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Education Fine Arts
General Works History: America
History: General Language, Literature, Popular Films
Law Medicine
Military Science Music
Naval Science Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Political Science Science
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AGeneral Works
AV1.2.B3673D5 2000bookBilly Barnes divas
AV1.2.B44S6 no. 4 1995cdThe piano sonatas op. 6, op. 7, op. 14 nos. 1-2
AV1.2.B48N84 2004cd
AV1.2.C338Op. 8 1994cdSei quintetti per flauto, oboe, violino, viola e violoncello
AV1.2.G477P6 S8 2001cdBillie Holiday sings great American songbook : Gershwin, Kern, Porter, Berlin
AV1.2.K47M8 S6 1985cdJerome Kern goes to Hollywood.
AV1.2.K47R62 2002cdRoberta
AV1.2.M476N4 1994cdNew girl in town : original cast recording
AV1.2.M65D5 2004cdThe sacred music. 3
AV1.2.V256R6 M6 2000cdMoonlight becomes you : the songs of Jimmy Van Heusen.
AV1.2.W435L3 1998cdLady in the dark : original London cast recording
Albany Records TROY213cdPiano and vocal music
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B105.A55A74 2018bookAnimals : a history
B48313 2019bookBerserk
BF575.G7.J36 2009bookThe grief recovery handbook : the action program for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses including health career, and faith
BF575.L8N48 2019bookThe new psychology of love
BF637.B85D53 2016bookQueens of mean : a call for action to empower girls to end the vicious cycle of bullying each other
BF637.M56W56 2019bookThe little book of being : practices and guidance for uncovering your natural awareness
BF671.A63 2017bookAPA handbook of comparative psychology
BF692.5.T69 2020bookToxic masculinity
BF721.C5157 2017bookChild psychology and psychiatry : frameworks for clinical training and practice
BJ1589.C66 2019bookLet love have the last word : a memoir
BL42.5.U5O95 2018bookThe Oxford handbook of religion and American education
BL2400.A44 2019bookAfrican religions : beliefs and practices through history
BL2525.W4955 2019bookA politics of love : a handbook for a new American revolution
BP75.3.M43 2018bookMedieval Latin lives of Muhammad
BP80.V57A3 2019bookLove thy neighbor : a Muslim doctor's struggle for home in rural America
BV4597.6.P47 2019bookAddicted to lust : pornography in the lives of conservative Protestants
BX8525.8.G3G3713 2008bookBetween resistance and martyrdom : Jehovah's Witnesses in the Third Reich
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
C5226cdFarnace : dramma per musica
CD K7179cdThe girl with orange lips
CD782.14 BcdWonderful town
CD782.1 ScdPositively golden.
CD782.4264 PcdTogether
CD782.4264 ScdThe Paul Simon album : Broadway sings the best of Paul Simon.
CD782.4265 TcdNothing without you
CD784.154 GcdDracula
CD784.1556 GcdBallet pantomimes : Don Juan ; Semiramis
CD785.7 McdString quintet in A major, op. 18 ; Octet in E flat major, op. 20
CD785.8 DcdSix duos op. 3
CD787.4 McdCello sonatas
CD1982cdString quartets
CD2001:230cdDedication : lieder of Beethoven, Liszt, Schumann and Strauss
CD3029.82.N37 2018bookPresidential libraries and museums
CD3239 v.4cdPiano music. Vol. 4
CD6964cdSymphonies 1 & 3
CDM28698cdA Gilbert & Sullivan gala.
CS9.H64 2019bookRoots quest : inside America's genealogy boom
CT275.I43A3 2018bookCall me American : a memoir
CT3202.M87 2018bookA history of the world in 21 women : a personal selection
DHistory: General
D13.H5514 2020bookHistorical revisionism
D804.3.E46 1989bookThe Einsatzgruppen reports : selections from the dispatches of the Nazi Death Squads' campaign against the Jews July 1941-January 1943
D804.3.H625 2014bookThe Holocaust
D804.5 G38 S48 2013bookBranded by the pink triangle
DCA721cdThe lay of love
DD256.5.N359 2002bookThe Nazi Germany sourcebook : an anthology of texts
DH569.C7V26 2017bookBelgium and the Congo, 1885-1980
DIC 11998MUcdSongs of the cat
DK508.8374.A35 2013bookAfter the Holodomor : the enduring impact of the great famine on Ukraine
DK508.8377.H63 2012bookThe Holodomor reader : a sourcebook on the Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine
DK508.83S98 2011bookSliding on the snow stone
DR576.L38 2009bookLate Ottoman genocides : the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and Young Turkish population and extermination policies
DR1313.G88 1993bookA witness to genocide : the 1993 Pulitzer Prize-winning dispatches on the "ethnic cleansing" of Bosnia
DR1755.K37D66 2015book
DS59.K86E67 2016bookA people without a state : the Kurds from the rise of Islam to the dawn of nationalism
DS70.8.K8K855 2013bookGenocide and persecution.
DS79.9.H27H55 2007bookA poisonous affair : America, Iraq, and the gassing of Halabja
DS94.8.K8A45 2019bookThe Kurds of Northern Syria : governance, diversity and conflicts.
DS110.G3B55 2020bookThe blockade of the Gaza Strip
DS135.H93D863 2002bookSurviving in silence : a deaf boy in the Holocaust : the Harry I. Dunai story
DS194.A674 2015bookThe Armenian Genocide
DS371.2.A33815 2013bookAfghanistan
DS395.5.E27 2013bookGenocide and persecution.
DS489.2.S7395 2014bookSri Lanka
DS528.2.R64B87 2015bookBurma
DS554.83.L33A3 2001bookVantha's whisper
DS557.8.M9J77 2017bookMy Lai : Vietnam, 1968, and the descent into darkness
DS644.32.G46 2014bookGenocide and persecution.
