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Fine Arts History: America
History: General Language, Literature, Popular Films
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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
B823.W26 2017bookThe Christian idea of God : a philosophical foundation for faith
BF789.C7K37 2018bookOn color
BL65.E46A86 2018bookWhy we need religion
BS621.L67 2015dvdLost mysteries of the Bible.
BX1396.C47 2018bookCatholic modern : the challenge of totalitarianism and the remaking of the Church
CArchaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CC79.5.H85J364 2015dvdJamestown's dark winter
DHistory: General
DA566.9.C5R576 2018bookChurchill : walking with destiny
DK40.B596 2018bookA history of Russia and its empire : from Mikhail Romanov to Vladimir Putin
DS98.6.B76 2018bookThe unwanted : stories of the Syrian refugees
DS98.72.H57A3 2018bookBrothers of the gun : a memoir of the Syrian War
DT25.F3813 2018bookThe golden rhinoceros : histories of the African Middle Ages
EHistory: America
E77.N38 2018dvdNative America
E183.E436 2018bookAmerican dialogue : the founders and us
E184.A1D69 2018bookReimagining equality : a new deal for children of color
E184.M5M54956 2018book
E184.M5M67 2018bookDreamers
E185.86.B53 2016dvdBlack America since MLK : and still I rise
E185.86.L3526 2018bookThe new Black middle class in the twenty-first century
E302.6.F8B8833 2018bookYoung Benjamin Franklin : the birth of ingenuity
E312.25.M45 2019bookThe first conspiracy : the secret plot to kill George Washington
E901.1.H37A3 2019bookThe truths we hold : an American journey
E911.P44 2018bookKompromat : how Russia undermined American democracy
FHistory: America
F548.9.N3H37 2018bookA few red drops : the Chicago Race Riots of 1919
F704.O41A53 2018bookBoom town : the fantastical saga of Oklahoma city, its chaotic founding, its apocalyptic weather, its purloined basketball team, and the dream of becoming a world-class metropolis
F787.C88 2018bookCutting the wire : photographs and poetry from the US-Mexico border
GAnthropology, Geography, Recreation
GF75.B474 2018bookExtreme conservation : life at the edges of the world
GN269.Z33 2002bookPhilosophy of science and race
GV706.2.B48 2018bookThe anthropology of sport : bodies, borders, biopolitics
GV863.A1S687 2018bookAmerica's game : a history of major league baseball through World War II
GV1032.E19A3 2018bookRacing to the finish : my story
GV1132.A44E427 2017bookAli : a life
HSocial Sciences
HB103.S6N67 2018bookAdam Smith : father of economics
HB251.G464 2018dvdGeneration wealth
HC79.I5A822 2018bookInequality : what can be done?
HF5429.215.U6R45 2018bookWorking for respect : community and conflict at Walmart
HF5636.B38 2019bookFinancial accounting : the basics
HG179.V457 2018bookFinancial independence (getting to point X) : a comprehensive tax-smart wealth management guide
HM1166.S64 2018bookSay what you mean : a mindful approach to nonviolent communication
HQ77.9.D4948 2019bookTransgender : a reference handbook
HQ77.9.T71525 2018bookThe trans generation : how trans kids (and their parents) are creating a gender revolution
HQ799.8.S95O33 2019dvdOf fathers and sons
HQ1075.M425 2018bookTrans kids : being gendered in the twenty-first century
HQ1170.C486 2018bookBeing Muslim : a cultural history of women of color in American Islam
HT1521.Z327 2018bookPhilosophy of race : an introduction
HV640.Y685 2019bookWe are displaced : my journey and stories from refugee girls around the world
HV6542.M66 2017dvdMommy dead and dearest
HV9275.W424 2018bookHomeward : life in the year after prison
HV9471.W47 2007bookPunishment and inequality in America
JPolitical Science
JK1924.A54 2018bookOne person, no vote : how voter suppression is destroying our democracy
JK7392.D375 2018dvdDark money
JV6475.B27 2018bookAmerican intolerance : our dark history of demonizing immigrants
JV6483.B48 2018bookInventing the immigration problem : the Dillingham Commission and its legacy
JV6602.B74 2016bookGender and migration
JZ1318.S595 2018bookGlobalists : the end of empire and the birth of neoliberalism
KF294.F43H65 2015bookIdeas with consequences : the Federalist Society and the conservative counterrevolution
KF1262.R68 2018bookThe right of publicity : privacy reimagined for a public world
KF3552.F55 2018bookChild labor in America : the epic legal struggle to protect children
KF4541.U8 2018bookThe U.S. Constitution & secession : a documentary anthology of slavery and White supremacy
LA229.C43 2018bookHow college works
M1366.J3993 2018dvdThe jazz ambassadors
ML410.C4A4 2018bookThe Tchaikovsky papers : unlocking the family archive
ML3790.W35 2018bookA & R pioneers : architects of American roots music on record
ML3930.S26M34 2018bookWhen angels sing : the story of rock legend Carlos Santana
NFine Arts
NC910.2.U6N34 2018bookBlack out : silhouettes then and now
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PN1031.V365 2015bookThe ocean, the bird, and the scholar : essays on poets and poetry
PN1992.77.A15 2018dvd13 reasons why. Season 1
PN1992.77.M673 2018dvdMosaic
PN1992.77.M77 2019dvdMrs. Wilson
PN1992.8.C66B377 2018dvdBarry. The complete first season
PN1995.S4113 2018bookThe arts of cinema
PN1997.2.A68 2019dvdAquaman
PN1997.2.C38 2012dvdA cat in Paris
PN1997.2.F367 2019dvdFantastic beasts.
