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AGeneral Works
AM5.M376 2018bookMuseum and gallery studies
AV1.2.G7964E9 2006cdExposed throat.
AV1.2.M3575S42 2006cd
AV1.2.M45F7 2004cdOn wings of song
AV1.2.S76V4 1999cdThe rite of spring ; : Firebird suite (version 1919)
AV2 6601D683 53025cdChamber music
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF39.C48855 2017bookInterpreting and using statistics in psychological research
BF131.S46 2017bookMind : a journey to the heart of being human
BF199.C596 2015bookClinical and organizational applications of applied behavior analysis
BF204.6.G74 2016bookExploring positive psychology : the science of happiness and well-being
BF204.6.J66 2014bookStrengths-based therapy : connecting theory, practice and skills
BF204.6.S245 2017bookScientific advances in positive psychology
BF204.6.W38 2016bookPositive psychology 101
BF468.P57 2017bookWhen : the scientific secrets of perfect timing
BF531.B735 2014bookGuilt, shame, and anxiety : understanding and overcoming negative emotions
BF531.H64 2016bookEmotion in therapy : from science to practice
BF575.G7D638 2017bookGrief is a journey : finding your path through loss
BF575.I5F543 2013bookThe science of intimate relationships
BF575.L8J626 2016bookGreat myths of intimate relationships : dating, sex, and marriage
BF575.S45S74 2017bookShame : a brief history
BF575.S75G6684 2017bookThe stress-proof brain : master your emotional response to stress using mindfulness and neuroplasticity
BF575.W8C296 2016bookThe worry trick : how your brain tricks you into expecting the worst and what you can do about it
BF637.C45M345 2017bookReconcilable differences : connecting in a disconnected world
BF637.S4D389 2016bookThe smart but scattered guide to success : how to use your brain's executive skills to keep up, stay calm, and get organized at work and at home
BF698.35.R47M37 2018bookType R : transformative resilience for thriving in a turbulent world
BF724.S49 2015bookBrainstorm : the power and purpose of the teenage brain
BL41.A38 2016bookAfter world religions : reconstructing religious studies
BL80.3.V38 2017bookAnthology of world religions : sacred texts and contemporary perspectives
BL458.F39 2017bookSatanic feminism : Lucifer as the liberator of woman in nineteenth-century culture
BL458.F4538 2016bookFeminism and religion : how faiths view women and their rights
BL624.Y86 2017bookFulfilled : how the science of spirituality can help you live a happier, more meaningful life
BL625.9.C64F74 2015bookSex and the soul : juggling sexuality, spirituality, romance, and religion on America's college campuses
BL2525.F343 2016bookFaith in the new millennium : the future of religion and American politics
BM695.H3 2012bookHow to spell Chanukah : 18 writers celebrate 8 nights of lights
BM695.P8S59 2007bookDays of deliverance : essays on Purim and Hanukkah
BM729.W6L3713 2015bookJewish voices in feminism : transnational perspectives
BM729.W6S27 2013bookThe status of women in Jewish tradition
BP60.P37 2017bookPoliticizing Islam : the Islamic revival in France and India
BP171.5.A5613 2015bookNew thinking in Islam : the jihad for democracy, freedom and women's rights
BP188.18.W65J68 2015bookPious practice and secular constraints : women in the Islamic revival in Europe
BP195.S18I54 2016bookThe making of a Salafi Muslim woman : paths to conversion
BQ586.B83 2015bookBuddhism in Mongolian history, culture, and society
BQ678.D43 2015bookA cultural history of Japanese Buddhism
BQ942.E38M33 2017bookThe revolutionary life of Freda Bedi : British feminist, Indian nationalist, Buddhist nun
BQ968.I45P37 2017bookWomen and Buddhist philosophy : engaging Zen master Kim Iryop
BQ4570.W6H53 2013bookThe Hidden Lamp : Stories from Twenty-five Centuries of Awakened Women
BQ6150.C65 2016bookLives of early Buddhist nuns : biographies as history
BQ6150.S25 2013bookBuddhist nuns and gendered practice : in search of the female renunciant
BQ6150.T66 2017bookIn search of Buddha's daughters : the hidden lives and fearless work of Buddhist nuns
BQ7185.C76 2014bookTheravada Buddhism : continuity, diversity, and identity
BS680.W7D86 2015bookA new gospel for women : Katharine Bushnell and the challenge of Christian feminism
BV4647.C5M68 2015bookVirgin nation : sexual purity and American adolescence
BX2347.8.W6W49 2016bookCatholic women confront their church : stories of hurt and hope
BX8643.W66M67 2016bookMormon feminism : essential writings
Bridge 9063cdString quartet no. 1 : op. 9 ; String quartet no. 2
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
C6833cdLieder & Balladen. Vol. 19
CD784.2 Dcd
CD785.4 DcdTryptych : trios
CD790 Ant Mus vol. 4cdAn anthology of noise & electronic music. Volume #4.
