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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B67.T754 2015bookBeyond matter : why science needs metaphysics
B819.B313 2016book
B2430.S34B255 2015bookThe existentialist moment : the rise of Sartre as a public intellectual
BD21.P45 2011bookThe philosophy book
BF637.B85.D47 2016bookBully nation : how the American establishment creates a bullying society
BF637.S8D693 2016bookGrit : the power of passion and perseverance
BF697.5.S65C73 2015bookThe world beyond your head : on becoming an individual in an age of distraction
BF720.C65B494 2015bookTeach your baby to sign : an illustrated guide to simple sign language for babies and toddlers--includes 30 new pages of signs and illustrations!
BP190.5.C6L49 2015bookMuslim fashion : contemporary style cultures
BR515.F43 2011bookWas America founded as a Christian nation? : a historical introduction
BT82.2.E34 2015bookSuperchurch : the rhetoric and politics of American fundamentalism
BX4700.F6A766 2015bookSt. Francis of America : how a thirteenth-century friar became America's most popular saint
DHistory: General
D208.M377 2015bookThe origins of the modern world : a global and environmental narrative from the fifteenth to the twenty-first century
D767.25.N3S68 2015bookNagasaki : life after nuclear war
D804.33.S755 2002bookHow was it humanly possible? : a study of perpetrators and bystanders during the Holocaust
D804.66.O73 2016bookIn my hands : memories of a holocaust rescuer
D805.5.A96G45 2015bookAuschwitz #34207 : the Joe Rubinstein story : a remarkable journey of triumph and survival
D805.5.T74R35 2012bookThe last Jew of Treblinka : a survivor's memory 1942-1943
D805.P7G45 2015bookRena's promise : a story of sisters in Auschwitz
DS135.C97W438 2014bookBoy 30529 : a memoir
DS135.N6H54813 1996bookAn interrupted life : the diaries, 1941-1943 ; and, Letters from Westerbork
DT107.87.G86 2014bookWhy occupy a square? : people, protests and movements in the Egyptian Revolution
DT433.582.A2O34 2015bookFind me unafraid : love, loss, and hope in an African slum
DT650.4.B46N49 2015bookSpectacle : the astonishing life of Ota Benga
EHistory: America
E78.M7W553 2008bookWhat does justice look like? : the struggle for liberation in Dakota homeland
E83.86.C36 2013bookThe Dakota prisoner of war letters = Dakota Kaskapi Okicize Wowapi
E99.B376D65 2015bookWhere the Rivers Meet : Pipelines, Participatory Resource Management, and Aboriginal-State Relations in the Northwest Territories
E99.D1C56 2014bookConflicted mission : faith, disputes, and deception on the Dakota frontier
E99.P25M33 2008bookThe Tohono O'odham and Pimeria Alta
E118.C6613 1969bookThe four voyages of Christopher Columbus; : being his own log-book, letters and dispatches with connecting narrative drawn from the Life of the Admiral by his son Hernando Colon and other contemporary historians;
E173.Z564 2014bookVoices of a people's history of the United States
E178.25.C73 2016bookCracking the AP U.S. history exam
E185.86.R55 2014bookPlease stop helping us : how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed
FHistory: America
F787.B69 2014bookA land of hard edges : serving the front lines of the border
F787.C64 2014bookRiding behind the Padre : horseback views from both sides of the border
F1221.H9E64 2015bookTeachings of the peyote shamans : the five points of attention
F1221.O6Y48 2010book
F1411.C31513 2004bookA short account of the destruction of the Indies
F1411.H32 1994book
F1524.R87 2008bookThe jaguar smile : a Nicaraguan journey
F1528.22.O78M67 2010bookUnfinished revolution : Daniel Ortega and Nicaragua's struggle for liberation
F2131.S94 2015bookCompeting visions of empire : labor, slavery, and the origins of the British Atlantic empire
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G465.F64 2016bookAtlas obscura : an explorer's guide to the world's hidden wonders
