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AGeneral Works
ACC# C11083cdOrlando 1714
AV1.2.D47M3 2005cdThe Maltese falcon and other film music
AY754.W52bookWhitaker's concise almanack : today's world in one volume.
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B358.F68 1914bookPlato
BD436.J46 2017bookWhat love is : and what it could be
BF76.5.H424 2018bookPsychology research methods : connecting research to students' lives
BF109.S426A3 2018bookThe hope circuit : a psychologist's journey from helplessness to optimism
BF204.5bookAn existential approach to human development : philosophical and therapeutic perspectives
BF468bookThe psychology of thinking about the future
BF481.N93 2018bookClocking in : the psychology of work
BF575.H27L83 2017bookThe hacking of the American mind : the science behind the corporate takeover of our bodies and brains
BF575.S75bookThe science of stress management : a guide to best practices for better well-being
BF592.F33U64 2015bookUnderstanding facial expressions in communication : cross-cultural and multidisciplinary perspectives
BF633.T385 2017bookBrainwashing : the science of thought control
BF637.M4bookMindfulness and performance
BF692.5.A63 2016bookAPA handbook of men and masculinities
BF692.H4475 2016bookHooking up : the psychology of sex and dating
BF723.E93bookExecutive skills in children and adolescents : a practical guide to assessment and intervention
BF773bookBelief : what it means to believe and why our convictions are so compelling
BL51bookPhilosophy of religion : a very short introduction
BL900.M447 2012bookCeltic myth and religion : a study of traditional belief, with newly translated prayers, poems and songs
BS417.B435 2018bookThe Bible book
BT734bookDivine variations : how Christian thought became racial science
BT903.S77 2010bookJonathan Edwards on heaven & hell : the essential Edwards collection
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CB158.P74 2018dvdPrediction by the numbers
CD782.14 McdMusic from the New York stage, 1890-1920. Volume one,
CT3203.K37 2018bookIn praise of difficult women : life lessons from 29 heroines who dared to break the rules
CT3262.I2bookEducated : a memoir
DHistory: General
D121.D37 2007dvdThe dark ages
D769.8.A6R4757 2018dvdResistance at Tule Lake
DA142bookStonehenge : the story of a sacred landscape
DK508.848.S5213 2018bookUkraine : a nation on the borderland
DS69.5bookHandbook to life in ancient Mesopotamia
DS73.8bookThe campaigns of Sargon II, King of Assyria, 721-705 B.C.
DS134.72.G36A3 2007bookFour letters to the witnesses of my childhood
DS870.V65 2012bookVoices of early modern Japan : contemporary accounts of daily life during the age of the shoguns
DT61.W48 2002bookEveryday life in ancient Egypt
EHistory: America
E61.N68 2018dvdFirst face of America
E76.45.L66A46 2018dvdAlone on the island of the blue dolphins.
E98.B65R68 2010bookRemovable type : histories of the book in Indian country, 1663-1880
E99.P6D448 2011bookForced to abandon our fields : the 1914 Clay Southworth Gila River Pima interviews
E163bookThe Revolutionary War Era
E184.A1M354 2018bookMothers of massive resistance : white women and the politics of white supremacy
E184.V53B85 2017bookThe best we could do : an illustrated memoir
E185.615.D57 2018dvdDispatches from Cleveland
E185.8.F59 2017bookThe hidden rules of race : barriers to an inclusive economy
E441.H69 2016bookMoral commerce : Quakers and the Transatlantic boycott of the slave labor economy
E467.1.J15bookInventing Stonewall Jackson : a Civil War hero in history and memory
E743.K425 2010bookDupes : how America's adversaries have manipulated progressives for a century
E835bookThe age of Eisenhower : America and the world in the 1950s
E836.G35 2018bookEisenhower : becoming the leader of the free world
E901.1bookTwo paths : America divided or united
E912.O47 2018bookUnhinged : an insider's account of the Trump White House
E912.P57 2018bookLiars, leakers, and liberals : the case against the anti-Trump conspiracy
E912.W66 2018bookFear : Trump in the White House
E913.3.U54 2018bookHouse of Trump, House of Putin : the untold story of Donald Trump and the Russian mafia
FHistory: America
F334.M753C6554 2011bookClaudette Colvin : twice toward justice
F788.M66 2018bookThe Grand Canyon : an encyclopedia of geography, history, and culture
F817.Y9K54 2016bookMark Klett : El Camino del Diablo.