CD1523cdVirtuoso violin : Brahms, Falla, Kreisler, Ravel, Sarasate
CD1648cdConcertos and chamber music
CD1679 .N54 R67cdNine episodes for four players ; : Dances ; Spring music
CD1746cdTrio sonatas
CD1764cdSymphonia tragica : op. 40 ; Funeral march, op. 79
CD1990cdIl divino boemo : symphonies
CD5066cdThe Stephen Hough piano collection.
CD13247-13248cdL'Italiana in Algeri
Collins Classics 13172.cdBach cantatas 50, 34, 147
DHistory: General
D592.L8L28 2016bookDead wake : the last crossing of the Lusitania
D805.J3Z365 2014bookUnbroken : an Olympian's journey from airman to castaway to captive
D810.W7A5313 2017bookThe unwomanly face of war : an oral history of women in World War II
DA125.A1E33 2017bookWhy I'm no longer talking to white people about race
DA591.A45D531334 2017dvdDiana : seven days that shook the world
DCC3612cdWinterreise : version de chambre = chamber version
DCC3793cdTrios avec piano
DCC4058cdBusoni and his circle. Volume I.
DK265.S65 2017bookRussia in revolution : an empire in crisis, 1890 to 1928
DK268.S8K67 2017bookStalin : waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941
DOM2910 41cd
DS119.7.M585 2016bookA path to peace : a brief history of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and a way forward in the Middle East
DS480.853.D3827 2018bookContemporary India
DS609.9.J335 2016bookSingapore : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
EHistory: America
E184.I6I36 2009bookHow the Irish became white
E184.P28K53 2017bookAn American family : a memoir of hope and sacrifice
E185.61.D525 2017bookAdvancing the civil rights movement : race and geography of Life magazine's visual representation, 1954-1965
E185.97.L79S83 2017bookThe new Negro : the life of Alain Locke
E840.8.B54A3 2017bookPromise me, Dad : a year of hope, hardship, and purpose
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G3167.M32000 .S5bookSky & telescope's Mars globe.
G3167.M6 2011.S5bookThe Sky & Telescope Moon globe.
GN484.38.F34 2016bookOut for blood : essays on menstruation and resistance
GV880.7.S53 2017bookBloomer girls : women baseball pioneers
GV1785.H258A3 2017bookA body of work : dancing to the edge and back
HSocial Sciences
HA29.M236 2015bookThe data game : controversies in social science statistics
HA29.R235 2016bookStatistics for social sciences
HA32.Q571 2016bookExcel 2016 for social science statistics : a guide to solving practical problems
HC103.P38 2018bookPatterns of economic change by state and area : income, employment, & gross domestic product
HD30.3.K695 2016bookBreaking through bias : communication techniques for women to succeed at work
HD6331.F664 2017bookWhat to do when machines do everything : how to get ahead in a world of AI, algorithms, bots, and big data
HF5381.E52 2017bookEncyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance.
HF5415.1265.M376 2017bookSocial media marketing workbook : how to use social media for business
HF5415.1265.Z558 2017bookSocial media marketing all-in-one
HF5415.32.T876 2017bookThe aisles have eyes : how retailers track your shopping, strip your privacy, and define your power
HF5418.126.E65 2015bookThe art of SEO : mastering search engine optimization
HF5500.U5bookBusiness statistics of the United States.
HF5548.34.G46 2017bookTap : unlocking the mobile economy
HG1710.N35 2016bookBitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies : a comprehensive introduction
HG1710.T64 2017bookBlockchain blueprint : the complete guide to blockchain technology and how it is creating a revolution
HG4026.T785 2018bookCorporate finance : the basics
HG4521.H35 2015bookThe stock market explained : your guide to successful investing
HG6046.S39 2017bookA complete guide to the futures market : technical analysis and trading systems, fundamental analysis, options, spreads, and trading principles
HJ4652.L35bookJ.K. Lasser's Your income tax
HM626.B473 2017bookThe acceleration of cultural change : from ancestors to algorithms
HN530.2.A8P665 2015bookNothing is true and everything is possible : the surreal heart of the new Russia
HQ10.C627 2014bookThe marriage checkup practitioner's guide : promoting lifelong relationship health
HQ16.A27 2016bookModern sexuality : the truth about sex and relationships
HQ30.5.K85 2015bookLoneliness and its opposite : sex, disability, and the ethics of engagement
HQ30.5.S46 2012bookSex and disability
HQ31.J63 2017bookGuide to getting it on : unzipped!
