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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
BL51.B69 2015bookWhy religions matter
BL580.S2293 2014bookSacred darkness : a global perspective on the ritual use of caves
BL2525.W866 2015bookInventing American religion : polls, surveys, and the tenuous quest for a nation's faith
BM635.4.H35 2016bookAfter one-hundred-and-twenty : reflecting on death, mourning, and the afterlife in the Jewish tradition
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CB351.P423 2010bookPerspectives on medieval art : learning through looking
CC83.O77 2015bookArchaeological thinking : how to make sense of the past
DHistory: General
DT395.3.B35 2016bookEritrea and Ethiopia : a front row look at issues of conflict and the potential for a peaceful resolution
EHistory: America
E98.M5C37 2008bookMedicine bags and dog tags : American Indian veterans from colonial times to the second Iraq War
E99.C37C349 2015bookChaco revisited : new research on the prehistory of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
E99.T6H39 2006bookBlonde Indian : an Alaska Native memoir
E109.P65K45 2016bookTraveling prehistoric seas : critical thinking on ancient transoceanic voyages
E184.A1P33 2014bookStrangers to these shores : race and ethnic relations in the United States
E184.S75C53 2015bookUndocumented Latino youth : navigating their worlds
E185.86.B52558 2015bookBlack girls and adolescents : facing the challenges
E185.86.C5898 2015bookShapeshifters : Black girls and the choreography of citizenship
E185.86.W5565 2015bookThe sisters are alright : changing the broken narrative of black women in America
E185.P34 2015bookBarack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and the ghost of Dr. King : blogs and essays
E457.2.C935 2016bookLincoln and the politics of slavery : the other Thirteenth Amendment and the struggle to save the union
FHistory: America
F590.3.W47B35 2016bookWestern USA
F1435.3.A6M49 2016bookMesoamerican plazas : arenas of community and power
F1435.C72 2015bookThe Maya
F3169.T74 2013bookEaster Island's silent sentinels : the sculpture and architecture of Rapa Nui
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GN345.E43 2016bookExploring everyday life : strategies for ethnography and cultural analysis
GN346.E45 2016bookeFieldnotes : the makings of anthropology in the digital world
GN388.V56 2015bookViolence and warfare among hunter-gatherers
GN407.C35 2015bookFood and femininity
GN407.C76 2013bookEating culture : an anthropological guide to food
GN416.S46 2014bookFire on earth : an introduction
GN452.5.B37 2012bookGenesis of symbolic thought
GN497.I73 2010bookIraq at a distance : what anthropologists can teach us about the war
GN803.A43 2015bookBog bodies uncovered : solving Europe's ancient mystery
GT2850.O36 2015bookThe never-ending feast : the anthropology and archaeology of feasting
GV428.7.A24 2015bookACE Personal trainer study guide : test prep secrets for the ACE Personal Trainer exam.
GV450.H64 2015bookNaked : a cultural history of American nudism
GV709.4.H54 2017bookHigh performance disability sport coaching
GV722.5.P37B75 2016bookThe Paralympic Games explained
GV722.5.P37T73 2017bookTraining and coaching the paralympic athlete
GV722.5.S64S57 2014bookFully alive : discovering what matters most
GV880.7.R56 2013bookStolen bases : why American girls don't play baseball
GV1060.73.K54 2016bookThe complete book of triathlon
HSocial Sciences
HC79.E5S735 2015bookState of the world 2015 : confronting hidden threats to sustainability
HD75.6.B8785 2016bookBusiness interests and the environmental crisis
HD1382.5.T97 2015book
HD7288.77.P83 2015bookPublic housing myths : perception, reality, and social policy
HE8789.I4C37 2013bookAnswer the call : virtual migration in Indian call centers
HG173.O425 2016bookThe index card : why personal finance doesn't have to be complicated
HG179.K368 2013bookFocus on personal finance : an active approach to help you develop successful financial skills
HG179.R5455 2014bookMoney : master the game : 7 simple steps to financial freedom
HG3756.U54B83 2014bookCredit repair kit for dummies
HG4028.D5C377 2016bookInvesting in dividends : for dummies
HG4515.95.K73 2016bookInvesting online for dummies
HG4515.95.L64 2014bookDay trading for dummies
HG4521.V15 2015bookDark pools & high frequency trading for dummies