DS777.55.E325 2011bookEating bitterness : new perspectives on China's Great Leap Forward and famine
DS778.7.D55 2019bookThe cultural revolution : a people's history, 1962-1976
DS805.2.J368 2019bookJapan : top sights, authentic experiences
DT30.5.E89 2018bookExploitation and misrule in colonial and postcolonial Africa
DT159.6.D27D3524 2015bookDarfur
DT450.435.R823 2015bookRwanda
DT450.435.S765 2006bookThe order of genocide : race, power, and war in Rwanda
DT636.5.L498 2014bookLiberia
DT652.C62 2016bookKing Leopold's soliloquy
DT1603.K67 2015bookNamibia and Germany : negotiating the past
DT1757.S665 2014bookSouth Africa
EHistory: America
E99.A6F37 2017bookApacheria : true stories of Apache life,1860-1920
E99.N3P484 2018bookSpider Woman's children : Navajo weavers today
E169.1.H46 2018bookPopular fads and crazes through American history
E184.F4D47 2019bookA good provider is one who leaves : one family and migration in the 21st century
E185.97.G37A3 2018bookThere will be no miracles here
E901.1.K58A3 2015bookThe senator next door : a memoir from the heartland
E901.1.W37F45 2018bookElizabeth Warren : her fight, her work, her life
E907.P66 2018bookHistorical dictionary of the Barack Obama administration
FHistory: America
F128.57.D4G66 2017bookReclaiming Gotham : Bill de Blasio and the movement to end America's tale of two cities
F788.L3373 2018bookThe Powell Expedition : new discoveries about John Wesley Powell's 1869 river journey
F1488.3.E344 2013bookGenocide and persecution.
F2229.G54 2018bookHistorical dictionary of ancient South America
F2849.2.A83 2014bookArgentina
F3100.G465 2014bookChile
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G143.D87 2018bookEnvironmental geography : people and the environment
G155.A1K836 2018bookRediscovering travel : a guide for the globally curious
G156.5.E26E3579 2017bookEcotourism's promise and peril : a biological evaluation
G370.P733 1958bookThe travels of Marco Polo
G1046.F1C3 2018bookCarving up the globe : an atlas of diplomacy
GN281.4.W53 2017bookMaking faces : the evolutionary origins of the human face
GN486.D43 2018bookDeath, mourning, and burial : a cross-cultural reader
GPdS386 L589 PerscdStefan Litwin, perspectives. : Sonata op. 11, performance and lecture. 3,
GT2850.B58 2018bookThe Bloomsbury handbook of food and popular culture
GV343.5.O74 2020bookOrganization and administration of physical education : theory and practice
GV460.2.H35A3 2019bookAbused : surviving sexual assault and a toxic gymnastics culture
GV939.K35A3 2018bookPlaying for more : trust beyond what you can see
GV944.5.M87 2019bookThe national team : the inside story of the women who changed soccer
GV1198.12.F75 2018bookPro wrestling : a comprehensive reference guide
GV1787.E89 2018bookThe evolving feminine ballet body
HSocial Sciences
H62.L45 2018bookRandomistas : how radical researchers are changing our world
H62.M2464 2018bookMaking research matter : a psychologist's guide to public engagement
HB871.B68 2019bookEmpty planet : the shock of global population decline
HC79.I5Y348 2019bookThe war on normal people : the truth about America's disappearing jobs and why universal basic income is our future
HC79.T4S39 2018bookShaping the fourth industrial revolution
HD108.3.D484 2020bookDevelopment, land use, and environmental impact
HD6285.F64 2018bookGender ambiguity in the workplace : transgender and gender-diverse discrimination
HD6331.A93185 2020bookAutomation of labor
HD8039.R3152C49 2019bookThe Chinese and the iron road : building the transcontinental railroad
HD9000.5.I5415 2020bookThe industrial food complex
HD9560.5.A75813 2018bookOil, power, and war : a dark history
HD9569.K63L46 2019bookKochland : the secret history of Koch Industries and corporate power in America
HD9580.A2F56 2018bookPipeline politics : assessing the benefits and harms of energy policy
HE5620.R53I83 2019bookSuper pumped : the battle for Uber
HF1713.T365 2020bookTariffs and the future of trade
HG1710.C785 2020bookCryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
HM741.L563 2018bookSocial media communication : concepts, practices, data, law and ethics
HM742.S237 2018bookThe Sage handbook of social media
HN90.V5P83 2020bookPublic outrage and protest
HQ76.2.G42B47 2015bookGay Berlin : birthplace of a modern identity
HQ76.3.G4H6613 1995bbookHidden holocaust? : gay and lesbian persecution in Germany 1933-45
HQ76.8.G3M37 2015bookSex and the Weimar Republic : German homosexual emancipation and the rise of the Nazis
HQ755.8.D3728 2019bookThe Montessori toddler : a parent's guide to raising a curious and responsible human being
HQ774.G77 2019bookInfancy : development from birth to age 3
HQ1075.P47 2017bookWho are you? : the kid's guide to gender identity
HQ1090.M3287 2020bookMale privilege
HQ1421.S535 2016dvdShe's beautiful when she's angry
HV640.5.C46S6 2019bookSolito, solita : crossing borders with youth refugees from Central America
HV1552.O94 2018bookThe Oxford handbook of disability history
HV5748.V37 2019bookVaping
HV5801.D724 2019bookDrug abuse sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the abuse of cocaine, club drugs, marijuana, inhalants, heroin, hallucinogens, and other illicit substances and the misuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications ; along with facts and statistics about drug use and addiction, treatment and recovery, drug testing, drug abuse prevention and intervention, glossaries of related terms, and directories of resources for additional help and information
HV6322.7.H58 2008bookThe historiography of genocide
HV6322.7.M6295 2018bookModern genocide : analyzing the controversies and issues
HV7936.E7F44 2017bookTear gas : from the battlefields of World War I to the streets of today
HX36.Z36 2018bookThe rise of communism : history, documents, and key questions
HX39.5.H36 2015bookMarx : a complete introduction
HX806.B7413 2017bookUtopia for realists : how we can build the ideal world
JPolitical Science
JA75.7.C837bookCultural politics.
