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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B945.A694K78 2018bookThe three escapes of Hannah Arendt : a tyranny of truth
B2430.D484G58 2011bookDerrida : a very short introduction
BD131.M86 2012bookMetaphysics : a very short introduction
BD220.G38 2012bookObjectivity : a very short introduction
BD331.W47 2011bookReality : a very short introduction
BF39.A275 2017bookActivities for teaching statistics and research methods : a guide for psychology instructors
BF76.5D46 2016bookResearch methods in psychology for dummies
BF311.F375 2018bookConsciousness demystified
BF456.R2W65 2018bookReader, come home : the reading brain in a digital world
BF481.F58 2012bookWork : a very short introduction
BF575.A6F744 2012bookAnxiety : a very short introduction
BF575.C8R63 2017bookThe 5 second rule : transform your life, work, and confidence with everyday courage
BF575.L8S778 2014bookPsychology of love 101
BF575.T7H39 2012bookTrust : a very short introduction
BF637.N46F33 2017bookNLP 2.0 : the ultimate guide to neuro linguistic programming : how to rewire your brain and create the life you want and become the person you were meant to be
BF637.N66K84 2015bookBody language for dummies
BF637.S8F47 2017bookTribe of mentors : short life advice from the best in the world
BF697.5.S65S76 2018bookSelfie : how we became so self-obsessed and what it's doing to us
BF721.F365 2018bookChildhood beyond pathology : a psychoanalytic study of development and diagnosis
BF1621.D38 2012bookMagic : a very short introduction
BL240.3.L377 2017bookOn faith and science
BL624. S54 2012bookSpirituality : a very short introduction
BL1202.F56 2004bookAn introduction to Hinduism
BP67.U6C66 2018bookMuslims in America : examining the facts
BP161.2.R86 2012bookIslam : a very short introduction
BS580.M6S1 2014bookDid Moses exist? : the myth of the Israelite lawgiver
BT982.O43 2012bookThe Devil : a very short introduction
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CC165.B27 2012bookArchaeology : a very short introduction
CD784.2 BcdSymphony no. 6, in A major
CD4476cdSymphony no. 9 : the great
CT1828.L595Y82513 2015bookSteel gate to freedom : the life of Liu Xiaobo
DHistory: General
DAbookMagna Carta : a very short introduction
DC110.S34 2011bookModern France : a very short introduction
DF77.C347 2011bookAncient Greece : a very short introduction
DG78.D135 2016bookDaily life in Ancient Rome : A sourcebook
DS19.R67 2012bookThe Mongols : a very short introduction
DS71.B79 2016bookBabylonia : a very short introduction
DS134.72.M53N36 2018dvdNana
DS135.N6D428 2018bookThe cut out girl
DS654.H36 2018bookPhilippines
DS706.S86 2017dvdThe story of China : with Michael Wood
DS778.7.K73 2012bookThe cultural revolution : a very short introduction
DS779.4.W376 2018bookChina in the 21st century : what everyone needs to know
DT60.H46 2015bookArchaeology Hotspot : Egypt : unearthing the past for armchair archaeologists
DT61.R54 2017bookEgypt : lost civilizations
DT61M578 2018bookThe archaeology of urbanism in ancient Egypt : from the predynastic period to the end of the Middle Kingdom
DT63.M25 1975bookPyramid
DT83.C66 2018bookWhen women ruled the world : six queens of Egypt
DT450.437.W36A3 2018bookThe girl who smiled beads : a story of war and what comes after
DT636.53.J64C66 2018bookMadame President : the extraordinary journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
DU110.M67 2012bookAustralia : a very short introduction
EHistory: America
E99.C5S37 2018bookBlood moon : an American epic of war and splendor in the Cherokee Nation
E103.J48 2017bookAncient ocean crossings : reconsidering the case for contacts with the pre-Columbian Americas
E176.1.G65 2018bookLeadership in turbulent times
E176.2.A27 2018bookFirst ladies of the Republic : Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, and the creation of an iconic American role
E178.B782 2012bookAmerican history : a very short introduction
E184.A1T45 2018bookEverything you love will burn : inside the rebirth of white nationalism in America
E184.V53B84 2018bookReturns of war : South Vietnam and the price of refugee memory
E185.H86 2018bookChocolate cities : the Black map of American life
E338.F735 2018bookThe field of blood : violence in Congress and the road to civil war
E840.8.K427A3 2018bookEvery day is extra
E909.O24A3 2018bookBecoming
E912.M35 2018bookThe rise of the alt-right
FHistory: America
F67.H92H34 2010bookAnne Hutchinson : Puritan prophet
F809.3.M66bookMoon Arizona & the Grand Canyon.
