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Naval Science Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
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AGeneral Works
ACC# C10937cdAll' improvviso.
ACC# C6267book
AV1.2.C58S6 no.2 1995cdChopin.
AV1.2.C64358L5 1964cdLittle me : the original London cast recording
AV1.2.E537C5 2005cdL'heure exquise.
AV1.2.F5519D53 1988bookDies natalis ; : Farewell to arms ; Concerto for clarinet and strings
AV1.2.G43S62 op.5 1992cd6 cello sonatas, op. 5
AV1.2.H39J32 1988cdThe seasons : Hob. XXI:3
AV1.2.H474M35 O6 1995cdLoving you : Paige O'Hara sings Jerry Herman.
AV1.2.M69C64 K.175 1999cdPiano concertos : K175/382, K451 & K449
AV1.2.S4875 1995cdThe Shakespeare revue : original London cast
AV1.2.S51C6 op. 99 1989bcdViolin concertos
AV1.2.S647L52 1996cdA little night music
AV1.2.W32R52 2006cdHeppner, Wagner.
AV2 2001T454 41999cdHamlet
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B105.J87P65 2017bookPolitical utopias : contemporary debates
BD438.G74 2000bookThe 48 laws of power
BF109.J8A33 2019bookMemories, dreams, reflections
BF175.5.P75A73 2018bookThe courage to rise : using movement, mindfulness, and healing foods to triumph over trauma
BF575.I5K48 2018bookIntimate relationships across the lifespan : formation, development, enrichment, and maintenance
BF637.M4A385 2018bookMindfulness and meditation : your questions answered
BF720.P47A78 2016bookDevelopment of perception in infancy : the cradle of knowledge revisited
BF721.C186 2019bookWhat's my child thinking? : practical child psychology for modern parents
BF721.L5225 2018bookChild development : an active learning approach
BF721.M4237 2016bookThe science inside the child : the story of what happens when we're growing up
BF1729.G35 .C45 2018bookThe moon gardener's almanac 2019
BJ1838.C85M8 2018bookMorocco : the essential guide to customs & culture
BL51.T6155 2017bookEvolving brains, emerging gods : early humans and the origins of religion
BR160.A2K28 2019bookDocuments of the rise of Christianity
BR180.E47 2018bookThe triumph of Christianity : how a forbidden religion swept the world
BR479.S7155 2018bookChristianity in the twentieth century : a world history
BR1725.I75A3 2009bookMy father, maker of the trees : how I survived the Rwandan genocide
BX8525.8.G3G713 2001bookThe Jehovah's Witnesses and the Nazis : persecution, deportation, and murder, 1933-1945
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CD400 Jac Sui-1cdHarpsichord suites nos. 1-6
CD782.14 FcdSeussical : the musical
CD782.14 KcdShow boat
CD782.1 McdMozart arias.
CD782.4265 McdThe duets
CD782.4265 ScdIn tribute
CD782.4265 ScdMusic is my life
CD784.24 Bcd
CD784.262 CcdThe concertos
CD784.265 Hcd5 organ concertos in C major
CD784.272 McdConcerto no. 2 for violin & orchestra, K. 211 ; : Concerto for violin & orchestra, K. 271a ; Rondo for violin & orchestra, K. 373
CD784.2 Bcd9 symphonies
CD784.2 Scd8 Symphonien ; Rosamunde ; Grand duo
CD784.2 ScdOvertures
CD784.7286 CcdConcerto for clarinet and string orchestra
CD788.92 VcdVirtuoso trumpet
CD1204 .M69 B47cdRequiem KV 626 (Instrum.: Franz Beyer)
CD1442cdPiano concerto no. 2 ; : Telemanniana
CD1604cdLe zodiaque
CD4035cdClovis et Clotilde ; : Roma
CD4260cdComplete cantatas. Vol. 19
CDM05841cdDie Schopfung = The Creation : Hob. XXI:2
CJ1826.G785bookA Guide book of United States coins.
CM2196cdViolin concerto no. 3 in G major ; Overture "In memoriam Heinrich von Kleist" : op. 13
CR4513.J47 2018bookThe Medieval Knight : the noble warriors of the golden age of chivalry.
CS21.W39 2019bookAdvanced genetic genealogy : techniques and case studies
Cdf784.274 FcdCello concerto
Chandos CHAN 8545cdSymphony no. 3 in F minor : Irish ; Irish rhapsody : no. 5
DHistory: General
D804.3.B36365 2020bookThe Holocaust : the basics
D804.5.J44L54 2011bookFacing the lion : memoirs of a young girl in Nazi Europe
DCC4105cdSongs for Ariel.
