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AGeneral Works
AV1.2.B33P4 BWV 829 1993cdBach.
AV1.2.B33W59 2006cdSolo piano works
AV1.2.B8683B72 1992cdBrideshead revisited
AV1.2.D65D6 Q4 1989cdLuciana Serra : opera arias from Don Pasquale, La Figlia del Reggimento, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Gianni di Parigi.
AV1.2.H3755H67 2009cdThe horse with the lavender eye : piano and chamber music
AV1.2.S382K5 2001cdGreat pianists. 1.
AV1.2.S74155K5 1997cdKing Kong
AZ362.D74 2017bookThe ideas industry
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B1299.N34I45 2017bookPriest of nature : the religious worlds of Isaac Newton
BF39.D26 2017bookStatistics without maths for psychology
BF315.B37 2017BbookBefore you know it : the unconscious reasons we do what we do
BL312.S76 2004bookThematic guide to world mythology
BL783.H37 2008bookThe Routledge handbook of Greek mythology : based on H.J. Rose's Handbook of Greek mythology
BM155.3.G66 2018bookA history of Judaism
BQ5660.R56 2012bookThe Buddha walks into a bar-- : a guide to life for a new generation
BR516.A535 2017bookJust immigration : American policy in Christian perspective
BR563.E27K87 2017bookEthnic church meets megachurch : Indian American Christianity in motion
BR563.H57M85 2017bookLatino Protestants in America : growing and diverse
BT877.V69 2017bookExistential threats : American apocalyptic beliefs in the technological era
BV4909.B73 2010bookComing back stronger
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
C0912cdGuitar recital.
C4901cdSymphony no. 10 in E minor ; : The big lightning
C5772cdCall it love : original London cast
CC100.C55 2017bookThree stones make a wall : the story of archaeology
CC165.A53 2017bookAntiquities : what everyone needs to know
CC176.G76 2016bookAtlas of lost cities : a travel guide to abandoned and forsaken destinations
CD-5499cdWater music ; : Music for the royal fireworks
CD782.1 CcdA tenors valentine
CD782.85 CORcdThe red violin : original motion picture soundtrack
CD784.2 ScdRosamunde & Symphonie nr. 5
CD785.4 McdFlute quartets
CD787.4 RcdThree suites for cello solo : works for cello and piano
DHistory: General
D736.M325 2017bookVeterans : faces of World War II
D769.8.A6I89 2017bookCitizen internees : a second look at race and citizenship in Japanese American internment camps
D804.47.W39 2017bookWomen in the Holocaust : a feminist history
D909.B53 2017bookNational parks of Europe
D909.E853bookEurope on a shoestring.
D909.E897bookEurope's best trips : 40 amazing road trips.
D909.L487bookLet's go.
D2021.M87 2017bookThe strange death of Europe : immigration, identity, Islam
DA16.G57 2012bookBritain's empire : resistance, repression and revolt
DB16.A815bookAustria : a Lonely Planet travel survival kit.
DB2607.P738bookPrague & the Czech Republic.
DCC3429.A586 2006cdEra la notte.
DD247.H5G49 2002bookThe life and death of Adolf Hitler
DK502.4.E87bookEstonia, Latvia & Lithuania.
DK510.766.P87P885 2018dvdFrontline.
DK672.2.G46bookGeorgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan.
DP302.C385C3583bookCanary Islands.
DR204.5.R528bookRomania & Bulgaria.
DS43.M53bookMiddle East.
DS56.T446 2012bookThe evolution of the ancient city : urban theory and the archaeology of the Fertile Crescent
DS98.6.D36 2017bookDestroying a nation : the civil war in Syria
DS523.M55 2017bookAncient Southeast Asia
DS532.5.V53bookVietnam, Cambodia, Laos & northern Thailand.
DS591.5.M34bookMalaysia, Singapore & Brunei.
DS608.8.S58 2017bookSingapore : mix & match to create your perfect day : choose from Singapore's best experiences.
DS796.H73H734bookHong Kong.
DT367.17.E86bookEthiopia & Djibouti.
DT523.W47bookWest Africa : a travel survival kit.
DT1017.S67bookSouthern Africa.
DT2436.B69bookBotswana & Namibia.
DT3041.Z363bookZambia, Mozambique & Malawi.
