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AGeneral Works
ACC# C11080cdConcerti per violino IV : 'I'imperatore'
ACC# C5970bookSibelius : complete recordings on Deutsche Grammophon
AV1.2.A747W5 I4 1996cdYip sings Harburg.
AV1.2.B44T74 no.3 2004cdThe complete music for piano trio. 4
AV1.2.B5975S5 2000cdCrazy rhythm : Manhattan in the 20's
AV1.2.C3668T6 H6 1994cdThis heart of mine : classic movie songs of the forties
AV1.2.D789 1999cdVolkslieder und Wiegenlieder = Folksongs and lullabies = Chants populaires et berceuses
AV1.2.F373P6 1991cdColditz march ; : State occasion ; The Westminster waltz ; A star is born
AV1.2.G477O5 S6 1997cdThree classic albums from Dorothy Kirsten.
AV1.2.H897E4 2008cdElectric traction : (2002) ; Fantasy pieces : (2001) ; Still life : (2004) ; Skyscrapers : (2001) ; The melancholy rags. Book 1 : (2000)
AV1.2.L473A63 1995cdAndrea del Sarto : and works by Constant, Roussel, Tomasi
AV1.2.M429B6 Y6 2006cdLove sublime.
AV1.2.M647D6 1997cdGrands motets
AV1.2.R629G3 M3 1995cdThis funny world : Mary Cleere Haran sings lyrics by Hart.
AV1.2.S378S6 D.894 1993bookLeff Pouishnoff.
AV2 4015V42 51859cdPiano works
AV2 6923B664 6353bookConcerti per violoncello. Vol. 1
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B73 S9 NO.2 2005cdSymphony no. 2 ; : Hungarian dances
B127.T3L53 2007bookThe Tao of daily life : the mysteries of the Orient revealed : the joys of inner harmony found : the path to enlightenment illuminated
BF575.G7H658 2009bookComfort : a journey through grief
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
C44 S656 2001cdNone but the lonely heart ; : and, other songs
C1889cdString quartet no. 2
C2713bookQuintetti per chitarra e quartetto d'archi, G. 447, 446, 449
CD50-9018cdConcertos for oboe and orchestra
CD500 Bee Son-7cdBeethoven.
CD782.1 CcdCrimes of passion : opera's bloodiest crimes ... ripped from today's headlines.
CD782.1 RcdOrchestral suites. Vol. 2
CD782.4264 Ccd
CD782.4264 FcdBig city rhythms
CD782.4264 LcdPunishing kiss
CD782.42654 TcdVelvet & brass
CD782.4265 FcdThe intimate Ella
CD784.274 BcdConcerti da violoncello ; : Sinfonie = Cello concertos ; Symphonies
CD784.279 RcdHarp concertos.
CD784.2 PcdSymphonies
CD786.2 CcdPiano dance : a 20th-century portrait.
CD786.4 BcdGoldberg variations : BWV 988 ; Fantasia in C minor, BWV 906 ; Prelude, fugue and allegro in E-flat, BWV 998 ; Two-part inventions, BWV 772-786 ; Fantasia in C minor, BWV 919 ; Three-part inventions, BWV 787-801 ; Capriccio BWV 992 in B-flat ; Partita no. 2 in C minor, BWV 826
CD786.4 PcdSonate di gravicembalo, 1754
CD1785cdPiano trios 2 & 3
CD4028cdLe devin du village
CD4478cdDecca recordings, 1964-1975. Vol. 2.
CD9635bookThe unknown Elgar.
CD24702MUSIcdA composer portrait.
CM1838cdIf ever I would leave you : songs from My fair lady, Camelot, On a clear day, Brigadoon, the little prince
Cetra LPO 2068cdWerther
cpo 999 176-2cdComplete symphonies. Vol. 6
cpo 999 178-2cdComplete symphonies. Vol. 8
DHistory: General
DCC2935cdLotario : [highlights]
DCC3289cdPiano sonata no. 1, op. 39 : "Sonata-fantasia" ; Preludes, op. 53 ; Piano sonata no. 2, op. 54
DCC3729cdGuitar recital.
DCC4579cdCello sonata, op. 36 ; : Lyric pieces
DCC4710cdWorks for violin and piano. Vol. 3
DS269.A34O57 2015bookThe Pearl of Dari : Poetry and Personhood among Young Afghans in Iran
DS918.C75 2011bookThe Korean War : a history
DS934.6.K44M37 2004bookUnder the loving care of the fatherly leader : North Korea and the Kim Dynasty
FHistory: America
F395.M5R528 2015bookTexas Mexican Americans and postwar civil rights
F869.L89M57 1995bookBecoming Mexican American : ethnicity, culture, and identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945
Fermate FER 20013cd
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GR293.I53 2011bookSyrian folktales
HSocial Sciences
HC110.I5G57 2012bookOccupy nation : the roots, the spirit, and the promise of Occupy Wall Street
HF1455.S29 2017bookU.S. international trade policy : an introduction
HF5823.E88 2017bookThe end of advertising : why it had to die, and the creative resurrection to come
HG172.B77A3 2015bookRed notice : a true story of high finance, murder, and one man's fight for justice
HQ1730.Z75S47 2017bookDaring to drive : a Saudi woman's awakening
HV6432.G714 2012bookThe threat matrix : the FBI at war
HV6558.P45 2017bookBeyond blurred lines : rape culture in popular media
JPolitical Science
JA71.R68 2010bookGreat books, bad arguments : Republic, Leviathan, & the Communist manifesto
JC573.2.E85C3613 2017bookFar-right politics in Europe
JC573.2.U6F53 2017bookConscience of a conservative : a rejection of destructive politics and a return to principle
JC574.2.U6D75 2017bookThe big lie : exposing the Nazi roots of the American left
JC574.L84 2017bookThe retreat of western liberalism
JK526 2016.G74 2017bookDevil's bargain : Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the storming of the presidency
JK1726.G56 2017bookUnderstanding Trump
KF285.Z9L73 2016book
KF1614.B37 2017bookAdcreep : the case against modern marketing
McdThe divertimenti. Vol. 1
M1.B47 2008cdBest romantic 100.