F1219.73.C354 2012bookThe Aztecs : a very short introduction
F1219.76.S64H37 2016bookPolygamy and the rise and demise of the Aztec empire
F1788.S955 2016bookCuba : what everyone needs to know
F2521.R738 2016bookBrazil : what everyone needs to know
F3059.5.F64bookFodor's essential Chile.
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G860.D63 2012bookThe Antarctic : a very short introduction
GA933.7.D38 2017bookThe red atlas : how the Soviet Union secretly mapped the world
GB1203.2.M534 2012bookRivers : a very short introduction
GB2595.W33 2017bbookA farewell to ice
GN193.S74 2016bookHair : a human history
GN502.M32 2019bookCultural psychology : cross cultural and multicultural perspectives
GT2850.Z33 2018book#EatForThePlanet : saving the world, one bite at a time
GV14.5.S35 2017bookInternships in recreation and leisure services : a practical guide for students
GV706.4.K377 2018bookMindful sport performance enhancement : mental training for athletes and coaches
GV1061.8.P75D68 2018bookRunning is my therapy : relieve stress and anxiety, fight depression, ditch bad habits, and live happier
GV1786.A43A445 2015dvdAmerican Ballet Theatre : a history
HSocial Sciences
HB3717 1929.O47 2017bookThe Great Depression and the New Deal : key themes and documents
HC51.A56 2011bookGlobal economic history : a very short introduction
HC79.F3D4 2018bookMass starvation : the history and future of famine
HC79.T4A94 2016bookThe wealth of humans : work, power, and status in the twenty-first century
HC106.84.C634 2017bookFinancial crisis in American households : the basic expenses that bankrupt the middle class
HC107.O32M477 2018dvdLeft behind America
HC110.I5B66 2016bookTwo nations, indivisible : a history of inequality in America
HC427.95.K76 2016bookChina's economy : what everyone needs to know
HD57.7.G7654 2018bookFuture-ready leadership : strategies for the fourth industrial revolution
HD1382.Z45 2017bookSuccess as a real estate agent
HD1761.B47 2015bookThe unsettling of America : culture & agriculture
HD6061.2.U6B47 2018bookThe cost of being a girl : working teens and the origins of the gender wage gap
HD6095.K45 2018bookWomen have always worked : a concise history
HD6331.P84 2017bookThe robots are coming : a human's survival guide to profiting in the age of automation
HD8081.M6L67 2016bookDefiant braceros : how migrant workers fought for racial, sexual, and political freedom
HD9019.M382U378 2018bookThe business of cannabis : new policies for the new marijuana industry
HD9506.A2M5453 2017bookMining North America : an environmental history since 1522
HF5381.F5948 2017bookBoost your career : how to make an impact, get recognized, and build the career you want
HF5382.6.H45 2018bookHow women rise : break the 12 habits holding you back from your next raise, promotion, or job
HF5823.A28 2018bookThe advertising handbook
HM851.R8335 2018bookFuture presence : how virtual reality is changing human connection, intimacy, and the limits of ordinary life
HM1231.B47 2005bookPropaganda
HM1271.R38 2011bookMulticulturalism : a very short introduction
HQ76.8.U5A63bookThe advocate.