DCC4113cdCantatas. 30
DCC4186cdViola concerto
DCC4238cdConsort music to the viols : in 4, 5 & 6 parts
DD256.5.S579 2001bookSocial outsiders in Nazi Germany
DIC 09889MUcd
DJ16.B83 2018bookNetherlands
DK268.4.N35 2010bookStalin's genocides
DK908.8618.C36 2018bookThe hungry steppe : famine, violence, and the making of Soviet Kazakhstan
DR576.M6725 2019bookThe thirty-year genocide : Turkey's destruction of its Christian minorities, 1894-1924
DR1313.32.S68L4913 2015bookSurviving the Bosnian genocide : the women of Srebrenica speak
DR1313.7.A85B675 2016bookBosnian genocide : the essential reference guide
DR1685.C37 2015bookA concise history of Bosnia
DS59.K86K875 2018bookThe Kurds : an encyclopedia of life, culture, and society
DS59.K86N87 2017bookBeing Kurdish in a hostile world
DS79.766.M865A3 2017bookThe last girl : my story of captivity, and my fight against the Islamic State
DS149.5.U6A58 2018bookAnti-Zionism on campus : the university, free speech, and BDS
DS195.5.A7393 2015bookThe Armenian genocide : the essential reference guide
DS354.6.H3I27 2017bookThe Hazaras and the Afghan state : rebellion, exclusion and the struggle for recognition
DT30.5.S74 2017bookA history of genocide in Africa
DT159.6.D27S74 2007bbookThe devil came on horseback : bearing witness to the genocide in Darfur
DT352.8.S76 2015bookMaking and Unmaking Nations : War, Leadership, and Genocide in Modern Africa
DT450.435.R83 2018bookRwandan genocide : the essential reference guide
DT655.G73 2017bookThe Congo Free State and the new imperialism : a brief history with documents
DT658.26.S74 2012bookDancing in the glory of monsters : the collapse of the Congo and the great war of Africa
DT1558.H47G47 1999bookHerero heroes : a socio-political history of the Herero of Namibia, 1890-1923
DT1575.W35 2011bookA history of Namibia : from the beginning to 1990
DT1603.O48 2011bookThe Kaiser's Holocaust : Germany's forgotten genocide
EHistory: America
E183.7.K36 2017bookA concise history of U.S. foreign policy
E184.A1D69 2018bookReimagining equality : a new deal for children of color
E184.G7H33 2000bookNot even my name
E184.M5C3838 2018bookMigrant longing : letter writing across the U.S.-Mexico borderlands
E221.V46 2019bookThe Declaration of Independence : America's first founding document in U.S. history and culture
E312.25.M45 2019bookThe first conspiracy : the secret plot to kill George Washington
FHistory: America
F-345cdYoukali : cabaret and art songs by Satie, Poulenc, and Weill
F704.O41A53 2018bookBoom town : the fantastical saga of Oklahoma city, its chaotic founding, its apocalyptic weather, its purloined basketball team, and the dream of becoming a world-class metropolis
F788.M33 2018bookThe Grand Canyon : between river and rim
F817.S9A78 2018bookExploring the Superstitions : trails and tales of the Southwest's mystery mountains
F1434.2.W37M65 1999bookVoices from exile : violence and survival in modern Maya history
F1435.3.C75S26 2003bookBuried secrets : truth and human rights in Guatemala
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GB5014.N485 2019bookNatural disasters : a reference handbook
GC21.W67 2018bookThe world's oceans : geography, history, and environment
GN69.8.F647 2017bookForensic anthropology : a comprehensive introduction
GT4905 .O88 2009bookCelebrate Chinese New Year : [with fireworks, dragons, and lanterns]
GT4975.H44 2017bookCelebrate Thanksgiving
GV341.F58 2017dvdFittest on Earth : a decade of fitness
GV867.64.R67 2018bookBaseball and American culture : a history
GV1785.S65B63 2017dvdBobbi Jene
HSocial Sciences
HB501.P6457 2018bookRadical markets : uprooting capitalism and democracy for a just society
HC79.C3K55 2018bookPalaces for the people : how social infrastructure can help fight inequality, polarization, and the decline of civic life
HC337.U5D59 1987bookExecution by hunger : the hidden holocaust
HC430.F3D55 2011bookMao's great famine : the history of China's most devastating catastrophe, 1958-1962
HC430.F3Y3613 2013bookTombstone : the great Chinese famine, 1958-1962
HD31.L843 2017bookManagement fundamentals : concepts, applications, and skill development
HD1694.T4M34 2018bookA thirsty land : the making of an American water crisis
HD9000.5.M4275 2019bookFood routes : growing bananas in Iceland and other tales from the logistics of eating
HD9000.9.D44J34 2019bookThe safe food imperative : accelerating progress in low- and middle-income countries
HF1041.C56bookThe CRB commodity yearbook
HF1418.5.S752 2018bookGlobalization and its discontents revisited : anti-globalization in the era of Trump
HF5548.4.M527F654 2014bookWelcome to Microsoft Office 2013
HG540.B47 2019bookFirefighting : the financial crisis and its lessons
HG1710.L38 2017bookBlockchain
HM646.W66 2018bookGetting a life : the social worlds of geek culture
HM736.R678 2019bookIn mixed company : communicating in small groups and teams
HM741.R474 2013bookFrom Bin Laden to facebook : 10 days of abduction, 10 years of terrorism
HN90.M6S53 2019bookThe right side of history : how reason and moral purpose made the West great
HN540.A8P37 2017bookThe Nordic theory of everything : in search of a better life
HQ73.M36 2018bookNonbinary gender identities : history, culture, resources
HQ75.8.S44A3 2011bookI, Pierre Seel, deported homosexual : a memoir of Nazi terror
HQ144.B3295 2018bookFighting the US youth sex trade : gender, race, and politics
HQ766.Q85 2019bookBirth control : your questions answered
HQ784.I58K36 2018bookThe art of screen time : how your family can balance digital media and real life
HQ792.M6O45 2018bookMotherhood across borders : immigrants and their children in Mexico and New York
HQ799.2.V56K68 2019bookAn American summer : love and death in Chicago
HQ806.B559 2018bookLove affairs : the therapeutic guide to sound thinking and smart moves after infidelity
HT111.S547 2019bookCities : the first 6,000 years
HT153.L535 2019bookLiving in smart cities : innovation and sustainability
HT166.I577 2019bookInside smart cities : place, politics and urban innovation
HV1568.R47 2019bookDisability : a reference handbook
HV2746.D43 2002bookDeaf people in Hitler's Europe
HV2748.B5413 2003bookCrying hands : eugenics and deaf people in Nazi Germany
HV5825.B84 2018bookOur 50-state border crisis : how the Mexican border fuels the drug epidemic across America
HV6433.35.A76 2017bookGerm wars : the politics of microbes and America's landscape of fear
HV6433.I722D4713 2018bookThe terrorist factory : ISIS, the Yazidi genocide, and exporting terror
HV6439.U5H679 2019bookGangs in America's communities
HV6534.L7M87 2017bookThe hot one : a memoir of friendship, sex, and murder
HV6773.2.C585 2019bookThe fifth domain : defending our country, our companies, and ourselves in the age of cyber threats
HV8139.T46 2019bookThe state of American policing : psychology, behavior, problems, and solutions
HV8599.C16C48 1999bookVoices from S-21 : terror and history in Pol Pot's secret prison
JPolitical Science
JA76.G534 2018bookDarkness now visible : patriarchy's resurgence and feminist resistance
JC571.T693 2015bookTowards a just society : the personal journeys of human rights educators
JK1021.H34 2019bookThe American Congress : a reference handbook
JK1726.D46 2019bookDemocracy evolving
JK1994.I868 2016dvdI voted?