M1.B4725 2009cdBest 20th century classics 100.
M1.B87M57 2005cdMissa O crux lignum ; : Motets ; Chansons
M1.F333B53 2008cdBiagio Marini, Dario Castello
M1.K86A44 1994cdAmerican as apple pie
M1.M835 2010cdMusic for Merce : 1952-2009.
M1.M8853 1992cdMusic for the Appalachian Trail : concert music, folk tunes and a fantasy.
M3.1cdSymphony no. 4 & no. 1 : for two pianos
M3.1.B2B23 2000cdBach transcriptions.
M3.1.B2S452 2011cd
M3.1.B53B5 1990cdSymphony no. 1 : Jeremiah ; Three meditations from Mass ; On the waterfront
M3.1.B62 S4 1991cdSonata no. 6 for cello and continuo G6 in C major : Concerto for cello and orchestra G480 in G major ; Sonata no. 2 for cello and continuo (2nd version) G2b in C minor ; Concerto for cello and orchestra G482 in B flat major ; Sonata no. 5 for cello and continuo G5 in G major
M3.1.B63B4 1993cdThe best of Boccherini : including the minuet.
M3.1.C38O26 2001bookOboe concerto ; Esprit rude/esprit doux ; A mirror on which to dwell ; Penthode
M3.1.C447S45 2012cdArias and overtures from Florence to Paris
M3.1.D54O73 2007cdOrchestral works and symphonic songs
M3.1.D747I19 1994cdLute songs
M3.1.H469E57 2006 CDcdChamber music
M3.1.H56 1997 v.2cdComplete sonatas. Vol. 2
M3.1.L38C46 2007cdChoral works
M3.1.L39E57 2009cdEnsemble II ; : Concerto for 2 pianos ; Ensemble III ; String quartet #9
M3.1.L559C65 2007cdDuos concertants
M3.1.M67cdSerenades & divertimenti for winds.
M3.1.M69 2002cdConcerto no. 3 in E flat major, K 447
M3.1.M69Q56 2008cdQuintette avec clarinette, K. 581 ; : Quatours, K. 378 & K. 380
M3.1.O736S83 2004cdSymphonic dances
M3.1.P233H5 1990cdPaganini, historical documents.
M3.1.P264B68 1987cdSymphony no. 5 in B minor ; Blest pair of sirens ; Symphonic variations ; Elegy for Brahms
M3.1.P46S4 2000cdSeven gates of Jerusalem : [symphony no. 7]
M3.1.P474S4 1992cdSymphony no. 4 ; : Capriccio for harp & strings ; Serenata ; Three New England sketches
M3.1.S683M87cdMusic of Leo Sowerby : from the Monadnock Music Festival.
M3.1.V355S953 2005cdSymphonies. Vol. 3
M3.1.V58V57 2005cdVirtuoso cantatas
M3.3.B33O74 1992cdThe organ music of J.S. Bach. Vol. 4.
M4cdMusic of Leo Kraft.
M5.A33 2001cdAdagio veneziano
M5.B415S66 2011cdSonata for violin & piano no. 2 D major : sonata for violin & piano no. 8 G major op. 30/3
M5.H86cdString quartets ; : &, Piano quintet
M5.R53S46 2011cdSensibler exzentriker = Sensitive eccentric
M7.B11G6 2011cdGreat organ works
M7.G74E53om 1992, AudCDcdEnglish organ music.
M10.B33 2006cdThe great fantasias, preludes and fugues
M20.H33C66 2006cdComplete recordings on Deutsche Grammophon.
M20.H36L68 2014cdLove and longing.
M20.K477cdCalifornian concert : Music of European immigrants and their American contemporaries.
M21.A74D4 1995cd
M21.B33 2001cdWilhelm Backhaus : the great recitals.
M21.B55P52 2004cdPiano works
M21.H364M37 1994cd
M21.H68T76 2007cdTsontakis, Schoenberg, Berg, Webern.
M21.K37S5 2000cdSix degrees of tonality.
M21.W36F36 2012cdFantasia.
M22.BcdGoldberg Variations : BWV 988 ; Italian concerto : BVW 971 ; Chromatic fantasia & fugue : in D minor, BWV 903
M22.BcdSonata in F minor op. 5
M22.BcdWell-tempered clavier : book 1
M22.BcdWell-tempered clavier : book 2
M22.B25P532 2011cdPiano sonata & other works
M22.B4cdThe Diabelli variations
M22.C45K3 1994cdMusic for piano
M22.C46 2004cd
M22.C545L39 2000xcdRetrospection
M22.C549cdWilde plays Chopin at the Wigmore Hall.
M22.C549L38 2010cdLate masterpieces
M22.C56P53 2012cdByron Janis : the Chopin collection.
