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Agriculture Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
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Fine Arts General Works
History: America History: General
Language, Literature, Popular Films Medicine
Military Science Music
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion Science
Social Sciences Technology

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AGeneral Works
ACC# C11125cdMeet John Doe : original studio cast recording
AV1.2.B45N6 C3 1995cdDebut
AV1.2.C32J336 1993cd
AV1.2.C595A3 E3 2001cdBel sogno : Italian arias and scenes.
AV1.2.H34S35 L4 1994cdAmanda Roocroft.
AV1.2.P83B6 C5 1995cd
AV1.2.Y68T5 2001cdVincent Youmans' Through the years
AV2 6801K91 37882cd
Arabesque Z6564cdPiano sonatas
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF323.S63T63 2017bookFace value : the irresistible influence of first impressions
BF637.I48M565 2017bookBlowing up : the psychology of conflict
BF723.A35S56 2011bookOdd girl out : the hidden culture of aggression in girls
BF723.G5A73 2018bookAPA handbook of giftedness and talent
BL65.F65F54 2017bookFood, feasts, and faith : an encyclopedia of food culture in world religions
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
C1423bookThe very best of Lucia Popp.
C8148bookBark! : [original cast recording]
C9426cdThe story of my life : original Broadway cast recording
CD782.1 PcdLeontyne Price.
CD784.262 Lcd
CD786.2 McdFragments and unfinished works for piano, two pianos, and piano four hands
CD7298cdJoan Sutherland : BBC-recitals, 1958, 1960, 1961.
CD9394cdHelge Roswaenge.
CD13744cdHappy birthday Raina Kabaivanska.
CT275.N523A3 2008bookStealing Buddha's dinner : a memoir
DHistory: General
D351.A19 2018bookThe 19th century (1801-1900)
D810.W7R577 2012bookRosie the Riveter stories : the legacy lives on! : true stories by and about women who worked on the home front during World War II.
DCC4346cdOrgan concertos
EHistory: America
E98.W8N68 2017book#NotYourPrincess : voices of Native American women
E99.E7W4 2015dvdWe are all related here
E183.8.M6F68 2018bookLet's move on : beyond fear & false prophets
E185.96.B75 2017bookTwelve days in May : Freedom Ride 1961
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GV709.H34 2018bookWomen in sports : a reference handbook
HSocial Sciences
H855 C65 1995cdPiano concertos nos. 2 & 3
HB171.P75 2018bookPrinciples of business.
HB871.O95 2015bookOverdevelopment, overpopulation, overshoot
HD30.215.W5635 2016bookMicrosoft Excel 2016 : data analysis and business modeling
HD7105.25.U6M675 2018bookNolo's guide to social security disability : getting & keeping your benefits
HF5548.4.M523A468 2017bookExcel macros
HF5548.4.M523F34 2017bookFinancial modeling in Excel for dummies
HF5548.4.M523F7873 2015bookMicrosoft Excel 2016 : step by step
HF5548.4.M523H36798 2016bookExcel 2016 all-in-one for dummies
HF5548.4.M523W34579 2015book
HK Marco Polo 8.220440cdViolin concertos nos. 1, 8 & 9
HM743.T95M87 2018bookTwitter : social communication in the twitter age
HM1033.S645 2017bookSocial psychology : how other people influence our thoughts and actions
HQ76.8.U55L43 2018bookLGBTQ+ (1923-2017)
HQ767.5.U5J32 2016dvdJackson
HQ777.35.S44 2017bookTwin mythconceptions : false beliefs, fables, and facts about twins
HQ1060.A55bookAARP bulletin : a publication of the American Association of Retired Persons.
HQ1064.U5S37 2018bookGerontology
HV6431.B3763 2017bookA new counterterrorism strategy : why the world failed to stop al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL, and how to defeat terrorists
HV6535.F8G47313 2000bookThe adversary : a true story of monstrous deception
HV6697.F73 2016dvdFraud.
HV8144.F43C66 2018bookA higher loyalty : truth, lies, and leadership
M1.H45A12 2012cdLes 100 plus beaux airs de Barbara Hendricks.
