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Agriculture Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
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Education Fine Arts
General Works History: America
History: General Language, Literature, Popular Films
Law Medicine
Military Science Music
Naval Science Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Political Science Science
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AGeneral Works
ACC# C10804cdThree fragments from the opera Juliette
AV1.2.B45P8 1980cdI puritani
AV1.2.B665Q5 G.393 1993cdStreichquintette = String quintets
AV1.2.C64358O5 T6 1994cdOur private world : Sally Mayes sings Comden & Green.
AV1.2.D859S66 2009cdSonatas for classical bassoon & fortepiano
AV1.2.H34O82 2009cdJohn Kitchen plays Handel overtures.
AV1.2.L635B7 A4 1998cdLyrics by Lerner : Alan Jay Lerner performs his own songs.
AV1.2.M45Q83 no. 1 2004cdRomantic music for brass.
AV2 2001V484 30445cdRigoletto
AV2 2101M583 37763cd
AV2 3407S285 34440cdCantatas
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B50cdChoral works
B721.M4533 2019bookMedieval philosophy : a multicultural reader
BF318.B63 2019bookLimitless mind : learn, lead, and live without barriers
BF449.5.F65 2018bookThe geography of insight : the sciences, the humanities, how they differ, why they matter
BF637.N66G73 2019bookFace to face : the art of human connection
BF692.J67 2018bookThe dynamics of infidelity : applying relationship science to psychotherapy practice
BJ1581.2.G694 2007bookThe 33 strategies of war
BL627.O43 2005bookDeep listening : a composer's sound practice
BR526.C5668 2019bookBeating guns : hope for people who are weary of violence
BS2410.M334 2019bookNew Testament Christianity in the Roman world
BS1802010bookThe Vulgate Bible : Douay-Rheims translation
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
C7465cdThe Great waltz.
CB478.D5 2004bookRhythm science
CD782.14 NcdThis life : Her songs and her friends
CD782.4264 BcdAlways, Irving Berlin.
CD782.4264 LcdTime for love : the best of Julie London.
CD782.4264 McdSmile
CD782.4264 McdSome other time : Marcovicci sings Mabel Mercer
CD782.42654 TcdThe Duke Ellington and Count Basie songbooks
CD782.42655 McdThe dreams of Johnny Mercer
CD782.4265 McdYou and the night and the music
CD782.4266 NcdBad love
CD782.4266 RcdLand of dreams
CD786.2 BcdEnglische Suiten : nos. 2 & 3, BWV 807 & 808 = English suites = Suites anglaises
CD787.2 HcdRecital.
CD788.36 PcdThe virtuoso recorder.
CD5772cdLegacy. 4.
CD8973cdSinfonia concertante in E flat major, K. 364 ; Concertone : in C major, K. 190 ; Adagio in E major, K. 261 ; Rondo concertante in B flat major, K. 269
CDM11407cdA kiss to build a dream on
DHistory: General
D805.I55T3613 2018bookHidden horrors : Japanese war crimes in World War II
D825.C274 2016bookThe good occupation : American soldiers and the hazards of peace
DCC4068cdSymphonies nos. 39, 40, 41 ; : Eine kleine Nachtmusik ; Divertimento K.334 ; Serenata notturna
DK4140.L85 2019bookA concise history of Poland
DS195.5.M368713 2015bookTurkey and the Armenian ghost : on the trail of the genocide
DT1974.M343 2018bookThe prison letters of Nelson Mandela
DU744.35.D32D53 2012bookThe world until yesterday : what can we learn from traditional societies?
