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Anthropology, Geography, Recreation Archaeology, Biography, Civilizations
Bibliography, Library Science Education
Fine Arts History: America
History: General Language, Literature, Popular Films
Medicine Military Science
Music Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B127.M65F73 2016book
B1571.S38 2017bookThe happiness philosophers : the lives and works of the great utilitarians
BD241.C3255 2017bookThe Cambridge companion to philosophical methodology
BF637.I48M565 2017bookBlowing up : the psychology of conflict
BF713.R49 2017bookThe developmental scientist's companion : improving research methodology and achieving professional success
BL53.T385 2016bookRevelatory events : three case studies of the emergence of new spiritual paths
BP190.5.M3E39 2017bookCaravan of martyrs : sacrifice and suicide bombing in Afghanistan
BR517.G74 2016bookThe blessings of business : how corporations shaped conservative Christianity
BS391.3.B38 2017bookPoets of the Bible : from Solomon's Song of Songs to John's Book of Revelation
BX8611.S53 2016bookAmerican universities and the birth of modern Mormonism, 1867-1940
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CC72.4.C36 2016bookCaptives : How Stolen People Changed the World
CC100.C55 2017bookThree stones make a wall : the story of archaeology
DHistory: General
D25.N65 2017bookThe allure of battle : a history of how wars have been won and lost
D157.L35 2016bookCrusade and jihad : origins, history and aftermath
D570.9.F38 2017bookPershing's Crusaders : the American soldier in World War I
D570.W34 2017bookAmerica and the Great War : a Library of Congress illustrated history
DG276.G65 2016bookPax Romana : war, peace, and conquest in the Roman world
DG317.T4513 2017bookThe last pagan emperor : Julian the Apostate and the war against Christianity
DL65.H392 2016bookNorthmen : the Viking saga, AD 793-1241
DS98.6.L37 2018dvdLast men in Aleppo
DS556.5.K53 2017bookVi?t Nam : a history from earliest times to the present
EHistory: America
E78.S65S725 2017bookThe archaeology of houses and households in the Native Southeast
E184.M5W39 2017book
E184.M88L68 2017bookIslamophobia and racism in America
E185.61.R478 2017bookMaintaining segregation : children and racial instruction in the South, 1920-1955
E185.61.S726 2016bookNorth of Dixie : civil rights photography beyond the South
E185.96.B75 2017bookTwelve days in May : Freedom Ride 1961
E440.5.P35 2017bookThe slaveholding crisis : fear of insurrection and the coming of the Civil War
E441.H69 2016bookMoral commerce : Quakers and the Transatlantic boycott of the slave labor economy
E668.T28 2015bookReconstruction : a reference guide
E813.L53 2017bookThe liberal consensus reconsidered : American politics and society in the postwar era
FHistory: America
F234.J3K47 2017bookJamestown, the truth revealed
F804.M34A33 2016bookThree roads to Magdalena : coming of age in a Southwest borderland, 1890-1990
F1219.B918 2016bookThe pursuit of ruins : archaeology, history, and the making of modern Mexico
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
G156.5.Y6J63 2017bookBackpack ambassadors : how youth travel integrated Europe
G1797.21.E6B35 2017bookThe human atlas of Europe : a continent united in diversity
GF13.3.E3M55 2017bookUnder Osman's tree : the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and environmental history
GV709.H34 2018bookWomen in sports : a reference handbook
GV1469.34.C48A25 2017book100 greatest video game characters
HSocial Sciences
HB72.M24725 2016bookMarkets without limits : moral virtues and commercial interests
HB90.C67 2017bookIs capitalism obsolete? : a journey through alternative economic systems
HC51.H596 2016bookA history of the global economy : from 1500 to the present
HD1527.C2H67 2016bookThey leave their kidneys in the fields : illness, injury and illegality among U.S. farmworkers
HD7105.25.U6M675 2018bookNolo's guide to social security disability : getting & keeping your benefits
HD7287.96.U6G64 2016bookShantytown, USA : forgotten landscapes of the working poor
HD8081.M6L67 2016bookDefiant braceros : how migrant workers fought for racial, sexual, and political freedom
HD9710.N572R67 2016bookWhen good jobs go bad : globalization, de-unionization, and declining job quality in the North American auto industry
HF5548.32.L5227 2016bookThe network imperative : how to survive and grow in the age of digital business models
HF5549.5.C35A779 2017bookAn intelligent career : taking ownership of your work and your life
HG101.K46 2016bookCapital and the common good : how innovative finance is tackling the world's most urgent problems
HG179.K55617 2017bookBreaking money silence : how to shatter money taboos, talk more openly about finances, and live a richer life
HM585.R65 2017bookTheory for the working sociologist
HM626.M675 2016bookMillennium : From Religion to Revolution : How Civilization Has Changed Over a Thousand Years
HM743.T95M87 2018bookTwitter : social communication in the twitter age