JV6483.B48 2018bookInventing the immigration problem : the Dillingham Commission and its legacy
JV6483.L46 2019bookImmigration reform : a reference handbook
JV6483.W54 2018bookWelcoming new Americans? : local governments and immigrant incorporation
JZ1242.L39 2017bookInternational relations
JZ5675.J48 2018bookThe Iran nuclear deal : bombs, bureaucrats, and billionaires
K564.C6S88 2017bookSolving the Internet jurisdiction puzzle
KF1262.F37 2018bookHabeas data : privacy vs. the rise of surveillance tech
KF3552.F55 2018bookChild labor in America : the epic legal struggle to protect children
KF4541.U8 2018bookThe U.S. Constitution & secession : a documentary anthology of slavery and White supremacy
KF4710.C64 2018bookNaturalization and U.S. citizenship : the essential legal guide
KF4715.H47 2015bookRevoking citizenship : expatriation in America from the Colonial era to the War on Terror
KF4819.F36 2017bookFamilies & immigration : a practical guide
KF4819.I4713 2018bookThe Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 : legislating a new America
KF4819.S77 2014bookStrange neighbors : the role of states in immigration policy
KF4842.K358 2012bookAftermath : deportation law and the new American diaspora
KF4842.N49 2015bookThe new deportations delirium : interdisciplinary responses
KF9217.B47 2018bookCriminal law : a desk reference
KF9300.N38 2018bookPunishment without crime : how our massive misdemeanor system traps the innocent and makes America more unequal
KF9640.B39 2019bookCharged : the new movement to transform American prosecution and end mass incarceration
KJ147.H47 2018bookA short history of European law : the last two and a half millennia
KMJ41.H87K45 2008bookGhosts of Halabja : Saddam Hussein and the Kurdish genocide
KZ7145.T35 2017bookGenocide, mass atrocity, and war crimes in modern history : blood and conscience
LB41.D684 2018bookTeaching in the fourth industrial revolution : standing at the precipice
LB880.F73P4313 2018bookPedagogy of the oppressed
LB1028.H31145 2020bookEducation research : the basics
LB1060.W44 2019bookUnderstanding how we learn : a visual guide
LB1570.H57 2016bookWhy knowledge matters : rescuing our children from failed educational theories
LB1576.S76 2018bookDeveloping writers of argument : tools & rules that sharpen student reasoning : 20 ready-to-use lessons
LB1594.E544 2017bookEngineering instruction for high-ability learners in K-8 classrooms
LC71.D37 2017bookEmpowered educators : how high-performing systems shape teaching quality around the world
LC1099.3.B36 2019bookAn introduction to multicultural education
LC1099.3.N54 2018bookAffirming diversity : the sociopolitical context of multicultural education
McdSymphony no. 15
M1.3.H65 R6 C3cdLe roi David
M1.E44 1982bookElizabeth Rogers, hir virginall booke : 112 choice pieces for harpsichord by Byrd, Gibbons, Lawes, and others
M1.I52 1995cdIn the name of Bach.
M1.T45S59 2000cdSix concerts et suites, 1734
M2.B95M9 1969bookMy Ladye Nevells booke of virginal music
M3.1cdTrio sonatas = Triosonaten
M3.1.A263O73 2014cdCity noir ; : Saxophone concerto
M3.1.B33S23 2002cdSacred vocal works
M3.1.B464S443 2011cd
M3.1.B7S34 2000cdScherzo fantasy ; : Three Donald Hall songs ; Sessions II & III ; Virtuosity rag ; Haunted labyrinth ; Five fold five
M3.1.C56P53 1995cdThe legendary 1984 Moscow concert
M3.1.C655 v.7cdBallet-suite : The masque of the red death ; Irish rhapsody ; Set of four
M3.1.C6657I572 2011cdComplete edition
M3.1.C67C4 2004cdThe chamber music of Aaron Copland.
M3.1.D45B44 2002cdBeecham conducts Delius.
M3.1.D69F3 1996cdFarewell, unkind
M3.1.G52I4 2009cdPiano concerto ; : Symphony no. 4
M3.1.I73P49 1991cdMissa de apostolis
M3.1.J68C54cdAdieu mes amours : et autres chansons
M3.1.J83T23 1993cdMissa "Ave maris stella" : motets & chansons
M3.1.M25M9 1992cdMusica da camera
M3.1.M9P52 1990book
M3.1.R67A78 2010cdThe art of sound : Serebrier conducts Rorem
M3.1.R79S36cdMusic by Edmund Rubbra.
M3.1.S68C52 1992 CDcdChamber music with clarinet
M3.1.S7C6 1995cdThree concerti.
M3.1.V35S55 2005cdSilva de sirenas
M3.1H64V64cdSavitri, op. 25 ; : Choral hymns from the Rig Veda, op. 26 no. 3 (third group) ; Partsongs, opp. 43, 44
M3.1H65S281990cdSavitri, op. 25
M3.G59cdComplete works for flute and guitar. Vol. 1
M3.H4A72cdThe creation
M3.M34C66 2010cdThe Complete works
M6.C37I3 2014bookIf you could read my mind
M7.B11 V8 v.1cdOrgan music. Vol. 1
M7.M8R8 1984cdThe Ruffatti organ [in] Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco.
M8Moz.Or 1988cdThe complete sonatas for organ and orchestra
M14.3.C85B7 1996cdOrgan masses
M20.C51N548 1992cdNikolai Demidenko plays Chopin.
M20.H67H67 2008cdHorowitz in Hamburg : the last concert.
M20.P86 HcdHenry Purcell : works for harpsichord.
M20.P92F46 1995bookClassical symphony, Romeo and Juliet, and other works in original transcriptions for solo piano
M20.T251W6 2000 CD v.1cdPiano music. Volume 1
M21.A74M37 2014cdMartha Argerich. Vol. 2.
M21.B33G54 2012cdGlenn Gould in concert : Salzburg 1959: Bach, Goldberg variations ; Moscow 1957: Bach, three-part sinfonias ; Leningrad 1957: Bach, Beethoven piano concertos.
M21.H447N4 2001cdNew music for the piano.
M21.H67V52 S6 2008cdVladimir Horowitz.
M21.H68I5 2014cdIn the night.
