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Naval Science Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
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AGeneral Works
ACC# C5166cdAroldo
ACC# C9718cdMosaics : Piano concerto in G major ; Symphony no. 5 : "Sinfonia sacra" ; Symphony no. 7 : "A sea symphony"
AV1.2.B66514S5 1994cdShe loves me : 1994 London cast recording.
AV1.2.M69D6 1997acdDon Giovanni
AV1.2.S382C67 op. 129 1990book
AV2 2712H757 13329cdChoral symphony ; : A choral fantasia
AV2 3407S286 37519bookLove's sweet torment : late cantatas
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B53.W494 2018bookDoing philosophy : from common curiosity to logical reasoning
B63.A43 2017bookSociological theory beyond the canon
B105.F3E28 2018bookOutsider theory : intellectual histories of unorthodox ideas
B528.I596 2018bookStoicism : a very short introduction
B785.P52E5 2016bookOration on the dignity of man : a new translation and commentary
B785.P53C664 2016bookSyncretism in the West : Pico's 900 theses (1486) : the evolution of traditional religious and philosophical systems : with text, translation, and commentary
B819.N45 2018bookNeuroexistentialism : meaning, morals, and purpose in the age of neuroscience
B2430.B43A568 2018bookBergson : thinking beyond the human condition
BC50.H84 2018bookParadox lost : logical solutions to ten puzzles of philosophy
BD171.M39 2018bookPost-truth
BD396.I93 2017bookOneness : East Asian conceptions of virtue, happiness, and how we are all connected
BD431.M46884 2018bookThe meaning of life and the great philosophers
BF204.6.B74 2017bookThe science of positivity
BF575.E55Z35 2019bookThe war for kindness : building empathy in a fractured world
BF575.L8E83 2019bookLove, Inc. : dating apps, the big white wedding, and chasing the happily neverafter
BF698.95.S745 2018bookThe ape that understood the universe : how the mind and culture evolve
BF721.D376 2019bookBeyond behaviors : using brain science and compassion to understand and solve children's behavioral challenges
BF1045.A74C37 2019bookSpooky archaeology : myth and the science of the past
BF1589.C67 2016bookThe book of magic : from antiquity to the Enlightenment
BF1589.C83 2018bookMagic in Western culture : from antiquity to the enlightenment
BF1593.W25 2000bookSpiritual and demonic magic : from Ficino to Campanella
BH301.T7C75 2019bookTragedy, the Greeks, and us
BJ1401.J47 2018bookThe evil within : why we need moral philosophy
BJ1533.H8S63 2018bookWhy honor matters
BJ1533.K5S26 2019bookRadical kindness : the life-changing power of giving and receiving
BJ1534.C37 2019bookVices of the mind : from the intellectual to the political
BL240.3.W37 2018bookThe warfare between science and religion : the idea that wouldn't die
BL535.J35 2018bookInventing afterlives : the stories we tell ourselves about life after death
BL803.R84513 2018bookPantheon : a new history of Roman religion
BL1124.56.U612 2019bookThe Upani?ads : a complete guide
BP63.P2Z36 2018bookIslam in Pakistan : a history
BP166.N465 2019bookModern Muslim theology : engaging God and the world with faith and imagination
BP185.7.B86 2018bookHashtag Islam : how cyber-Islamic environments are transforming religious authority
BQ4570.C6H86 2018bookCreating the universe : depictions of the cosmos in Himalayan Buddhism
BR1-129bookThe Cambridge companion to Quakerism
BR145.3.D383 2019bookThe history of Christianity : facts and fictions
BR516.F28 2017bookFaith and resistance in the age of Trump
BS1199.E93A8713 2018bookThe invention of religion : faith and covenant in the book of Exodus
BS2595.53.L48 2018bookThe Gospel of Luke
BS2825.52.B43 2018bookThe Book of Revelation : a biography
BT590.P45T39 2018bookWhat did Jesus look like?
BV4341.F56 2018bookJesus saved an ex-con : political activism and redemption after incarceration
BX1378.7.D566 2018bookPostsecular Catholicism : relevance and renewal
BX8080.N48H63 2018book
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CDcdStanding room only
CD782.14 ScdCleo sings Sondheim.
CD782.1 McdMad about sopranos : the greatest stars--the greatest music.
CD782.42655 BcdBach hits back : a new a cappella tribute
CD782.4268 Hcd
CD788.52 VcdL'art du hautbois.
CD0835cdItalian and French operatic arias.
CD1934cdDawn Upshaw sings Wolf, Strauss, Rachmaninoff, Ives and Weill.