EHistory: America
E40.G53 2019bookEl Norte : the epic and forgotten story of Hispanic North America
E98.P48S3 2003bookAmerican Indian jewelry I : 1,200 artist biographies, c. 1800-present
E762.R58 2018bookWilliam Howard Taft
E806.O54 2014bookAmerica in the thirties
E841.G65 2010bookAmerica in the sixties
E885.S47 2015bookAmerica in the nineties
E912.P58 2019bookRadicals, resistance, and revenge : the left's plot to remake America
E912.R93 2018bookUnder fire : reporting from the front lines of the Trump White House
E914.T78T78 2019bookTriggered : how the left thrives on hate and wants to silence us
FHistory: America
F1226.H36 2019bookA concise history of Mexico
F1569.C2L27 2019bookErased : the untold story of the Panama Canal
F1976.4.M68 2019bookFantasy island : colonialism, exploitation, and the betrayal of Puerto Rico
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G68 2019bookThe garden jungle ; or gardening to save the planet
G535.W34 2019bookGlobal piracy : a documentary history of seaborne banditry
G606.B73 2019bookNorth Pole
GE42.G67 2019bookMorality and the environmental crisis
GE195.D466 2018bookWhy good people do bad environmental things
GN409.5.E83 2017bookOn eating insects : [essays, stories and recipes]
GN409.T6 2019bookTo feast on us as their prey : cannibalism and the early modern Atlantic
GN487.C83 2001bookThe cultural analysis of kinship : the legacy of David M. Schneider
GN502.E55 2019bookPsychological anthropology for the 21st century
GT525.E37 2018bookLook like the leader you are : a 7-step style strategy for ambitious women
GV346.O84 2019bookSports crazy : how sports are sabotaging American schools
GV351.C56 2019bookBig-time sports in American universities
GV884.A1S725 2017bookWhen basketball was Jewish : voices of those who played the game
GV885.515.N37J69 2011bookThe National Basketball Association : business, organization and strategy
GV885.515.N37S87 2012bookThe rise of the National Basketball Association
GV1060.67.T7263 2017bookTrack & field news's big gold book : with metric conversion tables for track & field, combined decathlon/heptathlon scoring and metric conversion tables, and other essential data for the track fan, athlete, coach and official
GV1060.72.O27A3 2012bookClearing hurdles : a quest to be the world's greatest athlete
GV1061.23.K4T35 2001bookTrain hard, win easy : the Kenyan way
GV1061.5.B48 2017bookRunner's world your best stride : how to optimize your natural running form to run easier, farther, and faster -- with fewer injuries
GV1061.5.H86 2018bookThe rhythm of running
GV1061.6.M48 2019bookKicksology : the hype, science, culture & cool of running shoes
GV1061.A54 2019bookRunning form : how to run faster and prevent injury
GV1063.2.C62S74 2015bookCoaches' guide to cross country and track and field : training cycles
GV1073.W53 2009bookWinning jumps and pole vault
GV1785.B755A3 2007bookChance and circumstance : twenty years with Cage and Cunningham
HSocial Sciences
HB99.3.S45 2017bookCollective choice and social welfare
HB2114.A3N95 2010cdPaths
HC79.I5C466 2017bookRequiem for the American dream : the 10 principles of concentration of wealth & power
HC105.6.T48 2004bookTariffs, blockades, and inflation : the economics of the Civil War
HC412.F725 2019bookThe new silk roads : the present and future of the world
HD62.15.R63293 2013bookBuilding quality management systems : selecting the right methods and tools
HD2809.C394 2018bookOrganizing the 1% : how corporate power works
HD6060.5.F37 2019bookCatch and kill : lies, spies, and a conspiracy to protect predators
HD9014.M62G355 2018bookEating NAFTA : trade, food policies, and the destruction of Mexico
HD9502.A2F363 2019bookThe Goldilocks policy : the basis for a grand energy bargain
HD9539.C7A53 2018bookThe city that ate itself : Butte, Montana and its expanding Berkeley Pit
HD9578 .D44.R67 2013bookThe oil curse : how petroleum wealth shapes the development of nations
HD9710.U54T4766 2019bookLudicrous : the unvarnished story of Tesla Motors
HE355.L484 2013bookDivided highways : building the interstate highways, transforming American life
HE371.A3S53 2019bookPolicing the open road : how cars transformed American freedom
HF1379.K789 2018bbookInternational trade : theory and policy
HF1753.J64 2018bookThe wealth of a nation : a history of trade politics in America
HG221.O47 2018bookA cash-free society : whether we like it or not
HG2481.R67 2019bookMarket rules : bankers, presidents, and the origins of the Great Recession
HG4751.S3445 2019bookWhat it takes : lessons in the pursuit of excellence
HG8025.R83 2008bookDictionary of insurance terms
HJ4651.S73 1993bookDimensions of law in the service of order : origins of the federal income tax, 1861-1913
HJ4652.W556 2002bookThe great tax wars : Lincoln to Wilson, the fierce battles over money and power that transformed the nation
HJ4707.S16 2010bookA history of income tax : the development of income tax from its beginning in 1799 to the present day related to the social, economic and political history of the period
HM743.F33S47 2018bookFrenemies : how social media polarizes America
HM851.A744 2019bookThe next billion users : digital life beyond the West
HM881.Y68 2019bookCivic activism unleashed : new hope or false dawn for democracy?
