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Agriculture Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
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Education Fine Arts
General Works History: America
History: General Language, Literature, Popular Films
Law Medicine
Military Science Music
Naval Science Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Political Science Science
Social Sciences Technology

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AGeneral Works
ACC# C10837cdThe road to Qatar : original off-Broadway cast
ACC# C10901bookBetty blue eyes : original London cast recording
AE1.5.K75 2016book
AE100.J46 2014bookCommon knowledge? : an ethnography of Wikipedia
AV1.2.L452C6 1997cdSix cello concerti
AV1.2.M425S65 1998cdThe complete piano sonatas
AZ999.B89 2008bookDeadly decisions : how false knowledge sank the Titanic, blew up the shuttle and led America into war
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
BC177.L486 2017bbookWeaponized lies : how to think critically in the post-truth era
BF575.N35V36 2017bookEveryday narcissism : yours, mine, and ours
BF637.S4R828 2017bookThe four tendencies : the indispensable personality profiles that reveal how to make your life better (and other people's lives better, too)
BF692.L435 2018bookThe psychology of human sexuality
BF1879.T2D368 2013bookA history of the occult tarot, 1870-1970
BL535.P35 2017bookThe Palgrave handbook of the afterlife
BL2777.R4P37 2017bookParenting beyond belief : on raising ethical, caring kids without religion
BP65.B28C5313 2017bookEurope's Balkan Muslims : a new history
BR1710.F34 2011bookThe Oxford dictionary of saints
BS432.C637 2017bookThe complete topical guide to the Bible
BV3785.G69B495 2017bookBilly Graham : American pilgrim
BV4637.C346 2018bookFaith : a journey for all
BX955.3.K45 2010bookThe Oxford dictionary of popes
BX4655.3.B66 2016bookThe book of saints : a comprehensive biographical dictionary
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CD782.14 ScdBen Franklin in Paris : original Broadway cast
CD782.4264 EcdIt's no secret anymore
CD786.2 McdPiano sonatas. Vol. 2
CD7479cdThe dark is my delight : and other 16th century lute songs
CT114.G74 2005bookGreat lives from history.
CT117.G74 2006bookGreat lives from history.
DHistory: General
D214.M625 2017bookConventional and unconventional war : a history of conflict in the modern world
D226.G74 2005bookGreat lives from history.
D286.A13 2017bookThe 18th century (1701-1800)
D810.W7Y45 2004bookOur mothers' war : American women at home and at the Front during World War II
DG445.W67 2017bookThe world of renaissance Italy
EHistory: America
E77.M1147 2017bookHistory of American Indians : exploring diverse roots
E77.N38 2017bookNative Americans (1451-2017)
E184.S75A67 2017bookU.S. Latino issues
E185.615.S73 2017bookAfrican Americans by the numbers : understanding and interpreting statistics on African American life
E840.5.L36B66 2018bookThe road not taken : Edward Lansdale and the American tragedy in Vietnam
E912.K87 2018bookMedia madness : Donald Trump, the press, and the war over the truth
FHistory: America
F296.D38 2017bookThe Gulf : the making of an American sea
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G1797.21.E6B35 2017bookThe human atlas of Europe : a continent united in diversity
GV436.F53 2017bookFitness and exercise sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the benefits of physical fitness, including strength, endurance, longevity, weight loss, bone health, and stress management, with exercise guidelines for people of all ages and tips for maintaining motivation, measuring exercise intensity, preventing injuries, and exercising with a health condition ; along with information on exercise equipment, fitness tourism, and wearable technology, a glossary of related terms, and a directory of resources for additional help and information.
GV567.5.T39 2015bookRaising the stakes : e-sports and the professionalization of computer gaming
GV706.32.M66 2017bookWe will win the day : the Civil Rights Movement, the black athlete, and the quest for equality
GV939.S47O55 2016dvdO.J. : made in America
GV1469.17.E87E87 2017bookeSports yearbook : 2015/16
GV1469.25.L434F6 2016bookHow to be a professional gamer : an eSports guide to League of Legends.