CD2001:294cdRichard Coeur de Lion ; : Denys le tyran
CS21.B48 2019bookThe Family Tree guide to DNA testing and genetic genealogy
CT275.H38647A3 2018bookThirst : a story of redemption, compassion, and a mission to bring clean water to the world
DHistory: General
D727.H345 2018bookThe internationalists : how a radical plan to outlaw war remade the world
D744.S43 2019dvdWorld war speed : Methamphetamines in World War II
D753.H259 2019bookWar and peace : FDR's final odyssey, D-Day to Yalta, 1943-1945
D769.8.A6B58 2019dvdA bitter legacy
D769.8.A6W55 2019bookAmerican sutra : a story of faith and freedom in the Second World War
D810.C4A44313 2019bookLast witnesses : an oral history of the children of World War II
D810.S8O4765 2019bookMadame Fourcade's secret war : the daring young woman who led France's largest spy network against Hitler
D1051.K47 2018bookThe global age : Europe, 1950-2017
DA559.A1W55 2019bookPrince Albert : the man who saved the monarchy
DCC3196 V.5cd
DCC4126cdConcertos italiens
DD125.S7213 2018bookThe Holy Roman Empire : a short history
DF221.T8M18 2018bookTroy : myth, city, icon
DK908.8618.K56 2018bookStalin's Nomads : power and famine in Kazakhstan
DS79.766.A25A3 2019bookPlaces and names : on war, revolution, and returning
DS98.6.T39 2016bookA road unforeseen : women fight the Islamic State
DS779.32.T53 2019dvdTiananmen : the people versus the party
DT60.H56 2019bookThe buried : an archaeology of the Egyptian revolution
DT215.O94 2019bookThe history of Libya
DT373.E833 2017bookEthiopia : history, culture and challenges
DT450.435.H38513 2018bookBlood Papa : Rwanda's new generation
EHistory: America
E78.W5M27 2018bookEarly rock art of the American West : the geometric enigma
E99.D1S61835 2019bookStanding with Standing Rock : voices from the #NoDAPL movement
E184.M88K39 2019bookIslamophobia, race, and global politics
E185.61.S658 2018bookMaking black history : the color line, culture, and race in the age of Jim Crow
E185.86.C986 2017bookThe man-not : race, class, genre, and the dilemmas of black manhood
E185.86.J664 2018bookThe chosen ones : Black men and the politics of redemption
E185.97.R677A3 2019bookChild of the dream : a memoir of 1963
E312.25.O36 2019bookRevolutionary : George Washington at war
E441.R35 2019bookIllusions of emancipation : the pursuit of freedom and equality in the twilight of slavery
E449.F768 2019bookExposing slavery : photography, human bondage, and the birth of modern visual politics in America
E450.D45 2018bookThe war before the war : fugitive slaves and the struggle for America's soul from the Revolution to the Civil War
E468.9.S28 2018bookStanding soldiers, kneeling slaves : race, war, and monument in nineteenth-century America
E840.8.B54W58 2019bookJoe Biden : a life of trial and redemption
E911.B67 2019bookExonerated : the failed takedown of President Donald Trump by the swamp
E913.O74 2019bookThe United States of Trump : how the President really sees America
EMI Classics CMS 7 64212 2 (CDM 7 64213-64214 2)cdThe pilgrim's progress ; : with rehearsal sequence
FHistory: America
F380.R33B76 2019bookThe accident of color : a story of race in Reconstruction
F483.M48 2019bookThe pioneers : the heroic story of the settlers who brought the American ideal West
F817.C6O43 2002bookFort Valley then and now : a look at an Arizona settlement
F869.S35G46 2019bookCultureShock! : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
F1219.3.C6P74 2013bookMerchants, markets, and exchange in the Pre-Columbian world
F1788.22.C3H36 2019bookYoung Castro : the making of a revolutionary
F3081.R43 2019bookThe history of Chile
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G420.C62M66 2019bookEndeavour : the ship that changed the world
GA201.M373 2018bookAll over the map : a cartographic odyssey
GB1603.2.S7 2018bookStill waters : the secret world of lakes
GC30.A1B73 2018bookCoral whisperers : scientists on the brink
GN69.8.S78 2017bookStudies in forensic biohistory : anthropological perspectives
GN281.B48 2018bookHuman evolution beyond biology and culture : evolutionary social, environmental and policy sciences
GN346.G54 2018bookIn the field : life and work in cultural anthropology
GN360.B685 2018bookA different kind of animal : how culture transformed our species
GN406.H63 2018bookWhere are we heading? : the evolution of humans and things
GN803.S47 2018bookThe first farmers of Europe : an evolutionary perspective
GT3150.D396 2018bookDeath across oceans : archaeology of coffins and vaults in Britain, America, and Australia
GV14.O24 2018bookIdleness : a philosophical essay
GV428.7.A247 2019bookACE personal trainer, Study guide 2019-2020 : exam prep and practice test questions for the American Council on exercise CPT Exam.