G530.J37S53 2014bookIn the kingdom of ice : the grand and terrible polar voyage of the USS Jeannette
G1046.E27P4 2010bookPeople on the move : an atlas of migration
GN799.F6W73 2010bookCatching fire : how cooking made us human
GV199.44.N654I54 2016bookTrespassing across America : one man's epic, never-done-before (and sort of illegal) hike across the heartland
GV721.5.B675 2016bookPower games : a political history of the Olympics
GV950.E26 2015bookThe game's not over : in defense of football
GV1024.M9125 2015bookMotoring West
GV1111.5.F56 2013bookTaking your first shot : a woman's introduction to defensive shooting and personal safety
GV1153.P48 2012bookThe total gun manual
GV1175.L47 2013bookShooter's guide to handgun marksmanship
GV1624.5.N4C44 2011dvdCheck your body at the door
HSocial Sciences
HB501.R359 2015bookSaving capitalism : for the many, not the few
HD4865.B35N49 2013bookA new world of labor : the development of plantation slavery in the British Atlantic
HD5706.M596 2013bookThe new geography of jobs
HD6054.3.P33 2015bookNew rules of the game : 10 strategies for women in the workplace
HD7287.96.U6D47 2016bookEvicted : poverty and profit in the American city
HD8066.R48 2016bookRethinking work
HD8066.W44 2014bookThe fissured workplace : why work became so bad for so many and what can be done to improve it
HD9560.5.K35 2012bookPipelines : flowing oil and crude politics
HD9574.C23A435 2014bookA line in the tar sands : struggles for environmental justice
HD9577.A2H53 2015bookAfrica's new oil : power, pipelines and future fortunes
HD9870.5.B43 2014bookEmpire of cotton : a global history
HE8700.8.P66 2015bookThat's the way it is : a history of television news in America
HF5718.B333 2015bookStrategic connections : the new face of networking in a collaborative world
HG4026.B667 2014bookPrinciples of corporate finance
HG4026.B686 2016bbookFinancial management : core concepts
HJ2051.E27 2012bookA nation of takers : America's entitlement epidemic
HM554.B687 2015bookDeep violence : military violence, war play and the social life of weapons
HM851.S97 2015bookThe boy who could change the world : the writings of Aaron Swartz
HM1169.R43 2016bookReading the comments : likers, haters, and manipulators at the bottom of the Web
HM1176.B47 2016bookInvisible influence : the hidden forces that shape behavior
HQ23.C68 2014bookCritical terms for the study of gender
HQ60.J44 2015bookSex in China
HQ75.4.F53S65 2006bookBurning dreams
HQ755.8.P48 2015bookThe mindful parent : strategies from peaceful cultures to raise compassionate, competent kids
HQ756.B76 2015bookThe expectant father : the ultimate guide for dads-to-be
HQ767.5.U5Z54 2015bookAfter Roe : the lost history of the abortion debate
HQ796.D3937 2016bookComing of age in the other America
HQ799.2.I5S25 2016bookAmerican girls : social media and the secret lives of teenagers
HQ1206.P746 2015bookPsychological practice with women : guidelines, diversity, empowerment
HQ1219.W45 2016bookFace value : the hidden ways that beauty shapes women's lives
HQ1397.P65 2015bookThe only woman in the room : why science is still a boys' club
HQ1728.5.B83 2016bookNo place for grief : martyrs, prisoners, and mourning in contemporary Palestine
HV640.5.S97M87 2016bookNujeen : one girl's incredible journey from war-torn Syria in a wheelchair
HV713.S46 2015bookCritical issues in child welfare
HV6534.N5G35 2015bookNo one helped : Kitty Genovese, New York City, and the myth of urban apathy
HV8059.B43 2014bookFirearms for personal protection : armed defense for the new gun owner
JPolitical Science
JC599.U5M373 2016bookDark money : the hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right
JK275.M27 2013bookIt's even worse than it looks : how the American constitutional system collided with the new politics of extremism