HQ281.M435 2017bookHidden in plain sight : America's slaves of the new millennium
HQ536.S3989 2017bookAbandoned families : social isolation in the twenty-first century
HQ759.7.B47 2017bookConfessions of an adoptive parent : hope and help from the trenches of foster care and adoption
HQ759.92.H53 2016bookStepparenting : 50 one-minute dos and don'ts for stepdads and stepmoms
HQ759.B7539 2018bookSpaces and politics of motherhood
HQ759.D69 2018bookMaternal bodies : redefining motherhood in early America
HQ769.L405 2018bookFeed the baby hummus : pediatrician-backed secrets from cultures around the world
HQ772.G37 2018bookGender typing of children's toys : how early play experiences impact development
HQ777.35.L68 2018bookTwinsight : a guide to raising emotionally healthy twins : with advice from the experts (academics) and the real experts (twins)
HQ777.5M33 2016bookTalking to children about divorce : a parent's guide to healthy communication at each stage of divorce
HQ1123.B3575 2018bookVisionary women : how Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters changed our world
HQ1219.B76 2017bookThe ways women age : using and refusing cosmetic intervention
HQ1767.L35 2018bookLeftover in China : the women shaping the world's next superpower
HS142.M37 2017bookThe Illuminati : the secret society that hijacked the world
HT867.L455 2018bookModern slavery : a documentary and reference guide
HV640F76 2018dvdExodus : the journey continues
HV743.S36R637 2017bookFragile families : foster care, immigration, and citizenship
HV875.5.W56 2017bookThe best possible immigrants : international adoption and the American family
HV2391.M38 2016bookMade to hear : Cochlear implants and raising deaf children
HV6250.4.C48T36 2019bookChildren and crime
HV6412.A37P63 2016bookPoaching, wildlife trafficking and security in Africa : myths and realities
HV6432.B34 2018bookHomeland security and critical infrastructure protection
HV6433.N8S45165 2018bookTwo sisters : a father, his daughters, and their journey into the Syrian jihad
HV6626.2.G667 2018bookDecriminalizing domestic violence : a balanced policy approach to intimate partner violence
HV6626.52.C68 2018bookThe smallest victims : a history of child maltreatment and child protection in America
HV6768.H34 2017bookThe handbook of business and corruption : cross-sectoral experiences
HV7903.K89 2012bookModernizing repression : police training and nation building in the American century
HV7936.C79G78 2019bookEffective communication in criminal justice
HV8023.M856 2016bookWomen in blue : 16 brave officers, forensics experts, police chiefs, and more
HV8138.F734 2018bookThe history of policing America : from militias and military to the law enforcement of today
JPolitical Science
JA66.B48 2012bookGovernance : a very short introduction
JC323.D54 2012bookBorders : a very short introduction
JC327.K35 2018bookInvisible countries : journeys to the edge of nationhood
JC480.F74 2018bookAuthoritarianism : what everyone needs to know
JF1081.F57 2017bookCorruption : what everyone needs to know
JK275.M566 2018bookThe handy American government answer book : how Washington, politics, and elections work
JK585.J85 2018bookMidterm campaigning and the modern presidency : reshaping the president's relationship with Congress
JK1161.D375 2013bookThe U.S. Senate : fundamentals of American government
JK1991.M883 2016bookCampaign finance : what everyone needs to know
JK2265.R67 2018bookThe polarizers : postwar architects of our partisan era
JV6344.C66 2016bookContested childhoods : growing up in migrancy : migration, governance, identities
JV6346.D568 2018bookThe displaced : refugee writers on refugee lives
JV6455.H28 2017bookTo become an American : immigrants and Americanization campaigns of the early twentieth century
JV6483.W528 2018bookThe making of a dream : how a group of young undocumented immigrants helped change what it means to be American
K686.W58 2015bookThe western case for monogamy over polygamy
K3240.R4727 2018bookResearch methods in human rights
K4345.M37 2017bookNetwork neutrality : from policy to law to regulation
KF695.Z9L56 2018bookReal estate finance in a nutshell
KF1524.85.E45 2018bookChapter 13 bankruptcy : keep your property & repay debts over time
KF2995.N478 2018bookCopyright : what everyone needs to know
KF3455.B37 2018bookYour rights in the workplace
KF3941.C49 2018bookArmed in America : a history of gun rights from colonial militias to concealed carry
KF4209.3.L387 2017bookYour special education rights : what your school district isn't telling you
KF4209.3.Z9S573 2017bookNolo's IEP guide : learning disabilities
KF5051.B74 2018bookThe oath and the office : a guide to the Constitution for future presidents
KF5075.T75 2018bookTo end a presidency : the power of impeachment
KF8742.G744 2012bookThe U.S. Supreme Court : a very short introduction
KF8972.T477 2016bookThe missing American jury : restoring the fundamental constitutional role of the criminal, civil, and grand juries
KF9227.C2T37 2018bookIntellectual disability and the death penalty : current issues and controversies
KF9619.85.W35 2015bookLegal guide for police : constitutional issues
LB1025.2.N456 no.145bookFinding the why : Personalizing learning in higher education
LB1025.3.L486 2016dvdTeach like a champion 2.0 field guide : a practical resource to make the 62 techniques your own
LB1028.3.C636 2018bookRethinking education in the age of technology : the digital revolution and schooling in America
LB1050.5.S225 2016bookDyslexia advocate! : how to advocate for a child with dyslexia within the public education system
LB1573.E45 2017bookCultivating readers : everything you need to take reading instruction beyond the skills to addressing the will
LB1771.W6bookRequirements for certification of teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators for elementary and secondary schools.
