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AGeneral Works
ACC# C11092cdConcerti per violino. : La caccia / I :
AM135.J46 2016bookKeeping their marbles : how the treasures of the past ended up in museums ... and why they should stay there
AV1.2.B33S8 BWV 1066-1069 2009cdFour orchestral suites
AV1.2.B33W6 T.1 2007cdThe well tempered clavier, book I
AV1.2.P87D56 1994cdSuite from Dioclesian
AV1.2.S22C64 no. 2 1998cd
AV2 3912C523 36285cd
AV2 4014S286 51625cd
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B41.B53 2016bookThe Oxford dictionary of philosophy
BC108.S75 2016bookA cabinet of philosophical curiosities : a collection of puzzles, oddities, riddles and dilemmas
BD21.P4766 2016bookPhilosophy : sources, perspectives, and methodologies
BD418.3.P446 2017bookPhilosophy : mind
BF31.G35 2016bookThe Gale encyclopedia of psychology
BF76.5.S497 2017bookWhat psychology majors could (and should) be doing : a guide to research experience, professional skills, and your options after college
BF76.7.B35 2018bookWriting your psychology research paper
BF77.G73bookGraduate study in psychology.
BF204.6.O95 2011bookOxford handbook of positive psychology
BF311.B285 2017bookWake up! : a handbook to living in the here and now : 54 playful strategies to help you snap out of autopilot
BF408.W554 2017bookThe origins of creativity
BF561.H35 2016bookHandbook of emotions
BF575.C8M33 2017bookMake your bed : little things that can change your life...and maybe the world
BF575.F2M374 2017bookThe fear factor : how one emotion connects altruists, psychopaths, and everyone in-between
BF697.5.B63E555 2017bookBeauty sick : how the cultural obsession with appearance hurts girls and women
BJ52.5.T54 2015bookFrom field to fork : food ethics for everyone
BJ1421.Y68 2017bookBunk : the rise of hoaxes, humbug, plagiarists, phonies, post-facts, and fake news
BJ1499.S65H37 2017bookSolitude : in pursuit of a singular life in a crowded world
BL48.R4325 2016bookReligion : social religion
BL51.P5456 2017bookPhilosophy : religion
BL53.R4355 2017bookReligion : mental religion
BL60.R346 2016bookReligion : just religion
BL65.C8R4525 2016bookReligion : material religion
BL65.P7J66 2016bookThe end of White Christian America
BL65.S4R458 2016bookReligion : embodied religion
BL71.5.D74 2016bookChoosing our religion : the spiritual lives of America's Nones
BL80.3.W67 2015bookWorldmark encyclopedia of religious practices
BL100.R45 2017bookReligion : super religion
BL240.3.A48 2017bookParanoid science : the Christian right's war on reality
BL240.3.E249 2018bookReligion vs. science : what religious people really think
BL473.G463 2017bookGender : God
BL624.R4265 2017bookReligion : narrating religion
BL783.O94 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of ancient Greek religion
BL900.F735 2017bookCeltic mythology : tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes
BL2747.8.R453 2016bookReligion : beyond religion
BQ4050.W75 2017bookWhy Buddhism is true : the science and philosophy of meditation and enlightenment
BQ4570.S3M66 2017bookThe monastery and the microscope : conversations with the Dalai Lama on mind, mindfulness, and the Nature of Reality
BR325.H28 2017bookA world ablaze : the rise of Martin Luther and the birth of the Reformation
BR516.M2575 2017bookChoosing Donald Trump : God, anger, hope, and why Christian conservatives supported him
BR1642.U5F565 2017bookThe Evangelicals : the struggle to shape America
BS1237.G74 2017bookThe rise and fall of Adam and Eve
BT82.7.D697 2015bookThe new abolition : W.E.B. Du Bois and the black social gospel
BT1390.R45 2016bookReligion : secret religion
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CC165.O94 2009bookThe Oxford handbook of archaeology
CD02cdSon House : the complete Library of Congress sessions, 1941-1942.
CD782.42 HcdDivas in song : a 60th birthday celebration.
CD786.2 LcdLang Lang : recorded in Florence Gould Auditorium in Seiji Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood, Lenox, Massachusetts.