JK526 2016.D69 2016bookThe year of voting dangerously
JK1896.C55 2003bookFounding sisters and the Nineteenth Amendment
JK1976.C36 2016bookCampaign trends and election law
JK1991.D47 2015bookThe deregulatory moment? : a comparative perspective on changing campaign finance laws
JV6035.G65 2011bookExceptional people : how migration shaped our world and will define our future
JV6465.E28 2016bookIntegration nation : immigrants, refugees, and America at its best
JV6483.G637 2015bookDeported : immigrant policing, disposable labor, and global capitalism
JX1428.R8D66 2016bookDoomed to cooperate : how American and Russian scientists joined forces to avert some of the greatest post-Cold War nuclear dangers
JZ4974.W55 2013bookIndigenous nations' rights in the balance : an analysis of the declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples
JZ4984.5.U5385 2017bookThe United Nations and changing world politics
JZ5675.S664 2016bookUnderestimated : our not so peaceful nuclear future
KF2995.M545 2013bookCopyright clearance for creatives : a guide for independent publishers and their support providers
KF3002.S75 2016bookGetting permission : using & licensing copyright-protected materials online & off
KF4541.C66 2013dvdConstitution USA
KF4550.S375 2012bookOn constitutional disobedience
KF7221.W75 2016bookLaw at Little Big Horn : due process denied
KF9444.C87 2015bookPornography and the criminal justice system
KZ6687.W66 2015bookSudden justice : America's secret drone wars
LB1028.75.T66 2015bookThe game believes in you : how digital play can make our kids smarter
LB1065.M37 2017bookMotivating & inspiring students : strategies to awaken the learner
LB1588.U6D66 2015bookHealthy teens, healthy schools : how media literacy education can renew education in the United States
LB2340.2.E47 2015bookThe real college debt crisis : how student borrowing threatens financial well-being and erodes the American dream
LB2340.94.H87bookThe best way to save for college.
LB2343.3.D69 2014cbookOn course : strategies for college success
LB2351.52.U6M83 2014bookWriting successful college applications : It's more than just the essay
LB2395.3.H483 2015bookThe effective reader/writer
LB2395.3.R69 2014bookRead to achieve : gateway to academic reading
LB2395.7.C38 2014bookMinds on fire : how role-immersion games transform college
LB3031.N44 1992bookInternational playtime : classroom games and dances from around the world
LB3060.33.G45P75 2017bookCracking the GED test 2017.
LC149.M36 2016bookChildren's literacy development : a cross-cultural perspective on learning to read and write
LC1099.3.K76 2004bookExploring diversity : a video case approach
LC2731.M59 2016bookPushout : the criminalization of Black girls in schools
LC5225.L42L56 2014bookAdaptability : the secret to lifelong learning
ML156.7.D97M375 2015bookBob Dylan : all the songs : the story behind every track
ML342.K867 2012bookMusic in Korea : experiencing music, expressing culture
ML410.B499K37 2013bookGod bless America : the surprising history of an iconic song
ML420.S77A3 2016bookBorn to run
ML3917.U6F67 2015bookMusic in America's Cold War diplomacy
MT956.C63 2015bookThe Broadway song : a singer's guide
NFine Arts
N71.K355 2016bookReductionism in art and brain science : bridging the two cultures
N6280.C43 2012bookRomanesque art
N6310.C43 2012bookGothic art
N8217.C55L37 2003bookThe last expression : art and Auschwitz
NB1203.F53 2014bookFiber : sculpture 1960-present
NB1220.M336 2015bookThe art of sculpture welding : from concept to creation
NC1001.F54 2016bookStarting your career as an illustrator
NK2399.2.Y83 2015bookFurnitecture : furniture that transforms space
NX456.5.D3R37 2015bookDestruction was my Beatrice : Dada and the unmaking of the twentieth century
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
P119.3.T48 2016bookEnough said : what's gone wrong with the language of politics?