PN1997.2.F389 2019dvdThe favourite
PN1997.2.G745 2019dvdGreen book
PN1997.2.M37976 2019dvdMary Poppins returns
PN1997.2.M66784 2018dvdMonster party
PN1997.2.O63 2019dvdOn the basis of sex
PN1997.2.R3574 2019dvdRalph breaks the internet
PN1997.2.S7534 2019dvdSpider-Man, into the Spider-Verse
PN1997.2.V53 2019dvdVice
PN1997.E38M85 2019dvdThe mule
PN2287.F66L33 2018dvdJane Fonda In Five Acts
PN6728.U43M39 2008bookThe Umbrella Academy
PQ2719.L56C4313 2018bookThe perfect nanny : a novel
PQ3949.2.C45E8213 2018bookSlave old man
PQ4916.O88A9413 2019bookAt the wolf's table
PQ7298.422.U37L67 2019bookLost children archive : a novel
PQ8498.32.A65C49513 2018bookThe neighborhood : a novel
PR6058.O4467S6 2018bookThe Sparsholt affair
PR6062.E9255Z46 2018bookThe cost of living : a working autobiography
PR6065.S23O66 2018bookOnly to sleep : a Philip Marlowe novel
PR6070.R4A6 2018bookLast stories
PR6113.I2645S55 2019bookThe silent patient
PR9199.3.O5W37 2018bookWarlight : a novel
PR9199.4.E35W37 2018bookWashington Black
PR9275.S263V54 2018bookA view of the empire at sunset
PR9387.9.B73M9 2018bookMy sister, the serial killer : a novel
PR9499.4.M84S72 2018bookA state of freedom : a novel
PR9619.4.H3434S37 2019bookScrublands
PR9619.4.M67N56 2018bookNine perfect strangers
PS3515.A515Z84 2018bookLooking for Lorraine : the radiant and radical life of Lorraine Hansberry
PS3552.A45I42 2019dvdIf Beale street could talk
PS3552.U723N48 2019bookThe New Iberia blues
PS3553.H4838P37 2018bookPast tense : a Jack Reacher novel
PS3555.I793Y68 2018bookYour duck is my duck : stories
PS3562.I577G66 2019bookGood riddance
PS3563.A7239F57 2018bookFire & blood
PS3566.R3982V47 2018bookVerses for the dead
PS3569.C55555A6 2018bookPure Hollywood and other stories
PS3569.E314A6 2018bookCalypso
PS3569.H742P76 2018bookProperty : stories between two novellas
PS3569.P363E94 2018bookEvery breath
PS3603.O427P75 2018bookA princess in theory : reluctant royals
PS3606.I824Z46 2019bookSavage feast : three generations, two continents, and a dinner table (a memoir with recipes)
PS3607.R3876C37 2019bookThe care and feeding of ravenously hungry girls
PS3608.E5297A83 2019bookAn anonymous girl
PS3611.U7386M37 2018bookThe Mars room : a novel
PS3611.W68I53 2018bookThe incendiaries
PS3613.O77936M9 2018bookMy year of rest and relaxation
PS3614.O93S65 2018bookSpinning silver
PS3619.O533U56 2019bookUnmarriageable : a novel
PT8177.24.O77S64 2017bookMirror, shoulder, signal : a novel
PZ7.1.M3745Alm 2018bookAlma and how she got her name
PZ7.1.M6682Th 2018bookThank You, Omu!