HG4527.M55 2016bookHigh-level investing for dummies
HG4529.R635 2014bookTechnical analysis for dummies
HG4651.W55 2016bookInvesting in bonds for dummies
HG6024.A3D8274 2015bookTrading options for dummies
HG6043.W55 2016bookInvesting in ETFs for dummies
HG6046.B68 2016bookInvesting in commodities for dummies
HM435.T98 2014bookTheoretical sociology : a concise introduction to twelve sociological theories
HM821.C676 2014bookCut adrift : families in insecure times
HM1206.M4323 2014bookMedia sociology : a reappraisal
HM1281.N467 2015bookNonviolent struggle : theories, strategies, and dynamics
HN190.Z9V554 2010bookEl Salvador in the aftermath of peace : crime, uncertainty, and the transition to democracy
HQ21.S8126 2013bookHuman sexuality : diversity in contemporary America
HQ74.43.B55B55 2015bookIrrepressible : the Jazz Age life of Henrietta Bingham
HQ77.8.W555A3 2015bookBorn on the edge of race and gender : a voice for cultural competency
HQ472.U6N485 2015bookNew views on pornography : sexuality, politics, and the law
HQ536.C439 2014bookLabor's love lost : the rise and fall of the working-class family in America
HQ759.V536 2014bookMotherload : making it all better in insecure times
HQ1064.U5A223 2015bookThe end game : how inequality shapes our final years
HQ1064.U5L485 2014bookCaring for our own : why there is no political demand for new American social welfare rights
HQ1075.C86 2015bookCupcakes, pinterest, and ladyporn : feminized popular culture in the early twenty-first century
HQ1178.M36 2015bookGendertrolling : how misogyny went viral
HQ1439.B7S47 2014bookCan't catch a break : gender, jail, drugs and the limits of personal responsibility
HQ1735.6.B55 2015bookKabul carnival : gender politics in postwar Afghanistan
HT166.S9135 2014bookThe sustainable urban development reader
HV636 2005.N4F67 2015bookChildren of Katrina
HV697.L48 2016bookThe family caregiver's manual : a practical planning guide to managing the care of your loved one
HV875.64.L646 2015bookHow Chinese are you? : adopted Chinese youth and their families negotiate identity and culture
HV1451.D45 2015bookBaby boomers of color : implications for social work policy and practice
HV4505.W233 2016bookConfronting homelessness : poverty, politics, and the failure of social policy
HV5831.M6F74 2003bookA million little pieces
HV5840.M6C37 2016dvdCartel land
HV6025.W353 2016bookCriminology : the basics
HV6431.Y68 2015bookThe science and technology of counterterrorism : measuring physical and electronic security risk
HV6556.S423 2015bookSex crimes : transnational problems and global perspectives
HV6570.2.H67 2015bookProtecting our kids? : how sex offender laws are failing us
HV6570.4.M6C33613 2016bookInfamy : how one woman brought an international sex trafficking ring to justice
HV6592.R53 2016bookSex offenders, stigma, and social control
HV6773.T42 2013bookTechnocrime, policing, and surveillance
HV7419.5.S63 2016bookIntroductory criminal justice statistics and data analysis
HV7911.B38B76 2015bookOne righteous man : Samuel Battle and the shattering of the color line in New York
HV7936.C83K365 2015bookCommunity policing : a contemporary perspective
HV7936.E7M68 2011bookMoving toward the future of policing
HV8073.5.M155 2014bookDNA and property crime scene investigation : forensic evidence and law enforcement
HV8883.3.U5S74 2014bookVoices from American prisons : faith, education and healing
HV8883.3.U5Z68 2014bookCollege for convicts : the case for higher education in American prisons
HV9104.B4243 2014bookBurning down the house : the end of juvenile prison
HV9304.L395 2015bookThe forgotten men : serving a life without parole sentence
HV9466.L66 2015bookA country called prison : mass incarceration and the making of a new nation
HV9471.A98 2015bookCheap on crime : recession-era politics and the transformation of American punishment
HV9471.G76 2014bookThe growth of incarceration in the United States : exploring causes and consequences
HV9471.P72 2015bookPrison and social death
HV9950.F744 2015bookRace and justice : wrongful convictions of African American men
HV9950.K45 2015bookCriminal justice at the crossroads : transforming crime and punishment
JPolitical Science
JC599.U5W523 2015bookBattlefield America : the war on the American people
JK1758.C48 2007bookThe citizen's almanac : fundamental documents, symbols, and anthems of the United States.