CD786.2 ScdLe voyage magnifique
CD4689cdThe duosonatas
CD4713cdTrios and Scottish song settings
CD6725 v.15cdLieder & Balladen. Vol. 15
Capriccio 10 724cdDie deutsche Oper des 20. Jahrhunderts = The German opera of the 20th century
DHistory: General
D210.A75 2013bookThe Oxford handbook of the Atlantic world, c.1450-c.1850
D546.H443 2016bookVoices from the front : an oral history of the Great War
D726.5.O96 2009bookThe Oxford handbook of fascism
D843.W445 2017bookThe cold war : a world history
DA30.C319 2017bookA history of the British Isles : prehistory to the present
DA34.O93 2015bookThe Oxford companion to British history
DA962.M28 2016bookThe Rising : Ireland, Easter 1916
DCC4036cdPetite Messe solennelle
DCC4610cdThe voice of Bach.
DF234.2.H65 2016bookThe treasures of Alexander the Great : how one man's wealth shaped the world
DF521.K295 2017bookA cabinet of Byzantine curiosities : strange tales and surprising facts from the world's most orthodox empire
DK265.E476 2018bookRussia in flames : war, revolution, civil war, 1914-1921
DK508.8374.A67 2017bookRed famine : Stalin's war on Ukraine
DK510.763.G48 2017bookThe future is history : how totalitarianism reclaimed Russia
DL448.Y55 2015bookHistory of Norway
DP203.R28 2017bookModern Spain : 1808 to the present
DP254.C32713 2010bookThe Spanish Republic and Civil War
DP538.B57 2003bookA concise history of Portugal
DP583.N49 2005bookA history of Portuguese overseas expansion, 1400-1668
DP583.P677 2007bookPortuguese oceanic expansion, 1400-1800
DQ54.C47 2013bookA concise history of Switzerland
DR43.P34 1999bookA history of the Balkans, 1804-1945
DR48.6.B53 2007bookThe Balkans : a post-communist history
DR217.H579 2014bookA concise history of Romania
DR267.A65 2017bookRomania since the Second World War : a political, social and economic history
DR1246.D73 2010bookConstructing Yugoslavia : a transnational history
DR1302.H38 2016bookCreating a socialist Yugoslavia : Tito, communist leadership and the national question
DS98.6.P5 2016bookThe battle for Syria : international rivalry in the new Middle East
DS98.72.M34C34 2017bookA disappearance in Damascus : friendship and survival in the shadow of war
DS122.O94 2010bookThe Oxford handbook of Jewish daily life in Roman Palestine
DS126.6.R32R33 2017bookYitzhak Rabin : soldier, leader, statesman
DS135.R7A719813 2011bookThe history of the Holocaust in Romania
DS557.7.V54 2017dvdThe Vietnam War. Volume one (episodes 1-5)
DS557.7.V54 2017dvdThe Vietnam War. Volume two (episodes 6-10)
DS706.U47 2017bookUnderstanding contemporary China
DS778.7.T35513 2017bookThe killing wind : a Chinese county's descent into madness during the cultural revolution
EHistory: America
E78.W5W35 2017bookGod's red son : the Ghost Dance religion and the making of modern America
E83.794.H64 2017bookAutumn of the Black Snake : the creation of the U.S. Army and the invasion that opened the West
E98.F6S55 2014bookSky loom : Native American myth, story, and song
E183.8.C8E55 2017dvdElian
E183.8.Y8L44 1997bookKeeping Tito afloat : the United States, Yugoslavia, and the Cold War
E184.36.S65R428 2016bookJews and the American religious landscape
E184.A1A23 2017dvdAccidental courtesy : Daryl Davis, race & America
E184.S15M37 2017bookThe far away brothers : two young migrants and the making of an American life
E184.S75O968 2015bookThe Oxford encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in contemporary politics, law, and social movements
E184.T4P33 2017bookFlavors of empire : food and the making of Thai America
E185.61.R8185 2017bookThe color of law : a forgotten history of how our government segregated America
E185.615.M38 2017bookMy grandmother's hands : racialized trauma and the pathway to mending our hearts and bodies
E185.86.H86 2017bookBound in wedlock : slave and free Black marriage in the nineteenth century
E302.5.B46 2015bookThe founding fathers : a very short introduction
E312.17.H397 2017bookGeorge Washington : a life in books
E444.D86 2017bookNever caught : the Washingtons' relentless pursuit of their runaway slave, Ona Judge
E468.N493 2016bookThe New York Times Disunion : A History of the Civil War
E668.W58 2017bookThe Republic for which it stands : the United States during Reconstruction and the Gilded Age, 1865-1896
E711.6.M54 2017bookPresident McKinley : architect of the American century
E886.R55 2016bookInside the Clinton White House : an oral history
E911.C6 2017bookWhat happened
E913.3.D36 2017bookThe dangerous case of Donald Trump : 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts assess a president
FHistory: America
F596.K58 2017bookCattle kingdom : the hidden history of the cowboy West