HQ35.P336 2013bookDoing it right : making smart, safe, and satisfying choices about sex
HQ56.C65 2014bookThe joy of sex : a cordon bleu guide to lovemaking
HQ79.J35 2014bookCuffed, tied, and satisfied : a kinky guide to the best sex ever
HQ79.O78 2015bookSexual outsiders : understanding BDSM sexualities and communities
HQ471.B49 2017bookBeyond speech : pornography and analytic feminist philosophy
HQ471.L49 2016bookEthical porn for dicks : a man's guide to responsible viewing pleasure
HQ519.B4313 2014bookDistant love : personal life in the global age
HQ519.W55 2012bookThe Wiley-Blackwell handbook of couples and family relationships
HQ535.V36 2014bookModern motherhood : an American history
HQ536.H69 2018bookMarriages and families in the 21st century : a bioecological approach
HQ734.F2416 2015bookFamily problems : stress, risk, and resilience
HQ734.G7136 2015bookThe seven principles for making marriage work
HQ734.G727 2012bookMen are from Mars, women are from Venus : the classic guide to understanding the opposite sex
HQ755.8.S53272 2014bookParenting from the inside out : how a deeper self-understanding can help you raise children who thrive
HQ773.D86 2017bookPrevent-teach-reinforce for families : a model of individualized positive behavior support for home and community
HQ784.S56D45 2014bookBuilding social skills for autism, sensory processing disorders and learning disabilities : over 105 strategies, activities and sensory tools for children and adolescents
HQ806.E94 2015bookCyber infidelity
HQ1034.U5F73 2017bookAwakening : how gays and lesbians brought marriage equality to America
HQ1190.O975 2018bookThe Oxford handbook of feminist theory
HV1570.C66 2017bookA comprehensive guide to intellectual and developmental disabilities
HV5089.R667 2018bookProhibition : a concise history
HV6080.L624 2017bookPsychiatric criminology : a roadmap for rapid assessment
HV6248.E585B55 2008bookThe black hand : [the story of Rene "Boxer" Enriquez and his life in the Mexican mafia]
HV6534.N28C69 2017bookGoat Castle : a true story of murder, race, and the gothic South
HV6789.S49 2018bookUneasy peace : the great crime decline, the renewal of city life, and the next war on violence
HV7936.C88G73 2017bookCrime and intelligence analysis : an integrated real-time approach
HV9950.H398 2017bookA colony in a nation
JPolitical Science
JA74.5.M358 2016bookManufacturing phobias : the political production of fear in theory and practice
JA85.2.U6L35 2014bookThe all new Don't think of an elephant! : know your values and frame the debate
JC311.B418 2018bookYour next government? : from the nation state to stateless nations
JC495.S625 2017bookOn tyranny : twenty lessons from the twentieth century
JC596.2.U5B78 2015bookObfuscation : a user's guide for privacy and protest
JF1601.V465 2017bookValuing bureaucracy : the case for professional government
JK116.S8 1981bookWhat the Anti-Federalists were for
JS331.L57 2017bookRun for something : a real-talk guide to fixing the system yourself
JZ1737.A987 2017bookOur time has come : how India is making its place in the world
K3254.T87 2017bookFree speech beyond words : the surprising reach of the First Amendment
KF429.K69 2017bookSettled versus right : a theory of precedent
KF1262.F73 2017bookPrivacy : what everyone needs to know
KF3022.F575 2017bookThe public domain : find and use free content for your website, book, app, music, video, art, and more
KF4166.L43 2016bookPlaying for equality : oral histories of women leaders in the early years of Title IX
KF4552.W87 2017bookA debt against the living : an introduction to originalism
KF4749.M325 2018bookThe heart of the Constitution : how the Bill of Rights became the Bill of Rights
KF5075.S84 2017bookImpeachment : a citizen's guide
KF8745.G56W56 2017bookRuth Bader Ginsburg : the case of R.B.G. vs. inequality
KF8745.S33D67 2017bookThe unexpected Scalia : a conservative justice's liberal opinions
KTC1153bookMusic for cello
LB1027.5.N48 2015bookGender and sexual diversity in U.S. higher education : contexts and opportunities for LGBTQ college students
LB1028.3.K649 2017bookLearning first, technology second : the educator's guide to designing authentic lessons
LB1028.3.S38883 2017bookEducation and technology : key issues and debates
LB1051.A727 2016bookThe power of the adolescent brain : strategies for teaching middle and high school students
LB1060.B768 2015bbookMake it stick : the science of successful learning / Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, Mark A. McDaniel.
LB2338.F5644bookFinancial aid for Asian Americans.
LB2338.F5645bookFinancial aid for Hispanic Americans.
LB2338.F5646bookFinancial aid for Native Americans.
LB3013.W353 2015bookBehavior management skills guide : practical activities & interventions for ages 3-18
LC1045.R773 2017bookBridging the gaps : college pathways to career success
LC4713.4.R54 2016bookHow to reach and teach children and teens with ADD/ADHD
M.S78D6552 1987cdDon Juan ; : Salome's dance ; Till Eulenspiegel ; Waltz
M1.3.S38M36 H3cdMissa, no. 6, D 950
M1.B44W5 1999cdWilliam Murdoch plays Beethoven.
