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AGeneral Works
ACC# C10797cdIl templario
ACC# C11071cdVerdi at the Met : legendary performances from the Metropolitan Opera.
ACC# C11091cdArie per basso
ACC# C8035cdAtenaide
ACC# C8393cd
AU031 814cdKammermusik
AV1.2.B363S63 op.26 2003cd
AV1.2.B88F3 2005cdInspired by J.S. Bach : piano pieces by Ferruccio Busoni, Paolo Troncon.
AV1.2.F38cdThe complete nocturnes
AV1.2.S24Op. 72 1995cdEtudes
AV1.2.S75L5 op. 27 H4 2000cdLieder
AV1.2.T44Q84 no. 2 2003cdVI trio a violini e basso ; : Chamber music with bassoon
AV1.2.W34F5 S6 2001cdBritish film music. Volume III.
AV2 4016S35 29802 C.D.cdOrgelwerke. Vol. 2
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B72.G68 2000bookThe dream of reason : a history of western philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance
B395.O94 2011bookThe Oxford handbook of Plato
B485.O94 2015bookOxford Handbook of Aristotle
B721.O94 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of medieval philosophy
B785.M24B455 2017bookBe like the fox : Machiavelli's lifelong quest for freedom
B808.5.O946 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of the history of analytic philosophy
B829.5O894 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of contemporary phenomenology
B1545.Z7O93 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of Adam Smith
B3317.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of Nietzsche
B3376.W564O95 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of Wittgenstein
BD418.3.O93 2017bookThe Oxfford handbook of philosophy of cognitive science
BD438.5.O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of the self
BD444.O94 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of philosophy of death
BD638.O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of philosophy of time
BF109.J8Q86 2016bookThe quotable Jung
BF575.E55O94 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of compassion science
BF692.F525 2017bookTestosterone rex : myths of sex, science, and society
BF697.5.B63O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of the psychology of appearance
BF1078.B779 2016bookBig dreams : the science of dreaming and the origins of religion
BF1111.O94 2012bookThe Oxford handbook of hypnosis : theory, research, and practice
BF1571.O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of witchcraft in early modern Europe and colonial America
BL240.3.J66 2016bookCan science explain religion? : the cognitive science debate
BL1351.3.L66 2009bookJainism : an introduction
BL2525.O94 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of religion and American politics
BP67.U6O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of American Islam
BP130.W55 2017bookWhat the Qur'an meant and why it matters
BP173.7.O945 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of Islam and politics
BP190.5.T47C63 2014bookThe Jihadis return : ISIS and the new Sunni uprising
BP603.H36 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of new religious movements. Volume II
BQ4055.O94 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of contemporary Buddhism
BR325.R76 2017bookMartin Luther : renegade and prophet
BR332.D6L884 2008bookMartin Luther's ninety-five theses and selected sermons.
BR517.J67 2017bookSet in stone : America's embrace of the Ten Commandments
BR526.M675 2017bookBible nation : the United States of Hobby Lobby
BR1640 .O83 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of evangelical theology
BT741.3.N38 2017bookIn search of soul : hip-hop, literature, and religion
BX6235.K48 2015bookBaptists in America : a history
BX8635.3.O94 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of Mormonism
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CBS MPK 44853cd
CC75.O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of the archaeology of the contemporary world
CD458 239cdViolin music from Poland.
CD782.42655 EbookThe three Americas
CD782.42655 McdFrom broken hearts to blues skies
CD782.4268 ScdI carry your heart.
CD784.1556 LcdThe bird actors ; : Pomona ; Romeo and Juliet
CD784.2 RcdFeste romane ; : Pini di Roma
CD1010-1011bookSymphony no. 10
CD1601cdMesse super flumina Babylonis
CD2001:520cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 12
CD4582cdGreat voices at Teatro Regio in Turin.
CD6659cdCelestina Boninsegna.
CD19333cdHigh society : original soundtrack.