M3.1.H39C36 2009cdCantatas : Berenice che fai ; Miseri noi, misera patria ; Violin concerto ; "Oxford" symphony
M3.1.H56C53 1992cdKammermusik
M3.1.L36R69 1997cdMusic of the spheres ; : Four tone pictures
M3.1.L54C43 B68 1983cdChamber concerto ; Ramifications ; II. String quartet ; Aventures ; Lux aeterna
M3.1.M3877S45 2009cdChoral music
M3.1.S66 1993cdSondheim : putting it together
M3.1.S88L48 2010cdLe sacre du printemps ; : Le rossignol ; Oedipus Rex
M5.K67D36 2004cdDanses
M21.L57B74 2001cdAlfred Brendel plays Liszt. Vol. II.
M22.HcdPiano works. Vol. 2
M22.K75B7 1999cdPiano works. Vol. 1
M22.L47P5cdPiano works
M22.L57H67 1993cdHorowitz plays Liszt.
M22.L77 1987cdHorowitz plays Liszt.
M22.P78P5cdPiano music
M23.G68G54 2012cdGlenn Gould, the acoustic orchestrations : works by Scriabin and Sibelius.
M23.H86nos. 1-3 1996xcdPiano sonatas no. 1, 2 & 3
M23.K965F7 1992cd
M23 .L77 P53 2004cdPiano sonata in B minor ; : Two legends ; Scherzo and march
M23.M9A53 1993cdPiano sonatas. Volume 3
M24.L77 A5 2nd N3cd
M34.L77M37cdOperatic paraphrases and transcriptions
M48.T268F36 2006cdTwelve fantasias
M51.B15 BWV1007-, 1012, W5cdSuites for cello solo
M140.R85M8 1993cdMusic of the Spanish Renaissance
M178cdEssercizii musici
M219.K918op.1 2007 CDcd
M242.H92F5cdFlute sonatas (complete)
M312.C54 S6cdTrio in G minor for violin, cello and piano, op. 8 ; : Polonaise brillante in C major for cello and piano, op. 3 ; Sonata in G minor for cello and piano, op. 65 ; Polonaise brillante in C major for piano, op. 3
M312.H92 op.12 P4 1997cdPiano trios
M452.B29 no.1,3,4 O7cdString quartets nos. 1, 3, 4. vol. 1
M452.H34S42 2009cdString quartets. Vol. 2
M562.K85 op. 51 1995cdFlute quintets nos. 1-3, op. 51
M1001.H39A9 1996.cdSeven early symphonies
M1001.H65C66 1999cdSymphonies
M1001.K93B36 1994cdSymphony op. 40 ; : Symphony op. 102
M1001.L3345 no.5 1993cdSymphony no. 5 : "Passionata" : op. 52
M1001.L57S95 1994cdDante symphony ; : Dante sonata
M1001K72N3cdSymphonies ; : Olympie overture
M1003.H64B68 1992cdBoult conducts Holst.
M1003.L35O73 1994cdOrchestral works
M1004.K775 OvcdOvertures
M1010.L57C61 1993cdJerome Rose plays Liszt.
M1016.L35K5cdConcerto for cello and orchestra ; : Sonata for cello and piano ; Chants russes
M1016.S38 op. 129 2016bookCello concerto ; : Piano trio no. 1 op. 63
M1024.K76 op.35 1995cdClarinet concertos opp. 35, 36 & 91
M1045.L73M4cdMelodien ; : Double concerto ; Chamber concerto ; 10 pieces
M1105.H8 op.85 1987cdPiano concerto in A minor op. 85 ; : Piano concerto in B minor op. 89
M1140.M949E99 2001cdConcerti grossi, nos. 1-6
M1366.W55S46 2003cdSeptember songs : the music of Wilder, Weill and Warren
M1490.D4E3 1999zcdEarly music recital.
M1495.C4G74 1996cdThe great Chaliapin.
M1495.S393 V4 2003zcdThe very best of Elisabeth Schwarzkopf.
M1495.S39E459 2000cdElisabeth Schwarzkopf sings Bach & Mozart.
M1495.V65 2002xcdThe voice of the Baroque.
M1497cdBeniamino Gigli.
M1497.E74 1993cdThe era of Adelina Patti.