HN850.M4R35 2019bookCultureShock! : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
HQ759.92.G645 2019bookIntervening for stepfamily success : one case, multiple perspectives
HQ759.K596 2019bookMother is a verb : an unconventional history
HQ784.I58G725 2019bookRaising humans in a digital world : helping kids build a healthy relationship with technology
HT166.H3542 2020bookTown planning : the basics
HV640.5.I73N39 2019bookThe ungrateful refugee : what immigrants never tell you
HV5748.H55 2019bookThe vaping controversy
HV5816.H35 2019bookOpium : how an ancient flower shaped and poisoned our world
HV6431.A537 2009bookHistorical dictionary of terrorism
HV6626.2.S59 2019bookNo visible bruises : what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us
HV6691.A23 2019bookScam me if you can : simple strategies to outsmart today's rip-off artists
HV8023.W555 2011bookWomen and policing in America : classic and contemporary readings
HV8144.F43S74 2019bookDeep State : Trump, the FBI, and the rule of law
HV8593.J44 2009bookSpirituality and the ethics of torture
HV8699.U5B393 2007bookIn the shadow of death : restorative justice and death row families
HV8699.U5M55 2006bookWrongful capital convictions and the legitimacy of the death penalty
HV8756.B76 2009bookThe culture of punishment : prison, society, and spectacle
HV9069.S64 2011bookJuveniles at risk : a plea for preventive justice
HV9104.C39 2004bookGirls, delinquency, and juvenile justice
HV9104.F334C66 2019bookCommunities that care : building community engagement and capacity to prevent youth behavior problems
HV9104.N873 2010bookLocked up, locked out : young men in the juvenile justice system
HV9955.M5S46 2019dvdThe sentence
HX418.L68 2019bookMaoism : a global history
JPolitical Science
JF1525.W45S655 2019bookPermanent record
JK275.C645 2019bookClear and present safety : the world has never been better and why that matters to Americans
JK468.W54S73 2019bookWhistleblowers : honesty in America from Washington to Trump
JK486.I6K56 2019bookPoisoner in chief : Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA search for mind control
JK529.R69 2017bookThe indispensable electoral college : how the founders' plan saves our country from mob rule
JK2261.S824 2018bookThe state of the parties, 2018 : the changing role of contemporary American political parties
JV6346.M6713 2019bookWe are not refugees : true stories of the displaced
JZ1305.K59 2016bookA history of International Relations Theory
K52.S6C66 2005bookContreras & Leutwyler Spanish-English compendium of law
K52 S6 W37 2010AEUbookThe ABA Spanish legal phrasebook
K124.W368S53 2014bookWorld War I law and lawyers : issues, cases, and characters
K124.W37S53 2013bookWorld War II law and lawyers : issues cases and characters
K370.A55 2010bookLaw and social change
K540.C42 1988 v.7bookHighlights from the direct and cross-examination of Herman[n] Goering former Commander in Chief of the Lu[f]twaffe, Reichmarshal, President of the Reichstag, and Chairman of the Council for the Defense of the the Reich : the Nuremberg Trial 1945-1946 : the war crimes trial.
K640.W45 2013bookNew law and ethics in mental health advance directives : the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the right to choose
K642.S74 2011bookLife before birth : the moral and legal status of embryos and fetuses
K3165.O965 2012bookThe Oxford handbook of comparative constitutional law
K3240.O82 2009bookHuman rights and their limits
K3254.A6F74 2013bookFree speech in an Internet era : papers from the free speech discussion forum
K3258.K35 2012bookReligious liberty in Western and Islamic law : toward a world legal tradition
K5103.K47 2018bookThe limits of blame : rethinking punishment and responsibility
KD671.D37 2010bookReligion, race, rights : landmarks in the history of modern Anglo-American law
KD3944.A4 1998bookMagna Carta : text and commentary
KD3946.M33 2014bookMagna Carta and the rule of law
KD6857.M87 2001bookMedieval law in context : the growth of legal consciousness from Magna Carta to the Peasants' Revolt
KF221.M8N43 2006bookGetting away with murder on the Texas frontier : notorious killings & celebrated trials
KF240.P65 2017bookLegal research
KF240.S585 2015bookBasic legal research : tools and strategies
KF320.L4H37 2019bookParalegal career for dummies
KF390.5.A5K37 2016bookUnderstanding animal law
KF410.M37 2015bookConflict of laws : cases and materials
KF545.D43 2015bookMastering adoption law and policy
KF561.E47 2017bookProperty
KF730.A86 2018bookUnderstanding trusts and estates
KF753.F43 2014bookQuestions & answers. : multiple-choice and short-answer questions and answers
KF1355.E67 2016bookA short & happy guide to business organizations
KF1501.L46 2019bookSolve your money troubles : strategies to get out of debt and stay that way
KF1610.M37 2016bookConsumer protection law in a nutshell
KF4550.M29 2016bookConstitutional law : national power and federalism
KF4749.W38 2013bookUnderstanding civil rights litigation
KF4770.B39 2013bookSkills & values.