CD42484-42485cdThe art of fugue ; : Musical offering
CT275.B435G749 2006dvdGrey Gardens
cdSonata no 3 in A minor op. 25
DHistory: General
D770.D48 2016bookThe Battle of the Atlantic : How the Allies Won the War
D804.3.O94 2012bookThe Oxford handbook of holocaust studies
D843.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of the Cold War
D2025.5.R8H47 2016bookPutin's propaganda machine : soft power and Russian foreign policy
DA554.B18 2016bookVictoria The Queen : An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire
DA760.O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of modern Scottish history
DA938.O946 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of modern Irish history
DC148.O945 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of the French Revolution
DD247.H5A327 2001bookMein Kampf
DK510.764.T63 2017bookNear abroad : Putin, the West and the contest over Ukraine and the Caucasus
DL5.F47 2017bookScandinavians : in search of the soul of the North
DL65.R535 2005bookThe Vikings : a very short introduction
DP17.P55 2016bookA concise history of Spain
DP264.F7P34 2014bookFranco : a personal and political biography
DS39.3.K55 2016bookBlood year : the unraveling of Western counterterrorism
DS119.76.K469 2017bookKingdom of olives and ash : writers confront the occupation
DS145.R67 2015bookThe murder of William of Norwich : the origins of the blood libel in medieval Europe
DS247.D72A84 2016bookCultureShock! : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
DS266.O94 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of ancient Iran
DS272.O94 2014bookOxford handbook of Iranian history
DS556.5.G66 2016bookVietnam : a new history
DS647.B2W567 2016bookCulture shock! : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
DS664.R67 2016bookCultureShock! : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
DS922.35.E25 2016bookPark Chung Hee and modern Korea : the roots of militarism 1866-1945
DS935.7773.J36A3 2014bookDear Leader : poet, spy, escapee-- : a look inside North Korea
DT13.O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of African archaeology
DT20.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of modern African history
EHistory: America
E77.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of American Indian history
E78.S65L58 2016bookA listening wind : Native literature from the Southeast
E78.S7I54 2012bookInside dazzling mountains : Southwest native verbal arts
E78.S7O94 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of Southwest archaeology
E99.A35A454 2005bookAlgonquian spirit : contemporary translations of the Algonquian literatures of North America
E99.O8G675 2017bookKillers of the Flower Moon : the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI
E184.A1H3377 2017bookMaking sense of the alt-right
E184.A1N365 2017bookAlt-America : The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump
E184.C5F84 2012bookBend, not break : a life in two worlds
E184.I55C36 2016bookInterpreters of occupation : gender and the politics of belonging in an Iraqi refugee network
E184.M5T38 2017bookChicano popular culture : que hable el pueblo
E185.615.L393 2017bookThe making of Black lives matter : a brief history of an idea
E185.86.A28 2017bookHave Black lives ever mattered?
E208.O94 2015bookThe Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution
E280.H2A76 2017bookThe martyr and the traitor : Nathan Hale, Moses Dunbar, and the American Revolution
E807.F68 2016bookThe four freedoms : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the evolution of an American idea
E840.M347 2016bookMission failure : America and the world in the post-Cold War era
E908.G36 2017bookRising star : the making of Barack Obama
E911.T87 2017bookUnbelievable : my front-row seat to the craziest campaign in American history
FHistory: America
F157.A4N47 2016bookNepali sa?graha : bhu?ani sara?arthiba?a sa?kalita kathaharu
F232.S7B74 2015bookThe land shall be deluged in blood : a new history of the Nat Turner Revolt
F596.M6848 2018bookHomesteading and settling the frontier
F596.P67 2005bookThe Homestead Act of 1862 : a primary source history of the settlement of the American heartland in the late 19th century
F615.S18B47 2017bookScandinavians in the state house : how Nordic immigrants shaped Minnesota politics
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G1021.G43283 2017bookAtlas of the world
GN388.O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of the archaeology and anthropology of hunter-gatherers
GN484.B88 2016bookFemale mutilation : a global journey behind the curtains of the horrifying worldwide practice of female genital mutilation
GN775.O94 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of neolithic Europe
GN778.2.A1O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of the European Bronze Age
GT3170.O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of the archaeology of death and burial
GV200.5.W57 2014bookSAS survival handbook : the ultimate guide to surviving anywhere
GV571.O95 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of sports history
GV581.B47bookThe Best American sports writing.
GV709.3.M365 2018bookHandbook of disability sport and exercise psychology
GV885.514.A37 2016bookBoys among men : how the prep-to-pro generation redefined the NBA and sparked a basketball revolution
GV939.S47O55 2016dvdO.J. : made in America
GV1202.F35F35 2016bookFantasy sports and the changing sports media industry : media, players, and society
GV1469.3.K38 2016bookHow games move us : emotion by design
GV1469.34.A97S65 2017bookInteractive stories and video game art : a storytelling framework for game design
GV1779.O95 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of dance and the popular screen
GV1798.5S75 2017bookContemporary belly dance : manual : Portal do Egito
HSocial Sciences
HB72.O95 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of philosophy of economics
HC110.I5L563 2017bookThe captured economy : how the powerful enrich themselves, slow down growth, and increase inequality
HD62.5.S76 U67 2017bookThe upstarts : how Uber, Airbnb, and the killer companies of the new Silicon Valley are changing the world
HD1415.C665 2018bookCorporate farming
HD1691.P625 2018bookThe politics of water scarcity