F832.S4S77 2018bookBears Ears : views from a sacred land
F1219.1.T27T435 2017bookTeotihuacan : city of water, city of fire
F1221.T25G67 2015dvdGoshen
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GN296.J65 2017bookExploring medical anthropology
GN345.S53 2017bookQuantitative ethnography
GN803.P757 2013bookEurope before Rome : a site-by-site tour of the stone, bronze, and iron ages
GR45.S56 2011bookLiving folklore : an introduction to the study of people and their traditions
GT3150.K67 2018bookTalking about death won't kill you : the essential guide to end-of-life conversations
GV191.4.Y68 2017bookHeading out : a history of American camping
GV351.G87 2017bookUnwinding madness : what went wrong with college sports-and how to fix it
GV428.7.A47 2018bookACSM's resources for the personal trainer
GV428.7.N87 2019bookThe business of personal training
GV706.4bookAdvances in sport and exercise psychology
GV706.4.R44 2015bookWorking out : the psychology of sport and exercise
GV709.W5745 2017bookWomen in sports : breaking barriers, facing obstacles
GV711.D36 2018bookGetting to us : how great coaches make great teams
GV722 1968.B38 2002bookNot the triumph but the struggle : the 1968 Olympics and the making of the Black athlete
GV871.J647 2013dvdThe complete guide to pitching
GV884.H625A3 2017bookLong shot : the triumphs and struggles of an NBA freedom fighter
GV939.B75Z57 2018bookJim Brown : last man standing
GV1061.5.D53 2017bookRunning rewired : reinvent your run for stability, strength & speed
GV1061.8.P75H39 2017bookMindful running : how meditative running can improve performance and make you a happier, more fulfilled person
GV1065.17.T73K37 2018bookRunning your first marathon : the complete 20-week marathon training plan
GV1251.H2148 2018bookEssential poker math : fundamental no limit hold'em mathematics you need to know
GV1469.3.A15 2017book100 greatest video game franchises
GV1469.34.S52E93 2016bookExamining the evolution of gaming and its impact on social, cultural, and political perspectives
GV1469.34.S52S59 2018bookFamilies at play : connecting and learning through video games
GV1601.K37 2017bookHistory of dance
GV1782.5.M56 2018bookChoreography : a basic approach using improvisation
GV1788.C635 2017bbookBallerina body : dancing and eating your way to a leaner, stronger and more graceful you
GV1815.C48 2018bookCircus life : performing and laboring under America's big top shows, 1830-1920
HSocial Sciences
HA12.5.U63bookStatistical yearbook
HA32.S125 2019bookAn easyguide to research design and SPSS
HB1321bookReflections on mortality : insights into meaningful living
HC79.T4bookThe robot in the next cubicle : what you need to know to adapt and succeed in the automation age
HC110.I5T455 2017bookThe vanishing middle class : prejudice and power in a dual economy
HD49bookChief crisis officer : structure and leadership for effective communications response
HD58.7bookThe challenge culture : why the most successful organizations run on pushback
HD58.9.M84 2018bookThe tyranny of metrics
HD2963.S642 2017bookWhat's yours is mine : against the sharing economy
HD4904.25.A74 2017bookWork-life balance
HD6060.3.N68 2018bookNot that bad : dispatches from rape culture
HD9502.5.C542A454 2018bookRenewables : the politics of a global energy transition
HE5611bookFaster, smarter, greener : the future of the car and urban mobility
HF5415.1255.L387 2018bookThe language of branding : theories, strategies, and tactics
HF5438.25.S768 2017bookWinning new business
HF5548.4.M523H36798 2016bookExcel 2016 all-in-one for dummies
HF5549.5.M63M38 2018bookFind the fire : ignite your inspiration--and make work exciting again
HG179.B74735 2018bookPersonal finance in your 50s all-in-one
HG2613.N54C72245 2018bookBorrowed time : two centuries of booms, busts, and bailouts at Citi
HG4530.B635 2017bookThe little book of common sense investing : the only way to guarantee your fair share of stock market returns
HQ77.9.S74 2018bookUnbound : transgender men and the remaking of identity
HQ769bookBabies made us modern : how infants brought America into the twentieth century
HQ777bookA history of the girl : formation, education and identity
HQ799.2.M35V35 2017bookPlugged in : how media attract and affect youth
HQ799.2.P6H33 2018bookFighting authoritarianism : American youth activism in the 1930s
HQ1075bookThe gender affirmative model : an interdisciplinary approach to supporting transgender and gender expansive children
HQ1206.A723 2018bookAPA handbook of the psychology of women
HS2330.K63H37 2017bookKu Klux kulture : America and the Klan in the 1920s
HS2330.K63S727 2018bookBlack Klansman : race, hate, and the undercover investigation of a lifetime
HT241.F37 2018bookSustainable nation : urban design patterns for the future