DU15.S664bookSouth Pacific.
DU870.T1294bookTahiti & French Polynesia.
EHistory: America
E97.65.N4I24 2017bookI am where I come from : Native American college students and graduates tell their life stories
E98.F7M555 2014bookFrybread : past, present & future
E99.H7P67 2006bookClassic Hopi and Zuni kachina figures
E99.H7W73 2014bookKachinas : a Hopi artist's documentary
E151.D45 2014book
E160.U83bookUSA's national parks.
E169.1.A543 2017bookFantasyland : how America went haywire : a 500-year history
E178.Z75 2017bookA people's history of the United States
E184.A75L86 2017bookTrespassers? : Asian Americans and the battle for suburbia
E184.M5B47 2015bookEdward R. Roybal : the Mexican American struggle for political empowerment
E184.S75N383 2012bookThe Latino guide to creating family histories : a handbook for students, parent & teachers : plus the top 350 Histpanic surnames
E185.6.D797 2007bookThe souls of Black folk
E185.61.T44 2018bookA more beautiful and terrible history : the uses and misuses of civil rights history
E185.86.E39 2016bookBlack lives matter
E185.86.O85 2016bookOur Black sons matter : mothers talk about fears, sorrows, and hopes
E185.97.B29A3 2018bookMarch forward, girl : from young warrior to Little Rock Nine
E185.97.K43A3 2018bookWhen they call you a terrorist : a Black Lives Matter memoir
E302.6.H5K86 2017bookPatrick Henry : champion of liberty
E487.D55 2017bookJefferson Davis's final campaign : Confederate nationalism and the fight to arm slaves
E641.C5874bookCivil War trail road trips.
E757.A48 2006dvdTR
E814.B35 2017bookThe accidental president : Harry S. Truman and the four months that changed the world
E856.W425 2015bookOne man against the world : the tragedy of Richard Nixon
E907.D84 2017bookThe Obama doctrine : American grand strategy today
E912.F78 2018bookTrumpocracy : the corruption of the American republic
FHistory: America
F194.3B88 2017bookWashington, DC city trails
F379.N53N465bookNew Orleans : a Lonely Planet city guide.
F384.3.S25bookSan Antonio, Austin & Texas Backcountry road trips.
F574.B2M36 2017bookThe Kelloggs : the battling brothers of Battle Creek
F722.C574 2017bookWonderlandscape : Yellowstone National Park and the evolution of an American cultural icon
F722.Y32bookYellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks.
F788.G748bookGrand Canyon National Park.
F788.O84 2017bookWhere the water goes : life and death along the Colorado River
F819.P57S35 2017bookPhoenix : then and now
F852.3.P333bookWashington, Oregon & the Pacific Northwest.
F866.4.S38A3 2013bookTotal recall : my unbelievably true life story
F868.Y6Y677bookYosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks.
F1087.7.B74bookBritish Columbia & the Canadian Rockies.
F2509.5.B75bookBrazil : a travel survival kit.
F2521.R43 2015bookBrazil : the troubled rise of a global power
F3059.5.C52bookChile & Easter Island.
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G151.S57 2018bookThe solo travel handbook : practical tips and inspiration for a safe, fun and fearless trip
G153.4.T68 2016bookThe travel book : a journey through every country in the world
G156.5.Y6J63 2017bookBackpack ambassadors : how youth travel integrated Europe
G465.H3 2016bookDestination earth : a new philosophy of travel by a world-traveler
GC1471.E75 2017bookJunk raft : an ocean voyage and a rising tide of activism to fight plastic pollution
GF532.A4I5868 2018dvdInto the Amazon
GN419.3.Z56 2014bookScience ink : tattoos of the science obsessed
GR830.W4S54 2017bookShe-wolf : a cultural history of female werewolves
GT1560.C59 2017bookThe social life of kimono : Japanese fashion past and present
GV415.K65 2017bookThe arena : inside the tailgating, ticket-scalping, mascot-racing, dubiously funded, and possibly haunted monuments of American sport
GV461.5.M37 2013bookGymnastics psychology : the ultimate guide for coaches, gymnasts, and parents
GV583.D39 2017bookSports in American life : a history
GV584.V45C76 2018bookNorwich : one tiny Vermont town's secret to happiness and excellence
GV706.35.Z56 2013bookGame over : how politics has turned the sports world upside down
GV706.5.K56 2017bookLegends never die : athletes and their afterlives in modern America
GV709.2.V43 2016bookBest practice for youth sport
GV711.5.B69 2016bookNew functional training for sports
GV711.5.S775 2017bookStrength training
GV742.F76 2016bookFrom Jack Johnson to Lebron James : sports, media, and the color line
GV838.F69F73 2016bookRelentless spirit : the unconventional raising of a champion
GV863.A1P457 2015bookThe game : inside the secret world of major league baseball's power brokers
GV871.M42 2017bookOff speed : baseball, pitching, and the art of deception
GV884.S86A3 2013bbookSum it up : 1,098 victories, a couple of irrelevant losses, and a life in perspective
GV939.B685G54 2016bookTom Brady vs. the NFL : the case for football's greatest quarterback
GV951.O36 2017bookFootball and manliness : an unauthorized feminist account of the NFL
GV994.S28S53 2017bookUnstoppable : my life so far
GV1015.3.H43 2014bookThinking volleyball
GV1021.E64 2017bookEpic drives of the world : explore the planet's most thrilling road trips.