M1. D446 2015cdDecca sound : the mono years, 1944-1956.
M1.E576B3 1996cdLa bataille de Marignan
M1.S25S364 1998cdSan Francisco Camerata Americana.
M1.W35E27 2012cdThe early recordings
M3.1.B37A47 2004cdCapricorn concerto
M3.1.B47S95 2010cd
M3.1.D43P53 2012cdPiano edition
M3.1.D78L48 2010cdD'ombre et de silence
M3.1.G68G53 1992cdGlenn Gould : the composer.
M3.1.G774cdMusique instrumentale et vocale. : Instrumental and vocal music / Vol. 1 =
M3.1.M69A44 2013cdAlessio Bax plays Mozart.
M3.1.M69C66 1991 CDcdThe concert arias
M3.1.P68C66 2011cdComplete chamber works
M3.1.P87S62 1989cdSonnatas. Vol. 2
M3.1.P994A9 1995cdAyres for the theatre
M3.1.S2614S96 2010cdSymphony no. 4 ; : Variations on a Hussar's song
M3.1.S345S3 1997cdSchoenberg in Hollywood.
M3.1.S34C5 2000cdChamber music
M3.1.S34O43 1990cdOedipus Tex & other choral calamities
M3.1.S7O73 2012cdSymphony no. 9 in B minor, op. 143 ; : Symphony no. 7 in C major, op. 121 ; Introduzione : WoO 5 ; Festmarsch : WoO3
M3.1.S836W47 2004cd
M3.1.S918 1992cdOphelia-Lieder : op. 67, three songs after Shakespeare ; Enoch Arden : op. 38, a melodrama for piano after Tennyson ; Piano sonata in B minor, op. 5 ; Five piano pieces, op. 3
M3.1.T35C66 2009cdThe complete works
M3.1.T65cdChamber works
M3.1.V58N49 2009cdNew discoveries
M3.B11 R54 v.67cdSecular cantatas, BWV 212, 213 = Weltliche Kantaten = Cantates profanes = Cantatas profanas
M5.A54 2008cdAmericans in Rome : music by fellows of the American Academy in Rome.
M5.B468cdChamber music for brass instruments
M5.B645M8 2004cdMusic for ondes Martenot.
M5`1.B33S85 2007bookCello suites
M6.B15J32 2000cdThe organ works
M6.D867W67 v. 4cdWorks for organ. Vol. 4
M7cdOrgan works
M7.M47E75 2009cdComplete music for organ
M7.Q57O64 2008cdOpere per organo
M21.B33 2013cdBach re-invented.
M21.D87P54 1995cd
M21.F757E84x 1996cdEtelka Freund.
M21.H6L6 vol.1 1988cdGeorgian classicists.
M21.NcdThe renowned WQXR recordings, 1956/57. [Volume two].
M21.P47E5 v.1cdEgon Petri. Volume 1.
M21.T8645P53cdPiano works
M21.W43A4cdAmerican 20th century piano music.
M22cdEtudes symphoniques
M22cdSpiegel im Spiegel
M22.B33A74 2000cdToccata BWV 911 ; : Partita [no. 2 in C minor] BWV 826 ; English suite : [no. 2 in A minor] BWV 807
M22.E35S59 1997cdSix sonatas
M22.GcdLouis Moreau Gottschalk.
M22.H57L62cdRomantic pioneers.
M22.L77C648 v.27cdFantasies, paraphrases, and transcriptions of national songs and anthems
M22.M47P7 2005cd
M22.M54S27 2001cd
M22.P76G96 1993cdGyorgy Sandor plays Prokofiev : Complete solo piano music. Volume 2.
M22.R33P75 2011cd
M22.R63P53 1991bookThe complete music for piano
M22.S38K53 2006cdKlavierwerke = Piano works
M22.T875T73 1998cdTranscriptions of vocal works by W.A. Mozart, Eduard Lassen, Robert Franz, Otto Lessmann, and Josef Dessauer
M23cdKlaviersonaten, opp. 28, 83, 84 = Piano sonatas = Sonates pour piano
M23.P76D65cdPiano sonatas nos. 6, 7 & 8
M23.P76P531 1991cdPiano sonatas : no. 1, 2 & 3 ; 2 Sonatinas, op. 54 ; Visions fugitives
M23.P865 no.6 op.82 1994cdPiano sonatas nos. 1, 4 & 6
M23.P93D5x 2005 vol. 2cdPiano sonatas. Volume 2
M23.S38D.840 2011cd
M23.S38 D.958 1984cd
M23.S38D.958 1993cdThe last three piano sonatas, D. 958, 959, 960 ; : Three piano pieces, D. 946
M23.S38 D.960 N3cdPiano sonatas D. 960, D. 958
M24.B3 BWV825-830 G62bookBach partitas nos. 4, 2, and 5
M24.C72P54 P38cdThe music of Armand-Louis Couperin.
