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GCC Library > Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

    African American Experience 

    Subjects: Cultural, Ethnic & Area Studies·
    Provides access to numerous reference materials and primary resources related to African American history and culture. Publisher: ABC-CLIO

    Daily Life Through History 

    Subjects: Cultural, Ethnic & Area Studies· History·
    Provides access to cross-disciplinary resources regarding numerous world cultures, showing how people lived their lives in the past and in the present. Allows for browsing by Region, Time Period, & Subject. Publisher: ABC-CLIO

    Latino American Experience 

    Subjects: Cultural, Ethnic & Area Studies·
    Dedicated to the history and culture of Latinos; explores the rich heritage and current culture of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Guatemalans, Cubans, Colombians, Ecuadorians, and other Hispanic cultures in the US. Publisher: ABC-CLIO

    World Folklore & Folklife 

    Subjects: History· English & Literature· Cultural, Ethnic & Area Studies· Music· Arts & Humanities·
    Resources related to the myths, legends, and folktales of a particular people, as well as geography, history, religion, beliefs, rituals, ceremonies, holidays, festivals, music, dance, food, drink, arts, crafts, and challenges of the modern world. Publisher: ABC-CLIO

    Credo Reference 

    Subjects: General Reference·
    Provides full-text access to ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIAS and other reference sources. WORD COUNT of EACH ARTICLE is available when browsing. Publisher: Credo Reference

    History Reference Center  (Varies - current)

    Subjects: History· Biography·
    Full text history reference database for undergraduate research featuring more than 2,400 reference books, 135 leading history periodicals, historical documents, biographies, photos, maps and video. Publisher: EBSCOhost

    Legal Information Reference Center 

    Subjects: Government & Law·
    Providing many of the top consumer legal reference books, full-text publications and thousands of legal forms. Many of the full-text legal reference books are provided through Nolo, the nation's oldest and most-respected provider of legal information for consumers. Publisher: EBSCOhost

    Literary Reference Center 

    Subjects: English & Literature·
    Provides information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and time frames. Includes biographies, criticisms, summaries, and more. Publisher: EBSCOhost

    Nursing Reference Center 

    Subjects: Nursing, Medicine & Health·
    Provides a comprehensive reference tool designed to provide relevant clinical resources to nurses and other health care professionals, directly at the point-of-care. This database offers the best available and most recent clinical evidence from thousands of full-text documents. Publisher: EBSCOhost

    Gale Virtual Reference Library 

    Subjects: General Reference·
    Provides access to popular Gale specialized encyclopedias and resources in arts, biography, business, education, environment, history, science, social science and more. PROVIDES WORD and PAGE COUNT for EACH ARTICLE when browsing. Publisher: Gale Cengage Learning

      GVRL: History 

      Subjects: History·
      Access 50+ reference titles related to history. Publisher: Gale Cengage Learning

    Biography In Context 

    Subjects: Biography·
    Over 1.5 million biographies of people from throughout history, around the world and across all disciplines; includes audio, video, and images. Publisher: Gale Cengage Learning

    Survey of American Industry and Careers 

    Subjects: Careers·
    This comprehensive encyclopedia provides details facts and information about a wide range of American industries and careers. Publisher: Gale Virtual Reference

    International Critical Tables of Numerical Data, Physics, Chemistry, and Technology 

    Subjects: Science·
    Originally published from 1926 - 1930 for the National Research Council. 'It contains an enormous amount of critical data on inorganic and organic compounds, and pure substances.' Publisher: Knovel

    Knovel Critical Tables 

    Subjects: Science·
    'This important, interactive Knovel reference contains tables of physical, solvent, and thermodynamic properties. The physical property tables alone include over 13,000 inorganic and organic compounds, and pure substances. The solvent property tables have 385 solvents, and the thermodynamic property tables have 500 compounds.' Publisher: Knovel

    Smithsonian Physical Tables 

    Subjects: Science·
    This classic reference source comprises 901 tables of general interest to scientists and engineers, and of particular interest to those involved with physics in its larger sense. Publisher: Knovel

    Oxford Reference Online 

    Subjects: General Reference·
    Provides full-text access to ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIAS and other reference sources including over 175 Oxford dictionaries, quotation collections and reference works. Coverage of over 20 broad subject areas. Publisher: Oxford University Press

      Oxford Reference - History 

      Subjects: History·
      Provides access to more than 25 history resources, primarily dictionaries, encyclopedias, and companions to particular aspects of Western history. Publisher: Oxford University Press

      Oxford Reference - Law 

      Subjects: Government & Law·
      Provides access to 6 guides, companions, and dictionaries related to law, law enforcement, courts, and legal terminology. Publisher: Oxford University Press

      Oxford Reference - Science and Technology 

      Subjects: Science·
      Provides access to 8 reference titles including dictionaries and companions to ecology, geography, weather, earth sciences, and the environment. Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Oxford English Dictionary (OED) 

    Subjects: General Reference· English & Literature·
    Multi-volume authority on the usage and meaning of English words and phrases; includes historic definitions and cites early use. Publisher: Oxford University Press


    Subjects: General Reference· Communication· Cultural, Ethnic & Area Studies·
    Provides information more than 200 world countries, plus all U.S. states & Canadian provinces: includes maps, flags, anthems, symbols, history, climate, population, etc. Cultural information covers customs, etiquette, lifestyles etc. Publisher: ProQuest

    Salem Health (including Magill's Medical Guide) 

    Subjects: Nursing, Medicine & Health·
    Magill's Medical Guide is an up-to-date and easy-to-use compendium of medical information suitable for student research as well as use by general readers, including patients and caregivers. Publisher: Salem Press

    Salem History 

    Subjects: History·
    Salem History is a robust online database that includes the complete content of printed reference sets including the Decades collections, Definiting Documents, Great Lives, etc. Publisher: Salem Press

    Salem Literature 

    Subjects: English & Literature·
    Includes access literary criticism and overviews via Critical Insights, Critical Surveys, Magill's Literary Annuals, and Masterplots publications. Publisher: Salem Press

    Salem Science 

    Subjects: Science·
    Salem Science is a robust online database that includes the complete content of printed reference sets related to science. Publisher: Salem Press

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