LB2328.N473bookNew directions for community colleges.
LB2343.32.N57 2016bookCollege rules! : how to study, survive, and succeed in college
LB2353.7.T43C36 2017bookTEAS review
LB2360.3.T95 2017bookThe ultimate guide to college transfer : from surviving to thriving
LB2395.7.B45 2018bookGame on! : gamification, gameful design, and the rise of the gamer educator
LB2806.36.C6 2018bookChoosing charters : better schools or more segregation?
LB3013 .W675 2018bookThe classroom management book
LB3051.M4654 2017bookBeyond testing : seven assessments of students and schools more effective than standardized tests
LC145.E85A76 2017bookPreventing dropout : lessons from Europe
LC173.Z55 2016book
LC1201.R456 2018bookPractical strategies for struggling learners in today's inclusive classroom
LC3715.B35 2017bookFoundations of bilingual education and bilingualism
LC3715.G37 2018bookEducating emergent bilinguals : policies, programs, and practices for English learners
LC3715.J38 2018bookThe bilingual revolution : the future of education is in two languages
LC3715.R48 2017bookRethinking bilingual education : welcoming home languages in our classrooms
LC4069.6.G76 2017bookBreakaway learners : strategies for post-secondary success with at-risk students
LC4091.H47 2016bookThe pedagogy of real talk : engaging, teaching, and connecting with students at risk
LC4091.U45 2014bookUnderprivileged school children and the assault on dignity : policy challenges and resistance
LC4704.E77 2018bookEssentials of specific learning disability identification
LC5131.E5 2016bookFor white folks who teach in the hood-- and the rest of y'all too : reality pedagogy and urban education
LC5225.L42K56 2015bookThe adult learner : the definitive classic in adult education and human resource development
M1.C56373 1999cdMusic of Gunther Schuller.
M3.1.G5283I572 2007cdAlter Ego performs Philip Glass.
M3.1 G24 S66 2008cdSongbook
M21.C43P42 1998cdPiano music of John Adams & Terry Riley.
M21.G734cdMusic from America's first and second cities.
M21.H67H67 1984cdHorowitz at the Met.
M21.T78N63 2009cdNobuyuki Tsujii : gold medalist : Thirteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.
M22.S36A2 1993cdFour impromptus op. 90, D899 ; : Four impromptus op. 142, D935 ; Twelve waltzes op. 18, D145
M22C38P531999cdPiano music
M22 C54 F7 1991AEUcdMalcolm Frager plays Chopin.
M41.B12P63 1999, Vol., AudCDcdSonatas & partitas
M51.B64S85 1989cdSuite for cello, op. 72 ; Second suite for cello, op. 80 ; Third suite for cello, op. 87
M177.P47 2008cdPercussion masterpieces
M219.M69K. 377 2005cdViolin sonatas, 1781
M255.P8R7cdRomances : music of Robert & Clara Schumann.
M452.Q38A44 2011cdAmerican music
M990.P72T4cdDances from 'terpsichore' [1612].
M1000.M939T6 1998cdBroadcast commentary : Overture to The marriage of Figaro
M1000.M93K249 M37 1985cdMarch in D, K. 249 ; : Serenade in D, K. 250 : "Haffner"
M1000.N49R43 2010cdRecorded music of the African diaspora.