HT1521.D486 2018bookWhite fragility : why it's so hard for White people to talk about racism
HV95.E27 2017bookNot a crime to be poor : the criminalization of poverty in America
HV95B757 2017bookThe great society and the war on poverty : an economic legacy in essays and documents
HV555.P9bookWe fed an island : the true story of rebuilding Puerto Rico, one meal at a time
HV699.F66 2002bookToxic parents : overcoming their hurtful legacy and reclaiming your life
HV875bookFinding family : my search for roots and secrets in my DNA
HV1570.B45 2018bookBehavioral health promotion and intervention in intellectual and developmental disabilities
HV1624.K4bookHelen Keller : a life
HV4505.I26 2018dvdI am another you
HV4915.E84 2018bookThe ethical case against animal experiments
HV5824.Y68H364 2015bookHandbook of adolescent drug use prevention : research, intervention strategies, and practice
HV6025.O87 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of criminology
HV6603.H67W45 2018bookThe real Lolita : the kidnapping of Sally Horner and the novel that scandalized the world
HV6626.52bookWhat happened in the woodshed : the secret lives of battered children and a new profession to protect them
HV7911.H617bookThe black and the blue : a cop reveals the crimes, racism, and injustice in America's law enforcement
HV7921.U84 2017bookThe use and abuse of police power in America : historical milestones and current controversies
HV8073bookThe handy forensic science answer book
HV8073.3bookInterviewing children : the science of conversation in forensic contexts
HV8073.T87 2017bookForensic investigations : an introduction
HV9471bookAmerican prison : a reporter's undercover journey into the business of punishment
HV9950.F744 2012bookRace and justice : wrongful convictions of African American men
HX833.K73813 2014bookDirect struggle against capital : a Peter Kropotkin anthology
JPolitical Science
JC423bookCan democracy work? : a short history of a radical idea from ancient Athens to our world
JC481bookHow fascism works : the politics of us and them
JC573.2.U6L49 2016bookToo dumb to fail : how the GOP betrayed the Reagan revolution to win elections (and how it can reclaim its conservative roots)
JC574.2.U6C678 2018bookResistance is futile! : how the Trump-hating left lost its collective mind
JC599.U5L85 2018bookThe coddling of the American mind : how good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure
JK468.I6bookVerax : the true history of whistleblowers, drone warfare, and mass surveillance
JK1726.K355 2018bookThe death of truth : notes on falsehood in the age of Trump
JK1896.W45 2018bookThe woman's hour : the great fight to win the vote
JK2271.F565 2017bookUnstable majorities : polarization, party sorting, and political stalemate
JK7392.D375 2018dvdDark money
JV6456.S47 2018dvdSeparated : children at the border
JV6475.G65 2017bookBecoming legal : immigration law and mixed-status families
JV6483.B855 2018dvdBullets on the border
KF390.5.A5C89 2018bookAnimals and criminal justice
KF1263.C65C44 2018bookExploding data : reclaiming our cyber security in the digital age
KF3531.G84 2018bookThe essential guide to family & medical leave
KF9449.K46 2017bookChild exploitation and trafficking : examining global enforcement and supply chain challenges, and U.S. responses
LA217.2.D86 2018bookHow schools work : an inside account of failure and success from one of the nation's longest-serving secretaries of education
LA229bookHazing : destroying young lives
LB1027.23bookRaising the rigor : effective questioning strategies and techniques for the classroom
LB1027.55.C655 2017bookHandbook of multicultural school psychology : an interdisciplinary perspective
LB1049.F74 2016bookHow to study
LB1050bookEssentials of assessing, preventing, and overcoming reading difficulties
LB1051.H2354 2016bookHandbook of educational psychology
LB1060.B394 2016bookLearning theories simplified : ...and how to apply them to teaching
LB1139.23.S245 2016bookThe SAGE encyclopedia of contemporary early childhood education
LB1573.3.B553 2017bookPhonics from A to Z : a practical guide
LB1775.2.W64 2018dvdThe first days of school : how to be an effective teacher
LB2331bookLearning assessment techniques : a handbook for college faculty
LB2353.67.A33 2016bookAccuplacer : 350 test prep questions for the Accuplacer exam.
LB2395.7bookTeaching online : a practical guide
LB3013.33.F6H64 2018book#NeverAgain : a new generation draws the line
LB3013.B265 2014bookConscious discipline : building resilient classrooms
LB3013.B547 2014bookManaging 21st century classrooms : how do I avoid ineffective classroom management practices?
LB3013.C87 2013bookAffirmative classroom management : how do I develop effective rules and consequences in my school?