M22.D82K38 1993cdMusic for piano
M22.F34C35 1993cdL'oeuvre pour piano = Piano works
M22.GcdPiano works
M22.G47P5cdPiano music
M22.G53H6cdKeyboard music
M22.G53H8 2000, v. 1cdComplete piano music. Volume 1
M22.G737P5 1996cdPiano music
M22.H56cdLudus tonalis ; : Suite "1922"
M22.K37P53 vol. 4, 2007cdPiano works. Vol. 4
M22.L57H35 2004cd
M22.RcdPiano works
M22.R22E88 1991cdEtudes-tableaux
M22.R26cdPiano music
M22.R33P53 2007cdDemidenko plays Rachmaninov.
M22.R68M87cdMusic for piano
M22.ScdCarnaval : op. 9 ; Kreisleriana : op. 16
M22.S38K74 1999cdRubinstein collection. 52.
M22.S38S36 2008cdPiano music. [Volume 3]
M23cdYves Nat plays Beethoven piano sonatas
M23.BcdMarkus Becker plays Beethoven : Hammerklaviersonate.
M23. B12S662 2012cdKeyboard sonatas. II
M23.B415C66 2010cdComplete piano sonatas
M23.B44L49 2008cdBeethoven #4 : sonatas
M23.B44 no. 8, 17 & 23 2012cdBeethoven piano sonatas.
M23.B4H44 1995cdPiano Sonatas op. 101 & 106
M23.D877cdComplete piano music
M23.H85H852 1986cdSonata no. 2 in E flat major, op. 13 ; : Sonata no. 5 in F sharp minor, op. 81
M23.H92C65 2000cdComplete piano sonatas (in three volumes). Volume one
M23.M69P54 2005cdPiano sonatas
M23.S28K6cd16 Sonaten
M23.S363 op. 5 F68 1997cdThe sonatas, opp. 5 & 6
M23.S471H37 2006cdHarpsichord sonatas. 1
M24.B67P54 2011cd
M24.G738A58 2008cdPartitas for harpsichord
M25.R453F8 1997cdFugues for piano
M25.S4P53 1993ecd
M27.B33G65 2012cdVariations Goldberg
M32.8.P52P53 S68 1997cdSoul of the tango : the music of Astor Piazzolla
M32.8.R12S35 1998cd
M32.C46 1999cd
M35cdSymphonie Nr. 9 d-Moll, op. 125
M35.B42S96 no.5,6 1992cdSymphony no. 5 in C minor, op. 67 ; : Symphony no. 6 in F major, op. 68 : Pastoral. Awakening of cheerful feelings upon arrival in the country : Allegro ma non troppo
M35.B4 no.6 2011cdSymphony no. 6 "Pastoral" (piano transcription)
M41.P34C37 2009cd24 caprices, op. 1
M50.B47 2009cdBest cello 100
M51.B75 2001cdThree suites for violoncello solo.
M51.H35T94 2005 AudCDcdThe 20th-century cello.
M62.P48T73 2007cdTraveler's tales
M118.B33G65 2009cdGoldberg variations
M121.S44O75 2006cdOriginal compositions
M125.K37 2012cd
M125.S65C38 1984cdCavatina.
M126.G85S65 1991cdSolo guitar music performed on 19th century guitar
M128.B991S85 2004cd6 suites
M128.P343T94 1994cd24 caprices
M128.P34F585 1992cd24 caprices
M128.R647G85 2008cdGuitar music. 1
M175.5.T84 2005cd21st century instrumental solos : [Auftragswerke des Internationalen Musikwettbewerbs der ARD].
M175.T5R63 2006cdClara Rockmore's lost theremin album.
M177cdQuartet in B major
M178.F38C53 2004cdChamber music
M178.M37cdChamber music with viola
M180.B664S92 1993 CDcdStreichquartette = String quartets
M200.B43 2011cdBeethoven and his teachers : music for piano, four hands.
M200.S87M98 2008cdMythical dances
M204bookLegends = Legenden : op. 59
M215.P53 T36 1996cdLos tangueros
M217.B56W45 v. 2cdComplete music for violin and piano. Volume II
M217.F73 1990cdSonata for violin and piano
M218.P58N49 2006cdNew England legacy : for violin & piano.
M218.S363 1995cdSonata for violin and piano ; : Sonata for violin solo
M219.B46cdViolin sonatas
M219.G75T3 1992cdThe 3 sonatas for violin and piano
M219.M8V56 2001cdThe violin sonatas = Violinsonaten
M219.P397I57 2004cdViolin sonatas 1 & 2
M219.R67V56 2006cdViolin sonatas nos. 1, 4 and 6
M225.B69cdViola sonatas nos. 1 and 2 ; : Phantasy
M226cdFashionably late : Juliet White-Smith debuts!.
M227.R33W4 1997cdSonatas for viola and piano
M231.B63S6538 1993cdSonatas and fugues for violoncello and basso continuo
M241.B22C66 1991cdComplete sonatas for flute
M242.P53 1989cdSonata for flute and piano ; : Piano trio
M245.S39W67 1992, AudCDcdWorks for oboe and piano
M253.K86R48 2007cdRevolution for bassoon
M256.Z84H67 1996 CDcdHorn sonatas.
M278cdMandolin concertos nos. 1 and 2
M288.B3S5 1994cdSix duets for two flutes (flute and oboe)
M292.H45V5 2003cdVienna guitar duos.
M294.G58G585 2001cdDuets for flute and guitar
M296cdDuo Binder-Hostettler.
M298.5.B87D86 2002cd"Duos 1995-2000"
M312.A46A46 2000cdAhn-plugged.