M1500.A53H36 2013cdHands on a hardbody : original Broadway cast recording
M1500.A65T54 1992cdTiefland
M1500.A74A78 1995cdArtaxerxes
M1500.B49T76 1986cdTrouble in Tahiti : an opera in seven scenes
M1500 .B69 T58 2006cd(Title of show) : [original cast recording]
M1500.B87 2011cdThe burnt part boys : a new musical
M1500.C287P9 CDcdPromenade
M1500.C35 2012cdCalvin Berger : a new musical : original cast recording
M1500.C692B37 1986cdBarnum : original Broadway cast
M1500.D56T45 2004cdThrill me : the Leopold & Loeb story
M1500.D65P37C37 1997cdParisina
M1500.D66R5 2014cdRita : (Deux hommes et une femme)
M1500.D844T86 2005cdBette Davis in Two's company
M1500.F54 2013cd50 shades! : the musical : the original parody.
M1500.F73F37 2013cdFar from heaven : [a new musical] : original cast recording
M1500.G381T5 CDcdTip-toes / : Tell me more / George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, and B.G. DeSylva.
M1500.G535A5 1989cd
M1500 .G64 B35 1992cdBalancing act : a new musical comedy
M1500.L37T53 2001cdTick, tick-- boom! : original cast recording
M1500.L39S74 2004cdStep into the limelight
M1500.L68A84 2003cdAvenue Q : the musical : original Broadway cast recording
M1500.M56M37 2011cdRoald Dahl's Matilda : the musical : original London cast recording
M1500.M57cdTo Broadway with love
M1500.O32C66 2008cdLes contes d'Hoffmann
M1500.P37D64 2013cdDogfight : original cast recording
M1500.R63S68 2008cdSouth Pacific : the new Broadway cast recording.
M1500.S3645M67 2010cdMoses und Aron
M1500.S39B34 1999cdThe baker's wife : original London cast
M1500.S43T74 1991cdA tree grows in Brooklyn : original Broadway cast
M1500.T56L67 1992cdLord Byron
M1500.V48A5 2006cd
M1500.W42S8 1987cdStreet scene : an American opera
M1500.W57V45 2000cdValmouth : original cast recording
M1500.Y477T6 1997xcdTitanic : a new musical
M1505.A437cdA perfect vocal marriage = Le mariage vocal parfait.
M1505.A48F74 2001cdFrench arias
M1505.B280O6cdOpera finales.
M1505.B46P43 1988cdThe pearl fishers duet.
M1505.B494O6 1990cdOperanien & Operettenlieder = Operatic & operetta arias.
M1505.B618P4cd"The Pearl Fishers" Duet
M1505.C33 2000cd
M1505.D45L35 2000zcd
M1505.F60M5cdMiguel Fleta.
M1505.G34 1997cdHoward Crabtree's When pigs fly
M1505.G38P6 T4cdSelections from Porgy and Bess ; : Blue Monday : original version
M1505.G422O647 1988cdOperatic arias.
M1505.G43O64 1988cd
M1505.G47P67 1988cdPorgy and Bess highlights
M1505.G52 D66cdOperatic arias
M1505.G54G54 1990cdGigli. : centenary issue. Vol. 2,
M1505.G65B34 1992cdBallroom : original Broadway cast
M1505.H472S62 2002cdBabes in Toyland
M1505.H555 1994cdHighlights from Faust and French opera
M1505.H736O2238cdO say can you see!
M1505.M45L37 2013cdThe last smoker in America : an unfiltered musical comedy
M1505.M68 2013cdMotown, the musical : original Broadway cast recording.
M1505.N37M87 2013cdMurder ballad : a new musicial : world premiere cast recording
M1505.P66V5 1997cdViennese operetta arias.
M1505.P73O63 1988cdOpernarien = Operatic arias
M1505.R353S3cdSamuel Ramey sings arias by Bizet, Gounod, Rossini, Meyerbeer, Offenbach, Thomas, Massenet.
M1505.R53B3 E74McdBabes in arms
M1505.R634F59 1980cdFly with me
M1505.R844R8 1990cdRuffo.
M1505.R97cdOpera recital
M1505.S33S47 2000cd
M1505.S34O64 1989cdOpera arias.
M1505.S401B3 C3cdThe band wagon : original MGM soundtrack
M1505 .S76 T75 1998cdTriumph of love : original Broadway cast
M1505.T73 2000cd
M1505.V35N5 1992cd
M1505.W63L36 2001cdThe land where the good songs go : the lyrics of P.G. Wodehouse.