KF4770.P69 2016bookA short & happy guide to the First Amendment
KF4770.W427 2015bookQuestions & answers : the First Amendment
KF5075.B69 2019bookHigh crimes and misdemeanors : a history of impeachment for the age of Trump
KF6369.Z45 2018bookFiguring out the tax : Congress, Treasury, and the design of the early modern income tax
KF8745.T27L87 2019bookThe Chief Justiceship of William Howard Taft, 1921-1930
KF8841.D67 2015bookQuestions & answers. : multiple-choice and short-answer questions and answers
KF8900.M386 2015bookPretrial
KF8935.Z9M58 2012bookSkills & values.
KF8935.Z9M84 2015bookEvidence
KF9084.P79 2014bookA short & happy guide to mediation
KF9218.R628 2002bookCriminal law case studies
KF9219.D74 2015bookUnderstanding criminal law
KF9219.D74 2018bookUnderstanding criminal law
KF9219.P63 2015bookMastering criminal law
KF9223.5.M43 2013bookMedia coverage in criminal justice cases : what prosecutors and defenders should and should not say
KF9223.B53 2012bookThe machinery of criminal justice
KF9223.B88 2009bookLet's get free : a hip-hop theory of justice
KF9227.C2C36 2012bookUnderstanding capital punishment law
KF9227.C2D425 2009bookDeath penalty stories
KF9227.C2S772 2013bookDeath penalty : in a nutshell
KF9306.W56 2011bookHow to try a murder case : pretrial and trial guidelines for prosecution and defense
KF9315.A927 2013bookAbortion in the United States : a compilation of federal and state laws
KF9350.S77 2017bookUnderstanding white collar crime
KF9619.85.C84 2016bookQuestions & answers : criminal procedure : police investigation : multiple choice and short answer questions and answers
KF9619.85.C842 2016bookQuestions & answers : criminal procedure : prosecution and adjudication : multiple choice and short answer questions and answers
KF9619.85.E44 2017bookCriminal procedure
KF9619.85.I87 2014bookCriminal procedure : constitutional limitations in a nutshell
KF9619.85.M378 2015bookMastering criminal procedure
KF9619.85.S25 2017bookBasic criminal procedure
KF9619.85.W43 2012bookPrinciples of criminal procedure
KF9630.B578 2016bookCriminal procedure : the constitution and the police
KF9662.S56 2012bookThe constable has blundered : the exclusionary rule, crime, and corruption
KF9731.L435 2014bookPrison grievances : when to write, how to write
KF9780.G37 2014bookUnderstanding juvenile law
KF9802.M3 2009bookHidden injustice : lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth in juvenile courts
KFA2976.5 .C33 2016bookSearch and seizure
KZ1242.B87 2016bookInternational law
KZ3140.J36A35 2016bookInternational law
KZ6795.I73I5 2005bookIn the name of democracy : American war crimes in Iraq and beyond
L11.D48bookDigest of education statistics.
LB1631.5.M34 2019bookReasoning through language arts (RLA) : workbook for the GED test
LB2822.75.W35 2010bookAssessment clear and simple : a practical guide for institutions, departments, and general education
LB3060.33.G45 2019book
LB3060.33.G45S55 2017bookGED preparation 2019 : all subjects
LC210.5.J33 2019bookThe privileged poor : how elite colleges are failing disadvantaged students
LC1011.R428 2014bookSentipensante (sensing/thinking) pedagogy : educating for wholeness, social justice and liberation
M1.M38S965 1988cdSymphonies no. 5 & no. 6
M1.M69 2005cdMozart and Strauss
M1.V47S56 2004cdSimon Boccanegra
M1.V58S66 1990cdSonatas for strings. Vol. I
M3.1.B503B4 2004cdThe Berkeley edition. Volume 5
M3.1.F55 1991cdChoral works
M3.1.M355S59 2010cdDer Sturm ; : Monologues ; Symphonie concertante
M3.1.M65O73cdOrchestral & chamber music
M3.1.V58K46 2004cdVivaldi II.