M25.D56S66 2012cdSomething almost being said : music of Bach and Schubert.
M27.B44A59 2004cdA Beethoven trilogy : the last three sonatas opp. 109, 110 & 111.
M31.S64P65 2011cdPolkas
M32.8.F38R4 2001cdRequiem
M32.CcdWalzer = Waltzes
M34.B13S73 2011cdBach : a strange beauty
M35.BcdSymphony no. 9 for piano, soloists, and choir
M41.B3H32cdPartitas for solo violin
M42.B33cdThe sonatas and partitas for violin solo
M48.B121S85 2000cdThe six cello suites : performed on viola
M61.R45R66 2007cdThe romantic flute and piano music
M125.H46J67 2000cd
M126.L576M5 1998cd
M126.R87 1987cdDavid Russell plays 19th century music.
M175.C5W58 2007cdWith mallets and strings
M175.X6I58 2009cdIntermediate masterworks for marimba.
M178.C823A9 1997cdPrimo libro de' Canzoni francese a 4 & alcune suonate
M178.H39N38cdThe natural horn
M178.K74H96 2010cdHymns and prayers.
M178.W86cdString sextet and other works
M179.A526A7 2011cdThe art of arrangement : Cherubini, Haydn & Mozart
M217.H44H44cdJascha Heifetz rediscovered.
M218.G64cdComplete works for violin & piano. : violin suites / Vol. 1 :
M218.S77D76 2011cdDuo concertant
M219.C79 op. 5 2003cdViolin sonatas op. 5
M219.T36V56 2009cdViolin sonata ; : Music for piano
M219.W358S66 G73 2001cdViolin sonata
M222.N57T35 2010 v. 4cdTakako Nishizaki plays Suzuki evergreens. Volume 4.
M224.B74 2013cdBritish rhapsody : music for viola and piano
M229.S375R6 1999cdSonata for arpeggione and piano
M230.M46C66 2012cdComplete works for cello and piano
M231.M67V5 1997cdCello sonatas
M231.R54C45 2000cdCello sonatas
M241.W48M34 2006cdThe magic of flute and piano.
M245.T443F72 2003 CDcdOboe sonatas
M249.R433W68 2009 CDcdSonatas for clarinet and piano, op. 107 & 49
M250cdSonatas for clarinet and piano
M286.K45cdDuos for violin & cello.
M292.B37cdBaroque music for guitars.
M312.G799M57cdPiano trios, no. 1, op. 38 [and] no. 2, op. 138 [i.e. 128]
M312.P36no.1 1993bookPiano trio in E minor ; : Piano quartet in A flat major
M321.C78V69 2006cdVox balaenae and other works
M452.B44 S77 2012cdString quartets, op. 18/3, 74 & 135
M452.D66, IN.643-645 C6cdString quartets nos. 16-18
M452.G64 op.8 2002cdString quartet B major op. 8
M512.G433P53cdPiano quintet ; : Piano trio
M512.S4Q8 op.44 2002cdChamber music
M512.S515 no.1 1998cdPiano quintet no. 1 in F minor, op. 4
M522.A55M75 1993cdMusic
M551.B62op.39, E56, 1990cd
M552.S33 op.163 1984cdQuintet, op. 163, D. 956, C major = C-dur = ut majeur
M555.S345cdChamber music for brass
M851.E54O28 2002cdOctet, op. 7 ; : Quintet, op. 29
M957.S91 P4cdMusic for wind ensemble (complete) ; : Oboe concerto
M990.C66G73 2005cd
M990.P86I53 2000cdA collection of ayres : theatre music for woodwind ensemble
M1000.A53S54 2008cdSleigh ride & other holiday favorites
M1000.B234A4 2001cdCello concerto, op. 22 ; : Medea : suite, op. 23 ; Adagio for strings, op. 11
M1000.B37O73 2000cdSymphonies nos. 1 & 2 ; : Essay : for orchestra ; Overture to The school for scandal
M1000.C434B47 2009cdBest Tchaikovsky 100.
M1000.C6L5 1987cdLincoln portrait & other works
M1000.D97S96 2005cdSymphony in G major
M1000.F73S96 D minor, 2007cdSymphony in D minor ; : Variations symphoniques
M1000.J375cdOrchestral works
M1000.M69S47 1990cdSerenades for orchestra
M1000.N5325E9 1998cdEuropean light music classics.
M1000.P94P75 1989cdThe prodigal son, etc.