JC423.B319 2012bookIn our name : the ethics of democracy
JC599.C62T5365 2014bookTibet
JC599.C6P46 2013bookGenocide & persecution.
JD240-2cdSuite Nr. 3 BWV 1009
JK31.W37 2017bookThis fight is our fight : the battle to save America's middle class
JK468.I6M464 2019bookThe Moscow rules : the secret CIA tactics that helped America win the Cold War
JK529.E44 2017bookPicking the president : understanding the Electoral College
JK1967.F38 2018bookPolitical behavior of the American electorate
JL969.A45C46 2017bookChallenges of party-building in Latin America
JN147.M35 2015bookMagna Carta : the foundation of freedom, 1215-2015
JZ1305.S664 2020bookSoft power and diplomacy
JZ5584.U6O67 2018bookOpposition to war : an encyclopedia of U.S. peace and antiwar movements
K1773.W48 2020bookWhistleblowers
KCLCOMPACT DISC- 1514cdRigoletto
KD2960.M55 .H23 2017bookPractical guide to cosmetic surgery claims.
KF3832.O37 2019bookThe guarded gate : bigotry, eugenics, and the law that kept two generations of Jews, Italians, and other European immigrants out of America
KF4541.W44 2019bookHow to read the Constitution and why
KF8745.G56R34 2018bdvdRBG
KF8745.O25T46 2019bookFirst : Sandra Day O'Connor
KF9756.W758 2019bookWrongful conviction and exoneration
KGD5645.H54 2009bookQuiet genocide : Guatemala 1981-1983
KNS2107.M56S84 2018bookGoverning Islam : law, empire, and secularism in South Asia
KZ1065.A84H47 2009bookColonial genocide and reparations claims in the 21st century : the socio-legal context of claims under international law by the Herero against Germany for genocide in Namibia, 1904-1908
LA217.2.R38 2011bookThe death and life of the great American school system : how testing and choice are undermining education
LB1025.3.M356 2015bookTeach students how to learn : strategies you can incorporate into any course to improve student metacognition, study skills, and motivation
LB1028.5.D322 2019bookSmall teaching online : applying learning science in online classes
LB1139.23.N86 2019bookNurturing habits of mind in early childhood : success stories from classrooms around the world
LB1573.7.H37 2017bookStrategies that work : teaching comprehension for understanding, engagement, and building knowledge, grades K-8
LB1762.N473 2017bookNES elementary education study guide subtest 1 & 2 : test prep & practice test questions for the National Evaluation Series tests
LB1762.N47 M38 2018bookNES mathematics : secrets study guide : your key to exam success : NES test review for the National Evaluation Series Tests
LB1766.N47.N473 2018bookNES assessment of professional knowledge elementary study guide 2019-2020 : NES 051 test prep and practice test questions for the National Evaluation Series Exam.
LB2340.2S88 2018bookStudent loans and the cost of college
LB2353.48.A2629bookACT prep plus.
LB2353.48.A38 2019bookACT prep book 2019 & 2020 secrets : study guide : your key to exam success
LB2353.48.O335 2019bookThe official ACT prep guide : the only official prep guide from the makers of the ACT.
LB2395.7.S5 2019bookHow the Internet of things is changing our colleges, our classrooms, and our students
LC40.G34 2017bookHomeschool : an American history
LC238.B46 2017bookKnowledge for social change : Bacon, Dewey, and the revolutionary transformation of research universities in the twenty-first century
M1.B35V47 1979cdUn ballo in maschera
M1.G39 1996cdGay American composers.
M3.1.B553L8 2000cdComplete duos
M3.1.B588F35 1993cdFairest work of happy nature : songs and keyboard music
M3.1.C68M88 M8 1994cdMusique de chambre
M3.1.D53C5 1996cdChamber works
M3.1.F262M98 2005cdMusique de chambre = Chamber music
M3.1.F38O38 1982cd
M3.1.McdPiano concerto no. 24 in C minor, K491 ; : Piano concerto no. 25 in C major, K503 ; Fantasia in D minor, K 397
M3.1.M53C6 D5cdConcerto in D minor for violin and orchestra ; : Concerto in D minor, for violin, piano, and orchestra
M3.1.R64R36 1996cdRequiem songs-- for the victims of nationalism ; : Screen scenes
M3.1.S3834O5 2011cdOn freedom's ground
M3.1.S77C66 2013cdComplete music for piano & orchestra
M3.1.W37 CcdChamber music
M5.C856cdLes nations
M5.D87C66 2007cdThe complete EMI recordings.
M5.H58A7cdThe artistry of Heinz Holliger.
M5.S58 v.1cdThe art of Oscar Shumsky.
M5.S7738B57 1991cd
M6.B33W45 2008cdComplete organ works
M7.B3O74 1988xcdThe organ music of J.S. Bach. v.2.
M20.F36 1994cdFamous composers playing their own works : Welte Mignon piano 1905-1906
M20.F38cdTheme and variations ; Nocturnes ; Impromptus ; Barcarolle
M20.Z9cdBach chaconne
M21.A533A78 2009cd
M21.A77C5 1998cdClaudio Arrau.
