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College Success

Secrets of College Success


How to Survive College Your Freshman Year
by Silverman, Scott C; Northcutt, Frances

9781933512310Mark W. Bernstein (Created by); Yadin Kaufmann (Created by); Frances Northcutt (Editor); Scott Silverman (Editor)How to Survive Your Freshman YearHow to Survive Your Freshman Year offers incoming college freshmen the experience, advice, and wisdom of their peers: hundreds of other students who have survived their first year of college and have something interesting to say about it. Based on interviews with hundreds of college students at every type of higher-learning institution across the country, this book has insights on every aspect of college life, including, what to take to the dorm, living with roommates, Facebook and other social networks, extracurricular activities, choosing classes, studying, going abroad, finances, food, the social scene, doing laundry, staying in touch with friends and family, and much more. Highly readable, much of the book consists of short snippets with some interesting insight and advice from the college students interviewed. The book also includes expert input from college advisors and officers. - Description from Syndetics
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How to Survive College Your Freshman Year Book Cover

College Knowledge for the Community College Student
by Schoem DL, Dunlap L.

9780472034550David Louis Schoem; Lynn DunlapCollege Knowledge for the Community College StudentMost students arrive at college not fully aware of just how different the college experience is from other prior experiences. The intellectual and social expectations, as well as the rules and regulations, are different, and not just different from high school.   While all college students must learn to negotiate the transition to college, the challenges for those who enroll in community colleges are unique. Many community college students work, and many work full-time. Many also have family responsibilities--children, partners, and aging parents. A majority of community college students are the first in their family to enroll in college. Some students--both from abroad and from the United States--do not speak English fluently. Some students are retired military personnel. and some are seeking to make a career change. This book strives to speak to this diversity as well as to situations specific to today's U.S. community college students.   College Knowledge for the Community College Student is a road map and tour guide for a successful community college experience and education. Tips are based on research and the wisdom and advice of other community college students and are designed to help students learn, succeed, graduate, and have a rewarding and fulfilling community college experience. - Description from Syndetics
College Knowledge for the Community College Student Book Cover

The Gay and Lesbian Guide to College Life
by Baez J, Howd J, Pepper R.

9780375766237John Baez; Jennifer Howd; Rachel Pepper; Princeton Review StaffThe Gay and Lesbian Guide to College Life: A Comprehensive Resource for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Students and Their AlliesFeaturing advice from students and administrators at more than seventy of the nation's top colleges, the Gay and Lesbian Guide to College Life lets you know how to how to thrive on campus as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or questioning student. Including tons of student testimonials and dozens of parent tips, the Gay and Lesbian Guide to College Life offers no-nonsense guidance to LGBT students, their families, and allies on how to make the most of their college experience. Learn how you can: ·Find an LGBT-friendly school ·Evaluate administrative policies related to LGBT student life ·Deal with homo/bi/transphobia on campus ·Participate in LGBT student activism ·Get support for your health and safety needs ·Fully integrate yourself into the campus community - Description from Syndetics
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The Gay and Lesbian Guide to College Life Book Cover

The Secrets of College Success
by Jacobs, Lynn F; Hyman, Jeremy S

9780470874660Lynn F. Jacobs; Jeremy S. HymanThe Secrets of College SuccessIf you're currently a college student, or plan on being one, you need to check out this book. Written by award-winning professors Lynn Jacobs and Jeremy Hyman, it's loaded with insider information that only professors know--but few are willing to reveal. The over 600 tips in this book will show you: How to pick good courses and avoid bad professors How to develop "college-level" skills and habits that'll put you ahead of the pack How to get through the freshman comp, math, language, and lab science requirements--in one try How to figure out what's going to be on the tests, and what professors are looking for in papers and presentations How to pick a major you'll really like--and be good at How to get the edge for graduate school--or the inside track to a really good job And much more. The tips are quick and easy-to-use, and the advice is friendly and supportive.  It's as if you had your own personal professor guiding you on the path to college success. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLL - LB2343.32 J35 2010
The Secrets of College Success Book Cover