LB3013.S596 2015bookBetter than carrots or sticks : restorative practices for positive classroom management
LB3013.S65 2017bookManaging your classroom with restorative practices
LB3060.33.G45D664 2017book1,001 GED test practice questions
LB3060.33.G45M3285 2018book
LB3060.33.G45P74 2018bookPreparation for the GED test
LB3060.33.G45S58 2017bookGED test for dummies
LC40.B39 2016bookThe well-trained mind : a guide to classical education at home
LC41.R92 2016bookThe Bedford guide for writing tutors
LC143book"Why we drop out" : understanding and disrupting student pathways to leaving school
LC149.H27 2016bookHandbook of language and literacy : development and disorders
LC1072.I58W66 2015bookThe ultimate guide to internships : 100 steps to get a great internship and thrive in it
LC2781.T45 2018dvdTell them we are rising
LC4704.5.S68 2016bookHow the special needs brain learns
M1cdBernstein, Barber, Diamond.
M3.1.P9C4 1992cdCelebrated songs ; Sacred airs ; Concerted pieces for strings and harpsichord.
M5.P87C43 2008cdThe Purcell brothers.
M20.F58 1989cd
M20.K36I36 2009cdIgor Kamenz, Klavier
M22.B97C66 2010cdThe complete keyboard music
M32.8.W662V3 1991cdThe virtuoso piano.
M452.B4Q4 no. 1-6 1993cdThe early string quartets
M452.B4Q4 no. 7-11 1993bookThe middle string quartets
M452.B4Q8 no. 12-16 1993cdThe Late string quartets
M512.4.M83A7cdArmonico tributo : Salzburg, 1682
M1003.A6I3 1998cdIberia : complete
M1010.G288R45 1988cdRhapsody in blue : original 1924 version ; "I got rhythm" variations ; Concerto in F ; "Rialto ripples" rag
M1010.M37P37 2008cdPartita ; : Le paradis perdu
M1012.S76 op.47 1989cdConcerto no. 8 in A minor, op. 47 ; Double quartet in D minor, op. 65
M1500.B46L85 2010cdLulu
M1500.B74M52 1993cdA midsummer night's dream
M1500.B86O9 L6 1993cd
M1500.C52M45 1996cdMedea
M1500.C56A46 1991cdAmor rende sagace
M1500.C56M37 2007cdIl matrimonio segreto
M1500.C57A3M3 1998cdAdriana Lecouvreur
M1500.D43P45 2010cd
M1500.D47P86 1994cdPuntila
M1500.G505A5 S39 2007cd
M1500.G56A53 1999bookAndrea Chenier
M1500.M69C67 2011cd
M1500.M78I52 2007cdL'incoronazione di Poppea
M1500.M84N54 2014cdLe nozze di Figaro : opera buffa in quattro atti
M1500.S357V46 1992cdVenus
M1500.S89I52 2011cdIntermezzo
M1500.S92P38 1994cdPatience
M1500.V47G56 2014cdGiovanna d'Arco
M1500.V484R52 2001cdRigoletto
M1505.M983 1993cdMusic from the New York stage. Volume III, 1913-1917.
M1505.Q44B65 2018cdBohemian rhapsody : the original soundtrack
M1505 .S53 1996cdShakespeare on Broadway.
M1505.S752V63x 2000cdOperetten
M1505.V47B47 2010cdBest Verdi 100.
M1527.2.H37C58 19--cdCitizen Kane
M1527.2.S72K56 2005cdKing Kong : complete 1933 film score
M1527.H47E49 2005cdThe Egyptian : film music, 1954
M1620.I74S663 2008cdSongs
M1620.M893O83 2005cdThe other Mozart : the songs
M1620.S3S6642 2014cdDer Wanderer
M1630.18.A55R35 2018cdRainier fog
M1630.18.B145J63cdJoan Baez. Volume 1.
M1630.18.B34 1987cdJoan Baez, volume 2.
M1630.18.D43T43 2018cdThank you for today
M1630.18.G73S94 2018cdSweetener
M1630.18.H35V53 2018cdVicious
M1630.18.I43E86 2017cdEvolve
M1630.18.O368O3 1984cdOdetta and the blues.
M1630.18.S55A88 2018cdAttention attention
M1809.S53S68 2000cdSound of the sitar
M2000.H36M47 2009cdMessiah
ML54.6.B464K55 2001bookThe complete lyrics of Irving Berlin
ML54.6.M45C66 2009bookThe complete lyrics of Johnny Mercer
ML63.G49 1995bookQueer noises : male and female homosexuality in twentieth century music
ML100.G84 2005bookThe Penguin companion to classical music
ML172.C32 2011bookThe Cambridge companion to medieval music
ML196.R67 1998bookThe romantic generation
ML197.G76 2010bookModern music and after
ML385.S582 2007bookThe house that George built : with a little help from Irving, Cole, and a crew of about fifty
ML385.T33 2005bookAnd they all sang : adventures of an eclectic disc jockey
ML410.B1G36713 2006bookJohann Sebastian Bach : life and work
ML410.M9M6985 2000bookMozart and his operas
ML410.S93O83 1988bookThe complete operas of Richard Strauss
ML650.I83 2011bookA natural history of the piano : the instrument, the music, the musicians--from Mozart to modern jazz, and everything in between
ML1055.D37 2000bookA century of recorded music : listening to musical history
ML1700.L24 2000book150 years of popular musical theatre
ML3477.F75 2002bookStardust melodies : the biography of twelve of America's most popular songs
ML3477.Z57 2001bookEasy to remember : the great American songwriters and their songs
ML3502.K6bookK-pop live : fans, idols, and multimedia performance
ML3506.D69 2009bookDownBeat--the great jazz interviews : a 75th anniversary anthology
ML3506.W37 2000bookJazz : a history of America's music
ML3830.G69 2003bookThe mastery of music : ten pathways to true artistry
ML3838.B78 1999bookThe art of practicing : a guide to making music from the heart
ML3916.S77 2012bookMusic and politics
MR1505.A113F74 2006cdFrench opera arias.