M312.B43 op.97 2003cdThe complete music for piano trio. 2
M312.P54 1998cdPiano trios
M312.R15no.1,4 2001cdPiano trios 1 & 4
M312.R62T47 1998cdThe 3 piano trios
M350.B63T75 1997cd
M450.U58F3 2008cdFar behind I left my country : klezmer and East European folk music
M451.H85A3 2005cdThe Hungarian String Quartet : historical recordings and previously unissued public performances, 1937-1968.
M451.S25S77 2011cdString quartets
M452.BcdString quartets. : op. 8 / Vol. 1 :
M452.B62 op.39 B6 2001cdString quartets, op. 32 and op. 39
M452.B85 no.2,3 M4cdQuartets nos. 2 & 3
M452.D57S77 F72 1989cdString quartets
M452.G67 2011cdThe three string quartets
M452.P59 no. 1 1995cdString quartet in A major (1906) ; : String quartet in D (1932-33)
M452.S25 2003cdString quartets
M452.S33Op.7 1996cdString quartets
M452.S86 nos. 1-3 1998cdString quartet no. 1 ; : String quartet no. 2 ; String quartet no. 3
M512.B62 1993cdTrois quintettes opus 56
M512.B66A3 1990cdKeyboard quintets
M551.B63Q56 2002 vol.1cdQuintetto Boccherini play Boccherini.
M551.B63Q56 2002 vol.2cdQuintetto Boccherini play Boccherini.
M551.B63Q56 2002 vol.3cdQuintetto Boccherini play Boccherini.
M551.O57 op.38-, 40cdString quintet in C minor, op. 38 : the bullet ; String quintet in E major, op. 39 ; String quintet in B minor, op. 40
M552.B63 2005cdFandango ; : Sinfonie, & La musica notturna di Madrid
M561.B63F58 1997cdFlute quintets
M561.B63G.431, 1992cd6 quintets, op. 45
M561.B63P37 1993bookOboenquintette = Oboe quintets
M562.B6G.431-436cd6 flute quintets op. 55
M562.P64 B.282 1994cdQuintetto op. 10 n. 3 in mi bem. magg. per flauto, oboe, violino, viola e violoncello ; : Quartetto op. 41 n. 1 in re magg. per flauto, violino, viola e violoncello ; Sestetto in fa magg. per 2 violini, 2 viole, violoncello e c. basso
M636.P68C45 1989cdChamber music
M652.B62op.23, E56, 1994cdSextuors op. 23 no 1, 2 & 5
M851.M46 op.20cdOctet for strings in E flat major, op. 20
M948.M939C66 2005cdPiano concertos nos. 22 & 26
M990.B89T75 2010cdSonatas op. 1
M990.T27M8 T4cdMusique de table
M1000cdRomeo and Juliet : suite no. 2, op. 64ter ; Dreams : op. 6 : symphonic poem ; Pushkiniana
M1000.B625W6 2000 CDcdThe complete orchestral works
M1000.B67S96 2001cdLe prime registrazioni CETRA - the first CETRA recordings : 1949-1950.
M1000.C429K3 1997cd
M1000.F83C36 2008cdCanticle to the sun ; : United artists
M1000.J33 O73 v.2cdOrchestral works. Vol. 2
M1000.K35T75 1990bookTsar Boris ; Epic poem ; The cedar & the palm ; The nymphs
M1000.K37K33 2008cdKarajan : the legendary Decca recordings. Vol. 3,
M1000.M672S45 2009cdHomerische symfonie ; : Morgenstemming ; Mythe der lente
M1000.O623S56 1997cdSinfonie napolitane.
M1000.P44I87cdSymphony no. 2 ; : Violin romance ; Orientalisk dans ; Sveagaldrar
M1000.R22N35 1996cdOrchestral suites. Vol. 1
M1000.S36cdConcerto grosso no. 1 ; : Symphony no. 9
M1000.S75I5 2005cdIn memoriam ; : Africa ; Afro-American
M1000.W35E6 1993 v.1cdEmile Waldteufel. Vol. 1.
M1001.B53op.17 2000cdRomeo & Juliet
M1001.B628S5 1996cdSinfonie. Vol. 1
M1001.B633A6 1996cdSymphonies no. 6, 8, & 26
M1001.B642S45cdThe three symphonies
M1001.B654 S v.2cdSinfonie. Vol. 2
M1001.B849S936cdSymphony no. 1 in D minor : the Gothic
M1001.B8Op.73 K3 1997cdSymphonie 2
M1001.H41 H.I N39 v.8cdSymphonies. Vol. 8
M1001.K35 no. 5 2006cdSymphonies 5 & 7 ; : Overture no 16
M1001.K68 1995cdKoussevitzky conducts classical symphonies.