GV436.A35 2018bookACSM's health-related physical fitness assessment manual
GV838.53.E94A445 2019bookWater fitness progressions
GV884.J36W56 2019bookLeBron, Inc. : the making of a billion-dollar athlete
GV939.C34T36 2018bookWalter Camp and the creation of American football
GV1051.T3K73 2019bookThe world's fastest man : the extraordinary life of cyclist Major Taylor, America's first Black sports hero
GV1815.S34 2018bookApplied anatomy of aerial arts : an illustrated guide to strength, flexibility, training, and injury prevention
GV1816.J3313 2018bookThe circus : a visual history
HSocial Sciences
HB615.S54 2019dvdShe did that
HC54.A66 2019bookThe economists' hour : false prophets, free markets, and the fracture of society
HC240.25.G7O75 2019bookA short history of Brexit : from brentry to backstop
HD30.28.G84D75 2018bookDriving digital strategy : a guide to reimagining your business
HD1476.A3M47 2014bookMiracle on the Salt River : water, family & farming in the Arizona Desert
HD4482.D66 2019bookThrowaway nation : the ugly truth about American garbage
HD7110.R54 2019bookPlaying with FIRE (financial independence retire early) : how far would you go for financial freedom?
HD8072.5.G739 2019bookBeaten down, worked up : the past, present, and future of American labor
HD9005.W75 2019bookHunger in the land of plenty : a critical look at food insecurity
HD9135.P76 2011bookGolden holocaust : origins of the cigarette catastrophe and the case for abolition
HD9149.C43U663 2019bookThe cigarette : a political history
HD9149.C5U5535 2018bookCigarettes, Inc. : an intimate history of corporate imperialism
HD9502.U52S634 2019bookSuperpower : one man's quest to transform American energy
HD9581.A2M33 2019bookBlowout : corrupted democracy, rogue state Russia, and the richest, most destructive industry on Earth
HD9999.C9472W353 2018bookDigital renaissance : what data and economics tell us about the future of popular culture
HF1379.T733 2019bookTrade wars : tariffs in the 21st century
HF5415.1265.D53 2019bookDigital marketing all-in-one
HF5439.25R67 2013bookTalking to strangers : the adventures of a life -insurance salesman.
HF5635.G774 2019bookThe handy accounting answer book
HF5718.S855 2017bookSimply said : communicating better at work and beyond
HG179.R427 2019bookWhat matters most : the get your shit together guide to wills, money, insurance, and life's "what-ifs"
HM743.F33K37 2018bookDisconnect : Facebook's affective bonds
HM831.O354 2019bookThe history of social change in America
HM851.G666 2018bookStop staring at screens : a digital detox for the whole family
HM1106.C75 2018bookThe crisis of connection : roots, consequences, and solutions
HM1111.G53 2019bookTalking to strangers : what we should know about the people we don't know
HN13.D52 2019bookUpheaval : turning points for nations in crisis
HN57.S245 2018bookHappiness in America : a cultural history
HN59.2.K79 2017bookCycle of segregation : social processes and residential stratification
HN90.I56W38 2018bookThe digital edge : how Black and Latino youth navigate digital inequality
HN90.M3G7 2018bookMass media and American politics
HQ32.F573 2019bookScrew consent : a better politics of sexual justice
HQ75.28.U6M66 2018bookFamiliar perversions : the racial, sexual, and economic politics of LGBT families
HQ76.5.R49 2019bookThe children of Harvey Milk : how LGBTQ politicians changed the world
HQ79.T87 2018bookA lover's pinch : a cultural history of sadomasochism
HQ281.S24 2019bookThe SAGE handbook of human trafficking and modern day slavery
HQ447.C66 2017bookVibrator nation : how feminist sex-toy stores changed the business of pleasure
HQ734.F466 2017bookThe all-or-nothing marriage : how the best marriages work
HQ755.8.D63 2019bookLove, money & parenting : how economics explains the way we raise our kids
HQ755.8.L635 2019bookAll the rage : mothers, fathers, and the myth of equal partnership
HQ759.5.W35 2017bookTowards a professional model of surrogate motherhood
HQ759.W4554 2019bookWhat my mother and I don't talk about : fifteen writers break the silence
HQ766.5.U5.H55 2018bookBlinders : the destructive, downstream impact of contraception, abortion, and IVF
HQ814.H54 2019bookDivorce is the worst
HQ1031.M445 2018bookBeyond Chrismukkah : the Christian-Jewish interfaith family in the United States
HQ1075.H56 2018bookIs gender fluid? : a primer for the 21st century
HQ1155.R687 2018bookThe rise of neoliberal feminism
HQ1233.U56 2019bookMisogyny : the new activism
HQ1237.5.U6H57 2019bookReckoning : the epic battle against sexual abuse and harassment
HQ1421.B355 2018bookEmpowered : popular feminism and popular misogyny
HQ1587.W54 2019bookWomen and gender in early modern Europe
HT166.M45 2019bookGreen infrastructure planning : reintegrating landscape in urban planning
HT166.P528 2019bookPlanning for climate change : a reader in green infrastructure and sustainable design for resilient cities