M1505.W75B34 1998cdWright & Forrest's A bag of popcorn and a dream : an intimate bigscreen revue
M1506.B47G7 1994cdCarlo Bergonzi.
M1506.B63V53 1997cdViaggio italiano
M1506.G53 1990cdGigli. : centenary issue. Vol. 1,
M1508.8.H65U75cdUrinetown : the musical : original cast recording
M1508.K6E55 2006cdEnchantment.
M1508.M33T96 2002cdTwo gentlemen of Verona : a Decca Broadway original cast recording
M1527.2.K47T55 1992cdTill the clouds roll by : original M-G-M soundtrack.
M1611.F53 1995cdFlagstad in song.
M1611.H34 G38 1995cdGerman opera arias.
M1611.J6B55cdLes bijoux : French arias.
M1611.S39U5 CDcdElisabeth Schwarzkopf : the unpublished recordings, 1946-1952.
M1617.T6I34 2003cdIdeale : songs
M1619.A5M30 1990cdMarian Anderson.
M1619.B369I6cdItalian songs = Canzoni
M1619.B46 1993cdSongs = Lieder
M1619.B74S66 2008cdSongs
M1619.G392 LcdLieder-Recital
M1619.G49A74cdArgentinian songs.
M1619.P68S66 1991cd
M1619.P76cdA program of song
M1619.S393 1999cdLiederabend
M1620.S38S6536 2002cdLieder
M1620.S3S666x 1997cdSchubert Lieder.
M1629.3.C5B38 1996cdAngels' glory
M1630.18.S874B372S66109 1994cdBarbra : the concert
M1630.18.W47I2 2004cdI can't be new
M1630.18G373 2002cdClassic Judy Garland : the Capitol years, 1955-1965.
M1630.18S77 2009bookOne night only : Barbra Streisand and quartet at the Village Vanguard, September 26, 2009.
M1687.A7.G68R48 2003cdLa revancha del tango
M1691.S35 1989cdTito Schipa
M2000.A46G58 1992cdLa Giuditta
M2000.P377cdCain & Abel
M2000 H22 J8 2010LANGLEY / COMPACT DISC, c. 1, DISCS 1-2 WITH BOOKLET (48 p.)cdJudas Maccabaeus
M2003.B27M3 1995cd
M2062.B65S45 2010cdMesse pour Notre Dame : canticles & organ improvisations
MJ2.P844I5 2000cdInside Cole Porter
ML420.V53A5 2003cdJon Vickers in conversation with Jon Tolansky.
ML423.H588A3 2002bookGunshots in my cook-up : bits and bites from a hip-hop Caribbean life
ML3930.M29E77 2017bookMama Africa! : how Miriam Makeba spread hope with her song
NFine Arts
N6549.A84H43 2017dvdHeaven is a traffic jam on the 405
NW386-2cdRodgers and Hart's Babes in arms
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PE2835.L593x 2007bookLongman advanced American dictionary.
PN1031.O98 2017bookOut of wonder : poems celebrating poets
PN1059.A9K69 1995bookIn the palm of your hand : a poet's portable workshop : a lively and illuminating guide for the practicing poet
PN1992.77.H25 2017dvdThe handmaid's tale. Season one
PN1992.77.O73 2014dvdOrange is the new black. Season one
PN1992.77.O73 2017dvdOrange is the new black. Season four
PN1992.8.O732 2015dvdOrange is the new black. Season two
PN1992.8.O735 2016dvdOrange is the new black. Season three
PN1992.8.R43L47 2017bookThe bizarre world of reality television
PN1995.9.N4R33 2017bookRace in American film : voices and visions that shaped a nation
PN1997.2.P3335 2018dvdPaddington 2
PN1997.2.P678 2018dvdThe Post
PN4867.2.M33 2018bookReimagining journalism in a post-truth world : how late-night comedians, Internet trolls, and savvy reporters are transforming news
PN4888.F35A48 2018bookAlternative facts, post-truth and the information war
PR9499.4.D75M66 2013bookMonsoon memories
PR9540.9.M84I52 2009bookIn other rooms, other wonders
PS3558.I548O985 2018bookThe outsiders
PS3562.E55A6 2018bookWesterns
PS3568.E72Z47 2009bookLove junkie : a memoir
PS3601.L333A6 2017bookThe king is always above the people : stories
PS3611.E4464H45 2017bookHello universe
PZ7.1.G373Yo 2017bookYou're welcome, universe
PZ7.1.G6533Al 2017bookAll around us
PZ7.1.M65St 2017bookThe stars beneath our feet
PZ7.1.P5153Di 2017bookA different pond
PZ7.1.W4292Mu 2017bookThe murderer's ape
PZ7.C784737Bi 2017bookBig cat, little cat
PZ7.C815343Wol 2017bookWolf in the snow
PZ7.N176Whe 2017bookWhen a wolf is hungry
PZ7.S2744Sk 2017bookSilent days, silent dreams
PZ7.W32868Pi 2017bookPiecing me together
PZ8.3.E514Pr 2017bookLa princesa and the pea
Q141.S54 1999bookScientists, mathematicians, and inventors : lives and legacies: an encyclopedia of people who changed the world
QA76.9.D3R883 2017bookMicrosoft Access 2016. Level 1
QP514.2.R65 2017bookNetter's essential biochemistry
R133.5.V54 2017bookA history of medicine in 50 discoveries
RA784.H96 2018bookFood : what the heck should I eat?