M1001.B89no.4 W3cdSymphony no. 4
M1001.C262S9559 1998cdSymphonies nos. 59, 63, 64, 67 and 68
M1001.C366 no. 47-52 1999cdSymphonies nos. 47-52
M1001.T35S94 1990cdSymphony no. 4, op. 36 : (in F minor = in F-moll = en fa mineur) ; Romeo and Juliet : Fantasy-overture after Shakespeare
M1010.P697P52 1990cdPiano concerto ; Guitar concerto
M1010.P76 no.2, 1996cdPiano concerto no 2 in G minor ; : Piano concerto no 3 in C major
M1010.P7 op.26cdConcerto no. 3 for piano & orchestra in C major, op. 26 ; : Concerto no. 1 for piano & orchestra in D-flat major, op. 10 ; Sonata no. 3 in A minor, op. 28
M1012.P836V56 1995cdViolin concertos
M1112.V58C66 2008cdConcerti a quattro violini l'estro armonico
M1200.U575D47 PR53 2008cdDerivations.
M1245.W53cdA breathless Alleluia
M1527.2.C56 1999cdCinema serenade 2 : the Golden Age.
M1619.M44D69 2011cdDown by the salley gardens.
M1630.18.C35B58 2006cdBlues in the night
M1630.18.C37F86 2002cdFun life
M1630.18.H6L6 1996cdLove songs
M1630.18.Q44P53 2002cdGreatest hits I, II & III : platinum collection
M1630.18.T6855J39 2006cdJazz and velvet.
M2117. A44 2017bookAmerican harmony : inspired choral miniatures from New England, Appalachia, the Mid-Atlantic, the South, and the Midwest
ML54.6.S69S66 2010bookFinishing the hat : collected lyrics (1954-1981) with attendant comments, principles, heresies, grudges, whines and anecdotes
ML100.N48 2001bookThe New Grove dictionary of music and musicians
ML160.H298 2014bookMelody, harmony, tonality : an introduction
ML410.B13J65 2009bookBach's choral music : a listener's guide
ML410.B42G94 2012bookThe first four notes : Beethoven's fifth and the human imagination
ML410.B4L2927 2012bookBeethoven's chamber music : a listener's guide
ML410.B4L293 2011bookBeethoven's piano music : a listener's guide
ML410.L78A3 2018bookUnmasked
ML410.M67976H57 2018bookHistorians on Hamilton : how a blockbuster musical is restaging America's past
ML410.R23L43 2015bookRavel : a listener's guide
ML410.S4L3954 2017bookSchumann : a listener's guide
ML410.S932J68 2001bookStravinsky inside out
ML410.S93H87 2014bookRichard Strauss : an owner's manual
ML410.V4L36 2014bookVerdi : the operas and choral works
ML417.B84A3 2018bookOutside the jukebox : how I turned my vintage music obsession into my dream gig
ML417.M846K46 2009bookThelonious Monk : the life and times of an American original
ML421.B4P756 2018bookVisualizing the Beatles : a complete graphic history of the world's favorite band
ML1200.H65 2012bookThe orchestra : a very short introduction
ML3477.P69 2017bookGood booty : love and sex, black & white, body and soul in American music
ML3534.3.Y37 2011bbookEverybody loves our town : an oral history of Grunge
ML3534.6.I72R63 2012bookReverberations of dissent : identity and expression in Iran's illegal music scene
ML3799.E79 2006bookEthnomusicology : a contemporary reader
ML3830.S13 2007bookMusicophilia : tales of music and the brain
MT1.P774 2013bookProfessional knowledge in music teacher education
MT6.S3632 2011bookBerklee music theory. Book 2,
MT17.B47 2017bookKids, music 'n' autism : bringing out the music in your child
MT50.T98 2011bookA geometry of music : harmony and counterpoint in the extended common practice
NFine Arts
N6494.S8M67 2018bookThe lives of the surrealists
N8350.S73 2016bookStudio craft as career : a guide to achieving excellence in art-making
N8356.B76 2017bookArt, money, success : finally making a living doing what you love
N8600.A75bookArtist's market : how and where to sell your art.
NA2750.B87 2018book3D thinking in design and architecture : from antiquity to the future
NB1220.P37 2015bookMaking sculpture from scrap metal
NC997.U58 2017bookThe ultimate concept art career guide.