HV11.L265 2019bookA field guide for social workers : applying your generalist training
HV91.P6785 2018bookSocial work practice and social welfare policy in the United States : a history
HV713.L49 2018bookChild welfare : an integrative perspective
HV715.M57 2019bookChild and adolescent psychology for social work and allied professions : applied perspectives
HV1672.B867 2015bookBurns braille guide : a quick reference to Unified English Braille
HV5822.C3W494 2018bookWhere there's smoke : the environmental science, public policy, and politics of marijuana
HV5822.M3D88 2019bookThe African roots of marijuana
HV5822.O99M45 2018bookPain killer : an empire of deceit and the origin of America's opioid epidemic
HV5825.B615 2018bookHurt : chronicles of the drug war generation
HV5840.M42C5826 2011book
HV6046.W55 2017bookGender, crime, & justice : exploring the dynamics
HV6322.7.H37 2020bookDebates on colonial genocide in the 21st century
HV6432.D434 2018bookRecounting the anthrax attacks : terror, the Amerithrax Task Force, and the evolution of forensics in the FBI
HV6561.M555 2019bookKnow my name : a memoir
HV6626.2.S59 2019bookNo visible bruises : what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us
HV6626.H3249 2019bookGender, power, and violence : responding to sexual and intimate partner violence in society today
HV6773.M45 2019bookCult of the Dead Cow : how the original hacking supergroup might just save the world
HV7936.C56L84 2018bookThe war on neighborhoods : policing, prison, and punishment in a divided city
HV7936.R3B38 2018bookSuspect citizens : what 20 million traffic stops tell us about policing and race
HV8079.N3D87 2018bookThe politics of drug violence : criminals, cops and politicians in Colombia and Mexico
HV9104.C625 2017bookTrapped in a vice : the consequences of confinement for young people
HV9288.B53 2017bookGrit : how to get a job and build a career with a criminal record
JPolitical Science
JC423.D556 2019bookIll winds : saving democracy from Russian rage, Chinese ambition, and American complacency
JC573.2.U6W54 2019bookThe conservative sensibility
JF37.P6bookPolitical handbook of the world.
JK529.A694 2019bookRepresentation and the Electoral College
JK2249.G767 2017bookPolitical corruption in America : an encyclopedia of scandals, power, and greed
JK2403.S715 2019bookState and local government.
JQ1510.M576 2018bookEnd of an era : how China's authoritarian revival is undermining its rise
JV6217.P48 2017bookTrading barriers : immigration and the remaking of globalization
JV6465.M45 2019bookThis land is our land : an immigrant's manifesto
JZ1160.G75 2014bookInternational relations : the key concepts
JZ1482.S49 2011bookThe Monroe Doctrine : empire and nation in nineteenth-century America
K3243.F45 2019bookFeminist advocacy, family law and violence against women : international perspectives
K3840.L56 2018bookIntroduction to trade policy
K3897.P48 2019bookThe last fish swimming : the global crime of illegal fishing
K3943.F64 2018bookInternational trade law including Trump and trade in a nutshell
K5172.L48 2018bookThe allure of premeditated murder : why some people plan to kill
KF213.G67 2019bookA republic, if you can keep it
KF734.H36 2019bookThe trustee's legal companion
KF1659.S745 2019bookLegal guide for starting & running a small business
KF3510.Z8S54 2019bookIRAs, 401(k)s & other retirement plans : strategies for taking your money out
KF3650.M37 2019bookSocial Security, Medicare & government pensions : get the most out of your retirement & medical benefits
KF3760.R67 2017bookReproductive justice : an introduction
KF3891.M2M68 2019bookIn the weeds : demonization, legalization, and the evolution of U.S. marijuana policy
KF4819.85.B76 2018bookImmigration in America
KF6369.J67 2004bookThe origins of the American income tax : the Revenue Act of 1894 and its aftermath
KZ1266.B84 2017bookInternational human rights in a nutshell
KZ3410.B84 2019bookPublic international law in a nutshell
KZ7145.C76 2014bookWar crimes, genocide, and justice : a global history
LA209.2.T35 2019bookTeaching when the world is on fire
LA229.S67 2019bookStudent activism, politics, and campus climate in higher education
LA2317.N54A3 2015bookBrooklyn dreams : my life in public education
LB1026.A48 2019bookThe natural laws of children : why children thrive when we understand how their brains are wired
LB1060.M433 2019bookUpgrade your teaching : understanding by design meets neuroscience
LB1062.I55 2017bookDisobedient teaching : surviving and creating change in education
LB1072.B76 2019bookMindfulness in the secondary classroom : a guide for teaching adolescents
LB1590.3.M555 2019bookInventive minds : Marvin Minsky on education
LB3610.S824 2017bookStudent politics and protest : international perspectives
LC1099.3.K36 2019bookRace dialogues : a facilitator's guide to tackling the elephant in the classroom
LC2670.6.R49 2018bookLearning to be Latino : how colleges shape identity politics
London 425 478-2cdCello concerti.