GV1469.3.L54 2017bookGood luck have fun : the rise of eSports
GV1469.3.R65 2016bookOpTic gaming : the making of eSports champions
GV1743.S68 2016bookThe encyclopedia of world folk dance
HSocial Sciences
HB171.B533 2016bookMarconomics : defining economics through social science and consumer behavior
HB615.P756 2017bookPrinciples of business : entrepreneurship
HC79.I55M3725 2018bookReinventing capitalism in the age of big data
HD30.3.C47 2017bookLet the story do the work : the art of storytelling for business success
HD66.S4849 2017bookExtreme teams : why Pixar, Netflix, AirBnB, and other cutting-edge companies succeed where most fail
HD69.P75L488 2016bookFundamentals of project management
HD5110.M85 2017bookThe gig economy : the complete guide to getting better work, taking more time off, and financing the life you want!
HD6054.3.K45 2016bookThe confidence effect : every woman's guide to the attitude that attracts success
HD9999.B44P57bookPlunkett's biotech & genetics industry almanac.
HE308.F635 2017bookAmerica's addiction to automobiles : why cities need to kick the habit and how
HF1379.I535 2002bookAfricans and the industrial revolution in England : a study in international trade and economic development
HF5382.55.C37 2017bookCareers overseas.
HF5389.L36 2016bookThe etiquette edge : modern manners for business success
HF5415.P75 2017bookPrinciples of business : marketing
HF5636.F526 2016bookThe essentials of finance and accounting for nonfinancial managers
HF5636.P75 2018bookPrinciples of business : accounting
HG4928.5.S459bookSeries 7, general securities representative exam.
HG4928.5.S47 2017bookSeries 7 study guide : series 7 exam prep review materials team.
HJ4652.S528 2017bookTaxing ourselves : a citizen's guide to the debate over taxes
HM741.W55 2017bookTweeting to freedom : an encyclopedia of citizen protests and uprisings around the world
HM742.O552 2017bookOnline around the world : a geographic encyclopedia of the Internet, social media, and mobile apps
HM743.F33H64 2017bookBecoming Facebook : the 10 challenges that defined the company disrupting the world
HM891.P56 2018bookEnlightenment now : the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress
HQ1155.T64 2018bookTogether we rise : behind the scenes at the protest heard round the world
HQ1236.W65286 2017bookWomen's rights : reflections in popular culture
HQ1236.W664 2018bookWomen's rights (1429-2017)
HV1568.S34 2017bookThe trouble with illness : how illness and disability affect relationships
HV6322.7.C69 2017bookTo kill a people : genocide in the twentieth century
HV6534.O68A155 2018dvd49 pulses
HV6534.S43S26 2017bookWhile the city slept : a love lost to violence and a wake-up call for mental health care in America
HV6618.S56 2017bookThe 57 bus
HV9466.I53 2017bookIncarcerated women : a history of struggles, oppression, and resistance in American prisons
JPolitical Science
JF1525.A8D548 2017bookDigital media integration for participatory democracy
JK1726.M397 2014bookDeeply divided : racial politics and social movements in Post-War America
JV6565.C37 2018bookThe line becomes a river
JZ1480.S875 2016bookSustainable security : rethinking American national security strategy
K PIED PPHS 25cdThe Pied Piper of Hamelin
KBP4187.C435 2015bookDomestic violence and the Islamic tradition : ethics, law, and the Muslim discourse on gender
KF3941.C59 2018bookGun laws by state : reciprocity and gun laws quick reference guide
KF4550.S86 2017bookSupreme Court decisions (1803-2017)
KF5399.D68 2017bookThe police in a free society : safeguarding rights while enforcing the law
LA2301.R68 2016bookThe Routledge encyclopaedia of educational thinkers
LB1775.2.A95 2018book"You can't fire the bad ones!" : and 18 other myths about teachers, teachers' unions, and public education
LB3013.3.B467 2016dvdBullied
M1 S39 1997AGPCcd
M3.1.L44 D5cdConcertino ; : Andant[e] ; Piece for strings ; Attila
M3.1.L553E57 1999cd
M3.1.L7707 2005cdClarinet concerto ; : Gran duo ; Chorale
M3.B11 R54 v.69cdMotets = Motetten = Motetes
M21.RcdSviatoslav Richter archives. Vol. 17.