M3.B11 R54 v.63cdDer zufriedengestellte Aeolus : BWV 205 ; Quodlibet, BWV 524 : secular cantatas = Weltliche Kantaten = cantates profanes = cantatas profanas
M5.FcdCello sonata in A major
M5.G66O26 2010cdOboe concertos
M5.G75I5 1985bookPeer Gynt suite no. 1, op. 46 ; Peer Gynt suite no. 2, op. 55 ; Holberg suite, op. 40 ; Two elegiac melodies, op. 34
M5.N53 1994cdEnglish eighteenth-century keyboard concertos.
M5.S67C6 1988cdCopland, Corigliano, Bernstein.
M5.T454cdVoyageur virtuose : sonates en duo et trio = Virtuoso traveller : duet and trio sonatas
M6.F74O64 2010cdOpera omnia a stampa per tastiera = Complete published works for keyboard
M7.B99C6 2004cdComplete organ works
M7.M46O74 1997cdMusic for organ
M8.M46cdOrgan sonatas
M20cdThe art of the lautenwerk.
M20.G68G5 1998cdThe Glenn Gould silver jubilee album.
M20.P65 2011cd20th century.
M22 .B33 C66 2004cdThe complete 1950s Bach recordings on Archiv.
M22.F38I58 v.1, 2008cd
M22.G63cdPiano music. Vol. 4
M22.G68G54 2011cdGlenn Gould plays Bach
M22.M5P53 v.1cdPiano works. Vol. 1
M22.S98L44 2001cdFour studies
M22.V46 C64 2013cdComplete works for solo piano
M22 M46 P53 2008LANGLEY / COMPACT DISC, c. 1, v.1 Discs 1-4, v. 2 Discs 5-8cdPiano works = Klavierwerke
M23.M69P52 1989cdThe piano sonatas, vol. I
M24.B115BWV 825-831 1978cdComplete partitas for harpsichord
M24.B115E54 2004cdEnglish suites ; : Partitas
M24.B2BWV825 1994cdComplete partitas for harpsichord
M41.B3 1988cdWorks for solo violin
M42.P35C36 1993cdThe 24 caprices, op. 1
M42.R63C2 1997cdCaprice variations : for unaccompanied violin
M51.V58S66 1989cdSix cello sonatas, op. 14
M126.R44cdGuitar works. Vol. 1
M126.R87A47 2004xcdAire latino : Latin American music for guitar.
M126.S714Op.1 1998cdGuitar music opp. 1-5
M162.3.B42S44 2002cdChanson d'amour
M177.B33A44 2012cdAlessandro Baccini, oboe and English horn.
M178.B37F35 2011cdFalling still : music for oboe by women composers.
M217.P69C66754 2004cdThe complete 1904-1917 recordings. Vol. 4.
M229.M53M35 2002cdCello sonatas ; : Variations ; 7 songs without words
M237.F992cdBeau Soir : for double bass & piano
M239.V54B33 2007cd
M312.4.R233P5 1989cd
M355.Z87B4cdBeethoven & Triebensee oboe trios.
M361.H364T75 2008cdTrio sonatas : for oboe and violin : HWV 380-385, 393
M452.M537Q37 2002cdStreichquartette 1 & 2
M452.R25B7cdString quartet in F
M452.S36 1991cdString quartet no. 3
M452.W375A7cdString quartet (1905) ; : Slow movement : for string quartet (1905) ; Rondo for string quartet (1906) ; Five movements for string quartet, op. 5 ; Six bagatelles for string quartet, op. 9 ; String quartet, op. 28
M454.B13K86 2009cdThe art of fugue
M456.F746D5 1997cdFrench saxophone quartets.
M523 .F46 L65cdLondon symphonies. Vol. 1
M551.S762N49 2004cdComplete string quintets. 2
M986.K455 1990cdKammermusik
M1000.C56M37 2010cdMarches, waltzes + Americana
M1000.M395S45 2009cdOrchestral works
M1000.M44N48 2015cdNeujahrskonzert 2015 = New Year's concert 2015.
M1000.S39U5 2001cdUnissued broadcast recordings.
M1000.S68W44 1989cdWeekend in Russia.