M21.B37S65 1994cdSolo piano music, chamber music & songs
M21.B67E88 2009cd
M21.G69E98 1998cdExultation.
M21.H37H37 1989cdHarpsichord solos by 18th century women composers
M21.H67L37 1990cdThe last recording.
M21.K57 1997cdPiano works
M21.LcdMesse noire.
M21.P29T75 2003cdA tribute to Paganini. Vol. 2.
M21.S383 D.760 2005cd'Wanderer' fantasy
M22cdSongs without words. I
M22.C545N45 1997cdPiano works
M22.C78C41 1990cdWorks for piano. Vol. 1
M22.G53E7 1995cdEtudes, op. 149
M22.McdSonatas & rondos
M22.M35B515 2008cdBilly Mayerl : a miscellany for solo piano.
M22.M916P51 2002cdPiano music. 1
M22.M9W75 1993cdWolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his predecessors
M22.S27T5 2003cdThe complete solo piano music
M22.S291 P53 2013cdPiano Works
M23.G58C64 2010cd12 sonate da cimbalo di piano e forte
M23.HcdPerspectives. 3.
M23.H41K53 1993cdKlaviersonaten
M23.H41S66 1993cdKlaviersonaten = Sonatas for fortepiano. Vol. 2
M23.M69G74 2006cdThe great piano sonatas
M23.T25C64 2012cdComplete piano music. 2
M24.B11F87 2014cdThe six French suites
M24.P47M9 1997cdMurray Perahia plays Handel & Scarlatti.
M25.C96P7 2002cd25 preludes, op. 64
M27.F262P53 2003cdPiano works
M40.F73T45 1995cdFrench violin sonatas.
M42.B33S66 1999 v.2cdSonatas & partitas. Vol. 2
M59.V54A232 2007cdMr Abel's fine airs : music for solo viola da gamba
M66.M394S66 2012bookSong of the reeds
M69 S5565 2003cdSinfonia concertante in E flat major, KV 364/320d ; : Concertone, KV 190/186E
M74cdViolin sonatas = Violinsonaten = Sonates pour violon
M125.P85O27 2003cdObres per a guitarra
M126D53C661993bookThe complete sonatas for solo guitar, op. 29
M142.T5L56 2012cdItalian virtuosi of the chitarrone
M177.H65W56cd3 Notturni ; Quintett G-Dur
M178C59x, 1991cdClassical Hollywood. II.
M180.H485B3 1998 CDcdBaroque cello music
M207.D43E65 1989cd
M214.C224G46cdGemini : 20th century music for two pianos.
M218.L57T32 2005cdWorks for violin and piano
M219.C44R39 2011cdRay Chen, virtuoso.
M219.C54 op.15 2008cdSonate per fortepiano con accompagnamento di violino
M219.D8S6cdSonates pour piano et violon = Violin sonatas
M219.F3F3 2003cd
M219.M45S6 1987cdViolinsonaten = Violin sonatas = Sonates pour violon
M219.T2S66 2003cdSuonate a violino e violoncello o cimbalo
M220.A24S45 2012cdComplete suites for violin and piano
M229.B44U55 2011cdThe unknown Beethoven : works for violoncello and piano
M229.I8 1995cdForgotten romance
M230.M464W67 1994cdWorks for cello & piano
M231.C568 op.38 1994cdWorks for cello and piano.
M245.D36O24 1994 AudCDcdOboe sonatas
M256.S36S66 2011cdSonatas for horn and fortepiano
M292.A773S47 1993cd
M310.A36G76 2002cdGroovebox.
M312.4.C68R6 2004cdLes concerts royaux : 1722
M312.E27 1992cdRussian chamber music.
M312.H415P53cdPiano trios nos. 39, 43-45
M312.T34 op.50, 1988cdTchaikovsky and Mendelssohn trios.
M412.F27 no.1 op.15 1992cdQuartet for piano, violin, viola & cello, no. 1 in C minor, op. 15 ; : Quartet for piano, violin, viola & cello, no. 2 in G minor, op. 45
M450.H38K35 844081cdKaiserquartett
M451.B52H3 1994cdHarmonia artificiosa-ariosa
M452.D53S7cdString quartets 3 & 8 ; : Concerto for string quartet
M452.H39H. III: 44-49 1988cdStreichquartette op. 50
M452.H42 H.III:72-74 2011cdString quartets, op. 74
M452.H63Q37 1984cd3 quartets for 2 violins, viola, & violoncello
M452.M355N39 1994 v.1cdString quartets. : Op. 80 ; Op. 44, no. 1 ; Capriccio, op. 81, no. 3 ; Fugue, op. 81, no. 4 / Vol. 1 :
M452.M53 op.12 1988cdQuatuors opus 12 & opus 13
M456.N49 G769 1999cdGrown home : commissions. Volume 1
M511.B56P53 2007cdPiano quintets
M512.F97K43 1993cdKlavierquintett in C-dur
M561.R65op.57 1992cdFuchs, Romberg and Stanford clarinet quintets.
M612.M46 op.110, 1994cdPiano sextet, op. 110 ; : Piano quartet no. 1
M653.R68C43 2008cdChansons d'amour.
M852.M5 op.20 A33cdOctet in E flat, op. 20 ; : Quintet in B flat, op. 87
M1000.C69H4 2002zcdHenry Cowell.
M1000.G53P53 2000cdPiano concertos nos. 1 and 2
M1000.H68M97 1989cdSymphony no. 2, op. 132 : "Mysterious mountain" ; Lousadzak, op. 48
M1000.H86O73x 1994cd
M1000.M4 1987cd
M1000.R59B73 2000cdBritish light music. 3.