GV1021.S36 2017bookOverlanders' handbook : a route & planning guide : Asia, Africa, Latin America : car, 4WD, van, truck
GV1060.675.C6U72 2015bookTrack & field coaching essentials
GV1061.8.P75C75 2017bookRunning flow
GV1069.M66 2017bookThe Bolt supremacy : inside Jamaica's sprint factory
GV1133.D4 2015bookChampionship fighting : explosive punching and aggressive defense
GV1439.F5B68 2012bookEndgame : Bobby Fischer's remarkable rise and fall : from America's brightest prodigy to the edge of madness
GV1594.B88 2012bookDance studies: the basics
GV1785.W439R473 2017dvdRestless creature : Wendy Whelan
HSocial Sciences
H62.G246 2017bookWriting literature reviews : a guide for students of the social and behavioral sciences
HB171.T36 2012bookThe instant economist : everything you need to know about how the economy works
HC106.84.S26 2017bookWho stole our market economy? : the desperate need for socioeconomic progress
HC106.84.S59 2017bookThe great American economy : how inefficiency broke it and what we can do to fix it
HD38.5.S27 2017bookThe supply chain revolution : innovative sourcing and logistics for a fiercely competitive world
HD53.H3765 2017bookThe fuzzy and the techie : why the liberal arts will rule the digital world
HD57.7.M6634 2017bookSpark : how to lead yourself and others to greater success
HD57.7.S35626 2017bookLead right for your company's type : how to connect your culture with your customer promise
HD69.P75P63 2017bookProject management
HD69.P75S6888 2016bookMicrosoft Project 2016 for dummies
HD1390.5.B734 2015bookNolo's essential guide to buying your first home
HD1476.U62N25 2017bookThis blessed earth : a year in the life of an American family farm
HD2756.L64 2017bookDisaster capitalism : making a killing out of a catastrophe
HD3850.M53 2017bookConstitutional coup : privatization's threat to the American republic
HD4605.P745 2016bookPrivatization in practice : reports on trends, cases and debates in public service by business and nonprofits
HD6054.4.U6S67 2017bookBoss lady : how three women entrepreneurs built successful big businesses in the mid-twentieth century
HD6060.5.U5C52 2018bookBrotopia : breaking up the boys' club of Silicon Valley
HD6060.E44 2015bookSex and the office : women, men, and the sex partition that's dividing the workplace
HD6073.M37D84 2017book(Not) getting paid to do what you love : gender, social media, and aspirational work
HD9100.5.R527 2015bookSugar
HD9994.U52L46 2017bookThe danger within us : America's untested, unregulated medical device industry and one man's battle to survive it
HF5438.25.K845 2018bookThe sales survival handbook : cold calls, commissions, and caffeine addiction-- the real truth about life in sales
HF5549.5.E43G836 2016bookThe essential guide to workplace investigations : a step-by-step guide to handling employee complaints & problems
HF5549.5.M63H436 2017bookThe inspiration code : how the best leaders energize people every day
HF5549.M536 2017bookThe big book of HR
HF5813.U6R375 2018dvdThe real mad men of advertising
HG101.K46 2016bookCapital and the common good : how innovative finance is tackling the world's most urgent problems
HG179.J572 2016bookThe spender's guide to debt-free living
HG179.S5384 2016bookFinancial literacy for millennials : a practical guide to managing your financial life for teens, college students, and young adults
HG181.C37 2017bookCareers in financial services.
