookIn the shadow of memory
PS3573.O5855Y45 2003bookYellow woman speaks : selected poems
PS3602.R6485N54 2016bookNight of the animals
PS3611.U645A6 2016bookPearlStitch
PS3613.A3448A6 2014bookLabor
PS3613.A357R67 2016bookThe rope
PS3619.T4765H43 2002xbookHeartsongs
PS3619.T4765H67 2002bookHope through heartsongs
PS3619.T4765J68 2001bookJourney through heartsongs
PZ7.D78325Ou 2010bookOut of my mind
PZ7.L5798Two 2013bookTwo boys kissing
PZ7.M47866El 1989bookElmer
PZ7.P17526Wo 2012bookWonder
PZ7.S633136Cou 2013bookCounting by 7s
PZ8.3.G276Fo 1993bookFox in socks
PZ8.3.G276GrbookGreen eggs and ham
PZ8.3.G276Hn 1991bookHop on Pop
PZ8.3.G276Sn 1961bookThe Sneetches, and other stories
PZ8.3.G5738You 2004bookYour favorite Seuss : 13 stories written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss with 13 introductory essays
Q123.A498 2015bookThe dictionary of science for gardeners : 6000 scientific terms explored and explained
QA43.K8 2016bookBarron's SAT subject test.
QA43.W58 2016bookBarron's SAT subject test.
QA76.76.H94L46 2016bookSams teach yourself HTML, CSS & JavaScript web publishing : in one hour a day
QA371.32.B76 2014bookSchaum's outline of differential equations
QB755.G648 2015bookMeteorite
QB981.G753 2016book13.8 : the quest to find the true age of the universe and the theory of everything
QB981.N337 2016bookMapping the heavens : the radical scientific ideas that reveal the cosmos
QD65.H3bookCRC handbook of chemistry and physics.
QH366.2.T374 2015bookBody by Darwin : how evolution shapes our health and transforms medicine
QH442.K66 2016bookGMO sapiens : the life-changing science of designer babies
QL682.W46 2015bookOwls of North America and the Caribbean
QM23.2.D73 2015bookGray's anatomy for students
QM25.A532 2015bookAnatomy.
QP35.P385 2014bookMosby's handbook of anatomy & physiology
QP41.R34 2015bookAnatomy & physiology workbook for dummies
RA781.M87 2016bookPractical guide to exercise physiology
RA784.F58 2015bookDiet cults : the surprising fallacy at the core of nutrition fads and a guide to healthy eating for the rest of us
RB57.W55 2015bookTASERs and arrest-related deaths
RB113.N35 2015bookPathophysiology for nurses at a glance
RC261.G54 2015bookGlobal perspectives on cancer : incidence, care, and experience
RC731.W38 2015bookThe respiratory system at a glance
RC1213.A267 2015bookASCM personal trainer study guide : test prep secrets for the ACSM CPT exam.
RG186.M4847 2016bookThe menopause solution
RG628.3.P74G74 2016bookThe end of sex and the future of human reproduction
RG951.C57 2017bookClinical skills manual for maternity and pediatric nursing
RG951.O4327 2016bookOlds' maternal-newborn nursing & women's health across the lifespan
RJ275.I54 2016bookRemington and Klein's infectious diseases of the fetus and newborn infant
RM315.I515 2011bookUppers, downers, all arounders : physical and mental effects of psychoactive drugs
RS105.R437 2015bookPCAT Flashcards. : Pharmacy College Admission Test
RS122.95.K63 2016bookBarron's PTCE : pharmacy technician certification exam
RT41.K72 2016bookKozier & Erb's fundamentals of nursing : concepts, practice, and process
RT48.6.A35 2017bookNursing diagnosis handbook : an evidence-based guide to planning care
RT84.C18 2011bookCNA practice questions : CNA practice tests & review for the Certified Nurse Assistant Exam.
S945.H86 2016bookSaving the Earth as a career : advice on becoming a conservation professional
TJ151.O245 2016bookMachinery's handbook : a reference book for the mechanical engineer, designer, manufacturing engineer, draftsman, toolmaker and machinist
TK4660.C517 2014bookLearn to weld : beginning MIG welding and metal fabrication basics
TK5104.P442 2012bookSatellite communications
TK5105.888.M3767 2015bookCSS : the missing manual
TL23.M775 2015bookMuscle car source book : all the facts, figures, statistics, and production numbers
TL798.N3M33 2015bookGlobal navigation satellite systems and their applications
TP421.O94 2015bookThe Oxford companion to sugar and sweets
TR858.G96 2016bookAdobe After Effects CC : 2015 release
TR897.7.F87 2014bookCareers in digital animation
TR897.7.V365 2015bookBlender for dummies
TS227.B7454 2008bookHow to weld
TS227.F37 2010bookWelding for dummies
TS227.F5 2007bookWelder's handbook : a guide to plasma cutting, oxyacetylene, ARC, MIG, and TIG welding
TX361.A8E39 2014bookEndurance sports nutrition
UMilitary Science
U264.S57 2015bookNuclear weapons : a very short introduction
U852.W58 2015bookThe illustrated world encyclopedia of knives, swords, spears & daggers : through history in over 1500 photographs
UB357.H38 2015bookVeterans in the United States : statistics and resources 2015
UD380.I44 2015bookThe illustrated world encyclopedia of guns : pistols, rifles, revolvers, machine and submachine firearms through history in over 1100 photographs
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z43.G48 2016bookWrite now : the Getty-Dubay program for handwriting success
Z43.S2795 2010bookImprove your handwriting
Z678.D58 2015bookNew routes to library success : 100+ ideas from outside the stacks
bookBuddha's Brain: The practical neurosciences, love & wisdom
bookBusiness Statistics. Custom 6th Ed.
bookCNA exam secrets : study guide : your key to exam success.
bookEnglish Brushup. 6th ed.
bookHuman Relations in Business. 10th ed.
bookIntroduction to Genetic Analysis. 11th Ed.
bookKing Kong Double Feature
bookManagerial Accounting. 4th ed.
bookMicrosoft Word 2013
bookProgramed Spelling Demons. 4th ed.
bookQuickBooks Pro 2015: Level 1
bookSeagull Reader. 3rd ed.
bookThe American historical review.