HD2963.U24 2018bookUber, Lyft, Airbnb, and the sharing economy
HD4918.R54 2018bookThe right to a living wage
HD9940.A2B46 2017bookSocial media for fashion marketing : storytelling in a digital world
HD9993.E452I67 2017bookInside the video game industry : game developers talk about the business of play
HF3685.G55 2014bookGlobal goods and the Spanish Empire, 1492-1824 : circulation, resistance and diversity
HF5385.B63 2017bookOne minute mentoring : how to find and work with a mentor--and why you'll benefit from being one
HF5718.22.H39 2017bookPresent like a pro : the modern guide to getting your point across in meetings, speeches, and the media
HG1601.O94 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of banking
HM851.O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of Internet studies
HM881.O94 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of social movements
HM1216.P648 2018bookPolitical correctness
HQ31.D84 2017bookThe complete A to Z for your V : a women's guide to everything you ever wanted to know about your vagina: health, pleasure, hormones, and more
HQ76.8.U5H38 2017bookListen, we need to talk : how to change attitudes about LGBT rights
HQ471.W55 2014bookYour brain on porn : internet pornography and the emerging science of addiction
HQ536.R4338 2017bookCheap sex : the transformation of men, marriage, and monogamy
HQ751.O94 2012bookThe Oxford handbook of the history of eugenics
HQ1206.O94 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of women and competition
HQ1421.N37 2017bookNasty women : feminism, resistance, and revolution in Trump's America
HT169.55.F75 2017bookDesigning sustainable communities
HT1521.A36 2016bookBrown : what being brown in the world today means (to everyone)
HV553.C24 2015bookHumanitarian economics : war, disaster and the global aid market
HV4493.H6585 2018bookHomelessness and street crime
HV5132.W35 2005bookThe glass castle : a memoir
HV6021.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of the history of crime and criminal justice
HV6025.O87 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of criminological theory
HV6080.O984 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of offender decision making
HV6158.O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of gender, sex, and crime
HV6322.7.O97 2013xbookThe Oxford handbook of genocide studies
HV6431.E5478 2016bookDoes terrorism work? : a history
HV6626.3.M55 2017bookElder Abuse and Nursing : What Nurses Need to Know and Can Do About It
HV6661.W2B58 2017bookRanger games : a story of soldiers, family and an inexplicable crime
HV7436.G87748 2017bookGuns : conceal and carry
HV8139.O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of police and policing
HV9104.O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of juvenile crime and juvenile justice
HV9469.M38 2018bookMass incarceration
HV9950.O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of crime and criminal justice
HV9950P64 2017bookPolicing the Black man : arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment
JPolitical Science
JA71.O949 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of the history of political philosophy
JA74.5.O94 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of political psychology
JA79.A45 2017dvdAll governments lie : truth, deception, and the spirit of I.F. Stone
JC311.O917 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of the history of nationalism
JC328.3.C543 2018bookCivil disobedience
JC479.O94 2012bookThe Oxford handbook of the welfare state
JC481.P372 2014bookFascism : a very short introduction
JF529.P63 2018bookThe political elite and special interests
JK467.D782017bookThe business of America is lobbying : how corporations became politicized and politics became more corporate
JK1726.D79 2014bookAmerica : imagine a world without her
JK1976.W478 2016bookWhy don't Americans vote? : causes and consequences
JK1987.R34 2017bookThe American nonvoter
JK2408.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of state and local government
JV6450.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of American immigration and ethnicity
JV6477.N53 2013bookThe DREAMers : how the undocumented youth movement transformed the immigrant rights debate
JV6483.I5537 2018bookImmigration bans
JV6565.B67 2018bookThe border wall with Mexico
JZ6369.M46 2016bookThe conceit of humanitarian intervention
JZ6374.O84 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of United Nations peacekeeping operations
K3240.O96 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of international human rights law
K5015.4.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of criminal law
KF224.R6C58 2016bookExecuting the Rosenbergs : death and diplomacy in a Cold War world
KF3821.O98 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of U.S. Health Law
KF4541.K53 2016bookThe framers' coup : the making of the United States Constitution
KF4548.5.O973 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of the U.S. Constitution
KF4865.O96 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of church and state in the United States
KF8742.K35 2017bookThe long reach of the Sixties : LBJ, Nixon, and the making of the contemporary Supreme Court
KF9345.W44 2018bookWhen is free speech hate speech?
KZ4082.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of the responsibility to protect
KZ6385.O94 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of international law in armed conflict
LB1028.5.H3144 2015bookIntegrating technology in the classroom : tools to meet the needs of every student
LB1139.5.S35P55 2017bookThe young artist as scientist : what can Leonardo teach us?
LB2331.72.S55 2016bookPassing on the right : conservative professors in the progressive university
LB2353.67.A33 2016bookAccuplacer : 350 test prep questions for the Accuplacer exam.
LC2670.6.G37 2014bookThe Latino generation : voices of the new America
LC2670.6.P47 2012bookAmericans by heart : undocumented Latino students and the promise of higher education
M1.3.P76 So H3cdComplete piano sonatas
M1.3.S35I5cdThe ill-conceived P.D.Q. Bach anthology
M1 .B38G48 1987cdGesellige Zeit : deutsche Lieder, Madrigale und Instrumentalmusik aus dem 16. und 17. Jahrhundert = German songs, madrigale [sic] and instrumental music of the sixteenth and seventeenth century.