JK1924.H65 2015bookIn search of federal enforcement : the moral authority of the Fifteenth Amendment and the integrity of the Black ballot, 1870-1965
JK1965.S45 2015bookElecting the Senate : indirect democracy before the seventeenth amendment
JN30.M3525 2014bookEurope, a leap into the unknown : a journey back in time to meet the founders of the European Union
JV6201.M53 2008bookMigrants to the metropolis : the rise of immigrant gateway cities
JV8118.C33 2014bookOn the doorstep of Europe : asylum and citizenship in Greece
JV8996.5.R43 2009bookSoldiers, martyrs, traitors, and exiles : political conflict in Eritrea and the diaspora
K5485.T38 2016bookUsing forensic DNA evidence at trial : a case study approach
KF590.Z9H37 2014book
KF778.M86 2013bookEstate & trust administration for dummies
KF4530.A43 2015bookThe law of the land : a grand tour of our constitutional republic
KF4545.S5P76 2010bookThe promises of liberty : the history and contemporary relevance of the Thirteenth Amendment
KF4550.S833 2015bookConstitutional personae
KF4557.M33 2006bookPowers reserved for the people and the states : a history of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments
KF4557.S74 2014bookSix amendments : how and why we should change the Constitution
KF4558 16th.K48 2010bookThe sixteenth amendment
KF4750.A4362 2013bookThe Bill of Rights primer : a citizen's guidebook to the American Bill of Rights
KF5082.F44 2014bookThe Twenty-fifth Amendment : its complete history and applications
LB1027.44.R68 2011bookMake just one change : teach students to ask their own questions
LB1042.M36 2015bookThe high-performing preschool : story acting in Head Start classrooms
LB2337.4.G38 2012bookA better way : how I graduated college debt free
LB2369.H324 2011bookUsing sources effectively : strengthening your writing and avoiding plagiarism
LC2731.F58 2016bookBlack males and racism : improving the schooling and life chances of African Americans
LC4818.38.I64 2016bookCollege success for students with disabilities : a guide to finding and using resources, with real-world stories
LF509.E73 2010bookThe University of Oxford : a new history
ML60.T513 2016bookThe state of music & other writings
ML418.A96L66 2008bbookThe soloist : a lost dream, an unlikely friendship, and the redemptive power of music
ML420.B365P44 2005bookBrown eyed handsome man : the life and hard times of Chuck Berry : an unauthorized biography
ML420.L534B73 2014bookJerry Lee Lewis : his own story
ML423.O46A3 2016bookSoul serenade : rhythm, blues & coming of age through vinyl
MVC PN1997.2.W373 2016dvdWarcraft
NFine Arts
N7962.A1U54 2010bookUneasy communion : Jews, Christians, and the altarpieces of medieval Spain
NA4185.B85 2013bookThe building of peace : a hundred years of work on peace through law : the Peace Palace, 1913-2013
NC640.B76 2015dvdHow to draw
ND2920.N48 2005bookThe splendor of the word : medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts at the New York Public Library
ND3339.5.K46 2015bookMedieval monsters
NX165.M475 2001bookPencil dancing : new ways to free your creative spirit
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PC4118.R64 2000bookCliffsQuickReview Spanish I
PC4629.S53 1998bookThe Oxford picture dictionary.
PE1128.H4355 1994bookEasy true stories : a picture-based beginning reader
PE1404.F665 2010bookQuick coach guide to creating multi-modal essays
PE1408.C3963 2013bookEngaging questions : a guide to writing
PE1408.F469 2014bookMosaics : reading and writing essays
PE1408.M3365 2010bookThe McGraw-Hill handbook
PE1408.R426 2005bookStrategies for successful writing : a rhetoric, research guide, and reader
PE1421.H37 2003bookWriting with clarity and style : a guide to rhetorical devices for contemporary writers
PE2835.5.F83 1999bookThe Oxford picture dictionary.
