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Agriculture Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
Bibliography, Library Science Education
Fine Arts History: America
History: General Language, Literature, Popular Films
Law Medicine
Military Science Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Political Science Science
Social Sciences Technology

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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B105.E46B725 2019bookEmotion : the basics
B187.H3L4613 2016bookHappiness : a philosopher's guide
BF23.J763 v. 9, pt. 1bookThe archetypes and the collective unconscious
BF109.J8W555 2019bookC.G. Jung : the basics
BL80.3.R43 2014bookReligions in focus : new approaches to tradition and contemporary practices
BL1202.S33 2018bookBeing Hindu : understanding a peaceful path in a violent world
BM660.J49 2016bookJewish prayer book
BR516.G75 2017bookMoral combat : how sex divided American Christians and fractured American politics
BR516.R65 2019bookThe role of religion in public policy
BS475.3.B37 2019bookThe Bible : the basics
DHistory: General
D16.2.P714 2019bookPresentism : reexamining historical figures through today's lens
DG231.G89 2012bookThe Roman Republic : a very short introduction
DS272.A57 2014bookIran : a very short introduction
EHistory: America
E99.C5S37 2018bookBlood moon : an American epic of war and splendor in the Cherokee Nation
E169.12.G556 2017bookPop Goes the Decade : the Fifties
E169.12.H3774 2017bookPop goes the decade : the eighties
E185.97.K5W473 2018bookKilling King : racial terrorists, James Earl Ray, and the plot to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr.
E185.H86 2018bookChocolate cities : the Black map of American life
E441.R34 2018bookThe great stain : witnessing American slavery
E912.M35 2018bookThe rise of the alt-right
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GN281.R412314 2017book50 great myths of human evolution : understanding misconceptions about our origins
GV706.3.A97 2019bookAthletes, ethics, and morality
GV706.32.T46 2018bookWe matter : athletes and activism
GV867.64.J33 2018bookWhy baseball matters
HSocial Sciences
HB3717 1929.O47 2017bookThe Great Depression and the New Deal : key themes and documents
HC79.E5H463 2018bookEarth at risk : natural capital and the quest for sustainability
HC110.C3A5394 2019bookAmerica's infrastructure
HD60.T484 2018bookDo good : embracing brand citizenship to fuel both purpose and profit
HD62.6.J37 2018bookSocial startup success : how the best nonprofits launch, scale up, and make a difference
HD7287.96.U6P6835 2017dvdPoverty, politics & profits : the housing crisis
HD9000.5.H69 2018bookHow to feed the world
HD9502.5.C543U6455 2019bookThe economics of clean energy
HF1365.G5575 2019bookGlobalization
HF1713.R63 2018bookStraight talk on trade : ideas for a sane world economy
HF5381.N42 2018bookCareers for dummies
HF5381.Z467 2017bookCareer match : connecting who you are with what you'll love to do
HM1033.F75 2019bookSocial psychology : the basics
HM1101.T35 2018bookSkin in the game : hidden asymmetries in daily life
HQ23.H715 2018bookDating and mating in a techno-driven world : understanding how technology is helping and hurting relationships
HQ1237.5.U6W37 2018bookThe war on women in the United States : beliefs, tactics, and the best defenses
HT175.G469 2019bookGentrification and the housing crisis
HV91.L3534 2019bookLearned helplessness, welfare, and the poverty cycle
HV4998.J36 2018bookThe recovering : intoxication and its aftermath
HV5822.M3H367 2018bookMarijuana politics : uncovering the troublesome history and social costs of criminalization
HV6295.S29B3313 2015book1000 lashes : because I say what I think
HV6561.M554 2018bookA false report : a true story of rape in America
HV8073.B358 2019bookThe handy forensic science answer book
HV8073.S4433 2016bookForensic science : a beginner's guide
JPolitical Science
JC481.A573 2019bookAntifa and the radical left
JC574.C488 2019bookLiberalism : the basics
JC599.U5L85 2018bookThe coddling of the American mind : how good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure
JK1991.C3424 2019bookCampaign finance
JK1994.I67 2019bookInterference in elections
JK2249.P63 2019bookPolitical corruption
JK2265.R67 2018bookThe polarizers : postwar architects of our partisan era
JK2265.T96 2019bookThe two-party system in the United States
JV6483.W528 2018bookThe making of a dream : how a group of young undocumented immigrants helped change what it means to be American
KF1263.C65C44 2018bookExploding data : reclaiming our cyber security in the digital age
KF3941.C59 2018bookGun laws by state : reciprocity and gun laws quick reference guide
KFA2779.Z9K67 2017bookThe Arizona gun owner's guide : who can bear arms? where are guns forbidden? when can you shoot?
LB2353.57.C728bookCracking the SAT premium.