M21.P60847 1999bookThe piano bench of classical music
M21.R2176 1997bookRagtime jubilee : 42 piano gems, 1911-21
M21.R53F76 2003cdFrom the archives
M21.V35I58 2009cdIntimate studies : piano music
M22cdComplete works for solo piano
M22cdFourteen waltzes ; : Barcarolle, op. 60 ; Nocturne, op. 27, no. 2 ; Mazurka, op. 50, no. 3
M22.B11D68 1991bookMiscellaneous keyboard works : toccatas, fugues, and other pieces : from the Bach-Gesellschaft edition
M22.B11W656 1983bookThe well-tempered clavier : books I and II, complete
M22.B11W81 2014 v.1bookThe well-tempered clavier : 48 preludes and fugues. Book I
M22.B11W81 v.2bookThe well-tempered clavier : 48 preludes and fugues. Book II
M22.B4D66 1987bookBagatelles, rondos, and other shorter works for piano
M22.CcdScherzi, fantaisie, berceuse, barcarolle
M22.C46P54 2014cdA Chopin recital.
M22.C46T83 1992cd
M22.C4P5 1993cdPreludes
M22.C545L37 1993, pt.2cdGreat Chopin performers
M22.C545M325 1989bookFantasy in F minor, Barcarolle, Berceuse, and other works for solo piano
M22.C545S6 1992cdThe piano sonatas ; : 5 etudes ; 4 mazurkas = Die Klaviersonaten = Les sonates pour piano
M22.C54 E8 N3cdEtudes op. 10 and op. 25
M22.C67C4 1998cd
M22.DcdRuralia hungarica : op. 32a ; Four rhapsodies, op. 11
M22.F454F75 1999cdPiano music. Volume 1
M22.F45T45 1992cdSonatas and nocturnes
M22.F47O7 1994cd16 piano pieces
M22.G53S65 2013cdSolo piano music
M22.G84 D6 1993bookPeer Gynt suite, Holberg suite, and other works for piano solo
M22.G84D7 1989bookComplete lyric pieces : for piano
M22.G84P59 2000cdPiano sonata ; : 7 fugues ; Lyric pieces ; Carnival scene
M22.H67E87 2009cdThe essential Vladimir Horowitz.
M22.J66H9 1988cdPiano works, 1899-1904
M22.J67B47 2006cdThe best of Scott Joplin.
M22.L77B4 1982bookPiano transcriptions from French and Italian operas
M22.L77M73 1990bookSonata in B minor and other works for piano
M22 .M53P53 1998bookThe complete piano sonatas
M22.M547R45 v.1bookComplete works for pianoforte solo. : Volume I
M22.M653S2 2004bookSaudades do Brazil and other works for piano
M22.M78K.414 S47cdPiano concerto no. 12 ; : Piano concerto no. 20 ; Six German dances : K571 ; Prelude & fugue, K394
M22.M93H785 1987cdHorowitz plays Mozart.
M22.P96F49 2000bookSarcasms, Visions fugitives, and other short works for piano
M22.R12L3 1992bookSonatas and other works for piano
M22.R32F3 1992cdFavourite Rachmaninov
M22.R47P53 2006bookAncient airs and dances : & other works for solo piano
M22.R63P53 2010cdPiano music. 4
M22.S25D7 1989book
M22.S394S3 v.1bookPiano music of Robert Schumann : series I
M22.S39C66 2009bookComplete solo piano works
M22.S55M4 1991book
M22.W37K54 1992bookComplete sonatas, Invitation to the dance, and other piano works
M23.B12F4 1985bookGreat keyboard sonatas
M23.B414S34bookComplete piano sonatas
M23.B416B44 2003cd
M23.C44cdFavorite Chopin. Vol. 2.
M23.C53P5 1995cdPiano music
M23.C55 op.25cdSonatas
M23.C56cdThe 3 piano sonatas
M23.C61A2 1986cdThe sonatas ; : Fantaisie.
M23.H41 1982cdThe six last sonatas
M23.I92 no.1 2010cdJeremy Denk plays Ives.
M23.K33P53 2009cdPiano sonatas
M23 .L253 2010cdLang Lang live in Vienna
M23.N67S38 2012cdSchumann & Schumann.
M23.P93G5x 1994 vol. 3cdPiano sonatas. Vol. 3
M23.S28S6453 2012bookNinety sonatas in three volumes. Vol. 3
M23.S384D4 2000cdThe piano sonatas
M23.S38 E6 1970bookComplete sonatas for pianoforte solo
M23.S65F3 1990cdFandango ; 9 sonates
M24.B32E54, C87, 1989cd
M24.F67P5 2001cd
M24.H576M8 1998cdMusic of the Couperins.
M24.R36P53 2014cd
M24.T43T53 2007cdTic, toc, choc : Alexandre Tharaud joue Couperin.
M25.C34cdSonatas & interludes
M25.C46W35 1985cdWaltzes
M25.C55 op.10 1984cd
M25.F46N59 1989cdThe complete nocturnes
M25.H367B4852cdPiano music
M25.H43op.81 1992cdPreludes opp. 81 and 150
M25.R23 op.16bookSix moments musicaux : op. 16, for piano
M25.R83P53 2012cdPiano pieces
M27.B33G65 2013cdGoldberg variations
M32.8.B2T63 1996bookToccata and fugue in D minor, and the other Bach transcriptions : for solo piano
M32.8.G869C46 2011cdChopin, Liszt, Ravel.
M32.C6W3 B82cd14 waltzes ; : Piano sonata no. 3
M35.S68M375 1975bookSousa's great marches : in piano transcription
M38.5.G74 2019bookThe greatest video game music.
M41.J67S6 1996cdSolo.
M52.F7T84 1994cdTwelve caprices, op. 7 ; : Twelve etudes, op. 35
M125.E45.H66 2011cd
M125.S43A64 2002cdAndres Segovia plays : J.S. Bach: guitar works, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Ponce, Torroba, Turina, 1947/1949.
M125.W55G85 1996cdGuitar recital
M126 K85 G85 2011LANGLEY / COMPACT DISC, c. 1cdGuitar recital.