M22.H56P4 v.3cdPiano works. Vol. 3
M22.H685P5 1990 v. 1cdPiano works. Vol. 1
M22.L36T3cdPiano works
M22.L57C656 1991cd
M22.L57F36 2011cd
M22.L57H37 2011cdHarmonies du soir
M22.L774F7 1992cdFranz Liszt : grand romantic virtuoso.
M22.M69G66 2005cdMozart.
M23.M69 K.330 1997cdPiano sonatas & variations
M23.M69S6 1989cdPiano works
M23.M6 K.331cdPiano sonata no. 11 in A major, K. 331 : Piano sonata no. 12 in F major, K. 332 ; Piano sonata no. 13 in B flat major, K. 333 ; Piano sonata no. 14 in C minor, K. 457
M25.L59G7 1995cd
M51.W57H5 1995cdHindemith, Sessions, Ligeti.
M69 S62 K.402 2006cdViolin sonatas. [6]
M126.L44cdGuitar works
M128.P539S65 2007cdSolo piazzolla
M140.A8 2013cdAwake sweet love : an anthology of lute music
M178.M939 K.287+ C4 1993cdDivertimento for two horns and strings in B-flat major, K.287 (271H) ; : Divertimento for string trio in E-flat major, K.563
M215.LcdTranscriptions for two pianos of Liszt's symphonic poems.
M219.M6 S-3cd16 sonatas for violin and harpsichord
M219.M938 K.454 1991cd
M231.B44S66 v.1, 2008cdCello sonatas. Volume 1.
M241.B2x 2013cdFlute sonatas
M311.I74P53 2009cdPiano trios
M510.S34J85 2006cdThe Juilliard Quartet at the Library of Congress. vol. 5
M559.M69C67 2000cd
M990.L57I8cdItalian chambermusic of the Seicento.
M1000.B47H37 2014cd
M1000.D9S9cd9 Symphonien
M1000.M69M56 2006cdJupiter : Symphonies nos. 40 & 41
M1000.M7I572 2005cdSerenate notturne : Eine kleine Nachtmusik
M1001cdSymphony no. 5
M1001.E54S57 2011cdSir Adrian Boult conducts Elgar.
M1001.M137NO.9 2012cdSymphony No. 9.
M1001.M693S95627 1985cdSymphony no. 25 ; Symphony no. 29
M1001.M69E27 2004cdEarly symphonies
M1001.M9C66 2002cdThe symphonies
M1004.L44O94 2003cdOvertures & waltzes
M1010.B39S96 2009cdSymphonic variations
M1012.L575V565 2002 CDcdViolin concertos 2, 3 & 4
M1016.L45C66 2005cdCello concerto ; Symphony no. 3, "Laudes musicae"
M1040.T87 1994cdA night in Tunisia, a week in Detroit.
M1100.T854 ScdSerenade for strings, op. 22 ; : Nocturne, op. 40 ; Waltzes, op. 54 [no. 1-2]
M1103.M939K53 1994cdSerenade in G major : G dur : en sol : K. 525 : eine Kleine Nachtmusik ; Divertimento no. 11 in D major, K. 251 ; Symphony no. 29 in A major
M1122.D36F5 1999xcdFive Italian oboe concertos.
M1366.A75I88 2005cdIt's Louis Armstrong.
M1366.C614 N38 2005cdNat King Cole.
M1366.F37F57 1993cdFirst lady of song
M1366.O83L44 2004cdThe legendary Oscar Peterson Trio live at the Blue Note.