HG1710.G38 2017bookBlockchain : ultimate guide to understanding blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and the future of money
HG4910.M55 2016bookStock investing for dummies
HG9396.S53 2017bookThe dysfunctional politics of the Affordable Care Act
HM742.H378 2017bookThink before you like : social media's effect on the brain and the tools you need to navigate your newsfeed
HM742.T84 2017bookTwitter and tear gas : the power and fragility of networked protest
HM1231.B355 2017bookPost-truth : how bullshit conquered the world
HN49.V64V638bookVolunteer : a traveller's guide to making a difference around the world.
HN57.K366 2017bookDirect action : protest and the reinvention of American radicalism
HN80.W18C58 2016dvdCity of trees
HN125.2.V5M37 2016bookA history of violence : living and dying in Central America
HQ27.W33 2017bookAmerican hookup : the new culture of sex on campus
HQ31.W497 2007bookSex for dummies
HQ77.8.J46A3 2017bookThe secrets of my life
HQ472.U6K59 2016bookHis porn, her pain : confronting America's pornpanic with honest talk about sex
HQ734.C469 2007bookThe five love languages : how to express heartfelt commitment to your mate
HQ734.J347 2017bookThe stuff of family life : how our homes reflect our lives
HQ767.5.U5A367 2017dvdAbortion : stories women tell
HQ789.B43 2017bookCampaigning for children : strategies for advancing children's rights
HQ789.W35 2017bookChildren's rights : today's global challenge
HQ799.2.M35D98 2008bookThe Lolita effect : why the media sexualize young girls and what you can do about it
HQ1075.5.U6L57 2018bookThat's what she said : what men need to know (and women need to tell them) about working together
HQ1150.E45 2018book
HQ1190.S788 2017bookAsk : building consent culture
HQ1194.D383 2017dvdDaughters of the forest
HQ1391.U5M35 2016bookWhen women win : EMILY's list and the rise of women in American politics
HQ1426.G3596 2018bookGender : space
HV551.2.P56 2018bookTechnology and emergency management
HV1431.A3564 2006dvdAging out
HV2380.I87 2015bookIt's a small world : international deaf spaces and encounters
HV2426.G3S29 2018bookThe life and times of T.H. Gallaudet
HV2474.D43 2011bookDeaf around the world : the impact of language
HV4764.G52 2017bookAdvocates for animals : an inside look at the extraordinary efforts to end animal suffering
HV5825.D77667 2015bookDrug legalization
HV6046.G4625 2017bookGender, psychology, and justice : the mental health of women and girls in the legal system
HV6080.C375 2017bookCriminal psychology
HV6250.4.H66B66 2017dvdBones of contention
HV6433.A35O34 2017bookA moonless, starless sky : ordinary women and men fighting extremism in Africa
HV6534.V55J36 2017bookThe man from the train : the solving of a century-old serial killer mystery
HV6626.52.R43 2009bookChildhood denied : ending the nightmare of child abuse and neglect
HV7431.R454 2017bookCitizen spies : the long rise of America's surveillance society
HV7436.D86 2018bookLoaded : a disarming history of the Second Amendment
HV8073.S4433 2016bookForensic science : a beginner's guide
HV8073.T556 2013bookFisher's techniques of crime scene investigation
HV8141.B88 2017bookChokehold : policing black men
HV8141.F47 2017bookThe rise of big data policing : surveillance, race, and the future of law enforcement
HV8141.P34 2017bookBlack and blue : inside the divide between the police and Black America
HV8148.B453T65 2018bookNo justice : one white police officer, one black family, and how one bullet ripped us apart
HV8698.W25 2017bookFighting the death penalty : a fifty-year journey of argument and persuasion
HX44.L5913 1999bookThe black book of communism : crimes, terror, repression
JPolitical Science
JC319.C646 2017bookThe Wiley Blackwell companion to political geography
JC421.K526 2016bookToward democracy : the struggle for self-rule in European and American thought
JC423.L4855 2018bookHow democracies die
JC574.2.U6L56 2017bookThe once and future liberal : after identity politics
JK468.C7M39 2016bookThe fifth estate : think tanks, public policy, and governance
JK468.I6.E65 2018bookEnhanced interrogation and torture
JK1021.C68 2017bookInside Congress : a guide for navigating the politics of the House and Senate floors
JK2281.H33 2017bookCollusion : secret meetings, dirty money, and how Russia helped Donald Trump win
JV6225.M577 2017bookStorming the wall : climate change, migration, and homeland security
JV6450.Z54 2017bookSelling America : immigration promotion and the settlement of the American continent, 1607-1914
JZ1254.S44 2017bookThe hacked world order : how nations fight, trade, maneuver, and manipulate in the digital age
K1401.V33 2017bookIntellectual property : a very short introduction
K3585.5.G87 2017bookInternational environmental law in a nutshell
KCLCOMPACT DISC- 1209cdComplete recordings. Volume 1.