M128.S556 2003cdGuitar album
M177.C68I5 1997cd6 concerts
M178cdString quartet in E minor
M178cdUne larme ; : Duo ; Serenata ; Sonate a quattro
M178.C7S64 1992bookComplete violin sonatas and trio sonatas
M179.C146M87 1998cdMusic for percussion quartet
M201.D98op.46 N3cdSlavonic dances : opp. 46 and 72
M201.K385cdPianoduo, Katja & Ines Lunkenheimer.
M201.S4D6 1977bookSelected piano works : for four hands
M213.A97R87 2007bookRussian Romantic piano transcriptions : for two pianos eight hands.
M214.A84M87 2009cdMusic for two pianos
M217.S27P3 1990cd
M218.B45F74 2012cdFrench impressions.
M218.S38V56 2013cdViolin sonatas
M219cdWorks for piano, vol. 7
M219.C8 op.5, no.1-6 2004cdViolin sonatas, op. 5, nos. 1-6
M219.L43R87 1993cdSonata in A major for 2 violins, Op. 3, No. 2
M219.S39 2008cdThe violin sonatas
M229cdArpeggione sonate ; : Forellen quintet
M229.C37 O75 2010cdPablo Casals : the original jacket collection.
M229.C545Op.65 1976cd
M231.B66cdSix sonatas for cello and piano
M231.H37 2007cdSonatas
M245.A547C3 1996cdCapriccio : classics for oboe.
M286.D86 2014cdDuos, Duette, duos
M286.P25 S65 2012cdSonatas for violin and guitar
M286.T87D86 2008cdDuos for violin & cello.
M292.C38D86 W4 1988cdThe well-tempered guitars : a selection
M292.M575M72 2014cdGuitar duets
M294 B76 C6 2001LANGLEY / COMPACT DISC, c. 1cd"Concierto para guitarra y violin"
M296.G58 op.52 1992cdGran duetto concertante for flute and guitar
M297.P529 C66cdComplete music for flute and guitar
M311.B44C43 2001cdPiano trios : violin and cello sonatas
M312.H43G7 1995bookGreat piano trios
M312.S386 op.110 2010cdThe piano trios. Volume 1
M350.C67 op.1 1987cdTrio sonatas
M355.S39K34 2008cdEin Kagel-Schubert-Projekt.
M371.F67G85 1994cdGuitar trios : Trios concertants, op. 18
M374.S73 op.14, 1992cdSix trios for flute, violin and basso continuo, op. 14
M412M46 no.2 op.2 2010cdPiano quartets
M422.M45Q8 EI57 2006cdQuatuor pour la fin du temps
M451.S3Q7 D810 2003cd
M451.Z46 no.1 2014cdString quartets. 2
M452.B85 op.67 2012cdString quartet no. 3, op. 67
M452.G83Op.70 1994cdString quartets nos. 2 and 4
M452.J37A1 1997cdStreichquartette nr. 1 & 2
M452.M58S77 2007cdString quartets 1 & 3
M452.M59S59 1995cd6 string quartets
M452.S696op.8 S43 1989cd
M512.4.S38 D.667 B7cdA Schubert celebration.
M512.D75 op.1, 1988cdPiano quintet no. 1, op. 1 ; : Sextet, op. 37
M555.Q54 2011cdQuintett Chantily.
M556.R35 1987/89 vol.5cd
M622.D64op. 37 1995cdSextet
M862.S38 D.803, 1997cdA Schubert celebration.
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M1000B47 2003cdThe best tango album in the world ever!.
M1001cdSymphony no. 4
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M1019.V54O78 2007cdComplete works for viola da gamba
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M1022.G6654 OcdOboe concertos = Oboenkonzerte = Concertos pour hautbois.
M1022.L46M4 2001cd
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M1030.S28B37 C93cd
M1037.4.G8cdConcierto de Aranjuez
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M1112cdSerenade for violin, string orchestra, harp, and percussion
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M1500cdA little night music
M1500cdAufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny = the rise and fall of the city of Mahagonny
M1500cdThe excursions of Mr. Broucek : opera in 2 parts
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M1500.M940D6-McdDon Giovanni
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M1505cdEnjoying opera
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M1505.B76 2007cdBroadway scene stealers: the men.
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M1527.S39 1994cdThe secret garden : world premiere recording
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M1630.18.M66T35 2004cdTaking a chance on love
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M1630.18.N55G74 2002cdGreatest hits [soundrecording (music CD)]
M1630.18.N55L58 2006cdA little touch of Schmilsson in the night
M1630.18.N55S66 2006cdSon of Schmilsson
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M1630.18.V38 M5cdMisty
M1630.18.W44 2016cdWhen love speaks.
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M1824.B7S9 2002cdSymphony no. 6 in A major
M1944.L3C6 1998cdConversation pieces
M2000cdThe light of life
M2000.B33J38 2013cdChristmas oratorio
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M2000.H22I66 2000cdIsrael in Egypt
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M2000.H415C74 1980cdThe creation
M2000.H41 J3 D4cdDie Jahreszeiten = The seasons = Les saisons
M2000.H41J3 P4cdDie Jahreszeiten = (The seasons)
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M2000.H4S34 1992cdThe creation
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M2010.S523 op. 38 1991cdMessa da requiem
M2011.D33P3 1986cdMissa Pange lingua ; : Missa La sol fa re mi
M2011.J67M57 1989cd
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NFine Arts
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PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
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QC903.H69 2017dvdHow to let go of the world : and love all the things climate can't change
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SDA 00528cdNever never land
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SDB 11895cdDivertimenti
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SDB 21071cdPentimento
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SDB 47570cdLa cena delle beffe
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SDB 57770cdOf thee I sing ; : Let 'em eat cake
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SDB 64116cdLa traviata
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SDB 64297cdConcerto for 2 pianos & orchestra in E-flat major, K. 365 (K. 316a) ; : Concerto for 3 pianos & orchestra in F major, K. 242 : Lodron concerto ; Fantasia in F minor, K. 608 ; Andante and variations for four hands in G major, K. 501
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SDB 65547cd4 ballades ; : 4 scherzi
SDB 67060cdInto the woods : original cast recording
SDB 67071cdJacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris
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SDB 72733cdAbu Hassan
SDB 72761cdCello concertos
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Sony Music Special Products AK 52422cdSeven brides for seven brothers
Supraphon 11 1822-2 011cdSymphony no. 4 in C minor : Easter eve ; Springtime and desire : symphonic poem
T14.5.F63 2018bookWorld without mind : the existential threat of big tech
T40.O88C37 2018dvdCassette : a documentary mixtape
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TT180.P39 2018bookThe why & how of woodworking : a simple approach to making meaningful work
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Teldec 9031-72025-2cd
UMilitary Science
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U264.S96 2017bookSilencing the bomb : one scientist's quest to halt nuclear testing
UA23.G638 2018bookThe American military : a concise history
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VNaval Science
V4642cdEl sombrero de tres picos ; : Concerto pour clavecin
VK1023.D65 2016bookBrilliant beacons : a history of the American lighthouse
Virgin Classics VC 7 91496-2cdSolimann [i.e. Soliman] II
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z687.G68 2019bookCollection development and management for 21st century library collections : an introduction
Z711.4.P38 2019bookBeyond banned books : defending intellectual freedom throughout your library
Z720.B24W56 2005bookThe librarian of Basra : a true story from Iraq
ZA3075.M485 2019bookMetaliterate learning for the post-truth world
cd110 in the shade
cd15 inventions BWV 772-786 ; : 15 sinfonias BWV 787-801 ; 4 duettos BWV 802-805
cd20/21 : music for cello and piano from the 20th and 21st centuries.