P324.S26 2014bookLost in translation : an illustrated compendium of untranslatable words from around the world
PA4408.E5P66 2009bookStung with love : poems and fragments
PE1408.D867 2015bookCrossroads : integrated reading and writing
PE1408.S6585 2004bookWriting clearly : a self teaching guide
PE1413.B28 2015bookAcademic writing : a handbook for international students
PE1417.H39 2016bookThe master reader/writer
PE1591.A53 2016book
PG7165.I44S513 1995bookA scrap of time and other stories
PJ2533.K67 2007bookEnglish-Somali, Somali-English dictionary = Ingirisi Soomaali, Soomaali Ingirisi qaamuus
PJ2533.T87 2013bookMilet picture dictionary : English-Somali
PJ6801.6.S83 2013bookSudanese Arabic-English, English-Sudanese Arabic : a concise dictionary
PJ9111.4.E64 2011bookEnglish-Tigrigna dictionary
PJ9237.E7A38 2007bookAmharic-English, English-Amharic dictionary
PJ9237.E7K43 2008bookEthiopian Amharic
PJ9237.E7S47 2013bookEnglish-Amharic, Amharic-English : word-to-word dictionary
PK1935.D475 2011bookHindi, Urdu & Bengali
PK1936.O93 2003bookOxford English-Hindi dictionary
PK2596.O76 2014bookNepali phrasebook & dictionary.
PK2597.N3883 2013bookNepali practical dictionary : Nepali-English, English-Nepali
PK2597.R35 2002bookNepali-English, English-Nepali dictionary & phrasebook
PK6480.E5A72 2009bookMystical poems of Rumi
PK6481.M8E5213 2008bookThe Masnavi
PK6482.M65 2012bookBeyond dogma : Rumi's teachings on friendship with God and early Sufi theories
PK6727.D37 2011bookDari/Pashto phrasebook for military personnel
PK6876.A95 2002bookDari : Dari-English, English Dari dictionary & phrasebook
PK6876.B85 2012bookDari practical dictionary : Dari-English/English-Dari
PK6906.A944 2009bookKurdish (Sorani) dictionary & phrasebook : romanized Sorani-English English-Sorani
PK8441.A76 1993bookArmenian-English, English-Armenian
PK8441.T37 2015bookPhrasebook Armenian : the most important phrases : phrasebook + 3000-word dictionary
PK8450.4.H36 1999bookShirak's English-Armenian dictionary with transliteration
PL56.4.K48 1994bookUzbek-English, English-Uzbek dictionary
PL191.G38 2002bookTurkish-English, English-Turkish dictionary & phrasebook
PL191.O94 2012bookOxford wordpower dictionary : English-English-Turkish
PL887.S3 2010bookJapanese plays : classic Noh, Koygen, and Kabuki works
PL3933.B64 2014bookBurmese : phrasebook & dictionary.
PL3957.E5N66 2008bookPocket Burmese dictionary
PL3957.E5P37 2008bookWebster's Rohingya - English Thesaurus Dictionary.
PL3957.S47 2010bookWord to word bilingual dictionary, English-Burmese, Burmese-English
PL4053.W33 2011bookAnglo-Karen dictionary
PL4054.Z9S5R46 2015bookKaren language phrasebook : basics of Sgaw dialect
PL4755.V42 2004bookTamil-English, English-Tamil dictionary & phrasebook
PL5075.W64 2012bookIndonesian phrasebook & dictionary.
PL5076.K715 2014bookTuttle concise Indonesian dictionary : Indonesian-English, English-Indonesian
PL8131.D46 2011book
PL8611.4.Z46 2010bookEnglish-Kirundi dictionary : Kirundi-English
PL8703.A84 2000bookSwahili-English, English-Swahili dictionary
PL8703.A93 2002bookSwahili : Swahili-English, English-Swahili dictionary and phrasebook
PN1992.77.O98 2016dvdOutlander. Season two
PN1992.8.S74S76 2015bookThe Star Trek universe : franchising the final frontier
PN1993.5.A65T48 2015bookTen Arab filmmakers : political dissent and social critique
PN1995.9.S26D37 1998dvdDark city
PN1995.9.Y6M33 2007dvdMachuca
PN1997.2S83 2016dvdStar trek.