HQ76.965.G38B78 2016bookPride parades : how a parade changed the world
HQ767.5.U5J32 2016dvdJackson
HQ1064.U5S37 2018bookGerontology
HQ1073.E63 2017dvdEnd of life
HQ1236.5.A35W66 2017bookWomen's activism in Africa : struggles for rights and representation
HQ1236.W65286 2017bookWomen's rights : reflections in popular culture
HV875.5.H63 2016bookGlobal families, inequality and transnational adoption : the de-kinning of first mothers
HV6025.O87 2017bookThe Oxford handbook of criminology
HV6046.G4625 2017bookGender, psychology, and justice : the mental health of women and girls in the legal system
HV7921.L84 2017bookEvidence-based policing : translating research into practice
HV7936.P75F75 2017bookProducing bias-free policing : a science-based approach
HV8144.F43C66 2018bookA higher loyalty : truth, lies, and leadership
HV9304.L54 2016bookAfter life imprisonment : reentry in the era of mass incarceration
HV9950.K454 2016bookThe future of crime and punishment : smart policies for reducing crime and saving money
JPolitical Science
JK1726.C359 2016bookPolarized : making sense of a divided America
JV6344.C66 2016bookContested childhoods : growing up in migrancy : migration, governance, identities
JV6483.P77 2016bookPolicing immigrants : local law enforcement on the front lines
JV7095.A76 2017bookProtect, serve, and deport : the rise of policing as immigration enforcement
LB1631.C365 2016bookCan I teach that? : negotiating taboo language and controversial topics in the language arts classroom
LB3430.S27 2018bookCreating healing school communities : school-based interventions for students exposed to trauma
LC191.94.W67 2016bookWorking in class : recognizing how social class shapes our academic work
ML3918.R63K39 2017bookRockin' the free world! : how the rock & roll revolution changed America and the world
NFine Arts
N6549.A84H43 2017dvdHeaven is a traffic jam on the 405
NA735.L3A4 2017bookThe Strip : Las Vegas and the architecture of the American dream
ND621.F7K56 2015bookFlorence : the paintings & frescoes, 1250-1743
NE505.N38 2016bookThree centuries of American prints from the National Gallery of Art
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PJ1555.E5O76 2016bookAn ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead : the Papyrus of Sobekmose
PN1031.O98 2017bookOut of wonder : poems celebrating poets
PN1992.77.H25 2017dvdThe handmaid's tale. Season one
PN1992.8.R43L47 2017bookThe bizarre world of reality television
PN1995.9.C513F55 2016bookFilming the city : urban documents, design practices and social criticism through the lens
PN1997.2.P678 2018dvdThe Post
PN6714.P59 2016bookArresting development : comics at the boundaries of literature
PN6725.J43 2017bookComic book film style : cinema at 24 panels per second
PN6725.M34 2017bookMake ours Marvel : media convergence and a comics universe
PR1508.C47 2017bookThe complete Old English poems
PS3515.E37Z5849 2017bookErnest Hemingway : a biography
PS3610.O63A84 2018bookAn American marriage : a novel
PS3611.E4464H45 2017bookHello universe
PZ7.1.T4567Hat 2017bookThe hate u give
PZ7.W32868Pi 2017bookPiecing me together
Q180.55.C54C66 2016bookCitizen science : how ordinary people are changing the face of discovery
QA8.4.L56 2017bookPhilosophy of mathematics
QB472.T8114 2017bookChandra's cosmos : dark matter, black holes, and other wonders revealed by NASA's premier X-ray observatory
QH45.2.G53 2017bookEcoviews too : ecology for all seasons
QH331.S74 2017bookThe nature of life and its potential to survive
QH447.K36 2017bookMaking sense of genes
QK495.C11T67 2017bookCactus
QP411.H35 2017bookThe neuroscience of intelligence
R133.5.V54 2017bookA history of medicine in 50 discoveries
R853.H8bookHuman medical experimentation : from smallpox vaccines to secret government programs
RC337.H69 2017bookHow and why are some therapists better than others? : understanding therapist effects
RC488.5.D633 2017bookHelping couples on the brink of divorce : discernment counseling for troubled relationships
RC489.A32S53 2017bookThe art and science of mindfulness : integrating mindfulness into psychology and the helping professions
RC606.5.A475 2017bookLethal decisions : the unnecessary deaths of millions of women and children from HIV/AIDS
RS122.5.P67 2016bookPharmacy : an introduction to the profession
TD403.A39 2017bookHigh and dry : meeting the challenges of the world's growing dependence on groundwater
TK5105.5.E4352 2016bookCCNA routing and switching portable command guide
TK5105.8884.L384 2014bookBlogging for dummies
TL789.8.U6A55355 2017bookApollo in the Age of Aquarius
TP248.175.P35 2017bookPatent politics : life forms, markets, and the public interest in the United States and Europe
TS171.95.K56 2016bookGetting started with 3D printing : a hands-on guide to the hardware, software, and services behind the new manufacturing revolution
UMilitary Science
UB418.W65A48 2016dvdAfter fire
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z679.2.U54B73 2017bookAmerican libraries, 1730-1950