Community College Companion
by Rowh, Mark

9781593577414Mark C. RowhCommunity College Companion: Everything You Wanted to Know about Succeeding in a Two-Year SchoolEnrollment at community colleges is booming. but as students of all ages pursue this path many don't know how to pick the right program, juggle classes with other responsibilities, or succeed academically. This book guides students through these areas and shows them how to make the most of the community college experience. Students will explore certificate and degree options; connect their needs, plans, and personalities to courses and programs; and gain tips for enhancing their financial aid package and scoring scholarships. Community College Companion also takes students beyond the early stages of their experience to set themselves up for success in college and their future careers. Readers learn how to make the most of online courses; take advantage of campus resources; avoid commuting inefficiencies; play it smart during the transfer process; and develop a career plan. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - LB2343.32 .R684 2011
Glendale CC North Library - GENERAL - LB2343.32 .R684 2011
Community College Companion Book Cover

College success for students with learning disabilities
by Simpson, Cynthia G; Spencer, Vicky G

9781593633592Cynthia G. Simpson; Vicky G. SpencerCollege Success for Students with Learning Disabilities: Strategies and Tips to Make the Most of Your College ExperienceThe complete handbook for college-bound kids with learning disabilities. Planning for college can be one of the biggest moments in a teen's life, but for those students with learning and other disabilities, the college experience can be fraught with frustration, uncertainty, and lowered self-confidence. College Success for Students with Learning Disabilities offers teens the confidence, strategies, and guidance they need to effectively choose a college, get prepared for university life, and make the most of their collegiate experience. Special sections also discuss ADD/ADHD and Asperger's syndrome. The book covers pertinent topics such as understanding the rights and responsibilities of students with special needs, talking to professors and peers, getting involved, asking for and receiving accommodations, and utilizing one's strengths to meet and exceed academic standards. This unique reference book also includes ahandy guide to universities with special programs and advice from current college students with disabilities to empower future students and provide them with hope for success. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLL - LC4818.38 .S56 2009
College success for students with learning disabilities Book Cover

The First Generation College Experience
by Baldwin, Amy

9780137071234Amy BaldwinThe First-Generation College ExperienceThe First Generation Experience  is the only college success book written specifically to serve first generation students. It is for students who need a little extra attention and support to have a firm footing in the academic world.   It is about helping those students who have felt disenfranchised, disengaged, and disappointed by the educational system to empower themselves with the knowledge and the skills necessary to imagine and realize and new future. It is also a book about change, specifically transformation. The word itself has multiple meanings in different academic disciplines, but the idea of transformation most closely applies to the intentional process by which we help students change as individuals, as scholars, and as citizens of their communities. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLL - LB2343.32 .B247 2012
The First Generation College Experience Book Cover

Survival Secrets of College Students
by Shanley, Mary Kay; Johnston, Julia

9781438001012Mary Kay Shanley; Julia JohnstonSurvival Secrets of Colleges StudentsMany parents found this book's previous edition perfect for giving to their college-bound sons and daughters. They recognized it as a reliable source of solid advice, served up in an easy-to-read style. The new second edition has been updated and expanded with more advice and information than ever. One of the authors' most important nuggets of advice is, "Don't think of college as a party place away from home; think of it as the place where you get ready for the rest of your life." They go on to advise students on how to-- Cope with that less-than-perfect roommate Balance time between study, work, and leisure Deal with homesickness and make new friends Beat test deadlines and study smart Handle heavy course loads Avoid alcohol and drug culture pitfalls Every chapter in this book rings with authenticity, and includes quotations from students who have been there, done that, and have come through with flying colors. Enhanced with cartoon-style line art. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLL - LB2343.3 .S515 2012
Survival Secrets of College Students Book Cover

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