LC2330.M374 2018bookFree as a bird : the story of Malala
NFine Arts
NC1001.M35 2019bookCareers for tech girls in graphic design
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
P96.E632U673 2018bookGoing viral : zombies, viruses, and the end of the world
PE1106.S94 2016bookPractical English usage
PE1137.C316 2018bookPerfecting your English pronunciation
PN1992.77.G36 2012dvdGame of thrones. The complete first season
PN1992.77.G362 2013dvdGame of thrones. The complete second season
PN1992.77.G363 2014dvdGame of thrones. The complete third season
PN1992.77.G364 2015dvdGame of thrones. The complete fourth season
PN1992.77.G365 2016dvdGame of thrones. The complete fifth season
PN1992.77.G366 2016dvdGame of thrones. The complete sixth season
PN1992.77G367 2017dvdGame of thrones.
PN1995.9.S87F577 2018dvdFirst reformed
PN1997.2.F574 2019dvdFirst man
PN1997.2.H384 2018dvdThe hate u give
PN1997.2.L588549 2018dvdLittle women
PN1997.2.S65 2017dvdSplit
PN1997.2.W54 2019dvdThe wife
PN4751.P613 2019bookPolitics and journalism in a post-truth world
PS153.N5W327 2016bookThe Harlem Renaissance : a very short introduction
PS3551.N464Z765 2017dvdMaya Angelou, and still I rise
PS3557.A22O98 1991bookOutlander
PS3562.E353T65 2006bookTo kill a mockingbird
PS3573.O564F46 2018bookThe female persuasion
PS3618.O5355F78 2018bookFruit of the drunken tree : a novel
PS3619.H79L35 2018bookLake Success : a novel
PS3623.A359552C54 2018bookCherry : a novel
PT8951.24.E83M23 2018bookMacbeth
Q175.52.U5W65 2018bookWhen ideology trumps science : why we question the experts on everything from climate change to vaccinations
QA8.4.G74 2015dvdThe great math mystery
QA76.9.A25T76 2019bookTroll factories : Russia's web brigades
QA76.9.C65M574 2018bookIntroduction to mathematical modeling and computer simulations
QA531.G53 2012bookTrigonometry demystified
QB54.C575 2018bookThe great silence : the science and philosophy of Fermi's paradox
QB63.H374 2017bookA walk through the heavens : a guide to stars and constellations and their legends
QB63.M38 2017bookAstronomy for dummies
QB581.L373 2018bookThe moon
QC174.12.N668 2018bookQuantum physics, mini black holes, and the multiverse : debunking common misconceptions in theoretical physics
QC777.B76 2018bookIntroduction to nuclear science
QC945.K465 2018dvdKiller hurricanes
QE523.S23O47 2016bookEruption : the untold story of Mount St. Helens
QE535.2.U6F65 2017bookThe great quake : how the biggest earthquake in North America changed our understanding of the planet
QH325.G68 2018bookUniverse in creation : a new understanding of the big bang and the emergence of life
QH437.D38 2016BbookThe selfish gene
QK110.M48 2016bookMedicinal plants of North America : a field guide
R697.A4C65 2017bookDecision making in paramedic practice
RC86.8.S45 2018bookPre-hospital emergency medicine at a glance
RC564.65.H367 2019bookHarm reduction : public health strategies
RC569.5.B67F75 2018bookBorderline Personality Disorder demystified : an essential guide for understanding and living with BPD
RJ80.R53 2019bookPediatric success : NCLEX-style Q&A review
RJ320.S93C69 2018bookRest uneasy : sudden infant death syndrome in twentieth century America
RM236.D38 2013bookBecoming vegan
RM324.8.P65 2018bookHow to change your mind : what the new science of psychedelics teaches us about consciousness, dying, addiction, depression, and transcendence
RT41.V38 2019bookNursing fundamentals demystified
RT51.B78 2019bookLippincott manual of nursing practice
RT55.N77 2018bookTest success : test-taking techniques for beginning nursing students
RT55.Z34 2018bookHESI A2 review
RT55.Z39 2018bookMcGraw-Hill Education 3 HESI A2 practice tests
RT79.N868bookNursing school entrance exams prep.
SB61.R63 2018bookHeroes of horticulture : Americans who transformed the landscape
SB951.P4418 2019bookPesticides and GMOs
SF250.5.K87 2018bookMilk! : a 10,000-year food fracas
SF411.4.E84 2019bookEthical pet ownership : puppy mills, rescue pets, and exotic animal trade
TA405.G76 2018bookEngineering mechanics 2 : mechanics of materials
TA633.A36 2018bookBuilt : the hidden stories behind our structures
TD195.G3G747 2018bookAmity and prosperity : one family and the fracturing of America
TK3001.C58 2017bookThe grid : biography of an American technology
TK5105.8854.G545 2018bookControlling cyberspace : the politics of Internet governance and regulation
TL788.5.E47 2016bookThe birth of NASA : the work of the space task group, America's first true space pioneers
TX552.Z45 2018bookCanned : the rise and fall of consumer confidence in the American food industry
UMilitary Science
U102.C6643H69 2002bookClausewitz : a very short introduction
UB416.S36 2018bookWomen and war in the 21st century : a country-by-country guide
ZBibliography, Library Science
Z733.L8742O75 2018bookThe library book
bookAnatomy & Physiology