PN1998.3.C6635A63 2015bookThe cinema of the Coen brothers : hard-boiled entertainments
PN1999.W27D58 2013bookDiversity in Disney films : critical essays on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and disability
PQ2387.R5S313 2011bookA season in hell ; : &, the drunken boat = Une saison en enfer ; &, Le bateau ivre
PQ2605.O28A287 2001bookThe complete Claudine
PQ7499.2.L53T513 2012book
PR5811.T65 2013bookDe profundis ; : and other prison writings
PR6073.I558O7 1997bbookOranges are not the only fruit
PR6106.R457T74 2016bookThe trespasser
PR6112.O32G73 2015bookThe gracekeepers : [a novel]
PR9199.4.N354G63 2015bookGod in pink : a novel
PS309.P7.S65 2012bookPoets beyond the barricade : rhetoric, citizenship, and dissent after 1960
PS3521.E735A6 2016bookThe unknown Kerouac : rare, unpublished, & newly translated writings
PS3523.E94I8 2014bookIt can't happen here
PS3525.E6645Z674 2015bookJames Merrill : life and art
PS3537.I85O5 2007bookOil! : a novel
PS3543.I26Z474 1996xbookPalimpsest : a memoir
PS3551.L35774B53 2012bookBlasphemy : new and selected stories
PS3551.L35774S86 1996bookThe summer of black widows
PS3551.L3923A6 2016bookThe final days of great American shopping : stories past, present, and future
PS3552.U75W485 1992bookThe wild boys : a book of the dead
PS3553.O225H66 2016bookHome
PS3554.I319W36 2015bookA wanted woman
PS3563.C263R43 2012bookRed weather
PS3563.C3622G58 2010bookGlorious : a novel
PS3563.O88456L66 2010bookThe long fall
PS3568.O3189R48 2013bookThe reverend's wife : a novel
PS3569.P363T96 2016bookTwo by two
PS3569.T149A45 2000bookAllan Stein : a novel
PS3570.A248C58 2014bookCitizens creek
PS3570.Y59B67 2006bookBoss lady
PS3570.Y59T73 2013bookWelcome to Dubai
PS3602.I445S29 2011bookSay amen, again
PS3602.R723W49 2015bookWhite lines III : all falls down
PS3602.R76O74 2015bookOrdinary mayhem : a novel of horror
PS3606.O39L43 2013bookLeaving Tulsa
PS3606.O96A843 2014bookAnimal III : Revelations
PS3608.A71573D45 2015bookDelicious foods : a novel
PS3608.E264S53 2014bookShattered
PS3613.A77555A6 2015bookWild hundreds
PS3613.C28G66 2013bookThe Good Lord Bird
PS3615.K73U53 2015bookUnder the udala trees
PS3616.I92F74 2012bookFreeman : a novel
PS3618.E57277P87 2007bookPush
PS3618.I3985M57 2011bookMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
PS3619.A486A59 2013bookAnybody's daughter
PS3619.A486B8 2009bookBuying time
PS3619.E495T63 2016bookToday will be different : a novel
PS32012004bookThe complete poems
PT2617.E85D413 2013bookDemian : the story of Emil Sinclair's youth
PT9877.12.A32M3613 2014bookA man called Ove : a novel
PZ7.A382Th 2016bookThunder Boy Jr.
PZ7.B647J6 2012bookJobs = Shaqooyin : English--Somali
PZ7.C677474Lan 2012bookThe Land of Stories : the wishing spell
PZ7.W765Am 2016bookNgar ka thay nge lar? = Am I small?