M1001.M92C651 1989xcdComplete piano concertos, vol. 2 : concertos nos. 21, 12 and 14
M1001.P277 no.1 N5cdSymphony no. 1 ; &, : From death to life
M1001.P37O73 1991cdSymphony no. 5 in B minor : "Symphonic fantasia 1912" ; From death to life ; Elegy for Brahms
M1001.P4747 no.1 1998cd
M1001.P47Op.36a 1992xcdSymphony op. 36a ; : Elegie und Reigne op. 45 ; Fantasie op. 56
M1001.P53S96 2007cdSymphonies
M1001.P62S96 1990cdSymphony no. 2 ; Sinfonietta ; Symphony no. 6
M1001.P785S96 no. 8 1989cdSymphony no. 8 in E flat ; : Symphony no. 10 in G minor
M1001.R13 no.7 1993bookSymphony no. 7 : "In den Alpen" ; Concert overture : op. 123
M1001.R13 no.8 1991cdSymphonies nos. 8 and 9
M1001.R66A2 2012cdSymphonies 5, 6 & 19
M1001.S36no.4 M44 1990cdSymphony no. 4
M1001.S725 op.24 1995cdFour symphonies
M1001.S773 op.64T45 1990cdEine Alpensinfonie : op. 64 = An alpine symphony = La symphonie alpestre
M1001.T34 op.36 2002abcdSymphony no. 4
M1001.U85M35 S56 no.9 1994cdSinfonia dello zodiaco ; : Symphony no. 9 ; Symphony no. 10
M1001.U85M35 S967 1994cdSymphonies nos. 5, 6, 8, & 11
M1001.U85P48 S96 no.4 2001cd
M1001.V37 no.2 1993cdSymphony no. 2 : "London" ; The wasps.
M1001.V37 no.5 N3cdSymphony no. 5 in D major ; : Symphony no. 9 in E minor
M1001.V38no.1 2003cdA sea symphony : symphony no. 1
M1001.V38no.3 N38 1994cdSymphonies nos. 3 "Pastoral" and 6
M1001.V38no. 4 N38 2004cdSymphony no. 4
M1001.V39 1989cdSymphony no. 5 ; : Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis
M1003.B119C66cdThe conductor's transcriptions
M1003.R171P36cdLes paladins : suite
M1003.V47O84 2009cd5 overtures
M1004.5.B3F6 1999cd4 concertos
M1004.5.M69C66 no.25 2000cdPiano concerto no. 25
M1004.5.M9H67 1994cdHorn concerti
M1004.A64 1993cdAmerican dreams.
M1004.A78 1999cdThe Art of Willem Mengelberg
M1004.C523O842 1992cdOvertures
M1004 .H36 O74 1997cdOrgan concertos
M1004.L67O93 1985cdOvertures
M1004.R835O9 1995 CDcdOvertures
M1010cdPiano concertos 2 & 3
M1010.BcdPiano concerto no. 2 in B-flat major, op. 83
M1010.BcdPiano concertos nos. 1 & 3
M1010.B44 no. 1, op. 15, 2007cdPiano concertos 1 & 2
M1010.B73 op.15 1990cdConcierto para piano no. 1 : 6 piezas para piano
M1010.C52C56 1994 Compact DisccdPiano concertos
M1010.G64I67 2011cdPiano concerto no. 1 ; : Introduction et allegro pour piano et orchestre ; Symphonie orientale : pour orchestre
M1010.L77P5 1995cdPiano concerto no. 1 in E flat ; : Piano concerto no. 2 in A ; Sonata in B minor
M1010.McdConcertos nos. 20 & 25
M1010.McdPiano concertos nos. 10 & 24
M1010.M6 K.238 2005cdPiano concertos 6, 15 & 27
M1010.M93J35 1990cdComplete piano concertos. : nos. 17 & 18 / Vol. 5 :
M1010.M93 N39 v.6cdComplete piano concertos. : nos. 11 & 22 / Vol. 6 :
M1010.M9I58 C67cdThe Mozart sessions.
M1010.P58 no. 1 2006cdPiano concertos nos. 1 and 2
M1010.P685 1991cdConcerto for 2 pianos ; : Aubade ; Sinfonietta
M1010.RcdPiano concertos nos. 1, 2
M1010.R23 op.30, 2000, AudCDcdPiano concerto no. 3 ; : Solo piano works
M1010.R33R37 2011cdRachmaninov.
M1010.R33 op.30 2010cdPiano concertos 3 & 4
M1012.B23C6 M3 1997cdConcerto for violin and orchestra, opus 14 ; : Souvenirs : opus 28 ; Concerto for piano and orchestra, opus 38
M1012.B47 2009cdBest violin 100.
M1012.G1957V58 2008cdVirtuoso.
M1012.R877 2008cdRussian violin concertos
M1012.V532V562 2012cdViolin concerto no. 1 in E major, op. 10 ; : Violin concerto no. 2 in F sharp minor, op. 19 ; Greeting to America : op. 56
M1016.B63 1993cdCello concertos
M1016.B64 C6cdConcerti per violoncello. Vol. 3
M1016.B65C4cdCello concertos
M1016.D86 op.104 2011cdCello concerto & piano concerto
M1016.H42K36 1991cdCello concertos nos. 1 & 2
M1020.G35H66 2001cd
M1030.S64T78bookTrumpet concertos.
M1030.W34 1994cdHaydn's trumpet concerto and other classical concerti.
M1040.B13B73 1998cdBrandenburgische Konzerte
M1045.M765M4 F7 1993cdOrchestral and chamber works
M1060.B121B23 1989cdBach-Malloch : the art of fuguing
M1060.B22B32 2000cdBach transcriptions.
M1060.W34M45 2011cdMeistersinger : an orchestral tribute, etc.
M1103cdSerenade for string orchestra in C major op. 48 ; : Souvenir de Florence in D minor op. 70 ; Nocturne for cello and string orchestra
M1112.T45 v.1 2004cdComplete violin concertos. Vol. 1
M1112.V85T4 2003cdVivaldi's favorites. Vol. 3.
M1116.S478S68 1990cdSouvenirs & caprices
M1140.F4O94 2011cdOvertures ; : Concerti
M1140.T268G583 2009 CDcdTelemann, Les gitans baroques = The baroque gypsies.