M1000.S35O94 2010cd
M1000.S7739P85 2010cdPulcinella
M1000.S77L38 2007cdLater ballets
M1000.S77N49 1993cdNew Year's Eve concert : Berlin 1992
M1001.F87no. 2 2002cdSymphony no. 2
M1001.G789E35 2001cdSymphonies nos. 1 and 2
M1001.L774F38 2005cdFaust symphony ; : Tone poems ; Psalm XIII
M1001.M21 2011cdThe complete symphonies
M1001.R323 op. 27 1992cdSymphony no. 2, op. 27 ; : Vocalise, op. 34, no. 14
M1001.S559C673 2006cd
M1001.S91S9 2001cdEine Alpensinfonie : Rosenkavalier-Suite
M1003.D988op.39 1988 CDcdCzech suite in D major : op. 39
M1003.S76S96 S39cdJosephslegende ; : Symphonia domestica
M1004.5.P462P46 2010 CDcdHorn concerto : world premiere. Violin concerto no. 1
M1004.F87O94 1994cdOverture in E flat major ; : Symphony in D major ; Symphony in B minor
M1004.M353 1988cd
M1004.P74O73 1996cdOvertures in eight parts
M1004.S95O94 1993cdOvertures
M1010.A24 op.6cd
M1010.B29 S3 V6cdGyorgy Sandor plays Bartok.
M1010.B73 op.15 1998bcdPiano concerto no. 1 in D minor, op. 15
M1010.B73op.83 2010cd
M1010.G84G84 2001 CDcdGrieg, Schumann piano concertos.
M1010.M518no.1 2008cdPiano concerto no. 1 in E minor ; : Piano concerto no. 2 in C minor
M1010.PcdPiano concerto, op. 17 ; : Polish fantasy : op. 19
M1010.P6R6 1987cdPiano concerto no. 4 in D minor, op. 70
M1010.S72 op. 126 1989cdPiano concerto no. 2 in C minor, op. 126 ; : Concert variations upon an English theme : Down among the dead men : for piano and orchestra, op. 71
M1012.V58C56 2010cdLes quatre saisons
M1016.S25C66 2009cdComplete works for cello and orchestra
M1022.L833J65 1994cdJohn Corigliano, Alec Wilder.
M1024.M69C53cdClarinet concerto ; : Clarinet quintet
M1026.S458B2 1996cd5 bassoon concertos.
M1060.D96S5 1994cdSlavonic dances : series I, op. 46, series II, op. 72
M1060.H14W48 1993cdSignature : works
M1105cd3 concertos
M1112.V36V56 2006cdViolin concertos
M1116.R67 C43 1993cd
M1200.S688M88 2000 v. 1cdMusic for wind band. Vol. 1
M1200.U58P37 2002cdParadigm.
M1247.T64M3 1995 v.3cdMarch world. Vol. 3.
M1366.C66C5 2001cdChris in person
M1366.J37J37 2010cdJasmine
M1366.M28M352 1996cdMarian McPartland's piano jazz with guest Jay McShann : conversation & music as heard on National Public Radio.
M1473cd24 capricci
M1473.O46 2005bookOHM+ : the early gurus of electronic music, 1948-1980.
M1495.A12 2002bookThe #1 Soprano album.
M1495.H36H36 1994cdHandel arias
M1497.K57E6 2015cdEmma Kirkby : the complete recitals.
M1497.T49M34 2001cdMaggie Teyte.
M1500cdDie lustigen Nibelungen = The merry Nibelungs
M1500.B45P87 2010cdI Puritani
M1500.G68R66 2011cd
M1500.H2T65 2008cdTolomeo
M1500.H36F37 2009cdFaramondo
M1500.L85A76 2008cdThe tragedy of Armide
M1500.M43M3 2000cdManon
M1500.M69C67 2011cd
M1500.R845C49 1997cd
M1500.S78R3 2000cdThe rake's progress
M1500 .S84 O33 2004cdOedipus Rex ; : Les noces
M1500.S87S3 1991cdSalome
M1500.S92R3 1996cdThe rake's progress
M1500.S94G6cdThe gondoliers
M1500.S94G66 1989cdThe gondoliers
M1500.S9A63cdAriadne auf Naxos
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SDA 02327cd
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SDB 57116bookLove lost and found : arias & Italian solo cantatas for alto
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SDB 76290cd
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UMilitary Science
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ZBibliography, Library Science
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cd12 concerti grossi : composti sull'opera V d'Arcangelo Corelli
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cd6 sinfonie
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cdA salute to Benny Carter
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bookBusiness Essentials. 11th Ed.