MT55.J542 1992bookCounterpoint : the polyphonic vocal style of the sixteenth century
MT92.S63H87 2007bookSibelius : the orchestral music : an owner's manual
MT95.R67 2013bookThe birth of an opera : fifteen masterpieces from Poppea to Wozzeck
MT170.E47 2002bookPassionate practice : the musician's guide to learning, memorizing, and performing
MT220.C76P6 2011bookPlaying the piano for pleasure : the classic guide to improving skills through practice and discipline
MT220.F44 1992bookMastering piano technique : a guide for students, teachers, and performers
NFine Arts
N353bookStudio thinking from the start : the K-8 art educator's handbook
N7432.7.P33 2017bookMonochrome : painting in black and white
N8354.Q47 2017bookBroad strokes : 15 women who made art and made history (in that order)
N8354.W66 2017bookWomen artists in Paris, 1850-1900
NA310bookThe art of building in the classical world : vision, craftsmanship, and linear perspective in Greek and Roman architecture
NA2850.C45 2018bookInterior design illustrated
NB90.Z36 2016bookClassic Greek masterpieces of sculpture
NB198.5.A2R48 2016bookRevolution in the making : abstract sculpture by women, 1947-2016
ND237.C24A4 2017bookOf God and mortal men : T.C. Cannon
ND259.K33A2 2001bookThe diary of Frida Kahlo : an intimate self-portrait
ND553.P5U56 2018bookPicasso and the painting that shocked the world
ND623.C26T65 2016bookCaravaggio and the creation of modernity
ND1489.B355 2013bookColour in the making : from old wisdom to new brilliance
ND1500.K78 2007bbookAn artist's handbook : materials and techniques
Nuova Era 6932/33.cdL'Olimpiade
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
P96.I84O5 2018bookOn Islam : Muslims and the media
P96.S66L33 2010bookAcoustic territories : sound culture and everyday life
P120.R32R34 2016bookRaciolinguistics : how language shapes our ideas about race
PC2112.5.H46 2017bookFrench demystified
PC5444.W45 2017bookModern Brazilian Portuguese grammar : a practical guide
PE1128.C773 2015bookEnglish made easy : a new ESL approach ; learning English through pictures
PE1128.M35295 2017bookEnglish U.S.A. every day : a fun ESL guide to American culture and language
PE1404.T878 2016bookTutoring second language writers
PG3366.A17 1987bookA confession and other religious writings
PJ1555.E5F38 2015bookThe Egyptian book of the dead : the Book of going forth by day : being the Papyrus of Ani (Royal Scribe of the Divine Offerings), written and illustrated circa 1250 B.C.E., by scribes and artists unknown, including the balance of chapters of the books of the dead known as the Theban Recension, compiled from ancient texts, dating back to the roots of Egyptian civilization
PJ4545bookThe story of Hebrew
PL907.C66 2016cdConversational Korean.
PL913.R64 2013cdKorean
PNbookThe Downtown Anthology : 6 Hit Plays from New York's Downtown Theaters
PN147.Y68 2018bookElements of Indigenous style : a guide for writing by and about Indigenous Peoples
PN162.W465 2017bookWhat editors do : the art, craft, and business of book editing
PN203.T8 2018bookA manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago Style for students and researchers
PN1969.C65R68 2018bookMastering stand-up : the complete guide to becoming a successful comedian
PN1992.77.C45 2018dvdThe child in time
PN1992.77 .S77 2017dvdStranger things. Season 2
PN1992.8.W65P74 2018bookStealing the show : how women are revolutionizing television
PN1994.I4645 2017bookCinematic overtures : how to read opening scenes
PN1995.9.P63bookGhettos, tramps, and welfare queens : down and out on the silver screen
PN1997.2.A586 2018dvdAnt-Man and the Wasp
PN1997.2.B476 2012dvdBernie
PN1997.2.B49 2018dvdBeyond the sky
PN1997.2.B533 2018dvdBlackkklansman
PN1997.2.C475 2018dvdChristopher Robin
PN1997.2.D4785 2018dvdDestination wedding
PN1997.2.D6688 2018dvdDon't talk to Irene
PN1997.2.F34 2018dvdFahrenheit 451
PN1997.2.G665 2018dvdGonjiam : haunted asylum
PN1997.2.I6347 2018dvdIncredibles 2
PN1997.2.L652 2003dvdThe Lord of the Rings.