M1366.P882C66 2001cdComplete 1947-1951 Blue Note, Verve & Roost sessions
M1366.T44C6 2012cdThe complete Columbia studio albums collection
M1366.W45H66 2011cdHoodoo man blues
M1500.A33N59 1988cdNixon in China : an opera in three acts
M1500.A48B43 2001cdBed, boys, & beyond : original cast
M1500.B44F53 2011cdFidelio
M1500 .B47 W38 2001cdWatch your step
M1500.B49M7 1992cdRobert Ryan, Nanette Fabray in Mr. President
M1500.B63M7 1991cdMr. Wonderful : original cast recording
M1500.B642A675 1992cdThe apple tree : original Broadway cast
M1500.C37L46 2011cdLend me a tenor : the musical
M1500.F56A12 2005cdThe 25th annual Putnam County Spelling Bee : [original Broadway cast recording]
M1500.G35H68 1995cdHoward Crabtree's Whoop-dee-doo : a nearly original cast recording.
M1500.G683C37 2012cdCarrie : the musical : premiere cast recording
M1500.K36C45 1997cdChicago : the musical
M1500.K39M63 1992cdMoby Dick : the complete show live
M1500.L33B47 2006cdBernarda Alba : a musical
M1500.L38K56 2013cdKinky boots : original Broadway cast recording
M1500.M37W43 1997cdWhat about luv? : original cast recording
M1500.P3965B3 CDcdBed and sofa : original cast recording
M1500.P477 1999cdPersonals : original London cast
M1500.R58C56 2013cdRodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella : original Broadway cast recording
M1500.R63T96 1992cdDanny Kaye in Two by two : original Broadway cast
M1500.R66S7 1990cdThe student prince
M1500.S36M57 1990cdCameron Mackintosh presents Miss Saigon : original London cast recording : a musical
M1500.S36P57 2007cdThe pirate queen : original Broadway cast recording
M1500.S39G63 2012cdGodspell : the new Broadway cast recording
M1500.S65S96 1984bcdSunday in the park with George : original cast recording
M1500.S938A675 2000cdLauren Bacall in "Applause" : a Decca Broadway original cast album
M1500.V4A3494 2015cdAida : opera in four acts
M1505.B53W4 C6 1986cdWest Side story
M1505.C37S66 1994cdSongs from "WC" : and other theater songs of Al Carmines.
M1505.C451B4722cdBerlin is mine : [the Lincoln Center Workshop Theatre production]
M1505.C4W4cdWhoop-up : original Broadway cast
M1505.M366W4 2005cdWedding in Paris : & Cole Porter's Can-can : original London cast.
M1505.M38W44cdWeird romance : two one-act musicals of speculative fiction
M1505.S393P57 1972cdPippin : original cast recording
M1505.S54S77 2006cdSpring awakening : a new musical
M1505.S66S9 2006cdSunday in the park with George : the 2006 London cast recording
M1505.S79S85cdSugar : original Broadway cast recording
M1506.P67S664 1999cdSongs by Cole Porter and Rodgers & Hart : the 1953 Walden sessions.
M1508.8.O34B38 2001cdBat Boy : the musical : original cast recording
M1520.S35T73 1993cd
M1527.2.B566W47 1992cdWest Side story : original soundtrack recording
M1527.2.E34S68 2009cdSoundtrack
M1527.K59A73 2004cdArchy and Mehitabel ; : Echoes of Archy
M1527.S72 1988cdA star is born.
M1611.M38G47 2002cdGerman romantic arias
M1619.G44M99 1998cdMy world
M1620.S773 2006cdLieder
M1630.18.E34I7 1997cdIt's time
M1630.18.W55D69 1997cdHis best
M1630.19.E33 1994cdAnd so much more
M1630.M277.V53 2004 CD PopularcdVibrate
M1811.L5S5 2002cd
ML171.Y8 2017bookMusic in medieval Europe
ML3920.P383 2016bookPeter's Music therapy : an introduction
MU0747 C-disccdDjangology
NFine Arts
N6923.M55A4 2017bookModigliani
NC730.A77 2017bookArtist's drawing techniques
NC1765.B4213 2016bookAnimation : a world history
NC1765.W55 2009bookThe animator's survival kit
NK2405.F58 2018bookAmerican furniture : 1650 to the present
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PG3410.L467 2017bookLeo Tolstoy
PL539.5.E5N56 2018bookJapanese step by step
PL856.U673N4513 1998bookThe wind-up bird chronicle
PL1125.E6A27 2005bookChinese phrases for dummies
PL1129.E5A37 2013bookChinese for dummies
PN56.F46C75 2018bookCritical approaches to literature.
