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BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF408.G464 2015bookBig magic : creative living beyond fear
BF575.A85B76 2015bookDaring greatly : how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead
BL458.P43 2002bookWomen and world religions
EHistory: America
E156.R43 2019dvdReconstruction : America after the Civil War
HSocial Sciences
HD7125.W43 2018bookWhat's your American dream? : bipartisan survey results : new nationwide coalition shatters the "myth of two Americas"
HM881.N65 2017dvdNo intenso agora = In the intense now
JPolitical Science
JC421.W53 2019dvdWhat is democracy?
ML3830.B97 2013bookHow music works
MT130.S4H87 2006bookShostakovich symphonies and concertos : an owner's manual
MT339.W45 2009bookThe art of wind playing
PLanguage, Literature, Popular Films
PA3611.A93 1941bookMinor Attic orators in two volumes.
PA3612.A8.A757 1955bookOn sophistical refutations ; on coming-to-be and passing away ; on the cosmos
PA3612.A8A135 1983bookThe categories ; On interpretation ; Prior analytics
PA3612.A8A9 1952bookThe Athenian constitution ; The Eudemian ethics ; On virtues and vices
PA3612.A8E6 1982bookThe Nicomachean ethics
PA3612.A8P67 1960bookPosterior analytics ; Topica
PA3612.P7 1914bookPlutarch Lives : Pericles and Fabius Mazimus, Nicias and Crassus
PA3890 .A2 v.16 1957bookProblems ; Books XXII-XXXVIII ; Rhetorica ad Alexandrum = Rhetoric to Alexander
PN1997.2.C3735 2019dvdCaptain Marvel
PN1997.2.C3785 2019dvdCaptive state
PN1997.2.D4787 2019dvdDestroyer
PN1997.2.G738 2019dvdGreta
PN1997.2.M3797 2019dvdMary Queen of Scots
PN1997.2.M37974 2018dvdMary Shelley
PN1997.2.M57355 2019dvdMirai
PN1997.2.M873 2019dvdThe mustang
PN1997.2.P835 2019dvdThe public
PN1997.2.U7 2019dvdUs
PN1997.A424 2017dvdAlien
QA76.73.J38S27 2018bookJava : an introduction to problem solving & programming
bookDiscover Sociology. 4th Ed.
bookManagement. 14th Ed.