M1001cdSymphonies no. 1 & no. 2
M1001cdSymphony no. 6, op. 58 ; : Characteristic suite : op. 9
M1001.B42S9 1987cdSymphony no. 9 in D minor, op. 125 : "Choral"
M1001.B42S9 1987acdSymphony no. 9 : "Choral"
M1001.C756C75 2004cdCopland ; : Hindemith.
M1001.D57 no.4-6 1995cdSinfonias on Ovid's Metamorphoses, Nos. 4-6
M1001.E65 no.3, 2000cdSymphony no. 3
M1001.G53 no. 3 1991cdSymphony no. 3, op. 42 in B minor : "Il'ya Muromets"
M1001.G53 no.5 AI66cdSymphony nos. 5 and 8
M1001.G53 op.16 1997cdSymphonies nos. 2 and 7 : "Pastoral"
M1001.G543 no.2 1992 CDcdSymphony no. 2 in C minor, op. 25 ; : The Zaporozhy Cossacks, op. 64
M1001.H38T84 2000cdThe 12 "London" symphonies
M1001.M37 no.6 1993cdFantaisies symphoniques : symphony no. 6, H. 343 ; Bouquet of flowers : H. 260
M1001.Z36 no.1 E5 2006cdSymphonies 1 & 2
M1002.B47P76cdPrometheus : the myth in music.
M1002.S91S45 1995cd
M1003 .A22E43cd
M1003.C43S53 L46 op.22 2001cdLemminkainen suite : op. 22 : Four legends from the Kalevala
M1003.H25F48 1994cdFeuerwerkmusik = Music for the Royal fireworks = Musique pour les feux d'artifice royaux ; Wassermusik = Water music
M1003.V7V55 2003cdHeitor Villa-Lobos.
M1004.5.C957V3 1990cdConcertante wind works
M1004.H27H36 1999cdHandel ouvertures.
M1004.L793F47 2003cdFestival overture : op. 40
M1010.B98P53 2005cdPiano concerto, op. 39
M1010.F87S96 1997cdConcerto symphonique pour piano et orchestre
M1010.H68P53 2011cdPiano concertos
M1010.R22 op.30, C5cdConcerto no. 3
M1010.R33 op.30 2000cdConcerto no. 3 in D minor, op. 30 ; : Sonata no. 2 in B-flat minor, op. 36
M1010.S325 no.4 1995cdPiano concerto no. 4 in F minor
M1011.M939 1995cdPiano concertos nos. 20, 21, 22, 23
M1012.G55V56 2002cdViolin concerto in G minor, op. 100 ; : Symphony no. 2 in C minor, op. 25 (1907)
M1012.M52 op.64, E5cdViolinkonzert e-moll op. 64 ; : Violinkonzert d-moll (1822)
M1012.P3 no.1 1984cdViolin concerto no. 1 in D major, op. 6
M1012.S66C65 1999cdComplete violin concertos
M1022.A43C66 2009cdOboe concertos
M1022.M8 K.314 1990cdOboe concerto in C major, K314 / : Oboe concerto in F major op 37 ; Oboe concerto in F major op 52 / Krommer.
M1024cdThe three clarinet concertos
M1034.B37F7cdMajestic journey : original works for euphonium and orchestra.
M1037.4.G8P3 op.7cdConcerto no. 2 in B minor
M1045.I15W25 2002cdWaiting for sunrise : orchestral works
M1100.F873S663 2001 CDcdSonaten aus Dresden.
M1103.H65O73 2006cdOrchestral music
M1122.H2O2 1996cdOboe concertos nos. 1-3
M1140.C57 1985cdChristmas concertos = Weihnachtskonzerte
M1140.M4 D min. O77cd
M1145.B55M8 N6cdMusic for strings ; : Pastoral : "Lie strewn the white flocks"
M1366.B324 1986xcdJazz Sebastien Bach.
M1366.C655W56 1995cdWindy city jazz
M1366.S62S66 2014cdSmokin hot bassoon blues
M1366.Y36N55 2010cdNikki
M1495.J64M3 2003cdMagdalena : Medieval songs for Mary Magdalen
M1495 S36 S59 2005cdSix a cappella mixed choruses
M1497.B37L58 1998cdLive in Italy.
M1497.C275E3 v.1cdCarmina Burana vol. I
M1497.C498A39 2003cd
M1497.F63 1993cdFlagstad.
M1497.M89 1989cdItalian operatic arias & songs.
M1497.T87 1989cdOpera arias and songs.
M1500cdGrind : original Broadway cast
M1500.A45L44 1989cdLegs Diamond : original Broadway cast recording
M1500.C37G74 1994bookGrease : the new Broadway Cast recording.
M1500.C37R56 2008cdRing of fire : the Johnny Cash musical show : original Broadway cast recording.
M1500.C55G74 1995cdCharles Dickens' Great expectations : a new musical
M1500.C65S94 2005cdChristina Applegate as Sweet Charity
M1500.C874S1 CDcdSail away : original broadway cast
M1500.D9R87 1998cdRusalka
M1500.G38Y68 1999cdYou're a good man, Charlie Brown : the Broadway musical
M1500.G54A5M64 2000cd
M1500 .K47 J47 2005cdJerome Kern's Roberta
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SDA 98911cd
SDA 99936cdThe M.G.M. album
SDB 02870cdOperatic arias.
SDB 04361cdSonic images
SDB 12568cdOstinato.
SDB 14974cdWhen I fall in love
SDB 18341cdOboensonaten
SDB 18399cdOpera scenes from Savonlinna.
SDB 20876cdPiano quintets 1 & 2
SDB 20962cdL'Americano
SDB 26221cdThe romantic horn concerti.