PN56.P555P67 2017bookPostcolonial literature
PN56.R49R43 2017bookRebellion
PN56.S48C97 2016bookCyclopedia of literary places.
PN523.M29 2018bookCritical survey of world literature
PN1992.77.O98 2018dvdOutlander. Season three
PN1993.5.U6M666 2017bookThe movie business book
PN1997.2.C3556 2018dvdCall me by your name
PN1997.2.D696 2018dvdDownsizing
PN1997.2.F366 2017dvdFamily games
PN1997.2.G7438 2018dvdThe greatest showman
PN1997.2.J863 2018dvdJumanji.
PN1997.2.J87 2018dvdJustice league
PN1997.2.M94 2018dvdMy friend Dahmer
PN1997.2.P536 2018dvdPhantom thread
PN1997.2.S537 2018dvdThe shape of water
PN1997.2.S7379 2018dvdStar Wars. Episode VIII,
PN3441.H57 2018bookHistorical fiction
PN3448.B54C64 2013bookComing of age
PN4784.A77F35 2018bookEntertainment journalism : making it your career
PN4888.O25S35 2018bookEvaluating media bias
PQ2605.A3734Z546122 2012bookAlbert Camus
PQ7082.N7C668 2017bookContemporary Latin American fiction
PQ7390.C554M4613 2014bookThe memory of silence = Memoria del silencio
PQ7390.H43A6 2014bookAlways rebellious : selected poems
PQ7390.L474A6 2014bookAn address in Havana : selected short stories = Domicilio habanero
PQ8098.12.O38Z789 2015book
PQ8498.32.A65Z7147 2014bookMario Vargas Llosa
PR2823.W43 2017bookMacbeth
PR2848.A2S35 2014bookCritical survey of Shakespeare's Sonnets
PR2894.C75 2015bookCritical survey of Shakespeare's plays
PR6013.O35L6355 2017bookLord of the flies
PR6068.U757E27 1995bbookEast, west
PR6068.U757Z8444 2013bookSalman Rushdie
PR6102.O96H43 2017bookThe heart's invisible furies
PR9199.3.A8Z7475 2013bookMargaret Atwood
PR9199.3.M8Z54 2013bookAlice Munro
PR9199.4.B3565B63 2018bookThe boat people
PS169.A49A48 2013bookThe American dream
PS169.E25N38 2013bookNature and the environment
PS169.N35A44 2014bookAmerican multicultural identity
PS169.S56S63 2017bookSocial justice and American literature
PS169.T74A54 2013bookAmerican road literature
PS366.A35S566 2014bookThe slave narrative
PS374.S87A44 2014bookThe American thriller
PS508.I45I46 2018bookThe immigrant experience
PS508.N3N67 2014bookThe Norton Anthology of African American literature
PS1868.S39 2018bookThe scarlet letter
PS2954.U5 2007bookThe annotated Uncle Tom's cabin
PS3503.E4488Z8453 2012bookSaul Bellow
PS3503.R167Z854 2017bookRay Bradbury
PS3505.A87Z93522 2012bookWilla Cather
PS3525.A4152A6 2018bookNorman Mailer : four books of the 1960s
PS3525.A4152A6 2018bbookCollected essays of the 1960s
PS3525.I5156C73 2018bookThe crucible
PS3529.N5Z6345 2013bookEugene O'Neill
PS3539.O478C3 2011bookCane : authoritative text, contexts, criticism
PS3539.O478D73 2016bookA drama of the southwest : the critical edition of a forgotten play
PS3545.H16Z642 2017bookEdith Wharton
PS3558.A42169R45 2008bookThe reluctant fundamentalist
PS3558.A4763G74 2018bookThe great alone
PS3565.B75Z89 2015bookTim O'Brien
PS3571.P4Z735 2012bookJohn Updike
PS3602.O757A6 2016bookDig
PS3603.A75575A58 2017book140 Twitter poems
PS3606.I5543W66 2018bookThe woman in the window
PS3606.R389T48 2017bookThis is how it always is
PS3610.O63A84 2018bookAn American marriage : a novel
PS3616.E5555B63 2018bookBob Honey who just do stuff : a novel
PS3619.A586L54 2017bookThe light we lost
PS3620.A7254C74 2017bookCreatures of will and temper
PZ7.1.B447Luc 2017bookLucky broken girl