PK6239.D44 2014bookFarsi (Persian) phrasebook & dictionary
PK6379.M53 2003bookFarsi-English/English-Farsi (Persian)
PL248.E657K5713 2007bookThe city in crimson cloak
PN83.A43 2014bookHow to read a book
PN1101.K68 1994bookWriting across cultures : a handbook on writing poetry and lyrical prose : from African drum song to blues, ghazal to haiku, villanelle to the zoo
PN1995.9.C55A46 1998dvdAll of me
PN1995.9.C55P35 2012dvdPixar short films collection. Volume 2
PN1995.9.C55P5937 2007 v.1dvdPixar short films collection. Volume 1.
PN1995.9.F35J86 2016dvdThe jungle book
PN1995.9.H6F52 2001dvdFlatliners
PN1995.9.S26A885 2002dvdArtificial intelligence : A.I.
PN1995.9.S26S336647 2006dvdA scanner darkly
PN1997.2.A165 2015dvd52 Tuesdays
PN1997.2.B54 2016dvdThe big short
PN1997.2.C378 2016dvdCaptain America : civil war
PN1997.2.C668 2006dvdConversations with God
PN1997.2.C75 2016dvdCriminal
PN1997.2.D36 2016dvdThe Danish girl
PN1997.2.D73 2002dvdDragonfly
PN1997.2.E34 2014dvdEdge of tomorrow
PN1997.2.E58 2010dvdEnter the void
PN1997.2.E6855537586 2003dvdEquilibrium
PN1997.2.E84E84 2004dvdEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
PN1997.2.E95 2015dvdEx machina
PN1997.2.I63 2016dvdIndependence day.
PN1997.2.L44 2016dvdThe legend of Tarzan
PN1997.2.M4 2016dvdMe before you
PN1997.2.P43 2016dvdThe Peanuts movie
PN1997.2.R66 2016dvdRoom
PN1997.2.T736 2014dvdTranscendence
PN1997.2.X646 2016dvdX-Men.
PN1997.A1S56 2015dvdWalt Disney Animation Studios short films collection.
PN1997.A1W35 2015dvdWalt Disney Animation Studios short films collection.
PN1997.B5318 2000dvdBicentennial man
PN1997.D673 2004dvdDonnie Darko
PN1997.F543 2004dvdFire in the sky
PN1997.I133 2010dvdI, robot
PN1997.M343 2001dvdThe Magnificent Seven
PN1998.3.B875T68 2016bookTim Burton : essays on the films
PN3365.S63 2000bookFiction writer's brainstormer
PN6112.S36 2015bookThe Seagull reader.
PN6120.2.S39 2015bookThe seagull reader.
PN6725.B37225 2015bookFunnybooks : the improbable glories of the best American comic books
PN6728.B523C63 2016bookBlack Panther.
PQ7087.E5T43 2001bookThese are not sweet girls : Latin American women poets
PR3093.J328 2014bookShakespeare and the English-speaking cinema
PR6111.A87T56 2015bookTiny pieces of skull : or, a lesson in manners
PS147.K67 2001bookAmerican women writers : a biographical dictionary
PS591.I55S55 2011bookSing : poetry from the indigenous Americas
PS591.W65F67 1995bookFor a living : the poetry of work
PS3507.U855Z55 2015bookWord warrior : Richard Durham, radio, and freedom
PS3529.H29A6 2016bookStories
PS3552.E25Z64 2015bookStreet poison : the biography of Iceberg Slim
PS3555.N383B88 2012bookButterfly moon : short stories
PS3558.A8378L54 2010bookLighthead
PS3558.U58S86 2015bookSummer of my fifteenth year
PS3562.A316N36 2004bookThe namesake
PS3562.E353G6 2015bookGo set a watchman
PS3562.E42A6 2016cbookThe complete Orsinia : Malafrena stories and songs
PS3563.A53614S35 2014bookSalvation : a novel of the Civil War
PS3563.A6624G37 2015bookThe garden of unfortunate souls
PS3563.C355C48 2014bookCharming Billy
PS3566.A822M575 2016bookMissing
PS3566.O83253Z46 2015bookThe education of Kevin Powell : a boy's journey into manhood
PS3568.U298T743 2016bookTransreal cyberpunk : nine stories
PS3569.P363S44 2016bookSee me
PS3573.A4257I5 2016bookIn this house
PS3601.N556D64 2015bookDogism saga
PS3601.S543C376 2016bookThe cartel. : the demise / 6 :
PS3602.E8249B37 2015bookBastards of the Reagan era
PS3602.R723S63 2010bookSnapped
PS3603.A575W44 2016bookWhere war was : poems and translations from Eritrea
PS3606.O96 A55 2015bookAnimal IV : last rites
PS3606.O96D53 2016bookDiamonds and Pearl
PS3608.O93D75 2015bookDriving the king : a novel
PS3610.A35447S73 2015bookThe star side of Bird Hill
PS3610.A69D39 2014bookThe day the streets stood still
PS3613.E487H69 2011bookHow to read the air
