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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF637.B85.D47 2016bookBully nation : how the American establishment creates a bullying society
BF637.B85D445 2016bookBullying scars : the impact on adult life and relationships
BF697.5.S47F47 2016bookThe voices within : the history and science of how we talk to ourselves
BF698.35.I59C35 2012bookQuiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking
BF713.G67 2016bookThe gardener and the carpenter : what the new science of child development tells us about the relationship between parents and children
BF1261.2.C372 2017bookGood grief : heal your soul, honor your loved ones, and learn to live again
BJ1496.W47 2016bookThe wisdom of frugality : why less is more--more or less
BJ1533.H8B76 2016bookHonor bound : how a cultural ideal has shaped the american psyche
BJ1589.D39 2017bookEverything I need to know I learned in the Twilight zone : a fifth-dimension guide to life
BL80.3.H65 2016bookA little history of religion
BL2450.G6W56 2017bookThe complete gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt
BR1642.U5F565 2017bookThe Evangelicals : the struggle to shape America
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CB428.H368513 2017bookHomo deus : a brief history of tomorrow
CT9991.K65F56 2017bookThe stranger in the woods : the extraordinary story of the last true hermit
DHistory: General
D523.G478 2016bookThe vanquished : why the First World War failed to end
D804.3.H387 2017bookWhy? : explaining the Holocaust
D2003.T447 2016bookEurope since 1989 : a history
DA333.S49W47 2016bookJane the quene
DD860.M25 2014bookBerlin : portrait of a city through the centuries
DS134.64.A25 2008bookThe Zookeeper's wife : a war story
DS556.5.G66 2016bookVietnam : a new history
DS754.O94 2016bookThe Oxford illustrated history of modern China
DS917.B74 2017bookThe new Koreans : the story of a nation
EHistory: America
E184.A75K87 2016bookTwo faces of exclusion : the untold history of anti-Asian racism in the United States
E911.A45 2017bookShattered : inside Hillary Clinton's doomed campaign
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GC301.2.A54 2016bookThe tide : the science and stories behind the greatest force on earth
GE149.B37 2016bookTipping point for planet earth : how close are we to the edge?
GV956.N36H65 2016bookBelichick and Brady : two men, the Patriots, and how they revolutionized football
HSocial Sciences
HC110.P6S43 2017bookToxic inequality : how America's wealth gap destroys mobility, deepens the racial divide, & threatens our future
HD38.2.S4125 2017bookRadical candor : be a kick-ass boss without losing your humanity
HD8039.T242U634 2017bookTower dog : life inside the deadliest job in America
HF5382.6.L37 2017bookBoss bitch : a simple 12-step plan to take charge of your career
HF5384.V47 2017bookCareergasm : find your way to feel-good work : bullsh*t-free advice to help you get after it
HG4930.K65 2017bookBlack edge : inside information, dirty money, and the quest to bring down the most wanted man on Wall Street
HM742.T84 2017bookTwitter and tear gas : the power and fragility of networked protest
HM851.T365 2017bookMove fast and break things : how Facebook, Google, and Amazon cornered culture and undermined democracy
HN90.S62H55 2016bookNobody : casualties of America's war on the vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and beyond
HQ759.913.B469 2016bookLife as Jamie knows it : an exceptional child grows up
HQ801.N486 2016book121 first dates : how to succeed at online dating, fall in love, and live happily ever after (really!)
HV1596.2.L53 2017bookEyes wide open : overcoming obstacles and recognizing opportunities in a world that can't see clearly
HV4998.N488 2017bookSubstance abuse : a reference handbook
HV8593.L67 2017bookLosing trust in the world : Holocaust scholars confront torture
JPolitical Science
JK552.W55 2017bookThe gatekeepers : how the White House Chiefs of Staff define every presidency
JV6465.E25 2017bookImmigration : examining the facts
KF3605.A328201A2 2016bookThe Affordable Care Act : examining the facts
KF3830.M37 2017bookBabies of technology : assisted reproduction and the rights of the child
KF3891.M2G65 2017bookLegalizing marijuana : promises and pitfalls
KF9323.R64 2014bookThe child cases : how America's religious exemption laws harm children
LB2345.3.R37K57 2017bookUnwanted advances : sexual paranoia comes to campus
LC4813.N44 2016bookThe college and career success Bible for those with physical disabilities : how to transition from motivated student to happily employed graduate
ML28.S27M674 2015bookThe Mormon Tabernacle Choir : a biography
ML410.G978K38 2011bookWoody Guthrie, American radical
ML420.B818M33 2016bookKill 'em and leave : searching for James Brown and the American soul
ML3187.H39 2012bookThen sings my soul : the culture of southern gospel music
ML3477.W58 2016bookMusic in the age of anxiety : American music in the fifties