PZ7.1.T4567Hat 2017bookThe hate u give
PZ7.5.G74Mac 2017bookMacy McMillan and the rainbow goddess
PZ7.C66998Lit 2017bookLittle & Lion
PZ7.L13577We 2017bookWe are okay : a novel
PZ7.M111575Cm 2017bookA court of mist and fury
PZ7.M111575Co 2016bookA court of thorns and roses
PZ7.M111575Cp 2017bookA court of wings and ruin
Q126.9.P75 2017bookPrinciples of scientific research
Q180.55.G77B69 2017bookThe strength in numbers : the new science of team science
QA37.3.L64 2013bookApplied mathematics
QA76.73.C153P469 2017bookComputer programming with C++
QA76.76.O63A39885 2018bookBash cookbook : solutions and examples for Bash users
QA76.76.O63N458 2005bookLearning the bash Shell
QA76.9.S88H65 2017bookContextual design : design for life
QA76.9.U83F485 2017bookUniversal UX design : building multicultural user experience
QA152.3.S227 2016bookAlgebra Essentials
QB461.K343 2018bookThe future of humanity : terraforming Mars, interstellar travel, immortality, and our destiny beyond Earth
QC760.M5425 2018bookThe spinning magnet : the electromagnetic force that created the modern world - and could destroy it
QE31.C6631 2015dvdWonders of the national parks : a geology of North America
QH75.R36 2018bookEndangered species : a reference handbook
QH81.C3547 2018bookSilent spring & other writings on the environment
QH324.A45 2017bookSacred bovines : the ironies of misplaced assumptions in biology
QL377.S4B47 2017bookSpineless : the science of jellyfish and the art of growing a backbone
QL761.V466 2014bookWild connection : what animal courtship and mating tell us about human relationships
R690.M785 2005bookThe medical job interview : secrets for success
RA1151.A44 2018bookThe American Psychiatric Association Publishing textbook of forensic psychiatry
RC41.M345 2018bookMagill's medical guide
RC86.7.T463 2017bookFirst aid, CPR, and AED.
RC86.8 .L47 2018bookEMS field guide : ALS version
RC86.8.T37 2016bookEMS field guide : BLS version
RC88.9.O95O97 2015bookOxford handbook of expedition and wilderness medicine
RC112bookInfection prevention and control at a glance
RC262.N36 2017bookNanotechnology in cancer
RC271.D52B45 2017bookFoods to fight cancer : [what to eat to reduce your risk : a diet supported by the latest scientific research]
RC388.5.B39513 2008bookThe diving-bell and the butterfly
RC480.5.W33 2017bookPsychotherapy east & west
RC489.A72W67 2018bookWorking across modalities in the arts therapies : creative collaborations
RC552.E18C72 2016bookCreative arts therapies and clients with eating disorders
RC552.S62M33 2017bookUnderstanding social anxiety : a recovery guide for sufferers, family, and friends
RC553.A88L56 2016bookThe un-prescription for Autism : a natural approach for a calmer, happier, and more focused child
RC564.C43 2017dvdChasing life
RC902.C87 2018bookCurrent diagnosis & treatment.
RC933.A665257 2016bookArthritis sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, childhood arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, lupus, infectious arthritis, and auto-immune disorders associated with arthritis ; along with facts about medications, surgical procedures, and self-care techniques to manage pain and disability, tips on living independently with arthritis, a glossary of related terms, and resources for additional help and information.