F1029.5.U6B68 2015bookYour country, my country : a unified history of the United States and Canada
F2191.B55D53 2016bookDictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American biography
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GA359.W47 2017bookCharting of oceans
GC89.G66 2017bookThe water will come : rising seas, sinking cities, and the remaking of the civilized world
GE42.P478 2017bookPhilosophy : environmental ethics
GE115.W548 2018bookCareers in environmental conservation
GE149.W46 2017bookRising tides : climate refugees in the twenty-first century
GE220.M35V 2016dvdMarathon for justice
GF71.M46 2017bookClimate change and the health of nations : famines, fevers, and the fate of populations
GT511.S545 2014book100 ideas that changed street style
GT2855.S58 2017bookDinner with Darwin : food, drink, and evolution
GV443.B619 2015bookConditioning young athletes
GV504.K84 2017bookTai chi in 10 weeks : beginner's guide
GV706.P4814 2017bookPhilosophy : sport
GV709.18.U6E45 2017bookHow college athletics are hurting girls' sports : the pay-to-play pipeline
GV709.P48 2016bookSex testing : gender policing in women's sports
GV837.2.S565 2017dvdSink or swim : learning the crawl in the Maldives
GV884.C88T46 2017bookGolden : the miraculous rise of Steph Curry
GV885.515.N37J67 2015bookNational Basketball Association strategies : business expansions, relocations, and mergers
GV885.515.N37R67 2009bookThe first tip-off : the incredible story of the birth of the NBA
GV885.52.C57L56 2017bookThe blueprint : LeBron James, Cleveland's deliverance, and the making of the modern NBA
GV1469.17.S63G38 2017bookGaming representation : race, gender, and sexuality in video games
GV1469.3.E78 2017bookBit by bit : how video games transformed our world
GV1786.B64M67 2016bookBolshoi confidential : secrets of the Russian ballet from the rule of the tsars to today
GV1794.S44 2015bookWhat the eye hears : a history of tap dancing
HSocial Sciences
H35 S438 2008cdArias
H61.15.P476 2016bookPhilosophy : sex and love
HB72.B74 2016bookFaithonomics : religion and the free market
HB887.H37 2016bookHow population change will transform our world
HB3722.N39 2017bookA history of the United States in five crashes : stock market meltdowns that defined a nation
HC108.J36G65 2017bookJanesville : an American story
HC110.I5B86 2013bookTranslating anarchy : the anarchism of Occupy Wall Street
HD38.2.M66 2018bookCareers in business administration
HD57.7.K62 2017bookForged in crisis : the power of courageous leadership in turbulent times
HD60.Y863 2017bookA world of three zeros : the new economics of zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero net carbon emissions
HD62.5.G856 2017bookSide hustle : from idea to income in 27 days
HD76.M39 2012bookSaving the world : a brief history of communication for development and social change
HD87.5.F37 2017bookProsperity for all : how to prevent financial crises
HD278.Y64 2017book
HD8073.H55A4 2015bookThe letters of Joe Hill
HF1385.O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook on the World Trade Organization
HF5382.5.U5A7185 2017bookYou can do anything : the surprising power of a "useless" liberal arts education
HF5383.Y378 2016bookKnock 'em dead cover letters : cover letters and strategies to get the job you want
HF5415.127.G763 2017bookUpside : profiting from the profound demographic shifts ahead
HG179.K565 2017bookRich dad poor dad : with updates for today's world and 9 new study session sections
HG4529.5.G37 2017bookThe Motley Fool investment guide : how the fools beat Wall Street's wise men and how you can too
HG4551.H425 2017bookA first-class catastrophe : the road to Black Monday, the worst day in Wall Street history
HJ2381.B375 2013bookThe benefit and the burden : tax reform, why we need it and what it will take
HM753.B765 2017bookBraving the wilderness : the quest for true belonging and the courage to stand alone
HM851.A437 2017bookIrresistible : the rise of addictive technology and the business of keeping us hooked
HM851.N36 2017bookKill all normies : the online culture wars from Tumblr and 4chan to the alt-right and Trump
HM1111.T37 2017bookAwkward : the science of why we're socially awkward and why that's awesome
HN49.R33M23 2017bookDemocracy in chains : the deep history of the radical right's stealth plan for America
HN90.M6H478 2016bookAmerican generosity : who gives and why
HN110.Z9S6733 2017bookCould it happen here? : Canada in the age of Trump and Brexit
HQ16.G454 2017bookGender : love
HQ21.G356 2017bookGender : laughter
HQ77.95.U6D39 2017bookBeyond trans : does gender matter?