M1.B56J87 2008cd
M1.C667 1989cdConcerto 'per flautino' ; 2 cantatas ; Trio sonata 'La Folia'
M1.K746E35 2011cdEdition Lockenhaus.
M1.M37C36 B66cdLa canzone dei ricordi ; : Notturno
M1.W35C66 2002cdCoronation Te Deum : and other choral music
M3.1.B82S452 1992cd
M3.1.C53S36 2007cdSamurai ; : Black fire
M3.1.C588 PcdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 2
M3.1.G74J6 1999bookSongs for mezzo
M3.1.K41I56cdHelen Merrill sings Jerome Kern.
M3.1.K64cdLute concertos = Lauten Konzerte
M3.1.S24V47 O77 1990cd
M3.1.S57R66 2003cdRondo of the waves
M3.1.W45E46 2010cdChoral music
M3.S39 2015cdSchuman edition.
M6.B33S54 2003cdSchweitzer plays Bach : organ music. Vol. 2.
M7.B2B6 2001cdBach-Orgel : der Thomaskirche zu Leipzig.
M7.N67 2000cdNorddeutsche Orgelmusik aus drei Jahrhunderten.
M7.S351J84 1989cdOrgelwerke. Vol. 1
M8.B2S59 1998cdThe 6 trio sonatas, BWV 525-530
M10cdComplete organ works of Johann Ludwig Krebs. Volume four.
M11.S349O73 v.4cdOrgelwerke. Vol. 4
M20.A74A15 2013cd5 classic albums.
M20.B37D37 2012cdDarknesse visible.
M20.B44B34 2008cdBagatelles, op. 126 ; : Piano concerto no. 1
M21.C28I5cdLes introuvables d'Aldo Ciccolini.
M21.P655H66 2010cd
M21.W54 2007cdPiano music
M22cdSolo piano music
M22.B89cdHarpsichord music. Vol. 3
M22.C466A1 2000cdThe piano works
M22.D99C66 2010cdComplete piano works
M22.F73P53 R83 2008cdPiano works
M22.H56P4 v.2cdPiano works. Vol. 2
M22.L77R55 1994cdThe 19 Hungarian rhapsodies
M22.N54C54 2008cdComplete piano music
M22.ScdComplete piano sonatas. Vol. 5
M22.S356A6 1988cd
M22.S3635G6cdPiano music
M22.S37S37 1992cdScriabin's complete etudes.
M22.S385P5 2002cd
M22.S38F36 2007cdFantasie ; : Kreisleriana ; Arabeske
M22.S38P53 1994cdPiano works
M22.S38S3 1993cdA Schumann recital.
M22.S38S65 2002cdSolo piano works
M22.S392op.12+ R5 1992cd
M22.S394C6 2000cd
M22.S394K73cdKreisleriana : op. 16 ; Fantasia, op. 17
M22.S3C6 2004cdComplete keyboard sonatas. Vol. 7
M22.S42E8 1997cd
M22.S98P53 2005cd
M22.TcdThe seasons ; : Children's album
M22.T35cdComplete keyboard works
M23.BcdPiano sonatas
M23.B629S66 2010cdPiano sonatas
M23.DcdSonatas ; : Fantasia and fugue
M23.M69J36 Vol.5, 1991, AudCDcdPiano sonatas. Vol. 5
M23.M939J3 1991cdPiano sonatas. Vol. 1
M23.M939J32 1991cdPiano sonatas. Vol. 2
M23.M939J33 1991cdPiano sonatas. Vol. 3
M23.M939J34 1991cdPiano sonatas. Vol. 4.
M23.S2862C66x 2001cdComplete keyboard sonatas. Vol. 3
M23.S28A48 1999bookSonate per cembalo, 1742
M23.S32C65 1999cdComplete keyboard sonatas. Vol. 4
M23.S33cdComplete keyboard sonatas. Vol. 6
M23.S38D.157 2007cdPiano sonatas nos. 1, 8, and 15
M24.H36 HMV426-433 R67cdSuites pour clavecin (1720)
M24.S49 op.9 1988cdAlbum for the young : op. 68. No. 38, Wintertime (I) ; No. 37, Sailor's song ; Carnaval : op. 9 -- Album for the young : op. 68. No. 39, Wintertime (II)
M25.C63F56 1999cdPiano works. Vol. 17
M25.K17P53cdPiano music
M25.S45P7 GV46cd24 preludes ; : Sonata no. 4, op. 30 ; Etude op. 42, no. 5
M27cdGoldberg variations : on cimbaloms
M35.S46N3 1988cdSymphonic etudes ; : Albumblaetter ; Arabesque
M42.R62I57 2007cdInvitation to the music of George Rochberg.
M52cdRostropovich plays Bach.
M75cdSusan Nigro & the big bassoon.
M125.N48 1993cdNew music with guitar. Vol. 5.
M125.P43S45 1993cdMusic of Astor Piazzolla.