RC954.E53 2018bookThe encyclopedia of elder care : the comprehensive resource on geriatric health and social care
RD048-13cdDorothy Fields.
RJ245.O94 2016bookOxford handbook of children's and young people's nursing
RJ506.P66C75 2017bookCreative therapies for complex trauma : helping children and families in foster care, kinship care or adoption
RM931.H6H37 2012bookLong shot : my bipolar life and the horses who saved me
RT48.W43 2018bookHealth assessment in nursing
RT55.I45 2016bookIllustrated study guide for the NCLEX-RN exam
SDA 11606cdThe single petal of a rose : the essence of Duke Ellington
SDA 13289cdPlay on! : a new musical : original Broadway cast recording
SDA 33307cdSonatina no. 2 ; : Five studies, op. 22 ; Fantasia contrappuntistica : op. 24 ; Pieces for Angela : op. 47 ; Four romantic pieces : op. 95
SDA 41279cdWayfaring stranger : folksongs
SDA 53088cdGold
SDA 58458cdThe last 5 years
SDA 60335cdThe beautiful game
SDA 92826cdMarilyn Hill Smith sings Ivor Novello.
SDB 02554cdDas Klavierwerk
SDB 07542cdBritten the performer
SDB 43771cdMozart piano concertos 20/23.
SDB 64446cdGrande sestetto concertante ; : Duo for violin & viola, K. 424 ; Duo for violin & viola, K. 423
SDB 67309cdThe wedding singer : the musical comedy
SDB 72096cdSonatas
SDB 72236cdChamber music
SDB 73683cdUntil we love
SDB 76825cd
SF278.R6813 2017bookHorses of the world
SF283.R2813 2018bookFarewell to the horse : a cultural history
TK1345.H37G7 2003bookThe warning : accident at Three Mile Island
TK5105.386.S726 2018bookThe live-streaming handbook : how to create great live video for social media on your phone and desktop
TK5105.875.I57K88 2017bookComputer networking : a top-down approach
TK5105.8857.E44 2017bookEmerging trends and applications of the Internet of things
TK5105.8884.F58 2015bookTwitter for dummies
TK7881.25.S65 2015bookHome automation for dummies
TL152.8.L57 2017bookDriverless : intelligent cars and the road ahead
TL430.S53 2017bookBicycle repair manual
TP248.16.F54 2017bookGlossary of biotechnology and agrobiotechnology terms
TR681.W6.D64 2017bookPhotographing motherhood : how to document the lives of women and their families
TR800.G384 2016bookUnderwater photography : a pictorial guide to shooting great pictures
TR800.M86 2012bookUnderwater photography for compact camera users : a step-by-step guide to taking professional quality photos with a point-and-shoot camera
TR820.K75 2017bookPhotojournalism : the professionals' approach
TR820.M652 2015bookMoments : the Pulitzer Prize winning photographs : a visual chronicle of our time
TR822.M34 2018bookFundamentals of forensic photography : practical techniques for evidence documentation on location and in the laboratory
TR822.V435 2018bookPocket guide to crime scene photography
TR897.5.P364 2016bookFluid frames : experimental animation with sand, clay, paint, and pixels
TR897.7.B573 2018bookThe complete guide to Blender graphics : computer modeling & animation
TR897.7.T768 2014bookLearning Anime Studio
TR899.B6886 2017bookFinal cut Pro X 10.3 : professional post-production
TS171.57.D58 2017bookHackerspaces : making the maker movement
TS171.95.R43 2017bookThe 3D printing handbook : technologies, design and applications
TS2260.F37 2017bookAnalytical assessment of e-cigarettes : from contents to chemical and particle exposure profiles
TT212.D78 2016bookMaking steampunk jewellery
TT494.S84 2017bookHistorical dictionary of the fashion industry
TX370.S636 2016bookFast food : the good, the bad and the hungry
UMilitary Science
U163.E53 2017bookEncyclopedia of cyber warfare
VNaval Science
VM383.B75T58 2016dvdTitanic's tragic twin : the Britannic disaster
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z1035.R37 2015bookRecommended reading : 600 classics reviewed
cd3 string quartets
cd3e concorso organistico internazionale : organi storici del Basso Friuli.