HQ77.95.U6S55 2017bookTrue sex : the lives of trans men at the turn of the twentieth century
HQ536.B674 2017bookFamily stress management : a contextual approach
HQ759.5.J33 2016bookLabor of love : gestational surrogacy and the work of making babies
HQ759.5.T95 2015bookOutsourcing the womb : race, class and gestational surrogacy in a global market
HQ767.25.P375 2017bookLife's work : from the trenches, a moral argument for choice
HQ769.K346 2017bookThe philosophical parent : asking the hard questions about having and raising children
HQ784.I58M392 2017bookProtecting your children online : what you need to know about online threats to your children
HQ801.R698 2017bookMate choice : the evolution of sexual decision making from microbes to humans
HQ1073.S737 2016bookThe consolations of mortality : making sense of death
HQ1075.G3386 2017bookGender : matter
HQ1143.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of women and gender in medieval Europe
HQ1190.P5195 2017bookPhilosophy : feminism
HQ1194.G45 2016bookGender : nature
HT167.J324 2016bookVital little plans : the short works of Jane Jacobs
HT690.U6R44 2017bookDream hoarders : how the American upper middle class is leaving everyone else in the dust, why that is a problem, and what to do about it
HV551.2.W545 2017bookCareers in emergency response
HV640.B486 2017bookRefuge : rethinking refugee policy in a changing world
HV2391.M37 2017bookRaising and educating a deaf child : a comprehensive guide to the choices, controversies, and decisions faced by parents and educators
HV6181.O94 2014bookThe Oxford handbook of ethnicity, crime, and immigration
HV6465.M7W27 2016bookHanging bridge : racial violence and America's civil rights century
HV6477.R34 2016bookRace, riots, and the police
HV6695.H46 2016bookThe big con : great hoaxes, frauds, grifts, and swindles in American history
HV6760.M395O395 2016dvdOff the rails
HV7431.O94 2012bookThe Oxford handbook of crime prevention
HV8073.O36 2017bookThe scientific Sherlock Holmes : cracking the case with science and forensics
HV8073.W674 2016bookWorld of forensic science
HV8143.J642 2015bookCareers in Criminal Justice
HV8143.U83 2017bookCareers in law enforcement
HV8148.N5C95 2016bookNew York exposed : the gilded age police scandal that launched the progressive era
HV8708.O94 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of sentencing and corrections
HV9104.T54 2016dvdThey call us monsters
HV9304.L54 2016bookAfter life imprisonment : reentry in the era of mass incarceration
HV9950.F655 2017bookLocking up our own : crime and punishment in Black America
HV9950.S3533 2017bookA guide to study skills and careers in criminal justice and public security
JPolitical Science
JA76.L865 2016bookUninformed : why people know so little about politics and what we can do about it
JA84.U5D85 1995bookThe anti-federalists and early American political thought
JC51.O94 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of the state in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean
JC328.3.K555 2017bookNo is not enough : resisting Trump's shock politics and winning the world we need
JC573.2.U6S95 2017bookHow the right lost its mind
JF37.P6bookPolitical handbook of the world.
