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DHistory: General
D217.M45 2017bookAge of anger : a history of the present
EHistory: America
E885.C36 2015book1995 : the year the future began
HSocial Sciences
HB501.K6313 2016bookCapitalism : a short history
HB3654.A3F66 2016bookOne child : the story of China's most radical experiment
HC110.I5L5624 2016bookUnequal gains : American growth and inequality since 1700
HD9940.A2B76 2015bookClothing poverty : the hidden world of fast fashion and second-hand clothes
HG171.G638 2016bookMoney changes everything : how finance made civilization possible
HQ76.8.U5D69 2016bookStand by me : the forgotten history of gay liberation
HQ1075.N49 2017bookSex and gender : a reference handbook
HV3004.J657 2016bookDiscrimination against the mentally ill
HV6691.K66 2017bookThe confidence game : why we fall for It ... every time
JPolitical Science
JZ1480.P55 2016bookWhy America misunderstands the world : national experience and roots of misperception
KD3946.M345 2015bookMagna Carta : law, liberty, legacy
KF3467.T56 2016bookBecause of sex : one law, ten cases, and fifty years that changed American women's lives at work
LB2328.52.U6A64 2016bookDiploma mills : how for-profit colleges stiffed students, taxpayers, and the American dream
LB2345.3.R37H37 2017bookCampus sexual assault : a reference handbook
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PL855.O3525B6313 2016bookThe graveyard apartment
PN6725.D199 2016bookThe DC comics encyclopedia : the definitive guide to the characters of the DC universe
PN6727.D43B58 2015bookBitch Planet. Book one,
PN6727.K586W38 2013bookThe walking dead compendium one
PN6727.K586W38 2015bookThe walking dead compendium three
PN6727.K586W38 2016bookThe walking dead compendium two
PN6727.M55bookThe complete Frank Miller RoboCop omnibus
PN6728.A9F67 2015bookThe Avengers encyclopedia
PN6728.B36M5476 2016bookThe Dark Knight returns : the last crusade
PN6728.D35334J64 2016bookDC Universe : rebirth
PN6728.D356D415 2017bookDeadpool
PN6728.G787B484 2016bookGuardians of the galaxy. Vol. 1,
PN6728.J87H58 2016bookJustice League. Vol. 1,
PN6728.M74W55 2016bookMs. Marvel
PN6728.S225V38 2012 v. 3bookSaga. Volume three
PN6728.S225V38 2014bookSaga. volume 1
PN6728.S225V38 2014 v. 2bookSaga. Volume two
PN6728.W6R75 2017bookWonder Woman. Vol. 1,
PN6737.M66W39 2013bookWatchmen
PN6790.J33T3719 2015 v. 1bookAkame ga kill!. Vol. 1
PN6790.J34A43 2015 v. 2bookAkame ga kill!. 2
PN6790.J34A43 2015 v. 3bookAkame ga kill! 3
PN6790.J34A938 2013bookAnother
PN6790.J34S53213 2012bookAttack on Titan. 2
PN6790.J34S53213 2012bookAttack on Titan. 3
PN6790.J34S532 2010bookAttack on Titan. 1
PN6790.J34S532 2013 v.4bookAttack on Titan. 4
PQ9698.13.O3546A4513 2006bookThe alchemist
PR6103.A72G57 2015bookThe girl with all the gifts
PR6110.O576M39 2016bookMax seventeen
PR6111.E78I89 2016bookIt was only ever you
PS648.H6bookThe Library of the Dead
PS648.H6D64 2015bookThe doll collection
PS3554.A5596H68 2000bookMark Z. Danielewski's House of leaves
PS3565.A8A6 2016bbookThe doll-master and other tales of terror
PS3569.E314W48 2008bookWhen you are engulfed in flames
PS3602.B536866bookThe Prince of Glencurragh : a novel of Ireland
PS3603.U8232M73 2015bookMr. Suicide : a novel of the great dark mouth
PS3608.I4342H43 2010bookHeart-shaped box
PS3612.A5578F57 2016bookThe fisherman
PS3613.A43535B57 2014bookBird box
PS3613.M37866bookFlash fire
PS3619.N936A6 2015bookWhile the black stars burn
PS3620.R445H43 2015bookA head full of ghosts : a novel
PS3623.E4688I3 2010bookI am not a serial killer
PS3623.E468M68 2006bookMonster Island : a zombie novel
PT5882.25.L38H4913 2016bookHex
PT9877.1.J85L38 2008bookLet the right one in
PZ7.7.C363Lr 2016bookLowriders to the center of the Earth
QC24.5.R68513 2016bookSeven brief lessons on physics
QC475.J67 2016bookStrange glow : the story of radiation
QR177.B67 2017bookDrug resistance
RA643.S52 2016bookPandemic : tracking contagions, from cholera to Ebola and beyond
RM297.S74S73 2017bookSteroids : history, science, and issues
RM319.S76 2016bookPainkillers : history, science, and issues
TX724.5.T5P859 2017bookBangkok : Recipes and stories from the heart of Thailand
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z658.U5L43 2016bookFree speech and unfree news : the paradox of press freedom in America