M1000.S77F36 2005cdFamous waltzes and polkas
M1000.V67H9 1995cdSymphony in D major
M1001.B73 no.4 op.98 2011cdSymphony no. 4
M1001.B78S95 no.7 1994cdSymphonie nr. 7 E-dur
M1001.M34 no.5-7cdSymphony no. 5 in C sharp minor
M1001.M67 G minor 1988cdSymphony in G minor ; Overture for a masque
M1001.R67S9 1997cdSymphonies
M1001.S352 no. 6 2004cdSymphony no. 6 ; : Concerto grosso no. 2
M1001.S35S96 2011cdThe 10 symphonies : symphonic sketches and fragments
M1001.S55 op.10 P4cdStokowski conducts Shostakovich.
M1003.F73S96 1999cdSymphonies pour le festin royal du Comte d'Artois
M1003.H36W374 1993cdWater music
M1003.R36N35 M33 1995cd
M1010.McdDeux grands concerts.
M1010.M69 K.449 1988cdPiano concertos, no. 14 in E-flat major, K449 [and] no. 20 in D-minor, K466
M1010.RcdPiano concerto in C sharp minor op 30
M1010.R12 op.18 2001cdPiano concerto nos. 2 & 4
M1010.R81 no.3 1991cdPiano concertos nos. 3 and 4
M1010.S39 op.54, 1988cdPiano concerto in A minor, op. 54
M1012.A74 op.54 2009cdViolin concerto in A minor, op. 54
M1012.R83 op. 103 2006cdViolin concerto, op. 103
M1016.D9Op.53 1997cdConcerto pour violon
M1022.L43cdOboe concertos
M1022.M69C66 1991cdOboe concertos
M1110.B16 op.1 & 7 1993cdClavier concertos, op. 1 ; : Clavier concertos, op. 7
M1116.V58C44 1993cdVivaldi concertos. Vol. 3.
M1122.V56C66 1993cdOboe concertos
M1126.V58 v. 3 2012cdConcerti per fagotto. III
M1134.R4V58 1991cdRecorder concertos : La tempesta di mare, La notte, et al.
M1366.J636J35 1996cdJazz : New Orleans style.
M1366.M865S77cdStolen-- and other moments
M1366.M87D56 2002cdDim the lights
M1366.M87M47 2003cdMemories of you : Remembering Joe Williams
M1366.M87R34 1994cdRah!
M1366.M87T43 1989cdThat's how I love the blues
M1366.M88S46 1988cdSeptember ballads
M1366. R46 2006bookRemembering Duke Ellington.
M1366.W5555E24 1996cdEchoes of Harlem
M1495.M77A75 2011cdArie e lamenti ; : Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi
M1500.D68A5 1990zcdAnna Bolena
M1500.M37C3 2000cdCavalleria rusticana
M1500.M49H8 1996cdLes Huguenots
M1500.M56I5 1990cdL'incoronazione di Poppea
M1500.S89S3 1989cdSalome
M1500.S92H67 1987cdHMS Pinafore ; : Trial by jury
M1500.T35I59 1996cdIolanta
M1500.T35M3 1998cdMazeppa
M1500.V484B37cdLa battaglia di Legnano
M1500.V48O8 2000cdOtello
M1500.V48T73 1967cdLa traviata : opera in three acts
M1500.V4D63 1988cdDon Carlo
M1500.V4D67 1994cdDon Carlo
M1500.V4S7 1993cdStiffelio
M1500.Z53K5 1991cdKleider machen Leute
M1500V47B35a1989cdUn Ballo in maschera
M1503.F73G74 2007cdGrey Gardens : the musical
M1505.A255Z36 2003cdZanna, don't! : a musical fairy tale
M1505.B37M37 2007dvdMaria
M1505.B73A4 2012cdAh, men! : the boys of Broadway
M1505.G74N5cdGreat singers at the Mariinsky Theatre.
M1505.H36 2007cdOpera arias
M1505.K394 M3cdMarni Nixon sings classic Kern
M1505.M9 1994cdMy favorite showstoppers.
M1505.P37B49 2005cdThe best
M1505.P842Z5748cdZip goes a million : original 2001 London cast recording
M1505.S995G97 1990cdGypsy : original cast recording
M1505.U67W67cdThe world so wide
M1505.W589H6546cdHollywood Hotel : [the original soundtrack recording]
M1505.Z43A75 2008cdArias
M1506.S34.S7 2005cdThe story of American classical music
M1507.N67 1992cdLucky to be me
M1527.2.S77A5 1990cdAngela Lansbury in Gypsy : original London cast recording
M1527.L96S5 1992 v.1cdSincerely yours. Volume I.