cd50 years on Decca : original jacket collection.
cdA tale of two cities : [concept recording of a new musical
cdA tale of two cities : [international studio cast recording
cdAriadne auf Naxos
cdArt Blakey : kind of Blakey.
cdAspects of love : the original London cast
cdBat Boy : the musical : original cast recording
cdBeauty and the beast : a gothic romance musical
cdBeauty and the beast : original broadway cast recording.
cdBillie Holiday.
cdCanti della stagione alta ; : Tre canzoni ; Due canti d'amore ; Preludio ; Foglio d'album
cdClara Haskil joue
bookClarinet Quintet
cdComplete 1943-1951 small group recordings
cdComplete Decca concerto recordings.
cdComplete RCA recordings.
cdComplete music for four hands
cdComplete original American Decca recordings.
cdComplete piano trios
cdComplete recordings
cdConcerti per piano nn. 13 & 19
cdDas Kantatenwerk. : Complete cantatas / Vol. 4 =
cdDelightful Doris Drew.
cdDreams : [legendary recordings with Count Basie combos]
cdDuos & Concerto pour guitare
cdEnglish music for strings.
cdGenius of improvisation
cdIn Copenhagen
cdIn one breath
bookIntroduction to Global Business. 2nd Ed.
cdJazz legends : Saxophone.
cdLa cetra : sonate a due, tre e quattro stromenti opus 2 & 10
cdLady sings the blues
cdLester Young : kind of Young
cdLicia Albanese sings arias.
cdLive at the Cinegrill.
cdLong road home
cdMarc Copland and-
cdMass in B minor
cdMickey Rooney and Ann Miller in Sugar babies : the burlesque musical : the Broadway cast recording.
cdMouvements dynamiques.
cdMr. Mark Twain : the musical
cdMusic for cello and piano
cdOpere per organo = Organ works
cdPeg : original London cast
cdPete 'n' Keely : a new musical
cdPiano sonatas : K332, K333, K545 'Facile', K576
cdPlacebo : a new musical : original concept cast recording
cdProdigal : original cast recording
cdRetrospection : pianoworks 1899-1917
cdScottish and Welsh songs : 429 folksong arrangements for George Thomson
cdShipping forecast ; : Theatre of tango ; Crossing the bridge ; Rain, steam, and speed ; and other works
cdSinfonie n. 25, 29, 38 ; : Serenata n. 6
cdSingular genius, the complete ABC singles
cdSonata for violoncello & piano, op. 6
cdSonaten. Vol. VI
cdSongbooks etcetera
cdString quartet masterworks of the First Viennese School.
cdString quartets nos. 6, 3, 1
cdSuburb : a new musical comedy
cdSuch a pretty face : a new musical
cdSuites, dances & intermezzi
cdSunday in New York
cdSymphonies nos. 3 & 8
cdSymphony C major, K200/K189k ; : Symphony D major, K385 : "Haffner" ; Der Schauspieldirektor : K486
cdSzymon Goldberg, Netherlands Chamber Orchestra : the Philips recordings.
cdThe Arcadians.
cdThe classics.
cdThe complete Aladdin sessions
cdThe complete viola quintets
cdThe pirate : original M-G-M soundtrack.
cdThe secret Handel : works for clavichord.
cdThe water gipsies : original London cast.
cdTom Sawyer : a ballet in three acts
bookTransformative Care
cdTwo weeks with love ; : I love Melvin : original M-G-M soundtracks.
cdUnderneath the arches cast recording.
cdVery warm for May : a musical comedy
cdVictor/Victoria : original soundtrack recording
cdVoyeurz : 1996 London cast recording
cdWalking happy : original Broadway cast.
cdWhere's Charley?.
bookWicked : a new musical : original Broadway cast recording