RC935.A8B8725 2017bookNot so different : what you really want to ask about having a disability
RM281.D38 2017bookVaccines : history, science, and issues
S604.5.S44 2016dvdSeed : the untold story
SDA 19085cdEvery facet of my heart
SDA 29793cdArcadia.
SDA 30299cdUnmined Cole : unpublished gems of Cole Porter.
SDA 33051cdMarcella Sembrich.
SDA 40610cdLa voix = The voice.
SDA 42730cdPartitas & marches
SDA 44359cdTwo on the aisle : a Broadway production
SDA 52570cdTopdog, underdog : [music from the original Broadway production].
SDA 66387cdUnder the stars
SDA 75954cdTovarich : original Broadway cast
SDA 75963cdTop banana
SDA 87475cdKeyboard works
SDA 94306cdThe Sephardic balladeer : music of the Italian, Turkish and Spanish Jews
SDA 95233cdMiss Spectacular : a new musical
SDA 95715cdOrchestral works ; : Concertos
SDA 97596cdBrazil guitar masters.
SDA 97646cdTryout : a series of private rehearsal recordings of actual performances by Kurt Weill and Ira Gerswhin
SDB 13078cdViennese operetta arias.
SDB 18100cdWatercolors : Swedish songs.
SDB 19332cdUp in Central Park
SDB 33785cdPiano sonatinas
SDB 42594, etc.cdThe golden age of singing : 50 years of great voices on record.
SDB 53713cdViolin sonatas
SDB 64454cd
SDB 71112cdViolin concertos
SDB 71118cdJussi Bjoerling at Carnegie Hall
SDB 72167cdArias
SDB 72702cdPiano quintets
SDB 72905cdKarol Lipinski.
SDB 74795cdEichendorff-Lieder
SDB 75103cdSongs
SDB 75828cdSimi ; : Mourned by the wind
SDB 76008cdMusicall humors
SDB 76043cdComposition de musique
SF450.K43 2017dvdKedi
TR113.A3F733 2015dvdFrame by frame
TR139.A76 2017bookEyes of the world : Robert Capa, Gerda Taro, and the invention of modern photojournalism
TX649.C54M37 2017bookChef Roy Choi and the street food remix
TX836.W97 2014bookVegan tacos : authentic & inspired recipes for Mexico's favorite street food
UMilitary Science
UB417.I54 2017bookInclusion in the American military : a force for diversity
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z52.5.M52G66986 2016bookWord 2016 for professionals for dummies
Z52.5.M52L35 2015bookMicrosoft Word 2016 : step by step
cd3 sonates et 2 ariosi avec 12 variations
cd5 classic albums
cd6 Adagios und Fugen KV 404a ; : Adagio und Fuge c-Moll KV 546
cdA survivor from Warsaw
cdAnnees de Pelerinage = Years of Pilgrimage: V.3.
cdAntonio Paoli.
cdArias, duets & songs, v. 2
cdBel canto.
cdBritten - Berger.
cdBunnicula : a rabbit tale of musical mystery, off-Broadway cast recording.