PN1997.2.L665 2018dvdLook away
PN1997.2.O5 2018dvdOn Chesil Beach
PN1997.A23L676dvdThe Lord of the Rings.
PN1997.K584 2005dvdKingdom of Heaven
PN1997.L378 2000dvdThe last temptation of Christ
PN1997.L668465 2004bdvdThe lord of the rings, the return of the king
PN2277.N5M54 2007bookAll that glittered : the golden age of drama on Broadway, 1919-1959
PN3373.D76 2018bookFlash! : writing the very short story
PN4784.O62E97 2018bookExploring transmedia journalism in the digital age
PN4874.V37bookDear America : notes of an undocumented citizen
PN6710bookManga in theory and practice : the craft of creating manga
PN6727.H53bookPoe : stories and poems: a graphic novel adaptation
PR2981.S395 2014bookSexuality in the comedies of William Shakespeare
PR6052.A6488bookThe silence of the girls : a novel
PR6068.O93Z73 2018dvdHarry Potter : a history of magic
PR6106.R457bookThe Witch Elm : a novel
PR6107.O93bookThe mermaid and Mrs. Hancock : a history in three volumes
PR6108.A39bookHow to stop time
PR6116.A355bookThe lido : a novel
PS314.W45 2018bookPoetry wars : verse and politics in the American Revolution and early republic
PS593.P75G73 2003bookGreat American prose poems : from Poe to the present
PS3053.W28 2017bookHenry David Thoreau : a life
PS3509.A752Z67 2017bookMax Eastman : a life
PS3551.L35774R74 1995bbookReservation blues
PS3552.O495bookThe flight attendant : a novel
PS3556.R3599bookVarina : a novel
PS3561.I483S25 2013book'Salem's Lot
PS3561.I483S7 2012bookThe stand : a novel
PS3566.I372bookA spark of light : a novel
PS3566.O92bookThe overstory : a novel
PS3569.I4725A6 2016bookThe lunatic : poems
PS3570.Y45bookClock dance
PS3603.A7698bookRed, white, blue
PS3603.L5655P74 2018bookThe president is missing : a novel
PS3604.A35355V69 2018bookVox
PS3604.O44bookThe ghost notebooks
PS3608.I4342H43 2010bookHeart-shaped box
PS3609.W43bookSpeak no evil
PS3610.O32388bookStray city : a novel
PS3613.A14S49 2018bookSeverance
PS3613.A36bookThe great believers
PS3619.A4374C67 2017book
PS3619.H3354H67 2018bookHope never dies : a novel
PS3623.E767 G66 2018bookThe good at heart
PS3623.I55643bookThe summer wives
PZ7.1.M43455Cam 2018bookCamp Valor
PZ7.B5292bookI'm sad
PZ7.K855Wal 2001bookWalter, the farting dog
PZ7.L827Sw 1997bookThe story of Doctor Dolittle
PZ7.P2447bookThe goodbye book
Q162bookTreknology : the science of Star Trek from tricorders to warp drive
Q181.B69 2017bookWriting for science students
Q334.7.A785 2018bookArtificial intelligence
QA27.J3F849 2008bookSacred mathematics : Japanese temple geometry
QA76.2.J63S35 2015bookBecoming Steve Jobs : the evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary leader
QA76.6.A2573 2017bookCoding all-in-one
QA76.9.A25R574 2014dvdRise of the hackers
QA76.9.D343bookEverybody lies : big data, new data, and what the Internet can tell us about who we really are
QA276.18.A44 2017bookTeaching statistics using baseball
QB63bookAstronomy for dummies
QB64.G38 2017bookThe practical astronomer
QC173.57bookRelativity demystified
QC174.12.G75 2018bookIntroduction to quantum mechanics
QC793.2.A394 2017bookQuarks, leptons and the big bang
QE366.2.S64 2015bookGems & crystals : from one of the world's great collections
QE534.2.B64 2006bookEarthquakes
QH31.J344A3 2016bookLab girl
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QH313.L68 2016bookGaia : a new look at life on earth
QK100.A1T67 2017bookPlants that can kill : 101 toxic species to make you think twice
QK495.G74H3423 2014bookGrasses
QK725.L275 2017bookThe language of plants : science, philosophy, literature
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QL565.H36 2018bookBuzz : the nature and necessity of bees
QL821.H87 2017bookThe skeleton revealed : an illustrated tour of the vertebrates
QP360.5.E24 2016bookBrain and behavior : a cognitive neuroscience perspective
QP771.G65 2018bookVitamins and minerals : fact versus fiction
R690.H68 2017bookHot health care careers : 30 occupations with fast growth and many new job openings
R697.P45bookPhysician assistants
RA395.A3bookUnaffordable : American healthcare from Johnson to Trump