PS3619.M58165F67 2014bookForty acres : a thriller
PS3620.H7844B697 2015bookBoystown 7 : bloodlines
PS3620.O9596S25 2014bookSaint monkey : a novel
PZ7.K127637You 2014bookYou are (not) small
QA10.4.R83 2013bookMind tools : the five levels of mathematical reality
QA152.3.M57 2014bookBeginning and intermediate algebra
QD42.M33 2015bookMCAT general chemistry review
QD256.5.M33 2015book
QL737.C432P758384 2006dvdPrivate lives of dolphins
QM151.M87 2017bookThe muscular system manual : the skeletal muscles of the human body
QM611.L87 2013bookThe social worlds of the unborn
R726.8.D89 2016bookConversations on dying : a palliative-care pioneer faces his own death
R733.C66 2016bookComplementary, alternative, and integrative health : a multicultural perspective
R834.5.M339 2015book
R836.J66 1998bookMedieval medicine in illuminated manuscripts
R838.5.M322 2015bookMCAT biology review
R838.5.M323 2015bookMCAT Biochemistry Review
R838.5.M3232 2015bookMCAT critical analysis and reasoning skills review
R838.5.M33 2015book
RA418.5.T73H74 2016bookBilingual health communication : working with interpreters in cross-cultural care
RA418.G525 2016bookGlobal mental health : anthropological perspectives
RA1051.L958 2016bookForensics for dummies
RC280.L9A26 2016bookLiving with lymphoma : a patient's guide
RC552.P67C85 2016bookCulture and PTSD : trauma in global and historical perspective
RC570.G55 2015bookAlready doing it : intellectual disability and sexual agency
RC636.B556 2016bookBlood and circulatory disorders sourcebook : basic consumer health information about blood and circulatory system disorders, such as anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, Rh disease, hemophilia, thrombophilia, other bleeding and clotting deficiencies, and artery, vascular, and venous diseases, including facts about blood types, blood donation, bone marrow and stem cell transplants, tests and medications, and tips for maintaining circulatory health ; along with a glossary of related terms and a list of resources for additional help and information.
RC953.5.G47 2016bookGeriatric physical therapy : a case study approach
RC1220.F6F37 2013bookLeague of denial : the NFL, concussions, and the battle for truth
RD99.25.C65 2017bookMed-surg success : a Q&A review applying critical thinking to test taking
RG525.P6795 2016bookThe pregnancy encyclopedia : all your questions answered
RJ496.S7H37 2015bookChildren with cleft lip and palate : a parents' guide to early speech-language development and treatment
RM267.P64 2015bookThe antibiotic era : reform, resistance, and the pursuit of a rational therapeutics
RM700.I47 2016bookImproving functional outcomes in physical rehabilitation
RM700.P34 2016bookIntroduction to physical therapy
RM705.D74 2017bookDreeben-Irimia's introduction to physical therapist practice for physical therapist assistants
RM725.C65 2014bookThe color atlas of physical therapy
RT51.M436 2017bookMedical-surgical nursing made incredibly easy!
RZ440.C386 2016bookNature's path : a history of naturopathic healing in America
TA330.S78 2013bbookEngineering mathematics
TK7881.4.O95 2013bookThe recording engineer's handbook
TT298.G75 2007bookA beginner's guide to kiln-formed glass : fused, slumped, cast
TT298.G76 2014bookKiln-formed glass : beyond the basics
UMilitary Science
UB418.W65M33 2015bookBeyond the band of brothers : the US military and the myth that women can't fight
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z658.G3L49 2016bookHarmful and undesirable : book censorship in Nazi Germany
bookArtist (DVD)
bookButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
bookGone with the Wind (DVD)
bookGraduate (DVD)
bookHTML5 and CSS3 Complete. 2nd ed.
bookThe germ files : the surprising ways microbes can improve your health and life (and how to protect yourself from the bad ones)