NFine Arts
NA4830.C57 2006bookMedieval cathedrals
ND623.L5A683 2012bookLeonardo and the Last supper
NK1520.A58 2017bookDefined by design : the surprising power of hidden gender, age, and body bias in everyday products and places
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PN1997.2.H53 2017dvdHidden figures
PN1997.2.L3 2017dvdLa La Land
PN4855.H26 2017bookFuture-proofing the news : preserving the first draft of history
PR6058.O455Z465 2016bookThis long pursuit : reflections of a romantic biographer
PR6063.O593J47 2016bookJerusalem : a novel
PR6073.A448N43 2016bookNecessity
PR6073.I463D48 2016bookThe devil's chalice
PR6102.U7553H57 2016bookHis bloody project : documents relating to the case of Roderick Macrae, a historical thriller
PR6107.O937L58 2016bookLittle girl lost
PR6107.R486L48 2015bookLetters to the lost : a novel
PR9619.4.M67B54 2014bbookBig little lies
PS3573.H4768U53 2016bookThe underground railroad : a novel
PS3573.R365L67 2016bookThe lost time accidents
PS3602.E2638W47 2016bbookThe whale : a love story
PS3605.A79N63 2015bookNo place to hide : a novel
PS3605.L12A78 2017bookAmerican war
PS3605.L147C48 2016bookChronicle of a last summer : a novel of Egypt
PS3606.R422575O84 2016bookOver the plain houses : a novel
PS3607.I55T54 2015bookTiffany girl : a novel
PS3607.O4434Y53 2017bookThe Yid
PS3608.A866W425 2015bookThe wedding chapel
PS3608.E333L88 2015bookLuther and Katharina : a novel of love and rebellion
PS3613.C324T59 2016bookThy children's children : a novel
PS3613.I44C66 2016bookThe competition
PS3613.O53C37 2016bookCarrie Welton
PS3613.U447D37 2016bookDarktown : a novel
PS3616.E89S23 2015bookSabotaged
PS3622.O362C73 2015bookCrazy little thing called love
PS3625.A757B76 2015bookBrokedown cowboy
PT2673.U29234F8313 2016bookThe fox was ever the hunter : a novel
PZ7.1.B4538An 2015bookThe anatomical shape of a heart
PZ7.1.D866Fo 2015bookForget tomorrow
PZ7.W583764An 2016bookAnd I darken
QH353.P43 2015bookThe new wild : why invasive species will be nature's salvation
QH365.O8F85 2017bookThe book that changed America : how Darwin's theory of evolution ignited a nation
QL76.5.U6B46 2016bookThe animal game : searching for wildness at the American zoo
QL761.B753 2016bookWild sex : the science behind mating in the animal kingdom
QL785.C443 2016bookHow animals think and feel : an introduction to non-human psychology
QP301.P336 2016bookRest : why you get more done when you work less
QP360.5.L49 2017bookThe undoing project : a friendship that changed our minds
RA418.C35 2016bookThe five horsemen of the modern world : climate, food, water, disease, and obesity
RB113.P3637 2017bookPathophysiology made incredibly visual!
RB155.R67 2017bookThe gene machine : how genetic technologies are changing the way we have kids--and the kids we have
RC394.C7M374 2017bookConcussions
RC489.C63G74 2016bookMind over mood : change how you feel by changing the way you think
RC523.K37 2017bookThe inheritance : a family on the front lines of the battle against Alzheimer's disease
RC537.N663 2016bookWhen someone you know has depression : words to say and things to do
RC552.E18R433 2017bookFilling up : the psychology of eating
RC889.M39 2015bookMayo Clinic guide to fertility and conception
RG136.5.W47 2015bookTaking charge of your fertility : the definitive guide to natural birth control, pregnancy achievement, and reproductive health
RG186.A46 2016bookMenopause confidential : a doctor reveals the secrets to thriving through midlife
RG491.L68 2015bookDr. Susan Love's breast book
RG559.A94 2015bookWhat to eat when you're pregnant : a week-by-week guide to support your health and your baby's development during pregnancy
RJ506.D47F45 2016bookThe activity kit for babies and toddlers at risk : how to use everyday routines to build social and communication skills
RM222.2.B7834 2015bookBody of truth : how science, history, and culture drive our obsession with weight--and what we can do about it
SF270.2.O94 2016bookThe Oxford companion to cheese
SF360.3.U6D38 2011bookWild horses of the West : history and politics of America's mustangs
SF428.6.D64 2016bookFarm dogs : a comprehensive breed guide to 93 guardians, herders, terriers, and other canine working partners
TP248.65.F66S384 2016bookModified : GMOs and the threat to our food, our land, our future
TT145.A33 2017bookHow to make it : 25 makers share the secrets to building a creative business
TX360.U6S596 2017bookFood in America : the past, present, and future of food, farming, and the family meal
TX723.B3227 2015bookLidia's mastering the art of Italian cuisine : everything you need to know to be a great Italian cook
TX723.M328185 2011bookHow Italian food conquered the world
TX740.P44 2017bookSalad days : boost your health and happiness with 75 simple, satisfying recipes for greens, grains, proteins, and more
ZBibliography, Library Science
ZA3075.B67 2016bookThe Chicago guide to fact-checking
bookEarth: An Introduction to Physical Geology. 12th Ed.