JK31.L473 2017bookRediscovering Americanism : and the tyranny of progressivism
JK275.J66 2017bookBeyond the messy truth : how we came apart, how we come together
JK421.A625 2016bookAmerican governance
JK526 2016.S48 2017bookThe people are going to rise like the waters upon your shore : a story of American rage
JN30.M465 2016bookSlippery slope : Europe's troubled future
JV4011.M356 2009bookThe rise and fall of the Spanish empire
JV6450.S59 2017bookFresh off the boat : six-words stories of immigration, identity, and coming to America
K1450.A96 2017bookTheft! : a history of music
K3224.O94 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of citizenship
KF213.S32R56 2016bookScalia's court : a legacy of landmark opinions and dissents
KF213.S32S32 2017bookScalia speaks : reflections on law, faith, and life well lived
KF3830.M37 2017bookBabies of technology : assisted reproduction and the rights of the child
KF4209.3.S57 2017bookThe complete IEP guide : how to advocate for your special ed child
KF4515.F44 1998bookFederalists and antifederalists : the debate over the ratification of the Constitution
KF4755.S695 2017bookUnequal : how America's courts undermine discrimination law
KF9325.S76 2017bookSex and the constitution : sex, religion, and law from America's origins to the twenty-first century
KF9351.E37 2017bookThe chickenshit club : why the Justice Department fails to prosecute executives
KJA147.O98 2016bookThe Oxford handbook of Roman law and society
L901.B264bookBarron's profiles of American colleges.
LA209.2.S36 2016dvdSchool of the future
LB17.P46 2017bookPhilosophy : education
LB2342.15.W5G65 2017bookPaying the price : college costs, financial aid, and the betrayal of the American dream
LB2345.3.R37G75 2017bookBlurred lines : rethinking sex, power, and consent on campus
LB2353.67.N49 2017bookNext-Generation ACCUPLACER exam secrets study guide : your key to exam success : practice questions and test review for the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER exam.
LB3430.S4546 2017bookSchool mental health services for adolescents
LC210.B46 2017bookTeaching with vitality : regaining the life in your teaching
LC3621.C49 2017bookColluding, colliding, and contending with norms of whiteness
LC4708.R4525 2017bookDyslexia in the early years : a handbook for practice
LC4713.4.B37 2016bookManaging ADHD in school : the best evidence-based methods for teachers
M1.M87N8 1999bookNutmeg and ginger : spicy ballads from Shakespeare's London.
M3cdThe complete violin sonatas
M3.1.B32M37 1997cd
M3.1.B78M6 1994cdMotets
M3.1.R366cdMusic for wind instruments
M3.1.R67C43 2011cdChamber music with flute
M3.1.W735S95 2002cdSymphonies
M3.1S364K6cdFour short pieces for full orchestra and other orchestral works : Orchesterwerke
M3.B11 1998 v. 68cdSecular cantatas, BWV 214, 215 = Weltliche Kantaten = Cantates profanes = Cantatas profanas
M3.B11 R54 v.10cdCantatas, BWV 30-31 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.11cdCantatas, BWV 32-34 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.12cdCantatas, BWV 35-37 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.13cdCantatas, BWV 38-40 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.2cdCantatas, BWV 4-6 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.3cdCantatas, BWV 7-9 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.32bookCantatas, BWV 100-102 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.33bookCantatas, BWV 103-105 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.34bookCantatas, BWV 106-108 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.35bookCantatas, BWV 109-111 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.36bookCantatas, BWV 112-114 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.37cdCantatas, BWV 115-117 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.38bookCantatas, BWV 119-121 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.39bookCantatas, BWV 122-125 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.4cdCantatas, BWV 10, 12, 13 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.40bookCantatas, BWV 126-129 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.41cdCantatas, BWV 130-132 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.42bookCantatas, BWV 133-135 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.43bookCantatas, BWV 136-139 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.44cdCantatas, BWV 140, 143-145 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.45cdCantatas, BWV 146-147 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.46bookCantatas, BWV 148-151 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.47bookCantatas, BWV 152-155 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.48bookCantatas, BWV 156-159 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.49bookCantatas, BWV 161-164 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.5cdCantatas, BWV 14, 16-18 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.50cdCantatas, BWV 165-168 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.51cdCantatas, BWV 169-171 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.52cdCantatas, BWV 