SDB 26315cdPiano works
SDB 33846cd
SDB 43910cdSymphonies 1 & 5
SDB 50744cdBeethoven IX : the 9 symphonies.
SDB 53780cdNo one cares
SDB 55750cdThe new moon
SDB 57382cdLe Comte Ory
SDB 64040cdThe seven last words of Christ
SDB 64060cdLive at Blackheath.
SDB 64482cdBassoon concerto in F, op. 75 ; : Andante and rondo ungarese, op. 35
SDB 65675cd
SDB 66553cdQuatours/Duos concertants
SDB 67055cdThe Irish-- and how they got that way
SDB 69234cdEdita Gruberova sings Verdi, Bellini, Donizetti.
SDB 69303cdSonata no. 52 in E-flat major ; : Sonata no. 32 in B minor ; Sonata no. 31 in E major ; Sonata no. 46, in A-flat major
SDB 69354cdSymphonie no. 7, op. 131 ; : Symphonie no. 4, op. 47
SDB 70446cdVerdi, Beethoven, Wagner.
SDB 71171cdLe carnaval des animaux ; : Septuor ; Fantaisie
SDB 72903cd
SDB 73840cdMissa solemnis : op. 123
SDB 76180cdTriple concerto
SDB 76203cdColeridge Taylor, Butterworth, MacCunn.
SDB 77226cdIntimations of immortality ; : Grand fantasia and toccata
SF283.W55 2015bookThe horse : the epic history of our noble companion
SF447.S46 2019bookTiny but mighty : Kitten Lady's guide to saving the most vulnerable felines
STcdSt. Louis woman
T11.S528 2017bookHow to write and present technical information
T21.B35 2016bookAmerica the ingenious : how a nation of dreamers, immigrants, and tinkerers changed the world
T55.Y38 2017bookSafety professional's reference & study guide
T174.7.S267 2019bookBasic principles of nanotechnology
TA167.P65 2018bookAIQ : how people and machines are smarter together
TA455.G65J66 2018bookGraphene : the superstrong, superthin, and superversatile material that will revolutionize the world
TA480.U7B87 2017bookUranium
TC330.P55 2016bookRetreat from a rising sea : hard choices in an age of climate change
TD171.75.G65 2019bookA bright future : how some countries have solved climate change and the rest can follow
TD196.R3P43 2018bookFallout : disasters, lies, and the legacy of the nuclear age
TD388.S77 2018bookThe drought resilient farm
TF15.H39 2017bookThe first railroads : atlas of early railroads
TG25.N53T66 2018bookThe bridge : how the Roeblings connected Brooklyn to New York
TH4815.5.B365 2019bookCodes for homeowners : electrical, plumbing, construction, mechanical, current with 2018-2021 codes
TH4817.3.H69 2018bookHow to fix anything : essential home repairs anyone can do.
TH5612.H87 2012bookPractical problems in mathematics for carpenters : PPM
TH9119.F568 2015bookFire officer : principles and practice
TH9371.P374 2014bookModern fire trucks
TJ163.2.C4 2017bookIntroduction to energy : resources, technology, and society
TJ163.5.S623 2017bookEnergy and civilization : a history
TJ211.15.K55 2018bookHome robotics : maker-inspired projects for building your own robots
TJ1185.H36 2018bookMachining
TK3284.C65 2018bookThe complete guide to wiring : current with 2017-2020 electrical codes.
TK5105.5.M483 2018bookCompTIA Network+ certification exam guide : (exam N10-007)
TK7881.4.D596 2018bookAudio engineering 101 : a beginner's guide to music production
TK7882.E2L48 2018bookSurveillance valley : the secret military history of the Internet
TL152.5.D7495 2018bookDrive : the definitive history of driving
TL152.8.S35 2018bookNo one at the wheel : driverless cars and the road of the future
TL210.H29 2018bookAutomotive engines : theory and servicing
TL236.3.M55 2018bookThe state of American hot rodding : interviews on the craft and the road ahead
TL448.E44D47 2019bookElectric motorcycles and bicycles : a history including scooters, tricycles, segways and monocycles
TL782.5.H87 2020bookThe future of space exploration
TP577.B755 2017bookMiracle brew : hops, barley, water, yeast and the nature of beer
TP607.M46J36 2017bookMezcal : the history, craft & cocktails of the world's ultimate artisanal spirit
TS171.95.H675 2018book3D printing for artists, designers and makers
TS205.W34 2018bookModern metalworking : workbook
TS537.S25 2015bookNavy SEAL shooting
TS543.U6M396 2013bookMarking modern times : a history of clocks, watches, and other timekeepers in American life
TS2301.S6B87 2017bookThe art of sound : a visual history for audiophiles
TT290.G37413 2018bookLone Wolf leatherworking
TT920.C626 2017bookMastering hand building : techniques, tips, and tricks for slabs, coils, and more
TT920.H657 2017bookCeramics : the indispensable guide
TX301.H545 2017bookDesigning your perfect house : lessons from an architect
TX349.D496 2018bookWe eat what? : a cultural encyclopedia of unusual foods in the United States
TX531.G47 2017bookScience and strategies for safe food
Telarc CD-80181cdBelshazzar's feast
UMilitary Science
U22.W38 2018bookWar and moral injury : a reader
U167.5.C92C37 2018bookDawn of the code war : America's battle against Russia, China, and the rising global cyber threat
UA23.A661475 2019bookAmerican military life in the 21st century : social, cultural, and economic issues and trends
UA23.C2746 2019bookInside the five-sided box : lessons from a lifetime of leadership in the Pentagon
UA34.S64M69 2017bookOppose any foe : the rise of America's Special Operations Forces
UB418.W65B448 2017bookIt's my country too : women's military stories from the American Revolution to Afghanistan
UC74.L39 2015bookMilitary finances : personal money management for service members, veterans and their families
VNaval Science
VE25.B47A3 2019bookUnbecoming : a memoir of disobedience
VM15.W66 2002bookThe history of the ship : the comprehensive story of seafaring from the earliest times to the present day
VM378.C43 2007bookThe complete encyclopedia of steamships : merchant steamships, 1798-2006
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z674.75.W67B457 2019bookLibrary web development : beyond tips and tricks
Z1019.S326 2016bookDefending frequently challenged young adult books : a handbook for librarians and educators
cd13 : original Broadway cast recording
cd3 suites for solo 'cello
cdA set of celebrated pieces composed for the harpsichord
cdA swell party : original London cast
cdAbschiedslieder : op. 14 ; Symphony in F sharp major op. 40
cdAladdin : original London cast
cdAn Italian in Vienna
bookAnalyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP Test Study Guide.