KF250.B34 2017bookLegal writing and analysis in a nutshell
KF390.5.C6F35 2017bookOwned : property, privacy, and the new digital serfdom
KF390.E57S87 2015bookMusic law : how to run your band's business
KF480.B566 2016bookEQuality : the struggle for web accessibility by persons with cognitive disabilities
KF505.Z9K7 2017bookFamily law in a nutshell
KF538.I35 2017bookLiving together : a legal guide for unmarried couples
KF547.D67 2017bookNolo's essential guide to child custody & support
KF755.M46 2017bookWills and trusts in a nutshell
KF1380.M36 2017bookForm your own limited liability company
KF3455.C68 2017bookEmployment law in a nutshell
KF3455.G835 2016bookThe essential guide to federal employment laws
KF3890.L96 2016bookHard bargains : the coercive power of drug laws in federal court
KF4635.A75R43 2015bookReconsidering the Insular Cases : the past and future of the American empire
KF4750.B55 2017bookThe Bill of Rights
KF4827.B73 2016book
KF8841.B47 2016bookRepresent yourself in court : how to prepare & try a winning case
KF9685.O54 2017bookThe failed promise of sentencing reform
KIK1959.9.M35 2017dvdTribal justice
KZA1692.S68 2018bookThe South China Sea conflict
LB1027.5.S76 2010bookDomestic violence and children : a handbook for schools and early years settings
LB1028.3.C623 2018bookScreen schooled : two veteran teachers expose how technology overuse is making our kids dumber
LB1029.M75L53 2017bookMontessori : the science behind the genius
LB1032.S458 2016bookLeading collaborative learning : empowering excellence
LB1044.87.B64 2016bookThe online teaching survival guide : simple and practical pedagogical tips
LB2341.I48 2018bookInclusive leadership in higher education : international perspectives and approaches
LB2342.N49 2016bookThe great mistake : how we wrecked public universities and how we can fix them
LB2343.3.H387 2017bookThe student athlete's guide to college success
LB2395.7.P66 2017bookEducation is not an app : the future of university teaching in the Internet age
LB2831.62.T78 2016bookCase studies on safety, bullying, and social media in schools : current issues in educational leadership
LB2866.K86 2016bookThe real school safety problem : the long-term consequences of harsh school punishment
LC214.23.L56B43 2018bookI will not fear : my story of a lifetime of building faith under fire
LC2574.6.N52 2017bookTrans* in college : transgender students' strategies for navigating campus life and the institutional politics of inclusion
LC2670.6.H595 2015bookHispanic-serving institutions : advancing research and transformative practice
LC2670.6.H596 2015bookHispanic-serving institutions in American higher education : their origin, and present and future challenges
LC3732.C6T56 2017bookThe newcomers : finding refuge, friendship, and hope in an American classroom
LC4015.S85 2017bookCreating a culture of accessibility in the sciences
LC4019.3.D57 2018bookDisability and inclusion in early years education
LD2160.I5 2015bookInside Harvard : a student-written guide to the history and lore of America's oldest university.
M1.A1T96 1998cdTwo by three : music by women.
M1.O77cdEscenas Argentinas
M3.1.T268cdTrios et quatuors
M3.1.T93S96 2013cdSymphony no. 2 ; : Piano sonata no. 2
M3.1.V55V55 2011cdVilla-Lobos conducts Villa-Lobos.