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NFine Arts
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SDB 26299cd
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SDB 69010cdLove is what stays
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SDB 72147cdCello concertos : cello sonatas
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SDB 77240cdZdravitsa
TR790.C65 2017bookBlind spot
VNaval Science
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ZBibliography, Library Science
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bookA Writer's Resource: A Handbook for Writing and Research. 5th Ed.
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cdAmerican quintets. II
cdAnd so is love
cdAnna Lauvergnac.
cdAnny Schlemm.
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cdArturo Toscanini conducts Giuseppe Verdi.
cdAve Maria
bookBach, Busoni, Beethoven piano recital
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cdBest guitar 100
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cdCOE live at the QEH.
bookCampbell Biology. 11th Ed.
cdCantate da camera
cdCantate napoletane del '700.
cdCarlos Kleiber in light music.
cdCello concertos & cello sonatas
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cdCello sonatas nos. 1 and 2
cdCello suites
cdCello works
cdChamber music
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cdComplete piano trios
cdComplete romances : 1855[-]1909
cdComplete string concertos. Vol. 2
cdComplete works for piano
cdCompositions and arrangements for violin and piano
cdConcerti con organo obbligato
cdConcerti grossi and violin concertos
cdConcerto for cello & orchestra, in B minor
cdConcerto for orchestra ; : Suite for strings and piano
cdConcerto for violin, piano & string orchestra ; : Dante-symphony : no 3 "Hell, circles 7-9"
cdConcerto no. 5 : symphonie no. 4
cdConcertos for violin and organ
cdConcertos for violoncello
bookConducting Research in Psychology. 4th Ed.
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cdCorsen plays Corsen.
cdCosi `fan tutte
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cdDans un bois solitaire--
cdDanses slaves
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cdDeGaetano plays Chopin.
bookDeath's Acre
cdDecember songs
cdDer Barbier von Bagdad
cdDer Ring des Nibelungen
cdDer Schauspieldirektor ; : Bastien und Bastienne
cdDer Spiegel von Arkadien : (wind ensemble)
cdDie Himmelfahrt Jesu Christi
cdDie Responsorien zum Karfreitag
cdDie listige Magd
cdDifferent trains ; : Triple quartet ; Piano counterpoint /cSteve Reich.
cdDina Blade sings I'm in the mood for love : and other lyrics by Dorothy Fields.
cdDon Carlos
cdDon Giovanni.
cdDresden overtures, sinfonias & concertos
cdDuet for soprano and tenor after Tchaikovsky's Fantasy-Overture Romeo and Juliet ; : Symphony no. 4, op. 12 in C minor
bookDuetti per flauto e violino
cdEarly works for piano duet
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cdEmil Gilels, early recordings.
cdEnglish song cycles.
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cdEvelyn Lear & Thomas Stewart.
cdEverybody's Beethoven : symphonies 3 & 6.
cdEverybody's classics.
cdFantasy pieces op. 3 ; : 6 moments musicaux : op. 16 ; Piano sonata no. 2 op. 36
cdFestive overture, op. 96 ; : Symphony no. 5 in D minor, op. 47
cdFlamenco de la Frontera.
cdFlute portrait
cdFly cheerful voices : Die Hochzeit = The marriage = Le mariage Pfalzgraf Friedrich V & Elizabeth Stuart.
bookForensic and Legal Psychology: Psychological Science Applied to Law. 2nd Ed.
bookFoundations of Digital Art and Design
cdFour Ballades ; : Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise, op. 22
cdFour famous italian mezzo-sopranos : Irene Minghini-Cattaneo, Gianna Pederzini, Ebe Stignani, Cloe Elmo.
cdFremad March!.
cdFrench orchestral music
bookFundamentals of Microbiology. 11th Ed.
cdGerman dances ; : Symphonie 33
cdGerman opera arias.
cdGheorghe Costinescu : a live retrospective, 1952-2002.
cdGlamorous night ; : Careless rapture ; Songs from Perchance to dream, Gay's the word, King's rhapsody, the dancing years
cdGli Orazii e i Curiazii
cdGoldberg variations ; : 3 inventions, 3 sinfonias ; Chromatic fantasy and fugue
cdGreat radio stars. volume one.
cdGreat singers sing Wagner.
cdHarpsichord music
cdHarry Warren.
cdHaydn & Mozart : the cello concertos
cdHistoric Russian archives : Sviatoslav Richter in concert : Beethoven/Schubert/Liszt.
cdHoffnung Music Festival concert : Hoffnung at the Oxford Union including The Bricklayer's Lament.
cdHoffnung des wiedersehens
bookHuman Relations: Interpersonal Job-Oriented Skills. 12th Ed.
cdI Pagliacci : opera completa
cdI love a piano
cdIl barbiere di Siviglia
cdIl trovatore
cdIm Dichtergarten = The composer's poets.
cdIn memoriam.
cdIntavolatura di liuto, libro secondo : (Bologna, 1639)
bookInvest: Insurance is Everywhere
cdJack Jones paints a tribute to Tony Bennett.
cdJoan Guinjoan.
cdJohann Adolf Hasse reloaded.
cdJudaica : Symphony no. 1 "Jeremiah" ; Symphony no. 3 "Kaddish" ; Dybbuk ; Chichester Psalms
cdKUU : journey to the jar
cdKantaten = Cantates BWV 43 & 44 ; Himmelfahrts-Oratorium : BWV 11
cdKatsaris plays Liszt. Vol. 1.
bookKeeping the Republic : Power and Citizenship in American Politics. 7th Ed.
cdKeyboard music from manuscript sources
cdKeyboard wizards of the Gershwin era : Raie da Costa.