NXbookThe gothic : a very short introduction
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
P37.V9413 2012bookThought and language
P53.P4443 2017bookLanguages of the world : an introduction
P91.6.S65 2019bookCareers in media and communication
P99.4.E66E93 2017bookThe Emoji code : the linguistics behind smiley faces and scaredy cats
P107.A53 2012bookLanguages : a very short introduction
PC4117.L54 2018bookSpanish short stories for beginners : 20 captivating short stories to learn Spanish & grow your vocabulary the fun way : easy Spanish stories
PC4640.V692 2005bookVOX everyday Spanish and English dictionary : English-Spanish/Spanish-English
PC5145.N52 2016book501 Portuguese verbs : fully conjugated in all the tenses in a new, easy-to-learn format, alphabetically arranged
PE1115.H39 2016bookWrite like a pro : ten techniques for getting your point across at work (and in life)
PE1128.A2S835 2017bookKeep it R.E.A.L.! : relevant, engaging, and affirming literacy for adolescent English learners
PE1404.P3825 2018bookProlific moment : theory and practice of mindfulness for writing
PE1408.A94 2016bookThe St. Martin's guide to writing : 2016 MLA update
PE1421.W755 2017bookWriting voice : the complete guide to creating a presence on the page and engaging readers
PF3129.E5S95 2019bookComplete German grammar
PL2265.K65 2012bookChinese literature : a very short introduction
PN161.F744 2018bookThe business of being a writer
PN163.G84bookGuide to literary agents.
PN1009.5.G46G36 2015bookGenocide in contemporary children's and young adult literature : Cambodia to Darfur
PN1009.A1R474 2011bookChildren's literature : a very short introduction
PN1992.77.C65 2017dvdThe collection. [Season 1]
PN1992.77.C769 2018dvdThe crown. The complete second season
PN1993.5.U65F75 2018bookThe big picture : the fight for the future of movies
PN1994.W643 2012bookFilm : a very short introduction
PN1995.9.C55S59 2016dvdSixteen candles
PN1995.9.C84O47 2018book100 greatest cult films
PN1995.9.H6R49 2018bookThe birth of the American horror film
PN1995.9.M86H58 2017bookMusicals in film : a guide to the genre
PN1997.2.B453 2018dvdBel canto
PN1997.2.B663 2018dvdBomb city [videorecording]
PN1997.2.C455 2018dvdThe Children Act
PN1997.2.E535 2018dvdThe endless
PN1997.2.R35 2018dvdRaid
PN1997.2.R399 2017dvdRazzia
PN1997.2.S5743 2018dvdSir Edmund Hillary : Everest and beyond
PN1997.2.S656 2018dvdSolo : a Star Wars story
PN1997.2.T658 2018dvdThe other side of hope = Toivon tuolla puolen
PN1997.2.W38 2009BdvdWatchmen
PN1997.B74354 2015dvdThe breakfast club
PN1997.E957 1997dvdEve's bayou
PN1997.F377 2016dvdFast times at Ridgemont High
PN1998.3.A526D55 2017bookThe cinema of Wes Anderson : bringing nostalgia to life
PN3433.6.H364 2017bookEditing the soul : science and fiction in the genome age
PQ1170.E6W75 2016bookWriting the real : a bilingual anthology of contemporary French poetry
PQ1278.G75 2012book
PQ4043.H35 2012bookItalian literature : a very short introduction
PQ4155.R68 2017bookThe Routledge companion to Commedia dell'Arte
PQ4623.G15Z64713 2018bookGalileo Galilei, the Tuscan artist
PQ7081.A36 2011ebbookColonial Latin American literature : a very short introduction
PQ7081.G6315 2012bookModern Latin American literature : a very short introduction
PR2894.B28 2009bookSoul of the age : a biography of the mind of William Shakespeare
PR2983.D55 2007bookThe Cambridge introduction to Shakespeare's tragedies
PR2995.P35 2017bookShakespeare's possible worlds
PR6005.H66 D4 2011bookDeath on the Nile : a Hercule Poirot mystery
PR6013.R35I232 2012dvdI, Claudius : the complete series
PR6015.A33W43 2015bookThe well of loneliness
PR6051.T56T73 2018bbookTranscription