PZ8.1.D378Tw 2013bookTwo ways to count to ten : a Liberian folktale
Q124.97.G68 1996bookThe foundations of modern science in the Middle Ages : their religious, institutional, and intellectual contexts
Q125.H5587 2008bookThe scientific revolution and the origins of modern science
Q126.M56 2015bookThe upright thinkers : the human journey from living in trees to understanding the cosmos
Q127.E8D433 2009bookRevolutionizing the sciences : European knowledge and its ambitions, 1500-1700
Q130.S93 2015bookHeadstrong : 52 women who changed science--and the world
Q335.W445 2015bookWhat to think about machines that think : today's leading thinkers on the age of machine intelligence
Q360.K56 2015bookThe cybernetics moment : or why we call our age the information age
QA76.73.C154P47 2016bookBeginning visual C# 2015 programming
QA76.73.P98M36 2015bookPython for data science for dummies
QA76.73.P98M44 2015bookMastering Python scientific computing : a complete guide for Python programmers to master scientific computing using Python APIs and tools
QA76.73.P98R37 2015bookPython machine learning : unlock deeper insights into machine learning with this vital guide to cutting-edge predictive analytics
QA93.D47 2002bookThe millennium problems : the seven greatest unsolved mathematical puzzles of our time
QA184.2.L378 2013bookElementary linear algebra
QA303.2.R86 2014bookCalculus for dummies
QA371.H685 2008bookDifferential equations for dummies
QB54.W43 2015bookIf the universe is teeming with aliens ... where is everybody? : seventy-five solutions to the Fermi paradox and the problem of extraterrestrial life
QC6.P367 2016bookFashion, faith, and fantasy in the new physics of the universe
QC173.59.S65G54 2016bookTime travel : a history
QC173.59.S65M85 2016bookNow : the physics of time
QC773.A1K87 2015bookThe general and the genius : Groves and Oppenheimer : the unlikely partnership that built the atom bomb
QC903.2.U6M34 2015bookBetting the farm on a drought : stories from the front lines of climate change
QD42.C73 2016bookCracking the AP chemistry exam
QD51.M68 2015bookThe matter factory : a history of the chemistry laboratory
QH316.C73 2016bookCracking the AP biology exam
QH325.M378 2016bookA brief history of creation : science and the search for the origin of life
QH447.C62 2015bookLife's greatest secret : the race to crack the genetic code
QK475.W6413 2016bookThe hidden life of trees : what they feel, how they communicate : discoveries from a secret world
QL638.9.S575 2016bookThe shark handbook : the essential guide for understanding the sharks of the world
QL696.F32M33 2014bookH is for Hawk
QP40.L44 2016bookIntegrated systems
QP425.D84 2014bookThe secret life of sleep
QP475.5.P37 2016bookColor and vision : the evolution of eyes & perception
QP624.C37 2015bookJunk DNA : a journey through the dark matter of the genome
QP624.H368 2015bookAncestors in our genome : the new science of human evolution
QR41.2.M485 2012bookMicrobiology : a human perspective
QR171.G29P47 2015bookBrain maker : the power of gut microbes to heal and protect your brain--for life
R702.P48 2016bookBacteria and bayonets : the impact of disease in American military history
R726.8.V34 2015bookPalliative care : the 400-year quest for a good death
R726.8.V648 2015bookThe conversation : a revolutionary plan for end-of-life care
R733.G355 2015bookOutstanding health : the 6 essential keys to maximize your energy and well being : how to stay young, healthy and sexy for the rest of your life
R858.T657 2015bookThe patient will see you now : the future of medicine is in your hands
RA418.B2847 2016bookHealth divides : where you live can kill you
RA645.T62L54 2015bookLife-course smoking behavior : patterns and national context in ten countries
RA648.S355 2015bookSecret science : a century of poison warfare and human experiments
RA781.M78 2015bookSports nutrition for health professionals
RA784.G7584 2015bookHow not to die : discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease
RA790.B5569 2015book52 small changes for the mind : improve memory, minimize stress, increase productivity, boost happiness
RB155.6.R53 2014bookThe right to know and the right not to know : genetic privacy and responsibility
RB155.P6965 2013bookMedical genetics at a glance
RC76.B35 2015bookSeidel's physical examination handbook
RC86.7.F37 2015bookFast facts for the triage nurse : an orientation and care guide in a nutshell
RC254.5.I52 2014bookIntegrative oncology
RC473.M5F75 2015bookPsychological assessment with the MMPI-2/MMPI-2-RF
RC480.C76 2013bookContemporary psychotherapies for a diverse world
RC480.G728 2014bookExploring three approaches to psychotherapy