cdKlavier-Quartette, Op. 25, 26, 60
cdKlavierkonzerte = Piano concertos 1 & 2
cdKlavierquintett in A-dur, op. 81
cdKunst der Fuge : version 1742
cdL'Amico Fritz
cdL'armonia ; : Cantata for the death of Beethoven
cdLa belle France : music inspired by France.
cdLa corza blanca : integral de canto
cdLa traviata
cdLaudate pueri Dominum.
cdLe domino noir
cdLe nozze di Figaro
cdLe nozze di Figaro. : Eine kleine Nachtmusik ; Clarinet concerto ; Symphonie 39
cdLeopold Stokowski : Decca recordings 1965-1972
cdLes contes d'Hoffmann
cdLes nocturnes
cdLes rarissimes de Ralph Kirkpatrick.
cdLes voix humaines : Abel, Bach, Marais, Sainte-Colombe
cdLiadov, Stravinsky, Stokowski.
cdLieder edition. 4
cdLiszt et la nature.
cdLou Harrison.
cdLove & kisses.
cdLove wants to dance
cdLucia di Lammermoor
cdLulu-Suite ; : Lyrische-Suite = Lulu suite ; Lyric suite
bookManagement Fundamentals: Concepts, Applications, and Skill Development. 7th Ed.
cdMaria Callas rehearses in Dallas
cdMarian Anderson. II.
cdMario Del Monaco rarities.
cdMark Murphy
cdMaster recordings
bookMichel Corboz.
bookMicrosoft Office 365 / Office 2016 Fundamentals (GCC Custom)
cdMissa solemnis
cdMissa votiva : ZWV 18
cdModinha : guitar works of
cdMottetti sacri : per voci, due cori e due orchestre
cdMozart, pere et fils = Mozart, father and son = Mozart, Vater und Sohn
cdMusic by three : romantic repertoire for violin, horn, and piano.
cdMusic for piano
cdMusic for piano & chamber orchestra
cdMusic for violin and piano
cdMusic in Versailles
cdMusik aus Russland = Music from Russia
cdMusikalische Divertissements : quartets from part 5 & 6
cdMy first record.
cdNatalia Shpiller (1909-1995).
cdNeapolitan music for Christmas.
cdNew music for guitar. Volume I,
bookNixon in China
cdNorthbound train
cdO Seligkeit! : partsongs
bookOld Gautiers nightinghall.
cdOpera arias
cdOpera highlights
cdOpera highlights.
cdOperas : Le nozze di Figaro ; Apollo et Hyacinthus
cdOperatic excerpts
cdOrchestral works
cdOrchestral works. 4
cdOrchestral works. Volume 4
cdOrdres pour clavecin 2, 4, 9 & 11
cdOrgan music
cdOrgan symphonies no. 5 & 6
cdOrgan works
cdOrgan works : after the edition by Karl Straube
cdOtto Wolf singt Wagner.
cdOverture G minor ; : Symphonies 1 & 2
cdOvertures, waltzes & polkas
cdPeter Sellers and friends.
bookPhotography Changes Everything
cdPiano Concerti No. 1 and 4
cdPiano concerto
cdPiano concerto 1 & 2
cdPiano concerto no. 1 in F sharp minor, op. 1 ; Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini : op. 43
cdPiano concerto no. 2 in f minor, op. 21
cdPiano concertos
cdPiano concertos 3 & 4
cdPiano concertos no. 22 & no. 25
cdPiano music
cdPiano music. Vol. I
cdPiano music. Volume 6
cdPiano sonata no. 2, op. 35 ; : Scherzi nos. 1-4 ; Piano sonata no. 3, op. 58 ; Ballades nos. 1-4
cdPiano sonatas
cdPiano trios and Scottish folk songs
cdPiano trios no. 4 & 5
cdPiano trios, opp. 8 & 87
cdPiano works
cdPieces for keyboard
cdPlacido Domingo : a twenty-fifth anniversary tribute, early performances 1961-1969
cdPlays Paderewski, Chopin & Liszt.
cdPurcell edition. 1
cdPurcell in the court & tavern.
cdQuartet in B [sic] major ; : Symphony in A major ; Sinfonia-concertante in D major
cdQuintets op. 11, Nr. 4-6
cdQuintets per a guitarra i quartet de corde. Vol. III
cdQuintette, op. 87
cdQuintetti op. 56 & 57 : G 414, 415, 418, 407, 408, 411
cdRachmaninov piano music.
cdRamuntcho suites 1 & 2
cdRare transcriptions for violin and piano
cdRecorder sonatas
bookReflect & Relate: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication. 4th ed. (GCC CUSTOM)
cdRichard Lewis : the great Welsh tenor.
cdRobert Bruce
cdRoberta Peters sings operatic arias.
cdRomeo & Juliet overture-fantasy ; : Symphony no. 6, op. 74 in B minor : "Pathetique"
cdRose Pauly.
bookRussian Easter vesper Mass, op. 37 ; : Liturgy, op. 31
bookSacred music of India.
cdSchubert arranged by Mahler
cdSchubert songs transcribed by Liszt. Vol. 3.
cdSchubert, Czerny, Kuhlau : introduction and variations.
bookSei sonate per l'organo e il cembalo : (Bologna, 1747)
cdSelma Kurz.