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bookCantatas. : BWV 111, 123, 124, 125 / 32 :
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cdCantates pour alto
cdCantates pour basse = Bass-Solokantaten
cdCanto di speranza
cdCaribbean sound
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cdChamber music. : Harp, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, piano trios / Vol. 2 :
cdChants d'Auvergne = [Songs of the Auvergne]
cdClarinet quintet ; : "Kegelstatt trio"
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cdComplete horn concertos and fragments
cdComplete piano concertos
cdComplete piano duos and duets
cdComplete solo piano music
cdComplete sonatas for violin and piano = die Violinsonaten
cdComplete violin sonatas
cdComplete works for viola & piano
cdComposizioni per organo e cembalo
cdConcert overtures
cdConcerti from Dresden & Berlin
cdConcerti grossi, op. 6
cdConcerti per fagotto, archi e continuo
bookConcerto ; : Capriccio ; Movements ; Ebony concerto
cdConcertos 1, 14, 15
cdConcertos for flute and orchestra
cdConcertos pour piano
cdCross-cultural collisions, reinventions, and fertilizations : the compositions of Michael Sidney Timpson.
cdDame Kiri and friends : the gala concert.
cdDancing with the orchestra : Piano transcriptions
cdDanza! : the music of dance.
cdDanzas para guitarra barroca
cdDas Lied von der Erde
cdDas wohltemperierte Clavier. Buch I & II
cdDaydreams : the chamber & instrumental music of Arthur Sullivan.
cdDer Ring des Nibelungen
cdDer letzte kastrat : the last castrato
cdDick Tracy in B-flat : or, for goodness sake isn't he ever going to marry Tess Trueheart?.
cdDie Instrumentalvariation in der spanischen Renaissance
cdDie Meistersinger.
cdDon Carlo
cdDon Giovanni : KV. 527 ; "dramma giocoso" in two acts
cdDon Giovanni : highlights
cdDorothy Kirsten (1910-1992).
cdDuos for two fortepianos
cdEarly Verdi arias.
cdEin Walzertraum = A waltz dream
cdEin deutsches Requiem = A German requiem
bookElementary & Intermediate Algebra. 7th Ed.
cdElisabeth Welch.
cdElla Fitzgerald 1957-1958.
cdEnglish lute songs.
cdEnglish violin sonatas.
cdEtudes de concert. II
bookEzio Pinza IV.
cdFantasy in C major op. 17
cdFive-fifteen : a tribute to the BBC Dance Orchestra.
cdFlammen = Flames = Flammes
cdForgotten melodies
cdFour centuries of Belgian organ music.
cdFra Diavolo : komische Oper in drei Akten
cdFree spirits
cdGennady Rozhdestvensky conducts Shostakovich.
cdGiacinto Prandelli.
cdGiacinto Prandelli. 2.
cdGitarrenmusik aus der zeit der wiener klassik : Guitar music from the age of Viennese classicism.
cdGrands motets
cdGreat pianists. : Alexander Brailowsky, Shura Cherkassky, Rudolf Serkin. Volume 2 :
cdGrosse Fuge : op. 133
cdGuitar duos
cdHarmonischer Gottes-Dienst. : the cantatas for high voice, recorder and basso continuo I / vol. 1 :
bookHaunted heart
cdHow's your romance?
cdI've got the world on a string
cdIl Signor Bruschino
cdIl rossignolo ; : Suite "Sopra la ribellione di Ungheria"
cdIrene Scharrer.
cdIrving Berlin's Alexander's ragtime band : [original motion picture soundtrack].
cdJoe Loss and his band.
cdJohannes passion
cdKeyboard suites. II
cdKlavierkonzerte Vol. 2 : Piano concertos -- concertos pour piano
cdKlavierquintett [&] Streichtrio
cdKonzerte = Concertos
cdKreisleriana ; : and Variations on a theme by Clara Wieck ; Kinderszenen ; Toccata in C
cdL'Europe de tous les baroques = Citizen of Baroque Europe
cdLa clemenza di Tito
cdLate masterpieces
cdLatin-American recital. Vol. 1,
cdLe Mozart noir : music of/musique de Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges.
cdLe cantate : parte seconda
cdLe jardin des voix.
cdLes plaisirs du palais.
cdLes six partitas = The six partitas = Die sechs Partiten, BWV 825-830
cdLiaisons. Vol. 3
cdLivingston and Evans songbook : featuring Michael Feinstein
cdLord Byron's love letter
cdLorraine Hunt Lieberson : a tribute.
cdLouis Armstrong, 1928-1931.
cdLuceafarul = The evening star
cdMafalda Salvatini.
cdManfred : dramatisches gedicht nach Lord Bryon ; Szenen aus "Goethes Faust" ; Klavierkonzert a-Moll ; Cellokonzert a-Moll
cdMaria Callas.
cdMass in C major ; : Ah! perfido ; Ne' giorni tuoi felici ; Tremate, empi, tremate
bookMessiah ; : Elijah
cdMirella Freni. Volume 2.
cdMissa O quam gloriosum, mottetti e inni
cdMozart in Mannheim.