RC480.R66 2014bookChoosing therapy : a guide to getting what you need
RC489.H85W37 2014bookSmiles are everywhere : integrating clown-play into healthcare practice
RC521.W43 2015bookUnderstanding brain aging and dementia : a life course approach
RC552.B84S36 2016bookGetting better bite by bite : a survival kit for sufferers of bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders
RC567.H56 2015bookSmoking privileges : psychiatry, the mentally ill, and the tobacco industry in America
RC569.5.B67A386 2013bookCoping with BPD : DBT and CBT skills to soothe the symptoms of borderline personality disorder
RD592.8.M37 2015bookDo no harm : stories of life, death, and brain surgery
RG525.R675 2014bookThe natural pregnancy book : your complete guide to a safe, organic pregnancy and childbirth with herbs, nutrition, and other holistic choices
RG629.F45C42 2014bookUnderstanding fetal alcohol spectrum disorder : a guide to FASD for parents, carers and professionals
RJ486.M44 2015bookDisconnected kids : the groundbreaking brain balance program for children with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurological disorders
RK61.J43 2016bookYour mouth - your life : the connection of oral health to whole body health
RM237.55.P85 2014bookThe forks over knives plan : how to transition to the life-saving, whole-food, plant-based diet
RM705.C873 2015bookThe PTA handbook : keys to success in school and career for the physical therapist assistant
RM725.S757 2016bookDeskbound : standing up to a sitting world
RT82.N874 2015bookNursing today : transition and trends
RT86.54.G35 2015bookCaring for patients from different cultures
RT86.73.N855 2016bookNurse's legal handbook
RT89.R62 2015bookThe nurses : a year of secrets, drama, and miracles with the heroes of the hospital
RT120.I5A36 2016bookOxford handbook of critical care nursing
RX51.H33 2013bookThe history of American homeopathy : from rational medicine to holistic health care
SD421.34.E85P95 1997bookVestal fire : an environmental history, told through fire, of Europe and Europe's encounter with the world
T11.B78 2012bookHandbook of technical writing
T11.L27 2012bookTechnical writing : a practical guide for engineers and scientists
T11.N675 2016bookMaking sense : a student's guide to research and writing : engineering and the technical sciences
T14.5.S577 2012bookThe big disconnect : the story of technology and loneliness
T173.8.K45 2016bookThe inevitable : understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future
T385.P43 2016bookSolidworks 2016 reference guide : a comprehensive reference guide with over 250 standalone tutorials
T385.S58 2016bookAutocad and its applications : basics, 2016
TD170.93.V35 2015bookPoison spring : the secret history of pollution and the EPA
TH9146.F47 2015bookFundamentals of fire protection for the safety professional
TJ211.15.P66 2015bookPopular mechanics robots : a new age of bionics, drones & artificial intelligence
TJ808.B756 2015bookThe great transition : shifting from fossil fuels to solar and wind energy
TL152.E67 2015bookAutomotive technology : a systems approach
TL214.F8H35 2016bookAutomotive fuel and emissions control systems
TP548.T38 2015bookA natural history of wine
TR820.V48 2016bookStorytelling for photojournalists : reportage and documentary photography techniques
TS534.S26 2016bookThe NRA step-by-step guide to gun safety : how to safely care for, use, and store your firearms
TT160.H52 1994bookCrafts from other cultures
TX309.D384 2015bookSimpler living handbook : a back to basics guide to organizing, decluttering, streamlining, and more
TX361.A8N87 2016bookNutrition for elite athletes
TX369.L396 2016book100 million years of food : what our ancestors ate and why it matters today
TX715.2.A47T57 2015bookThe Jemima code : two centuries of African American cookbooks
UMilitary Science
UB800.W35 2015bookLife and death in captivity : the abuse of prisoners during war
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z675.U5R44155 2016bookBecoming an embedded librarian : making connections in the classroom
Z678.85.F37 2016bookLibrary improvement through data analytics
Z1361.N39S22 1999bookSacred fire : the QBR 100 essential Black books
ZA3075.N68 2015bookNot just where to click : teaching students how to think about information
bookA Beautiful Mind (DVD)
bookAmerican History X (DVD)
bookAwakening the Heroes Within: Twelve Archetypes to Help us Find Ourselves and Transform our World
bookDude You're a Fag
bookFacebook Advertising. 2nd Ed.
bookGoogle AdWords. 4th Ed.
bookPhantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall
bookPray the Gay Away
bookPsycho (BluRay)
bookRenaissance Man (DVD)