cdSeven pastorales
cdShakespeare songs
bookSigning Naturally: Student Workbook Level 3 w/DVD
bookSigning Naturally: Student Workbook Units 1-6 w/DVDs (2)
bookSigning Naturally: Student Workbook Units 7-12 w/DVDs (2)
cdSix concertos in seven parts, op. 2
cdSix suittes en trio
cdSkyscrapers : symphonic jazz : original recordings 1928-1932.
bookSmall Group Communication
bookSocial Media Marketing. 2nd Ed.
cdSomeone to watch over me
cdSometimes I'm happy... sometimes I'm blue
cdSonata del sur
cdSonata in E flat ; : Sonata in F minor ; La contemplazione
cdSonatas : Sonaten for cello & piano/Klavier : orig.: viola da gamba
cdSonatas cello & piano
cdSonatas for piano and cello
cdSonatas for piano and clarinet
cdSonatas for piano and violin ; Scherzo
cdSonatas for viola and piano, op. 120, nos. 1 and 2 ; Songs for alto voice, viola and piano, op. 91, nos. 1 and 2
cdSonatas for violin & keyboard. vol. II
cdSonatas, BWV 964-966 & 968 ; : Fugue, BWV 954
cdSonate per fortepiano con accompagnamento di un violino, opera V
cdSonate per viola da gamba & basso continuo, op. V
cdSong of Norway : 1959 Jones Beach Marine Theatre cast recording
cdSongs of courtship and other works
cdSophie Milman.
bookSousa marches.
cdSouthland of the heart
cdStars of stage & screen.
bookStarting with Safety
cdStreichquintett E-Dur ; Streichquartett op. 27 Nr. 2 g-moll ; Streichquartett op. 40 Nr. 3 D-Dur ; Streichquartett op. 33 Nr. 5 g-moll
cdString quartet no. 1 : From my life
cdString quartet no. 4, op. 37 ; : "Verklaerte nacht" : op. 4
cdString quartets 1 & 2 : Andante con moto for piano trio : fugue in F minor of string quartet
cdString quartets 3, 4 & 5
cdString quartets : no 4 (1928), no 3 (1927), no 6 (1939-42)
cdString quartets nos. 1, 3 and 5
cdString quartets op. 32 nos 4-6
cdString quartets opp. 4, 10 & 46
cdString quartets, op. 2, nos. 1-3
cdString quartets. Vol. 3
cdString quintetets
cdString quintets
cdString quintets : op. 10-11-13
cdSuites for harpsichord
cdSymphonie Nr. 8 c-moll = Symphony no. 8 in C minor
cdSymphonie no. 8
cdSymphonies nos. 4 and 5
cdSymphonies op. 3, 3-5
cdSymphonies vol. 1
cdSymphony IX reloaded
cdSymphony in F sharp : Einfache Lieder ; Mariettas Lied
cdSymphony no. 1 in C minor, op. 1 ; : Cloud and sunshine
cdSymphony no. 2, op. 132 : "Mysterious mountain" ; Lousadzak, op. 48
cdSymphony no. 4 ; : Hungarian dances nos. 2 and 4-9
cdSymphony no. 7 in E
cdSymphony no. 9
cdThe 6 cello suites
cdThe Auer legacy. Volume two.
bookThe Callas effect
cdThe Fairy queen.
cdThe London connection
cdThe art of Ljuba Welitsch.
cdThe best of Broadway : the revues.
cdThe best of Paganini
cdThe complete piano concertos. Vol. 1
cdThe complete piano sonatas, menuets, fantasias, variations Vol. 1
cdThe complete preludes & fugues for solo violin
cdThe complete recordings : 1922-1938.
cdThe concert sound of the Black Dyke Mills Band.
cdThe early piano variations ; : The first piano sonatas
cdThe early symphonies, nos. 1-12
cdThe early war years.
cdThe early years : original recordings, 1925-1928
cdThe early years. v. 1
cdThe fascinating George Gershwin
cdThe hanged
cdThe language of love
cdThe late piano sonatas
cdThe lyric
cdThe melody lingers on
cdThe musical legacy of Frederick the Great.
cdThe new cello. : works / Vol. I,
cdThe piano collection.
cdThe planets ; : St. Paul's suite
cdThe poet and the prince. Volume 2.
cdThe poet and the prince. Volume 3.
cdThe unreleased documents.
cdThe young Beethoven : piano works (1782-1783)
cdThird symphony ; : Grand duo for violin & piano
cdThree concertos
cdTime out : Seven songs for Tuva
cdToscha Seidel.
cdTossy Spivakovsky.
cdTradition and protest : the great American folk revival.
cdTransfigured Beethoven : Beethoven transcriptions
cdTransfigured Mozart : Mozart transcriptions
cdTre divertimenti, op. 16
bookUnderstanding Pathophysiology. 6th Ed.
cdUnusual way.
cdVariations en ut mineur op. 42
cdVictor Maurel : the complete recordings.
cdViolin sonatas
cdViolin sonatas 1-3
cdVirtuosity : il baritono barocco.
cdWhere are you?
cdWhisper not
cdWilhelm Backhaus in New York : live recordings from Carnegie Hall.
cdWind sextets
cdWith throbbing eyes
cdWolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
cdWomen of firsts : art songs by the first important twentieth century women composers from the Czech Republic, Poland, United States, and France.
cdWorks for flute, cello and piano
cdWorks for violin & piano
cdWorks for violin and piano. Vol. 2
cdWorld premieres : the four hands of Jeffrey Reid Baker
cdXII sonate d'intavolatura per l'organo e il cembalo (1742) : sonate I-IV
cdZwei Gitarren in Paris = Two guitars in Paris
28116cdItalia 1600, Argentina 1900.