M1530cdThe mask of time
M1530.B81D38cdAlto rhapsody ; Choral works
M1530.O74C3 1989cdCarmina Burana : cantiones profanae
M1611.D58 1994cdDivine sopranos.
M1611.I58 2008cd
M1611.M69C66 2014cdConcert arias
M1613.3.L563I45 1992cdIllusions
M1613.R63C35 2002cdCanciones & danzas
M1613.S7L4S38 1987cdFour last songs ; : Capriccio : op. 85. Closing scene ; Arabella : excerpts
M1619.P75F67 1994cdLe lied romantique = The romantic lied = Das romantische Lied
M1619.T79cdA Treasury of English song.
M1619.V65A45 2005cdAll my heart : Deborah Voigt sings American songs.
M1620.A54T6 1986cdTokyo live '86.
M1621.4.A46U6 1998cdUnholy sonnets : and other song cycles
M1621.4.A7F7 1990cdFrom the diary of Virginia Woolf
M1630.18.B47M47 1988cdHelen Merrill sings Irving Berlin.
M1630.18.C66B37 2001cdBarbara Cook sings mostly Sondheim : live at Carnegie Hall.
M1630.18.H6M4 1994cdThe men in my life.
M1630.18.L46 B88 2002cdBut one day ...
M1630.18.L46 C5cdCity of strangers.
M1630.18.M321I45 1991cdI'll be seeing you : love songs of World War II
M1630.18.M362E7 1997cdThe essence of Melissa Manchester.
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UMilitary Science
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VNaval Science
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ZBibliography, Library Science
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cd"Something like this--" : the Bob Newhart anthology
book13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview & Lockdown
cd20th century French wind trios
cd24 preludes & fugues, op. 87
book4 symphonies concertantes
cd6 cello concertos
cdA flutist's favorites.
cdA room with a view
cdAm I not your girl?
cdArias & barcarolles : premiere recording of orchestral version
cdArie alternative ; : Giovanna d'Arco
cdBach, Beethoven, Scarlatti, Mozart
cdBartolomeo Cristofori ; : Sei sonate di varij autori.
cdBerlin cabaret songs
cdBest of British : British composers.
bookBette Midler sings the Peggy Lee songbook
cdBlah blah blah : and other trifles
cdBlue moon cat
cdBoogie woogie man
cdBrahms, Dvorak, Martinu : Trio Grumiaux.
bookCantate = Cantatas = Kantaten = Cantates
bookCathedral kaleidoscope : Adrian Lucas plays the Nicholson organ of Portsmouth Cathedral.
cdCavalleria rusticana
cdChalumeaux : concertos, ouvertures & sonatas
cdChamber music
cdChamber music : vol 1
cdChants d'Auvergne
cdCompact jazz
cdComplete piano sonatas and variations
cdComplete piano works
cdComplete trios
cdComplete works for violin and piano
cdConcerti per fagotto 3
cdConcertino, op. 3 ; : Rumanian dances
cdDaniel Gortler, piano
cdDas wohltemperierte Klavier, Buch 1
cdDer Zigeunerbaron = The gipsy baron
cdDie Kunst der Fuge ; : Acht Kanons
cdDirigido por Jose Luis Gomez : Teatro de la Abadia
cdDon Chisciotte
cdDuets for mandolin & guitar.
bookEight classic albums
bookEine kleine nachtmusik ; Posthorn serenade
bookElectronic Commerce. 12th Ed.
cdElisabeth Schumann : Early recordings 1915-1923.
cdEmma Eames, the complete Victor recordings, 1905-11.
cdEvgeny Kissin : the early recordings.
cdFlute sonatas : complete
cdFlute sonatas op. 2
cdFour American baritones of the past.
cdFrankie & Johnny & me
cdFranz Liszt.
cdGoyescas : Los majos enamorados ; El pelele : goyesca
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cdHere, there & everywhere.
cdHorn quintets
cdInsomnia : a nocturnal voyage in song
cdJan Peerce sings Verdi : arias from Rigoletto, Il Trovatore, La Traviata, La forza del destino, Ponchielli, Donizetti.
bookJava: How to Program. 11th Ed.
cdJohn Downey plays John Downey.
cdJoop Celis plays York Bowen. Volume 4.
bookJosephine Bradley and her ballroom orchestra.