cdC. Baker & G. Mulligan.
cdCaruso edition : Volume III, 1912-1916.
cdChaplin : the musical : original Broadway cast recording.
cdChristian Ferras. Vol. 1.
cdClara Butt.
cdCleofide : Szenen und Arien = Scenes and arias
cdCloser than ever : original 2012 off Broadway cast
cdComplete symphonic works
bookCon amore : Italian opera arias.
cdDas Liebesverbot
cdDiva : 30 great prima donnas.
bookEcology: Concepts and Applications. 8th Ed.
cdErna Sack : die deutsche Nachtifall : Ciribiribin.
cdEugenia Burzio.
cdFancy Nancy : the musical : original off-Broadway cast recording
cdFrench arias.
bookFundamentals of Nursing. 8th Ed.
cdGiant : original cast recording
cdGiuseppe Anselmi.
bookGreat American songbook
cdGreat arias for mezzo-soprano
cdGreat singers at the Gran Teatro del Liceo.
bookGroup Counseling: Strategies and Skills. 8th Ed.
cdHarold Schiffman : music from his 80th birthday concert : 9 March 2008, New York City.
cdJanine Micheau.
cdL'oeuvre pour piano & orchestre
cdLa Nilsson
cdLa bellezza del canto
bookManagement Fundamentals : concepts, applications, and skill development. 7th Ed
cdMarcel Wittrisch II.
cdMaria Kurenko.
cdMiss Liberty : original Broadway cast
cdMonty Python's Spamalot : original Broadway cast recording
cdNo tenors allowed : famous Italian duets for baritone and bass
cdObligatory villagers
cdOmaggio alla carriera
cdOpera arias.
cdOrchestral works
cdOrgelwerke = Organ works. [Vol. 1]
cdPaul Badura-Skoda plays Schubert.
cdPendragon : original cast recording
cdPeter Pan : [original Broadway cast]
cdPiano concerto in C minor, op. 9 ; : Overture : Die erste Falte ; Suite "Contes de Jeunesse" : op. 46
cdPiano concerto no. 1 in C minor ; : Piano concerto no. 3 in D major
cdPiano concerto no. 2 ; : Hungarian fantasy ; Polonaise brillante ; Freischutz fantasy
cdPiano sonatas
cdPiano sonatas, op. 81 & op. 106
cdPiano sonatas, v. 1
cdPiano works. : Sonatine op. 59, op. 60 op. 89 / vol. 2 :
cdPrima voce
cdPuccini & Verdi.
cdRichard Crooks in songs and ballads.
cdRococo variations for cello and piano.
cdSelections from Rodgers & Hart's Present arms.
cdSicilia bella
cdSolo cantatas
cdSonata in B minor : Dante sonata ; Six chants polonais
cdSonatas, variations & rondos. Vol. 2
cdSongs & choruses
bookSouth Pacific and Oklahoma!.
cdStepping out : the musical--
cdStop the world-- I want to get off : original orchestrations
cdStormy weather.
cdStoryville : a hot new musical of old New Orleans
cdSuites nos. 1 and 7
cdSymphonies 12-14
cdSymphonies 2 and 3
cdSymphonies 4, 5 (version I) & 5 (version II)
cdTango passion
cdThe Caruso edition volume II : 1908-1912.
cdThe Caruso edition. -- 1916-1921.
cdThe Frescobaldi legacy
cdThe complete Beyond the Fringe.
cdThe people vs. Mona : original cast recording
cdThe piano concertos
cdThe postman and the poet : original cast recording
cdThe producers : the new Mel Brooks musical : original Broadway cast recording
cdThe song of the forests : op. 81 (1949) ; The sun shines over the motherland : op. 90 (1952) ; Ten poems on words of revolutionary poets : op. 88 (1951)
bookThe spinning girl : piano works
cdThis bird has flown : a 40th anniversary tribute to the Beatles' Rubber soul.
cdThoroughly modern Millie : original Broadway cast recording
cdTrio di Trieste : the complete recordings on Deutsche Grammophon.
cdUn ballo in maschera
cdViolin concerto
cdViolin concerto no. 1 ; : Romance, op. 42 ; Scottish fantasy
cdViolin concertos (complete)
bookWomen's health.
cdWorks for piano