M1.M27B22cdBaroque music for trumpet.
M3.1cdVariations on "La folia"
M3.1.B2S46cdConcerti ; : Ciaccona ; Partita
M3.1.B47 1991cdLeonard Bernstein, a portrait : Bernstein conducts Bernstein : Theatre works. Vol. I
M3.1.B73 1993cdChoral works and overtures
M3.1.B85I574 2013cdChamber & instrumental works
M3.1.H75H93 1988cdThe hymn of Jesus ; : The wandering scholar ; Ode to death ; Choral hymns from the Rig-Veda
M3.1.M88C65 1996cdComplete Works for horn and orchestra
M3.1.M89I5 1996cdIgnaz Moscheles.
M3.1.R434D68 2006cdIl tramonto
M3.1.S913E87cdThe essential Stravinsky.
M3.1 B32 C493 2000cdSecular cantatas BWV 206, 207a, 207
M3.B11 R54 v.58cdCantatas, BWV 193, 194 = Kantaten = Cantates
M3.V82A326 1986cd6 Bassoon concertos = Fagottkonzerte
M6.F72T6 2008cdTobias Frank, organ.
M7.H49O7013 2009cdOrgan fireworks. XIII.
M20.M66V65 2013cdVolodos plays Mompou.
M21.C64U48 1995cd
M21.N63 1999cdThe nocturne. Vol. 2
M21.PcdThe nocturne. Vol. 1.
M22bookSeven characteristic pieces : op. 7 (1827).
M22.B17P52 1995cdDie Klavierwerke = The piano works. vol. 5
M22.B1I7, H53, 1986cdItalian concerto BWV 971 ; : Toccata BWV 911 ; 4 duets BWV 802-805 ; English suite no. 6 BWV 811
M22.M93 1990cd21 lieder
M22.R39V3 1999cdVariations and fugue on a theme of J.S. Bach : op. 81 ; Five humoresques, op. 20 ; Variations and fugue on a theme of G.P. Telemann : op. 13[4]
M22.ScdPiano music
M22.W3C66 2011bookComplete piano sonatas
M23cdThe classical piano sonatina.
M24.C855P54 2004cdKeyboard music. 2
M165.K6 1990cdKonzert mit Glasharfe = Concert with glass harp.
M177.C66M87 2008cdMusic at the Court of Louis XIV.
M178.H64M88 1987cdMusic for glass harmonica.
M178.M68 1997cdChamber works
M270.B37C594 2007cdEuphonium.
M296.K563V57 1990bookVirtuoso music for clarinet and guitar.
M310.A73 2000cdRussian romantic piano trios : Arensky, Rachmaninov, Glinka.
M312.B345A6 1997cdPiano trios
M351.M69 K.563 1985cdDivertimento in D flat (K 563)
M412.K83op.32 1992cdPiano quartets no. 1 in C minor, op. 32 [and] no. 2 in A major, op. 50
M452cdString quartet no. 1 in B flat major ; : Conversations for flute, oboe, violin, viola and cello ; String quartet in A major
M452.H39H. III, 63 2002cdString quartets, opus 64 no. 2, 4, 5
M452.M53V63 2005 CDcdQuartet op. 12 ; : Fugues ; Quartet op. 44/2
M555.P55M88cdMusical banquet.