cd20th century Italian string music
cd3 piano concerti "a quattro" K. 413, K. 414, K. 415
cd4 strings only : a recital for solo violin.
cd6 sonate a due hautbois et basson
cd6 sonate op. 1
cd7 early songs : piano and orchestral versions ; Der Wein
cd9 symphonies
cdA Faust symphony in three character portrayals : (after Goethe)
cdA cappella choruses
cdA little bit in love : love songs from Broadway.
cdA night in Vienna
bookA time of hope : Broadway 1935-1946.
cdA tribute. Volume III
bookACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer. 5th Ed.
bookAEA advocate.
bookAfrican-American Odyssey, Combined Volume. 7th Ed.
cdAll-time greatest hits!
cdAmarilli : Cantates pour alto solo ; Sonates
cdAmarilli : cantates pour alto solo ; Sonates
cdAnhaltische Philharmonie Dessau spielt Schubert und Klughardt.
cdAnita O'Day and Billy May swing Rodgers and Hart.
cdAppalachia ; : Sea drift
bookArizona: A History. Revised Ed.
cdArpeggione ; : Schwanengesang
cdArtist & educator : 41 pieces for two violins ; Sonatas for violin solo op. 31 no. 1 & no. 2
bookAtlas of Anatomy. 4th Ed.
cdAverno ; : Cricket, spider, bee ; Gospel cha-cha
cdBernstein conducts Bernstein.
cdBill Evans : kind of Evans.
cdBillie's blues
cdBonnie Scotland.
bookBook of the Unknown
cdBusoni - piano transcriptions
cdCantatas. 17
cdCantatas. 19
cdCantatas. 28
cdCantatas. Vol. 20
cdCanzoni e danze
bookCases and Concepts in Comparative Politics.
cdCello concerto in B minor, op.104 : Symphony no.9 in E minor, op.95 "From the new world"
cdChamber music
cdChamber music (complete)
cdChamber works
cdChasing rainbows
cdChopin, Paderewski, Szymanowski.
cdChu Chin Chow
bookCinematic piano.
cdClarinet concertos. Vol. 1.
cdClarinet quintets
bookClaudio Arrau in Germany 1929-1938 : Pre-War recordings from the collection of Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv
cdClavicembalo Napoletano. Primo libro (1603)
bookClimatology. 4th Ed.
cdCome what may
cdComplete Piano Concertos. : Nos. 7, 10 & 15 / Vol. 10:
cdComplete cantatas. Volume 18
cdComplete concerto recordings
cdComplete duos & trio for violin, guitar and violoncello
cdComplete piano music. Vol. 1
cdComplete piano music. Vol. 3,
cdComplete string quartets
cdComplete works for violin/viola and piano
cdConcerti and concerti grossi
cdConcerti armonici
cdConcerti per flauto ; : Two trio sonatas
cdConcerti per violino, archi e continuo, D. 78, D. 12, D. 15
cdConcerto no. 1 for cello and orchestra op. 107 ; : Concerto no. 2 for cello and orchestra, op. 126
cdConcerto no. 22 in E-flat for piano and orchestra, K.482
cdConcertos KV 413, 414
cdConcertos for cello and orchestra
cdConcertos pour orgue et orchestre, op. 26
cdConsort music for viols in six parts
bookConstitutional Law for a Changing America: Rights, Liberties, and Justice. 10th Ed
bookContrapunctus XIX
cdCrazy Jane.
bookCulture and Psychology. Course Readings
cdCusped truth
cdDas Concertino Wien mitglieder der Wiener Symphoniker live aus dem Casino Baumgarten : Mozart, Grieg & Teleman.
cdDer Kampf der Busse und Bekehrung
cdDer brauchbare Virtuoso
cdDeux quintettes pour piano & cordes
cdDido and Aeneas ; : Music for "The Gordian knot unty'd"
cdDie 10 Sonaten & Fantasie
cdDie 4 Orchestersuiten = Complete suites for orchestra = Les 4 suites pour orchestre
cdDie Klavierkonzerte = The piano concertos
cdDie Ladegast-Sauer-Orgel der Nikolaikirche zu Leipzig.
cdDon Giovanni
cdDouble concertos
cdDuetti da camera
cdEaster parade : [original soundtrack].
cdEgyenes zene = (Straight music)
bookEl maestro Farinelli.
bookElements of Intercultural Communication. Custom Ed.
cdElisabeth Schwarzkopf.
cdEmma d'Antiochia : tragedia lirica in three acts
cdEmotional turbulence.
cdEnigma variations : In the South ; Coronation march
cdEnsemble Clarinesque plays Mozart & Pleyel.
cdErwartung : op. 17 ; Cabaret songs
cdEtudes op. 10 & 25
cdEugen Onegin und Pique Dame
bookExercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance. 10th Ed.