RA649bookEpidemics and war : the impact of disease on major conflicts in history
RA781.67.B97 2018bookYoga for the creative soul : exploring the five paths of yoga to reclaim your expressive spirit
RA781.K69 2017bookStay fit for life : more than 60 exercises to restore your strength and future-proof your body
RA785.S456 2015bookChilling out : the psychology of relaxation
RB113.F85 2018bookFundamentals of applied pathophysiology : an essential guide for nursing and healthcare students
RC86.9.C677 2018bookEMT emergency medical technician crash course
RC267.C15 2017dvdThe C word
RC337.M572 2018bookElastic : Flexible thinking in a constantly changing world
RC451.4.P68bookCBT with justice-involved clients : interventions for antisocial and self-destructive behaviors
RC455.4.A84M38 2015bookLove, fear, and health : how our attachments to others shape health and health care
RC489.G4W44 2015bookGestalt therapy
RC489.P7K46 2017bookPsychodrama with children : healing children through their own creativity
RC521.A63 2018bookAPA handbook of dementia
RC533bookGetting over OCD : a 10-step workbook for taking back your life
RC535.Z85 2018bookAnxiety and panic attacks : your questions answered
RC552.E18C36 2015bookThe psychology of overeating : food and the culture of consumerism
RC554.J67 2018bookRelational-cultural therapy
RC568.O45bookOvercoming opioid addiction : the authoritative medical guide for patients, families, doctors, and therapists
RC569.5.I54P75 2018bookHow to break up with your phone
RC683.5.E5S44 2019bookInterpreting ECGs : a practical approach
RD99.25W55 2018bookLippincott certification review.
RG525.M87 2016bookWhat to expect when you're expecting
RJ140.A335 2018bookAdolescent health sourcebook : basic consumer health information about adolescent growth and development, puberty, sexuality, reproductive health, and physical, emotional, social, and mental health concerns of teens and their parents, including facts about nutrition, physical activity, weight management, acne, allergies, cancer, diabetes, growth disorders, juvenile arthritis, infections, substance abuse, and more ; along with information about adolescent safety concerns, youth violence, a glossary of related terms, and a directory of resources.
RJ399.C6G84 2017bookHealthy children : how parents, teachers and community can help to prevent obesity in children
RJ506.A58R34 2018bookExposure therapy for treating anxiety in children and adolescents : a comprehensive guide
RJ506.A9bookAssessment of autism spectrum disorder
RJ506.S63bookHelping students overcome social anxiety : skills for academic and social success (SASS)
RL71.O23 2017bookDermatology made easy
RM146.5.J33 2018bookDo you really need that pill? : how to avoid side effects, interactions, and other dangers of overmedication
RM666.C266I95 2017bookCannabis for chronic pain : a proven prescription for using marijuana to relieve your pain and heal your life
RM721.F75 2017bookMosby's fundamentals of therapeutic massage
RT55.R565 2017bookNCLEX-RN practice questions
RT84.5M35 2016bookThe mindful nurse : using the power of mindfulness and compassion to help you thrive in your work
S494.5.S86R45 2016bookReligion and sustainable agriculture : world spiritual traditions and food ethics
SB321.5.A165bookThe Timber Press guide to vegetable gardening in the Southwest
SB324.3bookThe lean farm guide to growing vegetables : more in-depth lean techniques for efficient organic production
SB453.2.A165M37 2016bookSouthwest gardener's handbook : your complete guide: select, plan, plant, problem-solve : Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Southern Nevada, Utah
SD421.32.N3bookThe interior West : a fire survey
SDA 07064cdPetits motets.
SDA 37484cdSymphony no. 1 in D major : "Titan"
SDA 64608cdTyrants and lovers
SDA 77999cdFriday night special
SDA 86476cdOut of the valley
SDA 89110cdSymphony no. 2 in C minor : Resurrection ; Adagio from Symphony no. 10
SDA 93606cdTurina-Zilcher-Dvorak
SDA 99123cdIl piccolo Marat
SDB 02835cdMissa in tempore belli : Paukenmesse
SDB 06634cdTheir time was the greatest! : Louis Bellson honors 12 super-drummers.