M126.B768G8 1997cdGuitar music. Vol. 1
M126.R87S66 2010cdSonidos latinos : guitar music of Latin America.
M126.S714Op.10 1998cdGuitar music opp. 10-12
M128.B22A55cdAngel Romero plays Bach.
M141.D69C66 2008cdComplete music for solo lute
M178.A845cdPiano and wind.
M178.B78B3cdBassoon and friends : winning works of the 2010 Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition.
M201cdPiano works for four hands. 5
M201.D988op.59 1996cdLegends : op. 59, B 117 ; From the Bohemian forest : op. 68, B 133
M214.A68S9 1994bookSuites for two pianos nos. 1-5
M214.F67C45 2006cdA celebration of duo-piano music : [Spanish, French and Russian programs].
M214.P68C6 2000cdComplete chamber music. Vol. 3
M214.W65M36 2006cdThe man from Midian
M218.A622H44 2002cd
M218.T75G47 2009cdA German bouquet.
M219cdViolin sonatas
M219.EcdViolin sonatas
M219.P26 op. 3 M36cdViolin sonatas (1660)
M219.R683C36 2007cdComplete music for viola and piano ; : Complete music for violin and piano
M239.V54B3 2013cdGamba sonatas
M312.4cdThe trio sonata in 17th-century Germany.
M312.D37P53 2001cdPiano trios
M312.P37 no. 3 1993bookPiano trio no. 3 in G ; : Piano trio no. 2 in B minor
M312.S327C42 O4, v.1cdChamber music. Volume 1
M321.S36M87 2008cdMusic for flute, violin, oboe and recorders
M452cdString quartets nos. 9, 11 and 12
M452.D86 B.192 2010cdString quartets in G major op. 106 : & in F major op. 96 "American"
M452.S351S7 1996cdThe string quartets
M524.S2614C53 1991bookClarinet quintet in A major
M552.M69K.516 2007cdThe string quintets
M559.S56P7 2003cdPreludes and fugues, opus 87
M652.S365 op. 4 1986cd
M990.H39D58 2010cdTrios pour cors de basset
M1000.A13 2012cd100 best British classics
M1000.L86C66 v.2 B45 1998cdComplete orchestral works. Vol. 2
M1000.M58A78 v. 1, 2008cdThe art of Dimitri Mitropoulos. Vol. 1.
M1000.M86C43 2007cdCharles Munch in New York.
M1000.R56C37 2011cdCapriccio espagnol
M1000.S27V56 1991cdViolin concerto op. 25 ; : Moloch ; King Oedipus
M1000.S56S96 2004cdSymphony no. 11 ; : Variations on a theme by Nielsen
M1000.T64P53 2002cdPiano concerto no. 1 ; : Peter Pan ; Pinocchio ; Big Ben
M1000.W46O7 1996cdOrchestral works
M1001cdSymphonies no. 2 and 3
M1001bookSymphony no. 8
M1001.B66G6 v.5cdSymphonies op. 21, no. 6 & op. 35, nos. 1-3
M1001.M21S45x 1998cdMitropoulos conducts Mahler.
M1001.M35 no.2 1988bookSymphony no. 2 in C minor : Resurrection
M1001.M9S38x 2008cdSymphonies 38-41
M1001.S375 D.417 1992cdSymphony no. 4 in c minor, D. 417 "Tragic" ; symphony no. 6 in C, D. 589
M1001.S46 no. 4, op. 43, 2007cdSymphony no. 4 ; : Suite from the opera "Lady Macbeth of Mtsenak"
M1001.S5 no.8, 1994cdSymphony no. 8, op. 65 in C minor = in C-moll = en ut mineur
M1001.T33 no. 4 2004cdSymphony no. 4 in F minor
M1001D86McdThe late symphonies Nos. 7-9; Legends Op. 59
M1002.S36P45 1992cdPelleas & Melisande ; Variations op. 31
M1003cdOrchestral suites
M1003.P964C5 1989cdChout = The buffon [i.e. buffoon] : suite, op. 21a ; Le pas d'acier = The steel dance : suite, op. 41a ; The love for three oranges : suite, op. 33a
M1003.R43 A5 T4cdAncient airs and dances ; : Trittico Botticelliano
M1010.B33cdComplete solo keyboard concertos
M1010.B65R66 2010cdThe romantic virtuoso.
M1010.C466A1 2000cdPiano concertos 1 & 2
M1010.G38cdConcertos for piano and orchestra
M1010.M14 op. 23 L58cd
M1010.M69K.414 2004cdLili Kraus plays Mozart : concertos no. 12 & 18 : piano sonata no. 11.
M1010.S38P53 2000cdPiano concerto op. 54 ; : Piano quintet op. 44
M1012.A33T4cdViolin concertos of John Adams & Philip Glass.