M3.1 M939 I88 1999AEUcdMozart.
M5.J87 1993cdJust West Coast : microtonal music for guitar and harp.
M6.R67T35 2006cdTallinna Toomkirik = Tallinn Cathedral.
M20.G53V35 2015cdValentina Lisitsa plays Philip Glass.
M20.G74 C67 1999cdAlfred Cortot. II.
M20.H37P53 2010cdPiano music. 7
M21.H67W67 2008cdWorks by Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, and Chopin.
M21.J83T47 2001cdTerence Judd (1957-1979).
M21.P655H666 2011cdHomage to Paderewski
M21.R38G37 2005cdGaspard de la nuit
M21.T38P53 2008cdPiano music
M22.B87cdPiano music. 4
M22.B87cdPiano music. 5
M22.B97P52 2001cdPiano music. Vol. 2
M22.C46B37 2011cdDaniel Barenboim plays Chopin : the Warsaw recital.
M22.M645M875 1997cdMusic by Maria Hester Park, Marie Bigot, and Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel.
M22.N54P56 1990cdMusic for solo piano
M22.S629P74x v.2 2000cdPreludes. Vol. 2
M23.B414S6275 2010cdPiano sonata in A flat major, op. 26 ; : Piano sonata in F major, op. 10, no. 2 ; Piano sonata in E minor, op. 90 ; Piano sonata in C sharp minor, op. 27, no. 2
M23.P76P532 1991cdThe piano sonatas. vol 2
M23.P96 N4 v.1cdComplete piano sonatas Volume 1
M23.S37A84 1997cdThe piano sonatas = Die Klaviersonaten = Les sonates pour piano
M23.S38P53 1996cdPiano sonatas
M24.F85K4 2003cdThe unknown works. Vol. 1
M24.F85K4 2004cdThe unknown works. Vol. 2
M27cdGoldberg variations
M27.T43V37 1993cdVariations on operas by Rossini
M30.N335B4 2005cdTangos, waltzes and polkas
M125.S446G85 2007cdGuitar masterclass
M140.K367B376 2001cdBaroque lute music. Volume 1.
M176.B936 1994cdBullets over Broadway.
M177.A15 1997cd25th anniversary, International Double Reed Society.
M177.C67 1999cdThe ultimate Copland album.
M178.C563.F35 2003cdChamber music
M178.S76Op.65 A7cdOctet (Double quartet) for 4 violins, 2 violas and 2 violoncellos in D minor, op. 65 ; : Sextet for 2 violins, 2 violas and 2 violoncellos in C major, op. 140 ; Quintet for 2 violins, 2 violas and violoncello in G major, op. 33 no. 2 : grande quintetto
M214.S8 1992cdLe sacre du printemps ; : Concerto ; Sonata ; Scherzo
M224.M46S65 2008cd
M231.B83 op.38, 1993cdSonata, e minor, op. 38 ; : Sonata, F major, op. 99
M231.V58G3 2006cdComplete cello sonatas
M288.T45C66cdThe complete recorder duets.
M310.S38C66 2011cdComplete works for piano trio
M312.4.R36P5 2002cd
M312.4.T4S6 C51cdSonates Corellisantes ; : Canonic duos
M312.H555T75 2004cdKlaviertrios = Piano trios
M312.M9D4 2006cdTrios for piano, violin, and cello
M315.M46C6 2000cdComplete clarinet chamber music
M451.R69S87 2013cdString quartets nos. 1 and 2 ; : String trio, op. 1 (original published version)
M452.B47L97 2014cdLyrische suite = Suite lyrique
M461.M7Q4 1985cdQuartet in F, K. 370, for oboe, violin, viola, and cello. Adagio in C, K. 580a, for cor anglais, violin, viola, and cello. Divertimento no. 11 in D, K. 251, "Nannerl-Septett"
M551.M69 K. 515 1995cdString quintet in C major, K. 515 ; : String quintet in G minor, K. 516
M551.M69Q56 1991ecdString quintet in C major, K. 515 ; : String quintet in G minor, K. 516
M551.M98S75 1997cdString quintets
M570.A935 2010cdAwakenings : new American chamber music for guitar
M852cdDouble quartets nos. 1 and 2
M1000.B59P38 1992cd
M1000.C67O73 M44 2003cdOrchestral works
M1000.M37S742 2008cdConcertos. Vol. 2
M1000.N53S95 1986cdSymphony no. 4, op. 29 ; Helios overture
M1000.N68 U4cdSouth Bohemian suite : op. 64 ; Lady Godiva : op. 41 ; De profundis : op. 67
M1000.S76O73 2007cdSymphonies 3 & 10
M1000.S784H36 1988cdSymhony no. 6 in E flat major ; : Irish rhapsody no. 1
M1000.S78S72 2000cdIgor Stravinsky.