cdJulie London sings the choicest of Cole Porter.
cdKeyboard works. 3
cdKurt Moll
cdLe registrazioni con la New York Philharmonic
cdLet's misbehave
cdLife out on the road : a jazz journey
bookLittle criminals
cdLive from London
cdMad about Noel Coward
cdMaster works
cdMasterpieces in miniature.
cdMissa votiva, ZWV 18 [1739]
cdMonica Lewis sings songs of love.
cdMonica Mancini
bookMosby's pharmacy technician exam review
cdMusic for Queen Mary
cdMusic for bassoon & string quartet
cdMusic for oboe and harpsichord.
cdMusic of the night : [songs from classic musicals]
cdMusiche da salotto per oboe e pianoforte.
cdMusik aus Sanssouci = Music from Sanssouci.
cdMusiques de films, 1958-1964
cdNew words
cdNight mood : [the music of Ivan Lins]
cdOboe quartets
cdOboe sonatas
cdOboen sonatens = Oboe sonatas
cdOlimpia Boronat.
cdOnyx Club spree
cdOpera arias.
cdOpere per pianoforte a quattro mani
cdOrchestral works. Vol. 5
cdOrgan music for Christmas time
cdOriginal American folksongs.
cdOuverture zu "Jeanne d'Arc" ; : Klavierkonzert Nr. 6 op. 90 ; Sinfonie C-Dur op. 81
cdPagan mass
cdPeer Gynt ; : Piano concerto ; Symphonic dances ; Sigurd Jorsalfar ; Lyric suite
cdPeter Pan live! : original soundtrack of the NBC television event.
cdPiano concertos nos. 1, 2 & 3
cdPiano music
cdPiano nocturnes.
cdPiano quartet no. 2
cdPiano works, 1822-1828 : Sonatas ; Moments musicaux ; Impromptus ; "Wanderer" fantasia
cdPictures and pleasures.
cdPlaisir d'amour : chansons et romances de la France d'autrefois.
cdPreludes and dances for a French harpsichord
cdPride & joy
cdSacred music
cdSail away
bookScenes, arias and orchestral songs
cdShostakovich, Chihara, Bouchard.
cdSimon Boccanegra
cdSix favourite concertos : for the organ, harpsichord or piano forte
cdSonatas for strings. Vol. II
cdSonatas for two harpsichords
cdSonate op. 19 en fa mineur ; : Romance
cdSongs of yesterday.
cdSound of the trumpets from Shore to Shore.
cdSouvenir de Florence
cdSpotlight on-- Mel Torme.
bookStarting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Objects. 7th Ed.
cdString quartet, G major
cdString quartets 1-6
cdString quartets nos. 2 and 3 ; : Reflections on the nature of water ; Dark wind
cdString quartets op. 20, 2, 4, 6
cdString quartets, op. 13 & op. 80 ; : Four pieces, op. 81
cdSuites, sonatas & concerto for viola da gamba
cdSviatoslav Richter archives. Vol. 14.
cdSymphonies : Cello concertos
cdSymphony No. 9
cdSymphony no. 3 in D minor
cdSymphony no. 35 "Haffner"
cdSymphony no. 8
bookTesoros de Palacio : Los Stradivarius de la Coleccion Real.
cdThe Indian princess
cdThe Klais organ of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane.
cdThe art of Emmi Leisner.
cdThe art of the prima donna.
cdThe beggar's opera
cdThe complete piano sonatas
bookThe fame monster
cdThe grass harp ; : Lola
cdThe music of Yehudi Wyner
cdThe nutcracker ballet suite.
cdThe piano quartets = Die Klavierquartette = Les quatuors avec piano
cdThe river of love : music of the Shakers and music based on Shaker themes : featuring the world premiere recording of The humble heart, a cantata for youth by Eric Sawyer.
bookThere's no place like Hollywood
cdTotentanz : for piano and orchestra
cdTrio sonatas, opus 5
cdTwo for the road
cdUn ballo in maschera
cdUnknown Rachmaninoff.
cdVarious short pieces : including Gymnopedies 1-3 and Gnossiennes 1-3
cdViolin concerto : op. 77
cdViolin concertos
cdWhen the palm trees grow in Central Park
bookWhen there is love
cdWorks for solo piano & orchestra. Vol. II
cdYou've got a date with the blues
cdYoung Shavers.
cdZombies from the beyond : [the Off-Broadway cast recording]
.D86 2007bookThe throws manual