M1012.S25Op.20 1999cdThe three violin concertos
M1012.W489S45 2004cdViolin concerto ; : Traumsommernacht ; Hyperion
M1016cdConcerto pour violoncelle et orchestre, en la mineur, opus 33
M1016.S38D.821 2004cdConcerto in A Minor ; : Rosamunde : Overture and Excerpts ; Overture to Rosamunde
M1016.T63 op.35 2002cdTanz-Suite : op. 30 ; Concerto for violoncello & chamber orchestra, op. 35
M1024.C58 2000cdThe clarinet in Bohemia : concertos and quartets.
M1037.4.G8D52 2003cdThe virtuoso guitar.
M1040cdConcerto for flute, harp & orchestra, K299
M1045.B44F74 2011cdFrench music
M1060.B33K8 1984cdDie Kunst der Fuge : BWV 1080 = The art of fugue = L'art de la fugue
M1060.T34Q44 2013cdThe Queen of Spades ; : Voyevoda
M1103.W3277C377 2006 CDcdCapriol suite ; : The curlew ; Six Italian dance tunes
M1105.V85K3 2002cdVivaldi's favorites. Vol. 1.
M1112.V85P42 2002cdVivaldi's favorites. Vol. 2.
M1116.G37 2007cd6 concertos for violoncello
M1137.4.G8G585 2004cdConcertos nos. 1 & 2 for guitar and orchestra
M1142.V6C66 2004cdConcerti per archi
M1200.U78M456 2000cdMemorials.
M1245.C46B75 2010cdBritish music for concert band
M1245.G69D47 2011cdDerivations
M1245.R43A53 2001cdAlfred Reed live! Vol. 3,
M1258.R53T73 2007cdTranscriptions for wind orchestra
M1350.T45M8 1998cd
M1356.B67B35 2012cdBallroom Classics.
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UMilitary Science
U21.2.O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of war
U29.O93 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of warfare in the classical world
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z103.H664 2017bookThe mathematics of secrets : cryptography from Caesar ciphers to digital encryption
Z286.P4P55 2015bookSo I published a magazine : conversations with independent publishers from around the globe
Z658.U5B35 2018bookBanned books
Z658.U6D69 2017bookBanned books : defending our freedom to read
ZA3075.B69 2015bookClassroom assessment techniques for librarians
ZA3075.B87 2016bookTeaching information literacy reframed : 50+ framework-based exercises for creating information-literate learners
cd11 Sonaten
cd16th century music for viols.
cd2-part inventions ; : Sinfonias : (3-part inventions) ; 6 little preludes
cd5 classic albums.
cd8 Trios for 4 Pianists
cdA Parma
cdA touch of class
cdA voice and a piano
cdAci, Galatea e Polifemo
cdAlban Berg Quartett : 5 classic albums.
cdAlexander Goldenweiser.
cdAlexander Nevsky ; : Sinfonia N. 5
bookAlmost, Maine
cdAlso sprach Zarathustra ; : Burleske : for piano and orchestra
cdAmerican idiot : the original Broadway cast recording
cdAmore langueo ; Concerto for piano and string orchestra, op. 12
cdAmphitryon : Schauspielmuik = incidental music
cdAnchors aweigh : original soundtrack
cdApokryphe Klavierwerke
cdArianna a Naxos ; : Scots songs ; English canzonettas
cdArias, duets, songs
cdAt the drop of a hat
cdAzerbaijani piano concertos.
cdBagatelles : op. 33, 119, 126
cdBaroque cantatas from the Grossfahner-Collection
cdBetween the wars : music from 1919 to 1941
cdBrahms and his contemporaries. Vol. I.
cdBrahms, Beethoven, Barber, Chopin.
cdBrahms. Vol 2
cdBrandenburgische Konzerte = Brandenburg concertos Concertos Brandebourgeois
cdBruno Walter conducts
cdCan-Can : original soundtrack
cdCanzoni da sonare.
cdCaprichos nos. 2, 3, and 4
cdCarousel : studio cast recording.
cdChi dell'altrui si veste presto si spoglia
cdColumbus ; : Cantatas & sinfonias
cdComplete 1951-1953 All Stars studio recordings
cdComplete concert of March 21, 1954 : recorded in stereo.
cdComplete organ works. Vol. 11
cdComplete organ works. Vol. 7
cdComplete organ works. Vol. 8
cdComplete organ works. Vol. 9
cdComplete piano sonatas
cdComplete string quartets. : string quartets nos. 2 and 4 / 2 :
cdComplete symphonies ; : Das Paradies und die Peri
cdComplete violin sonatas
cdComplete works for piano & orchestra
cdComplete works for voice and piano, 1870-1948
cdCon passione.
cdCon voce festiva : cantate e concerti
cdConcert pieces with orchestra
cdConcerto for piano & orchestra, no. 22 in E flat, K 482 ; : Concerto for piano & orchestra, no. 24 in C minor, K491
cdCovent Garden live
bookCultureShock! : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
cdDaniel Barenboim : 5 classic albums.
cdDaniel Barenboim : the early recordings.