cdExsultate, jubilate
cdFAE : Kammermusik des Freundeskreises um Robert Schumann = Chamber music from the circle around Robert Schumann = Musique de chambre de l'entourage de Robert Schumann
bookFifty minerals that changed the course of history
bookFirst Course in Applied Behavior Analysis
bookFirst Look at Communication Therory. 10th Ed.
cdFlute concerto (with early version of the second movement) ; : Pan and Syrinx ; Suite for strings ; At the bier of a young artist ; Bohemian-Danish folk songs
cdFlute concertos : concerto for flute and harp
cdFlute concertos Nos. 1-4
bookFolk & Fairy Tales. 4th Ed.
cdFor St Cecilia ; Dies natalis ; In terra pax ; Magnificat
bookFor Your Information. 2nd Ed.
cdGeorge London. : bass-baritone. Volume three :
cdGerhard Taschner [plays] Sibelius, Bruch, Schubert, Paganini.
cdGerman chamber cantatas. Vol. 1,
cdGiulietta Simionato.
cdGive me you ; : This is Roslyn Kind.
cdGoldberg variations : BWV 988
cdGoyescas ; : Allegro de concierto
cdGrant Johannesen performs rare Russian repertoire : Russian piano music.
bookGreat Writing. 4th Ed.
cdGreat moments of-- Fritz Wunderlich.
cdGreat voices of the 50s.
cdGuglielmo Tell
cdHenry VIII
cdHighlights from A chorus line
cdHighway my friend
cdHofmusik in Mecklenburg.
cdHymnus paradisi
cdIl Trovatore
cdIl ballo delle ingrate ; : Sestina
cdIl barbiere di Siviglia
cdIl trovatore
cdIn performance & conversation
cdIntegrale des duos pour violon et alto = Complete violin and viola duos
cdItalian musicians in London
cdItaly's "Generation of 1880" and their disciples
cdJames Levine conducts Brahms.
bookJournal of the Southwest.
cdJulie London sings the standards.
cdJulius Caesar
cdJust friends
cdKarajan conducts Tchaikovsky.
bookKeeping the Republic: Power and Citizenship in American Politics. Brief Edition 8th Ed.
cdKeith Jarret Solo Concerts
cdKlavierquintett Es-Dur KV 452 ; : Klaviertrio Es-Dur KV 498 : Kegelstatt-Trio
cdKlavierquintette = Piano quintets
cdKurt Weill.
cdL'italiana in Algeri
cdLa damnation de Faust : op. 24
cdLa forza del destino
cdLa forza delle stelle
cdLa traviata
cdLatin America alive : Eduardo Mata sessions.
cdLe cantate : parte prima
cdLeonard Shure in concert at Jordan Hall.
cdLes saisons, op. 37b ; : Six morceaux, op. 19
cdLiebesfreud and Liebesleid : encores for the cello.
cdLone star love, or, The merry wives of Windsor, Texas : original cast recording.
bookLove is the answer.
cdLucia di Lammermoor
cdLucia von Lammermoor
cdLudwigsburger festspiele : Verdi live
cdLuisa Miller
cdLyrical travels with Edvard Grieg.
cdMadama Butterfly
cdMagical place of my dreams
cdMany a new day : the lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II
bookMarine Biology. 11th Ed.
cdMasses & motets
cdMayr rediscovered.
cdMikhail Alexandrovich, tenor.
cdMilt Jackson : kind of Jackson
cdMischa Elman plays.
cdMissa defunctorum
cdMitridate, re di Ponto : K. 87
cdMozart in C.
cdMozart's symphonies nos. 38 'Prague', 39 and 40 : arranged for flute, violin, cello and piano
cdMusic by Bach's students
cdMusic for two pianos
cdMusic on the Grand Canal
bookNASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training. 6th Ed.
bookNSCA's Essentials of Personal Training. 2nd Ed.
bookNazism, 1919-1945 : a documentary reader
bookNew Harbrace Guide. 3rd Ed.
cdNilsson sings Newman.
cdNo holds barred
cdNorthern delights.
cdNursery suite : Grania & Diarmid--funeral march ; Severn suite ; The Light of life--Meditation ; Caractacus--Woodland interlude ; The Crown of India--suite
cdOdes & songs
cdOff the wall : a revuesical
cdOld city new image
cdOn my way to you : the songs of Alan & Marilyn Bergman.
cdOn the brink of tomorrow.
cdOnce upon a mattress : a new musical
cdOperisti al pianoforte.
cdOratorios, cantatas, Masonic music
cdOrchestral music
cdOrchestral works. 4
cdOscars winners, 1934-1951 : [complete best songs].
cdOtto Klemperer conducts Bruckner : Symphony No. 7.
cdOut of the shadow of the masters
cdOvertures and concertos. Vol. 2
cdOvertures, marches, polkas, waltzes
cdPerspectives. 4.
cdPetroushka : (1947 version) ; Divertimento from the fairy's kiss
cdPiano concerto in B minor
cdPiano concerto no. 1
cdPiano concertos
cdPiano concertos K482, K466
cdPiano music
cdPiano music. Volume 2
cdPiano quartets
cdPiano quintet op. 1 ; String quartet no. 2 op. 15
cdPiano quintets nos. 1 and 2
cdPiano rarities. Vol. 3,
cdPiano recital.
cdPiano sonatas
cdPiano sonatas, vol. 2
cdPiano trios : op. 40
cdPiano trios. 1
cdPieces de viole : mises en pieces de clavecin
cdPierrot lunaire ; : Trio for violin, viola & cello, op. 45
cdPolish symphonic music of the 19th century.
cdPolly & her pop ; : Do re mi ; Annie get your gun
cdPreludes & impromptus
cdProduzioni armoniche
cdPut on a happy face : Broadway 1959-1967.
cdQuintet for horn and strings in E-flat major, K. 407 ; : Divertimento for string quartet in D major, K. 136 ; Divertimento for piano trio in B-flat major, K. 254 ; Serenade for winds in C minor, K. 388
cdRare French works for violin and orchestra.
cdRavel: the complete solo piano music
cdReal emotional girl
cdRenata Tebaldi : my first record.