172-175 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.53cdCantatas, BWV 176-178 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.54cdCantatas, BWV 179-181 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.55cdCantatas, BWV 182-184 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.56cdCantatas, BWV 185-187 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.57cdCantatas, BWV 188, 190-192 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.59cdCantatas, BWV 195-197 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.6cdCantatas, BWV 19, 20 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.60cdCantatas, BWV 198-200 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.61cdThe contest between Phoebus & Pan : BWV 201 : secular cantatas = Der Streit zwischen Phoebus und Pan : Weltliche Kantaten
M3.B11 R54 v.62cdSecular cantatas, BWV 202-204 = Weltliche Kantaten = Cantates profanes = Cantatas profanas
M3.B11 R54 v.65cdSecular cantatas, BWV 208, 209 = Weltliche Kantaten = Cantates profanes = Cantatas profanas
M3.B11 R54 v.66cdSecular cantatas, BWV 210, 211 = Weltliche Kantaten = Cantates profanes = Cantatas profanas
M3.B11 R54 v.7bookCantatas, BWV 21, 22 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.8cdCantatas, BWV 23-26 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B11 R54 v.9cdCantatas, BWV 27-29 = Kantaten
M3.B12H3 V.14cdCantatas, BWV 41-42 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.15cdCantatas, BWV 43-45 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.16cdCantatas, BWV 46-48 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.17cdCantatas, BWV 49-52 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.18cdCantatas, BWV 54-57 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.19cdCantatas, BWV 58-61 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.20cdCantatas, BWV 62-64 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.21cdCantatas, BWV 65-67 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.22cdCantatas, BWV 68-70 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.23cdCantatas, BWV 71-74 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.24cdCantatas, BWV 75-76 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.25bookCantatas, BWV 77-79 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.26cdCantatas, BWV 80-82 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.27cdCantatas, BWV 83-86 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.28cdCantatas, BWV 87-90 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.29cdCantatas, BWV 91-93 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.30cdCantatas, BWV 94-96 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.B12H3 V.31cdCantatas, BWV 97-99 = Kantaten = Cantates
M5.B476 2007cdBest piano classics 100.
M5.E57T37 2011cdTastes of Europe : Telemann trios & quartets.
M5.S3636F68 1994cdFour parables ; : Vaudeville ; Klezmer rondos
M5.U48 2010cdThe ultimate romantic guitar.
M7.B118M8 1983cdToccata and fugue in D minor, BWV 565 ; : Concerto no. 2 in A minor, BWV 593 ; Prelude and fugue in B minor, BWV 544 ; Prelude and fugue in D major, BWV 532
M7.C37O64 2010cdOpere per organo = Works for organ
M8.5.V57 no.3,6 M3cdOrgan symphonies nos. 3 and 6
M11.C37P46 2008cd(12) pensieri : per l'organo in partitura : opera terza
M20.G74C6 1993cdComplete works for piano solo. Vol. 1,
M21.A5525B33cdBach, Beethoven, Webern.
M21.B37S56 2005cdSimon Barere : the complete HMV recordings, 1934-1936.
M21.E68A64 2005cdAmerican journey. Vol. 2,
M21.G74 1999 v.15cdBruk & Taimanov.
M21.K79 vol.2cdStephen Kovacevich. II.
M21.O83M87 2013bookPictures at an exhibition / Mussorgsky ; Visions fugitives / Serge Prokofiev.
M21.S36B23 1998cdBach-Busoni, Brahms, Chopin, Galuppi, Mendelssohn.
M22cdPiano music
M22.B4B262 1996cdBagatelles
M22.C37C6cdThe complete music for piano
M22.C46 op.58 2008cdPiano sonata no. 3 ; : Ballade no. 4 ; Waltzes ; Mazurkas ; Barcarolle
M22.McdPiano works
M22.ScdKreisleriana ; : Humoresque ; Arabesque
M22.ScdLegacy. 1
M22.ScdPiano music
M22.S38K74 2009cdKreisleriana
M22.S39P542 2010cd
M22.S44M39 2010.cdTen mazurkas, op. 3 ; : Twenty-four preludes, op. 11 ; Two mazurkas, op. 40
M23cdPiano sonata, D960 ; : Viola ; Der Winterabend ; Abschied von der Erde
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NFine Arts
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PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
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UMilitary Science
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ZBibliography, Library Science
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cd--per flauto : Italian recorder music of the 17th century.
cd100 Anssichten von Berge Juji : (1 Buch/11)
cd100 greatest dance hits
cd7 classic albums plus bonus radio tracks
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bookAgainst Marriage: An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage-Free State
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cdChamber music
cdChasing pianos
bookCheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and Monogamy
bookChristel Goltz singt.