cdDas Buch mit sieben Siegeln
cdDas Paradies und die Peri : op. 50
cdDebut : Lieder von Komponistinnen.
cdDer Alchymist
cdDer Carneval in Rom
cdDer zufriedengestellte Aeolus = Aeolus pacified : BWV 205 ; Cantata BWV 110
cdDiabelli variations ; : Sonata no. 17 : Tempest
cdDie 3 Messen = The masses
cdDie Fledermaus
cdDie schone Mullerin : D. 795
cdDon Giovanni
cdDon Giovanni : Il dissoluto punito ossia il Don Giovanni ; dramma giocoso in 2 Akten ; historische Gesamtaufnahme ; KV 527
bookEin deutsches requiem
cdElisabeth Rethberg.
cdFairy tale
cdFantasias on operas
cdFantasie in C major op. 15 D. 760 "Wanderer" : Sonata in B? major D. 960
cdFirst time together
cdFlute concerti 1 & 2 ; Symphony no. 33
cdFontane di Roma ; : Pini di Roma ; Feste di Roma ; Antiche arie e danze
cdGoetz de Berlichingen ; : Le roi Lear ; Symphonie en ut majeur
cdGoldberg variations ; : Sarabanda con partite ; Aria variata
cdH.M.S. Pinafore
cdHeine Lieder
cdHelen Carr, the complete Bethlehem collection.
cdHorn quintets
cdHorowitz plays Scriabin.
cdIgor Markevitch conducts.
cdIl barbiere di Siviglia
cdIl flauto magico : (Prague 1794)
cdIl sibilo = The whisper
cdIl sogno ; : La dora festeggiante
cdIl trionfo di Clelia
cdIl trovatore
cdIl turco in Italia
cdIn Montana
cdIncantations : music for flute
cdIolanthe ; : Patience
cdIsraeli folk music
cdItalian arias
cdItaliane baroque : sonatas & concertos.
cdJ.S. Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Scarlatti.
cdJan Kiepura. : My song for you. volume II :
cdJimmie Lunceford and his orchestra : Polished perfection.
cdJoan Sutherland, 1926-2010 : classic Australian performances.
cdJohann Sebastian Bach
cdJudas Maccabaeus : HWV 63
cdJudy Garland "live" at the Palace : February, 1952 : an evening of song, dance and conversation.
cdKammermusik Am Hofe Kaiser Leopolds I.
cdKantaten und Kammermusik = Cantatas and chamber music
cdKatsaris plays Chopin.
cdKiss me, Kate
cdKlaviertrio Nr. 4 a-moll, op. 289
cdKnight of the lute.
cdKreisleriana : Arabeske ; Fantasie in C
cdKyra Vayne. II.
cdL'amour de moy si est enclose : Chansons et improvisations de la renaissance.
cdL'enfance du Christ
cdL'orgue insolite = Unexpected organ greats.
cdLa Susanna
cdLa Vierge
cdLa cenerentola
cdLa fida ninfa : Extraits = Highlights
cdLa notte ; : La tempesta di mare ; Il gardellino
cdLa stravaganza : 12 violin concertos, opus 4
cdLe docteur Miracle
cdLe piano classique d'Amerique latine.
cdLicia Albanese. III.
cdLieder nach Texten von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe = Songs on poems by Goethe
cdLieder on record, 1898-2012
cdLieder vol. 4
cdLieder von Liebe und Tod = Songs of love and death ; Lieder de l'amour et de la mort
cdLive from La Scala.
bookLooking Out Looking In. 15th Ed.
cdLove and adventure songs
cdLove online : a new pop musical
cdLucia Popp.
cdLudwig Suthaus. : (1906-1971). II :
cdLuis Russell and his orchestra.
cdLuisa Miller
cdMagda Olivero.
cdMama's got the blues
cdManieristische Madrigale.
cdMaria Caniglia.
cdMaxim Vengerov: 5 Classic Albums
cdMessa da Requiem
cdMesse h-Moll BWV 232
cdMissa in honorem Sanctae Ursulae : "Chiemsee mass"
cdMorceaux intimes
cdMozart singers of the past.
cdMusica mensurabilis.
cdMusique de chambre = Chamber music
cdNew York, New York : Bernstein on Broadway.
cdNikandr Khanayev.
cdNobody else but me
cdO magnum mysterium : masses of Josquin, Finck, Ockeghem, Gombert, Brumel, Isaac, Dufay.
cdOblivion : tangos
cdOboe concertos
cdOeuvres de Monteverdi.
cdOmaggio a Carlo Bergonzi : due concerti
cdOpera arias.
cdOratorium ; : Sieben duette
cdOrlando furioso : Extraits = Highlights
cdOvertures. Vol. 4
cdPaisagem brasileira : flute and piano music from Brazil.