cdRequiem : mass in C minor
cdRequiem, K. 626 ; : Kyrie in D minor, KV 341
cdRequiem, op. 48 ; Cantique de Jean Racine : op. 11
cdRhapsodie-concerto, pour alto et orchestre, H337
cdRostropovich conducts Prokofiev : the complete symphonies.
cdRubinstein plays Chopin.
cdSackbutt : trombone in the 17th and 18th century.
cdSacred music
cdSarah Vaughan
cdSarah Vaughan : complete Musicraft master takes.
cdSarah Vaughan, 1944-1950.
cdSarah Vaughan.
cdScarlatti sonatas
cdSchubert, Berg, Bruckner.
cdSchwarz conducts Mahler : Symphony no. 4.
cdSee what I wanna see (CD)
cdSeesaw : original Broadway cast
cdSei sonate per organo
cdSemiramide : la signora regale.
bookSeven brides for seven brothers : original London cast recording
cdSheherazada symphonic suite, op. 35 : Musical pictures from the opera The legend of Tsar Sultan, op. 57
cdShenandoah : original broadway cast recording
cdSherry! : the Broadway musical
cdSimon Boccanegra : 1857 version
cdSinfonia concertante ; : Clarinet concerto ; Variations
cdSinfonie I c-moll
cdSinfonien der Mozart-Zeit, of the Mozart era
cdSingin' in the rain.
cdSo fine
cdSonata for violin and piano ; : 24 preludes for piano ; 24 preludes (version for violin and piano) ; Sonata for viola and piano
cdSonata op. 2 ; : Waltzes op. 39 ; Scherzo op. 4
cdSonate a due cimbali, 1704
cdSonate per violino e pianoforte. vol. 1
cdSonate pour orgue ; : Missa choralis
cdSonaten et divertimenti
cdSongs from the original motion picture soundtrack of London Town
cdSpanisches Liederbuch, vol. 1 & 2
cdSpike Jones & the City Slickers.
cdStay the night
bookStorytelling Tips: Creating, Crafting & Telling
cdStranger here myself : songs of Kurt Weill
cdStreet scene
cdStreichtrios. Vol. I
cdString quartet in E minor, op. 83 ; : Piano quintet in A minor, op. 84
cdString quartets
cdString quartets : anthology. Vol. 2
cdSuite, op. 45 : Luciferian
cdSviatoslav Richter archives. Vol. 19.
cdSviatoslav Richter archives. vol. 13.
cdSymphonic poems. 2
cdSymphonie N 5
cdSymphonie no 2
cdSymphonies 1, 2, 3
cdSymphonies 3 & 4
cdSymphonies nos. 1 and 2
cdSymphony in C Major / Pfitzner ; Konzertstuck for four horns / Schumann ; Mendelssohn, Brahms, Webern
bookSymphony in G minor ; : Sinfonietta
cdSymphony no. 18 : "War-- there is no word more cruel"
cdSymphony no. 4 ; : Kindertotenlieder
cdSymphony no. 4 in E flat major : Romantic
cdSymphony no. 5 in C-sharp minor
cdSymphony no. 5 in D major, op. 56 : L'Allegro ed il Penseroso ; Irish rhapsody : no. 4 in A minor, op. 141 : The fisherman of Loch Neagh and what he saw
cdSymphony no. 6
cdSymphony no. 7 in E major
cdSymphony no. 8 in C minor
cdSymphony no. 9 D minor = d-Moll
cdTales from the forest
bookThe American journal of nursing.
cdThe Barber of Seville
cdThe Baroque recorder
bookThe Brandenburgers in Bohemia : Opera in three acts
cdThe French harpsichord
cdThe Golden duet : Elena Sorokina, Alexander Bakhchiev : C. Czerny, J.S. Bach, L.A. Kozeluch.
cdThe Haydn quartets
cdThe Lion & Albert : vintage comedy classics.
cdThe London Theatre Orchestra & cast present highlights from Showboat.
cdThe Mozart piano concerto recordings 1933-47. Volume two.
cdThe Paganini Ensemble play Paganini & Boccherini at Berrington Hall.
cdThe Piano works
cdThe Rio Grande ; : Aubade haeroeique ; Summer's last will and testament
cdThe Rossini tenor
cdThe art of counter tenor.
cdThe best of British light music
cdThe best side of goodbye
cdThe complete chamber music
cdThe complete finished sonatas for piano
cdThe complete piano music. Vol. 2
cdThe complete works for flute and guitar. Volume 2
cdThe fairy queen
cdThe great polonaises
cdThe maiden's prayer : and other gems from an old piano stool.
cdThe marijuana-logues.
bookThe miracle of Our Lady = Les Jeux de Marie = Hry o Marii
cdThe miraculous mandarin ; : Concerto for orchestra
cdThe music of Gustav Mahler : issued 78s, 1903-1940.
cdThe piano trios of Felix Mendelssohn.
cdThe rare Beethoven.
cdThe seven wonders.
cdThe string quintets
cdThe symphonies
cdThink pink! : a Kay Thompson party
cdThis is Anita O'Day
cdThomas Jensen conducts Aarhus By-Orkester
cdThrobbing python of love
cdTrii e duetti per flauti, mandolini e basso continuo
cdTristan & Isolde
cdTwilight of the gods : the essential Wagner collection.
cdUn concert pour Mazarin.
cdVespri per l'assunzione di Maria Vergine ; : Mottetti RV 629, 631, 633, 623, 628, 630 ; In furore, Laudate pueri e concerti sacri ; Gloria ; Nisi Dominus, Crucifixus, Stabat mater
cdViolin concerto no. 1 ; : Swedish dances ; Symphony no. 1
cdViolin sonatas, opp. 7 & 29 ; : Cello sonata, op. 5
cdVioloncelle solo = Cello solo
cdVirtuose harfenmusik
cdVirtuoso recorder concertos : Antonio Vivaldi and contemporaries.
bookWell Said Into. 2nd Ed.
cdWhen the sun comes out
cdWilliam Primrose collection. Vol. 4.
cdWind concertos. vol. 3
cdWith Endless Teares.
cdWonder in the world
cdWorks for oboe
cdYou keep coming back like a song
.K56 2012bookBasque language : a practical introduction
30005cdLove songs