cdAndrea Bacchetti plays Bach.
cdAnna Moffo : the early years, 1956-1960.
bookBach & beyond
cdBarbara Hendricks chante noel.
cdBells are ringing : original Broadway cast
cdBronze horseman suite ; Horn concerto
cdBruno Walter conducts.
cdCarnaval ; : Faschingsschwank aus Wien
cdCello sonatas
cdChamber music
cdCincinnati Wind Symphony.
cdClassical guitar recital at Coughton Court.
bookClassics from Vienna.
cdClaudio Abbado conducts Mussorgsky.
cdColoratura spectacular.
cdComplete music for piano and orchestra ; : Piano sonatas 2 & 3
cdComplete orchestral works
cdComplete piano sonatas
cdComplete solo piano works. Vol. 1
cdComplete solo piano works. Vol. 2
cdComplete string quartets. Vol. 2
cdComplete works for cello & piano
cdComplete works for violin and piano
cdConcert overture no. 17 ; : Symphonies 2 & 4
cdConcerti pour flute/flute & harpe
cdConcerto in A minor (a-moll/la mineur), op. 54
cdDaniele Barioni : canzoni napoletane
bookDawn Upshaw sings Vernon Duke
cdDer letzte Walzer ; : Bonus: Ein Walzertraum : highlights
cdDichterliebe ; : Frauenliebe und -Leben : a treasury of great interpretations
cdDie Zauberflote
cdDietrich Modersohn spielt an der Sauer-Orgel der St. Gertraudkirche Frankfurt (Oder) : Orgelwerke
cdDivertimenti per due violini e violoncello
cdDon't crush that dwarf, hand me the pliers.
cdDonnybrook! : Original Broadway cast
cdEtudes op. 10 ; : Ballades
cdEurilla e Beltramme
bookEvidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training
cdFantasies for violin solo
cdFantasy in C ; : Faschingsschwank aus Wien ; Papillons
cdFeels like home
cdFelipe Scagliusi plays Schumann.
bookFive-part consorts
cdFlute concertos
cdFlute concertos nos. 2 & 7
cdFlute sonatas
cdFour piano sonatas : op. 25 & 33
cdFrench piano music.
cdGimpel the fool
cdGreat Wagner Singers
cdGreat romantic piano sonatas
cdGreat voices of the past.
bookGroucho on radio!.
cdGuitar by candlelight.
cdGuys on ice
cdGypsy : the new Broadway cast recording
bookHandel Operatic Arias : David Daniels (counter-tenor)
cdHandel chamber music.
cdHarmonie music.
cdHaunted heart
cdHere's to Life
bookHuman Behavior and the Social Environment, Micro Level: Individuals and Families. 2nd Ed.
cdHymns and choral music
cdI vespri siciliani
cdI wish it so
cdI'm glad there is you
bookIl sesto libro de madrigali MDCXIV
cdIo amai sempre : Venise 1540
cdJack Benny
cdJeux ; : Partita ; Two monologues ; Duo concertante
cdJoop Celis plays York Bowen. Volume 3.
cdKZ Musik. 6.
cdKarl Ditters von Dittersdorf. [Volume 2].
cdKing Roger ; : Symphony no. 4 : Sinfonia concertante
cdKlavierquartett op. 3
cdKni?az' Igor' : opera v 4 deistvii?akh
cdL'emergence de la musique instrumentale = The gradual rise of the instrumental music.
cdLa traviata
bookLeadbelly : Good morning blues.
cdLegend : the best of
cdLes rendez-vous de Senlis : enregistrements 1980-1986.
cdLes troqueurs
cdLieder & concert arias
cdLong time friends
cdLove came down at Christmas
cdLubka Kolessa legacy.
bookMikado -- Ruddigore -- Trial by Jury.
cdMinuet & other favourites
cdMiroirs : piano works
cdMissa Prolationum ; : Marian motets.
cdMissa solemnis
cdMissa solemnis : [for four solo voices, chorus, orchestra and organ in D major,] op. 123
cdMona Lisa
cdMonica's note book : etudes solo piano
bookMurach's JavaScript and jQuery. 3rd Ed.
cdMusic for piano and strings
cdMusic from the Pushkin epoch.
cdMusique de chambre
cdNEO : New, emerging, outstanding.
cdNegro spirituals.
cdNight and day : the young Sinatra.
cdNonet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello, and bass, E-flat major, op. 38 ; : Clarinet trio, E-flat major, op. 44
cdOboe & guitar : French sonatas of the 18th century.
cdOne hour to madness and joy
cdOpera arias and songs.
cdOpere da camera
cdOrgan works. Vol. II
cdOtto Klemperer in a previously unissued public performance : Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, 7 February 1957.