PR9120.9.D56B66 2018bookThe book of hidden things
PR9197.35.S33L68 2016bookLove beyond body, space, and time : an Indigenous LGBT sci-fi anthology
PR9199.4.V474B74 2018bookThe break
PS153.I52J878 2018bookWhy Indigenous literatures matter
PS648.S5P38 2018bookPEN America best debut short stories. 2018
PS3509.L43O55 1982bookOld Possum's book of practical cats
PS3513.E2Z787 2005bookDr Seuss : American icon
PS3525.E43A6 2017bookA saturnalia of bunk : selections from the free lance, 1911-1915
PS3563.A7877A6 2018bookPatchwork : a Bobbie Ann Mason reader
PS3564.U485F75 2018bbookThe friend
PS3566.A822T49 2018bookTexas Ranger
PS3568.E3448C45 1993cbookThe celestine prophecy : an adventure
PS3575.O798A6 2018bookBrown : poems
PS3601.L447I22 2018bookI was Anastasia : a novel
PS3603.A8754A44 2018bookAmerica is not the heart : a novel
PS3603.H44Z46 2018bookHow to write an autobiographical novel : essays
PS3603.L398B45 2018bookThe Belles
PS3603.O86825H35 2017bookHalsey Street
PS3607.R6344A6 2018bbookFlorida
PS3608.A54735T75 2018bookTrinity : a novel
PS3608.A548363A82 2018bookAsymmetry
PS3608.O248W48 2018bookWhere the dead sit talking
PS3615.T88B83 2011bookThe Buddha in the attic
PS3618.O5355F78 2018bookFruit of the drunken tree : a novel
PS3619.A533O38 2017bookOathbringer
PS3623.A359552C54 2018bookCherry : a novel
PS3626.U43R44 2018bookRed clocks : a novel
PZ7.H18944Ps 2015bookP.S. I still love you
PZ7.S78627Ho 2009bookHow to say goodbye in Robot
Q143.P17C39 2017bookBlaise Pascal : miracles and reason
Q175.5.L4745 2017bookNot a scientist : how politicians mistake, misrepresent, and utterly mangle science
Q335.K36 2016bookArtificial intelligence : what everyone needs to know
QA76.17.I53 2011bookThe computer : a very short introduction
QA76.2.A2E93 2018bookBroad band : the untold story of the women who made the Internet
QA76.8.I64M47 2017bookThe one device : the secret history of the iPhone
QA76.9.D32M84 2015bookMurach's MySQL
QA273.H35 2012bookProbability : a very short introduction
QA276.12.K73 2017bookStatistics for the terrified
QB801.7.S72 1988bookThe new patterns in the sky : myths and legends of the stars
QB801.K56 2012bookStars : a very short introduction
QC174.123.A53 2018bookThrough two doors at once : the elegant experiment that captures the enigma of our quantum reality
QC795.T86 2012bookRadioactivity : a very short introduction
QC903.G37 2018bookTales from an uncertain world : what other assorted disasters can teach us about climate change
QC944.R5746 2018dvdRise of the superstorms
QE471.2.G74 2015bookThe secrets of sand : a journey into the amazing microscopic world of sand
QE523.S23O47 2016bookEruption : the untold story of Mount St. Helens
QH84.C65 2016bookBiogeography : an ecological and evolutionary approach
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SDA 24231cdShades of blue.
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UMilitary Science
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ZBibliography, Library Science
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cdAires from the opera curiously set.
cdAirs de cour.
cdElla Fitzgerald. Vol. 3.
cdLa voix du ciel
cdLe nozze di Figaro
cdLove scenes
cdOpera & concert arias
cdPersuasive with aliens
cdPurcell realizations
cdSonatas & concertos
cdSonatas and interludes for prepared piano (1946-48)
cdSongs with orchestra ; : Metamorphosen ; Oboe concerto ; Violin sonata
cdSuite from the quiet one ; : Three pieces after Blake ; Scherzi musicali ; Aulos
cdSymphony no. 3 "Elevation"
cdSymphony no. 5 in B flat
cdThe complete songs
cdVerzweiflung und Ergebung, op. 41 ; Nocturne symphonique, op. 43 ; Orchestersuite, op. 46, etc.
cdVocal music
cdWorks for two keyboards. 1