M700.L23 1995cdSeptett Es-Dur
M1000.B33H64 1998cdThe orchestral suites = Die Orchestersuiten ; Concertos, BWV 1060 & 1062
M1000.B73S95 2011cdSymnphonies 1 & 3
M1000.E41D38cdCockaigne overture ; : Introduction and allegro for strings ; Serenade for string orchestra ; Enigma variations
M1000.G65 2000cdOverture: Il guarany
M1000.N54B59 2007cdSymphonies 1-6 ; : Bohmisk-dansk folketone ; Andante lamentoso : Ved en ung kunstners baare
M1000.S36C66 1987cdConcerto for string quartet and orchestra (after Handel)
M1000E44I581989cdIntroduction and allegro ; : Serenade ; Sospiri ; Elegy ; The Spanish Lady
M1001.D867A11 2000cdComplete 9 symphonies
M1001.M577T87 1991cd
M1001.M92C671 1999xcd
M1001.N69I5 1997cdIn the Tatra mountains ; : Eternal longing ; Slovak suite
M1001.S991op.19 E4cdConcert overture in E, op. 12 ; : Symphony no. 2 in B flat, op. 19 ; Symphony no. 3, op. 27 : "Song of the night"
M1001.U85R47 S56 1993cdSinfonia drammatica
M1002.S77op.20 1996cdDon Juan, op. 20
M1003.I7O7 1997cdOrchestral works
M1003.R37cdAntiche danze ed arie per liuto
M1003.R47A53 1992cdAncient dances and airs for lute
M1003.T34cdThrough the looking glass
M1004.M52F56 1994cdMendelssohn overtures.
M1005.R47S59 2005cdOrgan concertos
M1010cdRichter & Britten : Aldeburgh Festival
M1010.5.H644 1970cdVirtuoso piano conteros.
M1010.M69 J3 1989cdPiano concertos (Complete)
M1010.M69M6 1996cdPiano concertos K. 449, 448, 503
M1010.M6K.482, 1987cdPiano concerto in E flat, K. 482 ; Piano concerto in A, K. 488
M1012.B33 1997cdSolo & double violin concertos
M1012.R465A2 1993cdPoema autunnale : Concerto gregoriano ; Ballata delle Gnomidi
M1016cdCello concertos, nos. 1-3
M1017.P94 op.58 2009cdCello concerto in E minor, op. 58 ; : Symphony-concerto in E minor, op. 125
M1020.R36C6cdConcertos pour flutes.
M1028.M69nos. 1-4 1997cdHorn concertos nos. 1-4 ; : Quintet in E flat K452
M1028.M939H81cdHorn concertos ; : Rondeau K.371 ; Rondo K.514
M1100.F67 2013cd40 tracks for 40 years.
M1100.V85H6 1985cdConcertos
M1110.B25G38 1999cdKeyboard concertos ; : French suite : no. 5
M1110.B33K49 2005cdThe keyboard concertos. 2
M1112.L53L27 2002cdL'arte del violino
M1116.V58C6 1989cdCello concertos, vol. 2
M1116.V6C45 v. 3cdCello concerti. Vol. 3
M1116.V6C45 v. 4cdCello concerti. Vol. 4
M1122.H47O2 1991cdOboenkonzerte
M1366.K7L665 2001cdThe look of love
M1366.P48B37 1998cdBass hits
M1366.W37I47 2013cdThe impostor
M1495.B58 1988cd
M1497.P337L5 2001cdLive recital.
M1497.S96S96 1992cdSupervia in opera and song.
M1500cdI puritani
M1500.A33P69 1998cdPowder her face : [op. 14 : an opera in two acts]
M1500.B25A5cdAmadis des Gaules : [tragedie-lyrique (1779)]
M1500.B45S66 1999cdLa sonnambula
M1500.B55N6 1941cdNo for an answer
M1500.B75R6 1990cdThe roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd : original Broadway cast recording
M1500.F19V5 1990cdLa vida breve
M1500.F35V53 2019cdLa vida breve
M1500.F45T68 1996cdTovah: out of her mind
M1500.F56M37x 1988cdMartha
M1500.F5B74 1993cdThe bride of Messina : tragedy-opera in 3 acts
M1500.F63E82V34 1996cdEva : opera in 3 acts : op. 50
M1500.G55O7cdOrfeo ed Euridice
M1500.G58O74 1989cdOrfeo ed Euridice
M1500.G62I6 G37 1986cd
M1500.G68F38 2005cdFaust
M1500.G6O8 G37cd
M1500.H13O5 2010cdOrlando
M1500.H37S57 2014cdSiroe, re di Persia
M1500.L39J68E54 1992cdLe jour et la nuit : opera comique en trois actes ; Rose-mousse : piece en un acte
M1500.L43L87cdDie Lustige Witwe = [The merry widow = La veuve joyeuse]
M1500.L87 W5 E6cd
M1500.M415H47S36 2002cd
M1500.M44O54 H2 2005cd
M1500.M69E58 2001cd
M1500.P662G5 1985cdLa Gioconda
M1500.R53N54 1998cdThe night of the hunter : a new musical
M1500.R67G85 2013cdGuillaume Tell
M1500.R74S7 2002zcdSigmund Romberg's the student prince
M1500.S375I77G84 1995cdIrrelohe
M1500.S38A44 1994cdAlfonso und Estrella : D732
M1500.S44F5 1990cdFierrabras
M1500 .S525 T35 2008AEGMCTcdTake flight : a new musical
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NFine Arts
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TL540.W7H392 2018bookWright brothers, wrong story : how Wilbur Wright solved the problem of manned flight