PZ7.1.T29Ft 2018bookFox the tiger
PZ7.5.A348Po 2018bookThe poet X
PZ7.7.D76Sa 2018bookSabrina
PZ7.B5319Hel 2018bookHello lighthouse
PZ7.G77224Ps 2016bookProjekt 1065
PZ7.M512765Me 2018book
Q125.D38 2018bookWorldviews : an introduction to the history and philosophy of science
Q147.G74 2017bookStem careers : a student's guide to opportunities in science, technology, engineering and maths
Q173.H388 2018bookBrief answers to the big questions
Q183.3.W56 2018bookAmbitious science teaching
QA29.L72H65 2018bookAda Lovelace : the making of a computer scientist
QA39.2.S74584 2018bookFinite math
QA41.S32 2018bookMathematical handbook of formulas and tables
QA76.9.B45K45 2018bookData science
QA157.S725 2019bookCollege algebra.
QA445.R53 2018bookGeometry : includes plane, analytic, and transformational geometries
QA537.K45 2012bookThe humongous book of trigonometry problems : translated for people who don't speak math
QB500.262.F378 2017dvdThe farthest : Voyager in space
QB981.P296 2018bookHow the universe works : introduction to modern cosmology
QB981.P47 2017bookCosmology for the curious
QB983.B384 2018bookThe stuff of stars
QB991.B54B47 2019bookEarth-shattering : violent supernovas, galactic explosions, biological mayhem, nuclear meltdowns, and other hazards to life in our universe
QC174.17.E58.E56 2019dvdEinstein's quantum riddle
QC806.A85 2018bookConjuring the universe : the origins of the laws of nature
QE511.4.L586 2018bookThe tectonic plates are moving!
QK99.U6J64 2018bookAmerican Eden : David Hosack, botany, and medicine in the garden of the early republic
QL31.G58J36 2017dvdJane
QL105.C47 2016bookThe Arctic guide : wildlife of the far north
QL105.S25 2018bookWildlife of the Arctic
QL684.A6W75 2016bookField guide to birds of Arizona
QP34.5.F72 2018bookShapeshifters : a journey through the changing human body
QP141.W378 2019bookWardlaw's contemporary nutrition
RA638.K56 2018bookBetween hope and fear : a history of vaccines and human immunity
RA644.V4Q87 2018bookSexually transmitted diseases : your questions answered
RA1148.T39 2019bookForensic psychology
RB113.P3636 2019bookPathophysiology made incredibly easy!
RC423.B6555 2018bookTrouble talking : the realities of communication, language, and speech disorders
RC553.A88F35 2018bookGeeks, genes, and the evolution of Asperger syndrome
RC600.M942 2018bookThe Autoimmune Solution cookbook : over 150 delicious recipes to prevent and reverse the full spectrum of inflammatory symptoms and diseases
RC607.A26bookHIV pioneers : lives lost, careers changed, and survival
RJ216.A477 2017bookAmerican Academy of Pediatrics new mother's guide to breastfeeding
RJ240.H684 2018bookVaccines did not cause Rachel's autism : my journey as a vaccine scientist, pediatrician, and autism dad
RJ370.F575 2017bookFirst aid fast for babies and children : emergency procedures for all parents and caregivers
RJ399.C6O24 2019bookObesity in childhood and adolescence
RJ506.A9E4445 2018bookCaring for autism : practical advice from a parent and physician
RJ506.B66642018bookPositive parenting for autism : powerful strategies to help your child overcome challenges and thrive
RJ506.P66B87 2018bookThe deepest well : healing the long-term effects of childhood adversity
RM300.H364 2019bookPharmacology success : NCLEX-style Q & A review
RT49.A45 2019bookAll-in-one nursing care planning resource : medical-surgical, pediatric, maternity, and psychiatric-mental health
RT55.N765 2019bookFundamentals success : NCLEX-style Q & A review
RT120.F34F35 2018bookFamily health care nursing : theory, practice, and research
SB123.57.K75 2019bookGMOs decoded : a skeptic's view of genetically modified foods
TL790.L3275 2018bookThe Smithsonian history of space exploration : from the ancient world to the extraterrestrial future
TL793.S86 2018bookHow to live in space : everything you need to know for the not-so-distant future
TL799.P59S74 2018bookChasing new horizons : inside the epic first mission to Pluto
TP248.65.F66L96 2018bookSeeds of science : how we got it so wrong on GMOs
TT28.C73 2017dvdCraft in America.
UMilitary Science
UA23.G638 2018bookThe American military : a concise history
UB344.A7O66 2018bookArizona's deadliest gunfight : draft resistance and tragedy at the Power Cabin, 1918