cdOtto Wolf singt Wagner.
cdPauline Alpert.
cdPensieri adriarmonici : 6 concerti, op. 1
cdPiano concerto n. 1 op. 23 ; symphony n. 4 op. 60
cdPiano concerto no 22
cdPiano concerto no. 2 in F minor, op. 21
cdPiano concerto no. 2, D-minor, op. 23
cdPiano concerto no. 4 in G, op. 58 ; : Piano concerto no. 5 in E flat, op. 73
cdPiano concerto, op. 39
cdPiano concertos 6, 8, 11-14 : chamber versions
cdPiano concertos nos. 1-3
cdPiano music. 2
cdPiano music. Vol. 4
cdPiano trio in F minor, op. 14
cdPiano works. Vol. 3
bookPlacido Domingo : live recordings 1967/68. vol. 1.
cdPoemes en musique
bookProperty & casualty insurance license exam study guide : test prep and practice for the property and casualty exam.
cdQuadro und Triosonaten = Sonatas for three and four instruments
cdQuartets : arrangements for chamber orchestra
cdQuartets nos. 30, 33, 57, 58
cdQuintetto op. 114
cdR.M.S. Titanic.
cdRagtime, the musical : [original Broadway cast recording]
bookRecipe for romance
cdRecordar : homenaje a Ernesto Lecuona.
cdRichard Strauss dirigiert eigene Tondichtungen.
bookRoma Amor.
cdRossini recital.
bookSacred works. Vol. 1
cdSadie Thompson
cdSalad days : plus selections from The duenna : original London cast.
cdSalvation : Oxford, November 11, 1992
cdSara Mingardo, contralto.
cdSaratoga : [an original cast recording]
cdSargent conducts British music : works by Holst, Britten, Vaughan Williams, Elgar, Coleridge Taylor, Bax.
bookSchumann & Schubert.
cdSei sonate a tre a due violini e basso continuo
cdSimon Boccanegra
cdSinfonia no 2 en re mayor : murciana
cdSinfonietta giocosa ; : Toccata e due canzoni ; Jazz suite
cdSix sinfonias for string orchestra, W. 182.
cdSix sonates pour un basson avec un accompagnement de basse
cdSonatas for violin & harpsichord
cdSonatas, variations & rondos. Vol. 1
bookSonaten und Fantasien
cdSonatina in G major op. 100
cdSongs and piano music : played on Elgar's Broadwood square piano
cdSongs from Grease
cdStage Door Canteen : broadway responds to World War II
cdStreichquartett Nr. 2 / : [aus, Lyrische Suite] / Berg.
bookStrengthening Family Resilience. 2nd. Ed.
cdString quartets 1, 5 & 6
cdString quartets Vol. 3.
cdString quartets, vol. 5, op. 64/3-5
bookString quartets. : Quartet no. 1 ; Quartet no. 4 ; Quartet in E flat / Vol. 2 :
cdString quartets. Vol. 1
bookStudii e divertimenti per cembalo
cdSuites for solo cello : no. 2 in D minor, no. 3 in C, no. 5 in C minor
bookSupervision: Concepts and Skill-Building. 10th Ed.
cdSymphonies 1-6
cdSymphonies nos. 1 & 2
cdSymphonies nos. 1-4
cdSymphony no. 2, op. 35 ; : Ouvertures nos. 1 & 2
cdSymphony no. 5 in D minor ; : Symphony no. 10 in E minor
cdSymphony no. 6 ; : Sinfonietta, op. 80
cdSymphony no. 6 ; : The forest
cdSzigeti plays sonatas by Beethoven, Schubert & Brahms.
cdTap your troubles away : the words & music of Jerry Herman : historic all-star tribute
cdThe 12 London symphonies
cdThe Barber of Seville
cdThe English Chamber Orchestra at Clandon Park : music by Purcell, Vivalvi, Corelli, Monteverdi, Handel and Pergolesi.
cdThe Firesign Theatre presents How can you be in two places at once when you're not anywhere at all.
cdThe Ira Gershwin album
cdThe Mikado ; : Overtures to Iolanthe, Patience, the Yeomen of the Guard
bookThe Rothschilds
cdThe complete organ sonatas of Gustav Merkel.
cdThe distant future
cdThe gondoliers
bookThe handbook of contemporary semantic theory
cdThe jazz year - 1946.
cdThe likes of us
cdThe music of Ezra Laderman. Vol. 2.
cdThe piano G & Ts. Volume one.
cdThe rink : original Broadway cast
bookThe songs of Irving Berlin.
cdThe unique reconstructed 1724 Cahman organ in the Kristine Church, Falun, Sweden.
cdThe yeomen of the guard
cdTito Gobbi : complete solo recordings.
bookToccate e partite d'intavolatura di cimbalo et organo - Libro primo
cdTranscripciones para guitarra
cdTrio in A op. 26
cdTrio opus 1, no. 3 ; : Scottish folk songs ; Trio opus 11
cdTristan und Isolde
cdTrois concertos pour flute
cdTwenty-one sonatas for keyboard
cdVI concerti opera quinta
cdVarietie of lute lessons
cdViolin adagios.
cdViolin concerto
cdViolin concerto no. 3
bookViolin concertos
cdVirtuoso soprano motets
bookWater musick
bookWe'll take Manhattan : Ella Fitzgerald sings Rodgers and Hart.
cdWesendonk Lieder, etc.
cdWings in the night : Swedish songs.
cdWorks for flute and piano.
cdWorks for piano
cdYes sir, that's my baby : the golden years of Tin Pan Alley, 1920-1929.
cdYip Harburg : with humor and hope
cdYou Won't Forget Me
.O942 2015bookThe Oxford handbook of modern diplomacy