TL789.8.U5 N49 2019bookNew frontiers in space
TL789.8.U5S76 2019bookChasing the moon : the people, the politics, and the promise that launched America into the space age
TL789.8.U6bookOne giant leap : the impossible mission that flew us to the Moon
TL789.85.A767A76 2019dvdArmstrong
TN145 $$b .A83 2015bookIn search of fortunes : a look at the history of Arizona mining
TN871.255.W955 2018bookFractivism : corporate bodies and chemical bonds
TP245.I6K37 2017bookIodine made simple
TP270.5.F54 2017bookBoom! : the chemistry and history of explosives
TP370.5.S54 2017bookIn defense of processed food : it's not nearly as bad as you think
TP496.P43 2017bookRefrigerator : the story of cool in the kitchen
TR715.S44 2017bookEssential witness : sixty years of railroad photography
TS171.4.T48 2017bookThe materials sourcebook for design professionals
TS171.95.G47 2017bookDesigning reality : how to survive and thrive in the third digital revolution
TS227.L578 2014bookMetalworking - doing it better : machining, welding, fabricating
TT212.R528 2016bookMetalsmithing made easy
TT633.H65 1998bookPatterns for theatrical costumes : garments, trims, and accessories from ancient Egypt to 1915
TX353.S8265 2018bookThe story of food : an illustrated history of everything we eat.
TX558.S7D72 2018bookThe story of soy
UMilitary Science
U21.2.C5135 2019bookCivilian casualties in war
U21.2.F74 2017bookThe future of war : a history
U22.3.L628 2018bookLong-term outcomes of military service : the health and well-being of aging veterans
U102.D836 2003bookHow to make war : a comprehensive guide to modern warfare in the twenty-first century
UB369.A475 2017bookBurdens of War : Creating the United States Veterans Health System
VNaval Science
VE23.H38 2015bookMarines : an illustrated history : the US Marine Corps from 1775 to the twenty-first century
VM533.B826 2016bookThe little book of incredibly useful knots : 200 practical knots for sailors, climbers, campers & other adventurers
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z271.M72313 2018bookBookbinding : a comprehensive guide to folding, sewing & binding
Z666.5.H43 2016bookThe accidental taxonomist
cd3 sonatas for violin and piano ; : Sonata for viola and piano
cd6 cello sonatas, op. 14
cd6 double concertos for flute, violin, strings & harpsichord
bookA night at the Empire.
cdAhmad Jamal live at Bubba's : autumn in New York.
cdAmelita Galli-Curci
bookAuthentic Israeli folk songs and dances : (On flute, guitar, accordians & drums).
cdBe cool be kind
cdBenvenuto Cellini
cdBritish modern.
cdBroadway classic
cdCantate = Cantatas = Kantaten = Cantates
cdCaterina Cornaro
cdCello concertos
cdChamber works
cdCharlie Haden, Quartet West with chamber orchestra present The art of the song featuring Shirley Horn, Bill Henderson.
cdChristmas oratorio : Epistle cantatas
cdCinema organ. Volume II.
cdClassical oboe.
cdComplete organ works. Vol. 10
cdComplete organ works. Vol. 5
cdComplete piano concertos
cdComplete symphonies
cdConcerti grossi, op. 3
cdConcerto for piano and orchestra, no. 1 in B flat minor, op. 23
cdConcertos et nocturne pour violon et orchestre
cdConcertos pour clarinette
cdConcertos, sonatas and more ...
cdCorrect music
cdDas Rheingold
cdDer arme Heinrich
cdDiabelli variations
cdDietrich Fischer-Dieskau sings Bach.
cdDodo lives
cdDon Giovanni
cdDon Giovanni : highlights
cdDouble concertos
cdDream of you
cdDvadt?sat' vzgli?adov na mladent?sa Iisusa No. 1-6.
bookEnglish Lyric Diction Workbook. 3rd Ed.
bookEveryday Diversity: Developing Cultural Competency and Information Awareness (First Edition).
bookExcellence in Business Communication. 13th Ed.
bookFiery and sublime : the sources of Quantz's inspiration
cdFranz Schreker conducts Schreker, Bizet, Grieg : complete surviving recordings.
cdFrench overture ; : Italian concerto ; Four duets ; Two capriccios
cdGeistliche Vokalmusik, Orgelsonaten, Cembalosonaten
cdGlenn Gould : live in Berlin, Vienna (1957, 1958).
bookGreek Biology and Medicine.