cdPiano concerto no. 1 : Concertino for 2 pianos, op. 94 ; Piano trio 2, op. 67 ; From Jewish folk poetry
cdPiano concerto no. 3 in C minor, op. 37
cdPiano concerto no. 5 in E flat, op. 73 ; : Grosse fuge, op. 133
cdPiano concertos nos. 1 and 2
cdPiano music
cdPiano music. Volume 1
cdPiano quartet in E? K493 ; : Piano trio in E K542 ; Sonata in G for piano and violin K301
cdPiano sonata
cdPiano sonata no 1 in F sharp minor, op 11 ; : Piano sonata no 3 in F minor, op 14
cdPiano sonatas D959, D784, D157
cdPiano trios
cdPiano works
cdPiano works. Vol. 16
cdPiano works. Vol. 18
cdPolskie arcydziela = Polish masterpieces
cdQuintet, op. 23 & Sextet, op. 55
cdQuinto libro dei madrigali, 1605
cdRecorder concertos
bookReel songs
cdRenata Tebaldi : the classic Puccini recordings.
cdRenata Tebaldi a Buenos Aires.
cdRequiem, op. 50
bookRetail Management. 13th Ed.
cdRichard Wagner im Schweizer Exil.
cdRichter plays Schubert.
cdRigoletto : complete opera in 3 acts
cdRose Bampton.
cdSan Francisco Opera gems. Volume 1.
cdSaul ; : Alexander's feast ; Apollo e Dafne ; Ode for St. Cecilia's Day ; Giulio Cesare (highlights).
cdSchoenberg, Webern.
cdSchubert winterreise.
cdSchwanengesang D 957
cdSeguidillas, boleros y canciones
cdSerebrier conducts Tchaikovsky.
cdShow boat : [music from the motion picture].
cdSix cantatas : "The flowering and fading of love"
cdSlavic heroes.
cdSonatas for cello and piano
cdSonate da chiesa Op. 4
cdSonate e concerti per flauti
cdSonate op. 31/2 : (1802, "Strum")
cdSonate, duetti & capricci Vol. 14
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 1
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 10,
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 11
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 13
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 15
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 3
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 4
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 5
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 6
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 7
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 8,
cdSonate, duetti & capricci. Vol. 9,
cdSongs. 4
cdSound portraits
cdSt Matthew Passion
cdSviatoslav Richter in Moscow.
cdSwing into bop.
cdSymphonic works
cdSymphonie a-moll op. 1 ; : Das Weib des Intaphernes ; Psalm 116 op. 6
cdSymphonies 1 & 2
cdSymphonies 4 & 5
bookSymphonies 4, 5 & 6 etc.
cdSymphonies and concertos
cdSymphonies nos. 1 & 2 ; : Concert overture in F major
cdSymphonies nos. 1-5 ; Swedish rhapsodies
cdSymphonies nos. 2 and 3 ; : Wood notes
cdSymphonies nos. 3, 5 & 8
cdSymphony 2 ; : Kleist overture
cdSymphony No 2 ; : Introduktion & Rondo
cdSymphony no. 2 (1933 rev. 1982)
cdSymphony no. 2 ; : Pieces for piano
cdSymphony no. 9 in C major, D944
cdSymphony, op. 41 ; : Phantasie concertante : op. 48, for piano & orchestra
cdTableaux de Provence : the classical saxophones and woodwinds of Ray Smith.
cdTabula rasa
cdTe Deum : Missa Nr. 9.
cdThe Baroque era = Musique Baroque = Das Barock.
bookThe Break-Up
bookThe Children's March
cdThe Godowsky edition. Volume 7.
cdThe Great operas
cdThe King and I : [original soundtrack].
cdThe Lord is my shepherd : and other motets
cdThe Michael Feinstein anthology.
cdThe Rarities Vol. 1.
cdThe artistry of Dennis Brain.
bookThe best of
cdThe butterfly tree
cdThe complete Lieder : Deutsche Schubert-Lied edition
cdThe complete original works for piano duet. Volume one
cdThe complete original works for piano duet. Volume seven
cdThe complete original works for piano duet. Volume two
cdThe military band : salute to the services.
cdThe mystic & the muse : piano music of Cyril Scott & Roger Quilter.
cdThe pupil and the teacher.
bookThe red red rose : songs and tunes of 18th century Scotland
cdThe rose lake ; : Ritual dances
cdThe six string quartets
cdThe triumph of Time and Truth
cdThe well-tempered clavier
cdThree sonatas for violin & piano
cdTrio sonatas
cdTrouble is a man
cdTwo voices, one name : Paul Armin & Peter Edelmann.
cdVenus and Adonis
dvdViktor Tretiakov.
bookViola sonata ; : Violin sonata
cdViolin concertos & sonatas.
cdViolin sonata, suite, three piano pieces
cdViolin sonatas
cdViolin sonatas, op. 5
cdVirtuoso in the making
cdVisions de l'amen
cdVladimir Sofronitsky plays Scriabin.
cdWeihnachtsoratorium : BWV 248
cdWest Point Band's music under the stars.
cdWilliam Walton.
cdWinterreise : D 911
cdWorks for solo piano 1