M1000.S91 R3cdDeath and transfiguration : op. 24 ; Metamorphosen : for 23 solo strings
M1000.W54N49 2014cdNew Year's concert 2014.
M1001.B66S96 op.12 2010cdSymphonies
M1001.H34 no.1-2, 1990cdHanson conducts Hanson.
M1001.M21S96 2012cdSymphony No. 4 ; : Das Lied von der Erde (Beg.)
M1001.M53 op.63 2003cdSymphonies no. 24 and 25
M1001.N54 no.5 2001zcdSymphonies nos. 5 & 6 ; : Hymnus amoris ; Sleep ; Wind Quintet
M1001.N661S3cdSymphony no. 3, op. 27
M1001.S55 op.47 N39cdSymphony no. 5, op. 47 ; : Symphony no. 9, op. 70
M1001.S73O721 1995xcdOrchestral trios. Volume 1
M1001.S84P536 1994cdPiano concerto no. 2 in D minor, op. 23 ; : Serenade in F, op. 31 ; Ballad : Florez och Blanzeflor, op. 3
M1001.S91 op.53 R3cd
M1001.W35 no.1 2014cdSymphony no. 1 ; : Violin concerto
M1001 S82 S9 1995cdSymphonies. Vol. 1
M1002.S91 A47 1993cdRichard Strauss in high fidelity.
M1002.S91A4 R43cdAlso sprach Zarathustra ; : Le bourgeois gentilhomme suite ; Der Rosenkavalier waltzes
M1002.S91H441 1985xcdEin Heldenleben ; Don Juan
M1002.S91 op.53, 1987cdSymphonia domestica : op. 53 ; Burleske for piano & orchestra, AV 85
M1003.S772 op.86 1990cdVerklungene Feste
M1003.S913B8 1988cdLe Bourgeoise Gentilhomme and Couperin Suites
M1004.S66 1993cdOvertures
M1010.M69 K.491 2010cdPiano concertos 22 & 24
M1010.M952 K. 537 1991cdClavier-Concerte 26 & 27
M1010.T43P5cdPiano concerto in F minor
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UMilitary Science
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cdKeeping you in mind
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cdPassin' it around
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cdSongs and sonatas for viola and piano
cdSpeak no evil : instrumental
cdSplendeurs de l'orgue francais. Volume 2
cdStabat Mater ; : On angel's wings ; Three Latin motets ; Deus, qui claro lumine ; Annunciation ; Lonely hearts
cdStan Getz & Jimmy Raney : complete studio sessions.
cdStan Getz plays for lovers.
cdStrauss & Wagner.
cdString quartet no. 1 in A minor
cdString quartets 2 & 3
cdString quartets nos 1 and 2
cdString sextets ; : Opera con tituli.
cdSuites for viola da gamba ; : 27e ordre de clavecin
cdSwing from Paris
cdSymphony no. 5 and more favourites
cdThe Earl
cdThe best of Esquivel
cdThe complete duets
cdThe complete electric and selected acoustic recordings.
cdThe complete piano concertos
cdThe complete sonatas for solo violin op. 27
cdThe frostbound wood.
cdThe golden age of opera in France. Volume II.
cdThe great tenors. Volume II.
cdThe jazz factory : complete 1949-1950 Vogue master takes
cdThe jazz messengers. Part 1.
cdThe planets
cdThe red door : remember Zoot Sims
cdThe spirit of 176
cdThe street beat
cdThe ultimate George Gershwin. Volume 2.
cdTurandot & Aida excerpts
cdViolin concerto
cdViolin concerto ; : Symphony no. 1
cdVocal rarities.
cdWilliam Primrose.
cdWorks for guitar