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cdComplete works for piano, 4 hands
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cdConcerto for orchestra
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cdCoronation anthems
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cdDavid Oistrakh collection. Vol. 9.
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cdEarly works
cdEight classic albums
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cdEnglish clarinet concertos
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bookFirst American recital: Carmel, California, 14 October 1975.
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cdFreddy Kempf plays Schumann.
cdFreunde, das Leben ist lebenswert
cdFriends of Schubert = Schubert Freunde.
cdGeorges Thill : recordings 1927 - 1937.
cdGrand sonata ; : Children's album
cdGraziella Sciutti sings.
cdGreat arias & ensembles from your favourite operas. II.
cdGreat oratorio duets
cdGreat voices of the past.
cdHamlet : music for the 1964 film, Op. 116/116a
cdHandel 'Oxford' water music
cdHarp music of the Italian Renaissance.
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cdIn your dreams
cdInge Borkh
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cdJunge Meisterpianisten = Young master pianists.
cdKathleen Ferrier and friends.
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cdLieder & Balladen. Vol. 11
cdLieder & Balladen. Vol. 20
cdLieder & Balladen. Vol. 5
cdLieder & Balladen. Vol. 6
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cdLohengrin, Rheingold, Siegfried, Tristan und Isolde
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cdMaria Callas in Hambourg
cdMeergruss ;Seemorgen ;Glockenlieder
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bookMessa ; : Stabat Mater
bookMessa da Requiem
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cdMissa Dei Patris
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cdMusic for two guitars
cdMusic of the new worlds.
cdNew Year's Concert 2009.
bookNew discoveries. 3
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cdPeter Schreier sings Bach
cdPiano concerto ; : Symphony in F
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cdPiano music
cdPiano music by Leo Ornstein
cdPiano music for four hands
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cdPiano sonata no. 3 in D minor, op. 49
cdPiano sonatas
cdPiano sonatas : Moonlight ; Pathetique ; Waldstein
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cdPiano works
bookQuatre mains pour une revolution
cdQuatuors op. 61, 62 & 90
cdQuatuors. Opus 5
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cdSongs from the broken land
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cdString quartet no. 5 ; : Piano trio ; Seven piano pieces
cdString quartets
cdString quartets 1 & 2
cdString quartets nos. 1 & 2
cdString quartets nos. 1 and 3
cdString quartets nos. 5, 9, and 12
cdString quartets op. 13 & op. 44 no. 3
cdString quintet in F sharp minor, op. 63
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cdSuper artists on super audio. Vol. 3.
cdSviatoslav Richter archives. Vol. 20.
cdSymphonies 3 & 5
cdSymphonies 5 & 1
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cdSymphony no. 8
cdSymphony no. 9 op. 70 ; : Symphony no. 10 op. 93
cdTatiana Nikolayeva plays Bach for piano.
cdTelemann Fasch
cdThe Sun King's paradise.
cdThe barber of Seville : highlights
bookThe chamber music of Malcolm Arnold. 3.
cdThe four scherzi ; : Variations
cdThe last three piano sonatas
cdThe legendary pianist Mindru Katz plays Johann Sebastian Bach.
cdThe theater of musick.
cdThe trio sonata, 17th-century France.
cdThe wasps
cdThree late string quartets
cdTo my friends
cdTosca : extraits
cdTrio in re minore op. 107 per pianoforte, violino e violoncello e Trio sinfonico in re maggiore op. 123
cdTrios, op. 21 and 22, for piano, violin and cello
cdUnreleased jewels.
cdVienne 1900.
cdViolin concerto ; : Three orchestral pieces
cdViolin concerto ; : Violin romances
cdViolin concerto no. 3 op. 61 ; : and, Havanaise op. 83 ; Introduction et rondo capriccioso op. 28.
cdViolin concertos
cdViolin sonata no. 1 in D ; : Trio no. 2 in E for violin, cello and piano ; Cello sonata in G minor
cdViolin sonatas
cdVoice of Brazil
cdWorks for piano
cdWorks for violin and piano. Vol. 13
cdWurzeln und halme.
cdZwei Balladen-Zyklen : Kaiser Karl V, op. 99 ; Gregor auf dem Stein, op. 38
782.14cdThe very best of Broadway