cdMozart piano trios Volume 1.
cdMusic for string orchestra ; : Lyric suite
cdMusicke from the ayre.
cdNapoli : [chants traditionnels napolitains].
cdNeujahrskonzert 2010 = New Year's concert 2010.
cdNicolai Ghiaurov.
cdNightmare in Venice.
cdNovecento guitar preludes.
cdOpera obsession! Act III.
cdOpera omnia per organo
cdOratorios ; : Leandro
cdOrchestral works. 5
cdOrchestral works. III
cdOverture in the French style : in C minor ; The French suites
cdOvertures in G minor, D minor, and G major
cdPiano concerto in A minor, op. 16 : (original 1868/1872 version)
cdPiano concertos
cdPiano music
cdPiano music of Sergei Rachmaninoff.
cdPiano music of Sir Charles Villiers Stanford.
cdPiano septet no. 1 in D minor op. 74 ; : Piano septet no. 2 in C major op. 114 : "Septet militaire"
cdPiano sonatas and sonatinas. 1
cdPiano works
cdPieces d'orgue
cdPoints of entry : contemporary works for solo flute by American women composers.
bookPolitical Ideologies. 6th Ed.
cdPsalmi ad vesperas canendi per annum. Vol. 1
cdQuartet no. 2
cdQuartetti d'archi
cdRarities of piano music at Schloss von Husum.
cdRavel, Ibert, Poulenc, Martin.
cdRecital, Covent Garden, 1975
cdRichard Tucker (1913-1975). II.
cdRomantic transcriptions and arrangements
cdRomantische Lieder
cdSacred landscapes
cdSchubert Epilog
cdSilvia : cantata opera in 3 acts
cdSinfonia concertante
cdSinfonias from the Enlightenment.
cdSinfonie No. 3 in Cis
cdSinfonie dai drammi per musica
cdSolo violin sonatas & partitas
cdSonatas I ; &, Propos de bal
cdSonatas and partitas for solo violin
cdSonatas for violin and piano, op. 105 & 121 ; : 4 song arrangements
cdSonate per flauto e basso continuo, op. 2
cdSonates opus 101, opus 106 : Hammerklavier
cdSondheim sings. Volume II,
cdSoy libre
cdSpirit garden : orchestral works
cdSt. John Passion : BWV 245, 1725 version
cdString quartets for the Imperial Court of St. Petersburg
cdString quartets. Vol. 2
cdSviatoslav Richter archives. Vol. 12.
cdSviatoslav Richter plays Schubert.
cdSweet and swinging
cdSymphonic poems
cdSymphonies nos. 1 and 2
cdSymphonies nos. 2 and 4
cdSymphony ; : Violin concerto
bookSymphony No. 3 in C minor ; Danse macabre ; Bacchanale ; Trois rhapsodies sur des cantiques bretons
cdSymphony no. 8 in E-flat : symphony of a thousand
cdSymphony no.9 in D major
cdThe Cincinnati Seven
cdThe London Symphony Orchestra presents the Nutcracker Suite.
cdThe Movies go to the opera.
bookThe Oxford History of Western Music
cdThe art of Jennie Tourel.
cdThe banjo & other Creole ballads
cdThe complete Beethoven symphonies.
cdThe complete Columbia Records.
cdThe complete Global albums collection
cdThe complete Johnny Mercer songbooks.
cdThe complete original works for piano duet / v.3.
cdThe complete original works for piano duet. Volume five
cdThe complete solo piano music
cdThe dazzler : jazz piano solos.
cdThe essential Louis Armstrong.
cdThe great operas from the Bayreuth Festival
cdThe last piano sonatas by the great composers
cdThe piano music of Bernard Stevens.
cdThe snow maiden
cdThe sonatas and partitas for violin solo
cdThe stars were shining. Volume III
cdThe symphonies
cdThe three piano concertos ; : Totentanz
cdThe tsar's bride
cdThe well-tempered clavier. : [24 preludes & fugues] / Book 1
cdThe well-tempered clavier. book 2
cdThe world of Elizabethan music.
cdThree cantatas, TVWV 1:1541, 1:1339 & 1:698
bookTraumland der Operette. Folge 3.
cdTrio Papillon.
cdTrios & quartets
cdUnpublished Lieder & song.
cdViolin concerto, op. 68 ; : Symphony no. 3, op. 37
bookWalkable City
cdWho is the most powerful in the world : ballet comedy in 1 act
cdWilhelm Backhaus.
cdWinterreise D. 911 : in een Nederlandse hertaling van Jan Rot / D. 911 : in een Nederlandse hertaling van Jan Rot.
cdWorks for flute and harp = Utwory na flet I harfe
cdXsovna = Memory : Australia 1992 live : Georgian traditional songs.
bookYoung artists in concert : Musik Festival Davos
cdZez Confrey.