cdHeigh-ho everybody!
bookI have a pony ; : HBO Presents a Steven Wright special
cdIl giovedi' grasso
cdIt started with a dream
cdJames Galway plays Mozart.
cdJuditha triumphans
cdJulie London. Vol. 2.
cdKeyboard music I
cdKral space
cdLa espiral eterna : live and studio recordings of the seventies
bookLaunching Successful Ventures
bookLee Morgan : eight classic albums
cdLegendary pianist Mindru Katz plays in concert.
cdLeontyne Price sings Barber.
cdLes sonates pour violoncelle et piano ; : The cello sonatas - Die Cellosonaten
cdLes troyens
cdLuciano Pavarotti : Los Angeles, 1973.
cdLute music. : early Italian Renaissance music / Volume 2 :
cdMahler 2 : 'Resurrection'.
cdMaurice Ravel, Robert Schumann, Beethoven, Grieg piano concertos.
cdMesse en si mineur
cdMetastasio's Kings & heroes
cdMills Brothers.
cdMisa de Requiem en 6 partes : 6 motets ; Tenebrae responsories ; Motete & Misa O quam gloriosum
cdMist : chamber music by Janet Maguire.
cdMozart piano concertos 21 & 24
cdMusic for cello and piano
cdMusic for violin and piano
cdMusic of England.
cdNel labirinto della voce
cdOboe concertos.
cdOboe italiano.
bookOctour in C major, op. 7 ; : Dixtour in D major, op. 14
bookOne charming night : Countertenor-Duette und -Arien, Instrumentalmusik
cdOpera arias
cdOrchestral works
cdOrgan works
cdOrgan works. Vol. 3
cdOrgan works. Volume 1
cdOrgellandschaft Danzig & Westpreussen.
cdParis! Oh! Que j'aime Paris.
cdPerfect strangers
cdPiano concerto in A-minor, op. 17 ; : Fantaisie polonaise
cdPiano concerto in D minor, K. 466 ; : Sonata in C minor, K. 457 ; Piano concerto in C, K. 467
cdPiano concerto in g-minor
cdPiano concerto no. 1 in C minor ; : Piano concerto no. 2 in B flat minor
cdPiano concerto no. 23 in A, K. 488 ; : Piano concerto no. 9 in E flat, K. 271 "Jeunehomme" ; Rondo in A, K.386
cdPiano concerto no. 3
cdPiano concerto, op. 78
bookPiano concertos : no. 16 in D major, K. 451, no. 17 in G major, K. 453
cdPiano sonata no. 2 : Berceuse ; Nocturne ; Variations
cdPiano sonata no. 7 in B flat major, op. 83
cdPiano trios 1 & 2
cdRage of the heart.
cdRequiem per coro a 4 voci e orchestra ; : Lamentations Jeremiae
cdRequiem, K. 626
cdRobert and Elizabeth
cdRussian trinkets.
cdSammy sings Fain.
cdSeptet in D minor op. 74
cdSerenata a tre
cdSeven classic albums
cdSimply Anne-Sophie.
cdSinging for you-- everyone
cdSix concertos after Vivaldi : Italian concerto BWV 971
cdSlow and sassy
bookSonata for violin and piano in D major, op. 6 ; : Quintet in E major, op. 15
cdSonatas, violin & piano
cdSonate a tre = Sonatas for three instruments
cdSymphonies 2 & 3
cdSymphonies 2 & 4
cdSymphonies Haffner, Jupiter, Praga
cdSymphony no. 36 in C major, K. 247 : Linz
cdSymphony no. 7
cdSymphony no. 9 in D minor, op. 125 : Choral
cdTenebrae responsories for Holy Saturday
cdThe 4 symphonies
bookThe French connection.
cdThe anniversary concert.
bookThe complete music for violin and orchestra. 1
bookThe complete music for violin and orchestra. 2
bookThe concertos
cdThe exotic sounds of Yma Sumac.
cdThe four seasons
cdThe golden age restor'd : lute music
cdThe keyboard concertos. 1
cdThe master touch
cdThe midsummer marriage
cdThe piano concertos
cdThe piano concertos. : K. 491, 482 / Vol. III :
cdThe pilgrimage to Santiago.
cdThe retrospective edition.
cdThe well-tempered clavier, Books 1 & 2
cdThe works for harpsichord. I,
cdTrios & quartets
cdTristan und Isolde
cdTudor church music.
bookVirtuoso etudes for harp
cdVisionen : op. 12 ; Assisi : op. 13
cdViva Verdi!.
cdVladimir Horowitz : live in Leningrad April 27, 1986.
bookVladimir Horowitz.
cdWhen I grow too old to dream.
cdWorks for violin and organ
cdWorks for violoncello & orchestra