SDB 20730cdCabildo : an opera premiere ; Six short pieces
SDB 26412cdIl re
SDB 27775cdLeipziger Weihnachtskantaten
SDB 29010cd
SDB 55663cdLa grotta di Trofonio
SDB 55759cdNuit des hommes
SDB 55779cd
SDB 67605cdPiano concerto no. 21, K. 467 in C major ; : Piano concerto no. 27, K. 595, in B-flat major
SDB 67886cdBastien & Bastienne ; : Arias for soprano, tenor, bass
SF411.43.E9W34 2012bookMedieval pets
SF411.5.P46 2017bookPets and people : the ethics of our relationships with companion animals
SF487.E33 2007bookStorey's illustrated guide to poultry breeds : chickens-ducks-geese-turkeys-emus-guinea fowls-ostriches-partridges-peafowl-pheasants-quails-swans
SK282.C44 2017bookWhere the animals go : tracking wildlife with technology in 50 maps and graphics
T65bookPreparing a STEM workforce through career-technical education : new directions for community colleges, number 178
TD1042.W4D485 2018dvdThe devil we know
TL152.8.B87 2018bookAutonomy : the quest to build the driverless car-- and how it will reshape our world
TP897.D45 2000bookColour : making and using dyes and pigments
TR139.R35 2017bookWomen photographers and feminist aesthetics
TR591.J64 2017bookThe practical zone system for film and digital photography : classical tool, universal applications
TR727.F55 2017bookEndangered
TR860.S533 2013dvdSide by side
TR862.L36 2018bookDSLR cinema : a beginner's guide to filmmaking on a budget
TS155.D472 2016bookLean production simplified : a plain-language guide to the world's most powerful production system
TS183.R68 2017book"Faster, better, cheaper" in the history of manufacturing : from the Stone Age to lean manufacturing and beyond
TT199.7.N683 2012bookSculpting the female face & figure in wood
TT505.N88bookHouse of Nutter : the rebel tailor of Savile Row
TT507.J66 2011bookFashion design
TX714.B64326 2016bookAppetites
TX716.M4W97 2016bookVegan Mexico : soul-satisfying regional recipes from tamales to tostadas
TX771.P43 2018bookThe perfect cake : your ultimate guide to classic, modern, and whimsical cakes
TX833.5bookRun fast. Cook fast Eat slow. : quick-fix recipes for hangry athletes
TX838bookClean meat : how growing meat without animals will revolutionize dinner and the world
UMilitary Science
U22.3.G65 2018dvdGoing to war
UG447bookHellfire boys : the birth of the U.S. Chemical Warfare Service and the race for the world's deadliest weapons
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z674.75.S63bookLeveraging Wikipedia : connecting communities of knowledge
ZA3075.C675 2018bookFake news and alternative facts : information literacy in a post-truth era
bookA Return to Justice.
bookBasic writings of Nietzsche.
cdBirgit Nilsson.
cdBlue skies : best of the Irving Berlin & Duke Ellington songbooks
cdDas wohltemperirte Clavier = The well-tempered clavier
cdEarly chamber music
cdEaster cantatas
cdEin deutsches Requiem : London version with piano
bookEscape by bike : adventure cycling, bikepacking and touring off-road
cdFarewell, Angelina
bookGrandmother's visit
cdHerrmann/Hitchcock : a partnership in terror
cdHomage to Astor Piazzolla
cdHonest lullaby
cdHouse of Frankenstein : complete film score, 1944
cdIn filanda
bookIn pieces : a memoir
bookJazz ballads 7
cdJoan Baez 5.
cdLes 4 sonates pour piano
cdLieder & orchestral songs, 1941-1950.
bookLute music
cdMatthew Passion
cdMonster music
cdMusic from the New York stage, Volume IV : 1917-1920.
cdMusic of Takemitsu
cdMusic of the Comedian Harmonists.
bookMy Father's Words.
cdPiano music, chamber music
bookShe would be king : a novel
bookStonewall Jackson : A Military Biography ... by John Esten Cooke.
bookSummer hours at the Robbers Library : a novel
bookSunnyslope Topographic Map
cdSuper hits
cdSymphonic works. Vol. 3
cdSymphonies 1, 5 & 9 ; : Lieder
cdSymphonies nos. 1 & 7 ; : Consecration of the house overture ; Quartet, op. 135. 2 movements
bookSymphony no. 6 in A minor "Tragic"
cdTe Deum ; : Motets pour le roy Louis
cdTemporary road
bookThe Children's March
bookThe Vanishing American Adult : Our Coming-of-Age Crisis - and How to Rebuild a Culture of Self-Reliance.
bookThe funeral
cdThe heart of invention : piano trios
cdThe son of Kong ; : The most dangerous game
cdThyl Claes
cdUltimate French classics.
cdVoices of French opera.
cdVoices of Russian opera.
cdWhen Legends Rise
cdWo die lerche singt.